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If This Is What 2016 Is Going To Look Like, The GOP Is In Big Trouble

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If This Is What 2016 Is Going To Look Like, The GOP Is In Big Trouble


“In your lifetime, much of your potential — or lack thereof — can be known simply by swabbing the inside of your cheek,” Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said at Liberty University on Monday, during a rally for the Virginia GOP’s nominee for governor, Ken Cuccinelli. “Are we prepared to select out the imperfect among us?”

The senator was making an argument against abortion rights by conjuring eugenics, a pseudo-science of genetic improvement that resulted in sterilization laws across America in the 20th century. And he was possibly plagiarizing from Wikipedia to do it.

If Cuccinelli were leading in polls — even his own poll — appealing to the far right with abstruse arguments that have almost no appeal to swing voters probably wouldn’t be a very good idea with only eight days until the election.

But Paul — a Tea Party favorite — was in Virginia to shore up Cuccinelli’s support among libertarians currently trending to the Libertarian Party nominee Robert Sarvis, who refuses to identify as anti-abortion.

Until the government shutdown and polls that show him losing by as much as 17 percent, Cuccinelli had veered away from social issues, attempting to avoid pointing out that he opposes same-sex sex even as a majority of America accepts same-sex marriage. But at this point the Republican nominee is just trying to hold on to his base, hoping the electorate resembles 2010 much more than 2012.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is crisscrossing the state with his old friend, Democratic nominee for governor Terry McAuliffe. And as he did when he barnstormed for President Obama in the final days before the last presidential election, Clinton was aiming right down the center.


  1. Angela Walker October 28, 2013

    The GOP just can’t quit the Tea Party extremists. Good.

    1. David Fetter October 28, 2013

      I’d love to see just one issue where there was a substantive difference between the GOP and the so-called “Tea Party.” That would mean actually voting differently on a policy matter when it could make a difference in the outcome.

      Until I see one, I’m going to call this what it is: a distinction without a difference.

      1. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh October 29, 2013

        David, it is more like the Tea Party telling the other Republican politicians, “If you don’t vote our way, the next time you are up for reelection, expect to have a primary against one of our people.” They have also used this same threat to prevent Speaker Boehner from bringing certain bills to the floor that would pass with a coalition of Democrats and Republicans. That was why the House Rules Committee on a Party Line Vote changed the rules (also passed in the House on a Party Line Vote) that would disallow any member from demanding a vote on any bill from the floor. All bills can now only be presented by the Speaker.
        Let’s see what happens when the Republicans lose control of the House next year and that same rule is kept in place by Speaker Hoyer.

        1. David Fetter October 29, 2013

          The mechanism is irrelevant. As long as the so-called mainstream Republicans never have a substantive difference on policy with the Teabaggers (their original name for themselves, and they’re all about personal responsibility, right?), I’m going to keep calling it what it is: a distinction without a difference.

        2. Bill October 29, 2013

          But then they will cry foul.

        3. lvfilm October 29, 2013

          Yah, can’t wait……. (honestly, then you all can no longer call the kettle black) and down the ship will go and by the time you all realize what you have done it will be too late and….we will most likely be calling each other comrade and we will be standing in line for food…… Yah, can’t wait! LOL

      2. kanawah November 1, 2013

        There are differences. The “GOP” will not stand up to the ass holes of the Transylvania tea bags.

    2. lvfilm October 29, 2013

      Why should they…..and you think that RepubPIGS will give up the Tea Party extremists. Not! RepubPIGS including the Tea Partiers get along better than you all do. You’ve been lied too. Call me a moderate…….LOL

  2. John Pigg October 28, 2013

    And this is why Rand will never enjoy the support which his father enjoyed.

    Ron Paul’s faction was not religious. They did not get along with Santorum voters. And would be fairly comfortable voting Libertarian to spite the GOP’s treatment of RP.

    Rand wants these voters to suck it up and vote for Cucinelli in spite of the fact that his brand strongly clashes with the future of the GOP.

    The people who are voting Libertarian are voting Lib because they believed in Ron Paul’s message of abandoning religious conservationism and backing a live and let live attitude.

    The GOP should have thought about this when it ran Cucinelli to begin with….

    1. ud106c October 28, 2013

      Ron Paul’s faction was not religious.

      If you’re talking about religion as a belief in God, then you’re absolutely correct. However, if you use the word “religious” to mean “faithful devotion”, then I would call his faction “religious”.

      Don’t get me wrong, I liked some of Ron Paul’s policy beliefs. However, I couldn’t shake the fact that he believed in some of the most outrageous and nonsensical conspiracy theories, and his followers took every single word he said as fact, no matter what.

      You’re also correct in saying Rand won’t be half the man his father was.

      1. John Pigg October 28, 2013

        Well what I should have said is don’t expect RP’s supporters to take a large stand on abortion, or gay marriage. While many did hold religious beliefs it violated their principles to inflict them on other people.

        I think your criticisms are fair. I do think he is generally right in his criticisms of American FP, domestically some of his ideas are, well, as you put it “nutty”.

        1. Jason's Robot October 28, 2013

          Ron Paul has stated he favors Federal bans on abortion and gay-marriage. He doesn’t even try to coat those stances with ‘states rights’ stuff.
          Most libertarians are of the view you noted; not going to push their beliefs on others. Sadly, neither of the Pauls agree with that regarding abortion or gay-rights – They want those to be restricted at the Federal level.

          1. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh October 29, 2013

            So, this makes Rand Paul the bastard step-child of the Libertarians and the Tea Party? Just askin’.

          2. jmprint October 29, 2013

            No it just makes him keeper of the constitution, just sayin’

          3. Jason's Robot October 29, 2013

            Ha. Sort of. Except he’d let his beliefs be known before the ‘invention’ of the Tea Party. He’s more like spin-off/combo of Libertarianism and Conservative Christianism.

          4. RobertCHastings November 3, 2013

            Ron Paul’s association with extremely reactionary and racist factions on the far right makes any claims of religion for him a little silly. Meshing his anti-Christian message with Libertarianism is the main reason he is so off the political radar screen.

  3. Jay Louis October 28, 2013

    Early 20th century eugenics was championed by the white, Christian power structure that believed non-white ethnics (Italians, Jews, Irish, blacks, etc.) were genetically inferior. Trying to equate this to liberalism is up-is-down ludicrousness. Eugenics was the progenitor of modern “take our country back” reactionary movement conservatism, not liberalism.

    1. jointerjohn October 29, 2013

      Absolutely spot on Jay, but what I think may be starting to emerge here is something I suspected years ago. The Tea Party Republicans are so dependent upon low information, low education voters, they have to keep them scared with something. Since the body of their base in red states is made up of toothless, six-toed, inbred, knuckle-dragging voters named Billy Joe Ray Jim Bob and Sissy Darlene, they can whip out this eugenics scare to make them think that their latest baby Lamar Gene might be swept away by northern liberals and euthanized. I hope I’m wrong, but since assholes like Rand Paul have shown no sense of class so far, I don’t hope for much.

