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The Importance Of Ignoring Dick Cheney

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The Importance Of Ignoring Dick Cheney


President Obama has taken to heart at least two hard-won lessons from nearly six years in office: Don’t treat September 11 like any other day, and don’t entrust your fate to Congress.

There’s a third one that I hope he will stick with, even in the face of Islamic State advances and horrific executions, and that is to ignore demands like this one this week from former vice president Dick Cheney at the American Enterprise Institute: “Our president must understand we are at war and that we must do what it takes, for as long as it takes, to win.”

Presidents and presidential candidates have gotten into trouble by describing the “war” on terror as hinging mainly on intelligence and law enforcement. Secretary of State John Kerry, running in 2004, even said the goal was to reduce terrorism to a “nuisance.” Bush-era officials used the same word, noting back then that terrorist attacks did not change military outcomes or signify political influence.

Nuisance is a jarring term, given the savagery and nihilism of terrorist tactics, and in any case it doesn’t apply at this point in history, with the Islamic State making inroads in Syria and Iraq. Yet Cheney, at the opposite extreme, is also wrong. A great nation should not talk about going to war against rogue bands of barbarians. That elevates them to a level they don’t deserve or warrant.

Obama was at the nuisance end of the spectrum — seeming entirely too casual and distracted — in 2012. In the stretch run of his re-election campaign, he and his administration appeared to be caught off guard by the September 11 murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans in an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. But this year, with the grisly videotaped beheadings of U.S. journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff fresh in the minds of Americans, Obama is engaged in highly visible, high-stakes preparations to “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State perpetrators.

While he is making polite noises about consulting with Congress, the president has no intention of seeking a vote on his plans. A year ago, Obama asked lawmakers to authorize air strikes against the Syrian government because it had crossed his “red line” by using chemical weapons. Americans were largely opposed, Congress was divided, and the outcome on Capitol Hill was uncertain. Obama found an escape hatch when Russian president Vladimir Putin offered a plan to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons.

This week, Obama told congressional leaders he has the authority he needs to go after the Islamic State. The wisdom of that approach was immediately apparent. House Speaker John Boehner and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi did not press for a vote after meeting with Obama — they know many members don’t want one. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, by contrast, said Obama “should be seeking congressional approval, period,” whether he thinks he needs it or not. But that would invite gridlock, grandstanding, knee-jerk Obama rejectionism — all the hallmarks of a Congress that two-thirds in a new CNN poll rated the worst in their lifetimes. It’s a risk Obama shouldn’t take.

There are of course honest differences among lawmakers about what we should be doing, and to some extent they mirror the larger picture. In that CNN poll, 36 percent said Obama is too cautious, 28 percent said he is not cautious enough, and 35 percent said his approach is about right. Whatever he does, he likely won’t please even half the country.

That said, a round of new polls suggests Americans are increasingly anxious about terrorism and receptive to military action. In a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, 47 percent said the nation is less safe now than before the 9/11 attacks. That’s up from 28 percent last year. In addition, 61 percent said military action against the Islamic State would be in the national interest, compared with only 21 percent who felt that way a year ago about striking Syria.

The precipitating factor appears to be the beheadings of the journalists. An extraordinary 94 percent said they had seen, read or heard news of the incidents, only 6 percent had not.

For now, Obama has the public behind him and a chance to demonstrate that he’s learned a few more lessons, such as how to manage what he calls the “theater” and “optics” of the presidency and how to sound assertive without setting deadlines or issuing ultimatums that fall by the wayside. My hope is that he holds fast to a middle ground and avoids past mistakes, both his own and Cheney’s. No red lines, no declarations of war without end and no undermining his own passion and commitment with an ill-timed round of golf.

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AFP Photo/Saul Loeb

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Jill Lawrence

Award-winning journalist Jill Lawrence is a nationally syndicated columnist and a contributing editor to U.S. News & World Report. She also contributed to The Surge: 2014's Big GOP Win and What It Means for the Next Presidential Race (2015). Lawrence has discussed political and policy developments on television, radio, and many other media outlets. She was an adjunct professorial lecturer at American University in 2014, teaching on the relationship between politics and the media.

Lawrence has covered every presidential campaign since 1988, as well as historic events such as the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress, the Clinton impeachment, the Florida recount, and the 1993 and 2009 battles over health reform.

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  1. Budjob September 11, 2014

    DICK fuck Cheney!!!

  2. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

    The man most responsible for the destabilization of Iraq and the Persian Gulf region, the man most responsible for the death of 4,500 young American troops and the maiming of over 20,000, the man responsible for the death of as many as 600,000 Iraqis and 2 million fleeing Iraq to save their lives, and the man most responsible for wasting $1.7B for political and economic reasons, does not deserve our attention or respect. The best thing to do is to ignore him, ostracize him, and remind everyone of what he did and the long term consequences of his arrogant and greedy policies.

    1. Paul Bass September 11, 2014

      $1.7T, that’s $1,700,000,000,000.00 That’s a thousand times greater. Yes, I agree with everything you say!

    2. idamag September 11, 2014

      ISIS would not be in Iraq today, if it hadn’t been for the most evil man in America.

      1. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

        I agree. ISIS substituted Al Qaeda in Iraq, an organization that emerged after we removed Saddam Hussein from power, because they disagree with the limited scope of AQ goals. The ISIS goals goes much further than terrorist attacks and executions, what they really want is the creation of autonomous Islamic states, the implementation of Sharia law, total obedience, and expelling every single Westerner and our influence from their homelands. The scope of their primary goal is the globalization of radical Islam, using medieval Caliphates to achieve that goal.

        1. kenndeb September 11, 2014

          Aren’t the same terrorists that the Emperor let go in exchange for Bregdahl now part of ISIS?

          1. WhutHeSaid September 12, 2014

            I see that you are expressing your hate for American soldiers now. Is that your ‘ken’ persona that hates Americans or your ‘deb’ persona?

          2. Dominick Vila September 12, 2014

            I don’t have a clue, but since some Republicans have an uncanny ability to know who was behind tragedies, such as the real reason for the Benghazi terrorist attack, perhaps you can tell us.

          3. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            You can resent anything you want, but it still doesn’t make anything you say true. I was once a soldier myself, and I can identify with them. I served my country, and still will uphold my oath to protect and defend the constitution. You seem to like to assign your own meanings to what others say, weather you actually know anything or not, and most cases, NOT.

          4. WhutHeSaid September 14, 2014

            Once a soldier, eh? Since you are an obvious coward, that’s an interesting claim. If it is actually true I’m guessing that you were drafted. On the other hand you may have enlisted for the free chow — I’ll bet the Big Chicken Dinners were your favorite.

          5. kenndeb September 16, 2014

            My invitation to meet is still open jerkwad.

          6. WhutHeSaid September 16, 2014

            Oh my — must be the ken parts acting up tonight. So you snorted up your Medicare Viagra and put on your Internet muscles, eh? How impressive. Not.

            You goobers just never learn. How many times do you have to get beat down before you learn to shut your face?

          7. kenndeb September 16, 2014

            Just as I thought. Nothing but a lot of words from a vile nasty rabid jackal. Stay hidden in your basement with mommy watching out for you.

          8. WhutHeSaid September 16, 2014

            Yep, I was right on the money. Enjoyed quite a few of those Big Chicken Dinners, didn’t you?

          9. flyinjs September 16, 2014

            “Weather” as in a stormy approach to your world indicators for tragedy. I too served and that saying still stands, never leave a soldier behind. No matter what snide remark you may have for that, that is really how it is so get a life, a real one that is not so hating!

          10. kenndeb September 16, 2014

            I have a real life. How about you?

    3. jarhead79 September 11, 2014

      Excellent comment. The only good thing about this draft dodger is that ‘ol’ shotgun Cheeeeny never wound up in my platoon!

    4. FT66 September 11, 2014

      Not only that Dominick. Just listen to Unfair & Unbalanced News the way they are praising “W” how he warned about pulling out of Iraq. It is totally rubbish because terrorists are doing exactly what “W” said. Wasn’t he telling them what to do? They were also listening.

      1. Terry Allen September 12, 2014

        Yeah, I love Faux News’ rewriting of history. We are out of Iraq under an agreement drawn up by George W. Bush before he left. Obama took a lot of flak for not accelerating the schedule, but to his credit he also didn’t try to pressure al-Maliki into letting us stay longer.

        The Republicans (and their cheerleaders on this site) want al-Maliki’s incompetence to be confused with the weakness and incompetence they wish to see in Obama (see comment below for example). Because war gets Republicans elected. At least it gets them elected more surely than anything else they’ve tried in this election season. Suddenly flaming pseudo-Nazi authority slut/gasbags get transformed into — well, actually they’re not any different at all, but suddenly they look a tad more credible to the average voter. Particularly if the media is complicit in stoking the public’s fears.

    5. Whatmeworry September 11, 2014

      No that title belongs and is well earned by Obama. When he took over the war in Iraq was won, the war in Afghanistan was fundamentally over.
      Since the boy wonder has enflamed the middle east and made sure all succeeding presidents will have to deal with barak’s mess.
      You also seem to forget that once Barak’s rules of engagement were enacted our troops had Record causalities EVERY month. Why?? because barak placed more value on moooslim lives rather than our troops

      1. charleo1 September 11, 2014

        Perhaps you’re on the wrong board. Commentaries, to be
        useful, interesting, thought provoking, etc. Need authors who
        possess at least a minimal working understanding of the subject matter.

