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Trump’s One Great Accomplishment? Implicating The Entire GOP In Potentially Impeachable Crimes

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Trump’s One Great Accomplishment? Implicating The Entire GOP In Potentially Impeachable Crimes


You don’t have to be a foreign agent to work for Donald Trump.

You don’t need decades of association with a Nazi-allied group.

You don’t even need to be a liar, though that is necessary if you’re going to say that Trump “has given more financial disclosure than anybody else” when he hasn’t even released one tax return, after promising to release them dozens of times, becoming the first president not to make this bare minimum of disclosure in more than 45 years.

The only absolutely necessary qualification to work for or with Trump is a willingness to abet his potentially impeachable crimes. And the good news for Trump is that nearly his entire party is proving that their prime concern is covering up his potential wrongdoing — even from themselves.

Last week, only one Republican in the House voted for a measure that would have required Trump disclose his tax returns and the official visitor logs to the White House. The Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into Russia’s interference with our elections is still being run by Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), a member of Trump’s transition team, who is reportedly slow-walking the entire process, ideally into irrelevance.

But despite their best efforts, the weight of the evidence demanding scrutiny of Trump’s campaign and presidency hasn’t been squelched.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who led the House investigation until it became obvious even to Republicans that he was more interested in abetting Trump’s abuses of power than examining anything Russia or Trump did, had to recuse himself. As did Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), whose sudden decision to retire from the House and his roost as chairman of the House Oversight Committee this term suggests that his imagined job of inventing Hillary Clinton scandals is nowhere near as much fun as concealing Donald Trump scandals.

Since Chaffetz made that announcement, he is suddenly doing some oversight into Trump’s possible violations of the Emoluments Clause and General Michael Flynn’s lack of disclosures of foreign payments in his background checks. But he’s still echoing the White House’s ridiculous accusation that Flynn’s background check can all be blamed on the Obama administration.

Trump is arguing that he didn’t trust Obama to vet refugees or his own birth certificate, but relied on his earlier endorsement of a general whom Obama later fired?

Abetting this nonsense is one thing. But when Trump repeatedly rejects the consensus opinion that Russia interfered in our elections after parroting Russia propaganda and celebrating the disclosures of Wikileaks, an organization his CIA director now calls “a hostile intelligence agency” — and his party fails to rebuke him en masse — then the choice made by that party is clear.

The GOP as a whole may not have been a part of the (alleged) crimes, but it’s all in on the coverup.

The question isn’t whether there is a case to be made for the impeachment of Donald Trump, but which case is the most compelling.

On Slate’s Trumpcast, Harvard law professor Noah Feldman convincingly argued that there are actually three cases for impeachment: corruption, abuse of power, and the violation of democratic norms, all potentially impeachable crimes.

Corruption is pretty obvious. You’re not supposed to use the presidency as a pop-up ad for the hundreds of businesses you still own and from which you directly benefit.

“In this constitutional sense, using the perks and tools of government to enrich the president personally is an impeachable offense, an offense that would grow out of a pattern of such acts of corruption,” Feldman wrote, noting that the odd advertisement for the president’s Mar-A-Lago resort that showed up on a State Department site this week could fit this pattern.

Is there an honest person alive who doesn’t believe Trump is using this office to enrich himself right now?

Abuse of power comes when you, say, accuse a former president of impeachable crimes with no proof or understanding of the law you suggest he broke. Or it could be from targeting the press as enemies of the people.

The Russia stuff, which has convinced many on the left that treason occurred in the Trump campaign, is the most complicated case to make, given that the alleged wrongdoing took place before the president took office. But the White House’s refusal to participate, for instance, in disclosing Mike Flynn’s entanglements or communication as National Security Advisor suggest that there could be a case for potential high crimes in office. Likewise, any attempt to reward a foreign interest for interfering in the 2016 election would be impeachable, Feldman suggests.

Democrats in Congress will be reluctant to mention the “I” word for fear of turning off “moderates.” This clinging to past propriety lingers on the left, despite America electing a birther who called Mexican immigrants rapists and couldn’t identify his own health care bill with the help of Google.

Yet it’s clear the GOP is rotting from the head. So the “I” word Democrats need to stress is independent investigation.

Two out of three Americans want such to see a commission that seeks the facts about Russia’s involvement in the Trump campaign, without the skew of partisanship. Conceivably, such a process could end in full absolution for Trump, but the public senses that something is amiss and is being hidden from them. And that alone is an indictment of the entire Republican Party.




  1. Godzilla May 1, 2017


    Keep that Russian fantasy alive Skippy, it’ll just make you and your ilk even bigger fools when it’s completely debunked. There is a reason why Democrats have lost over 1000 political seats since 2008……..people like YOU!

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 1, 2017

      And Skippy—You just keep posting drivel so that we know you’re still functioning(barely). This habit of yours to regurgitate what Putin instructs you to do is pointless, and a sign of a deranged mind.

      But hey—It’s your life to waste despite what extremely limited time on this earth is left for you.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

        Godzy is scared silly that an investigation into Trump’s taxes which Godzy of course doesn’t consider important unless the taxes belonged to Obama or Hillary, will show that Trump’s Executive Orders are all lining his and Trump Organization pockets.

        So far Godzy’s boys are down for the count. The heat was on in the House Investigation and Nunes, play acted as the “ref” and then had to justify his actions. Godzy went to prison for his. So you have to expect that Godzy will condone any crime.

        On to Jason Chaffetz. First, he uses what he KNEW was an edited video to try and kill Planned Parenthood. The others involved in the editing went to jail. But not Chaffetz. Like Godzy, he got away with it. Then, Chaffetz thought he’d run interference in the Senate Investigation into the Russian hacking. Now he’s suddenly got a toe ache that has him running back home.

