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House Speaker Ryan Won’t Defend Or Campaign For Trump

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House Speaker Ryan Won’t Defend Or Campaign For Trump


By Richard Cowan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The leader of the U.S. House of Representatives distanced himself from Donald Trump on Monday as the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign sank deeper into crisis over his sexually aggressive remarks about women.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told an emergency meeting of fellow Republican lawmakers that he would neither defend Trump or campaign with him in the coming 30 days, the time remaining to the Nov. 8 presidential and congressional elections, but would focus on protecting Republican majorities in Congress.

His comments were made during a conference call by Republicans in the U.S. Congress, a source familiar with the call said. The call was arranged to work out how to handle the fallout from a video that surfaced on Friday showing the Republican nominee making lewd comments about women in 2005.

Ryan said that he would spend the remainder of the election campaign making sure that if Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wins in November she does not get a “blank check” in the form of Democrat-controlled Congress, the source said. Republicans currently control both the House and Senate.

The latest drama around Trump, a New York businessman who has never previously run for public office, has plunged the party into its biggest crisis in decades.

Ryan has had several public disagreements with Trump but until now has nonetheless supported his presidential bid.

During a weekend dominated by criticism of Trump over the remarks about women, a string of members of Congress, governors and other prominent Republicans called on him to drop out of the race.

Republican members of Congress are worried that Trump’s campaign could ruin their chances of holding their majorities in the elections and inflict long-term damage on the party.

Nearly half of all 332 incumbent Republican senators, congress members and governors have condemned Trump’s remarks, and roughly 1 in 10 have called on him to drop out of the race, according to a Reuters review of official statements and local news coverage.

But any attempt to replace Trump on the ballot this close to Election Day would face huge legal and logistical hurdles.

A defiant Trump went on the offensive in a vicious presidential debate on Sunday, saying Clinton would go to jail if he were president and attacking her husband, Bill Clinton, for his treatment of women.

The debate, the second of three before the vote, was remarkable for the brutal nature of the exchanges between the two.

(Additional reporting by Susan Cornwell, David Morgan, Amanda Becker, Amy Tennery, Michelle Conlin, James Oliphant and Susan Heavey; Writing by Alistair Bell; Editing by Frances Kerry)

IMAGE: Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) at a news conference following a closed Republican party conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S. May 11, 2016. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas/File Photo


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  1. rednekokie October 10, 2016

    These republicans created their three headed monster –now they are learning they have to live with it.
    If (God forbid) trump actually does become president, how on earth are all these people going to get along together – now that they have wrankled his thin skin unmercifully? He doesn’t forget, and he won’t let any of them off the hook at all.
    I hope it doesn’t happen, but if it does, I want a front row seat and lots of popcorn.

    1. Jenn October 10, 2016

      The party created the 3-headed monster and the monstrous base that sucks up the red meat he feeds them. A family member who is closely involved in Republican politics in Ohio have been telling us the war has just begun in the party. When he loses, and most Republicans are hoping he does, (that’s why Kasich wouldn’t support him), his supporters and the moderates will be at war until the party completely blows up. That is the only way they believe they can become relevant again and become a party that appeals to a broader base. They know demographics says they must change. It may take a decade because the base will not be willing to vote for a moderate or center-right candidate. They know now that in the process of trying to destroy President Obama, they have destroyed their party. So yes, stock up on popcorn because this could be a long horror/comedy flick.

  2. yabbed October 10, 2016

    WSJ poll today has Hillary with 11 point lead and with a majority of likely voters wishing to see Congress in Democrats’ hands. Looking good. I’ve been saying there aren’t enough racists, misogynists, undereducated, white supremacists in this great country to elect the likes of Donald Trump to the presidency. Here comes Madam President. All rise!

    1. Sharonmbetts4 October 11, 2016

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  3. itsfun October 10, 2016

    He is a RINO and hopefully he will be fired soon.

    1. Box October 10, 2016

      Im not even sure he is a rino. He was never OK, worse so after his presidential aspirations were squelched, worse so again when he made some sort of deal that led to him being speaker. He has turned-coat so many times he doesnt have any clothes left. I dont know what he is, least of all a lousy speaker who has done no favors for the GOP.

    2. Sand_Cat October 10, 2016

      They can’t fire, him, jackass. And you just dislike him because he blabs the GOP’s and your true agenda instead of pretending to be human. This is where all the “fun” you’ve had here and all the other great stuff you guys have been so smug about leads. ENJOY IT! I hope you choke on it!

      1. dbtheonly October 10, 2016

        Actually the Republicans in Congress can fire Ryan as Speaker. I hope they do. Trump is the choice of a strong plurality of Republicans. They don’t need RINOs cutting him down.