        1. Whatmeworry September 11, 2014

          They should also be factual something old dom has a problem with

          1. charleo1 September 12, 2014

            My point was, you first must acquire the facts, before you call the other fellow’s facts into contention. There are few things as obvious at this point, that the Iraqi War was not, “won,” by any yardstick you want to use. And, absolutely no one understanding the facts, thinks the war in Afghanistan was fundamentally over, as you claim. Then, your last comment, whatever you’re trying to
            allude to, is not just wrong, but stupidly so. And
            asserts that the President of the U.S. somehow
            altered the way we’re prosecuting the war in Afghanistan. And so favors the enemy, due to some
            lying cocksucker’s estimation. For which neither of
            you have the slightest idea what you’re talking about, and don’t care. Because you’re just slinging shit, for whatever you get out of shit slinging. It’s
            meaningless to anyone with half a brain. Actually, I don’t know why I’m taking the time to correct your dumb ass. Except, I’m not in a good mood this morning. And, giving you the verbal ass kicking you so richly deserve, is improving my putrid state of
            mind. It’s not fun being somebody’s whipping boy,
            now is it?

          2. plc97477 September 12, 2014

            I hope you wake up in a bad mood more often. That was very funny.

          3. charleo1 September 12, 2014

            Thanks. Well, you know these hat asses come on
            here, and repeat whatever miserable, rotten, lie they’ve picked out of that trash pile where they get
            all their so called, “facts.” And some days you just
            want to scream…ENOUGH ALREADY!!! And today
            was one of those days for me.

          4. charleo1 September 12, 2014

            Thanks. Well, you know these hat asses come on
            here and repeat whatever miserable rotten lie, they’ve picked out of that trash pile. Where they get
            all their so called, “facts.” And some days you just
            gotta scream, ENOUGH ALREADY!!! And today was
            one of those days for me.

          5. Whatmeworry September 12, 2014

            There isn’t a single military member of historian that would agree with you. The Iraq war was won hands down.
            The data on causalities in Afghanistan is easily obtainable. There were RECORD causalities EVERY year Barak’s rules of engagement were in place. Even a low information poster can access the data but then again we agree that you only have 1/2 a brain.

          6. Sand_Cat September 16, 2014

            Then there must be no “military member of historian” (I see you don’t worry about grammar and syntax, either) with any sense.
            We “won” in Iraq the same way we “won” in Vietnam: decades of “victories” without ever winning over the people or establishing even a reliable puppet government, all without purpose in any case.

      2. Sand_Cat September 12, 2014

        Obviously you don’t worry if your posts have any connection to reality: Iraq was still in chaos and deeply divided, but the government wanted us OUT. I guess you think we should have ignored that.
        Bush and Cheney “inflamed” the region, but then, if – like you – I supported liars and war criminals, I wouldn’t be too eager to advertise it. Nothing like projecting your side’s lies and stupidity on those who opposed it.

        1. Whatmeworry September 12, 2014

          No Iraq wanted Barak and Hilary out of their hair, they were fed up with dealing with children.
          The only flaming that went on in the middle East was barak’s involvement in the “arab spring” everything that he and Hilary touched turned into a monumental disaster.
          In 6 years name 1 just 1 foreign policy success that he and his State Dept has had

          1. Sand_Cat September 14, 2014

            Good to see you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about: it was Bush who failed to negotiate terms to keep the troops there.

          2. flyinjs September 16, 2014

            I agree

        2. flyinjs September 16, 2014

          Sand, that is the best answer yet, they were still a deeply divided country like our congress sort of speaking. You can beat a country in war terms but there beliefs and minds were never won.

      3. flyinjs September 16, 2014

        Where did you get your facts and who rewrote that part of “your” history? I wish people would learn to use their own brains instead of leaning on others

  3. White Rose September 11, 2014

    You should not ignore this Cheney, you should indict him for high treason. He did 9/11 and many other murderous ventures… How can you not see this????

  4. FireBaron September 11, 2014

    And he still refuses to leave the United States for fear of being arrested for war crimes. But, you want to know what I really despise him for? It was ensuring his “former” company (which refused to say how much they were still paying him) received a number of no-bid contracts for the “rebuilding” of Iraq. About the only things that got rebuilt were the portfolios and accounts of the Haliburton Board of Directors!

    1. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

      At least W had enough sense as to cancel his trip to Switzerland when people were calling from his immediate arrest and prosecution for crimes against humanity.

  5. disqus_QR7ejvoSVU September 11, 2014

    Cheney lied and people died.

    1. kenndeb September 11, 2014

      We had it really bad with Bush and Cheney, but things got even worse with the Emperor. Don’t forget about how many have died needlessly under this regime, and how many more are going to die because of it. Americans should be getting rid of all career politicians and regain control of our corrupt and out of control government.

      1. Paul Bass September 11, 2014

        9/11/01, over 3000 americans in america die. 9/11/12, 4 americans die in Africa. Yep, things are a lot worse under Obama.
        Kenndeb, no one believes you, go preach on Fox.

        1. kenndeb September 11, 2014

          Liberals never believe anything that doesn’t come from the regime or their handlers. All this usurper has done is lie, about himself, about his past, about Benghazi, Bergdahl, IRS, NSA, etc., etc., etc., and the liberals lap it up as truth. So sad.

          1. Blueberry Hill September 11, 2014

            TROLL ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!


          2. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            Do you always announce yourself?

          3. BillP September 11, 2014

            No Ken you are the liar or you just accept crap from some right wing site and post it here. You love to write misnomers like “regime” instead of administration, “Emperor” instead of President or the best and most ridiculous statement that this country is now a 3rd world country. Really!!

          4. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            I don’t lie. All of those terms, regime, Emperor, third world country, are all descriptive of a lawless administration that is lead by an illegal president, which is turning our once great country into something that resembles the old soviet union.

          5. Nathaniel September 11, 2014

            It seems U not only have things confused, but it appears U only seek a sensational reaction to things U know to be untrue. A majority of Americans OVERWHELMINGLY voted for Barack Obama (http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/ & http://elections.nbcnews.com/ns/politics/2012/all/president/#.VBHghUDgf4c) as President, as well as Al Gore in 2000 (http://www.fec.gov/pubrec/fe2000/prespop.htm), so illegitimately speaking, we’re so deep into lawless territory (war crimes, corruption, graft, criminal incompetence, by having details of the pending 9/11 attacks, but failing to act – PERIOD – per here: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/4568982/ns/us_news-security/t/government-failed-you-clarke-testifies/#.VBHjMUDgf4c) w/the 2nd (2001-2009) Bush administration, that we can give U a pass for the ‘I don’t lie…’ statement. Devoid of facts & being detached from reality are definitely more to the point…

          6. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

            If a president elected and re-elected by a solid majority of Americans is illegal, what do you call the one that was “selected” in 2000?
            Are you suggesting that Americans live in dilapidated Soviet era apartments, that we wait in line with ration coupons to buy food, and that when idiots like you wish the death of our President you are sent to a 21st century Gulag?
            Emperors are the leaders of an Empire. One of the main characteristics of an empire is territorial expansion. Which countries have we annexed during the last 5 years? Another characteristic of an empire, besides misery, is loss of freedom and rights, such as posting our opinions in forums like this? When was the last time someone knocked on your door and took you away interrogation? Oops, I beg your pardon, I meant enhanced interrogation techniques…
            You don’t know what living in a Third World country is like if it bit you in the butt. That is, unless you believe that people vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard, the Florida Keys, or going on cruises are actually being sent to indoctrination camps.
            Your claims are so immature that I don’t know why we bother to talk to you, other than the fact that you provide good entertainment.

          7. BillP September 12, 2014

            You lie all of the time. You posted a totally inaccurate comment about the mass shooters were all Democrats. This was proven to be false yes you never denied the posting. They were lies posted by a liar. Again I’ll ask you, how is the US a third world country. You can’t even define what a third world country is. It’s really sad how all of you trolls don’t believe in this country or its people. You are just another old negative man with nothing worthwhile to do but write bs comments on this site.

          8. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            As stated before, I do not lie. Anything I say is what I believe to be true.

          9. plc97477 September 12, 2014

            The fact that you believe crap doesn’t make it smell better.

          10. BillP September 13, 2014

            No ken what you do is want to believe any of the crap you post here. You are just too lazy and ignorant to do the necessary research. See your mass shooters are Democrats posting – full of inaccuracies and outright lies. Your comment that the US is a third world country speaks volumes to your believability.

          11. Allan Richardson September 11, 2014

            The one term that he did get right, at least technically and etymologically, is “emperor.” When Julius Caesar took over the Roman state, he dared not call himself a king (REX) because Romans had hated kings since they kicked out the Etruscans. So he went by his military title, Commander of the Troops (IMPERATOR), which eventually became “emperor” in English, and came to refer to the kind of autocrat that Julius Caesar and his successors became (and since the “empire” (IMPERIUM) was a collection of countries under kings who were puppets of Rome, another meaning of “emperor” is a “king of kings”).