        Smell that COVER UP?

    2. Cesar Jeopardy May 1, 2017


      OK, let’s get on with the investigation. We “snowflakes” want an investigation no matter where it takes us. We want closure on the issue. It seems you have something to fear.

    3. FireBaron May 1, 2017

      Hey, Lizard Breath, how does losing the election by 4,000,000 votes sound?

      1. idamag May 1, 2017

        Arguing with a case of arrested development like the person who resembles his avatar is like arguing with a two-year-old. The space between godzilla’s eyebrows and hairline is the shortest I have ever seen. His claim to being good enough to argue with the big boys is that he played football in high school. Ask any high school teacher about the football players.

  2. Dominick Vila May 1, 2017

    It should be apparent to everyone by now that the chances of Trump being impeached are slim to none. It really doesn’t matter how damaging the FBI findings turn out to be. In fact, it will not matter if in addition to Manafort, Carter Page, and Mike Flynn, there is evidence that Trump received substantial amounts of money from Russian oligarchs, laundered via the Bank of Cyprus, and that he is beholden to Putin as a result of those “loans”. The GOP controls the White House, the House, the Senate, most governorships, most State legislatures, and may soon control the Supreme Court. They are not going to impeach the man that has delivered them full control of government, and who is making their dreams come true. Even incontrovertible evidence of treason will be dismissed as fake news by incompetent intelligence agencies, and there is absolutely nothing the Democrats can do to demand justice, or as a minimum a semblance of ethical behavior – and patriotism – where none exists at the moment.

    1. plc97477 May 1, 2017

      I think that when trump becomes an anchor to the gotp being reelected then they will take impeachment serious. We need to make sure we let them know that their jobs depend on them doing their jobs.

    2. Joan May 1, 2017

      It is unlike you to be so pessimistic. Don’t you think that at some point the GOP leadership (Ryan and McConnell) will realize that if they impeach Trump that Pence becomes President. Pence who despite his “mother issues” does not say stupid things (ok, not as stupid) , is not addicted to twitter, who does not have to be surrounded by progeny, who can keep his grift to a discreet acceptability. Pence is not acceptable to women, minorities and LBGT persons – but that should serve to increase his acceptability to the GOP.
      “Nothing the Democrats can do to demand justice…” the demand for justice is an imperative for any thinking human: the difficulty in obtaining it did not stop Martin Luther King, it did not stop Gandhi and it should not stop us.

      1. Dominick Vila May 1, 2017

        The opinion you expressed would make perfect sense in an environment where logic and good will prevailed. Sadly, that is not what we are dealing with. Ryan and McConnell are scared of Trump, and they are terrified of the backlash they would get from Trump supporters if they even insinuate the “i” word. They have prostituted themselves to the point that they now have no choice but to ride the crazy horse they chose.

    3. Beethoven May 1, 2017

      I hate to admit it, but your pessimism may be warranted. Yet, if enough citizens start protesting, and demanding action, the GOP congressmen may get scared enough (or at least enough of them) that we actually see impeachment proceedings.

      1. Dominick Vila May 2, 2017

        What may force members of Congress to do something is the obvious deterioration of Trump’s mental state. He seems to be getting worse as the responsibilities and expectations of the Office of the Presidency become apparent to him. His statements, tweets, and the bizarre subjects he brings up, reveal a lot more than ignorance of relevant matters. The question is will members of Congress and/or some members of his staff have the courage to confront him and impress on him that unless he starts acting like a President immediately they are going to either jump ship (in the case of his staff), or start impeachment proceedings on the basis of mental instability?

    4. plc97477 May 2, 2017

      I am sorry you see it that way. I believe that the repugs will find themselves between a rock and a hard place and be forced to do something. If it comes down to investigate or lose your own job they will throw trump to the wolves.

      1. Dominick Vila May 2, 2017

        If Republicans have an ounce of common sense, they should do something to rein in Trump, and pursue policies that are consistent with what their constituents expect. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they have any common sense…or courage to stand up to Trump.

    5. Bill Thompson May 2, 2017

      Remember it was not the Democrats that had threatened to impeached Nixon. The Republicans did it shortly before they’re up coming election possibilities started looking slim. We can hope after the Republican regime gets what they can out of Trump they may do the same. Remember it has only been 103 days. 627 days to go till the midterm.

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 1, 2017

    There is still too much resistance by this confused system of governance that relishes hypocrisy and deceit as though they were spiritual virtues.

    On the one hand, we have a Party that exulted in being sanctimonious, referring to itself as the Party of God, and representing the so-called “Moral Majority”. Yet, for the past 20 years or more, not one whiff of morality has wafted from the chambers of “The Party of ‘NO’ “. Not only that, but they show utter disregard for any religious principles of the Religion the majority of Congress professes to adhere to. In essence they are as complicit as Trump and his Administration.(It goes without saying that Putin and his aides who assisted and assist Trump have not one iota of Christian values, acting like a pack of feral bipeds running wild with abandon).

    Then there is this obvious hypocrisy of wanting to impeach 2 former Presidents—one because of an undisputed gross sexual impropriety on his part, and the other because of his race. Yet, Trump’s lechery is glossed over and readily excused as “locker-room banter”, and as for Hillary, the Groper-in-Chief has had the gall to call for locking her up, describing her and Ted Cruz, and anyone else as a liar, while Trump himself lies everyday as soon as he rolls out of bed.

    And to top it off, and to show the abject , unmitigated disrespect for God, the Trump supporters across the country show their approval for lechery, debauchery, and lying with unbounded glee. Like a pack of lecherous unicorns romping without any moral restraint in Beethoven’s Pastoral setting in “Fantasia”.

