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How Joe Biden Broke The Gish Gallop

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How Joe Biden Broke The Gish Gallop


You can tell who won a debate by which side ends up complaining about the moderator.

Going into the debate, the Drudge Report and the Daily Caller harped on the fact that President Obama had attended the wedding of vice presidential debate’s moderator Martha Raddatz in 1991. That marriage ended more than a decade ago, but apparently Drudge had a suspicion that he was going to need to run some defense for Paul Ryan. And he was right.

Paul Ryan didn’t embarrass himself so much as he let the vice president embarrass him. With Biden’s help, Ryan came off as naïve on foreign policy, sketchy on economics and scary on women’s issues.

How did Biden succeed in neutralizing Paul Ryan when Ryan was making nearly the same case in nearly the same way Mitt Romney did last week? He broke the Gish Gallop.

Named after the creationist Duane Gish, the Gallop is a tactic wherein a debater spews so many lies and half-truths that rebutting each one is impossible. The technique leaves their opponent shaken and unable to make clear arguments.

Biden clearly made the decision that he was going to impede Ryan’s ability to lie confidently. Ryan went at the vice president with distortions on every issue from Iran to abortion. And Biden refused to let any go. He used his facial reactions and interjections to contest the lies, demanded his equal time and tied it all together with his somewhat mocking, Senatorial use of “my friend.” What was key to his strategy is that he actually spent little of his time rebutting facts. Instead he quickly bridged to his own arguments.

Biden—like Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention—presented a cohesive narrative of the last four years. But his history built to an attack on Ryan’s values, which will linger after the facts and figures are forgotten. Biden spoke on behalf of the middle class, asking, “When will these guys take responsibility?” By saying “these guys” he effectively connected Ryan and Romney to Bush-era Republicans who created the financial mess we’re now in.


  1. bcarreiro October 12, 2012

    …..and if it weren’t for boehner and the fatt ratt pack “WE” would be better off today.

    1. StanCalif October 13, 2012

      Boehner is a fool! The REAL problem is Eric Cantor! Why is Cantor so quiet? He and his Grover loving gang have crippled our country! Mitt changes his tune every day, you can be sure Cantor will never change his tune! Cantor is in office, Mitt is not!

      1. dotutz October 13, 2012

        Cantor is running for re-election in VA and apparently having a hard time. Guess figures he better “lay low” and not get in the weeds!

        1. StanCalif October 13, 2012

          Let’s all hope Cantor gets voted out! He is arrogant and certainly not interested in making our country better!

  2. contented1 October 13, 2012

    My thoughts exactly. It’s not easy to debate someone who uses the Gish Gallop debating technique. And I’ve encountered one such troll–yep, he’s a conservative and not very bright–in a blog where I try to discuss topics such as climate change or economics. From him, it’s constant lies, misdirection, half-witted half truths. I confront him on one issue and he quickly spouts 6 more issues/lies. At first, I tried to carefully explain why he was wrong with data, information and links to research. But I’ve learned not to discuss the issues with him or attempt to swing him to my viewpoint. I simply keep repeating that he’s lying and hit him with a quick blurb of truth w/o little explanation. Do any more and I waste mental bandwidth. So I think Joe Biden got it right. It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective. Joe won the debate on the facts, but maybe not on style.

    1. latebloomingrandma October 13, 2012

      I have found the same thing. There is really a loss of reason and critical thinking. I think it is the “Fox Effect” and the effect of right wing radio. They have saturated the media and tap into something primitive in the way of fear, etc. A steady diet almost seems to alter the brain wiring, and they are unable to have any sort of rationality to an argument. I can say this as a former Republican. I still live the life of a conservative woman, yet cannot abide by this extremism as an American. I work in health care and people are people. I have enjoyed learning about our changing demographics over the year. It has forced me to come face to face with my own unknown prejudices and to becomes a more open minded , compassionate person. Obama represents the changing face of America and people just don’t like it. It saddens me greatly, for America, that this great man is so demonized and disrespected by his own people. Witness the exploding industry of anti-Obama books. I read a lot of history, and I can’t think of another President who was so maligned right from the get-go, unless it was Lincoln being hated by the South.

    2. wesley rasmussen October 13, 2012

      Every once in a while I get the same type of person. My answer to that is to state my case, lay out the reasoning and maybe even some reference web links, then ask my heckler to read them and comment intelligently, as I will not bother to answer his blithering idiocy further, and please not to bore the others.

      I then remind him that my mother taught me well – never to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent. Feel free to use that lesson!

  3. ryueire October 13, 2012

    Joe Biden was very good. He brought the right weapons for the appropriate battle. Pres. Obama on substance was very good, but he was too polite, as he says himself. He was not prepared for the battle and stuck to the same philosophy. Although its not that bad; he will change to a more aggressive tactic in the next two debates, but can easily explain that he had to in order to address the lies and mis-information by whichever Romney reboot spews.

    Limbaugh is full of stuff. Literally and figuratively, full of brown, noxious, nauseating odiferous, gooey stuff. One wonders whether he has a heart or a cesspool pump.

  4. atc333 October 13, 2012

    This campaign is the first time I have seen a National Vice Presidential candidate actually earn a moniker that sticks: “Lyin Ryan”.

    The of course the Voters have the other issue, Which Romney will be elected? Moderate Mitt?, Severely Conservative Mitt? War Now Mitt? Etch A Sketch Mitt? 47% Mitt? Bain Vulture Capitalist Mitt? “Revenue Neutral Mitt?, “2% Tax Cuts Mitt?or simply “Tell them what I think they want to hear Mitt”?

    1. StanCalif October 13, 2012

      Let’s all hope that “wish washy” Mitt will go away and take Ryan and Cantor with him!
      These people are not patriots, they are simply opportunists!

      1. Roz October 13, 2012

        Aint that a fact. Why can’t real conservatives seen them for who they are. I guess the mind set is my granddaddy voted republican, my daddy voted republican,so I have to vote republican.

    2. latebloomingrandma October 13, 2012

      Pretty scary to have such a split personality as a potential POTUS. This is supposed to bring CERTAINTY to the markets? The only window through which we have seen the real Mitt was when he was caught, in what he thought was a private moment. The infamous 47% candid camera moments when he was being himself. We should NOT forget this or minimize it.

      1. Roz October 13, 2012

        We also need to remember the failure to release his taxes. Why are we allowing this to happen. He is a sneak and a liar. But what bothers me more is how stupid he thinks I am to accept what he is doing.

    3. wesley rasmussen October 13, 2012

      How about the NO Mitt???

  5. StanCalif October 13, 2012

    It’s a good thing that the VP has very little “power” in office. Ryan is way off course and has no respect for the people who built this country! All he proposes is to “privatize” everything which would result in the same disaster that happened when retirement plans got privatized! Wall Street took all this new money and gambled it away. Lost! Stolen! Who takes responsibility? Under the GOP plan, there is NO responsibility!

    1. latebloomingrandma October 13, 2012

      We need good governance, not “small” governance. Government looks out for we the people. If those governing don’t do a good job, we the people can fire them. (Unless we allow them to restrict who votes) Business looks out for the bottom line, their investors, etc. If business is so big, it can create havoc on a person’s life and livelihood. Witness the loss of jobs, pension plans , health insurance all over the country. Romney’s career is an attest to that. What recourse is there to fight against a big corporation? It used to be unions until union busting is now in vogue. So there is nothing left. A far right conservative administration and Congress and Supreme court will usher in a nation with huge income disparity–the haves and the have-nots. The Republicans can chest thump all they want about American exceptionalism, but they are not nurturing it.