            So technically, EVERY President of the United States is the Commander In Chief, or “imperator,” of all the armed forces. But the last few Republican holders of that office have behaved much more LIKE an emperor than this one, who was legally elected, and legally QUALIFIED to be elected, and the United States is nothing at all like the old Soviet Union. Ask the members of the Khrushchev family who have become Americans and have written books about their experiences: his son Sergei Khrushchev, a professor of political science, and granddaughter (Sergei’s niece) Nina Khrushcheva.

            Before Obama our country was beginning to resemble more of a third world plutocracy with leaders (and their financial backers — oh, let’s be honest and call them MASTERS) ambitious to rule the world and drive hard working middle class Americans into poverty. And despite Obama, the Greedy Oil People are still exercising quite a bit of fascist control for the time being, until voters wake up and VOTE their own interests.

          12. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

            Americans who wish the assassination of a President of the United States only deserve a firing squad. Your wish, which included assassination at the hands of Islamic terrorists make you an accomplice in their crimes. You are a TRAITOR!

          13. dpaano September 11, 2014

            I agree, but he’s even worse…..he’s an IGNORANT traitor!!

          14. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            I have never condoned violence against any president, even this usurper. Traitors are those that go against our laws and constitution. Anyone here fit that description? I would say most of the jacklegs here.

          15. CPAinNewYork September 11, 2014

            You’re an idiot.

          16. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

            Would you care to explain the meaning of the post in which you wished President Obama would go to the Middle East and be assassinated by the terrorists that decapitated two Americans and who represent a threat to our interests?
            Should we assume you were actually talking about him meeting disciples of Mother Teresa and getting a blessed rosary from them?
            Good to know that thanks to a case of instant metamorphosis we are now interacting with a pacifist…

          17. flyinjs September 16, 2014

            Can’t be fascist and a communist at the same time which one is it hater

          18. kenndeb September 16, 2014

            Soviets managed to embrace both, and we seem to be headed in the same direction.

          19. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            You are about as stupid as anything can get. Liberals seem to turn and twist everything to say just what they want something to say.

          20. Dominick Vila September 12, 2014

            Treason is only stupid to those who advocate it.

          21. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            Treason is someone that supports a tyrant. Kinda fits you doesn’t it?

          22. Dominick Vila September 12, 2014

            Tyranny is the in eye of the beholder. What is a certainty is stupidity.

          23. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            And you certainly own stupid, as is evidenced by most of your comments.

          24. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            Muslims would never do anything to hurt their golden goose in the white house.

          25. bobnstuff September 11, 2014

            You are almost right Most Muslims wouldn’t hurt anyone, not even the president.

          26. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            Too bad those peaceful Muslims seem to be extinct now.

          27. bobnstuff September 11, 2014

            I talked to one today, I know a number of Muslims and not one wants to hurt anyone. Even most Muslims have come out against ISIS. Once again you said something that you know nothing about.

          28. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            You are right I do not know any Muslims. I only see what is happening around the world by Muslims. My daughter was wanting to hire a black Muslim girl as an au pair last year from Germany. She thought it would be nice to have someone from the other side staying with them so their children could learn from the experience. The girl rejected them because they were Jewish, and said she would not be able to sleep in their home.

          29. bobnstuff September 11, 2014

            22.3% of the world is Muslim. Most want the same things everyone want. There faith is demanding and full of laws. Other faiths have laws. I know Jews that won’t eat at my house because I’m not kosher. Because I have respect for peoples faith and they respect my faith. I spent 6 years working for and with Muslims, I spent 5 years working for and with Jews, My Boss right now is a Black Baptist Woman. They all have treated me well. I’ve never been one for stereo types. Most blacks aren’t on welfare, most Jews aren’t rich, Most Muslims don’t want war. I spend 40 hours a week dealing with the public and the vast majority of them are good. If you study history you will find somewhere in the past most religions have done things in the name of God that God wouldn’t approve of. ISIS is killing fellow Muslims as well as every other faith. The Arab League has sign on to fight them. Turkey is against them. ISIS will fall.

          30. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            You are probably the most reasonable, rational person posting on this site. I’ve always tried to judge a person by his actions only. I’ve never cared about color, social status, religion, how big or how small. I do care about how someone treats others, their honesty, and how they conduct themselves. Many on here think anything that does not agree with their viewpoint is a lie. What has happened to America where we are at each others throats.? I never saw such division before this regime took power.

          31. bobnstuff September 12, 2014

            You may find this funny coming from me but I blame it on the media, Not the just the right wing people Like Rush but all the media, If they can keep us angry and scarred we will watch them. They are selling the cheapest programming to produce to the public and we are buying it. Fox News figured this out but the supermarket tabloids have known it for years. The government does the same thing, both republicans and democrats. Make a big deal out of something that has no real meaning like some guys in the IRS looking closely at some applications that they approved in the end so we won’t see that they are cheating us. They want us distracted.

          32. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            I do agree mostly. I think this regime especially want us distracted from all that is going on to slowly dismantle our rights. I do hope our country will survive this period in history, but it is not looking good considering what we have for a leader.

          33. bobnstuff September 12, 2014

            It really started with the Patriot Act. The biggest taking of our rights in history. Local cops are using it to get around the rights of search and seizure. Both parties can take the blame for that one.

          34. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            Agreed. It is actually worse than that. Did you know there is a constitutional free zone? It extends 100 miles from any of our borders. Within that zone, search and seizure laws have been suspended. A politicians mantra seems to be “never let a tragedy go to waste”. I saw the patriot act as a power grab by the government, using Americas fears to take away our rights.

          35. bobnstuff September 12, 2014

            Back to the store at hand Bush, i.e. Chaney expanded the power of the president more the anyone in modern time. G.W. used to write notes on what he wasn’t going to enforce in the bills he signed. If you look at Obamas record he isn’t much better but at least he is open about it. What I find funny is that if you look at what Obama has done and how he has done it you would think he was a moderate Republican. Bush looked more like LBJ and Obama more like Nixon.

          36. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            The emperor thinks he is above our laws and cares little what the American people think. He seems to believe he rules over us. I hope that the American people will soon grow tired of having a tyrant ruling over them.

          37. bobnstuff September 12, 2014

            So what tyrannical thing has Obama done? What power has he used that every other president before him didn’t use? He did something?

          38. WhutHeSaid September 12, 2014

            Oh my, sounds like you missed your chance for a new BFF. The two of you bigots might have been so happy together learning new ways to hate.

            So allow me to administer this simple bigot test to measure your bona fides:

            President Obama risked his presidency by ordering the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. Kindly tell us all what you think about this successful effort to terminate the world’s most notorious Muslim terrorist.

          39. bobnstuff September 12, 2014

            You are the first person to ever call me a bigot. Kenndeb and I have disagreed a lot, but showing respect for people is what we all should do. Going after terrorists is always a good thing. If the President hadn’t gone after Bin Laden it wouldn’t have brought down his Presidency anymore then it brought down Bush. Not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslim. The second largest terrorist attack in US history was done by Timothy McVeigh.

          40. WhutHeSaid September 12, 2014

            Except that I didn’t call you a bigot. My reply was to kenndeb, who cannot bring him/herself to give Obama credit for nailing Bin Laden (or anything else) because he’s black.

            As for the respect part I’m afraid you’ll have to put me in the ‘don’t care’ column because I do not respect bigots or racists.

          41. flyinjs September 16, 2014

            Maybe they have the same fears as you Ken?

          42. kenndeb September 16, 2014

            Yeah, I’m afraid to sleep in my daughters house. Jews are so scary.

          43. dpaano September 11, 2014

            The Bush/Cheney administration was the worst administration when it came to secrecy….even worse than Nixon’s administration. However, because you haven’t researched anything, you wouldn’t know that!

          44. jmprint September 11, 2014

            THOSE ARE YOUR FRIENDS LIES, Please learn to recognize.

          45. porter September 11, 2014

            kenndeb: Can I be so bold as to ask you a question. If we liberals don’t believe anything that doesn’t come from our ” handlers ” why the hell are you here. We don’t care to hear you .and if you check on the Benghazi ordeal you’ll see that the rep congress block funds needed that Obama ask for. They then went on to hole meetings that held the pres. and his admim. not at fault. Now I know E. Hasslebeck is your girl and all but even she couldn’t stir up shi… where their ain’t none. Get over it America has a black president and this election that about to happen the presidential one. Horrors to you and your kind a strong thoughtful women will be leading this country I bet that really burns your butt .Knowing that if Hill decide to run she got it in the bag 90 percent of the black vote(can you say voting laws) 75 % women vote 85% Latino vote ( larges growing vote block in the U.S)and to top it off the Asians voter as well. If your party would add a little favor to it’s plate it might stand a chance. As it stand now by 2022 the rep party we’ll be a thing of America past that well be dead and buried. The children of 2022 will learn about a failed group that wanted to tell people how to think and if you didn’t agree with them well then you just won’t an American. so sad for you

          46. Joyce September 11, 2014

            This is joe schmo in disguise. You’re not fooling anyone troll. Your rhetoric is all the same

          47. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            No. Joe is his own person, but there are more of us than you. I can’t wait to see liberals out of power. Perhaps, then, our country can get back on track.