    2. latebloomingrandma October 29, 2013

      The anti-abortion and anti-Planned Parenthood activists in my area believe that eugenics was all the fault of Margaret Sanger, which is why she started PP. They all take one little thread of truth and twist it into a convoluted theory that supports their preconceived belief. It drives me nuts. (The other one is that Obama supports infanticide.) No amount of fact checking changes their beliefs.

      1. William Carr November 6, 2013

        Ever hear of the author, Robert Heinlein?

        His book “Revolt in 2100” is based on the back story of Religious Conservatives seizing the Presidency in 2012.

        Then President Nehemiah Scudder, originally a backwoods Preacher, seizes power. With the Armed Forces solidly backing him for religious reasons, he declares himself the “First Prophet”.

        There is no Election in 2016, or afterward.

        88 years later, his great-grandson is still Dictator in New Jerusalem.

        Society has been infiltrated everywhere by religious freaks that will report any deviation or sign of impiety.

        Everybody keeps their heads down and hides.

        Finally, the Resistance manages to slowly build up the resources to fight a protracted War, and defeats the religious zealots.

        You’ve got to admit; Heinlein’s foresight was amazing.

  4. Oarboar October 29, 2013

    Let’s highlight this just for snot and giggles:

    Terry McAuliffe is campaigning with Bill Clinton.

    Ken Cuccinelli is campaigning with Rick Santorum.


    1. Joe Hollingsworth October 29, 2013

      That is because, they are in a lot of trouble with the uncommitted and the just naturally intelligent voters. The RePIG’s know that if they didn’t get the teabaggers and religious CRAZIES in their corner, they are SUNK. The presumption is that these FASCIST groups will flock to the polls for those RePIGs that COWTOW to them. Any RePIG that shows even an ounce of objectivity as well as commitment to a logical, as well as intelligent agenda will be OPPOSED by the teabaggers and their KOCKsucker Bros. machinations. Therefor, the FASCIST gop will sink itself just as surely as the wickedness of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany had done before them. Moral to this is; extremist Fascism and just plain CRIMINAL conduct in office will SINK the RePIGs EVERYTIME!

      1. nirodha October 29, 2013

        Most of the American electorate are moderates; either moderately liberal or moderately conservative. What we’re hearing these days is mostly just noise (granted, a lot of noise) from the far right. But, all the volume does not translate into either the views held by most Americans, or a majority. The libertarians and the TP are both reminiscent of Shakespeare’s great observation: “Tis a tale full of sound and fury, told by an idiot, signifying nothing” . This too shall pass.

      2. lvfilm October 29, 2013

        Whoa….such language. Intelligent voters? LOL, really? Are you really astute enough to know the difference between Communism and Fascism? With all the ‘pigging’ and ‘kocking’ going on in your statements, they say nothing intellectual or provide proof of such claims. I think you may need to reference and research the dilemma you discuss. I fear that the inevitable is at hand and the tables will turn. Such unintelligent banter in these posts… Rather than stick together, I quite often see friction amongst the ‘intelligent voters’ on this site.

        1. William Carr November 6, 2013

          No, everything he said was pretty accurate.

          The original 19th Century THEORY of Communism was group ownership of all natural resources… like in a “worker owned” company.

          Plenty of those around.

          Or like Alaska, where every citizen gets a check drawn from oil revenues every year, because the theory is that the Alaskan people OWN that oil.

          Communism, by the 20th Century PRACTICE, is State Ownership of all assets; it’s really a form of Dictatorship with the people as serfs and the Party Officials as Oligarchs.

          That’s less surprising when you discover Russia had been ruled by Oligarchs for centuries.

          They even had the “Department of Roads”, “Department of the Army”, etc, long before the Soviet Union.

          Those were just assigned to powerful families to administer instead of a central Government.

          Fascism, OTOH, is the merger of Capitalism and Corporations.

          That’s actually what is happening; and it’s what we need to fight against.

          It works two ways; the Corporations become powerful enough to manipulate the Government, and the Government supplies Militarized Police to execute the policies of the Corporations.

          When Occupy Wall Street was going on, people that went to their banks to withdraw their money were locked in, and then arrested by the NY Police.

          They had entirely valid reasons for being there, but they were arrested all the same.

          Because the Bank didn’t want to ALLOW them to close their accounts.

      3. infadelicious November 6, 2013

        i would have thought Bill clinton would “campaign” for the t baggers. just sayin’ Shalom

    2. THS_Warrior October 30, 2013


  5. Dominick Vila October 29, 2013

    As much as I disagree with most Republican policies, I don’t believe the GOP establishment will be dump enough to nominate people like Paul, Cruz, Rubio, Palin or a sequel to Romney. Obviously, if they did that would be a dream come true, but it is not going to happen. John McCain and Jeb Bush have a better chance than any of the above.

    1. Justin Napolitano October 29, 2013

      Ron Paul has as much chance of being President as Sarah Palin.

  6. lkreu October 29, 2013

    Every time they open their mouths – they put their foot in it. When are they going to stop talking about issues that have been resolved since the 70s and move on to get some jobs going in the US?

  7. Annemb October 29, 2013

    On her program last night, Rachel Maddow proved that Rand Paul used a Wiki Leaks article to endorse Cuccinelli without giving Wiki Leaks credit.

    1. infadelicious October 29, 2013

      If Rachel Madcow had a daughter it would look like justin beiber..

      1. nanc35 October 29, 2013

        And your point is?

      2. Lynda Groom October 29, 2013


      3. GoodGuy November 6, 2013

        Oh my days! I don’t know why they let you use a computer in a Mental Health hospital!!!

        1. infadelicious November 6, 2013

          Clearly, GoodGuy, you have been sluggin back the koolaid, or as it is called at the national memo, Eleanore Whitaker juice, Your comment is so lame I gave you this reply because i pity you, but it’s not even worthy of a downvote…..yawn.

  8. johninPCFL October 29, 2013

    Maybe Sarvis refuses to say where he stands on abortion because, like a true libertarian, he would not advocate government action one way or the other. Social conservatism is not the same as fiscal conservatism. Reagan was a fiscal liberal (he added $4T to the US national debt) but a social conservative.

  9. Eleanore Whitaker October 29, 2013

    It’s time to see Rand Paul for the KY white supremacist he is. Did anyone actually believe ole granddaddy Paul of the KKK persuasion wouldn’t pass on to Rand the same hateful, bigoted DNA Paul so eloquently uses to imply his superiority because he isn’t a minority? It is next to impossible for some bigots whose entire DNA is predicated upon hate, elitism and superiority to out their bigotry. It simply is not going to happen. Time to stick Paul politically back in the same grave as his KKK ancestry. Not so impossible to understand that a white supremacist simply refuses to give up his masked bigotry. Rand Paul has not spoken a single word that isn’t all about him.