    1. TZToronto May 1, 2017

      “a pack of feral bipeds running wild with abandon . . .” What an image!

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 1, 2017

        I can’t help myself— when I think of Trump, and the trolls who’ve been seduced by FOX, thoughts of the scenes in “Lord of the Flies” comes to mind, and from there my mind wanders to the segment of the scene of the bacchanal in Fantasia with the melodious strains of Beethoven in the background.

        If I were back in Mississippi and described this scene to some high school homies, they would probably look at me with a camel lip expressions, and wonder what planet had I come from. Another humorous image.

    2. Beethoven May 1, 2017

      I haven’t seen “Fantasia” in its whole since I was a child, many years ago. I remember quite well the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” section, but I don’t remember the “Pastoral Symphony” setting. I would love to see the entire movie again.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 1, 2017

        It is a classic. There are some imagery that suggest some stereotyped concepts in a portion of the pastoral scene, but that was Walt Disney’s mindset of the 50’s, and that of others. The segment is the 3rd from the last music scenes.
        I love this movie. Check it out.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 1, 2017

    As for those Democrats in Congress who are more concerned about turning off “Moderates” among themselves, and others whom they wish to curry favor with to ensure reelection, they show little regard for the norms of decency as well.

    And since the previously stated reasons for the moral crippling of the Right have been expatiated on at length in the article above, and by previous posts in the past, we can’t help but acknowledge the irrefutable and irreversible decay that is destroying America’s system of Governance. Whether one is solely in the camp of the Left, that of the Right, or all shades in between who are totally vested in seeing to it that our crippled system keeps working on crutches, we must accept that the illness is terminal. Nothing can revive our current institutions at work in America, because the degradation of our humanity has been on-going for centuries now. Trump and company give graphic evidence of this death spiral on a daily basis.

    Personally, I appeal to those of you and myself not to remain attached to any current political system, or entity that works within the framework of our system of governance, aside from voting and expressing your opinions. Otherwise, we’ll all go down with this “Titanic”. And with Trump and the GOP now at the helm steering the ship straight ahead at a large iceberg clearly in sight, the sinking is inevitable. Everyone to the life rafts, except for the racists, the rabid extremists, the trolls(Russian and American), and career politicians who don’t know any better.

    Peace out.

  5. Shirleen Dorman May 1, 2017

    Back in the day, Confederate General Lee invaded Pennsylvania. The battle of Gettysburg PA. was the only major civil war battle fought in the North. (The battle of Antietam Creek in Maryland is North of Washington DC, but Maryland was a border state rather than a Northern State. LIncoln quick occupied Maryland and Delaware because he did not want to be attacked in Washington DC from the North.) The Civil War was initiated by Far Right extremists who wanted to preserve and expand slavery. The Northern Generals thought that Lee was aiming for the city of Harrisburg, a small city that is the capital of Pennsylvania, so they sent their troops down into Southern Pennsylvania to head him off. Scouts from armies of both the North and the South went into the small, sleepy, rural town of Gettysburg, near the border with Maryland and close to Virginia. When the scouts from both armies saw each other, they both realized that the large main armies of both the North and the South were close by. The North took up defensive positions and the South attacked, dominating the combat in the first two days of the Battle. On the third day, the South attempted Pickett’s Charge to win the battle. The Battle of Gettysburg was the high water mark of the South and Pickett’s Charge was the high water mark for the South in the battle of Gettysburg. To this day, many Southerners travel long distances to the battlefield of Gettysburg because it was the high water mark of the South. Anyway, in Picketts charge the Southern Infantry lined up en masse and marched into the Northern Defensive Line. Why wasn’t Pickett’s charge a charge on horseback rather than an infantry charge? Probably because General Lee had lots of men but few horses. Decisions such as this are made in Warfare. The Southern casualties at Pickett’s charge were horrendous, and after the infantry charge General Lee had to retreat back to the South. There wasn’t enough of his army left to continue the fight. Were there any Northeners who supported the South in the Civil War? Yes, there were some but they were a minority just as Trump supporters are a minority. Do Trump supporters secretly sympathize with the Right Wing Extremists who initiated a rebellion against the United States of America? I suspect that they do. In the South, they carry Confederate Flags but in the North they lie. Was this a coincidence that Trump staged his rally against the Press in the City that General Lee was targeting? Probably not. Note that after coming to power through election, both Hword and Mussolini abolished Constitutional Democracy shortly after assuming power. Will Trump do the same? He may very well. We will see soon enough. When Hword signed the Stalin-Hword Pact, many people thought the supporters of Hword would abandon him since the Nazi Party started out as a para-military anti-communist militia. However they stuck with Hword through the Stalin-Hword Pact. His supporters were followers of “Il Duce ” and “Del Fuhrer” : they supported the man and not the policies They didn’t know what the policies were and they didn’t care. They just blindly supported the man. The Trump supporters are the same way. By the way, I am Thomas Dorman. Shirleen is my wife who uses this computer too.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

      UP north, our history books say that of the 900,000 rebels who lost their lives in the Civil War, most died from diseases after they were captured.

      To use that Confederate Flag is to violate the wishes of what General Lee himself said before he died. He stated quite clearly he wanted that Confederate Flag furled and to be put in a museum. He also stated that he didn’t want a single rebel soldier to appear in uniform at his funeral.

      That’s in our history books. I’d bet anything it isn’t in the history books of the south or midwest.

      1. Mama Bear May 1, 2017

        I went to college in the south and I can tell you that studying American history there after living and attending school in the north was a real eye opener. The Civil War was referred to as “the war of northern aggression”

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

          The North isn’t totally without its own sins regarding slavery. What I find pretty amazing is that it was Abraham Lincoln, born in Hodgenville, Kentucky, a southern state was the president who wrote the Emancipation Proclamation.

