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ISIS: Republican Reaction To Obama Speech Reveals Much — About Them

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ISIS: Republican Reaction To Obama Speech Reveals Much — About Them


Within minutes after President Obama concluded his strong and sensible address explaining how he intends to destroy ISIS, the so-called Islamic State terrorist organization, Republicans popped up on television like political snipers. He should have kept a “residual force” in Iraq, complained Senator John McCain (R-AZ), and he is to blame for ISIS advances. He sounds just like George W. Bush, gloated former Speaker Newt Gingrich, and he is reluctantly enacting the advice of Dick Cheney.

None of those remarks was accurate, but the falsehoods revealed once more the irrepressible Republican impulse to slur a Democratic president – even when the nation faces a serious security threat. In this instance, as the president attempts to unite us and bring together a broad coalition of allies, their behavior is worse than inappropriate. Indeed, were the roles reversed, the Republicans would surely describe such conduct as unpatriotic.

When the roles actually were reversed, as the anniversary of 9/11 might remind us, Democrats rallied immediately behind President Bush and his plan to attack the Taliban and al Qaeda. Even while Republicans scurried to lay blame on former president Bill Clinton, the loyal Democratic opposition stifled obvious questions about why the Bush White House had done so little to thwart those who attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. As American soldiers went into Afghanistan, those questions would, years later, await the 9/11 Commission (which Bush and Cheney furtively attempted to derail).

Dissent is always to be valued and protected in America, but the instant Republican attacks on Obama’s speech scarcely qualify as principled criticism. After all, the president is already hitting ISIS with airstrikes, as most Americans now believe he must, and has vowed to extirpate that barbaric and blasphemous gang. Unless the Republicans want to urge a wholesale re-invasion of Iraq – which they know would be politically suicidal – there isn’t much for them to dispute in the president’s announced strategy.

Substantive debate over tactics and strategy isn’t what Republicans do any more. Rather than contribute constructively to the policy process, they blather on and on about mistakes and gaffes that can be marked against the president. Some of those alleged errors, such as his decision against arming the Syrian opposition, are matters for serious argument. Others, such as Senator McCain’s contention that we could or should have left a “residual force” in Iraq,  preventing the rise of ISIS, are not.

As noted here months ago – when the Arizona Republican made the same redundant claim – both the Iraqi government and the American public clearly wanted U.S. troops out of that country. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the divisive Shia sectarian then leading Iraq, refused to provide legal immunity to U.S. troops. That triggered the Status of Forces Agreement signed by President Bush in December 2008 that required complete withdrawal by January 1, 2012.

Would a remnant force of U.S. soldiers have stopped the rise of a new Sunni insurgency, led by jihadists, under the divisive Maliki regime? That seems a doubtful assertion, no matter how often or how angrily McCain says so. What seems considerably less arguable, however, is a simpler thesis: Without the invasion of Iraq, ISIS would never have been spawned.

The neoconservatives who promoted that ruinous adventure have loftily advised us all not to reargue the decision to overthrow Saddam Hussein and occupy Iraq. Their desire to avoid accountability for an historic blunder — still costing so many lives and so much treasure — is understandable, if not quite honorable. But if they want amnesty for themselves, they might stop trying to frame President Obama for the awful consequences of their misconduct.

AFP Photo/Saul Loeb

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

    On this day, and after one of the best foreign policy speeches ever delivered by President Obama, it is important for all of us to present a united front at a time when Americans living and working abroad, and our global interests, are being threatened. There are times for partisan politics and nit picking speeches or policies, this is not one of them.
    Regardless of who or what precipitated the latest terrorist threat, the fact is that we must deal with it as a united nation rather than as a front limited to one branch of our government and a segment of our population.
    The strategy revealed by President Obama last night highlighted international consensus, the implementation of a new and inclusive Iraqi government that represents all segments of the population in that culturally divided country, and limited but robust American military action designed to at least weaken the effectiveness of ISIS, regardless of where they hide.
    Congressional approval, in the form of a continuing resolution is imperative, and so is public support.
    Those who long for a large physical presence in Iraq and boots on the ground in Syria should consider the fact that doing that plays into the hands of radical fundamentalists such as ISIS, who need crusaders in their Holy Land to justify their excesses, seek support, and financial aid from radical Islam.

    1. Harold L. Harris, Sr. September 11, 2014

      I totally agree.

    2. Blueberry Hill September 11, 2014

      I so agree with you. We need to present an American united front to these terrorists, time for our own terrorists to just shut up.


  2. johninPCFL September 11, 2014

    McCain seems like he just can’t remember that the reason we completely left Iraq was the agreement signed by GWB as he was leaving office. Maybe it’s time for the nursing home?

    1. FireBaron September 11, 2014

      McCain also can’t remember what he had for breakfast this morning.

    2. Harold L. Harris, Sr. September 11, 2014

      John McCain is still fighting the Viet Nam war. I personally think he feels responsible for the outcome because as a POW he divulged classified information. He need to get past the Viet Nam era and live in the here and now. I also think he is still pouting over his loss to Obama in 2008. This man lives in the past with limited recollection of actual events.

      1. FT66 September 11, 2014

        What suits McCain now is to hand him one DRONE. That may be will reduce his talking. The man is really annoying.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2014

    When any elected official or party of elected officials undermine the presidency of the United States, they are guilty of treason. Read your Constitution. No other leader in the free world has had to deflect the obstruction and degradation so publicly that it encourages anti-American sentiments globally AND seeks to demean the highest office in the land as the GOP has done and, with such forceful militancy and brutality.

    It’s time to call the GOP out on the carpet, address this blatant treason and to teach them what all Americans have placed the highest value upon: Unity. Obviously, the GOP today believes it can side with the enemy and get away with it so long as it demeans, degrades and obstructs this president. The big problem with these GOP twits is that when they do this, they show the entire world their disloyalty to the country allowing them far too much disrespectful, irresponsible freedom.

    It’s long past time for the GOP to stop undermining this president. Their most widespread lies and BS is that this president is “indecisive.” That BS is based on the fact that this president refuses to make decision based on the rule of the GOP.

    Call them what they are…traitors.

    1. mike September 11, 2014

      Baloney!!!! Traitors, my eye!!!
      Obama has been pushed and pulled by the American People to get a back bone and act against ISIS. He has been disengaged or reticent in the face of international crisis. He makes it worse with remarks like “no strategy” or his actions of playing golf after meeting with press about beheading of Foley or his opposite positions of destroying ISIS and then saying making ISIS “manageable”.
      The majority of Americans don’t trust him on this issue and many others, he has vacillated on this subject has lied about his JV comment not being about ISIS, which the WP gave him 4 Pinocchio’s.
      Look at ABC/WP this Sunday:
      -7-10 Americans rate the economy negative in bad shape
      -55% say Obama has divided country, 25% of democrats, 60 of independents, 90% of republicans share this assessment.
      -On immigration Obama has a 31% approval rating
      -38% approval international affairs
      Many Americans see a man really not committed to the fight. This would still not be on his radar if it had not been for the beheading of two Americans. This is going against every fiber in his body. I hope he does have the commitment and has my support but I still don’t trust him.

      1. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

        What’s YOUR solution, you lying redneck?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2014

          The reds all want to be members of ISIS…the gospels they all preach prove that. They haven’t a single shred of unity for their fellow Americans. They’d turn the rest of us into Bible Thumping, Gun Toting, Bully bait in a heartbeat.

          1. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            That’s probably why every single goober I’ve asked to opine on Obama’s raid on Bin Laden has refused to approve of it.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2014

        Read your Constitution. In fact, I will provide the specific article for you…The one you and your narrow minded BS artists like to ignore most: Article I, Sec. 7…”Every order, Resolution, or vote to which the Concurrence of the Senate and House of Representatives may be necessary (except on a question of Adjournment) shall be presented to the President of the United States and before the Same, shall take effect, shall be approved by HIM or being disapproved by HIM shall be repassed by two thirds of the Senate and House of Representatives, according to the Rules and Limitations prescribed in the Case of a Bill…So…rightie…the President has the ultimate right to know what Congress and Senate are doing and why….Hate that don’t you Joi Boi..

        Now as to Treason..Article III….Sec. 3..Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying Wars against them or in ADHERING TO THEIR ENEMIES, GIVING THEM Aid and Comfort.

        Who gives more aid or comfort than the GOP to our enemies by publicly demeaning their own president?

        Try again American Terrorist. Your bashing is BS.

        1. mike September 11, 2014

          Name the traitor/traitors. and specially how they betrayed the country.
          Produce the treasonous acts, if you are going to say any criticism is an act of treason then you are nuts.
          Produce the treasonous acts other than freedom of speech and the right to speak ones mind.

          1. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

            I can name one who posts right here, on our very own National Memo. KennDeb wished for the assassination of President Obama at the hands of terrorists a couple of days ago. That, my friend, is treason and would have resulted on a knock on their door in the not so distant past.

          2. Blueberry Hill September 11, 2014

            Hopefully, there will be a knock on the door soon. These home grown terrorists should be sent off to Gitmo.


          3. edwardw69 September 11, 2014

            You’ll notice that he hasn’t got the guts to do it, himself.

          4. mike September 11, 2014

            He is a fucking idiot if he said it, and doesn’t represent the vast, vast, vast majority on the right.
            Dom, as you know I have caught you with several untruths in the past.
            Dom, go read her first sentence “When any elected official or party of elected officials undermine……..” My point was expressing legitimate disagreement with any presidential position is not treason.
            I asked her to name those that have been treasonous. What elected officials or party has committed treason.

          5. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

            My best friends, and several members of my family are Republicans. I never heard any of them, or for that matter people like you, say anything that comes even close to what Kenndeb said.
            I don’t have a problem with disagreement, or even expressions of partisanship, but I draw the line when people wish the assassination of a President, regardless of party affiliation, record, or vision.

          6. mike September 11, 2014

            No argument here. It is wrong, it is unnecessary, and quite frankly it is un-american. No matter how much I think he is a worthless leader he is our leader and will be until 2016. I will continue to show his faults.

          7. bikejedi September 11, 2014

            I would ask Dom … as I did above why he and the left didnt speak up when Liberals were making films depicting the assassination of Bush

          8. mike September 11, 2014

            Dom, doesn’t like to defend his remarks but loves to make outlandish statements. Some of his post can be good but he will never admit he is wrong no matter how much documentation you give him.

