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Endorse This! What If a Politician Could Only Tell the Truth?

Endorse This

Endorse This! What If a Politician Could Only Tell the Truth?



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What if it were impossible for a politician running for office to tell a lie? What if they couldn’t say anything but the truth when they were asked about how they really feel about their voters? Or their donors? What if they were completely honest about taking up any cause or issue, no matter how ridiculous or craven, for the right price?

Well, meet Gil Fullbright, a satirical candidate “running” for the U.S. Senate in America’s most expensive Senate race, Kentucky’s. Gil will be “campaigning” across the Bluegrass State to highlight the stranglehold moneyed special interests increasingly have on the American political process.

If you find this fake politician’s “honesty” amusing, maybe even refreshing, Endorse This! and share this video!

Video courtesy of Represent.us.

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