    1. ObozoMustGo October 29, 2013

      It’s Elly Shitaker, the man-hating moron! What’s up Elly? Looks like you’re also a racist bigot. Hittin on all cylinders today, aren’t you?

      Just a little history lesson for you, Elly… the KKK was an arm of the racist slave supporting DemonRAT party. See picture of George Wallace and Robert Byrd below. Both well known KKK members.

      Have a nice day!

      “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King

      1. infadelicious October 29, 2013

        Careful OMG! Elly’s in “a mood” today and not feeling fresh. better come prepared with a whip and chair………although , she may like that, it may play into her whole “bull males are trying to dominate me” fantasy. She really is kind of creepy, yes?

        1. jointerjohn October 29, 2013

          No, she is an intelligent, contemplative and articulate woman. Just the kind that send pathetic men like you into the Viagra aisle.

          1. infadelicious October 29, 2013

            I agree she would send men into the Viagra aisle. They would need something to ” aid” them after being with man repellent After being with the delicate little ball of articulate femininity there is not enough Viagra on the planet to help them. Some things you can’t unsee

          2. WhutHeSaid October 29, 2013

            Man? Is there somebody standing behind you while you post?

        2. ObozoMustGo October 29, 2013

          Elly’s an easy target because she is so creepy. And I agree with your “bull males are trying to dominate me” assessment of her. It’s the primary souce of her anger.

          1. WhutHeSaid October 29, 2013

            Awww — did Eleanor hurt your feelings? Poor little fella — better just sashay back out of here, I guess.

      2. jointerjohn October 29, 2013

        Here’s the important point Obozo, some political parties grow up and out of their nasty past while others do not. Right now this country has one growing and open-minded party and another failing to evolve and therefore hurtling toward extinction. I will have a nice day but it won’t be a result of your smug insincere salute.

        1. ObozoMustGo October 29, 2013

          Political parties grow up? hehehehehehehehe

          The DemonRATS have always been the party of racism and slavery. They still are to this day. They’ve just figured out that they have to be more subtle about it and make blacks into virtual slaves that are generationally dependent upon Uncle Sam’s Plantation. And the best part is that, once dependent, they vote monolithically for DemonRATS because no one wants their benefit spigot turned off.

          Have a nice day!

          “Everybody has asked the question. . .”What shall we do with the Negro?” I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are worm eaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! I am not for tying or fastening them on the tree in any way, except by nature’s plan, and if they will not stay there, let them fall. And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!” — Frederick Douglass

          1. V October 29, 2013

            What the fuck is a demonrat?

          2. infadelicious October 29, 2013

            the vile critters infesting the whitehouse right now

          3. jmprint October 29, 2013

            And you don’t understand why people on this site cuss at you.
            Re-read your postings it might anger you a little. OBOZO IS A MORON! ARE YOU?

          4. infadelicious October 29, 2013

            I thought you liked obozo? As for cussing and vulgarity : no one makes you do it. It’s a choice of how you deal with anger and deal with info presented to you. It displays the anger issues that people like Eleanore and others here have. No matter what I post on here even if it be a simple thank you to a vet , some clowns on here will down vote it. They choose party over thanking a vet. That is ( cuss word) sad indeed

          5. WhutHeSaid October 29, 2013

            They down-vote you because you are an obvious asshole. Don’t make things so complicated.

          6. nirodha October 29, 2013

            I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again: you need to go fuck yourself, eat shit and die. And I post this with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. I am not angry. We of Irish descent don’t get angry; we get even. You and your little pontificating manner are beneath contempt. Your libertarian heroes have you in mind when they discuss eugenics.

          7. Justin Napolitano October 29, 2013

            There are vile critters infesting your mind but that is your problem isn’t it?

          8. infadelicious October 29, 2013

            apparently, it is your problem… living rent free in your head but… it’s kind of musty in there.. with the brain not being used much and all. i must move out immediately… not sure why you feel the need to send me 6 or more replies in a row… it’s creepy and I don’t know why you are so angry at a few comments and/or pictures, it’s not normal. You and Elly need to get help for your anger issues.

          9. WhutHeSaid October 29, 2013

            Nobody here likes you, you chicken-fuckin’, rooster-lickin’, redneck goober — didn’t you get the hint yet? So who is the stalker?

          10. Justin Napolitano October 29, 2013

            Well, obozo has once again come out of his sewer vomiting shi@ and telling us all about his useless life spent sucing on his mothers…. milk bottle. Tell us some more of your garbage so that we can understand how the mind of a degenerate works. Please tell us about the wisdom that years of living in a shi# hole has imparted on your addled brain. I really don’t know what we would do without your intellect.

          11. ObozoMustGo October 29, 2013

            It’s dirtnappy… what’s up dirtnappy… It must be mommy-lets-you-out-of-the-basement-Tuesday? Ohhhh so fun!!!

          12. infadelicious October 29, 2013

            OMG! long time no see! how are you? apparently, coma boy and dirt nappy think you and I are the same person. that got me thinking , dirt nappy is in quite a mood today and has a hair trigger temper , like HELLeanore , maybe they are the same person. they are equally creepy…….stalkers

          13. ObozoMustGo October 29, 2013

            dirtnappy always has his panties in a knot… he’s pissed I figured out he was a college grad with a sociology degree that no one cares about. He has no job, lots of debt, and he still lives at home with his mommy. At least she makes his bed and does his laundry… hehehehe

            Have a nice evening, InfaD!

            “In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other.” — Voltaire (1764)

          14. Justin Napolitano October 29, 2013

            I am an engineer asshol@, What are you besides a paid poster?

          15. Justin Napolitano October 29, 2013

            I promise you that I will fight against your ideas for as long as i can.

          16. nirodha October 29, 2013

            Justin- no point in getting worked up about this SFB; he has NO ideas of his own. He is a shill, a stooge for the psychotic criminal 1%ers trying to take over America. He doesn’t realize it because he’s dead from the neck up, but he is being manipulated by the Koch machine.

          17. infadelicious October 30, 2013

            you replied to yourself? that you promise to fight against your own ideas for as long as you can? that is sad, i know people talk to themselves, but fighting against yourself has mental health issues written all over it.. I gave it an upvote, and hope you feel better soon ;-(

          18. ObozoMustGo October 29, 2013

            is that what they call janitors these day? engineers????
            Whatever. You’re an unemployed little bum living in your mommy’s basement.

          19. WhutHeSaid October 29, 2013


            Don’t forget how much more successful than you the BLACK MAN in the White House is!


          20. infadelicious October 29, 2013

            Congratulations, how many years did you have to study to become an engineer asshol@? sounds like the perfect job for you.

          21. Justin Napolitano October 31, 2013

            Try 5 dick dickhea^. I was a part of the shuttle launch team and felt very proud to be involved doing things that had never been done before. I fight you people because you offer nothing but hatred toward people that have not been as fortunate as yourself and others. Life is complex and challenging enough without assshol$ trying to constantly erect barricades to helping people achieve a better life. I find some of you folks to be so repulsive that I have to respond to your hatred. It is a shame that you waste your time wallowing in the bile of your own making.