          9. bikejedi September 11, 2014

            I agree . I will say unlike people such as Russell Independent Whutshesaid and Eleanore … Dom is reasoned and remains civil . He will never admit when he is wrong choosing to spin like a Jay Carney and he will never admit when his logic is flawed but he is civil and intelligent

          10. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            Most of the time, but most here are rabid jackals.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2014

            kenndeb is not an intelligent person. Merely a hugely bias one whom I suspect is a closet racist. Notice how all of kenndeb’s posts all berate, belittle, demean and disrespect the office of the president of the United States with only THIS president? That’s a coward in racist skin.

          12. Dominick Vila September 12, 2014

            I agree. The real reason for his overt expressions of hatred are obvious.

          13. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

            Whoa! Whoa there, Mike. “Vast vast majority on the right?” Are you you talking the TOTALITY of the “MINORITY” party that “call” themselves republicans? Your party IS a “minority” in proportion to the number of Democrats. And it SCARES the pants off of you, doesn’t it? No WONDER the “weird right” is working so hard to screw up the American voting system with your whines and bologna!

          14. bikejedi September 11, 2014

            Melinda .. Does it bother you that there isnt a State in America that self identifies as Liberal .(google it ) . Not even the most blue States .. We are being ruled by a minority who know how to buy votes ( Public Unions Entitlement voters ) appeals to Illegals to vote and blocks any attempt at a validated election process by blocking Voter I D … By the way two recent Liberal polls show that Americans want Voter ID (72 % in one and 80% in another google it ) … so who is whining … I am quite sure that whining is a Liberal trait

          15. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

            Let me ask YOU something bikejedi. Why is it that the republican states are the poorest and least educated in the country? Why is the love of money and pleasing your corporate buddies more important to you than the welfare of the American people? Why is it that republicans sit on their pathetic behinds and do nothing but complain and have NO ideas on how to fix the problems that this country is experiencing, but rather would spend their time ‘attempting’ to disavow, disgrace, and bring down our country and our President with some of the most outrageous lines of bologna in twenty years? You sit there and whine like a mule, but offer nothing but your whines? Shame on you and your ignorance. The gop depends on boobs like you to perpetuate their dishonest and traitorous ambitions and you eat it up like candy and beg for more. Talk about being led about by the nose! You republicans have that concept down pat!

          16. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            Great post!!! Right on the nose!! Thanks!!!

          17. bikejedi September 12, 2014

            I notice you didn’t even attempt to answer anything I posted ( hint because you cant .. because I am right and you probably googled it ) Unlike you I will answer everything you asked . I don’t know where you get that Republican States are the poorest . While there are some States like West Virginia ( where Obama killed the Coal industry ) that are struggling and a few States like Mississippi that have been traditionally poor that isn’t the case across the Country . Red States such a N Dakota have the lowest unemployment and are attracting jobs left and right .. Lets talk about the Texas Miracle under Perry ..All those jobs leaving Blue States like Illinois for a more favorable business environment .. Oh and those aren’t burger flipping jobs .. The Average Starting salary for the jobs created under Perry is over 16/hr in a state that has no State income Tax and a cost of living half of Illinois ( go to politicalmath,com for a breakdown ) Meanwhile Illinois is venting all of its jobs to Indiana and Wisconsin .. How about that Scott Walker .. Lowers taxes and has a budget surplus .. He has attracted over 30,000 jobs mostly from Illinois

            Next your talking point about Republicans being obstructionists is a LIBERAL LIE fed to you from LIARS like Obama and Harry Reid .. To wit .. there are 352 bills from the House on Harry Reid’s desk that he wont even allow a vote on in the Dem controlled Senate because he knows a lot of them would pass . Of those bills 98% passed the House with Bi Partisan Support . 55 of them were put forth by House Dems . Meanwhile Harry Reid wont allow a vote and he and Obama get away with labeling the House as obstructionist’s when the exact opposite is the truth and borne out by the facts . But the Dems know their base well and they know you don’t bother to be informed or are too dumb to interpret the information that is readily available from the Congressional record ( like I just did )

            I haven’t whined once and I thought we had already ascertained that as a Liberal trait

            You then accuse me of being ignorant when you are unaware of who is blocking votes You are so unaware and ignorant that you don’t know that it is you who is not only being fed a pack of lies but ignorantly repeating those LIES . You would think any Intelligent person would start to question the Talking Points she is being fed when she idolizes rulers who LIE outright .. Does If you like your plan you can keep your plan ring a bell .. Or how about You Tube for Benghazi ( I bet you used that one yourself judging by the way you fell for that Republican are obstructionist LIE ) You eat it up like candy from Obama who has proven himself a Pathological LIAR … It’s a shame that one of the few Dems that can read believes and repeats lies when she is one of the few with the ability to read the Congressional record herself

          18. JPHALL September 15, 2014

            Have you ever visited a non red site for information. Just because two states have experienced a jolt to their economies since fracking became common does not counter years of economic statistics even from Republican administrations proving you wrong. You can find this information disproving your contentions spanning several decades.

          19. Melinda Killie September 18, 2014

            And “I” notice that you STILL have your head up your own ass and STILL spouting your nonsense that no one would answer. You spout your bullshit, like every other dumb republican/tea party clown, but have nothing to back up your bullshit. LOLOLOL! Keep squealing, you goofy loser…

          20. bikejedi September 18, 2014

            Did you notice yourself ??? Because you just answered it . You do notice that I was able to respond and answer everything you spoke on . I was able to refute what you posted with FACT and LOGIC .. I was able to do that without calling you names .. Meanwhile you prove true what EVERYONE knows about Liberals . You are woefully under informed , immature , intolerant , and hypocritical . You cant refute a single thing I posted you just hate those who are informed so you call them losers … Seems you described yourself .. Hahahahahaha

          21. Melinda Killie September 19, 2014

            First of all, bikejedi, bullshit and lies ARE NOT facts and logic. Second of all, you wouldn’t know what the TRUTH was if you sat on it. LOLOLOL! I just LOVE to see you repub/tea party assholes get all steamed when you spout all of your bullshit and then get pulled across the carpet for it..

            Keep whining, bikejedi..

            I am SURE you will..

            Please DO. The laughs at your and your repub/tea party idiot pals are ENORMOUS and growing!


          22. bikejedi September 19, 2014

            This is beyond funny .. So much so that I copied and pasted it on my fb page ..You know , just to showcase the low information level of the left and how when you cant debate you just go for immaturity ..So let me translate once again .. You cant dispute or refute a single FACT I posted and you think I’m looking laughable ?????.. Bwhahahaha.. My friends want me to ask you if along with your information level… if you look like Debbie Wasserman Shultz They want me to tell you it wasn’t me short stabbing you last night so don’t take out your frustrations on me . They say to blame what ever feminine Liberal boy you are seeing .. By the way that wasn’t me trying to insult you it was just a request to ask you a question .. Just so you know I dont go in for immaturity or intolerance … I also dont suffer fools so with this I will say good day to you…. and I hope you can find a sex life

          23. mike September 11, 2014

            Are you talking about the BIG, BIG 6% spread of registered voters between the democrats and republicans. Yes the dems have a slight lead but not what you fantasize about. Or the 42% who are now registered Independent. Since Obama has lost the majority of Independents the numbers look quite different. Latest data shows independent likely to vote republican.

            No, the democrats are not the majority party but another minority just like the republicans.

          24. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

            Slight lead my eye, Mike. A BIG lead as far as numbers go and it scares the pants off of you and your republican moron pals.. Good luck perpetuating your bologna. Most of the country stopped listening to your
            bologna long ago. The only ones that “hear and obey” the traitorous, republican mewls now are members of your OWN “minority” republican party.. LOLOLOLOLOL! Thanks for the laughs, Mike! We can ALL
            depend on boobs like you to put your big feet up your OWN chocolate whizway and entertain us all with laughs at YOUR expense.

          25. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            I think Mike is right. The dems are , thankfully, on the ropes, unless they win by fraud again. There are many just like me that once supported this regime, especially after 8 years of Bush. We woke up to find that what we had voted for was all lies. I truly hope that we will never see another liberal in office ever again. This is America, not some communist utopia. The democratic party has turned into something that I no longer recognize. Once the republicans take back congress, and we get the communists out of our white house, we can get back to healing our country.

          26. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            Liar. You never supported the democrats, unless it was back before the KKK converted to the GOP. You shameless bigots must know that you aren’t fooling anyone, so honestly — why tell that lie?

          27. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            I see your parents are away again, and must have left the basement door open so you could sneak up and get on the computer.

          28. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            I can’t tell if your ‘ken’ parts or your ‘deb’ parts are dominant tonight. Perhaps you are swinging both ways?

          29. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

            Keep deluding yourself with your own particularly ridiculous bullshit delusions, mike. They are the pinnacle of why the gop are going to lose their asses in elections for the next decade.

          30. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            Not Mike

          31. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

            Yes, Mike. And you too, kenndeb. Bigger, warmongering, bigoted, babbling, foolish, idiot morons this forum has NEVER seen than you two republican clowns.

          32. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            Sorry again. Not a republican, but a democrat.

          33. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

            Bullshit, kenndeb.. But the word that best describes you and mike best is “traitor.”

          34. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            Traitor is someone that goes against their country. Traitor is someone that takes an oath to support and defend the constitution, then does neither. Traitor is someone that follows a tyrant.

          35. Melinda Killie September 12, 2014

            Traitor is an idiot like you who does EVERYTHING in their power to lie, scheme, bull crap, and undermine this country and its people. Fits you to a tee, kenndeb. Like a glove. Your posts here point that out vividly.

          36. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            I want nothing more than to see my country restored to its former glory. Once liberalism is declared a mental disorder, and all you people get the help you need, we can start repairing the damage that has been done by your illness.

          37. Melinda Killie September 12, 2014

            How, kenndeb, by involving us in more wars based on lies, starting world war III, and destroying us all? No thanks, kid. You republican bologna peddlers HAD your chance and you blew it back in the days of reagan, bush I and baby bush. I don’t think you are gonna get many takers blowing smoke up everyone’s skirts, but you just keep peddling your hilarious bologna, kenndeb. Does my heart good to see idiots like you drive themselves the REST of the way in the ground with their OWN stupidity.
            AHHHHH! Life is GOOD! ROTFLMAO!! LOLOLOL!

          38. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2014

            kenndeb…when do plan to admit you hate the president because he isn’t white like you?

          39. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            I don’t care what color he is. I do care that he is a lying communist that has taken part in destroying our country.