      1. StanCalif October 13, 2012

        You are right on! Here is my story:
        Soon I turn 65, with no hope of ever “retiring”. Fresh out of high school, I enlisted in the Navy. I had little choice, either enlist or get drafted. The Vietnam war was waging and only the “few” could escape the draft! I served my time. After being released from service I entered the “real world”. At that time, jobs were few and veterans were not welcomed. My “benefits” to attend college just didn’t work, I tried. When I finally found meaningful employment I found the private sector in an all out war against labor unions. My jobs were on the “management” side so I was called upon to perform union labor jobs during the many strikes I lived through. Sure, I was happy to work. Later on I realized what I had contributed to. Union jobs were slowly and surely eliminated. The union workers I had supervised lived decent lives and were able to enjoy a retirement. Union workers were replaced little by little with low wage jobs. The companies I worked for hired labor lawyers to destroy the unions, and they won! What was my reward? Nothing! I helped to destroy a labor force that supported my wages as a non-union supervisor. Once the unions were gone, so was justification for my salary!
        Retirement plans were converted to plans subject to the market. Wall Street welcomed all this new money and gambled it away, not once but three times in my career! Today, I have nothing but Social Security to depend on. Of course this only provides a very low monthly benefit that doesn’t pay for normal living expenses. I have no choice but to continue to work as long as I am physically able. When I can no longer work, I honestly don’t know what will happen.
        The union workers I had supervised in my younger years went into a pleasant retirement. Their benefits were not “given” to the Wall Street sharks to gamble away. They were very lucky! I will never know this “retired” life.

        1. Fern Woodfork October 13, 2012

          Wall Street Home Of The Money Hoarding Thugs!! If This Money Is Given To These Crooks You Never See A Dime!!! You Think Berny Maddoff Was Bad Just The Thought Of That Make Me Wonder How In The Hell Can America Trust These Crooked People With Anything!!!

          1. BDC_57 October 13, 2012

            hi fern how r u

          2. patuxant October 13, 2012

            I know, I know and agree. We will be up shit creek if these liars and thieves win this election. They are pirates of the worse kind. And you may have seen those pics of Ryan pumping iron, like that was his Catholic version of Scott Brown’s centerfold of years back. PLEASE! Oh, and his cap turned backward–like to hide his redneck? Wonk? No….a dip wad…

          3. grammyjill October 14, 2012

            Where I come from wonky means it doesn’t work right, so I think that term fits Ryan quite well.
            Sensata in Il. closes on Nov5. The 51% owner of their stock will make millions when it is shipped to China. That owner is trying to run against our President!

          4. patuxant October 14, 2012

            Thanks, Jill. That was something I didn’t know about the word “wonk”. We look for solutions and answers to this crisis and all we get from the R/R team is more gobbledegook. What caused this collapse is the rampant out of control Wall Street Greed Group who made sure they would win no matter what happened with the economy. Now those fat cats are sitting high and mighty and having Romney carry their banner for them. Did anyone ever bother to ask if the collapse in Sept 2008 had any effect on the portfolios of the R/R team? That is probably why they don’t want to show their taxes.

          5. grammyjill October 15, 2012

            I think the reason Romney doesn’t want us to see them is all of his investments in China. Afterall he was invested with the state oil company in China, who does business with Iran. Only pulled his investment out a month before starting his run for the white house. And now this thing with Sensata. How many others are there?

          6. patuxant October 15, 2012

            Hi Jill. I appreciate your message. I sometimes get really riled up about all of the phoniness and lies told by the Repubs. My friends say to keep my blood pressure under control! But it is just so frustrating to hear and witness the Shell Game Romney is playing. I have said this before someplace, but I question why someone who wants to downsize the Fed Govt would want to basically eliminate the position he is running for? I think it is bogus, a con job and a power play. It makes me want to “throw up” as Santorum put it but for differing reasons. I hope you are well….

          7. grammyjill October 15, 2012

            I write alot of letters to the opinion page of my local newspaper. My husband watches me and says”making friends again I see”. It has become a kinda joke, but I’m disabled and need something to keep me busy, so I get real political. I watch those people in the house and senate that are supose to be working for us. They have really pissed me off. So, I write about it. I even get fan mail! What a hoot!
            So, if it bugs you, write!

          8. patuxant October 16, 2012


            I just heard where Hilary is taking full responsibility for the Libya attacks. What are your thoughts on that?

          9. Scott1204T October 14, 2012

            To your greatest surprise every dick and harry see we resurface from a bad Bush draught in the American history, although we are not fully out,Just a little while again and we are out. Racism is a large sleeping monster which the republicans are fattening and sturring up to awake. This is what they’r after for this President whom is in good standing. The American People must pulls the plug on this evil in full progress. and give the right judgement a way of life. Stop the grudges, and hatred let honesty prevail.

        2. Downing Gary October 13, 2012

          I am with you.. I am now 65 and will be 66 in June and I am afraid that if we don’t stop Romney and Ryan we will both be working and getting slave wages.. just like Romney used for three years in China.. a Female Slave Camp with over 20,000 girls 16-24 years of age and for three years he did nothing to help them.
          While you and I were enlisting Romney was protesting and had four deferments for the draft.. when he found out he was going to be drafted, he ran away to France to live in a palace for four years. Now he says, my five sons will not be enlisting in the military as they are serving our country by working on my campaign..

          American??? I think not as I see him more as a coward, and not someone I want as a commander and chief.. R & R have no clues as to what is going on in this country. They think middle class is $200,000.00 to $250,000.00 a year.. I can only wish…hahaha

          1. patuxant October 13, 2012

            You are so right. Making that much money involves alot of hard work unless you got it by making deals and swindling people. That is what happened with the Mittman and his boy, Robin. Yeah, let’s keep our cash off shore and avoid letting the American people know how we did it. These people have as Clinton said, a lot of brass and I will add balls, to keep projecting their bs on the rest of us. What is surprising though, is how many people out there believe this crap. Cant they see these people could care less for anyone but the high rollers? They need a lobotomy.

          2. grammyjill October 14, 2012

            He’s not done with the China thing. Sensata in Il. closes on Nov5. Jobs going to China. Girls being paid 90 cents an hour for a 12 hour day. Fenced in so they can’t ever leave. Romney owns 51% of Sensata stock. He will make millions on this deal. No wonder he doesn’t want us to see his tax returns.

        3. Iowaworkingman October 15, 2012

          Although I lost my father at a young age, I was never made aware I could receive Social Security Survivor Benefits to attend college. So I too enlisted after High School. 18 months after the end of Vietnam, I followed my fathers footsteps into the Marine Corps. After my enlistment ended, I tried to find work in the Reagan economy. There was nothing available using the skills I learned while serving, so I took low paying jobs and went to school ,part time at first, then full time while working at night. Soon after, President Reagan cut the time limits on education benefits after discharge, so I wasn’t even able to complete an associates degree. I found a sales position, moved into management & worked my way up quickly before finding I’d have to change companies to move higher. I made the change only to be met with a recession & downsizing. I took a Union job with the hope of working back into management. After seeing the world from the other side, I was repulsed by the actions my former associates took with my new coworkers. I became involved in the union & have spent my career helping fellow union members receive fair treatment from our employer. Because we have a contract, I stand to receive a company sponsored retirement in addition to my 401K savings, along with fairly priced medical coverage until I reach medicare age. With this in place, I have every hope of a dignified retirement. This is to be my reward for living and working within the system as I was taught to do. Should the country elect the republican presidential candidate, this is all at risk. They’ve made it clear they plan to break the unions to cripple the Democratic Party. Should that happen, all benefits we’ve fought to win over the years will be gone, along with the wages that set the standard for all workers. They propose to deregulate company funded retirement plans allowing companies to eliminate the plans and pocket the remains, privatize Social Security and allow unregulated Wall St. banksters to manipulate those funds to extract fees and commissions with no fiduciary responsibility to investors, reduce medicare & medicaid benefits while putting insurance companies back in control and in line for massive profitsknowing all the while their actions will end both medicare and medicaid. I’m 54. The magic age to be among the first to retire into a system the republicans will have rebuilt to fail. This is not the justice for all our forebearers envisioned. This is not a government of citizen legislators working for we the people. This is a hostile takeover by multinational corporations. PLEASE see the light in time to stop what is happening. Once our American dream is gone, it may be impossible to recover. Vote like your future depends on it!