          22. infadelicious October 31, 2013

            Try not being repulsive yourself Talk about bile. Every comment starts with a vulgar insult. Why Is everyone on here so bad tempered? Sounds like a Tourette’s group therapy session. Lighten up your guy is in. Sheesh!

          23. BillP October 30, 2013

            Justin bozo can’t even be original, for months now I have used the mommy let you out of the basement comment when referencing bozo. Now he trying to use it as something of his own. I always thought he couldn’t come up with something original now I see he is resorting to stealing other’s comments.

          24. plc97477 October 30, 2013

            I thought they were comics cus I do laugh at them a lot.

          25. WhutHeSaid October 29, 2013

            Hey Bozo….


            …and STILL your leader!


          26. WhutHeSaid October 29, 2013



          27. William Carr November 6, 2013

            Gun Control is racist?

            This is so twisted and bizarre.

            Actually, the original purpose of the Second Amendment was to placate the Southern Slave Patrols.

            They were the ones that caught escaping slaves and returned them to captivity at gunpoint.

            Poor blacks after the Civil War couldn’t AFFORD guns, dumbass.

            Not that a single gun would do any good against a KKK mob armed with shotguns.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker October 29, 2013

          jointerjohn…It’s easy to dismiss the rantings and attempts at superiority by ObozoMustGo…he spends all his time on his computer, doesn’t work for a living because he and his wife and 4 kids live on welfare you and I are paying for and then has the nuts to attempt to prove his fantasy superiority. Note how he believes he is the only one who knows US history? The only one who knows anything about anything? He belongs in a mental ward with the rest of his sociopathic vunderkinds.

          1. jointerjohn October 29, 2013

            If I have noticed anything about his ilk Ms. Whitaker it is that they pretend to have all the answers. I on the other hand doubt everything including that in which I believe. Already loaded with self-doubt and insecurity, that would make their heads explode.

      3. Eleanore Whitaker October 29, 2013

        ObozoMustGo…to a psychiatrist. What’s up woman hating mental case? Actually, when you think about it? Your thoughts, rantings and specious ramblings would make a great science experiment.

        I know what the KKK was and is. Do you want to admit that prior to Nixon’s huge failure, most of the southern plantation MENtalitities voted Democrat? Or does that hurt your sense of irrational thinking? I know that George Wallace led a huge bigoted attempt to keep schools in his state segregated even after his mouth of the south led him to a wheelchair. Now..do you want to check out the cannibal Klan Chief who raped a young girl he abducted, cannibalized on a train and then ended up in prison? Nice that you have 4 welfare brats.

        You are too mentally ill to be believed. You prove that because like all mental cases, you simply live in a fantasy world where YOU are master of the universe and the world must obey your every whim. Not surprised you forced your old lady into bringing 4 more of your spawn into the world. Most mentally ill dictators believe they are a force until themselves. The mental wards are full of people like you. Get help.

        1. ObozoMustGo October 29, 2013

          What’s up Elly, the man-hating moron and racist bigot?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 29, 2013

            I won’t even address your insanity level much less dignify your blatantly insane remarks. We know your bigotry is born and bred in the bone of your KKK ancestors. Take that Stars and Bars ragbag flag and ram it where the sun doesn’t shine. You aren’t a man…and you bet your double wide A that I hate all bigots. Respectful, decent Americans do. You don’t. What does that say about you and your progeny?

        2. Justin Napolitano October 29, 2013

          Please don’t try and debate anything with obozo the degenerate because he likes it. Just tell him what a POS he is and leave it at that.

      4. jmprint October 29, 2013

        Can we live in the present and worry about the future.

      5. WhutHeSaid October 29, 2013

        And you are STILL a KKK member, now aren’t you?

        Guess what else?

        Obama is STILL you President. And he’s STILL black!


      6. jointerjohn October 29, 2013

        You are so obviously pathetic, so self-decoratively ignorant, so stubbornly brain dead stupid I can waste no more time trying to reason with you. And let me give some friendly advice, being a complete asshole and then pausing to say “have a nice day” only makes you look even more like a flaming prick. You probably get turned on looking at eight year old boys don’t you.

      7. RobertCHastings November 3, 2013

        And, in case you have forgotten (or just conveniently ignored) Ron Paul is still a racist. He may have conveniently ignored this fact in recent years, but simply saying the sun isn’t shining doesn’t make it so.

      8. William Carr November 6, 2013

        When Conservatives want to tell a lie, they often close one eye, squint at a History book, and pick a few passages that sound good.

        The Dixiecrats were a Party that formed after the Civil War in the South.

        My theory is, they were former pro-Slavery Whigs that cheered for Secession.

        They HATED the progressive Republican Party that led the fight against Slavery, so they joined the only major Party other than the Republicans.

        Like the Tea Party today, that caucuses with the Conservative Republican Party, the Dixiecrats were a pain in the butt to Democrats.

        A century after the Civil War, the mainstream Democrats supported and promoted Civil Rights legislation.

        JKF proposed it; Johnson signed it. Both Democrats.

        The polls at the time showed that 89% of Democrats in the North were in favor; and 91% of Republicans in the North were in favor as well.

        Statistically, that’s practically a tie.

        But… in the South, practically ALL the politicians, Dixiecrat and Republican, opposed Civil Rights.

        11 elected Republicans from the Southern States voted against Civil Rights and zero voted for it.

        The famous Filibuster, by Senator Strom Thurmond, a Dixiecrat, was in opposition to the National Democrats’ own Bill !

        We impatiently scrounged to get the 67 votes then needed to end the Filibuster, and shut Thurmond down.

        Finally, we got enough moderate Republicans to vote with us, and the Filibuster was ended.

        In fury over the passage of Civil Rights legislation, Strom Thurmond led the way for the other Dixiecrats and joined the Republican Party.

        Today, that faction is the foundation of the Tea Party.

        And to correct you; George Wallace wasn’t a KKK member, refused their endorsement, and spoke out against them.

        Robert Byrd WAS a KKK member, for a single year when he was in his twenties, but dropped out.

        He came to regret ever having anything to do with them and warned young people to stay clear of the KKK.

        1. ObozoMustGo November 6, 2013

          It’s your fantasy… make it as big as you want. You must have learned leftist freak revisionist history in public school.

          Robert Byrd was a member of the KKK a lot longer than 1 year. One does not become a Grand Wizard with one year membership. You believe his lies, but the truth indicates otherwise.

          I also find it funny how you give a known KKK Grand Wizard a pass on his racist history, but you don’t do the same for Strom Thurmond. Hmmmmmm…… The stench of hypocrisy is very strong around you.

          You can go back to your crack pipe, Willie. It’s calling you. Can you hear it?