          40. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2014

            You are a ball faced liar. He isn’t a liar or a communist. That would be YOU. You lie and can’t prove a single word you post. Prove in a court of law the president has lied..You just say he a liar to hide your closet racism. To you anyone with skin not your KKK white is a liar and can’t be trusted. You fool no one with your BS.

          41. Melinda Killie September 18, 2014

            You republicans ARE INDEED traitors, kenndeb. You have done EVERYTHING in your power to bring down this country and her President and you ALL need to be either deported to somewhere where your dumb tactics might be more applicable (say Iraq), or be strung up with piano wire for your crimes right here in the good ole U.S.A. Sooo.., when are you leaving? Might as well. You have dug your own political graves in this country with your stupidity already, and covered yourselves over.

          42. kenndeb September 18, 2014

            I am a democrat, not a republican. I have been betrayed by the person I , unfortunately, helped elect, and my party. The democrats have become communist. I more closely identify with conservatives now, and we are the ones that seem interested in keeping our country AMERICAN. Many of us are veterans, who have fought for this country. We all took an oath to support and defend the constitution, not some illegal usurper. We ARE America, and will fight for her, just as we have in the past. What will you do? And you have the audacity to call us traitors. So sad there are those that call themselves Americans like you and your ilk.

          43. kenndeb September 18, 2014

            I’m a democrat, or at least was, until I was betrayed by my party that has decided to fold to the communist liberals. I more closely identify with conservatives now. Conservatives seem to be the only ones still interested in saving our country. We are the patriots, certainly not a bunch of communist liberals. Many of us are veterans, that have fought for this country. We all took an oath to support and defend the constitution, not some illegal usurper. We will continue to fight for our country, as we have in the past. What will you do? You have the audacity to call us traitors, when in reality, it is people like you that are treasonous, and very anti American. How can you stand yourself? You have betrayed this great country.

          44. mike September 11, 2014

            We will wait and see in November.
            PS: there is a big difference between registered voters and likely voters.
            Mid-terms are historically about voting against the party occupying the WH and especially in the 6 year this is true. With Obama’s pathetic looking polls it could be a good year for Republicans.
            I tell you what it the dems gain in the house and keep the senate I will never get on NM again. But alas, I think I will be around.

          45. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            Getting rid of the worst liar in the history of The National Memo might be enough to ensure 100% voter participation. Of course you aren’t very good with word definitions, are you?

            Methinks you should retreat to your trailer and clean yourself up before sashaying out in public again. A little soap never hurt anyone — give it a try!

          46. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

            As I said before, America has stopped listening to the gop bull crap bologna, mike. DO keep your poor delusions; because when push comes to shove, the traitor actions of the republican has doomed them to last place in elections for the next decade or more. LOLOLOL! Again, thanks for the laughs at YOUR expense, mike. A nuttier fruitcake than yourself I haven’t seen in a while. You ‘attempt’ to blow smoke up everyone’s skirts with your bologna, but ALL you are really accomplishing (if you do accomplish anything, which “I” HIGHLY doubt) you are whistling up your OWN chocolate whizway again.

          47. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            America has gotten wise to both parties, but with all the lies the liberals and this regime have been caught in, the republicans will win. Now if we can get the RINOs out and conservatives in, we will start the long road of repairing the damage done over the last couple of decades.

          48. mike September 12, 2014

            We will wait and see if the American people are not listening to the GOP. In 7 weeks America will speak. Good luck!!!
            All that post and not a coherent sentence. My, My!!
            The laugh is on you!!

          49. Melinda Killie September 12, 2014

            The bulk of the country doesn’t agree with you, mike, but as I said.. keep your poor delusions. Delusions and bull crap is ALL the gop has left…

          50. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2014

            You jokers of the right can’t seriously think Middle Class Americans will allow you right wingers to run this country into the ground like Bush did in just 8 years. The GOP has nothing to offer…and oh ..by the way…did you catch yet another GOP dipshit in trouble in this morning’s NY Post? I understand your oh so intelligent Tundra Tootsie Sarah Palin got into a drunken brawl, along with two of her kids, Track and the Dancing with the Stars darling..Her old man ended up with a punch in the nose from the hosts. But, just like all GOP liars, Palin lied and said it never happened, even when one of the guests of the party came forward and said they “SAW IT”…is that how the GOP asshats win elections? Lies, lies, and more lies?

          51. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            I find it interesting that the dems send me at least two dozen emails a day begging for money. I do get some requests from republicans, but only a fraction. Then again, I am a registered democrat. Duh.

          52. neeceoooo September 12, 2014

            I said this before and I will say it again, you are not a democrat, never have and never will. So quite trying to convince us that you care about anyone but yourself.

          53. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            You are the biggest liar posting in The National Memo.


            Mike the disgruntled redneck will continue to lie about Obama (because he’s black, of course) no matter how many times you prove him wrong. He’s a drooling bigot and just can’t help it, so don’t waste your time on him.

          54. bikejedi September 11, 2014

            Great post

          55. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            As stated many times now, I never said anything about assassination. I just commented how most of the worlds problems would go away if the regime were to disappear. I see now why some say liberalism is a mental disorder. It also seems to be incurable for most.

          56. mike September 11, 2014

            I hope you didn’t use those words because no matter how bad he is our president and we must let his miserable legacy stand.
            Plus, Dom likes to tell lies!!!

          57. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            The word assassinate, or any derivative of, has never been used by me in any post except for those saying that I did not use that word. I did suggest an impossible scenario where all or most of the regime would meet a bad fate, but this POTUS would never put himself anywhere there was a slightest hint of any danger. Besides, his Muslim buds would never hurt their golden goose in the white house.

          58. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2014

            Enough with your Benghazi BS…Reagan was guilty of worse. 271 attacks in his administration globally..Where the hell was your bitchy boi routine then?

          59. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            I have never said anything like that. I merely suggested a beneficial scenario for our country. I want to see the Emperor arrested for treason, tried, then executed.

          60. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            Keep talking like that and we’ll have to send Eric out to snatch your bigoted little ass out of your trailer and teach you a lesson.

          61. bikejedi September 11, 2014

            No one listens to you .. Not even Liberals .. they think you are stupid and nuts … thats why even they dont back your drivel

          62. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            And more lies!! Is that all you know how to do scumbag???

          63. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            Why is everything that you do not agree with a lie?

          64. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            Yeah, you just keep on telling yourself that, BikerBitch.

            BTW, you must be infuriated that Obama is going after ISIS. I know how much you admire Muslim terrorists. Almost as much as Christian terrorists like your hero Timothy McVeigh, right BikerBitch?

          65. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

            Oh yes you did, and most of us read it. There was no ambiguity whatsoever in your comment. As for your comment being beneficial to our country, I would say that the assassination of a President is only beneficial to lunatics like you.

          66. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            Just how stupid are you people? I now see two threads on this rag that has talk about an assignation threat that never has existed. When has a POTUS ever gone into an active combat zone that is unsecured? NEVER. My comment about how IF he, Biden, Pelosi, Holder, Reid, and all the liberal communist we have in government were to disappear how great it would be for our country. I would include scary stupid people that can misconstrue and twist anything into what they want it to say. In other words, good little liberals. No wonder you people blindly follow an illegal Emperor. You are too stupid to know any better. I DO NOT want to see the Emperor assassinated. To be very clear, I want to see him arrested, tried for treason, then publically executed on live network TV. I could go for most of you hateful rabid jackals joining him. IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH FOR YOUR VERY SMALL MINDS?

          67. Dominick Vila September 12, 2014

            Keep back pedaling Ken. That may help your legs, but it will do nothing for your brain. You blew it, you showed your true colors…and you know it!

          68. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            And I had a pet rock that wasn’t quite as dumb as you. You assigned your meaning to my comment, nothing more. You would not know a truth if it bit you on the ass.

          69. Dominick Vila September 12, 2014

            Keep digging Ken. I am not the only one who read your post. To their credit, even conservative posters in this forum distanced themselves from what you said.

          70. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            Yeah Dom. Only YOU have read the comment where you assigned meaning and definition which stated that I was planning a coup. Start taking your meds again bud.

          71. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            As far as me threatening anyone. I don’t hurt or kill anything anymore, unless it is a threat. I catch flies and spiders to put outside so my wife won’t kill them. Unless you are a direct threat to me or mine, I pose no danger to any living creature. It’s too bad you people are so quick to judge someone you do not know, just because of differing beliefs. I am so glad that I no longer identify with democrats.

          72. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

            No Ken, we don’t hate people whose beliefs are different from ours. We hate people who make idle threats against the life of an incumbent President and who believe he is an usurper because of his ethnicity.
            FYI, many of us have Republican friends and close relatives, including people who are very close to us.
            In any case, thank you for saving the lives of insects, I wish you would exhibit the same concern about the life of those you wish dead.
            You can back pedal all you want, most of us read your post and understood what you said.

          73. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            Yeah Dom, you do hate anything you do not agree with. I have stated before that his color is of no import, only his actions. Anyone that lies as easily as he does does not deserve any respect. Insects seem a whole lot more rational than many on this site. And I NEVER used the word “assassinate”

          74. Dominick Vila September 12, 2014

            No, you did not use the word assassinate, but it was implied in the statement you made, wishing the President would go to the Middle East for terrorist to deal with him.
            I don’t have a problem with most insects, I have a problem with people who threaten those they hate, and then backpedal hoping people will forget what they said. Be a man and stand by what you said, or at least try to explain the meaning of your statement in a way that is believable, and if it was your wife, you may want to tell her to focus on insects instead of making remarks that may get you in serious trouble, even after deleting them.

          75. kenndeb September 12, 2014

            So now you are saying I deleted my comments? I see you are using a tried and true liberal method of when faced with a truth, lie your ass off. Good strategy, but still a lie.

          76. bikejedi September 11, 2014

            great comment

          77. bikejedi September 11, 2014

            And when W was President Liberals made documentaries ( art films .. whatever they want to call them ) depicting the assassination of Bush .. Where was your hypocritical outrage then ? Wasnt it Jefferson who said when tyranny becomes the rule it is every Patriots duty to defy it ??? I’m paraphrasing of course .. Dom face it Eleanore and her rant are not worth defending

          78. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            He wasn’t talking about your trailer park, so just relax little goober.

          79. Dominick Vila September 12, 2014

            Since I never saw, or even heard, of art films depicting the assassination of Bush, I can’t comment on your claim. Are you referring to the alleged attempt by Saddam Hussein to assassinate George H.W. Bush?