      2. TNSouthernBelleWithGoodSense October 13, 2012

        TO: latebloomingrandma

        FROM: TNSouthernBelleWithSense
        Thank you so much for your exceptional and specific writing. You might be
        “latebloomingrandma” but we need many more of the wise elders to state the truths as have you.

        The more the Republicans tout Romney’s “proven business leadership”, the more voters need to arm themselves with the facts of Romney’s so-called “business acumen” that made millions and probably trillions for Romney and his co-Robber Barons. If the proof of Romney’s abilities lies with what the “business of Bain Capital” really was, any intelligent voter who is logical and informed knows that the last person to be even vaguely considered as President of the United States is Romney. Paul Ryan, just like Romney in the first presidential debate, was an automaton spewing nothing but lies. Vice President Joe Biden spanked school boy Ryan’s behind. If voters really research the hardline, scary, extreme right wing twaddle that Ryan is on the record having said, the voters will conclude that Romney/Ryan will be a reprise of Bush/Cheney, the greedy “twins” who caused our recession. As Bill Clinton said, “No one [including Clinton or any other next president] could have straightened out the economic mess in 4 years that was wrought by the 8 years of the previous administration.”

        If a voter wants more wars and gazillions in national debt and a depression, vote for Romney/Ryan, and that will be exactly what will transpire. Politicians such as Romney, Ryan, Bush II, Cheney, et. al., live only in their greed of the present, for the GOP is not concerned about the “47%” or the 98% or the future of those percentages or the generations of the future.

        1. William Deutschlander October 13, 2012


          I could not agree with you more!

          Mitt Romney was not a businessman, in actuality he was an “Extorter” !

          He found gulible businesses that had good assetts, operating capital and a balance sheet that would allow borrowing. He then found a way to get voting control of the company with very little investment. Once Romney and Bain took control they immediately charged the company outrageous management fees, they borrowed all the money they could, sold any assetts they could, all the while billing the company outrageous management fees. In essence they stripped the company of ALL the OPERATING CAPITAL while taking unwarranted management fees amounting to multi millions of dollars for Romney and Bain.

          1. BDD1951 October 13, 2012

            And now there is a business in Freeport, Illinois that Mitt Romney has 8,000,000 invested in and they are sending the jobs to China.
            To add insult to injury, the current workers are having to train the Chinese.

          2. vlcpolitics October 13, 2012

            BDD1951, that story makes me cry. I saw the news report on Friday and I just could not hold it together. I used to work for a well known insurance company that went around the country laying off the workers to ship our jobs overseas. I lost a decent salary and I still can’t get a job paying a living wage. When I was laid off I had to deplete my 401k just to pay the bills. I am 52 years old. If Ryan and Romney get their way to vocherize medicare, eliminate social security and repeal the Affordable Care Act, I don’t know what I will do. I hope voters understand that no matter what the republicans say, they can not be trusted. You can’t trust a liar and trust me when I say you do NOT want a businessman to run this country. Romney already told us he likes to “fire people”. Believe him when he says that, he means it. That’s what businessmen do.

          3. DurdyDawg October 13, 2012

            If R&R gut those programs there’s nothing you can do.. Since no more funds will be going into traditional S.S., within eight to ten years it will go completely bankrupt. These slugs aren’t telling the seniors of today that and even before you can reach minimum retirement age (62) there will be nothing for you to benefit even though you contributed up until age 52. And you’re right, businessmen should never run a country.. Just imagining a multi-millionaire accepting a 700G a year job says volumes about his true intentions.

          4. patuxant October 13, 2012

            Am sorry to hear of your situation. I know though, what that is like. Romney is not a true “businessman” however; he is a plundering pirate and yes, enjoys firing people, even Big Bird! He is the most pompous ass I have seen ever. If this prevaricator wins this election, the American people will see what hell is really like. Smaller govt my butt. If they really believed that, why then run for the most powerful job in the world? To make it inconsequential? I totally doubt it. So Romney is going to go in and give states all these rights that cut across state lines and civil rights and become what? A used car salesman? We are looking at the biggest CON JOB ever!

          5. patuxant October 13, 2012

            OMG! But am not surprised!

          6. Fern Woodfork October 13, 2012

            Romney Is A Con Man!!! He Conned Those Companies In To Believing He’s There To Help Then Loaded Them With Where They Had No Choice But To Close!!! Romney Is A Snake Oil Salesman!!!

          7. patuxant October 13, 2012

            William. I knew there was something foul going on there with Bain, but you have really put into laymen’s terms and I thank you for that.

          8. grammyjill October 14, 2012

            He’s still at it. Sensata in Il. closes on Nov5. Going to China! Girls will be paid 90 cents an hour for 12 hour days. Romney owns 51% of Sensata stock. He will make millions while all those Il. workers are s.o.l.

      3. tobewan October 13, 2012

        In reply to “latebloomingrandma:” There is something left! And it will be rebellion against the rebellious republicanism, aka anarchy, which Scripture indicates this current world order will destroy itself. Republicanism has been using several methods in the past four years to rebel against Democracy, as if they had the wealth and impunity to do so. Republicanism appears to say, “I don’t give a damn about the working class!” and other classes as well, that they can’t see below their upturned noses. Their interest appears to be to fatten their wallets, NOT the welfare of Americans – you know – the 47% or is it the 98%? In the previous 8 yrs, they almost SANK the whole world – why give them another chance? Parts of the world are still reeling from that Financial Crisis – why give them a chance to complete what they started?

      4. Ken Davis October 14, 2012

        latebloomingrandma I could not have said it better! You framed it just right! Thank you!

    2. Andy Womack October 13, 2012

      Let’s not assume that Ryan will ever get this close to the presidency again.
      This is the party that cheers Condoleeza Rice, the person in charge of national security during the worst national security failure in US history. The only people they hold accountable are not republicans. Not good.

    3. sigrid28 October 13, 2012

      StanCalif, you nailed it, the frustration of the middle class and the principle weakness of the GOP position: more of the same and take no responsibility for the disaster that the same Republican policies brought about just four years ago. Even nailing a point like yours, that is elegant and worthwhile, can take more words than some listeners (or readers) will put up with. What to do about this obstacle?

      Recent psychology research (cited in John Fischman’s article “Why Lies Stick Better Than Truth” in “The Chronicle of Higher Education” 10-5-2012, p. A3) offers a scientific explanation for Vice President Biden’s success in the debate, cited above: “contesting quickly and reframing, as Joe Biden did–‘Let me translate’–and then moving into his argument.” The skill required by this technique has to do with not getting bogged down in the reframing part (unpacking the lie), which can sometimes be done via sarcasm, the ever-helpful zinger, or a look at the audience that says (nonverbally), “Can you believe he even said this?” That done, the argument has to RAPIDLY destroy the lie then IMMEDIATELY get on with the argument. The emphasis might first focus on a particular constituency–women or seniors, for example–then widen to show how the plan benefits the middle class and meets the needs of the United States as a whole. No concluding, just moving FORWARD.

    4. Fern Woodfork October 13, 2012

      Yes But Remember ALL Of Them Got Help From Government ALL OF THEM!!! Now That They Are Rich Only Now They Think Government Is To Big!! Don’t Believe A Word These Lying Bastards Say!!!

    5. clayton f October 15, 2012

      So very right Stan!!

  6. 1silverstar7 October 13, 2012

    right on! the whole G O P plan is to distort the facts ,the conservatives seem to hang on to their beliefs either do to pier pressure old traditions or embarrassment to want to change their beliefs even when faced with facts the same middle class republicans shooting themselves in the foot again .the definition on insanity is repeating the same mistakes over & over again . it is not wrong for the middle class for all party’s to want a level playing field we all want to grow & prosper not just the privileged few.

  7. SaneJane October 13, 2012

    I need help with this one. Ryan said that he would lower taxes 20% and close loopholes making it revenue neutral. How can this lower taxes for the middle class? If you give tax breaks with one hand and take away tax breaks with the other with no net effect on revenue how can this lower taxes for the middle class.