          48. Joyce September 12, 2014

            doubtful, very doubtful, kenny or joe or any other moniker you choose. you and your ilk are in the minority and you are a very sad group, at that. I pity all of you because of your stupidity to believe these right wing lunatics have anyone’s best interests in mind other than their own selfish wants. too bad for you.

          49. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            And the liberals are always right? Yeah. It is both parties that are corrupt. Our entire government is corrupt, but I think the republicans are better suited to fix what the liberals have broken. We should go back to our original roots and start following our constitution again. More conservatives would be best for our country. The dems haven’t a chance of winning anything again, especially with the liberals at the helm.

          50. Nathaniel September 11, 2014

            As U don’t seem to have a real clear perspective on things, be reminded that every policy that relates to this subject is ‘conservative’ & as such, is unchanged from the previous, conservative administration. In this respect, U prove the point of Liberal/Progressives (such as myself) that propose that no conservative policy has any Earthly value whatever. I’ll let U disprove that of course (if U can), but by abjectly failing to dismantle the policy-sets in place when he took office, President Obama doomed his own administration to the failures U allude to, simply by refusing to implement the Liberal/Progressive policies he ran upon during the campaign seasons (’08 & ’12). In other words, failure can be the ONLY outcome, when utilizing conservative policies – no matter how framed. And THAT truly, is what’s sad…

          51. bobnstuff September 11, 2014

            Name a source, numbers of deaths, you do have a source, right. Give use some hard facts. Names and dates.

          52. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            I stopped giving sources on here. None are good enough for the liberals here unless that source is from a regime sponsored site or a liberal site. If you want info try using google.

          53. bobnstuff September 11, 2014

            In other words you can’t because you have non. I have used Google to bad you haven’t. I have asked for a source from you many times and you always come up empty. Now you will call me a nasty name because you can’t thing of anything else to do when you are cornered.

          54. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            What nasty name did I call you, liberal?

          55. bobnstuff September 11, 2014

            Some of my best friends are liberals but I hate to burst your bubble but I’m not one. I’m a moderate republican. I just hate lies and love facts.

          56. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            You are in the wrong place for any facts, that is unless you want government approved facts.

          57. WhutHeSaid September 12, 2014

            You see? Nobody likes bigots. You’d need to tie a steak around your neck to get the dog to hang out with you. I told you about the benefits of soap, so don’t blame me.

          58. porter September 15, 2014

            hey ken can I call you ken where do you get your meds from i mean you don’t give your source on this site but yet your on this site tell u what tell your doctor to decrease it the amount because the amount their given you is frying what little brain u have left if you think that the con will ever get back in power think about it and what your party has going for it old white men that are dying that are against a we as the black don’t want women right to choose even if that means she wants a abortion 3% black and them ones you are more than welcome to this from a black man never did like a house n##### Latinos 2% Asian just how to plan to get back the power u damn sure can’t buy us all and the ploy with the voting rights is blowing up in the rep party face did they really think that black people were just gone to stand there and say okay master wes be good and wes want go to no pole to vote man what you need is to get a life ‘take a look at V.A.my home state was rep all the these past two election all the way dep that should tell you thawt the writeing is on the wall so the best thing for you to do go talk to your friend and tell them about how bad this black pres. is . Oh by the way bush no. 2 use the power of the to make ex. order more times in his first time then this pres
            his use in both.

          59. Terry Allen September 12, 2014

            Please don’t be so boring.

        2. Allan Richardson September 11, 2014

          An estimated 45,000 Americans annually die of diseases for which they were not treated because they lacked the money for self pay or the insurance coverage … and in some cases they DID get health insurance, but too late to save them.

          That works out mathematically to 15 repetitions of the 9/11 attacks EVERY year, at least in lives lost. Now it is starting to get better with Obamacare, EXCEPT in states that refuse to allow the poorest among us to get the Medicaid subsidy, and refuse even to allow state universities to TELL people how to get a policy they may qualify for without Medicaid. This is causing more rural hospitals to close, which will cost lives of people who live in those areas, even if they HAVE insurance.

          So, if 9/11 was THAT bad, what about having it happen 15 times a year? That was what the PRIVATE insurance company DEATH PANELS were causing, and for some people are still causing.

          1. Paul Bass September 11, 2014

            Amen, Allen! You’re singing to the choir. I live in TX when R. Perry is personally responsible for ~ 8,000 poor texans a year DEAD! Just because politically he doesn’t want to accept Medicare! How stupid is that? I guess since the poor usually vote democratic, Perry thinks it is okay for THESE people to die.

          2. Allan Richardson September 12, 2014

            Ironically, many Republican voters are themselves poor or nearly poor, but they drink the koolaid and believe they are “better” than the “lazy” minority poor because they are “white Christians,” and if only the rich are allowed to do whatever they feel like doing, “eventually” they will move up and become rich, so THEY will be able to do whatever they feel like doing (to the poor, of course).

          3. flyinjs September 16, 2014

            Death Panels? Oh you mean the pre existing costs too much money to help the poorest folk death panels?

      2. dpaano September 11, 2014

        And who started the war that is causing all the problems that we’re seeing now…..maybe, as I’ve said before, you need to do your research because you have NO idea what you’re talking about and would be wise to not say anything. The more you say here….the more ignorant you seem!

      3. jmprint September 11, 2014

        Only in your corrupt mind. The coulda, woulda, shoulda idiot.

      4. flyinjs September 16, 2014

        Why do you insist and argue all the time that the middle east is President Obama’s fault? You can not destroy people into submission anymore, they think for themselves, you must touch their humanity, their hearts. Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t believe that destroying everything will solve all the problems Dick Cheeney

    2. dpaano September 11, 2014

      The entire Bush/Cheney administration lied and committed a myriad of felonious offenses that the Republicans would impeach our current president if he tried any of them! It’s a sad thing to be seen as one of the most secretive administration ever (even more secretive than Nixon’s). Anyone who listens to Cheney has to have their heads examined! Try reading “Worse than Watergate” by John Dean….what an eye opener on what the Bush/Cheney administration got away with! Lies are only a small part of it!

    3. jmprint September 11, 2014

      That makes for a great bumper sticker.

  6. Grand1 September 11, 2014

    “Today, 71 percent of all Americans say they support airstrikes in Iraq — up from 54 percent three weeks ago and from 45 percent in June. Among those who say Obama has been too cautious, 82 percent support the strikes; among those who think his handling of international affairs has been about right, 66 percent support them.”
    Washington Post

  7. FT66 September 11, 2014

    Dick Cheney should put on a uniform and go and fight the terrorists he created himself. Saddam Husein never had a single one roaming around his country neither in neighbouring countries.

    1. dpaano September 11, 2014

      Agreed….and he can take McCain with him! What a bunch of warmongers! Not a smart man among them!

    2. jmprint September 11, 2014

      And he should take all he relatives with him.

  8. itsfun September 11, 2014

    Its not a good idea to just ignore anyone you don’t agree with. Somebody will be agreeing with them and ignoring them can only cause problems. Ignoring terrorists or just calling them names like “JV” helps no one. I hate war and always will, but sometimes you must eliminate the enemy to save your life, your families life’s and our way of living.

  9. Paku September 11, 2014

    “We are at war and we must do what ever it takes” like bankrupt the US or send men and women to die senselessly or enrich companies like Halliburton with no bid contracts. There is a war going on and it is more bigger and deadlier than that in the Middle East. It is the war against Global corporations who are consolidating everything from energy, agriculture to manufacturing. The war between the 1% and the 99% where the disparity gap is growing and the middle class is disappearing. Like Putins Russia whose cronies are in control of everything and they allow for no opposition what so ever, politically and economically. This is the way the world is shaping up. The trillionaires and billionaires who control every facet of worldly processes. Who use countries assets, men, women, military hardware to get what they want. They control the political process the manufacturing process, the financial process, education to food production. Yes maybe we are starting to finally see the Protocol of the Learned Elders!!!! The New World Order as Bush senior said. No, Cheney is one of their henchman and he cannot be trusted!!!

    1. jmprint September 11, 2014

      The percentage of what the Kock brother own, is very, very scary.
      They are trying to monopolize America, and they have employed ALL of the republican party.

      1. darkagesbegin September 11, 2014

        The Koch brothers–buying American serfdom one Republican at a time…

  10. idamag September 11, 2014

    Dick Cheney is a convicted war criminal. He never faced an enemy on the battlefield. His expertise with a weapon is to be hunting without a license and shooting and octogenarian in the face.

  11. idamag September 11, 2014

    Dick Cheney is a convicted war criminal. He never faced an enemy on the battlefield. His expertise with a weapon is to be hunting without a license and shooting and octogenarian in the face

  12. roberto September 11, 2014

    But, we are still truly believing and eating from the all ill intentioned garbage that Mr. Chaney the real Architect of this mess in Irak has been dumping on the American opinion every day and at each opportunity, he has found as appropriate in doing so for the last ten years and counting. And that even after these ten long years of this manufactured war, an after many deaths and maimed soldiers, physically and mentally, millions of wasted dollars, we are still eating and believing him that the main reason for this conflict and crisis is the responsibility of some else now.

  13. Terry Allen September 11, 2014

    Last night the terrorists won. At least on NPR (not my regular news channel).