          80. bikejedi September 12, 2014

            I think it may have been one of that Liberal Hypocrite Michael Moore’s movies but I may have to do a google search . Any way I think you may have already answered the question and I do’nt think you would condone that either . Dom though we don’t agree on much I would never call you dumb and you always remain civil .. Some of the people you defend ( like Eleanore and Independent ) don’t deserve you trying to defend them as most of what they post isn’t worth defending nor is it defensible

          81. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            I really can not say often enough just how crazy scary stupid you people are.

          82. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            You’re obviously looking in the mirror when you say that!!!!!!!!!!

          83. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            No. That scary stupid remark is for you and the other rabid jackals here.

          84. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            Liberals and progressives are not the people who keep pushing for legislation that cuts spending to programs which people depend on to even live while gladly pass legislation that channels billions of dollars to companies that are already making billions in profits.

            We are not the people who have refused to expand Mediacaid which studies show results in causing people to die prematurely due to the lack of healtchare.

            We are not the people who constantly talks about starting wars knowing full well that doing so will result in hundreds or thousands of American soldiers dying.

            We are not the people who run states where people die years younger prematurely because of our failed form of goverenance.

            We are not the people who run states that have the highest incidents of violence in Americxa, including deaths by all types of instruments including firarms.

            Talk about being scary – anyone who choses t o live in a red state should be scared to death!!!

          85. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            IF you actually have read any of my posts, I don’t think much of republicans either. Both parties are corrupt and need to be revamped. We need to rid ourselves of career politicians. They are only out for themselves. However, the liberal way is ruining our country. We can not afford to take care of everyone. People need to take responsibility for themselves. Government handouts need to stop. We need less government and less programs that enslave people to welfare.

          86. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            Sorry, America is not shangri-la. People, even those who have worked hard all their lives encounter set backs and need help from time to time. The “liberal” way is to create programs for the times when people need help – unfortunately, it’s the conservatives whose policies more often than not put and keep people in low income or no jobs which constantly forces people need the programs that liberals create expecting folks to only need them temporarily. When some type of hardship comes along.

            That’s why GOP-governed states are the states of poverty (20 of the 24 with the most of it are red states); the need for welfare (12 of the 15 states that suck the most welfare are red states) and that includes food stamps (more than 75% of food stamps go to people living in red states).

          87. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            I do tend to think your data is wrong, just because most “facts” from the regime is manufactured. I do agree that social programs are important as a safety net for those that need it, but it has become a way of life. I once knew a girl whose family was on welfare. She was directed by her parents to go get pregnant so they could get more money. That mindset has prevailed in the current system. It needs to be changed. Perhaps having people actually work for their money would be a good idea. If you get public assistance, you need to work for it.

          88. tntlimited September 11, 2014

            Hey Mike, I can name the traitors, and their acts: George Bush and Dick Cheney committed treason…when they outed CIA agent, Valerie Plame! They tried to blame it on Scooter Libby, Cheney’s Chief of Staff. But Bush pardoned him, and that was after he went on national TV and said that the outing of a CIA agent was a serious crime, and that he would get to the bottom of it. That was just one of the treasonous acts perpetrated by the war criminals, Bush/Cheney!!!

          89. mike September 11, 2014

            Get to know your history. My God how uninformed you are.
            Dep. sec. of state depart Richard Armitage revealed to Bob Novak about Plame during an interview. Not Bush or Cheney.
            Bush did not pardon Libby.


          90. elw September 11, 2014

            You do not think he was under direction of the White house or does that only happen under this President because this president has been blamed for everything that happened on his watch.

          91. mike September 11, 2014

            Read the article and you decide.

          92. tntlimited September 11, 2014

            Mike: The Armitage to Novak connection was just one of the leaks. The special prosecutor was ready to indict Cheney, except Scooter Libby threw himself on the sword instead. I watched Bush on TV when he was exclaiming what a serious crime the outing was. I think you are right, it wasn’t a pardon, but a commuting of the sentence. Either one had the same effect. It made a liar of of Bush who was protecting Cheney and himself…I know my history…and I know what traitors they both were!

          93. mike September 11, 2014

            Name the other leaks.
            Produce the documentation.
            Traitors-bull roar.

          94. tntlimited September 12, 2014

            Hey Mike: Here’s a leak or two for you…The whole set up was planned treason by Bush and Cheney. They outed Valerie Plame in order to discredit Joe Wilson. Joe Wilson had reported Bush’s lies about yellow cake uranium being acquired by Saddam Hussein. If you don’t think what they did is treason, then you are just another Bush/Cheney coward clone…willing to send other people’s children to die in a war you created with lies!!!

            Accordingto Special Counsel PatrickFitzgerald,Libby first learned of ValerieWilson’semployment at the CIA in early June 2003 from VicePresident DickCheney andproceeded to discuss her with six other government officials in thefollowing days and months before disclosing her name toreporters JudithMiller andMatthewCooper

          95. mike September 12, 2014

            Document the leaks!! Show the leaks by giving articles showing the leaks, not just hearsay.
            I guess you have access to all the records that have not been made public, Right????

            Here is the definition of Treason.

            Your scenario sure doesn’t fit the definition.l

          96. tntlimited September 12, 2014

            Mike: I included a statement by the special prosecutor, Fitzgerald. The statements below were taken from the investigation, but since you will not believe any facts except you own misguided ones, I don’t expect that you will admit these are the truth either…

          97. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            When are you going to stop believing these RWNJ websites???????????

          98. mike September 11, 2014

            When are you going to stop editing your posts after getting caught with lies.

          99. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            Are you serious? After all of the lies you told in the topic http://www.nationalmemo.com/gops-fear-higher-voter-turnout/ ?

            Anyone who wants to see a professional-grade lying bigot in all of his despicable, sleazy glory can click on the link to witness your utter defeat and nauseating lie-fest.

          100. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2014

            Traitors? Bush? Cheney? masterminding a war? Republicans questioning the Executive branch’s right to do their job? Interferring with the president on behalf of Big Oil who doesn’t belong in the Mid East or the US for that matter.

            When you can’t shut your clap yap and only seek to undermine the presidency, that’s considered treason. What about the Constitution don’t you morons with beak noses, no brains and big mouths get?

            You’ve had your fun bashing this president. Now, we will demand you take accountability for the president YOU voted twice for in 2000 and 2004…We will and do hold you accountable for the MESS your GOP made of this country in just 8 years…8 million out of work from 2004 to 2008, uninmaginable war debt so Halliburton could amass $350 billion in taxpayer dollars and then move offshore to avoid paying taxes on those profit.

            There may be some who will soft sell their anger at men like you. I am NOT one of them. Now…get your lazy red state ass busy and break a sweat…None of your GOP thugs do. So it’s up to you Joi Boi.

          101. neeceoooo September 11, 2014

            You are amazing

          102. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2014

            I’m no more amazing than the majority of Americans raised to respect their president and their country. Traitors always side with the enemy, either by covert tactics to divide the country and the people or by their insanity of sociopathic gospels of hate and disunity. Sound familiar?

          103. neeceoooo September 12, 2014

            very true

          104. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            Here’s a list of 14 of them who met the night of Obama’s inauguration AND PLOTTED HOW THEY COULD SABOTAGE THE AMERICAN ECONOMY DURING OBAMA’S 1ST TERM!!

            FACT 1. In Robert Draper’s book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives” Draper wrote that on inauguration night, 2009, during a four hour, “invitation only” meeting with GOP Hate-Propaganda Minister, Frank Luntz, the below listed Senior GOP Law Writers literally plotted to sabotage, undermine and destroy America’s Economy.

            FACT 2: Draper wrote the guest list included:

            The Guest List:

            Frank Luntz – GOP Minister of Propaganda
            Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
            Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)
            Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA),
            Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX),
            Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX),
            Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI)
            Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA),
            Sen. Jim DeMint (SC-R),
            Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ-R),
            Sen. Tom Coburn (OK-R),
            Sen. John Ensign (NV-R) and
            Sen. Bob Corker (TN-R).

            Non-lawmakers present Newt Gingrich – Failed GOP candidate for President

          105. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            And here’s proof that the meeting took place. Newt Gingrich admitted it in an interview with Al Sharpton:

            FACT 3: Newt Gingrich confirms meeting took place in an interview with Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation on June 12, 2012

            SHARPTON: In fact, let`s go to a book that Mr. Draper wrote about the night of the inauguration. There was a meeting at a hotel near the inaugural ball, about a mile away … He writes about that night the plan was to show united and unyielding
            opposition to the president`s economic policies … And Draper writes that you told the group — you, Newt Gingrich, “You will remember this day…you will remember this day the seeds of 2012 were sown.”

            If there was a commitment from day one, before he ever took a seat behind the desk of the Oval Office, that everyone was going to obstructhim, then what he`s done has been almost nbelievable, against those kind of odds, Speaker Gingrich.

            NEWT: The first is, it was an important meeting and I was glad and honored to be part of it … I said to Callista when we left the hall — because we were at the Capitol for the inaugural. As we left, I said, you know, if he sticks to the kind of moderation and bipartisanship he`s been describing, he will split the Republican Party. He`ll govern like Eisenhower and he`ll get reelected. Now this is — this is the inaugural day.

            SHARPTON: I`m glad you admit you had it.

            FACT 4: Two months after Paul Ryan’s covert meeting where they plotted to sabotage the US Economy, in March 2009, Rep. Pete Sessions said Republicans should follow the model of the Taliban in its battles against President Obama.

            In the March 2009 interview with National Journal Rep Sessions said:

            PETE SESSIONS: “Taliban Insurgency, we understand perhaps a little bit more because of the Taliban. Insurgency is the way they went about systematically understanding how to disrupt and change a person’s entire processes. And these Taliban — is an example of how you go about to change a person from their messaging to their operations to their frontline message. And we need to understand that Insurgency may be required when [dealing with] the other side”

            ~Rep Pete Sessions, March 2009 to National Journal

          106. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            Do you have sources that are not from the regime or a liberal website?

          107. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            Go fly a kite!! Evidence of this meeting is all over the web – do the work yourself scumbag!!!!!

          108. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            NO No.. Anytime I post something, they are all lies because I do not have regime sponsored sources, or a link to a good liberal website. Your turn. PROVE IT…

          109. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            You’ve never published one SANE post in all your time on the NM!!

          110. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            Insanity as defined by Einstein was repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results. Sounds a lot like the democrats. Liberalism is , according to some, a mental disorder. I tend to believe that from what I have seen on this site. I know there are tens of thousands that read this site, yet only a handful of regular posters that are just crazy, scary stupid. And my posts are not sane?

        2. itsfun September 11, 2014

          Are you saying that anyone that disagrees with Obama is a traitor?