          Have a nice high!

          “In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made Obozo supporters.” ― Mark Twain, Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World

    2. Germansmith October 29, 2013

      With DNA testing you have the ability to know what is the child possibility of normality and what genetic deceases the child is likely to be affected by.

      Now we have the tools that the old eugenics dudes wanted and free access to abortion…kind of genetic improvement with a lefty twist. It is a REAL MORAL/ETHICS issue. If he was truly a racist, he would encourage abortion , not fight against it.

      You kind of remind me of a lefty version of the the same people that had pictures of Obama as an African Tribesman or Hitler.
      Working on your picture of Paul with a white sheet and burning cross in the back? That kind of hyperbole is what makes American’s politics the mess it is today

      Just because my grandfather fought in the German Army did not make him a Nazi and even just because I fought in Africa does not makes me a communist or even a racist.

  10. jointerjohn October 29, 2013

    It is ideologically dishonest to profess to be a libertarian and at the same time be anti-abortion. In other words, Rand Paul is a self-serving and completely insincere asshole.

    1. Germansmith October 29, 2013

      and who was the last pure Libertarian that served in Congress (Besides Ron, IF) and or was elected President or Governor?
      What would have been Obama’s chances if he ran as a Socialist? He ran as a Democrat and turn left at the corner.

      For Rand, He needs the Republicans and he needs the Tea Party to have any chance even as he may not agree with all their positions.
      Is not insincere, it is politics plain and simple.
      You may not like him, but he is far more honest and willing to stand for his beliefs than the current chief executive we have now.

      1. jmprint October 29, 2013


        1. Germansmith November 2, 2013

          I believe the last thing Rand would like to be compared with is Obama.
          I may not agree with his philosophy but I respect his honesty…something that is lacking from Obama

      2. nirodha October 29, 2013

        If you think Obama is even close to being a socialist, you have no idea of the definition. I devoutly wish that he were more liberal; he’s far too centrist for the country’s requirements.

        1. Germansmith November 2, 2013

          Of course, because you are an idiot.
          Is this proper English? it is clear enough?

          1. William Carr November 6, 2013

            He’s right. You have no idea of the definition of “Socialist”.

            A good Socialist wouldn’t surround himself with advisors from Goldmann Sachs.

            A good Socialist would be embarrassed to have multiple records on Wall Street happen under his Presidency.

            A good Socialist would have Nationalized the Banks, fired all the executives, and hired new Managers that worked directly for the Federal Government.

            A good Socialist WOULD have saved the Auto Makers, but would have Nationalized them too.

            So you see, you’re not merely ignorant; you’re actively WRONG.

            You’ve been programmed with RW dogma for so long, you think any Government regulation is Socialist.

          2. Germansmith November 6, 2013

            Obama is as Socialist as this country would allow.
            That is why we support our second amendment , as long as we have weapons there is just so much of government control of our lives we will be willing to live with.
            If we wait for all those of your dreams you listed to come thru it will be too late and we’ll be living in USSR or Cuba (2 very failed experiments in economics)
            Any conversion of any industry currently private to government control is Socialistic in nature and must be avoided and now he is doing it to the healthcare industry….just have to wait and see.

            BTW a “good Socialist” is an oxymoron or an statement of a moron under the influence of Oxy

      3. RobertCHastings November 2, 2013

        Examine, if you will, the party platforms for both major parties from thirty years ago,and attach a quantifiable value to them. Do the same for both major parties today and see which way the political spectrum has swung. The main reason Reagan could not be elected today by his Republican party is, quite simply, because today he would be a moderate Democrat. Obama is nowhere near the flaming liberal people like to claim he is. Among the likes of McGovern and Humphrey and Kennedy, Obama is no more liberal than Clinton, who ran as a centrist.

        1. Germansmith November 2, 2013

          As far as Reagan and Clinton were concerned it is best to judge them at the time they were elected. The Reagan that was President would not win a Republican primary in this era.
          I am not defending the Republican party platform. As I mentioned before I liked McCain but voted for Obama when Palin came into the picture and I voted for Obama again in 2012 as the lesser of two evils, but Obama as a centrist while promoting the largest wealth redistribution in the last 50 years (Obamacare in case you are wondering) I do not buy.
          In the probable case you will disagree with me, remember that I am seeing the premium increases , forced plan changes and higher deductibles my clients are experiencing for renewals and purchases of group and individual coverage for 01/01/14.
          Of course as hard working professional Americans and business owners, they do not qualify for ACA subsidies.

          1. RobertCHastings November 3, 2013

            “Largest wealth redistribution”? Really! The bill for the ACA is in the neighborhood of what – two to three trillion? Bush’s tax cuts amounted to far more than that, and are still adding to the debt. While something needs to be done about government spending, all Obama (and the Democrats) are asking for is a balanced approach. Republicans blame Obama for the impasse, but refuse to discuss tax increases, even allowing the Bush cuts to expire. I assume you remember what the rates were for the wealthiest prior to Kennedy’s cuts, and prior to the Reagan cuts, and what our economy looked like in the period from the end of WWII up to the Reagan years, a period in which wealth distribution was the most balanced of the last century and the economy was going gangbusters, for both middle class and wealthy. Why are we today even having this discussion about redistribution when anyone who wants to look a little can find the complete inanity of such claims?

          2. Germansmith November 3, 2013

            Not a supporter of Bush and we are not going anywhere in this conversation
            Republicans believe you ought to keep most of the money you honestly get. A tax break does not a redistribution of wealth make…you get to keep your OWN money.

            Democrats believe that if you work hard or are lucky and you do well, you must fork a higher percentage of what you make to make the life easier to those not so hard workers, made poor decisions in life or are just plain unfortunate.
            Taxing businesses and everybody else just above 400% of poverty line to give the most expensive health coverage in the world to a large percentage of poor people is wealth redistribution.
            I have some predictions for you
            Is not going to work. By dictating what each policy must cover it will make it very expensive to most -not subsidy eligible people, by forcing people to buy coverages they do not need or want. IT IS FORCING PEOPLE TO CHANGE THEIR POLICIES (of course as Democrats believe…Government always knows what is best….)

            Is NOT going to be revenue neutral even after all the taxes. (and BTW, the tax on tanning salons is downright racist) Employers at this moment are planning canceling their small group policies and having their people go to the exchange (whenever if ever works) and let Obamacare help pay for premiums. Employers will offer other plans that they can contribute with pretax funds and are not quite yet involved in the “Big Brother” (1984) plan to control society.

            Is not going to improve the health of most people. The problem in the US is not the lack of global healthcare, it is diet
            diabetes, obesity, heart illness, etc are mostly the result of the choice of food people consume.
            You want to improve those people’s health? Make sure there is education available, and limit the items they can attain with food stamps to basic unprepared foods (no soft drinks or imitation beverages, unhealthy can food and so on. FDA can do a great deal of good by checking what kind of crap goes in our food preparation.