    First, the anchorcritters could not stop talking about how scary ISIS was. Of course, you might say that anyone who singles out journalists for murderous attention will probably scare journalists more than anyone else.

    George W. Bush got one thing right in the war on terror: don’t act like the terrorists are the most important issue for your administration. I think every politician, of either party, learned that lesson from Jimmy Carter’s self-imprisonment in the Rose Garden during the Iran hostage crisis (I know, that may be an unfair characterization, but in politics, characterization is everything, and unfairness is…what? I forget…). Unfortunately, Bush (and Cheney) were so good at not getting all worked up over al Qaeda and bin Laden because they really weren’t getting all worked up over al Qaeda and bin Laden.

    Obama, on the other hand, up until now, had been getting it exactly right. He has been taking out the leadership — slowly but most surely — of every terrorist group that attacked U.S. interests or those of its allies, wherever they were. Without invading other countries or putting their leaders on trial. And he still has the bandwidth to react when Putin starts getting frisky.

    Now maybe he’s giving that up. ISIS certainly hopes so. They hate not being at the top of the news.

    1. charleo1 September 11, 2014

      What you say about ISSL, “winning,” last night, with Obama’s announcement of the goal to degrade, and destroy the terrorist organization, has some validity. As the leadership has intentionally goaded the U.S. into some form of engagement with the beheading of two American citizens, and posting it on U-Tube. So, they think they got what they wanted. What they’re hoping for of course, is another Bush like invasion. And what the President proposed, was not that. Risky? Very. Complicated? Hellishly so. But, it is also something the overwhelming number of war weary Americans, have demanded. Namely that, “something,” be done about ISSL. And so it will be. But also beyond that. It has been our tradition whenever genocidal maniacs start digging trenches, and herding innocents, women, and children into them to be executed. Americans to our everlasting credit, feel a deep moral obligation to do whatever is necessary to stop it. Who was it that said, “Being an American, and standing up, and supporting what is the right, and honorable thing to do, is always easy?” The answer would be, no one ever said that. And there’s good reason of course. It’s never been easy.

  14. Billie September 11, 2014

    Someone shut this evil animal (Cheney) up.

  15. AlfredSonny September 11, 2014

    Had Cheney been one of 99%, he would be considered a fit candidate for a mental institution.

  16. Michael Ross September 11, 2014

    Obama should not ignore Cheney. He should do to Cheney the exact same thing the Torys in Congress do to him: Beg to differ on everything Cheney says.

    Cheney is a serial liar. Everything he said in eight years as V.P. was false — the man literally got NOTHING right.

    Yet he continues to act like he thinks he is the final authority on everything; continues to insist that all of his easily disproved lies are true, continues to insist that the same disastrous advice which led us to war be repeated, continues to insist that we are all ingrates for not thanking him for his “service” to the country.

    Cheney is a vile sack of excrement clumsily disguised as a human being who has absolutely nothing but the worst of intentions for America. His advice should not be ignored; it should be viewed as a warning. If Cheney says you should do something and it turns out you’re already doing it: Stop immediately.

  17. TZToronto September 11, 2014

    “In a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, 47 percent said the nation is less safe now than before the 9/11 attacks.” . . . How can anyone say that the U.S. is less safe now than before the 9/11 attacks? The U.S. was obviously supremely unsafe before the 9/11 attacks, judging by what happened on September 11, 2001. Is the threat to the U.S. greater now than it was then? (One thing that makes the U.S. safer now than then is the fact that Cheney is not the V.P. and Dubya is at home in Texas where he belongs.)

  18. Joyce September 11, 2014

    everyone must ignore kenndeb and joe schmo. They are the same people. He thinks he’s slick but he’s nothing but a *ick.

    1. WhutHeSaid September 12, 2014

      Kenndeb and Joe Schmo are people? Who would’ve guessed? I thought they were both hateful, bigoted trailer-chimps. Go figure.

  19. Nathaniel September 11, 2014

    The common thread on both sides of this argument are the fundamentalist elements that hold so much sway & influence – over there & here in the states. We’ve already had that debate & enshrined into law is a specific commandment that ‘our’ personal religious faiths are to remain so. Yet, our current President continues to be beat about the head & ‘persona’ over it, by American jihadists & ‘sharia law-enthusiasts’ committed to & obsessed w/the inner-workings of our homes & our minds, EXACTLY like the jihadists & sharia law-enthusiasts over seas. And President Obama? This poor man is a prisoner of his own ambitions, now trapped by the un-American, anti-Democracy remnants of the last administration which force him to, in order to look strong & in control, appear ‘like’ them (conservatives of the previous administration), forgetting that Liberals do Democracy better than they do war & compared to conservatives, do both extraordinarily better than conservatives. This is what the nation thought we’d be getting, but more often, this seems more a continuation of the previous administration than the restoration of our ‘original’ Liberal/Progressive Democracy, as we thought we had voted for in 2008…

  20. ExRadioGuy15 September 11, 2014

    I’ve developed a philosophy regarding stories like this: unless a Republican politician is a currently-serving politician or running for elected office, IGNORE THEM!
    Since Evil Dick Cheney is neither, ignoring him is the best idea. This also means ignoring Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum and nearly everyone on Fox “News”, the cable TV propaganda arm of the Fascist Republican Party and the Fascism-suborning Libertarian Party.
    By giving attention to these Fascist and corrupt ideologues, you give them more power. On Fridays, when the National Memo puts out “This Week In Crazy”, I share it on Facebook because there’s at least one story in the “bottom five” where a GOP politician or a Republican running for elected office is involved.
    Even the so-called “Liberal” media, or most of them, at least, fail to realize to how much of a superminority these insane and corrupt Fascists cater. Bloviating gasbag/”recovering” drug addict Rush Limbaugh is the perfect example of that. Limbaugh makes the dubious claim of having 15 million “distinct” listeners per week. I believe it is the same 3 million listeners five days a week, hence, the 15 million figure, but, for the sake of argument, let’s say Rushie Righttard does have 15 million listeners…
    The population of this country is roughly 315 million, give or take a million. That means, for every ONE person who listens to his Fascist Reich-Wing Nut Job drivel, there are TWENTY (20) who don’t. that’s less than five percent of the country’s population. FIVE PERCENT, people….if it’s only 3 million “Dittoheads” (dumbasses is a better term) per week, that’s less than ONE PERCENT of the population.
    Seriously, people: why are we letting a huge superminority of Fascist ideologues run the politics and social debate in this country?!? It takes millions of fearful, ignorant and cognitive dissonance-addled followers of a Fascist regime to keep that regime going. Unfortunately, the GOP have several dozen millions of people that fit the bill: GOP Progressives and Moderates. Progressives and Moderates in the GOP are two groups of people within the Republican Party to whom the party’s leadership, the Fascist and psychopathic Cons, refer to as “Useful Idiots”. And, when Progressives and Moderates vote for the GOP, they prove those Fascist and psychopathic Cons correct.
    Evil Dick Cheney is a Fascist and psychopathic Con. But, because he’s no longer serving as a politician nor is he running for elected office, we should everything we can to IGNORE HIM!

  21. Whatmeworry September 11, 2014

    Thank goodness that we still have a seasoned expert on the world like Cheney. There isn’t anyone in the administration that can match his integrity knowledge or gravitas

    1. charleo1 September 11, 2014

      That would be, “Thank goodness,” because Cheney has been consistently correct, or incorrect, as to his prognostications about Iraq? That since we didn’t find WMDs, we’ll just need to take his
      word for it, that Saddam did have them. But he just hid them really, really, well? Or, that by predicting roses would be strewn in front of our troops, by a grateful Iraqi populous. Who would view them as liberators. Cheney actually meant, that since Iraq is a desert country, their equivalent to roses, was actually, celebratory IEDs. they were strewing. Or his other predictions, that the war to disarm Saddam, who was in cahoots with Al Qaeda, and so it was absolutely essential for National Security, to go in guns a blazing. Plus, it would only take just a few weeks, and cost U.S. taxpayers nothing. As the same grateful Iraqi people who welcomed us in, would gladly reimburse the costs. That would, at the very most, amount to no more than a few hundred million dollars. Was what merely amounted to Mr. Cheney making an honest mistake of omitting the last three zeros from an otherwise spot on cost analysis. But, as he contended, whatever the costs, it would be well worth the effort. To rid the World of one of it’s most ruthless dictators, and in the process, create a vibrant, thriving, and stable democracy in the heart of the Mid-East. So, what’s Mr.
      Cheney batting so far?

      1. Whatmeworry September 11, 2014

        Hmmm lets see guess that 100Tons of yellow cake that was flown to the US for destruction was just a mirage, in your world.
        As for Saddam he was far more of a threat than Kadaffi, Assad yet Barak felt we needed to go after them.
        Cheney didn’t arm fund and train radical moooslims that was all Barak who though ISIS was a freedom group.
        It was Cheney that thought he was a great military tactician and directed out troops efforts from the WH that resulted in record causalities.
        It wasn’t Cheney that said that ISIS and their horrific aren’t mooooslims. Cheney called a spade a spade

        1. WhutHeSaid September 12, 2014

          Hmm…it looks like you too are gunning for the Bigot of The Year award. Your competition is pretty stiff in this forum, so let’s give you this bigot exam to test your bona fides:

          President Obama risked his very presidency to order the attack that killed the world’s most notorious terrorist — Osama Bin Laden. During his presidency he has ordered actions that have killed hundreds of top terrorists — most of them Muslim terrorists. Since you obviously lie endlessly about Obama (because he’s black, of course), tell us all why we shouldn’t believe that you are a closet terrorist angry over Obama’s killing of your brethren.