          1. elw September 11, 2014

            That is not what she is saying and it is not what the right is doing. There is a big difference between honest disagreement and using lies and manipulated information to prove your point and to get what you want. The GOP in Congress has been open about their need to undermine this President from the get-go. That goes beyond simple and honest disagreement.

          2. itsfun September 11, 2014

            Do,you mean manipulated information like “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” or ISIL is just a JV team? Obama has the least transparent administration ever. He told the GOP in their very first meeting, that he was now the President and for them to get used to it. He let them know it would be his way or the highway.

          3. elw September 11, 2014

            No I mean like pushing lies based on nothing more than desire to cause problems; Like the string of them in your comment. Out of context, based on misinformation and anger. As far as what you claim the President said to the GOP in their very first meeting, well, I have no idea if the President said that to the GOP or not, what is clear they have never gotten use to having a Black man in the White house and never will. If he actually said that (which I doubt), I do not blame him, I said that to a number of people myself.

          4. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            All of that is a blatant LIE!! Obama DID NOT LIE!! He was deceived by the CEOs of more than half a dozen major insurers who said that they would honor the ACA legislation, but when ACA came effective, they did everything but honor it- and falsely cancelled policy in a way that made it look like it was ACA’s fault that they were being cancelled!!

            And no other president has been as transparent as Obama. No other president has run a website from the White House that allows citizens to post petitions, that allows residents to become involved with giving input on issues facing the president; on taking part in internet discussions of issues and on and on. A great deal of what the President is involved with and actively doing, including videos of meetings and workshops are available for viewing.


            Just like the rest of the RWNJ trolls on the NM YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!!!!!!

          5. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            The Emperor lies about EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, that seems to be a trait the liberals have embraced.

          6. bckrd1 September 13, 2014

            Project much? What am I saying? Of course you do.

          7. exdemo55 September 11, 2014

            Are you ready for November?

          8. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            Ah, November. The time when America will start the long process of regaining our country back from the liberals.

          9. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            Hey isn’t that what you said last time? And the time before that? Hermaphrodites sure are confusing critters!

          10. Ed Portela September 21, 2014

            It was the insurance companies that deceived the president and broke the law ….
            Independent1, you are (always) soooo gullible.
            Obama was deceived ! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haa, haa, haa !!!!!
            Not even you believe that pure, unadulterated crap.

          11. Independent1 September 21, 2014

            Laugh all you want clueless – because THE LAUGH IS ON YOU!!

            You’re just another of those clueless Americans, the majority of them in RED STATES, who allowed the insurance companies to get away with ALL THEIR LIES!!!

            Special Investigation: How Insurers Are Hiding Obamacare Benefits From Customers


            And here’s another one on how insurers were trying to hoodwink their insured base:

            Don’t Let Your For-Profit Insurer Pick Your New Health Care Plan


            And here’s another one which shows how they lied not only to Obama but to the American public:

            The revenge of the insurance industry


          12. bckrd1 September 13, 2014

            “Do,you mean manipulated information like “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”

            You realize it was the insurance companies that pulled that stunt right?

          13. itsfun September 13, 2014

            no it wasn’t Obama even said he always knew some would not be able to keep their doctors and/or insurance plans.

          14. bikejedi September 11, 2014

            That is exactly what she said but consider the source

        3. mike September 11, 2014

          Name those elected officials or party that has done treasonous activities, very simple.
          When it is against the law or Constitution to be critical of the govt.??

          1. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            WHOOP!! WHOOP!! WHOOP!!

            LIAR ALERT!!! LIAR ALERT!!!

            Please be advised that a rabid, bigoted redneck goober liar has been spotted in the area. This bigot has been known to spin whoppers with a dangerously high bullshit content.

            If you detect a toothless goober approaching with rapidly flapping jaws, close your ears and seek cover IMMEDIATELY.

            This has been a priority alert from the National Bullshit Warning System.

          2. Ed Portela September 21, 2014

            WHOOP!! WHOOP!! WHOOP!!
            NINCOMPOOP ALERT !!! M*R*N ALERT !!
            Whut the ignorant (again) broke away from his chains in his mother’s basement !!!

          3. WhutHeSaid September 21, 2014

            Escaped the trailer park for the day to frolic about amongst the rhetorical dog-turds? Don’t forget to wash yourself. With soap.

          4. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            I gave you the list of 14 of them: Gingrich, Cantor and 11 other idiot legislators along with a totall dummy who met on inauguration night to plot how to sabatoge our economy- THAT IS TREASONOUS!!!!!!!!!

          5. mike September 11, 2014

            Here this may help you with the definition of Treason.

            It sure doesn’t fit the scenario you are calling treasonous.


      3. elw September 11, 2014

        Yes and while you are looking at those polls check out what Americans think about the GOP and the Conservative Right. Their marks are even lower.

        1. mike September 11, 2014

          But then look at the rest of the poll. Likely voters, 47% to 44% republican-democratic race. Historically, it democrats lack a double digit lead with registered voters they are at risk.
          Independents are 47% to 35% republican.over democrats.
          69% say economy in bad shape
          Only 42% say Obama doing a good job. Slightly worse when one uses clearpolitics.
          65% country going in wrong direction

          He will be a drag on mid-terms unless he gets the vote out, how will he do that?

          1. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            Are you still spinning your bigoted lies? Haven’t you learned your lesson yet, you shameless, lying redneck?

          2. elw September 11, 2014

            You are so concentrated on proving how bad the President is because of his numbers – but they are still double digits ahead of the those for the GOP. You guy said the same things during the 2012 election and how did that turn out. Every election depends on getting the vote out – even for the GOP, so what is your point?

          3. mike September 11, 2014

            If the implementation of Obamacare had happened before 2012 Obama would have lost.
            Now we know he is a liar, untrustworthy, and a very poor leader.
            I guess those numbers didn’t sink in for you, the right is more energized to vote than the left. He has lost the millennials, independents have moved right and when the ABC/WP polling shows a 52-42 percent margin saying Obama’s presidency is more of a failure than a success the mid terms do not look very good for the left.
            Obama is an albatross around the neck of the democratic party.

          4. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            “Now we know he is a liar, untrustworthy, and a very poor leader. ”

            And you know that how?? I’ve already posted for you a couple articles which show that ACA is not only saving people’s lives, it’s saving even red states millions of dollars. IT’S YOU THAT’S THE LIAR!!!

          5. elw September 12, 2014

            You do realize that you are just picking information and numbers that prove to you what you want to believe. Of course you don’t. As far as how energized the Right it, that energy has been used against their own party with an internal war that is clearly hurting the GOP

          6. mike September 12, 2014

            So I’m just picking what I want, Right????
            All the major polls are showing an uphill battle and risk for the dems. this midterm, especially in the 6th year of the guy in the WH. Historically, the president loses even more
            Oh, but he running, not on the ballot, but he is running. It is his agenda and policies that are motivating this election.
            Obama is president not Cruz or Rubio. Duh!!!
            Worry about your own party and its problems and we will worry ours.

          7. elw September 12, 2014

            How defensive can you get? So you admit you have problems.

          8. mike September 15, 2014

            Defensive!!! Really!!!
            Not half the worry that the dems have with Albatross Obama around their necks, pulling the party down.

          9. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            Say why are you overlooking the fact that while Obama’s favorable rating has stayed consistently between 44-50% over his last 5 years, by this time in his 2nd term, Bush’s favorability was in the low 30s.
            Why are you conveniently ignoring that??

            And why aren’t you pointing out that of the 52-53% of unfavorables, 37-39% of those are of course every Republican!! So Obama’s true unfavorable rating is about 15% out of the 61-63% of Americans who aren’t Republicans!!!!!!!!! That’s actually a pretty good ratio!!!!!!!!

    2. kenndeb September 11, 2014

      Perhaps IF we had a president instead of an Emperor that ignores our laws and constitution? We should be removing and trying those in this regime for treason. Hopefully it will happen, sooner than later would be best.

      1. Grannysmovin September 11, 2014

        Please how has he acted as an Emperor? What laws and what part of the constitution has he ignored? When Bush/Chaney/Rice lied to Congress and the American people about WMD did you demand they be tried for treason? When Reagan and Bush took action through Executive Orders where you calling for their removal and that they acted as an Emperor? Why are the standards different for this President than they have been for any other President in our history?

        1. kenndeb September 11, 2014

          How about trading Bergdahl for 5 top terrorists that are now most likely, part og ISIS? That was contrary to our constitution, yet the Emperor ignored the law. Obamacare changes like the weather when it suits the Emperor. First amendment, second amendment, 4th amendment rights are al being eroded away under this regime. This regime has been deemed the worst since WWII, and the most lawless. Why is this different? Maybe because we have an anti American communist in our White House. Having an American as President would certainly help things.

          1. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

            You are an imbecile and a traitor. Negotiating the release of American hostages and prisoners is one of our greatest traditions. There is nothing in the Constitution or our laws that prevent pursuing the release of American prisoners or hostages. Your “most likely” claim is a manifestation of desperation.

          2. itsfun September 11, 2014

            The law says he must go to congress before he can make the deals to trade prisoners for Americans

          3. JPHALL September 11, 2014

            That is not the Constitution. It is only a law meant to stop Obama from closing that prison in Cuba. If there are no prisoners, the prison no longer serves a purpose and should be closed.

          4. itsfun September 11, 2014

            I never said anything about the constitution.

          5. JPHALL September 11, 2014

            The original comment did mention the Constitution to justify his comment about one of the so called crimes of Obama, specifically the Bergdahl trade. You jumped in the conversation correcting Villa. I continued educating your right winger’s misconceptions. Subject: Re: New comment posted on ISIS: Republican Reaction To Obama Speech Reveals Much — About Them

          6. Ed Portela September 21, 2014

            Dom: ” … an imbecile and a traitor”??!!
            How unbecoming of you.
            Come on, you can do better than that.
            Tsk, tsk, tsk …

          7. Dominick Vila September 21, 2014

            Believe me, I regret having made that statement, but there are limits to how much we can endure, and reading a call that, in effect, hopes for the assassination of a U.S. President at the hands of terrorists is one of them. I don’t mind political disagreement, or people who honestly believe in a different approach to problem solving, but what Kenndeb said was beyond what most people would say, including most of the Republicans I discuss issues with in this forum.