            And get them work !!!! siting around all day is not healthy

          3. RobertCHastings November 3, 2013

            Your “opinions” are so lacking in understanding of the basics of politics as to press me to inquire whether you graduated from the third grade. You have so immersed your psyche in the conservative cant that you actually believe that the poor are that way through choice, that there are six-figure jobs out there for everyone, and Ayn Rand was actually a well-respected economic philosopher.

          4. Germansmith November 4, 2013

            Well, no . I actually graduated with honors from 4th grade.
            I am glad I went no further since I can see that in your case education equals narrow views and lack of civility.

            There are lots of 6 figure jobs out there that require technical skills not attain by an English Literature degree….but you are as well choosing to forget that a lot of 6 figure income earn by entrepreneurs that go out on a limb and risk it all to earn a better life…of course, these are the people the Democrats are also choosing to stifle.

            Did your education taught you to argue medicine with a doctor? Did it make you bold enough to think you know more law than a law professor? Then, Why are arguing health insurance with a Benefit Consultant?

            I will not waste any additional time with a person whose arrogance is only surpassed by stupidity. You have my predictions….they are looming and coming to fruition (as always) in a very near future.

          5. RobertCHastings November 4, 2013

            My education DID teach me to question everything people like you post, and to use reason and logic to find the truth. Apparently, that was not dealt with in the fourth grade.

          6. Germansmith November 4, 2013

            If you were using reason and logic you will see that what I am predicting will come thru. Even in fourth grade they teach basic laws of economics of supply and demand and that for every action there is a reaction of equal force.

            Face it, you are just a Democrat partisan that would refuse to see any folly in your government’s incompetence and believe than anybody that disagree with the party line must be an Ayn Rand, right wing, Rush ditto head, reactionary tool.
            You see things in black and white…my suggestion try 50 shades of grey

          7. RobertCHastings November 4, 2013

            Try fifty shades of gray up your ass, moron. Your doomsday predictions are based upon misconceptions and outright lies that are disseminated by your BFFs on the right that you just suck up like a Bojangles gravy biscuit, loving every minute and every taste, and not having the good sense to realize that Bojangles may be good, but it ain’t good for you.

          8. Germansmith November 4, 2013

            And now we all see what you are, a humorless partisan with little common sense and far less civility
            The classical response of a bully. If can not argue with facts resort to insults. That is what you are, a lefty bully that knows his master is an incompetent buffoon.

          9. RobertCHastings November 5, 2013

            If you are so put off by our disagreement, then why do you continue? Why don’t you just pull your lower (pouty) lip up over your head and swallow? I know Boehner is a bully, I know Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell are bullies, I know even Lindsay Graham is a bully (as is his BFF John McCain). Mitt Romney was too much of a sissy to be a bully. Who will the Republican party put up against Hilary in 2016,the obese bully from New Jersey? Funny how you people use encomiums so fitted to yourselves to describe those who disagree with you.

          10. Germansmith November 5, 2013

            No, I just have to wait and imagine you and your lefty buddies here swallow bile when my predictions come thru…………….and they will…always do
            And Hillary, by her association with Obama will be tainted, which is a shame because she would have been a much better President than Mr. Community Organizer, senator for a week here.

          11. William Carr November 6, 2013

            No, the incompetent buffoon was Bush. You know, the guy before President Obama.

            Remember Katrina? Appointing a guy to run FEMA whose only experience was judging Horse shows wasn’t that bright.

            Cutting taxes while starting two Wars was likewise dim-witted.

            And cutting regulations on the Banks must have seemed brilliant until the Credit Default Swaps crashed the Economy.

            Then it looked like Right Wing lunacy.

            History shows us this; Republicans crash the Economy.

            1929. 1987. 2008.

            Always after cutting taxes on the Rich, creating a Real Estate Bubble, then comes the Stock Market Crash.

            And History shows us that Democrats have to come along afterward and fix the Economy.

            FDR. Clinton. Obama.

            While fighting Conservative opposition all the way.

            Conservatives fantasize that they’re Fiscally Conservative.

            No, they aren’t.

            Or they’d be wary of starting Wars, willing to raise taxes to Balance the Budget, and determined to keep Government small by denying Corporate Welfare and laws based on religious grounds.

            That’s “fiscally responsible”.

          12. William Carr November 6, 2013

            Well, actually I do argue medicine with my Doctor, and I tell him stuff he doesn’t know about. It’s too big a field for anyone to know everything.

            There used to be a lot of entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs starting businesses, but if you check, lately it’s only been people starting websites, such as Facebook. Not so much “risk” there as starting Apple.

            Hopefully we can turn that around with the new KickStarter approach and get a new generation of Entrepreneurs.

            Of course, quite a few of today’s businessmen made it big off Government contracts. Even the ones decrying “welfare”… it’s okay as long as it’s for THEM.

          13. ObozoMustGo November 6, 2013

            German… Willie is a fool… just accept it and shun him.

            Have a nice day!

            “He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool — shun him.” — Ancient Middle Eastern Proverb

          14. Germansmith November 6, 2013

            see. I disagree
            I do not expect any Tea Party favorites to have a chance to even smell the White House, much less win a national election.
            I may be a Libertarian (mostly), but I believe to stop this country from becoming a total welfare state and turn the leftover middle class into government benefits zombies, we need to accept a moderate candidate that will be fair, smart and electable.
            The Tea Party is a cancer for the GOP unless they can learn from the positive they bring but discard the lot of the fringe characters distorting the original goal.
            There are smart reasonable people in the Tea Party, but, ever notice the media always focused on the Tea Party when the wackos have the microphone?
            Christie have a chance, so does Rubio, Jeb Bush and Huntsman, but the country is not ready for Santorum, Palin, Cruz or other in similar fashion.
            What would you rather have as President? Another left inclined Democrat looking into controlling our lives even further OR a moderate Republican looking for ways to decrease the addiction for more government goodies.
            If we lose another election, I put the blame on the stupidity of the Tea Party for emphasizing purity of ideals over pragmatism.

          15. ObozoMustGo November 7, 2013

            what exactly does the Tea Party stand for that you disagree with?

          16. Germansmith November 7, 2013

            This is not the adequate forum to discuss the Tea Party. Lets just say that the original intent was to scrutinized government spending and taxation and live by complying with the constitution
            Other social issues are of secondary importance

          17. ObozoMustGo November 7, 2013

            I see a lot of people slamming the Tea Party, yourself included, but I never seem to get anyone to tell me exactly what about the Tea Party they disagree with. It’s like someone telling you that they “hate that new book” and they’ve never read it. They hate it because everyone around them tells them they should. It’s sheer stupidity and ignorance.

            Have a nice day!

            “My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.” – Karl Marx

          18. GoodGuy November 6, 2013

            Depends what you mean by “you work hard”. If these so called businesses you talk about are the ones shipping American jobs overseas then I support a ‘higher tax’ to be set for them.