    1. latebloomingrandma October 13, 2012

      Plus, what does “broaden the base” mean?. That those making minimum wage now pay income tax in addition to payroll taxes?. While this sounds “fair”, paying income tax when you have a very low wage could mean a week’s groceries or a utility bill. Also, how does all this help to increase needed revenues? Sounds like some kind of sleight of hand. The Republicans also want to eliminate the estate tax, affectionately know as the “death tax.” You know, the gov’t is so awful, you can’t even die without being taxed for it. But wait—this tax is for large estates. I think the Founding Fathers would actually approve of this. They were very wary of establishing an aristocracy of sorts in this new country, of continous inherited wealth. We were to be a meritocracy. Even with an estate tax, the heirs still get a nice bundle, the government gets some income, and there is a check on a plutocrat. If the gov’t has to work with checks and balances, so should great wealth, in my opinion.

    2. BDD1951 October 13, 2012

      That’s what we would all like to know.

    3. grammyjill October 14, 2012


  8. thedirtydemocrat October 13, 2012

    Lyin Ryan and Empty suit Romney are well fitted for their role as the Twiddle Twins.

  9. wrylyfox October 13, 2012

    “…But he cannot use his face and body language to contest Romney’s lies the way Biden did. Why? An unfortunate fact of our society is that angry African-Americans suffer much more scrutiny than senior citizen Joe Biden shouting “Malarkey!”

    Well, that is both inaccurate and untrue. Mr. Cool does not have to show anger or aggressive disapproval in order to squelch a lie or misinformation. An Easter Island version of Mr. Stoneface is not a good debating stance…ever. But telegraphing to everyone, in multilingual body language, that you are aghast at what was just spoken is priceless.

    1. ExPAVIC October 13, 2012

      Known Fact

      In normal interpersonal relationships (like casual talking or even debate) about 70% of the message conveyed is done so non-verbally.

      Hence, Biden stole time from Ryan as he conveyed his reaction to Ryan’s statements without uttering a sound.

  10. CPANY October 13, 2012

    Too bad that Obama doesn’t have Biden’s debating style. If he did, he wouldn’t have let that elitist prick Romney get away with his lies.

    1. Michael Bryant Sr. October 13, 2012

      Trust me it will not happen again.

  11. Realtalk777 October 13, 2012

    Amen and so on point

  12. Andy Womack October 13, 2012

    Good for Joe Biden. I agree in this articles assessment of right-wing talk show tactics and Bidens effective use of the split screen as a counter. Brilliant.

    1. latebloomingrandma October 13, 2012

      Romney no longer as to work for a living and has spent the last 6 years running for President. Obama kind of has a demanding day job. And he’s had no vacation this year to unwind. Playing some golf hardly counts, unless you visualize the balls you’re hitting hard as having a Republican face on them. That might be stress relief, but not really a vacation, like the Romney’s had at their summer compound. Reagan and Bush II had ranches to go to to unwind and ride horses. Bush I had a great seaside compound. Clinton and Obama had nothing, so were maligned for going to a resort. Go figure.

  13. james October 13, 2012

    No more lies demand the when someone that is running from office and when they tell lies half truth they go to jail pay fines any thing would be better that what we hat now. Emough is enough.

  14. Christina K October 13, 2012

    Agreed. Biden did a spectacular job.

  15. John Rohan October 13, 2012

    Anyone who thinks Romney did a “Gish Gallop” might want to take a look at Politifact. According to them, both Obama and Romney made 6 statements that were either “half true”, Mostly false” or “false”. In addition, Romney had more statement in the “true” or “mostly true” categories.

    This comment system isn’t letting me put in any urls so I can’t link to it, but just google the phrase “fact-checking-denver-presidential-debate”.

    1. ObozoMustGo October 13, 2012

      John, I think you’ll find that the leftist freaks and useful idiot turds that float around in this septic tank called “The Memo” will not have much interest in actually considering objective facts. By definition, if they were interested in objective facts, they would not be Obozo supporters, now would they?

      Have a nice day!

      “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

      1. mikecoatl October 15, 2012

        It’s pretty telling that you resort to a foreign right-wing rag to insult Obama supporters. Apparently you thought that their big words made their vicious slander sound true.

        1. ObozoMustGo October 16, 2012

          mikey… as in your other post, you must count yourself as a member of that “vast confederacy of fools” that made Obozo your master. I’m sure you are proud to be a fool.

          Typical leftist freak and useful idiot, when you can’t dispute a statement, criticize and discredit the source. Good little Alinsky’ite, you are.

          Have a nice day!

          “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Ben Franklin

    2. mikecoatl October 15, 2012

      Keep ypur URLs. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are still pathological liars, and you are fool enough to fall for them. If a majority (or even a close minority – can’t forget GOP cheating) are suckered like you, this once-great country is in for a long and dark four years.

  16. elw October 13, 2012

    I personally thought that Ryan knew he was losing. He was constantly swallowing each time the VP started talking, he drank water to hide his anger and at about the middle of the debate his responses began to ramble and make little sense. The President should not copy the Vice President style; he has a good one of his own. He does not need to defend himself against the Romney/Ryan millions of lies, he just has to say they are not true. That what Joe did in his own forceful way and that is what the President can do in his own way.

  17. Danny October 13, 2012

    Ryan, and Romney are nothing more than Bush III on streoids, a little more fanatical but the same 5 point plan that put us in the condition we are still trying to recover from. The wealthy did well under Bush and will if Romney prevails but as with Bush without hiring anyone. People only hire when their is increased demand for services and products, their plan will create neither. It will only increase the gap between the halves and havenots. and strengthen the plutocratic economics we are under already. The top 1% own more than the bottom 90% that will increase under Romney. guaranteed. It a shame so many poor and middle class people are ignorant as to what has happened, and who is responsible, they just don’t understand the republicans in the senate blocked everything Obama tried to do to make things better because the republicans only care about power and not the condition of the people except the rich. McConnell stated their top proirity was making Obama a one term president and the ends justifies the means, all our suffering is ok as long as we blame it all on Obama. That was their plan and because of the ignorance of so many people it is sort of working for them. That plus the voter suppression they have employeed they have a shot at winning. Such a tragedy that we will not be able to change easily.

  18. tauromusic October 13, 2012

    I love Joe Biden. He does not suffer fools and refuses to accept lies and distortions. I believe he is an asset to Obama’s reelection campaign. It amazes me that the Republicans continue to trumpet the notion that the economy is getting worse and that unemployment is rising in the face of evidence to the contrary. If people will remember, at the beginning of this financial crisis the vast majority of economists agreed that jobs would be the last thing to come back. As it is, unemployment has dropped by nearly 3 percentage points while Europe continues to slow the growth that we would have had without their influence. What is heartening is the increase in manufacturing jobs that we’ve seen. The true measure of the strength of an economy is in manufacturing, not in pushing paper. Do not let the lies sway you from keeping the administration in office to finish what they started.

  19. ObozoMustGo October 13, 2012

    Biden is a complete dolt. He couldn’t debate his way to a win against a randam selection from the front row of a Willie Nelson concert. His only tactic was 82 interruptions, laughing at serious topics like nuclear Iran, rolling his eyes like a child, and making a spectacle of himself while debasing the honor the office of Vice President of the United States. That’s not winning a debate, that’s being a fool. Then again, by definition, being a leftist freak IS being a fool. C’est la vie!

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “You mean that you’re telling me that we have to go spend more money to keep from going in debt? Yes, that’s what I’m telling you.” – Joe Biden

    1. metrognome3830 October 13, 2012

      Good morning OMG. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Just a quick comment: it could be that your total negativity regarding the present administration is beginning to be regarded in the same way you regard Joe Biden and Barack Obama. If you notice, today no one – except me – even responded to your comments. Try to be just a bit more lenient. Hardly anyone is as completely evil as you attempt to portray the left side of the country. Nor are they as completely witless and foolish as you portray them. Being left of center does not equal being a Socialist or Communist. Portraying them as such is merely a political ploy of the extreme right, not a fact’

      I have been called on the carpet for being too sarcastic in replying to what I consider witless comments from the other side. And you know what? I have been.

