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Gun Lobby May Have Their Man In Neil Gorsuch



  1. FireBaron March 5, 2017

    There’s gotta be a “nanny” in his closet somewhere to make him disqualify himself.

  2. itsfun March 5, 2017

    A Supreme Court justice that believes in the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. What a terrible man.

  3. yabbed March 5, 2017

    The Republican Party is owned by the NRA. Congress has sold our safety and our lives for pennies on the dollar to what the cost of gun violence in dollars and in sorrows brings to Americans.

    1. Normarrathbone March 6, 2017

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    2. dpaano March 6, 2017

      I find it hard to believe that many people in this country feel the burning need to have a weapon close at hand!! In countries that ban weapons, their murder rates are extremely low! Ours, on the other hand, are extremely high! Why do you think that might be??? It’s pretty obvious to me! Maybe someone ought to go into the NRA building and shoot it up a little and see how they like it! No, I’m not volunteering….just saying that it would be interesting to see what the outcome would be!

  4. Dan S March 5, 2017

    All common sense is being thrown out the window so why not sensible gun control laws ? And to think the GOP touts themselves as the pro life party ????

    1. dpaano March 6, 2017

      They’re only pro-life when it involved meddling in a woman’s health care decisions, but they certainly don’t seem to care when it comes to executing criminals in our prisons! And, they certainly don’t care once a woman has a baby whether or not that child is cared for! They suddenly disappear or become mute when that question comes up!

  5. 788eddie March 5, 2017

    I wonder just how many guns our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ would have owned were he alive today?

  6. dpaano March 6, 2017

    Since when did the NRA own our Supreme Court? I find it appalling that they control who is nominated to the Supreme Court and who is not!! If they want to run the government, then let them pay all the taxes that we, the nation, pay! Why do we pay our hard-earned taxpayer money so that the NRA can get their way in who is a Supreme Court nominee?!!!


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