          8. Grannysmovin September 11, 2014

            Please your arguments are Faux News and “Alex Jones” talking points. Where have your 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments been eroded away? Again you hold him to higher standard than Reagan and Bush – you know Iran-Contra, “the Bush/Cheney administration released or
            transferred 532 detainees from the prison at Guantanamo Bay, and U.S.
            intelligence agencies believe 171 of those people – about a third –
            “re-engaged” in the fight against the United States.” Please provide the proof that he is not an American.

          9. jmprint September 11, 2014

            you are a mentally sick TRAITOR!

          10. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

            AND “I” will answer the last part of your traitor post, kenndeb. The republican LIE about President Obama not being an AMERICAN is bullshit and YOU damn well know THAT lie was outed long ago as bullshit… Thanks for the laughs though, kenndeb..

          11. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            With s few truth, and so many lies from the emperor, I tend to believe he is not a legal citizen. Perhaps if his entire life was not sealed, secret, or fabricated, many would not have reason to doubt his legitimacy.

          12. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

            PROVE your allegations or hush, kenndeb. You have NO legal means of proving your bologna. The President SHOWED his Birth Certificate. Your bologna story was outed long ago as just that.. bologna.. Got anything else, kenndeb? By the way, birth records cannot be obtained by anyone other than who the certificate is for. (Unless a parent is getting one for a small child.) The birth certificate IS legit, your bologna is rotten, the lie was outed long ago, and you have nothing more than lies and whines, and the MAJORITY of the country has moved on to more important issues than the republican bullshit whine.
            Tough Tiddlewinks!

          13. itsfun September 11, 2014

            I would bet the reason he refuses to release his college transcripts is that they will show he went to college on a foreign student only scholarship.

          14. JPHALL September 11, 2014

            So why haven’t anyone else outed him on that? I am sure that if that claim was true someone would have exposed the evidence. This is just the last grasp of a lying group of haters. Try keeping something like that a secret. What a loser and idiot you are if you belief that nonsense.

          15. itsfun September 11, 2014

            All he has to do is release his transcripts.

          16. JPHALL September 11, 2014

            Why should he? He released is Birth Certificate and that did not satisfy you nuts! It is always something else must be done for you lying right wingers. Subject: Re: New comment posted on ISIS: Republican Reaction To Obama Speech Reveals Much — About Them

          17. itsfun September 11, 2014

            Why shouldn’t he?

          18. JPHALL September 11, 2014

            Answer my question, then I will answer yours.

            Subject: Re: New comment posted on ISIS: Republican Reaction To Obama Speech Reveals Much — About Them

          19. Ed Portela September 21, 2014

            itsfun: I can’t believe this idiot’s reponse: “Why should he?” THAT’S precisely why the low-life Dems will get their collective asses KICKED come November/14 AND November/16:
            Because of their dishonesty.

          20. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

            LOLOL~ None of your business what his transcripts are, Itsfun.. Keep digging the bottom of your bologna barrel. You seem to be scraping for all it’s worth now. That dumb lie about Obama was put to rest long ago. Only the desperate, like yourself hang on to those bull crap lies. Thing is, it’s idiots like yourself that is killing the republican party and will be the death of you in elections for the next decade. Better think on that, before you continue to perpetuate the bull chips you are throwing and ‘attempting to blow more bull crap smoke up everyone’s skirts. Continue at your own (and your dumb repub party’s) peril,itsfun…

          21. itsfun September 12, 2014

            its the business of every American citizen. His eligibility has never been put to rest. How many social security numbers does he have? Calling names will never make the questions go away.

          22. Grannysmovin September 12, 2014

            Cruz – mother natural born American citizen, father born and raised in Cuba, Cruz born in Canada and has dual citizenship, however he claims he is giving up his Canadian citizenship. No one questions his eligibility to be President.

            Obama – mother natural born American citizen, father born Kenya, Obama born in Hawaii (or if you are a birther born in Kenya). Conservatives after 5 years still question his eligibility to be President.

            Please explain why one is eligible and one you consider possibly ineligible.

          23. itsfun September 12, 2014

            People have and still are questioning the eligibility of Cruz.

          24. Grannysmovin September 12, 2014

            Perhaps someone should tell Cruz and the Koch Brothers his eligibility may be in question.

          25. Ed Portela September 21, 2014

            Simple, because Cruz never lied.
            As for Obama, ………

          26. Grannysmovin September 21, 2014

            No he just distorts the truth or tries to re-write History, or waste time and money reading Dr. Suess.

          27. Melinda Killie September 12, 2014

            It’s bullshit and no one is even listening to anything about it, itsfun. The world has moved on and you dumb republican/tea party idiots remain neanderthals. LOLOLOL! No one is surprised… You can’t help that you are a moron. It’s just the way you and your dumb ass, “minority” repub party get by.
            Keep your poor delusions, itsfun. By the time the election has come and gone, you will STILL be sitting there on your indolent ass, whining and wondering what happened that you dumb repubs lost your behinds again.. LOLOLOL!

          28. itsfun September 12, 2014

            My goodness, what a silver tongued devil you are. Have you checked the polls lately?

          29. Melinda Killie September 12, 2014

            I HAVE indeed. Have you, itsfun? The Democrats are STILL leading over you republican pig droppings in the battleground states. Good luck peddling your pig crap, itsfun. Watching you republicans lose will bring a BIG OLE SMILE to the bulk of the country’s voters. Have a nice day contemplating on that… lolololol!

          30. itsfun September 12, 2014

            You are such a sweet talker.

          31. Ed Portela September 21, 2014

            itsfun: It is absolutely ludicrous how “Dependent1” states, without ANY consideration towards the TRUTH, that “Obama’s transcripts are not sealed.”
            And then, to “prove” his (false) assertion, he then proceeds to quote what several professors (supposedly) said about him. Those quotes, Dependent1 dummy, do NOT constitute “academic records”. They are just that, quotes.
            …. But then, DemocRATS would not fault Obama even if he were found to be a child molester (It would be the child’s fault !!)

          32. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            And more lies itsfun?? Obama’s transcripts are not sealed. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School.

            An excerpt from a college publication:

            Although Obama generally refrains from
            discussing his time at Harvard Law School, the president blossomed into a leader and teacher during his three years in Cambridge. “Harvard was, for Barack, a place to reflect, to learn and to reinforce his already very considerable skills and insights,” Law School Professor Laurence H. Tribe ’62 said during the presidential campaign four years ago. “He was definitely one of the leaders and shining lights in our year,” Adkins said. “He knew exactly what he wanted and went about getting it done,” Law School professor David B. Wilkins ’77 said during Obama’s first campaign for president. “He was the kind of person who you knew was destined for greatness.”

            Adkins describes Obama as a bright, engaged
            student with impressive intellectual ability. .During an introductory constitutional law class taught by professor Kathleen M. Sullivan, who now
            teaches at Stanford, Obama would consistently engage Sullivan with clear, pointed questions that challenged her interpretations. Students, therefore,
            dubbed the course “the Obama-Sullivan Debate Class,” Adkins said.

            “He was clearly an enormously bright fellow, who
            wasn’t arrogant,” Miner said. In fact, Obama was eager to share recognition with his fellow students and strove to include his fellow students in dialogue, instead of merely showing off his
            superior knowledge. Obama “wanted faculty and other students to see that other people in the classroom had good and interesting and provocative ideas,” Ogletree said. Obama felt that other students contributed to a collective answer, formulated from the layered input of all the class members. “He was as much a teaching assistant as he was a student,” Ogletree said. Obama could have pursued a career in academia had he not chosen to dive into politics, Olgetree said. Obama graduated from Harvard magna cum laude.

          33. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

            In addition to President Obama being a natural born citizen by virtue of the fact that he was born in Hawaii, which the last time I checked is still part of the USA, there is the inconvenient fact of his mother being born in Kansas. If Republicans believe Sen. Cruz is eligible to run for President because his mother was born in the USA, why is President Obama an illegal? Don’t bother to reply, I think we all know the answer.

          34. Ed Portela September 21, 2014

            Yep. And why does Obama NOT want his academic records released?
            Don’t bother to reply; I think we all know the answer.

          35. Dominick Vila September 21, 2014

            Probably because no president before him was asked to release his academic records, or two versions of his birth certificate.
            Then again, I suspect that nobody was interested in seeing W’s C-average papers, or McCain’s record which indicates he graduated second from the bottom of his class. So who does the GOP go after? A modest man who, against all odds, became president of the Harvard Law Review, a Senator, and an outstanding President.

          36. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            Only a complete asshole would oppose rescuing an American soldier from terrorists. If he did anything wrong — which has not been proven — it’s up to AMERICANS to mete out punishment — not terrorists. You are a disgrace — even for a hermaphrodite.

          37. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2014

            kenndeb…check Reagan..he traded 271 for arms in IranContraGate..You have a very very very selective memory, don’t you? And, you can add Bush ’41’s contributions to Iran ContraGate too…this has been broadcast on TV in documentaries about both Reagan and Bush ’41..So..do tell us ..why was Sonny Bush’s most important duty in 2001 to shred all evidence about his father’s involvement with Iran ContraGate?

      2. BillP September 11, 2014

        There you go again liar. List the treasonable offenses, those are real not what you trolls love to pass off as unconstitutional offenses. Name the supposed laws he has violated. Your calling the president an Emperor is just more of your infantile behavior. Grow up.

      3. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

        Perhaps if the NM editors acted as they should, after you wished for the assassination of a President of the United States at the hands of terrorists, our ability to project a united front in the face of a threat to our national security and global interests would be far greater than it is.
        The comment you made was not only offensive, it demonstrated a level of hatred so intense that it bordered on high treason.

        1. FT66 September 11, 2014

          kenndeb is missusing “freedom of speech”. He doesn’t understand this also has the limit. Talking/writing without filtering words, has consequences. I doubt whether he is aware of this!

          1. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

            I doubt they understand the meaning or the spirit of rights, such as freedom of speech. There is a huge difference between disagreeing with the policies and actions of a President and wishing he was assassinated by terrorists.
            I suspect their wishes are a reflection of hatred, so intense, that even a feeble attempt to be civil and pragmatic are seen as evidence of appeasement or unacceptable concessions. To their credit, none of the other right wing posters in this forum have gone even close to what Kenndeb said.

          2. itsfun September 11, 2014

            I didn’t see where Kenndeb said he was wishing for an assassination, but he wanted Obama tried in a court. I probably have read 50 or more times on here how people want George Bush tried and tossed in the slammer. Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives are always going to have different opinions on just about every law made. I don’t agree with or like the idea of wishing for anyone to be killed, executed, or to drop dead for any reason.