          In a strange way, looking back over US history, the same men who needed free slave labor are the ancestors of todays same greedy men in corporations who are fighting a cover Civil War to turn democracy into corporate dictatorship.

          The reasons for free slave labor then are the same as the reasons so many corporations refuse to use E-verify to ensure their employees are documented: GREED.

          These men know there is NO Profit in hiring Americans at
          “American” wages when they can get, as Iskanka and her brothers do, cheap foreign laborers, no corporate taxes and lots and lots of profits when they price gouge cheap crap they get from that cheap labor.

          1. idamag May 1, 2017

            As usual, your take on current affairs, is right on. Greed rules supreme.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

            Think about this..All of Trump’s tax policies benefit him and his family directly. His policy of reducing taxes on inheritances over $6 million…how won’t that reduce the taxes his family will pay when he is dust?

            The same is true of the reduction in corporate taxes to 15%…How doesn’t that benefit HIM directly with his 550 various business interests?

            The only reason he wants to increase the US taxes on foreign goods is for Iskanka’s benefit. Her shoes, jewelry and clothing are ALL Chinese imports.

            The reason he is now kissing the Mexican president’s butt over NAFTA is because Trump’s Men’s clothing were ALL produced as the labels say, “In Mexico.” How doesn’t any changes benefit HIM directly?

          3. TZToronto May 1, 2017

            He should order a couple of million Made in America labels from China and put them in all of his and Ivanka’s foreign-made clothes. Of course, the Made in China label on the Made in America labels might give the whole thing away.

        2. Ann Waldrum May 1, 2017

          I also went to college in the south where as a history major I never got to take the two classes on the Civil War. Those were taught by the Chairman of the department and were always full. One of my big regrets from my college days. My great-grandfather fought under General Sherman and named his son after him. Said son married a woman from Arkansas and was promptly disinherited by my great-grandfather.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

            Here in NJ, U.S. History is a mandatory subject in junior and senior grades of high school. In senior year, we spent the entire year plotting out the Civil War.

            I wasn’t as interested in the battles of the Civil War as I was the realities such as where the rebel soldiers came from, mostly poor white farm boys and what happened during the Civil War with men who were too old to join or had some infirmity that prevented them from serving.

            These became those Home Guards who went around looking for defectors or AWOLS.

            In the end, the 5 men who just couldn’t let go of the fact that the South was not in a financial position to win a war, tried to assassinate President Lincoln and his Secretary of State Seward and VP Andrew Johnson. That was the beginning of the militant white supremacy who, forever after, refused to accept integration up to and including Governor George Wallace.

            To our shock up north, Jeff Sessions and Pruitt are two men who are icons of racism and bigotry that is reprehensible.

          2. Ann Waldrum May 1, 2017

            “To our shock up north, Jeff Sessions and Pruitt are two men who are icons of racism and bigotry that is reprehensible.” Who else but these racists would a racist president pick? I always thought that the racism that surfaced after Obama was elected had surfaced to be healed. I no longer think that, or at least not in the short term.

          3. klgmac May 2, 2017

            What justifies you smearing good men? You are a bigot.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker May 2, 2017

            The real issue NEVER was just racism and bigotry. Once you see “who” Trump supporters are you have the answer to where THEY want the direction of the country to GO: BACKWARD.

            The racism regarding a bi racial president was just the icing on their overbaked cake. It goes much deeper into a culture in the south and midwest of a tiny minority of people who are too lazy to move their asses out of their own poverty.

            Here’s an example: There is a town in OH that was presented in a documentary on PBS about a month ago. That town is virtually abandoned. Why? Because all of the steel mills left over the last 2 or 3 decades leaving all of them without jobs and some of the worker having to cross state lines to find jobs elsewhere.

            What’s wrong with that is that it was always up to the people of the town government to stay ahead of the loss of those steel factories. They didn’t. They just laid back waiting for some bizarre miracle to happen to bring all those jobs back.

            What they overlooked was that the owners of the steel mills bitched that they were overtaxed. A lie. The owners of those mills took more than their fair share of the profits and then moved their businesses offshore so they wouldn’t have to pay their OH workers American wages. Proving that businesses in the US pay very little taxes and refuse to hire because it isn’t nearly as profitable to their bank accounts as paying a Chinese laborer $11 a month with NO benefits.

            So you see that this tiny misguided culture has expectations that are so obsolete and out of touch with today’s world of education and jobs.

            It is THEIR fault for not staying on top of the changes. Not ours. Why must WE always pay for them to sit around waiting for them to figure out THEY need to get off their lazy bum asses and create their OWN jobs? If we can do it all the time up north, why can’t they?

    2. plc97477 May 1, 2017

      trump has already said that he doesn’t believe that presidential terms should be limited to 2 so he is talking like he wants to stay for a while. Of course that was before he found out how much work it was to be president. He is probably changing his mind about that. Or should I say that was “alternate facts”.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

        You picked up the same vibes I did. Trump may be the last US president unofficially elected.

        Trump is a delegator. The curious thing about him is that he can play act at “not knowing” while simultaneously playing acting at “NEED to Know” with the world.

        Right now, he is desperate to stop further investigations into his taxes and financials. He now calls all of the investigations into his Russian business connections “fake.”

        As for Big Oil Tillerson “taking Russia” to task. How do we trust the Liar in Chief to not have given his command to Tillerson to “work out a deal” with Putin to script a public appearance to throw the RussiaGate investigations off?