      But, I still love ya man. Have a great weekend.

      1. ObozoMustGo October 13, 2012

        Hey Metro! I hope you are having a nice weekend, as well. Sshhhhhh…. don’t tell anyone. I know you’re right. I do enjoy throwing grenades, though. It’s a fault of mine. 🙁 Only a few committed leftist freaks on this site deserve my disdain and ire. It’s mostly to them to which I direct my insults, and mean them. I love you too, Metro! 😉

        [click image to enlarge photo of a good Romney supporter]

        Have a great day!

        “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” –Joe Biden on Barack Obama

        1. metrognome3830 October 13, 2012

          In re: your quote. Isn’t it great to see how much Joe admires Barack?

          Who is the lovely lady in the photo?

          1. ObozoMustGo October 14, 2012

            Hey Meto! The lovely young lady is a 47 year old Stacey Dash, former Obozo supporter who has had her eyes opened with the disaster that has been Obozo. Google image her. Lots of eye candy there. Don’t tell Mrs. Metro when you do it. hehehehehehehehe

            Here’s another one for you. Enjoy! 🙂

            Have a great day!

            “You mean that you’re telling me that we have to go spend more money to keep from going in debt? Yes, that’s what I’m telling you.” – Joe Biden

          2. mikecoatl October 15, 2012

            Oooh, you got the endorsement of a two-bit TV actress! I’m SO impressed!

        2. mikecoatl October 15, 2012

          I’m proud to be a ‘leftist freak’ if it means I’m not taken in by your right-wing lies.

          1. ObozoMustGo October 16, 2012

            mikey… you’re a first… proud to be a moron????

            Funny how you call defense of inidividual freedom and liberty, fiscal responsibility, and small, limited government ” right-wing lies”…. you ARE a complete moron.

            This is you in the attached picture. [click image to enlarge]

            Have a nice day!

            “Rule of thumb… never trust what comes from the mouth of a socialist politician. They are only lying to you so they can spend other people’s money to build up their own power base and bureaucracy.” – ObozoMustGo

    2. mikecoatl October 15, 2012

      Guess what! No one cares!

    3. Regina Lighteard October 15, 2012

      Hey dumb Czech-have a glass of water or glasses of water, it seemed to have worked for Lying Ryan when Biden kicked his “bleep” during the debate!

  20. dljones October 13, 2012

    We have two presidents and one snarky self indulgent vice president this term.
    Who do I vote for, Obama or Clinton? Maybe a last minute subsitution of Yellow Bird.
    Biden’s dentist must be proud and Rodney Dangerfield “don’t get no respect as I gaff alot” was Biden evenings mentor. Biden interruped 81 times and had two way flirty analgesic seizures with Martha Raddeck. Jumpin Joe came stimulated on power drimk loaded with rampage expecting a bear and all he really had was a bean shooter. Fact Checkers were relegated to take oxygen from documenting Joseph’s fertile and improbity imagination.

    He and obama both need empty chairs. The world was watching-how embarassing!

  21. jim1230 October 13, 2012

    That stupid Ryan said during the debate that Romney paid 30% of his income to charity. BULL. He said in his cooked tax returns that he paid 10 % to charity. I guess Ryan is including the income taxes as charity, that would total 22% The best way to prove it is for Romney to release his tax forms . Why doesn’t the news networks talk about the company that Romney and Bain Capitol are closing down in Ohio this November and shipping the jobs to CHINA. The article showed Bain Capitol information bragging about getting the cheap labor in China. I guess this is another case where the goverment will have to pick up the retirement tab. Like it has had to do with so many of Romneys companys that he FORCED into bankrupt . Did anyone ever bother to check on equal time for the last debate. Twice the moderator wouldn’t let Biden answer LIEING RYAN because she wanted to ask Ryan a question. And Biden mentioned twice about Ryan using all 4 minutes . The republicans complained about Biden being rude, The way Romney did in his flip flop debate. I would like to see Washington do away with the ( So called blind trust ) You know that all these people know how their stocks are performing. And they can tell their attorneys how to invest. It would let the voting public know why they vote on items that are favorable to them. It serves to only protect the crooked people in washington. It is hard to believe that some of the teachers unions are giving to Romney , It is like saying that I want to be fired or work for lower wages. The Republicans have said all along that they want to do away with all UNIONS. The only reason that some non union companys pay good wages , in order to keep the union out. Just wait untill they get near retirement age ,and see how those companys help you. There is one thing that Romney and( Wild hair monkey ) Donald Trunp have in common , is, YOU ARE FIRED

  22. nurselaidoff October 13, 2012

    I am getting notes after my posts that my post has to be approved by a moderator. Three of the last 3 posts I tried to put up have been censored by the moderator. I am not sure why they are being censored. I put in an address to the Washington Post fact checker. Does this site not allow us to put in http addresses?

  23. emadis41 October 13, 2012

    People, privitization of Medicare and Social Security is a bonanza for Wall St., who cares about the Middle Class in that party. They call them “Entitlments” as if we did not pay into them and we should expect to get some relief when we get old. The right wing pundit went as far as claiming that those who receive SS are rich and have no need for the monthly checks, and claim that the system that has $3 trillion is broke!
    The elderly who receive SS, which represent only a fraction of their pre-retirement earning (30-40% average, with max $2514), spend a big portion of this on healthcare, and they recycle every penny back into the economy. Taken this out of their hands is taken it out of the economy, and the GDP.
    Let me also emphasize that the Gov. handling of the SS and Medicare is cheaper than the private sector. Example: SS charge you $99 monthly for 80% of your Dr medical bills, a supplemtal insurance charge you $150+ for the 20%. For the private to cover 100% it will charge $750. Well, they have to make profit, and their big excutives have to be compansated with $Billions.. and you will pay for it. Take a moment and think about it.
    They attack the ObamaCare, saying that it is the reason for the slow economy, a baloony, meaning that the health of the nation is not important, which is a contradict all economic theories, except theirs. A sick employee is less productive than a healthy employee. and a treated sick employee is more productive than untreated sick employee. Add to it that we trail all industrial nations in healthcare (rank 30 behind #1 France and # 10 Germany, whose system was adopted by the Obamacare).
    I give Obama credit for pushing the AHCA in the face of stiff opposition and political cost. He did not yield to the Insurance Co. as his opponents do.

  24. montanabill October 13, 2012

    Apparently LOL didn’t read the fact checker sites to find out who told the most and biggest whoppers.

  25. batavier October 13, 2012

    Isn’t it remarkable how much Ryan resembles, even in word, a certain Mr. Goebbels, or his boss Mr. Adolph? They even have the same mental make up…..

  26. The Chocolate Chips October 13, 2012

    Romney/Ryan are dispicable liars. If the mainstream media isn’t going to call them out on this before Election Day – they are going to have a lot of blood (literally – because they will get us into another war) on their hands.

    1. mikecoatl October 15, 2012

      Anyone who votes for that evil cabal will be no less guilty than the men themselves.

  27. nurselaidoff October 13, 2012

    Well, that answers my question. If a http address is in the body of the post, the message won’t get posted and gets a warning that a moderator is checking the message.
    If you type in “fact checker” into Google, for the VP debate, you will see how Ryan and Biden measured up with the truth in the debate.
    One thing that I am noticing is that a lot of posters are quick to call Ryan and Romney liars but very few make mention of the fact checkers. I have have been reading the fact checkers after each debate and it is clear that all of the candidates are very loose with the truth and in fact in some cases not telling the truth at all.