      4. tntlimited September 11, 2014

        Bush and Cheney are the ones who should have been tried for treason!!!

      5. jmprint September 11, 2014

        blah, blah, blah

      6. Nathaniel September 11, 2014

        Are U sure U’r living in the same world & timeframe as the rest of US? The ’emperial’, ‘lawless’ ‘treasonous regime’ U speak of was the previous administration to Obama’s & in fact, left an entire lawless platform that was forced upon THIS administration that President Obama has yet to surgically remove the nation from!!! Note how we’re reverting backwards, into war, instead of forward – as President Obama PROMISED – in advancing a broad agenda of Democratization, to deal w/fundamentalist, religious crazies globally. It seems the conservative ‘fundamentalist crazies’ in our own country have their own agenda & want to make sure Obama follows it to the ‘T’…

      7. elw September 11, 2014

        You are lying to the wrong bunch of people. We know better. Shame on you.

    3. Garmin Woods September 11, 2014

      “When any elected official or party of elected officials undermine the presidency of the United States, they are guilty of treason.”
      Then about half of the politicians for the last 230 years are traitors.

      “encourages anti-American sentiments globally”
      Travel a bit. While anti-American sentiments abound globally, they have little to do with what goes on inside our country.

      “..what all Americans have placed the highest value upon: Unity.”
      Really? Not my observation. Americans don’t seem to value unity much at all. At any given time, roughly half of the populace thinks the other half are twits. Not wrong, necessarily – lol – but certainly not unity.

      “It’s long past time for the GOP to stop undermining this president.”
      Maybe it’s long past time for us to stop letting the GOP idiots monopolize our political energy. Spending so much effort fighting their “widespread lies and BS” seems to validate and encourage them. I wonder if our preoccupation with Republican shenanigans does more harm than good.

      1. mah101 September 11, 2014

        That last is an interesting point. We should think about that…

        1. neeceoooo September 11, 2014

          that is a very good point!!

      2. joe schmo September 12, 2014

        I’m in agreement with you until you get to your last paragraph. Blame game doesn’t wash. Now if you would have said both sides are at fault then I would have agreed. If anyone is monopolizing political energy, it is your side.

        By lies and BS….If you have traveled as much as you say you have then you would also see that our political system is not working at the moment. Remember, we have checks and balances for a reason. We are not supposed to lean tooooo far to the left (which in this day and age borders on Communism). I have also traveled extensively and I have family in Europe. I know all too well about the European way of life as well as American. What I have observed in my lifetime is the fact that way too often Americans have blinders on and are led around by the nose by their media and their government. It’s important to have an open mind and not get too sucked in by what your thing are ‘widespread lies and BS.’

        1. Garmin Woods September 18, 2014

          “Both sides” are definitely fault ridden. I didn’t mean to suggest otherwise. Both Republicans and Democrats thrive on “widespread lies and BS” (which BTW was not my phrase but Eleanore Whitaker’s). In fact, it was Whitaker’s comment that inspired mine. Blaming the GOP for Democrat failures is not only absurd, it is counterproductive. And that was my point. As long as Democrats continue to accept blame game rhetoric like Whitaker’s, we will continue to fail at developing and enacting liberal policies that will make a positive difference in the lives of Americans and the country as a whole. We fail because we’re preoccupied with validating and encouraging Fox News and Rush Limbaugh by “fighting” them. And the Tea Party? Give me a break. I have yet to hear a legitimate excuse as to why 100 million Democrats can’t outwit, outmuscle or outmaneuver 10 million Sarah Palin fans.

    4. tntlimited September 11, 2014

      Amen, Elanore, you said it perfectly! It is good to see the truth in this column!

    5. jam September 11, 2014

      Exactly what I’ve been saying for at least four or five years. Thank you for putting it so clearly.

    6. Whatmeworry September 11, 2014

      I’m glad you pointed out that Barak was guilty of treason most libs won’t do that

    7. bikejedi September 11, 2014

      The latest NBC/WSJ poll shows only 1 in 3 now support President Obama’s handling of foreign policy. (32% approve, 62% disapprove) But have no fear, O is to make things peachy keen tonight with his “big speech” on ISIS. Here’s what O should say: “Fellow Americans, I’m truly sorry. Sorry for: a) The Russia “reset button” b) My Latin America apology tour c) My Cairo speech d) Ignoring the Iranian freedom movement e) Scrapping the Eastern European missile defense system f) Banning the words “radical Islam” & labeling the Hasan murders as “workplace violence” g) Rejecting the advice of my military advisors by pulling ALL troops from Iraq) h) Supporting the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood i) Libya/Benghazi j) My promise to Russia to be “more flexible” after my re-election k) My empty Syrian “red line” threat l) Ignoring the CIA warnings about ISIS for more than a year, instead calling ISIS the JV & m) The border So to future presidents wishing foreign policy success: Piece of cake! Just study all that I’ve ever done … and do exactly the opposite.

      1. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

        You forgot to mention how you disapprove of Obama targeting Osama Bin Laden.

    8. joe schmo September 12, 2014

      Bullshit Eleanor. There will always be dissension between parties on one side or the other. The important thing is that Government entities can still come together with some form of diplomacy to make everyone, at least, somewhat happy. That is the most we can hope for. Treason doesn’t even come into play. ….And look who;s talking about ‘anti-American.’ What is American about you people? In a free society there is always criticism on both sides. We have a first amendment right so we can say what we want without the stipulation of endangering or hurting anyone. Words are just words. Nothing more. Problem is the President cannot handle criticism. In the field I’m in I have to withstand being criticized all the time so I can take it. It makes you tougher. Presidents will come and go but each is faced with demeaning on the opposing side. It’s just a fact someone has to face when running for the highest position in the land. This only goes to show that the Man couldn’t take it and that he was not prepared for the office.

      Now your talking….unity….but not heavy to the Left. A true meeting in the middle where both sides win.

      No, honestly, we are less the traitors than we are patriots. I think that is a word you people are no longer familiar with.

    9. Louis Allen September 12, 2014

      Eleanore: ” When any elected official or party of elected officials undermine the
      presidency of the United States, they are guilty of treason.”
      Not true. Only if the presidency is in the hands of a (liberal) Dem.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2014

        Nice try honcho…Read your Constitution. “aid and comfort” to US enemies..that’s why You right wing beak nosed, needle brains do every time you bad mouth this president for the world to see and hear and ISIS to send you a membership card..Sorry if you CONs can’t defraud the rest of us to keep your wealth. Louis Allen…typical right wing name of a CON..funny how the word “CONservative” and “CONfederate” both start with the word “CON”.

        Read your Constitution and stop trying to reinterpret it to suit you Civil War agenda. You and your ilk are a bunch of sore losers with callouses on those double wides.

        1. Ed Portela September 21, 2014

          Eleanore, you empty brain, is that all you’ve got?
          I repeat (so your pea-sized brain can understand): “When any elected official or party of elected officials undermine the presidency of the United States, they are guilty of treason.”
          Not true. Only if the presidency is in the hands of a (liberal) Dem.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 22, 2014

            Ed Portela…Mr. Peanut testicles. Is that all YOU’VE got? Your peanut sized testicles show what an arm chair egotistical bully you THINK you are…you best try again..Your male BS bully tactics are wasted on the likes of little me.

            So Mr. Know it All Egotistical male bull…Here is what the Constitution states:

            Article III, SEC. 3…Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying WAR against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

            You give aid and comfort to our enemies by your attempts to weaken and divide the country to put it under Republican only rule..That’s treason.

            Hate it don’t you? Someone who sees through your Mr. MANhood WUSSHood BS…and can use the same US Constitution to do exactly what you male bulls of CON artistry love to do….toss Constitutional law in your face.

          2. Louis Allen January 29, 2015

            You are CRAZY, dear.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker January 30, 2015

            Oh I don’t know about that…It was YOU<<<< not I who stated on a thread that you wouldn't ever be back. Crazy? That would be you.

          4. Louis Allen January 30, 2015

            I DID NOT state in any thread that I would never be back. …. Ex-husbands never leave crazy ex-wives to fend for themselves as looney COWS, …. especially when, as happens here, the ex-wife has become WORSE and WORSE in her mental condition.
            Lenora: for the umpteenth time: GO TO YOUR PSYCHIATRIST FRIEND, dear, PLEASE!!

          5. Eleanore Whitaker January 31, 2015

            Yes. You did. You were answered by Jim and several others in another post and then you got all snarky and said “I will never post here again.”

            Get help. You are one sick, sick, sick man.

          6. Louis Allen January 31, 2015

            Ellie, dearest:
            I never said that. Even less if asked by “several others”.
            The reason for your hate is that you can’t stand reason, dear.
            You are PATHETIC Ellie bitch.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker January 31, 2015

            If you’re vying for Liar of the Year…We get it. You can’t tell the truth because you’d violate the Code of Right Wing BS artists.

            I don’t hate anyone. I hate what you post. I hate that you think your “charm” is getting you a place next to God and I hate that you can’t admit you’re the sociopath your posts ALL prove you are.

            So…cockbrain…if you weren’t such a lazy butt, you’d have something to do with your life other than bitch bitch bitch.

    10. bckrd1 September 13, 2014

      Eleanore. I would go one step further and charge this Congress with sedition.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 14, 2014

        I agree. Just the way the GOP Bulls try to reinterpret the Constitution, they loathe when anyone else pulls that same stunt on them. If you read Article III, Sec. 3, you see that the statement “giving Aid and Comfort” applies to any US citizen who by their words or actions gives aid or comfort to our enemies. When they bash the President, calling him names a kindergarten kid would be ashamed of, all they do is prove their insanity, hatred and anarchy. Anarchy IS a Big one when it comes to treason. Pull off a single anarchist tactic and you land in prison.

        The problem is that the process to punish traitors today has become part of the Great Enabler Mentality that thinks everything worth fighting for including our Constitution and our freedoms, is toooooo much work. They will rue the day.

  4. FireBaron September 11, 2014

    Gee, so what would “President Romney” have done? Would he have drawn on his vast military experience he acquired while doing his LDS Missionary work in France? Would he have used his mobilizing experience he obtained while organizing the Utah Winter Olympics? The mind boggles at the thought.

    1. edwardw69 September 11, 2014

      Under a President Romney, we would currently be bogged down in a ground war with Iran. And Halliburtan would be wallowing in another no-bid contract.

      1. neeceoooo September 11, 2014

        Romney would have been another Bush, without the guts to do anything but depending on another Chaney to pull the strings.