            “Of course as hard working professional Americans and business owners, they do not qualify for ACA subsidies.”

            Again, are they small or big businesses? Most likely these are big businesses and that’s why they do not qualify for ACA subsidies.

          19. Germansmith November 6, 2013

            I support taxes and tariffs for companies that manufacture or outsource any product or service outside the US
            Small groups are under NO obligation to offer healthcare to their employee. Lots of those that currently offer it will be canceling their plan and sending employees to the exchange. Any money they save, may be given as salary increases or buying other benefits…or not
            Individuals above 400% of poverty DO NOT qualify for any subsidies (these are not rich people). Whatever plan they had WILL BE TERMINATED and they will be force to renew earlier at a larger premium or buy an “ACA certified” plan that offers maternity and mental coverage and all those goodies determined to be necessary by government minions, but with higher deductibles and Max Out of Pocket.
            Try explaining why to a 57 years old widow living of her husband retirement and some occasional job she can get.

          20. ObozoMustGo November 6, 2013

            German…. I know it’s appealing to the populace to want to punish companies for going overseas, but let’s look at this realistically and without emotion. Answer some questions:

            1) Should American companies be allowed to sell in foreign markets?

            2) If they sell in foreign markets, should the be allowed to produce in those markets they serve?

            3) If they are allowed to produce in a market they serve, is their production from that market permitted to be exported? Anywhere?

            4) Do you think you can force companies to stay in America?

            5) Do you think it’s unfair if another country (let’s say Germany for example) punishes BMW for manufacturing cars in South Carolina and employing Americans? (Not good when the shoe is on the other foot, is it? )

            You see, when you start to examine these things from a logical perspective, you realize that the populist appeal is really nothing more than demagoguery and in reality would be foolish policy. Not only that, but the fact is the harder you make it for companies doing business here, the fewer businesses we have. You should understand this. Money ALWAYS goes to where it is treated the best. There is not a single policy or punishment that any politician can make that will break that law of economics.

            Have a nice day!

            “When the United States was formed in 1776, it took 19 people on the farm to produce enough food for 20 people. So most of the people had to spend their time and efforts on growing food. Today, it’s down to 1% or 2% to produce that food. Now just consider the vast amount of supposed unemployment that was produced by that. But there wasn’t really any unemployment produced. What happened was that people who had formerly been tied up working in agriculture were freed by technological developments and improvements to do something else. That enabled us to have a better standard of living and a more extensive range of products.” – Milton Friedman

          21. Germansmith November 6, 2013

            We had the highest standards of living a few decades ago and we had and still have the biggest market
            Establishing an agreement that allow a few corporations to sell a few more millions in overseas markets while we lose jobs and market share for our own companies costing us billions in salaries and taxes is NOT a good deal.
            I live in Miami. 20 years ago we had a vibrant textile industry that employed thousands. Now all is gone. The factory owners buy it now from China, Indonesia and so on. The jobs are gone, the tax revenue is gone, the factory owners are now richer and our $3 shirts are now shipped from thousands of miles away. They are a piece of crap, but now they are cheaper.
            Not looking to penalize anybody, but I am expecting that the people that negotiate our trade agreements look after the well being of the country and not be subject to the whims of those people just looking after themselves.
            -Intellectual property must be protected.
            -Technical and scientific knowledge must NOT be transfer to another country unless is clearly to our benefit.
            -Key Industries must be protected (Steel, Heavy Manufacturing, Communications and so on) How can we react to a global war with the Chinese and Russians if we depend from their steel, space industry and manufacturing to get anything done?
            -React quickly to “dumping”. The moment we see dumping, snap some tariffs in place and deal with the WTO later.
            and asking…are BMW manufactured in America or just assembled in America?
            What is the percentage of American made parts in their vehicles?
            Most American companies that sell goods in other countries are forced to manufacture, buy their supplies and even have native partners for their operations there.
            How come our government does not negotiate better trade terms while we are still in the driver’s seat?
            I expect Republicans to sell their soul for gold.
            I honestly expected Democrats to do a better job protecting our jobs.

          22. William Carr November 6, 2013

            It was actually Adam Smith that said the wealthy should pay a higher percentage of their earnings in taxes.

            “The necessaries of life occasion the great expense of the poor. They find it difficult to get food, and the greater part of their little revenue is spent in getting it. The luxuries and vanities of life occasion the principal expense of the rich, and a magnificent house embellishes and sets off to the best advantage all the other luxuries and vanities which they possess. A tax upon house-rents, therefore, would in general fall heaviest upon the rich; and in this sort of inequality there would not, perhaps, be anything very unreasonable. It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion.”
            – Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations”

            You remember Adam Smith? That’s where the Republicans lifted their “Invisible Hand” quote from.

            Of course, Adam Smith was saying that IF a man “prefers” the domestic products from his own Nation, over imported products; and goes about his business, with no intention of helping anyone but himself, he will find that the Economy of his Nation improves, as if “guided by an Invisible Hand”.

            Get it? That was advice in favor of Tariffs and buying Domestic, supporting the companies that employ people in your own Nation.

            Keeping the jobs AT HOME.

            It WASN’T a “The Free Market solves everything” prophesy.

            The opposite, really.

            The largest redistribution of Wealth in history is Reaganomics.

            The Middle Class was powerful, and prosperous.

            A man could make enough to support his family, buy two cars, own his house, a vacation cottage, go on vacations, and buy a fishing boat. All on ONE income.

            Women didn’t have to work then, unless they wanted to.

            Reaganomics ruined America.

            Reagan raised taxes on the Middle Class 11 times, and cut taxes on the Rich.

            All that Wealth that was in the pockets of the Middle Class was re-routed to the pockets of the Billionaires.

            How do you think they BECAME Billionaires?

            Reagan assaulted the Unions, which began to decline.

            The big Corporations began starving pay raises, even as Inflation gradually drove prices higher.

            Eventually both men and women HAD to work full time; combined incomes are barely enough to raise a family.

            The Middle Class shrank.

            Union membership shrank.

            The RW pushed their fake “Right to Work” legislation, that Martin Luther King Jr. warned us about, in State after State.

            We went from a 40 hour workweek to mandatory overtime, so the CEO’s could avoid the expense of hiring another person to handle the workload.

            American companies became more profitable than ever, but the people doing the work didn’t share a dime of those profits.

            I read somewhere that if you look at the total amount of the National Debt since Reagan Tripled it to when Bush ruined the Balanced Budget Clinton left, it would exactly equal the amount of Wealth the top 2% of Americans have gained since then.

            Their incomes increased 284%, while 98% of us went without a pay raise, and actually lost ground.

            There was a brief respite when Clinton balanced the Budget, but of course, we know who ruined that.