  28. Fran October 13, 2012

    A lot of you don’t even realize that under Bush we went into a war that had costs us trillion of dollars..and you are telling me that it is Obama’s fault the way the economy is..plus the fact that he said the rich don’t have to pay taxes…another million dollars that needs to be paid into the tax system to get us out of the mess created by Bush…and by the way…you say he didn’t cheat on his wife…and he was against abortion…oh, well, he took his girlfriend when he was 17 years old to the abortion clinic to have his unborn baby killed..plus the fact he is the only man that became president that was caught in possession of cocaine and other drugs…plus the fact that he and his wife pretended to be Christians showing up in the churches…go asks your computer is Bush believes in Jesus Christ or God…and it will inform you he does not believe…plus when Laura Bush, worked as a librarian for a year…she wrote a paper titled, “The Critique Of Laura Bush”…with 29 sub-titles of her case that she built up against the Bible..she said that anyone that believes in Jesus Christ, is crazy…and many other things throughout all of the sub-titles….so, you all voted for a couple that were not what you thought they were…how stupid…it is amazing how you always go for the con-artists…and as far as I am concerned..with Bill Clinton…that sin was between him and God…because I know a lot of you out there cheat on your wives and husbands all of the time and stay together…just for the monies…so, get off this kick that you are so perfect and that you sin just as much….but, If God forgives…you all should do the same…and go look into the mirror and see if you are so perfect…none of us are…so, it doesn’t take away from the fact…he was the best president we ever had…but, he didn’t have to come into the mess that Bush created in the first place that put us into a war…that costs trillion of dollars and put us into this economic mess we are in…with the rich not paying taxes too..everyone has to pitch in…not just a few…but, a lot of the american people are doing so many of the same things…the drugs…the cheating on their spouses..and so many other things..so, focus on yourselves and stop blaming others for the exact same thing you are doing…think about the war that Bush put us in that has costs many families to lose their loved ones..those hearts are still grieving..

  29. tobewan October 13, 2012

    SaneJane, its been looking like that to me too! Thanks for saying so!

  30. Michael Bryant Sr. October 13, 2012

    Look back in time. History always teaches us. If we let it. At the turn of the 20 century we had children working seven days a week in coal mines for a dollar a day. Do you think the owners of those mines cared about those kids. Around 1912. 144 women burned alive in a sewing factory fire in New York. Why? Because the owner through they was taking to many restroom breaks so they would lock the women in their sewing room. They fought the families in court for wrongful death. They ended up only paying $13,000 to each family. But they paid over a million for their defense team. In the 1920. Truckers was forced to drive up to 36 hours straight. That caused a lot of death on the poor roadways back then. When they decided to unionize for better driving conditions. The factory owners brought in hired guns to stop the truckers. They fought and some people was killed. It didn’t stop them from unionizing tho. That is why we have truck log books today. Along with safer drivers in the trucks. Greed at the top is just that greed at the top. Romney and Ryan represent greed at the top. Vouched health care is just another set of words for taxation without representation. Medicare is taxed from our pay. To turn those funds over to an insurance company who by the way only reports to their shareholders is crazy. Presently medicare is ran by a director. If you have a problem with your service you call or write your representative who acts on your behalf. The CEO’s of the insurance companies makes millions each year. The director of the medicare program makes around $150,000 a year. No such thing as a bonus by the way. We has seen what private business will do. Remember the banks we bailed out. Remember the bank that gave out nearly $75,000.000 of the bail out money as bonuses as soon as they got it? Who in the hell earned a bonus in a bank that has fail or is failing? GREED AT THE TOP IS GREED AT THE TOP. ROMNEY/RYAN WOULD BE GREED AT THE TOP. AN PROBABLE ANOTHER SENSELESS WAR. I’m a Veteran of two wars and I know our young men and women in our Armed Forces are tried of fighting.

  31. nurselaidoff October 13, 2012

    It is really sad to see how Obama has managed to divide our country over class warfare. He has such a poor record to run that his only path to re election is to use scare tactics and class warfare This will have a negative effect on our country long after Obama is gone.
    When making his case for class warfare, Obama has conveniently ignored the business taxes and is creating a statistical illusion that the rich pay less than they do. He has twisted the facts of a very complex tax structure to give the appearance of the rich paying less.
    Here is the actual breakdown of the average taxes as a share of income calculated by the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) for taxes in 2007: The top 1% income earners paid 18.8% in federal income taxes and paid a total of 29.9% of all federal taxes. The 81-99% percentile group paid 11.8% income taxes and 22.8% of all federal taxes. The 21-80% percentile group paid 4.2% of income taxes and 15.1% of all federal taxes. The bottom (low income earners) 20% paid -5.6% (the number is negative due to refundable income taxes) and 4.7% of all federal taxes.
    The other unfortunate trait that Obama has had is to play the blame game through out his entire 4 years. His legacy will be that he holds the Guinness book record as the US president that had the highest record for placing blame on others as opposed to himself. He is still blaming Bush for state of our economy today. Such a ridiculous over simplification.
    The Wall street mess and the housing bubble created the economic mess we are in and there is plenty of blame to go around between both the democrats and the republicans. Take a hard look into who forced Fannie and Freddie to make bad loans in the first place (Barney Frank and even Obama had their hands in it).
    The sad part is that we currently have a congress that is totally ineffective. The Senate has failed to pass a budget during Obama’s reign. That is a first for our country and it is a very shameful first. The democrats had both the House and the Senate for the first 2 years of Obama’s presidency. How could they have failed to pass a budget???? The house has been churning out bills many of them don’t even go for a vote in the Senate thanks to Harry Reid.
    Obama made a critical mistake when he shoved Obama care through congress. At a time when congress should have been concentrating on job creation, 18 months were wasted on a nasty partisan fight over Obama care. Any hope of bipartisanship was burned up….
    The only way that Congress will be effective is if we have a leader that can bring both sides of the aisle together. Obama has not only divided our country by class warfare, he has created a huge wedge between the Republican party and the Democratic party.
    If you look at the fact checkers for the Presidential debates and for the VP debates you will see that all of the candidates are playing very loose with the facts. Don’t take a politician’s word for something. Check it out yourselves. After all, Obama did say in his State of the Union address that he was one of the most transparent presidents ever. Does anyone believe that after the Obama care legislation debacle? Obama promised that the meetings would be on C-span. Instead of C-span we got the typical closed door meetings and dealings, and unprecedented access to the president by union leaders during the closed door negotiations……
    One other issue. Obama has accumulated more debt in his 4 years as president than Bush did in his 8 years of presidency. We are only a few months away from falling off the fiscal cliff. The Democrats and Republicans need to get their acts together and deal with that issue before it hits a crisis stage.
    The moral of my story? Question everything that comes from a politician and research it your self, especially if they are using scare tactics and division as the mainstay of their campaign……

    1. Michael Bryant Sr. October 13, 2012

      I’m sorry to remind you. But Romney is the one that has dismissed 47% of Americans. All of which is war wounded, the families of war dead, the elderly on SS and medicare. and the Children with Autism and young disable adults. As a business man he outsourced thousands of American jobs just to line his pockets. Romney was a business man like a wrecking ball is a house building tool. He was against the American auto industry bail out. But he was for the wall street bail out. Two years ago President Obama send a jobs bill to the republican controlled congress for a vote. America is still waiting on a vote from them. All the countries leading economic has went on record as saying that jobs bill would have created over a million jobs. So just who has divided the country?

    2. bck2yu October 13, 2012

      Your comment is as laughable as it is over-long. You include the same untruths and outright lies you’ve undoubtedly heard on Faux News. One of your paragraphs:
      “The other unfortunate trait that Obama has had is to play the blame game through out his entire 4 years. His legacy will be that he holds the Guinness book record as the US president that had the highest record for placing blame on others as opposed to himself. He is still blaming Bush for state of our economy today. Such a ridiculous over simplification.”
      None of this is true as written. It’s all bulls**t. You have tried to use volume of words to make up for facts…and failed miserably.
      Go do some reading. LEARN SOMETHING! Discover the truth, the facts.
      Then get back to us.