          For bonus points, tell us how many snake flags you have flying in front of your trailer.

          Good luck!

          1. Whatmeworry September 12, 2014

            Risked his presidency?? all he did was risk our troops lives he had O skin in the game. All the information that was used to take down Binladen was gleaned from enhanced interrogation methods that he opposed.
            He has killed some terrorists but has killed more of our troops with his rules of engagement which placed more value on mooooslim lives then our guys.
            Who was it that said that the call to prayer by the Imams was the most beautiful music in the world?? And who said that ISIS aren’t moooolsims??

          2. WhutHeSaid September 12, 2014

            Congratulations — you achieved a perfect score on the bigot test. Didn’t you want to try for the extra points?

            Torture did not provide any information that led to Bin Laden. That’s what the intelligence community said, so why do you think that we’ll be believing your lies? It’s very simple:

            Bush + Torture = No Bin Laden

            Obama – Torture = Bin Laden Sleeps With The Fishes

            ISIS terrorists are no more Muslim than redneck bigots are Christian. Both are headed for an eternity in the lake of fire.

            You are unquestionably one of those vile, despicable, and utterly worthless Tea-Bigots that all of America despises — correct? You could have earned extra points for telling us about the snake flag(s) flying in front of your trailer.

            I’m sure that it’s painful knowing that the black man in the White House is more successful than you in every way possible, but I’m afraid that’s just a bigot’s lot in life. Sorry ’bout your luck.

          3. Whatmeworry September 12, 2014

            I love playing intelligence games with libs they are so ill read its like taking candy from a baby.
            Sorry the CIA and especially the guy tasked with taking down Obama has stated on numerous occasions that it was that information that led them to binladen and that without it he would still be alive today.
            ISIS is in fact a mooooslim organization. No different than Barak being a card carrying socialist who’s agenda for this country is in lock step with Germanys in the 30’s and 40’s. Their leader was also a socialist.
            Your without question one of the 47% who don’t pay taxes and expect those who do donate to your well being.
            As for the clown in the WH I have no desire to be a drug dealer, a bisexual and married to a chimp

          4. WhutHeSaid September 12, 2014

            I don’t recall any guy ‘tasked with taking down Obama’. So much for your ‘intelligence games’.

            There was never any information gained by way of torture that led to Bin Laden. Here is a link to an AP article about the issue. http://news.yahoo.com/senate-report-torture-didnt-lead-bin-laden-161207841–politics.html.

            Naturally those guilty of despicable acts would like to have us believe that they were useful instead of just despicable, but nobody really believes it other than those who just want to believe it.

            ISIS is no more Muslim than you are Christian. Just as Timothy McVeigh wasn’t really a Christian as proven by his vile acts that did not follow any sort of Christian values, so too ISIS terrorists do not follow Muslim values.

            For your information, Nazis were not socialists — they were fascists. That means that they are much closer to the American Tea Party than they are any form of socialism. It’s called ‘fascism’.

            Everybody knows that it’s the redneck bigots who are the biggest freeloaders in America, greedily slurping up the hard-earned taxes of the far more productive workers in the liberal ‘blue’ states. Lying about self-sufficiency isn’t the same thing as practicing it.

            You Tea Bigots have never done anything worthwhile for anyone, and certainly not for America. Everyone knows that you are the reincarnation of the KKK, and you hate everyone who isn’t old, white, and racist. I know that God put rednecks on this Earth to give real people somebody to slap around without feeling guilty, and I hesitate to question God’s will, but vile and despicable Tea Bigots have to be the most worthless assholes on the entire planet. All you people can do is whine, snivel and squeal about Obama incessantly because he’s black and better than you in every way.

            But just remember that Obama is your leader, and you will just be a good little bigot and behave yourself. Nobody is really giving you a choice in the matter. So why don’t you just go back inside your trailer and guzzle some Budweiser, turn on Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo, hump your sister or whatever it is you must do to get your idiotic self to calm down because honestly — real Americans can just barely tolerate you as it is. And for the love of God, please learn how to wash yourself. With soap.

          5. Whatmeworry September 13, 2014

            Your using the Senate report dreamed up by Feinstein??? A hearing and report in which NONE of the CIA operatives were asked to appear. She also REFUSED to allow them the opportunity to review their findings. This was ALWAYS meant to be a hatchet job because of her liberal leanings and hatred of W. Given a choice between Feinstein’s committee and the CIA operatives I’ll go with the experts not some dyke
            Sorry ISIS are bred by their Moooslom faith and this is their religion of peace.
            For your information the Nazi’s all belonged to the National Socialist Workers Party. Its this party that Hitler joined and brought him to power. Their view on govt match barak’s 100%.
            Its Dems and their ilk colored, Spanish and illegals that eat at the public trough and ride in the wagon rather than pushing.
            Dems, Socialist and Communists along with Moooslims are attempting to over throw this country using taxpayers $$ to foment the I’m not being treated fairly crowd.
            Barak will be remembered for 2 things if he finishes his term with out being impeached.
            > Bankrupting this country with over $10T in new debt and another $5T on the way.
            > Insuring that blacks will be returned to their inferior status

          6. WhutHeSaid September 13, 2014

            I an see that I’m dealing with one of the Tea-Bigot ‘unsmart’ crowd.

            There are 12 men and 3 women on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which authored the report. So what you are telling me is that the 12 men have all managed to become ‘dykes’? Eight members are Democrats and 7 members are GOP goobers.

            So you would favor the claims of people who are facing possible actions for misconduct and/or crimes — right? That says volumes about your honesty and integrity — in this case, the lack of it.

            Nobody who commits crimes and violates the principles of a religion can claim to be a follower of that religion. This includes terrorists like ISIS and Timothy McVeigh. It also includes vile assholes like Tea Party members, who are actually much closer to the Nazi mindset than any other group in the US today. Nazis are fascists and racists, like the Tea Party. Both came to be reviled by the entire world because of their despicable hate and vile behavior towards other people.

            Just because Nazi has been translated into National Socialist doesn’t mean that the Nazis are socialists. In fact, Hitler hated socialism, but many people believe that he used the word in the party’s title to trick people into joining the party in it’s early days when it was struggling for power. This too is very similar to the Tea Bigots: The name ‘Tea Party’ was chosen to give the false impression that these bitter bigots were concerned with taxation or patriotism, when the reality is that they care nothing about either. Tea Bigots are some of the biggest advocates for big government spending, and the vast majority of them are living at least partially on public benefits of some kind.

            Of course you will lie about all of this, because Tea Bigots are notorious for being despicable liars. Tea bigots hate having a black President, because it reminds them that they are not at all superior to black people. That’s the whole reason that the Tea Bigots formed their lying, hateful party. The problem for these walking heaps of pigshit is that all the world is sick and tired of them, and they have the lowest approval rating of any group. My guess is that their popularity is about the same as projectile vomit and buzzard shit.

            So the redneck Tea Bigots may whine, snivel and cry about being the losers they are just as long as they otherwise behave themselves. Real people will rightly slap them down when they get out of line, and that’s exactly the reason that God put them on this Earth in the first place. Real people can slap around Tea Bigots without feeling guilty, but they can’t do this to other real people because, well — that just wouldn’t be right.

          7. Whatmeworry September 13, 2014

            No I said Dyke and the term applies to Feinstein.
            I can see you like this blog because everyone here loves and idolizes the Messiah.
            NO republican signed Feinstein’s slanted biased findings.
            No I favor the CIA guy who ran binladen team his name is Sanchez. He even did a 30 minute interview after the movie came out he was explicit as to how and what caused them to find binladen. Enhanced interrogation is not crime especially when it was done to enemy combatants who could have been hung on the battle field with no trial.
            You making a case that says all religions are the same. Ignoring the fact that Mohammed murdered just like the ISIS folks are doing now and that his 1st 2 wives were 5 and 8 a CHILD molestor

          8. WhutHeSaid September 13, 2014

            There is no shortage of examples of murderers and child molesters who call themselves Christians, either. Just what is that issue that keeps rearing it’s ugly head among the Catholic priesthood, hmm?

            Let me ask you this question: Who did you like better — the Muslim terrorist Osama Bin Laden or the Christian terrorist Timothy McVeigh? Feel free to explain why Christians murdering children is better than Muslims murdering children.

            So are you talking about Ricardo Sanchez — the same Sanchez implicated in the Abu Ghraib scandal? It’s interesting that you would pretend to have access to classified information, but not surprising I suppose. But we all know that the fact of the matter is that an intercepted telephone call from Bin Laden’s courier was the big event that led to finding Bin Laden — not torture. And torture didn’t authorize the mission to kill Bin Laden — a black President did that, albeit much to your everlasting dismay.

            Look, I get it: You are full of hate and wish all manner of evil upon people who aren’t like you — that’s nothing new. What IS relatively new is that American society for the most part no longer widely tolerates bigotry, racism, and hate crimes. War crimes are still crimes, and torture is one of them.