    3. pisces63 May 1, 2017

      I love you. I am a civil War and WWII fanatic. I am a black woman who has gotten her 11 year old granddaughter in on the mix. She is learning German, Russian and Italian. As a school project she had to follow the campaign. when trump won, she said now I see how Hitler won. I watch Gettysburg and Ken Burn’s civil War every chance I get and Pickett’s charge breaks MY heart when he realizes he has no troops left. Little Round Top!!
      NOW he and reince want to change our libel laws and by de facto our first amendment rights, just because he cannot get the media to lie for him or praise him or agree to his lies on everyone he can. The parts of his speech to his adoring brown shirts in PA was enough to make you want to slap one of them. I never realized how many ignoramuses he had as followers until I was on twitter for 2 hours with one of the most ignorant imbeciles known to man. i.e. Hillary and Obama gave ISIS their weapons, they had the treasury make extra money so they could buy them secretly. I am still in awe of that nit wit.

      1. idamag May 1, 2017

        Even your 11-year-old granddaughter can see what I have seen. Since i was a child when WWII ended and saw the horrific newsreels, taken when they entered the concentration camps, I wanted to know how all those people could have followed hitler. There was no such thing as digital photography. What you see was what was there. I read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” It shows exactly what happened to Germany. It is disturbing to see the same things happening now, with th aid of the hate mongers and the poorly learned. High five to your granddaughter.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

          My next door neighbor, long since passed away was born in Germany. I asked her that same question. This was around the time of the IranContraGate scandal of Reagan and Bush ’41.

          Her answer was astute: “How many know about what Reagan did selling arms to the Contras and said nothing?”

          See? It is more than possible the Republicans have this wall of “determined” ignorance they hope will force attention away from a rigged election.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

        The Republicans are not as powerful as they believe. Our democracy was established on checks and balances. When, in the past, the Republican Party sought to “take over” as with Gingrich and DeLay, they were slapped right back down to size.

        Look at it this way: If Republicans want to remain in office, they can’t always pander to ONLY Big Business. They know that. We the people put more businesses out of operation and have over the course of our history.

        The reason Trump has to try and call the 1st Amendment right to FREE press “fake” is so that it weakens our right to “peaceably assemble to and to petition the government for a REDRESS of grievances.”

        There is no way to get around those rights.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

    His greatest accomplishment? Making P.T. Barnum pea green with envy at becoming the “BIGLY”Est Show on Earth.

    Folks, once you get used to Trump’s addiction to being the highest “rated” STAR in the world, you have the answer to why he accomplished ONLY that which adds to his “ratings.”

    Stop paying attention to him for one second and he goes into manic rage.

    Once you see the difference between Trump and Obama, you see that for all Trump’s protestations to the contrary, Trump is now and ever shall be…ALL about Spite.

    If someone mentions Obama in a positive way, Trump has to do that one better. Why do you all think he is pricking at Kim Jung Un? For no other reason than to show Obama who took out bin Laden that Trump is King. So he thinks.

    All I see is that same spoiled ass kid Mommy Mary Ann doted on more than her other children and the same rotten character always ready to rain hell on anyone who bests him in any way. This is a president?

    All I see is that same unstable crook who thinks “getting away with it” is the ONLY game in town.

    All I see is a man who thinks women are for his pleasure and enjoyment like some pasha who throws money at them and women fall at his feet.

    Trump has NO accomplishments. All he has are Republicans so deeply embedded in corruption they are scared silly that ANY future investigations into conflict of interests, pandering to foreign enemies and lapping up as much crooked campaign dollars as they can inhale.

    When you have to spend the first 100 days of a president’s term of office sabotaging investigations into how much he is benefitting financially from his “executive orders” and policies and then try to stop all investigations into criminal activity by the Trump and Republican campaign, there’s his other great accomplishment: Turning outright crime into “good.”

    1. plc97477 May 1, 2017

      His only accomplishment as far as I can see is turning the light on the republican party’s problems with truth and decency.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

        So very true. The Republican Party is in cover up mode just like they were with WaterGate. However, as WaterGate’s John Dean pointed out in an interview more recently, RussiaGate is far more serious for a lot of reasons:
        . Taking money from foreign hostile nations for campaigns has always been a violation of voting rights
        . The Republican Party’s attempts at cover up won’t mean that an independent group won’t uncover what the GOP is hiding.
        . RussiaGate is far more serious due to the number involved whether by covert knowledge or by inaction to openly admit there was a serious problem with Flynn

        The joke is that Trump and his Gaggle of Grifters are trying to blame Obama. This only proves what a low life slime ball he really is. Sally Yates has already stated that she and Clapper warned Obama about Flynn and as a result Flynn was fired by Obama.

        The whole attitude of Flynn’s of hatred toward Obama stems from that single firing. As for Pence not knowing about Flynn, that too is a lie because it was known to several members of the Trump campaign who sidled up on the campaign stages right beside Flynn and knew Obama fired him for his accepting money from the Russians.

      2. Selinajcalkins May 2, 2017

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    2. TZToronto May 1, 2017

      “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive.” I wonder how many GOP congress-creatures might be involved directly with the coverup and delay. Once they get involved, they need to advance the coverup for fear that they, too, will be exposed. Once the dust has cleared, I think we may see more than just Trump and his Russia-entangled helpers charged with a number of crimes–and treason has no statute of limitations.

      Trump’s handlers are doing their best to keep the Russia investigation on the back burner, at least as far as the public is concerned. That’s why we have the Korean threat, the NAFTA on-again-off-again, the Syrian bombing, the MOAB drop in Afghanistan, the health care mess, the government shutdown, the wall that will never be built, and Trump’s obsession with the election that he won. The more shiny objects they can offer, the less people will remember that the Russians are infesting the Executive Branch.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

        My guess is this began with the Koch Brothers when they first practiced to deceive by establishing two major right wing groups, the Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity.