      1. nurselaidoff October 14, 2012

        My comments were long because I was presenting facts. Calling someone a liar is easy. It takes no research and only a few lines in a comment box.
        The statement about the Guinness Book of World records on blaming was meant to be satirical (a joke) and you are correct that it isn’t true. The rest of the information came from fact checking sites. I tried to post the URL for the Washington Post fact checking section but this site apparently doesn’t allow URLs.
        The CBO data can be found on-line. I used the 2011 CBO report as the new CBO report on taxes (July 2012) which looks at 2008 and 2009 tax returns, doesn’t appear to have the same table which calculates in the business taxes as part of the tax burden.
        You should take your own advice and research the topics before telling someone that they are lying.

      2. nurselaidoff October 14, 2012

        The comment on the Guinness book of records was meant to be satirical. You are correct to say that it isn’t true. As for the rest of the information, I got it from fact checking sites. The CBO data came from the 2011 CBO record on taxes. The 2012 CBO report came out in July but doesn’t seem to have the table that factors in all federal business taxes as part of the total tax burden.
        I know that the comment was long. I was posting facts. Calling someone a liar is easy. You don’t have to do any research and it only takes a few lines in a comment box. My suggestion is that you look up what I posted on the fact checking sites.

    3. mikecoatl October 15, 2012

      Want to question a politician? Maybe you should question why Mitt Romney keeps changing his position on abortion, or why he won’t talk about any details of his tax plan.

  32. Downing Gary October 13, 2012

    Its just like Romney who at this time with Bain is sending another company to China.. Search and find……….. Flags of China flying over Illinois… Romney and Bain are closing down another American company to send it to China.. Please post any thing you find.. we really need to stop the destruction of American by the wealthy who say they will create jobs and put unemployed Americans back to work.. They want jobs like Wall Mart that have no more then about 30 hours a week and minimum wages. Then you get food stamps to make it through the month.. Please do not let the lies continue and please do not let us see the flag of China in the White House…

  33. citizenmb October 13, 2012

    I’m an “old-timer” who remembers the radio years and that spooky show, “The Shadow.” One of his powers was to “cloud men’s minds”–and he lives again in the real world. He is called a Republican. Fox News is a Shadow TV channel that has led many to vote against themselves with their very shadowy messages.

  34. vlcpolitics October 13, 2012

    Roz, thank God! You are a shining ray of hope that there are some republicans out there who actually can think straight and not tow the republican line for pure political gain, which is so unAmerican. We need a president who is looking out for all of us, not just some of us.

  35. vlcpolitics October 13, 2012

    That can only happen in the world of faries and pixies. Lyin Ryan knows it “can’t be done” as the Vice President pointed out.

  36. vlcpolitics October 13, 2012

    latebloomingrandma, your candor and level-headedness is really appreciated. Thank you.

  37. vlcpolitics October 13, 2012

    TCC, I am praying that people realize R&R are no good for this country. I don’t want another war, or health care repealed, or Roe v. Wade struck down, or middle class deductions eliminated. I am praying that people remember 2010 when republicans got voted into office promising more jobs, but did nothing but obstruct any positive jobs legislation. I am praying that people see that republicans are betting against the economy improving just so they can gain political power. They are not happy to see unemployment job numbers decrease. They don’t want any positive news for the economy because that does not serve their purposes. Cantor, Boner, McConnell, Ryan, are all wasting our money on legislation that does nothing to help the American people. Republicans, democrats, independents who think R & R is good for this country needs to pay attention to the real facts instead of listening to distracting nonsense from Limbaugh, Faux News, and pundits and supporters for the republican ticket. Their interests are selfish, distorted, and bad for America.

  38. vlcpolitics October 13, 2012

    JohnR, no need to see your urls. Ryan was very rude and full of lies. Romney was even more rude and a bottomless pit of lies. Politifact is not a measure for telling the truth either. I used my own eyes to see what when on at the debates and made my own judgments as to who won. Romney did the gish gallop and Ryan did it too, but Vice President Biden was too good for him.

  39. Regina M October 13, 2012

    Are you people out of your freaking minds? Biden clearly LIED about the Libyan massacre! They were warned way ahead of time and then when it happened they blamed it on some stupid low budget film that has been around for months. When they were asked for help, they were told,,”Now your asking for the sun and moon”! Hillary is a liar and this is one of the biggest coverups in their pitiful administration! biden acted like a damn moron, waving his arms, rolling his eyes and smirking like a red faced boy with his hand in the cookie jar! He hogged the time, interrupted and was almost tyrannical! Is this the way you want our vp to “discuss” with foreign dignitaries? What a dope! Whether you like it or not, Obama’s father is was a marxist that raised Obama to be a freaking marxist! He is a bastard ( in the biblical sense also) by his own admission. Obama has lied to us since he was elected! What you got to say about his promise that if he did not implement rercovery in 3 1/2 years he would be a one term president, and he would hold HIMSELF accountable.What a joke!
    Talk about responsibility? OK..You are just a bump in the road to OBAMA, so he has little responsibility there. Who is responsible for increasing our national debt TRIPLE? Who is responsible for raising the unemployment level to almost 8 percent and then trying to hog the limelight for taking it to 7.5? Who is responsible for Solyndra and other bailouts that failed and WE had to pay for it.??
    Who wants to send 450 billion to Afghanistan while our country is in an economic crisis? Who is suspected of not being a citizen of this country, has a fake social security card, no history of anything that is not locked up by the arrogant moron himself? Who CHOSE to be chatting the SAME day on the view t.v program while the murders in Libya were happening calling himself “eye candy” and was not concerned with anything else? Who called the sodomization and torture and murder of Americans a “bump in the road” later to smooth over the horrific acts?
    Who attended flag burning ceremonies with his Moochie wife, and admits as much. Who has created a brand new flag for us with his picture and the 5 Islam blood stripes?

    1. mikecoatl October 15, 2012

      Are you done with your rant? Okay, answer this…

      Who allowed 3,000 Americans to die, on American soil?
      Who took a surplus and turn it into a gaping $10 trillion deficit?
      Who went into two Middle Eastern wars, entirely unfunded?
      Who let a city drown in a hurricane?
      Who let the economy go into freefall?

      You are so delusional and ignorant, you would try to blame the above on Obama. I’m not even going to try to refute your many, many lies because you are obviously unhinged.

      1. Regina Lighteard October 15, 2012

        Thanks for keeping it short and straight to the point because she is unhinged. Unfortunately for me we share the same first name. Oh! A

  40. vlcpolitics October 13, 2012

    Oby, you going to the Czech’s for your comments? So patriotic of you! Will you promise to eat your words when the President is re-elected, because Romney will NEVER be president!

  41. vlcpolitics October 13, 2012

    Nurse, why can’t you give the President credit for doing a good job? Why can’t you give him credit for getting things done despite the obstruction he has faced from the republicans and even some democrats and independents. Your credibility is shot in my estimation because you can’t even give credit where credit is due. You can have your opinions, but you can’t have your own facts. Just because you make up your facts, or regurgitate faux news, those are not facts. The republicans decided to attack and obstruct the President from day one – I saw Mitch McConnell say that with my own eyes. That is a fact! I saw republicans call the President, the food stamp president, the foreigner, the kenyan. These are things coming from the republicans. You don’t want to admit that it is the republicans that are the dividers. They are greedy, selfish, robber barons and don’t care one bit about the middle class. I am sorry you share their point of view.

  42. vlcpolitics October 13, 2012

    Nurse, keep reading and you will come across the truth that Romney will NEVER be president!

  43. vlcpolitics October 13, 2012

    djones, make a choice. Get off the fence! Stop throwing trash in the yard and decide! Whomever you vote for just know that I have it on good authority that Romney will NEVER be president!

  44. vlcpolitics October 13, 2012

    Oh you so wish he didn’t win – but he did! I see that got your knickers in a twist! Romney will not only get us into more debt he will fire your a– too. Unless you are part of his campaign – your incompentence there won’t matter. An by the way, when you have to resort to lying to win an argument, you have already lost.