          9. Whatmeworry September 13, 2014

            I wasn’t aware that McVeigh founed the christian faith. I’ll have to Google that one because I don’t believe your correct. At least McVeigh had a reason for his actions a President and an Attorney General that thought killing folks at Ruby Ridge for a reasonable action and Waco. Considering that not 1 Fed was brought up on charges for their actions.
            No there was no intercepted phone call from a courier. It was the information obtained under W that resulted in binladens demise. Sanchez is a national hero
            Yes Barak authorized the mission after nixing it 4 other times.
            Unfortunately its guys like you that never wore a uniform or did anything for your country ala Barak that think you understand our warriors and CIA.
            Thank goodness the public had no problem with enhanced interrogation, the reason why Barak and Holder never tried.
            Your also right the nation doesn’t tolerate bigotry and racism hence the end to quotas and set asides . A curse that has finally been lifted by the Supremes

          10. WhutHeSaid September 13, 2014

            Of course you have absolutely no idea what I’ve done to serve my country, but I have no doubt that you aren’t planning on suddenly telling the truth. What I’m certain of is the fact that you are both a coward and pretty worthless to this country — attributes shared by all racists and bigots.

            There absolutely was an intercepted telephone call from al-Kuwaiti that led to Bin Laden, despite your lying. You don’t even have to Google for it — here’s a link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/death-of-osama-bin-laden-phone-call-pointed-us-to-compound–and-to-the-pacer/2011/05/06/AFnSVaCG_story.html#

            You see? I KNEW that you liked Timothy McVeigh. How do you think I knew that? Keep apologizing for terrorists and see where that gets you.

            As for civil rights, just understand that things are only going to get tougher and tougher for bigots, so you may as well learn to plan ahead. There are a number of legal actions being taken by the DOJ against goober states who still haven’t learned their lesson. Believe me, legislation will be enacted to correct bigoted antics. It’s just a matter of time, really. The day of the bigot is over.

            But the real issue that will make life uncomfortable for you bigots is the fact that society is stamping out redneck bigots in every corner of public and private life. Young people today don’t tolerate the antics of bitter old Klan members (a/k/a Tea Party), and with each and every passing day bigots and racists become more and more marginalized. The generation that will one day make European Caucasians an absolute minority has already been born. Perhaps some day in the not-too-distant future laws will be enacted that outlaw simply being a redneck racist, and this country will start storing it’s garbage in the prison system. Who knows?

            I guess it’s really too bad that you are so infuriated that a black man is your leader. Nobody really cares that you don’t like it. Better get your ya-yas out while you still can.

          11. Whatmeworry September 13, 2014

            Cowards and lib cry babies are the hall work of the Dem party better know as piss pants.
            Binladen had stopped using a phone in 2002 so to attribute him picking up a phone and we were able to track it is just hogwash.
            If its choosing between the WashPost /Barak or the CIA I’ll go every time with the CIA.
            Keep apologizing for Obama and see what that will get you a country that is broke and governed by Sharia.
            Justice is taking action you mean FUBU justice just like the clothing line. And your right the bigoted days are over and Barak will be the last one to ever play the race card.
            The good news is that after the election this year Barak becomes irrelevant and that the laws of this country will start being enforce. So that some low IQ moron who has never read the constitution will be able to look back on his 8 years and say “gosh I sure did get to play some nice gold courses”

          12. WhutHeSaid September 13, 2014

            Yeah, that’s the same kind of bullshit talk I’ve always heard from redneck bigot goobers. The problem comes when they realize that talk time is over — then it’s just a pitiful sight to behold. All bigots are cowards.

            I never said that Bin Laden’s telephone call was intercepted, rather, I said his courier (al-Kuwaiti) made a call that was intercepted. The call led to the identity of the courier. The courier led to Bin Laden.

            BTW, that’s Mister Obama to you. He’s your leader, and whatever decisions he makes within the authority given to the President of the United States, you will accept and obey them and that’s that.

            Obama has already kicked you redneck bigots’ asses but good. In fact, he’s beaten you rednecks so badly that he makes you look like a bunch of drunken trailer-monkeys. No matter how much you whine and snivel, he’s the President and you’re not. Oh yes — one more thing: He’s superior to you and he’s black.

            I understand how frustrated you must be: Barack Obama has already achieved more than you ever will. He’s smarter than you, more popular than you, wealthier than you, and he could kick your ass anytime he wanted. See? You were wrong about being superior all along.

          13. Whatmeworry September 18, 2014

            The only monkey that I see is his wife and kids a sad example of African origins. Barak can’t hold a candle to me in IQ. knowledge of the constitution and $$ made honestly.
            The only thing he can lay claim to is his quota achievements and hatred of this country. Now there is no question from your posts that he is head and shoulders better than you but then again you’re colored as well so the bar isn’t very high

          14. WhutHeSaid September 18, 2014

            Well, you’ve just proven who has the lowest IQ around here, and it’s you. I’m not ‘colored’.

            You can’t seriously expect anyone to believe that you are more intelligent than Obama or wealthier. You are just a common redneck bigot — a ‘trailer monkey’.

          15. Whatmeworry September 19, 2014

            Sorry guys e barak are still cutting my grass, detailing my car and picking cotton

          16. WhutHeSaid September 19, 2014

            Obama doesn’t care what you do, little goober — just as long as you do what you’re told. So just behave yourself, boy, or we may have to send Eric out to your trailer to teach you a lesson.

          17. Whatmeworry September 19, 2014

            I do need my car waxed. Have holder come by with the 2 picanneys in the WH and I’ll see how they do

          18. WhutHeSaid September 19, 2014

            I understand: You don’t like getting your ass kicked repeatedly by a black man. Oh well, it’s all part of God’s plan. After all, we couldn’t have people just going around kicking real people’s asses, now could we? That just wouldn’t be right, so we have you rednecks for that.

          19. Whatmeworry September 20, 2014

            Just pointing out what their education has qualified them to do

          20. WhutHeSaid September 20, 2014

            I’m not entirely sure that you would be qualified to shine any of their shoes, but hey — fill out an application and you may get lucky. Who knows?

          21. Whatmeworry September 21, 2014

            If you’ve seen any of the WH pictures his shine box is always near by. He doesn’t want to get rusty

          22. WhutHeSaid September 21, 2014

            Then what are you waiting for, boy? Fill out that application and make yourself useful for once.

          23. Whatmeworry September 22, 2014

            And take a good paying job away from a colored guy? How racist of you

          24. WhutHeSaid September 22, 2014

            Look, I know that you rednecks aren’t qualified because of your inbred IQ, but hey — give it a shot anyway. Who knows? The black man in the White House may take pity on you. He’s probably getting tired of repeatedly kicking your ass — although even I must admit that you rednecks squeal real pretty when you get thumped.

          25. Whatmeworry September 23, 2014

            Barak is a mutt baby not black that’s why he qualifies for the term colored. As for IQ my college grades are head and shoulders better than his

          26. WhutHeSaid September 24, 2014

            Now just stop your lying — you’ve never even been in the same county as a college. Watching Duck Dynasty on your sister’s television doesn’t count as ‘schooling’, in case you were wondering.

          27. Whatmeworry September 25, 2014

            Duck Dynasty would be PHD courses for Barak and Holder

          28. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter September 25, 2014

            But Dan Ketter only has a 10th grade education with a GED. Hardly a college graduate but a low IQ yes

          29. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter September 25, 2014

            Ole dan applied for a SES vacancy several times, but the feds rejected it because of his lack of education (GED) and low IQ

          30. porter September 17, 2014

            Where in the hell are you getting this shit am black am not a Muslim but for some drunk ass white man and I use that term loosely to say that Mohammed first two wives were 5 and 8 show us where you got that information and please don’t make it a site , paper news or poster that said that the holocl. didn’t happen none of your bigot rambling real facts not made up ok

          31. Whatmeworry September 18, 2014

            The Crayon that the moooslms believe in and history. There is a new feature that just came out called google and you can type in a question if your too lazy to do any reading or research

          32. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter September 24, 2014

            Ya don’t say

          33. Dan-Air National Guard Vet September 19, 2014

            Whatmeworrys name is Dan M Ketter, the fat moronic impotent guy in the food stained grey shirt. A retired deck clerk from Ford Motors, and played airman in the air national guard for a couple of years!

          34. porter September 23, 2014


          35. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter September 24, 2014

            That he is!

          36. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter September 24, 2014

            Dannyboy makes it up as he goes!

          37. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter September 24, 2014

            You are dealing with Dan M Ketter, a 66-year old loser bigot from Williamsburg VA. Rejected numerous times for a SES federal appointment, and turned down for a bogus disability claim from his 2-year stint playing in the air national guard. Ended up working a career as a disgruntled non-union desk clerk for Ford Motors for 35 years.

          38. WhutHeSaid September 24, 2014

            Can’t say I’m surprised — that would be about what I pictured. His posts already told us what kind of a mutt he is.

          39. porter September 23, 2014


          40. Whatmeworry September 23, 2014

            my my more ebonics?

          41. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter September 24, 2014


          42. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter September 24, 2014

            Yep, Dan M Ketter is a dumbass

          43. porter September 17, 2014

            hey okay will leave your ass that did marry u alone that is if one was in bred enough

          44. Whatmeworry September 18, 2014

            finally mastered Ebonics??