        The idea that they would shift the entire country into a massive ultra conservative gear by using men like Issa, Cotton, Bolton, Gowdy, Chaffetz and Ryan was just what the Good Ole Boys of the Conservative Republican Party prayed for since Clinton and Obama were elected and since Nixon had it out for Hippies, progressives, moderates, liberals and centrists.

        It was like reading Poe’s “Descent into the Maelstrom” from there on. Trump saw the right wing anger and vengeance. He saw an opportunity to bootstrap them into his little hide and seek games he is so famous for. So, he played to the audience he knew would get him the most attention: “The Forgotten People.” Were they really forgotten? Or did they sit around on their asses while the rest of the world moved on?

        The reason for the hatred toward Hillary becomes ever more obvious and the justification to smear her for things most of the men doing that smearing had become pros at was not going over with American women.

        When the documentary “The Situation Room” was broadcast and the photos of the events of the day bin Laden was killed, Brian Williams did more than just interview Hillary about how she felt watching the capture of bin Laden.

        At that very moment in her life, she proved “why” she could BE president: She had the same steely reserve as all of the men in that room. She was outnumbered by them but sat there with the very same expression on her face all of the men had. That was Waterloo for the Republican Party. They knew then and there, this was a woman with a man’s brain and man’s nerves of steel.

        She proved this again when that moron Trey Gowdy put her through a grueling 11 hour investigation of Benghazi and she stared him down daring him to try and break her.

        Put Trump through the same thing and see if he lasts 10 minutes without going into a manic rage.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

    Of those remaining who were in any way connected to WaterGate, all seem to say that no matter how hard the Republicans try to cover up Trump’s massive conflicts of interests, the more they pander to him, they guiltier they look.

    Cover ups in government don’t work. Mainly because as many have seen with the crucifixtion of Hillary Clinton, DC is a fishbowl and the closer evidence gets to men like Nunes, Chaffetz, Gowdy and Cotton, the more they take off like bandits caught in a spotlight.

    Just as Watergate had its “lint”…individuals who knew and said nothing, RussiaGate does too. That would be Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell.

    These guys all think they are the dominating rule of our country. We all know how easy it is for dictators to fall off their pedestals.

  8. AlfredSonny May 1, 2017

    Republicans–opps—Russians are coming…

  9. Mama Bear May 1, 2017

    I would love to hear your honest thoughts on where this is all going. Mine? I think nothing will come of any of these investigations. That makes me very sad but it is what I have started to believe.

    1. Ann Waldrum May 1, 2017

      I disagree. After bumbling around in the dark for awhile, the FBI will get it together and charge Flynn and maybe others. Flynn will flip and then Katy bar the door, the flood will happen.

      1. Mama Bear May 1, 2017

        I sure hope you are right, Ann. Thanks for the encouragement! I guess I have just lost faith.

        1. Ann Waldrum May 1, 2017

          Keep watching those wonderful protestors who are out a couple a times a month. I have not seen this kind of absolute enthusiasm for civic participation since the 60’s and it achieved its ends then. I have faith we will prevail now.

          1. Mama Bear May 2, 2017

            thank you Ann. And you are right to recall the 60’s and how we really did change things.

          2. Joan May 2, 2017

            Join a local resistance group. Even if you are unable to attend many events, it will make you feel better to know that others are. The group will keep you informed on local initiatives and legislation. I can’t go to my GOP Senators office on Tuesday- but at climate march I meet a group of ladies who go every week, about 10. They represent well. It is amazing that the resistance is very pink or pink supportive. If you can attend a march, do. They are fun and the groups diverse and inclusive.

          3. Mama Bear May 3, 2017

            thank you Joan. good ideas.

      2. idamag May 1, 2017

        I agree with Mama Bear. Did you know the FBI refused to investigate Nixon until there was a cry from the masses? And, the cry from the masses was stirred up by honest journalism, which we do not have today.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

          Ida..Remember why the FBI had to investigate? 18 months of protestors in front of the White House. It didn’t go away then and won’t now.

          People in this country are not stupid when it comes to paying taxes. We know that Trump and the Republicans will FORCE us to continue to pay federal taxes while dumping back all of the programs THOSE federal taxes are supposed to pay at the federal level back onto the states.

          So what are they going to use our federal taxes for? War? With North Korea? One nuke and there won’t be any Trump, Republican Party or a need for taxes.

        2. TZToronto May 1, 2017

          Oh, I think there is honest journalism. What doesn’t seem to be available is bold, fearless journalism. So we do get the truth–up to a point.

        3. Ann Waldrum May 1, 2017

          We just have to keep the pressure on — phone calls, letters, emails, more phone calls. The one thing I have learned is that the representatives are just flat-out scared … as they should be. When, in Texas, the representative does not have a single live town hall, but a phone “town hall” that does not allow for questions, you know they are on the run!

      3. Joan May 1, 2017

        Who is this Katy and why would she bar that door? It will take a tsunami to drain the swamp stink, stain and sewage from our White House. I hope you are right and the pessimists are wrong. In the meantime it would not be a bad idea to call The Justice Department comment line, again, today.

        1. Ann Waldrum May 2, 2017

          Right on, Joan, keep those phone lines HOT… without let up. One hint I have figured out. When calling my congress critter I do not leave a message about the “topics of the day” but wait for the “press 3 or 4 to speak to a member of my staff” — that the ticket you want. And Katy barring the door is just an old southern (?) or Texas (?) saying.

          If we get down or depressed, we lend weight to THEIR vision, and I will NOT give them that power.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

      MB…We both know truth is a despot. Whenever there is a cover up of any kind, there is always a teeny little thread of truth that seems to explode all over the faces of the guilty.