  45. patuxant October 13, 2012

    I love it! The proponents of swagger, malarkey and other such stuff are now crying “foul”! What is particularly amazing is Mr Bluster/BS/Bellecose loud mouth Limbaugh is that he is referring to Biden a being “mean, rude, and disrespectful”. What a joke coming from the master at name calling. Something needs to get this wing nut off of the air waves. He is a creature from Hell.

  46. patuxant October 14, 2012

    Would somebody out here tell me why anyone who deprecates big government would run for the most powerful office in the world only to make it inconsequntial? This is the biggest fraud ever played on the people of this country. You think they are going to “get out of the way” and let the government become “limited”? Just look at their positions on women’s rights including choice and equal pay and vaginal probes. Excuse me for thinking this but Romney, if he gets ahold of the reins is not going to go “quietly into the night”.

  47. Scott1204T October 14, 2012

    God bless Joe Biden for his smooth fatherly way he chatsizes Paul Ryan the two face liar. I only hope he Ryan put his lessons fron this VP to future use. I see the permanant VP make Ryan drink water like it was going out of style. If he Ryan did’nt sleep the rest of the night ,he’s been trotting the bathroom for certain.

    1. Jim_n_Panama October 14, 2012

      Awwww, Ryan is just a two-faced liar because he’s young. Given time, his daddy Mitt will teach him how to be a 3 faced, or 4 faced liar

      1. Scott1204T October 14, 2012

        J.Panama ..Pleasant day my friend. Paul Ryan is a confuse chiorboy. I think Mitt kept him in the bull pen too long reason why father Biden gave him a good and proper schooling and sent him back to master mitt Palor. Today the reps are screaming like hungry babies , complaining Father Biden abuse their bull pen baby lol.

  48. Juventino October 14, 2012

    It is hard to fight someone that is very des-honest as Romney Chamaleon. The king of the flop flopping is now reversing himsenf on abortions, soon, with a little pressure, (as Kennedy told him) ‘will be ending voting for him’, in this case for Obama. Obama 2012!

  49. Marianne Gilmour October 14, 2012

    Biden was an ignorant, arrogant ASS. I have never seen such a rude, condescending and loud debator as Biden. Is this the way he would address foreign dignitaries? Someone of this caliber should NEVER be near the white house, much less a part of it. Ryan was honest to his beliefs and respectful to the vice president. I was undecided but after witnessing Biden, I definately would not vote to have his caliber as a vice president or even a dog catcher.

    1. Jim_n_Panama October 14, 2012

      You weren’t undecided, lying troll.

    2. grammyjill October 14, 2012

      Sensata in Il. closes on Nov5. Jobs sent to China. The 51% stock ownwr will make millions on the girls that will be locked in working 12 hour days for 90 cents an hour. That stock owner IS Mitt Romney!

  50. Mimi2kool October 14, 2012

    Limbaugh wrote the book on “mean, rude, disrespectful”. He might as well have been discribing himself.

  51. JOEL K October 14, 2012

    Joe Biden reminded me of Huey Long from LA. A white suit, panama hat and an a glass jar of moonshine. Southern politics is like selling snake medicine to the ill and expecting a cure.

    I have a simple question that can be asked of both candidates.

    Have you told the complete truth to the American citizens? Only a yes or no answer. No qualification with the answer.

    The problem we American have is our expection that all candidates will lie for political office and that is ok.

    Why have a debate if both candidates will lie? Make both candidates prove there answers to be factual and truthful. We American have a right to the truth.

    StanCalif; Do you know what Calif stands for; come and live in Florida.
    I served in Vietnam in the infantry in 1966-67. The Navy provided fire support with the 16″ guns.
    I earned 4 college degrees, worked about 40 years, managed my own funds in a private investments and now have more than sufficient funds. You can never trust others to manage your money. The bureauracy will waste and spend your funds.

  52. Renee October 14, 2012

    I have too much to say to even put in this post. I do say that I agree with StanCalif, latebloomingrandma, Fern Woodfork, and patuxant. Corporations have just too much power and the worker has no voice without the powerful unions of the earlier years before Reagan and his Reaganomics dismantled these unions. The small unions of today that are left, are really no comparison to what was back them and now you either work what is given to you whether it is your job or not or you are threatened to get fired. There are no guaranteed vacation time, leave of absence, or family leave that does not come with consequences. If you use your supposedly “Great” benefits (medical) then you are costing the corporations too much money and may end up being taunted by the corporations to try to get rid of you by giving you too much work or a task that you do not want to do with little pay. All of this is to get you to want to quit without being able to collect workman’s comp or a set up for a reason to be fired. One last thing, if you are near retirement or been with companies too long they rather secretly taunt you so you may want to quit or fire you just to save the “Greedy” corporations money. Sad but true! That is all.

  53. Boniface Emeka Nnakwe October 15, 2012

    When it comes to stimulating the economy, Honorable Ryan is like the Kettle calling the Pot Black. On one hand, he is bad-mouthing the stimulus package like his fanatic tea-party members and, on the other hand, he is sending 4(Four) letters according to CNN to Vice President Biden to request stimulus money to help create jobs in his constituency. So, who cares about Wisconsin?

  54. Regina Lighteard October 15, 2012

    I wish someone from the audience during the “townhall debate”, frame a hypothetical question, “if a brother from the hood, a rape a rich preppie white girl and she become impregnated with the black rapist baby”? Will the extreme conservative Romney and the rest of the far right fringe, still believe in Pro-Life?

    1. ObozoMustGo October 16, 2012

      Any reason that the baby should suffer the death sentence for the sins of its father?

      Have a nice day!

      “Fathom the hypocrisy of a political party that has a convention focused on abortion, contraception, and so-called women’s rights, AND has as their big speaker and hero an admitted sexual harasser and accused rapist that was impeached for lying in a court of law about it.” – ObozoMustGo

      1. Regina Lighteard October 16, 2012

        No-there is any reason for a baby nor anybody should suffer a death a sentence. If the questtion should be asked, I just want to see how fast etched-sketch,flipflopper, lying Romeny would react. Will he be Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?
        Oh! Fathom the hypocrisy of a political party “republicans” screaming PRO-LIFE! but we still have the death penalty here in America!

        1. ObozoMustGo October 16, 2012

          Rags… interesting that you make moral equivalency between a defenseless baby and a convicted criminal. That sort of effed up thinking is what makes you a leftist freak!

          Have a nice day!

          “I don’t think your boss should get to control the health care you get. I don’t think insurance companies should control the care that you get. I don’t think politicians should control the care that you get. I think there’s one person to make these decisions on health care and that is you.” – Guess who said it

          BTW… I still have not had a single leftist freak guess who made that comment successfully.

          1. Regina Lighteard October 16, 2012

            EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! The want to be intellectual,aka,”THE TURD”, know something that we don’t know. HAVE A NICE DAY!!

        2. ObozoMustGo October 16, 2012

          Rags… one other thing… since your so into “a brother from the hood raping white preppie girls”, here’s a picture of your abortion hero, Margaret Sanger…. You’ll love this!

          Have a nice day!

          “I have always thought that all men should be free; but if any should be slaves it should be first those who desire it for themselves, and secondly those who desire it for others.” – Abraham Lincoln

          1. Regina Lighteard October 16, 2012

            WOW! I must have hit a nerve! he he he he he -LOL! Because the wanted be intellectual has come unhinged. Pro-Life should pertain to all human life, whether it be an innocent baby or crimnal, a life is a life! And what’s with the “Have a nice day”, as if to soften an injury with your offbeat rhetoric and verbiage. And why are here with the “turds” in the septic tank, you reject! Oh! I know why because you are a “TURD”, now that’s “HAVE A NICE DAY!!

  55. Alex June 20, 2013

    Am I allowed to say that I love Biden more than I love Hillary? Or would that make me a “bad progressive”? lol

    1. Walking Dude August 8, 2016

      Boy, I wish Biden were the Dem Candidate….
      Trump would be so far behind….he’d concede the election even before the first debate…
      Good ol’ Lunch Bucket Joe….with more brains in his pinky than the entire collective at a Trump Rally.

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