          45. porter September 20, 2014

            I’m very disappointed in you reply for the future if you wish to engage in any meaning talking points with a person of a more different Racial background . Try to have knowledge of that Racial history. I know this might be hard for you to understand but Ebonics came about as a result of those who were in slaved. As a mean’s to carry on a conversation without the “master” being aware of what was taking place in his or her own backyard. It was a way to plan an escape right under your nose and you not having any idea what was going on. Do you really believed that the slaves were talking about a Chariot coming down to take me home please. let me explain the meaning of that song to you that song was saying that a escape was planed and to get ready. The underground railroad was coming thru the person that started the song was the one that was running away. This was taking right under your nose and here you were thinking that these Ni#### were good boy and girls the next thing your dumb ass knew 10 people had gone up to Canada where if your kind came after them then they were put in jail .I’ll have finish this later but hey even you use Ebonics explain later please take notes for your evening class at K. K.K. U we like to in breed

          46. Whatmeworry September 20, 2014

            Ebonics is nothing more than a coloreds pigeon English and reflects on their inability to learn the common spoken tongue.
            Slaves had their own native languages when 1st brought to this country to learn skills. It was the only time in their history where they could see the use of the wheel, farming, spinning cloth etc as well as a 2 head of household family. Unfortunately after slavery they lost all of those skills and now just rely on the generosity of whites to survive

          47. porter September 23, 2014

            Man I like talking to a person that so stupid that it like telling a two year old not to take a sh*** on them selves ok look dig this before their was a country that called America there was another country called can you say Egypt now see Egypt has been around since oh about 6000 years. Hell Rome maybe 2000 and Greece 3500. I tell you that too point out one little fact that your bigot mind over look there where not any white folk in that area. They were called can you say the Asiatic black man and guess what not only did they knew, about weaving clothe and wheels they even had a invention call a chariot. I bring this up to point out to you that those came as you pointed in your post they had languages and of course that was taking away from them. How do you go about destroying a people it not by raping their women nor is killing the men no dumb ass it about taking away their language that was the point in teaching the slaves English . I really got bad news for you the America’s that’s north and south were name after Columbus navigator and guess what he was BLACK . Damn your living in a country that it took a black man to find. What the hell does that say about you. I told you should stayed with something you could explain like how your daddy is your brother too. Now back to the Ebonics thing that I already told you what was up with that and in your post you point that out. Just for your F.Y.I. the black people I know have jobs house payment , dental bill, and bank account and their not on welfare again you need to check you notes. There are more white people that need some form of help from the govt . then black’s and I will say this in my country the richest . No child should go to bed wondering where their next meal is coming from.

          48. Whatmeworry September 23, 2014

            Black Africa, the place barak hails from NEVER independently developed the wheel.
            Taking away their language?? Their language was derived from chimps and gorillas just watch football on Sunday and their language and culture manifests itself then go to the zoo and its identical.
            Columbus’s navigator was Columbus blacks were used to cook and clean just like they do today in the US Navy
            You may have Told me what Ebonics was in your mind but that is hardly what it was. Its not a language, dialect just blacks trying to mimic pig latin,
            Sorry the welfare roles are 38% colored 37% white. So blacks in this country wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t from white handouts because you can be sure the colored aren’t going to part with 1 penny.
            If some child goes to bed worrying about where their next meal is coming from they should stop their parents fro going to the casino or buying drugs

          49. porter September 26, 2014

            if you would study some other books instead of how to be a dumb ass dead in the water white man no I will not disrespect the white race by placeing you with them oh by the way your wife and daughter they was talking Ebonics last nite as they was taking that black need I say more hey your wife said she;ed been touch in places she never knew she had dude she got tired of you and went black and you know what they say once you go black you never go back why don’t youask her

          50. Whatmeworry September 26, 2014

            White women envy, guess those big lips butts and hairy faces of colored women are a turn off for you. THe only way you could ever find a white women was after you picked the cotton, hoed the fields, wash the mules and fix that buckwheat face

          51. porter September 29, 2014

            Touch did I that good to know do you get tired of your hand hell I bet the palm of your hand freeze and your fingers spasm you know it bad when you as a white man cannot even get a white women to go to bed with you and that’s if you pay her and make no mistake I’m talking about the ones that are like you , A backward ass hick sheet over the head wearing dumb m$$$@@{er if you can’t read betweenthe lines sorry bye for now you daughter calling me she needs to be serve and I’m just the black man to do it

          52. dpaano October 13, 2014

            In order to “play intelligence games,” you have to have some intelligence to begin with…..yours is questionable!

        2. charleo1 September 12, 2014

          100 tons? Source of your bullshit please. And
          source the rest of your ridiculousness while you’re
          at it.

          1. Whatmeworry September 12, 2014

            AF Times. You won’t find in in your copy of the communist daily

          2. charleo1 September 12, 2014

            Sure, 200,000 pounds of yellowcake was found.
            Yet Bush states that everyone thought Saddam
            was reconstituting his nuclear program. But the
            WMDs were never found. No yellowcake, no
            aluminum tubes for for enrichment, nothing.
            You’re posts are full of false, and unbelievable,

          3. Whatmeworry September 12, 2014

            Ahhh but tons were found. The fact that you are tooo dumb to do any research isn’t my problem

          4. porter September 17, 2014

            what does that stand for assume f&*&k wads I mean what

          5. Whatmeworry September 18, 2014

            That your political persuasion is a communist liberal hack

    2. Sandy99 September 11, 2014

      The decrepit old psychopath, who is only alive because someone died and replaced his black heart on our dime, is a nothing more than a vampire who delights in spilled blood and the money it gets him. He should be in prison, not free to roam around giving vile speeches. And, Whatmeworry, the word “integrity” is one of many words that will never be associated with that prick.

      1. Whatmeworry September 12, 2014

        Cheney has one more for this country than your little messiah who has bled this country dry and that will 20 years to repair.
        Barak is the poster child for why Quotas should have never happened and need to be eliminated from our society

        1. Sandy99 September 13, 2014

          Cheney has done nothing for this country except f*** it over. It’s too bad that it took GW all of one term and 3/4s of another to realize what dangerous a-ho** his veep was.

          1. Whatmeworry September 13, 2014

            Sorry Cheney’s contributions over shadow anything Barak and Biden have will do. That’s why they have won hands down the worst presidency in the past 100 years. Wrestling that trophy away from the current owner Jimmy Carter

          2. porter September 17, 2014

            man u got some damn good drugs keep taking them remain in that fog your in oh don’t have a heart attack but the next president of the U.S. will be drum roll please a liberal white with the moniker of can u say Hillary Damn first a black then a women I know your asking what happen it called education can you say education. and just to make it clear a moniker (means name) think about this me am a black man and I have to explain to u that the days of your kind of white man or women in this country is done stick a fork in it we don’t have time for you see all of us on this site well see we’re real smart so smart in fact that we check ours unlike you see bush and cheney they stole the first election thank to Jeb IN FLA did you happen to see bush when he said he wasn’t afraid that he would lose there wonder how he knew and the second if you remember that was right after 9/11 see u don’t know your history we Americans never change president in the middle of war

          3. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter September 25, 2014

            He’s a dumbass

    3. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter September 25, 2014

      Thank goodness that we still have a seasoned expert on the world like Barack. There isn’t anyone in the administration that can match his
      integrity knowledge or gravitas

  22. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

    WHY in the WORLD is anyone giving credence to traitor, “deadeye dick” cheney? It’s the republican’s “Bread And Butter!”
    What’s the matter, repub stooges…, no brains?
    The man is a traitor to his OWN country, for Pete’s sake!
    He REALLY needs to be locked away in a “booby hatch” for some of the absolutely off the wall remarks he has made.
    “POT calling KETTLE,” cheney….

  23. howa4x September 11, 2014

    Cheney should have been indicted for collusion since he gave his former company Halliburton, which he was CEO of a no bid 6 billion contract for the Iraq war, and no one has investigated how Black water made billions.

  24. GREG SIMPSON September 12, 2014

    Does any one find it ironic that we have Cheney blasting Obama a day or two before the 13th commemoration of 9-11? And that bastard acts like 9-11 never happened and the Bush-Cheney team or anyone else in the administration has never been held accountable? And he has the gall to criticize Obama on Iraq. I just get so feed up with this guy and the statements he has made over the years, one in particular stands out in 2004 election were Cheney stated that if a democratic was elected the U.S was sure to be attacked. I don’t recall anyone saying excuse me MR. VICE PRESIDENT IT WAS DURING THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION THAT WE WERE ATTACKED.

  25. charles king September 18, 2014

    I think the President of these United States, Obama and his Admin are doing What? ever is necessary for our Country. I like their Critical Thinking approach that they are using in these times of Crissis. They did some critical thinking during the 2012 election, if you recall, the President was re-elected. The people did some re-capping and re-elected President Obama, so sit tight Folks, I think the President and his Admin will handle this problem just like they have since being in office. Keep up the good work and disregard all of that “Sound and Fury”, Which? sighfy’s NOTHING!. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING P. S. Keep an eye on those Plutocracts(commissioners) they are over your States.


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