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Gadhafi's Legacy Of Terrorism


Gadhafi's Legacy Of Terrorism


Gadhafi’s death marks the symbolic end of the Libyan revolution — and the continued success of Obama’s foreign policy doctrine. Carl Hiaasen writes in his new column, “Fitting End For Libya’s Bloody Dictator”:

Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi is finally rotting in the ground, ending the unsavory spectacle of his bloody corpse on public display in a refrigerated vegetable locker. A guy like him was lucky not to end up with his head on a stake.

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  1. axe swipe November 1, 2011

    Would it have been a farce? Likely, but by hoilding a public trial before executing him, it would have at least shown the world that they were not a bunch of blood-thirsty, veangeful savages and that they were ready to re-join the rest of the civilized world. But instead, they paraded his naked body through the streets rejoicing in full-on “Lord of The Flies” fashion.

    I expect we’ll be watching while the next pro-terrorist, Lybian dictator rises to power and the cycle starts all over again.


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