      I believe that Trump will not last for 4 years. How can he? Every motivation he has is built upon his envy, spite and desire to be the only controlling force. How is that going to work in a democracy?

      I can laugh at the right wing who believe they “have all the power.” They don’t. They are a tiny minority of rabble rousers with big mouths. The real power is what it was in WaterGate…American protestors.

      Trump has had more protests in his face since he was sworn in than ANY US president in history.

      Since both Nunes and Chaffetz were forced to resign from their chairs in investigations, that only further proves the guilt of the GOP in Trump’s election rigging.

      Trump is simply NOT capable of a single honest day in his life. Maybe, Daddy Fred had bad genes. Or, perhaps Mommy Mary Ann raised a dysfunctionally unbalanced son.

      President Obama, in his eloquence said it best. “Presidents and Administrations come and go. But, “who” we are as a people is our “continuance.”

      We the people are NOT inherently predisposed to condoning lies, theft or governmental corruption. WaterGate proved that beyond a doubt.

      1. Mama Bear May 1, 2017

        thanks e….I fear I am losing faith.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

          It just takes time to substantiate the need for subpoenaes. Those are legal documents that must have every single word back by incontrovertible evidence.

          Take a look at how long it took the U.S. Treasury to nail Trump for money laundering in his Taj Mahal casino. He was warned 3 times since the mid 2000s. Yet, he didn’t pay up until 2013 when FinCEN had enough of his lies, stalling and trying to get out of paying up.

          It also took 18 months of gathering witnesses and evidence for WaterGate. The big difference is that while the Republican Party wasn’t directly involved in WaterGate, it is directly involved now in RussiaGate. Mainly because they all knew about the Russian hacking, said nothing and did nothing which is the same as aiding and abetting high crimes and misdemeanors.

          When you consider the massive number of GOP candidates, the only one the Russians hacked was Marco Rubio and ONLY because it came down to Rubio and Trump in the end. How doesn’t that prove the Russians were desperate to make Trump president?

          At the Senate Hacking Investigation, you could tell Rubio had NO idea his campaign had been hacked. It was until the former FBI intelligence agent, Clinton Watts, announced that, that Rubio’s jaw dropped in shock.

          1. Mama Bear May 1, 2017

            again…thanks. I lived thru Watergate but not really aware of the behind-the-scenes preparation for the impeachment. It seems to me that not many people have followed Humpty Trumpty’s antics the way you, living so close, have. Your perspective means a lot to me:)

          2. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

            You know? I wish it was that we in the NY/NJ Metro area actually “followed” him. Just as he is doing now, he FORCES himself in our faces. That’s what he did back then too.

            If he couldn’t do some outlandish thing to get attention, he would find some other distraction from his battles with Mayor Koch and the former Governor Cuomo to get his face in the news.

            It is kind of a pathetic commentary on how this guy ever made it to the White House if it wasn’t for the fact that we KNOW he never does anything without cheating.

            He breathes and lies at the same time. He doesn’t believe he can do one without the other.

          3. TZToronto May 1, 2017

            And why would the Russians want Trump to be President and not Rubio? Could it be that the Russians have nothing they can use against Rubio, but they do have something or some things they can use against Trump? I would not be surprised to see a video of Trump himself doing something that would completely destroy his reputation, and that video would come from Russia. (Living in Toronto, I know what that looks like. When it became public knowledge that there existed a video showing Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, Ford denied that he had ever smoked crack. The video finally appeared, and it showed Ford smoking crack. Other videos then appeared demonstrating Ford’s misogyny and racism. Even so, he ran for re-election but was defeated. Relevant to the Trump issue, even though Ford was thoroughly disgraced, he received one-third of the vote but lost to John Tory. No amount of shame would prevent Trump loyalists from voting for him.) While the Russians may have wanted Trump simply because they knew he has no experience in government and no knowledge of history, foreign affairs, economics, or military issues, I think it’s more likely that they know they can manipulate him because they have something he doesn’t want reveled. Maybe they even have his income tax returns.

          4. plc97477 May 2, 2017

            We also need to point out that the New York AG is investigating the russia connection and he isn’t beholden to anyone in DC.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker May 2, 2017

            Eric Schneidermann, the NY AG is Trump’s worst nightmare. For a lot of reason, unlike the NY Attorney, Eliot Spitzer, Schneidermann is squeaky clean. Worse, he has been following Trump’s tail in NY business for almost a decade. His interest in the skanky Trump holdings began around the time the FinCEN U.S. Treasury was investigating Trump for money laundering in his NJ casino.

            This is the ONLY elected official to the highest office who has EVER been allowed by the Republican Party to run for election to the presidency who already had over 250 fines and lawsuits to his entire legacy.

            Here is an example of just why the Republican Party is guilty of allowing a criminal mind like Trump’s to run for the presidency:

            “In the midst of his attempt to become a casino mogul, Trump, through the brokerage firm Bear Stearns, started buying up shares of Holiday and Bally in 1986. But there was a problem. Two years later, the Federal Trade Commission accused Trump of having violated a federal law that required him to report these stock purchases to federal regulators. Under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, persons or firms in certain transactions must notify the FTC and the Justice Department of mergers and large acquisitions of stocks and also submit to a waiting period. According to the FTC, Trump did not follow these rules. And the Justice Department in 1988 prepared to file a civil lawsuit against Trump, with the developer facing up to $1.5 million in fines. A spokeswoman for Trump huffed at the time, “We believe the suit would be without merit.” (From Mother Jones)

    3. plc97477 May 2, 2017

      I think that when the repugs see the chances of their jobs going away they will end up doing something. Going to town hall meetings and speaking up are letting them know we mean business and a lot the repugs wanted they have had to dial back because of that. Something will happen but not very fast.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 2, 2017

        The kind of jobs the Republicans have promoted are obsolete and CEOs and execs are smart enough to know that hiring Americans at “American wages” is simply not profitable.