        I actually agree with itsfun.

        Whooda thunk?

        1. Sand_Cat October 10, 2016

          I thought (think) he was talking about Trump, but you may be right.

          1. dbtheonly October 11, 2016

            You may be right. Hard to tell from 11 words.

            My problem is that I am a believer in participatory democracy. The Republican Voters chose Trump. No one claims that the primaries were rigged for him. They were fair elections and it was a fair convention. Trump is, and by all rights ought to be, the Republican Candidate. So I have problems with the suggestion that “Republicans” can, our ought to, dump Trump. What gives them any right to disrespect the will of the voters?

  4. Insinnergy October 10, 2016

    Ryan: “I don’t like him, and he’s a sexual predator, but I’m sticking with him. Because he’s OUR sexual predator.”

    Nice job, GOP. Nice Job.
    The worst part?
    This isn’t even news. You a$$holes have had this telegraphed to you constantly ever since Trump started his campaign with “Mexicans are rapists” and “Megyn Kelly has blood coming out of her wherever.”

    You sucked up to him then. Despite the obvious nature of what was coming.
    Bailing now won’t help you, but still supporting this entitled sexual predator is even worse.

    Congrats on your Party’s self-destruction.
    You actively participated in all of it.

    I’m still waiting for our usual slew of trolls to say something funny…
    Where are you Aglanderp? InformedLOLVoter? I’m sure both you’ve got something great to say about how retarded you’ve been…

    1. Sand_Cat October 10, 2016

      Their party believes all the things Trump does, all the things he’s promoted except fair trade, but the Donald doesn’t believe in that, anyway. It’s no surprise they kissed up to him until they discovered he keeps openly blabbing what they’d prefer to voice in code, and they can’t seem to stop his doing so.

    2. Box October 10, 2016

      Excuse me, Dems did the same with Bill. Why didnt the Dems turn their back on Clinton during his impeachment for lying about Monica? No, they didnt because he was “OUR sexual predator, and OUR liar.” So wtf are you talking about? You have no clean hands here. But I do, I abandoned the Clintons after that. Did you? Never.

      And Trump never has said Mexicans are rapists. He has separated the bad ones among them and wants the bad ones to go, same for the bad Muslims among the Muslims. Regularly, Mexicans come over the border at night to kill and rob and then scurry back–that is, those who didnt then run to sanctuary cities. Im a Democrat and strongly see the need to dump the bad illegals too, never the ones who come honestly and work hard to grow the country like my grandfathers did.

      In the debate last night Trump called for good Muslims to rat on bad Muslims and it can be promised that will never happen. But Trump has only talked about separation of good and bad, and last night Mrs. Clinton didnt have an answer for that particular thing either. But tell me, since Trump has mentioned France several times, if you want me to vote for Clinton whats her plan to prevent what you should read in this following article. Read it and come back and explain the plan, should this problem rise in US, too, as many believe it will. I’ll vote Clinton if you have an answer.

      1. Sand_Cat October 10, 2016

        They didn’t because they realized the GOP “outrage” was all political opportunism and hypocrisy, just like your posts.

  5. Sand_Cat October 10, 2016

    How noble of Paul!
    He’s offended because Trump has brought the “conservatives'” and GOP’s misogyny into the open, along with their racism and general malice towards the poor and minorities (except themselves, of course).

  6. Box October 10, 2016

    Trumps remarks? What about Hillarys? Read 56 of them, with document references. Very foul. Who would want a person like this?


  7. Box October 10, 2016

    This fine black woman, I guess she is a lawyer, should be running for President and id vote for her in a heartbeat. SHE has the right spirit and understanding of the problems and was, just like me, a Dem all her life. Get an earful here.


  8. Jon October 10, 2016

    Paul Ryan is unprincipled and immoral. He still endorses Trump and every position he has taken on Trump has been calculated with an eye to winning re-election. He has never been concerned with the character of Trump and can’t be bothered with it now. He is only concerned with walking the line between voters who support Trump and those who do not in hopes of getting enough votes to continue his ruinous policies.

    1. Jenn October 10, 2016

      So true. Trump was able to become the nominee because of the unprincipled and immoral actions of the party over the past years. They set the tone which enabled and embraced the kind of rhetoric their base loves and Trump loves giving it to them. What they didn’t plan on was their actions backfiring into a nominee like the one they have. They thought they could act in that manner, then pull back from the crazy and begin to act as a moral party for this election. I can still hear them during the primaries smiling while they all said “he’ll never be our nominee” and “he doesn’t represent our party”. Oh yes he does! He is your party! I’m sure Ryan wish he was singing Zippity Doo Dah and drinking wine along with Boehner right about now.

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