          23. Germansmith November 6, 2013

            I am not disagreeing with you. But do not blame Reagan as the only architect of dismantling the America Middle Class and our manufacturing prowess. Both parties and their international trade agreements had a lot to do in the process.
            Now we are going again to the last remains of that “powerful” middle class for more money.
            Who do you think will be paying the taxes for the cost of Obamacare?
            People like Romney, not likely? The health insurance companies…ha ha, get real !!!
            The wealthy whites going to tanning salons? The really wealthy have their OWN tanning booths. Cadillac plans? after they are reconfigured there will be NO Cadillac plans to tax.
            IBM? No they already have a good plan for their employees and sending retirees to the exchange and Medicare for gov to pay for their health care. Wallmart? They are exempt until next year and sending their employees to apply for Medicaid, food stamps and the exchange.
            The taxes to paid for Obamacare will be paid by the people that do not qualify for subsidies and by lots of small entrepreneurs that are still struggling to survive …what I call “middle class”
            The rich will continue to get richer and the middle class will be bleed some more for the sake of winning elections.

    2. infadelicious November 6, 2013

      Is it not dishonest to profess to be Catholic and be pro abortion? like pelosi and Carolyn Kennedy, Kathleen Sebelius and joe biden and others? what is up with that? Is that a little self serving?

      1. jointerjohn November 6, 2013

        Honestly, to be any woman and be Catholic is like being a chicken that votes for Colonel Sanders.

        1. infadelicious November 6, 2013

          Honestly you deflected from my question ! Which was about hypocrites and self serving ***holes. Something you might know a lot about. You obviously know nothing about the Catholic faith or women. Stick with what you know , whatever that is One more thing your little col sanders comment would imply that Catholics were out to kill women. I was talking about killing babies aka abortions, a subject you brought up ok? Try to focus Shalom

          1. jointerjohn November 8, 2013

            Well I grew up Catholic and attended Catholic schools, have been married to, and best friends with, a fine woman for forty years. The only reason you think I don’t know anything is because I won’t let you put me into the tiny little box in which you keep your view of the world. I wouldn’t go back there for anything. I responded to your question, but you, like most of your ilk, just didn’t like the answer because I didn’t fall for your thinly veiled attempt to change the subject. Get back to me after you advance to being bipedal, until then I have better things to do.
            P.S. I did not mean to imply that the Roman Catholic Church is out to kill women……….it just doesn’t give a shit whether they live or die.

          2. infadelicious November 8, 2013

            You know nothing of my ilk. Sounds like you are the one putting Catholics into a neat little box. What do you care what they think about women? Just because you don’t want to live as a Catholic dont put them all down as not caring whether women live or die. Try bashing islam for that one – but you wont, cowards never take them on, Its too easy to bash Christians Yours was an utterly stupid statement. You began the subject of abortions and hypocrisy remember, MR BIPEDAL! So I asked you another question regarding abortion and hypocrisy. You are the one who changed the subject So try to focus reread what you post, then hit reply. Also don’t use analogies if you don’t know what they mean- you did mean to imply Catholics kill women like col Sanders kills chickens. ThAts very nice. Did the ” fine ” liittle woman you married like that one? sheesh! Please dont blast out insults about the stupidity of others before you proofread your own blather it just makes you look like a dullard

          3. infadelicious November 8, 2013

            And btw don’t reply to me again. Your issues call for you to chat with a therapist not a stranger on a blog.

  11. howa4x October 29, 2013

    Welcome to the new GOP a party in the midst of an identity crisis. One side you have the autopsy report that says for the party to win it has to attract more minorities, Latinos , and soften it’s social agenda especially about women and gays. On the other side you have the rabid base that is thinking it is fighting in an epic struggle to preserve white Christian values and unfettered capitalism.. Now into this mix comes a libertarian movement spearheaded by the Pauls’ based loosely on the writings of Ayn Rand a self absorbed, greedy atheist. In the center is the majority of voters, but the republicans still think they have to fortify the base, which is shrinking. These factors make me think that if they loose the 2016 presidential race all 3 sides will blame each other to the point where the fissures will turn into deep riffs. The moderates will blame the primary process owned by the tea party for pulling the party too far to the right and making it impossible to come back to the center. The tea party thinks it speaks for everyone but really only represents 14% of the voters and will blame the moderate if nominated for diluting the message( See Romney) The wild card will be the libertarians. If they feel blocked in they may go 3rd party and like Virginia will pull votes away from the GOP candidate. Add to all this the actions of the House and governors in red states. What laws will they pass or not, to further alienate the different constituencies that are needed to appeal to for a win. If the democrats stay united behind one candidate it will be extremely difficult for the GOP to win. Then the fun starts.

    1. jmprint October 29, 2013


  12. infadelicious October 29, 2013


    1. Justin Napolitano October 29, 2013

      Obamacare will be a success and you will still will be a nobody.

      1. infadelicious October 29, 2013

        yes of course, and if i want to keep my doctor, i can.;.PERIOD!! and if i like my health insurance policy, I can keep it..PERIOD!! snake oil salesman extraordinaire…that is Obozo

    2. Germansmith November 6, 2013

      The only pretty thing about Obamacare and now she is gone.
      Maybe that was the problem with the Website…she was a Republican and jinx it.

      1. infadelicious November 7, 2013

        simple mathematics jinxes the ACA and anything involved with it. 1 billiion dollars + 3 years + an incompetent idiot like sebelius under the direction of obozo = big expensive failed pile of steaming obama crap

  13. mandinka October 29, 2013

    Eugenics is the playground of the libs and abortionists. They are the ones who want the ability to terminate a pregnancy based on eye color, hair color IQ

    1. infadelicious October 30, 2013

      to the libs a baby is not a baby unless IT is wanted. If IT is not wanted ,IT is a blob of tissue to be removed by a medical procedure called abortion or “a woman’s choice”, that is how they rationalize killing IT, errr, uh, I mean removing the blob of tissue, and hopefully , someone else will pay for it. It’s odd how some use abortion as post pregnancy birth control, when they actually do know what causes pregnancy. Why don’t women and men for that matter make a “choice” before pregnancy?

  14. THS_Warrior October 30, 2013

    From my perspective it appears that after all the blue smoke clears and all the mirrors are cleaned and polished again, Democrats will win big regardless of who is elected governor of Virginia next week. Think about it: If the Republican (Cuccenelli) wins next week he will be yet another target–and rallying cry–for the Democrats to capitalize on in November 2014 when Congress is the main focus, and again in November 2016 when the Big Chair is the prize. If McAullife wins next week, purple Virginia will go 99% blue again just in time for the 2014 warmups and the 2016 showdown.

  15. jarradcvh059 October 31, 2013

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  16. Vinny Gordon November 1, 2013

    When Obama care is a success, the GOP will be in a bad place. Vote GOP to get rid of your health care is not a winning argument.

    David Gregory said on MSNBC that this government has never accomplished something as big as Obama care. What an idiot, SS, Medicare, WWII, Medicaid, man on moon, Civil War, are whole lot bigger than referring people to private health insurance and providing a subsidy based on your income.


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