        Trump is as slick as a baby’s bottom. He puts on an act that he is the great job creator when he can only create jobs in Big Oil, the cost of which is already escalating thanks to that massive Bakken Oil spill Trump has silenced his media from reporting.

        Look at what he’s really done…He wants to build the Great Wall of Trump on land owned by Americans and a Native American tribe and doesn’t give a fat rat’s ass. But you just try and take his Trump Tower by eminent domain and see how fast Lard Ass gets into a rage.

        So he takes land for the Great Wall of Trump along the CA and TX borders and then takes land for Keystone and hands it to Canadians to own American properties taken by eminent domain.

        Reince the Prince of BS is more than just a stupid man. He actually thinks Trump of his own doing can repeal the 1st Amendment right to protest.

        Really? From a president with experience as a Constitutional LAW professor to a Noo Yawkah Grifter Dipshit whose only tiresome job is signing off on Executive orders that are NOT law until the House and Senate review them. Then, he wonder why US judges are nipping at his Lard Ass?

        1. plc97477 May 2, 2017

          The only jobs the repugs in office care about are theirs. Those will make them move I think.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker May 2, 2017

            The worst is that they fell for Trump’s slick lies and distortions. But their real problem is that he so obviously borrowed that $100 million he said he donated (2nd campaign debate) from the Russians and handed it to the RNC. Why else would he reward Prince Reince with a job as a top presidential adviser?

            The very fact that Trump is now consorting with the likes of a dictator like Putin and more recently Duarte, proves what he is really after: Abolishing the Constitution by “any means necessary” and then becoming the last US president.

            Any bets he will try to put one of his sons or Iskanka in as his VP come 2020 time for re-election? Since the Russians hacked into the 2016 election, why wouldn’t the Republicans rely on that same tactic to KEEP Trump in office? And, if they do that, it plays right into Trump’s plan for dictatorship.

          2. Jmz Nesky May 3, 2017

            Know it now, because of his age and the disappointments thus far and probably onward into the future in passing his agenda as well as not being the fully loved monarch that he had hoped to be, don’t expect him to run a second term as his 75 years will resemble 90 BUT he will continue to be the ruling patriarch when he gets one of his kids in that lofty position (I’m betting Ivanka) even if he’s kicked out ‘m thinking the pubs will appoint her none the less, after all they, like the Dems, are scarce on popular candidates so why not go for looks as well as showing the people they can get behind a woman as president just as much as the Dems.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker May 3, 2017

            Respect is something that is earned and hard won. How was a thug like Trump who pulled off every conceivable “art of the deal” that began with real estate and has now ballooned into the Trump Organization Empire of hotels, casinos, Mens suits, Iskanka’s clothing, jewelry and shoes, Kushy’s billion dollar NY real estate and international holdings supposed to make anyone respect him when he never pays those he owes?

            In the truest vernacular of the word “steal,” Trump steals every time he refuses pay what he owes to his own employees, contractors and suppliers of which there are hundreds.

            Would anyone with a sane mind ever want to do business with a thief like Trump?

            What we know in the business world is how business is a game of who can stiff the other the fastest.

      2. Jmz Nesky May 3, 2017

        Slow has always been the by-word of political legality.. For instance it took them three years to finally indict Bill Clinton.. Same with Nixon. The only way this will end up short is when the con jobs notice that they will lose many, many seats in both the house and senate THEN they will rev it up just in time to seem like heroes to the public at large and even to some of their opposing voters. I see this as such that again it will become a win/win situation for the Goppers.. Keep him as a distraction as long as they can then when it looks like it’s backfiring, toss him into his self made cesspool. Neither trump nor the pubs have any sense of honor or loyalty.

  10. idamag May 1, 2017

    Show me a republican who doesn’t lie and I’ll show you an octogenarian. Our congress is the most criminal body outside the Gambino Mob.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2017

      Ida…I joke that John Gotti, Bugsy Siegel, Al Capone and Meyer Lansky are rolling in their graves.

      Remember when these guys met offshore to create a tax free “business” without any rules, civil or otherwise? Lansky with Lucky Luciano thought, as Trump and the Republicans do, that “businesses” should have NO laws.

      As for implicating the Republicans, that assumes there has been NO Republican who didn’t know Trump’s corrupt history.

      How would it be possible for an entire party not to know about his fines and lawsuits, some of which came directly from the DOJ?

  11. ORAXX May 1, 2017

    I have no confidence congressional Republicans can clean their own house. Zero. They have painted themselves into an ideological corner and absolutely put loyalty to their wretched party far, far ahead of their country. Had Hillary been elected, we would already be in the third week of impeachment hearings, for god knows what.

  12. Joan May 1, 2017

    Rod J Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, is the decision maker on whether we get an independent investigator or independent prosecutor. Rod was appointed by Sessions and the two no doubt talked about the “Russia thing” during the hiring process. Rod will need some convincing that this appointment is the right step to take for his future. Rod can be reached via telephone at 202-353-1555 (Justice Department comment line) or via mail at US Justice Department 950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington DC 20530-00001. A pet peeve of mine is articles that create a sense of outrage which do not include a useful method of reaction. Inform me, please, but then suggest what I can do with the information.

  13. stsintl May 1, 2017

    But who is going to bell the CAT? The mice in the US Congress all belong to him.

  14. Jmz Nesky May 3, 2017

    “the public senses that something is amiss and is being hidden from them. And that alone is an indictment of the entire Republican Party.”

    The entire Republican Party… Now THAT’S something I could really get behind. Kinda rolls off your tongue like a good chocolate eclair..


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