        1. edwardw69 September 11, 2014

          The “other” Cheney would have been Ryan. Worse than Palin.

          1. neeceoooo September 12, 2014

            OMG, can you imagine

  5. sigrid28 September 11, 2014

    I wonder when President Obama’s advisors first said, “You are going to be a wartime president.” No one would have had to tell John McCain: he’d be chomping at the bit. Mitt Romney wouldn’t have had the faintest idea what to do once someone clued him in, but he would have welcomed any new accolade as a further proof of his vast entitlement. President Obama will be the best wartime president of the three precisely because he does NOT seek these kinds of accolades or welcome the tragic consequences behind military honors. Yet, he is the right man for this assignment because it is complicated. Furthermore, it has only a minimal chance of success. We can succeed only if he and his administration can build the kind of alliances that permit the U.S. to withdraw militarily and diplomatically as soon as the Shia and Sunni parties within the region are set to complete the mission. Ironically, something bound for failure and retreat could be Barack Obama’s greatest achievement as president. If so, it would be an occurence that infuriates his enemies, a trick of history that defies his critics, a coincidence of great importance in which destiny itself plays a role, thanks to the way his character fits into its trajectory.

    1. Harold L. Harris, Sr. September 11, 2014

      No matter the fight, it seems that his distractors always come out on the wrong side. One would think that they would think about history before they start yelling. But then again, they are only talking to the base, those that would see Obama walking on water and believe it is because he can’t swim.

    2. itsfun September 11, 2014

      Obama’s problem is he sees the world as he would like it to be, not as it is.

      1. mah101 September 11, 2014

        Actually, I believe his problem is that he is a deeply analytical president who takes the time to think through the complexities of geopolitics. Wingers don’t see complexities – you guys only see “bomb” or “not bomb” and mistake thinking and planning for vacillation. That’s how we got in this friggin mess to begin with.

      2. charleo1 September 12, 2014

        That comment is almost too easy, given the Bush Adm. blind obsession with invading, and occupying the oil rich, and strategically located, Iraq. It’s obvious they engaged in a lot of wishing it to be so. With very little understanding of the breath taking risks involved by toppling the Saddam regime. Then, thinking it was possible to install a Jeffersonian type democracy at the end of a gun barrel. They did not want to see, and therefore refused to consider the fact that Iraq is a deeply divided Country along sectarian lines. And was ultimately only being held together by the brutality Saddam Hussein was willing to dish out to anyone that dared to get out of line. What they wanted to see, was a Sunni minority that laid down, and happily supported the Shia gov. in Bagdad. The one we, the U.S, the occupiers, and infidels, had installed. And the army we were building for the Shias,
        to subjugate the Sunni. While our oil companies reaped fortunes. And the U.S. military built huge bases on their lands, to project our power in unprecedented ways, throughout the region. And they, the Bush Administration, seen no problem, with this fairy tale made in Hell. Foresaw no objection, and indeed, went in expecting, that the Iraqis would go along with their pipe dreams. In fact, what we are seeing retrospectively, is an Administration that refused to believe anything other than what they, themselves envisioned. And the royal mess we have today in Iraq, is totally the result of just such wishful, and simplistic thinking. That all that was necessary to do as we pleased in Iraq, was to remove Saddam Hussein.

    3. Garmin Woods September 11, 2014

      I wonder when President Obama’s advisors first said, “You are going to be a wartime president.”

      I wonder if he chose any advisors that said, “You don’t have to be a wartime president.”

      1. sigrid28 September 11, 2014

        IMO his advisors, like President Obama, had no intention of reiterating the mistakes of the Bush years, so I suppose his advisors did not want to see him having to assume the role of a leader during a wartime situation. They anticipated overseeing the winding down of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and possible attacks to take out enemies like Osama bin Laden. I think he is still surrounded by experts highly reluctant to take us into war.

    4. angelsinca September 15, 2014

      Infuriated enemies tend to take drastic measures. Like fly airplanes into buildings.

  6. adler56 September 11, 2014

    It’s no coincidence that cheney’s first name is dick. Republicans are so frustrated that a black man is in the White House that they’re certifiably crazy.

    1. angelsinca September 15, 2014

      Republicans don’t really care about the color of the skin. Though you care deeply, this is a reality you cannot tolerate.

  7. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

    After causing this whole foreign policy mess by invading a country on false pretenses with absolutely no coherent exit strategy (remember: “Mission Accomplished”), the bitter GOP goobers seek to criticize President Obama’s plans while offering none of their own. They wrecked the economy and then criticized everything Obama did to fix it, and they likewise wrecked foreign policy and still offer nothing but criticism.

    I have to say I’m becoming more and more convinced that the Koch brothers have been visiting the Nation’s trailer parks and offering free lobotomies. What else could possibly explain the stupidity of people who would vote for these idiots?

    1. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

      OMG, WhatHeSaid, you are SOOOOO AWESOME!!! Thank-YOU!

      1. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

        Thanks for the compliment, but the rabid Tea-Bigots all hate my guts. 😉

        1. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

          Gee, must be because the republican/tea party idots are as allergic to “TRUTH” as a vampire is allergic to garlic. Only explanation that I can find that fits the bill for their outrageous behavior, WhutHeSaid.

          1. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

            Perhaps, but I always suspected that the slack jaws and dull little pig-eyes might be evidence of repeated lobotomies.

          2. angelsinca September 13, 2014

            Can’t imagine why anyone would hate you, up there on your high horse.

          3. WhutHeSaid September 13, 2014

            There’s no high horse, just the frustrated anger of vile bigots getting a taste of their own medicine. Tea-Bigots hate everything anyway — it’s the only thing they’re really good at besides lying.

          4. angelsinca September 14, 2014

            You should be able to relate to the frustrations of the millions that have been lied to by the White House.

          5. WhutHeSaid September 14, 2014

            Yes, I can understand the frustration over Bush lying about weapons of mass destruction and causing the unnecessary deaths of thousands of Americans. Is this what you meant?

          6. angelsinca September 14, 2014

            Despite his portrayal by the left, Bush remains exceedingly more trustworthy than his successor, even without the comparison. But thanks for that exaggerated offering anyway.

          7. WhutHeSaid September 14, 2014

            Yes, if you count the fact that he could absolutely be trusted to wreck the economy, foreign policy, etc. Otherwise I’d have to say that lies causing the deaths of more than 4,500 Americans and well over 100,000 others are tough to beat on any ‘untrustworthy’ ranking scale.

          8. angelsinca September 14, 2014

            slack jaws and dull little pig-eyesslack jaws and dull little pig-eyes

            When I saw Bill Clinton today in Iowa I was reminded of your hateful, genocidal-like description. He tends to leave his mouth open a lot.

          9. WhutHeSaid September 14, 2014

            Just what is a ‘genocidal-like description’? Giving colorful descriptions for you redneck goobers has nothing to do with genocide, you twit.

          10. angelsinca September 15, 2014

            The description you use is eerily similar to that used to describe the Jews during the genocide by the Third Reich. Clear enough for you, or do you also need a picture? Please close your mouth.

          11. WhutHeSaid September 15, 2014

            Wow — that’s making quite a leap. What isn’t eerily similar in your mind? If truth be told, it was your facial expression that I was thinking of at the time. No doubt you recognize yourself here, hence the hysterical overreaction.

            I don’t know if the ‘ca’ in ‘asshatsinca’ refers to California or Canada, but it seems rather unlikely that either place appreciates despicable goobers. Could this be why you are so sensitive, perhaps?

          12. angelsinca September 15, 2014

            So you choose to remain the douch. If fits you and your sub-ordinary affiliations rather well. Like your brown shirt.

          13. WhutHeSaid September 16, 2014

            So you never did tell us why you were fixated on Bill Clinton’s mouth, anyway. Not that we couldn’t guess, mind you. You rednecks are just so uncouth.

          14. angelsinca September 16, 2014

            Your fixation on slack jaws and goobers must be a familial thing.

          15. WhutHeSaid September 16, 2014

            So old Bubba did you too, eh? Man – that guy sure gets around!

            Can’t say much for his personal standards though – I can just imagine the horrible snorting and squealing.

          16. angelsinca September 16, 2014

            You’re just an idiot. Go flap your jaws on your own goobers.

          17. WhutHeSaid September 17, 2014

            You see what I mean? All of this consternation could be avoided if you rednecks would just stay in your trailer parks where you belong.

  8. sigrid28 September 11, 2014

    I want to add a comment about the setting last night for President Obama’s address to the nation. At first I thought it looked a bit odd, the setting in a huge ceremonial space within the White House, next to marble and columns with matching chairs to his left and to his right, and a window with the ornate drapes behind him. There were the optics of the president striding to the podium and then turning and striding out of the setting. I asked myself, why not in the Oval Office, with its historical significance and cushy sofa a kid just wants to dive into. Here is my answer: The president and his advisors were speaking to the Muslim world and to Ukraine and Russia, where the optics created for his address last night speak volumes. Speaking as from a space that could be in a palace, walking in by himself and standing alone (no zoom in while sitting behind an antique desk and zoom out before he stands up), telling the world his decision with no bones about it without sugar coating of any kind conveys a kind of leadership with which these would-be allies against ISIS can identify. This is how their leaders are seen on television. This carefulness to make the speech palatable to all of the parties the president wishes to bring on board is just one example of the careful planning that goes into every step this administration takes when American lives and treasure are at stake. On 9/11 we should appreciate that. It’s not about themselves, their own egos. It’s about the task before us.

    1. neeceoooo September 11, 2014

      This president is very calculated and is not one to jump on with a knee jerk reaction. That is why I admire him.

      1. holyreality September 11, 2014

        LOL, the TP claque call that dithering.

  9. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2014

    Look…face facts. We Americans are more than aware that the CON states are hot to make billions more in endless wars. It’s all they have to support their workforce as in VA, the No. Military Industrial state and TX, OK, SC and GA.

    Strange how the words CONservative and CONfederate all start with the word “CON.”

    1. itsfun September 11, 2014

      And the word Democrat ends in rat. Plays on words don’t help to solve problems.

      1. Blueberry Hill September 11, 2014

        A rat is better than a CON any day. At least rats have brains.


      2. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

        Neither do GOP policies. All they can do is complain and obstruct — never offering any solutions.

  10. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2014

    To take any right winger, American president basher down, all you have to do is ask them how much better off the country would be if Rip Van Romo won the election. Right now, we’d be in the throes of the Second Great Depression.

    1. Blueberry Hill September 11, 2014

      Absolutely! And Romney would have found a way to make money off it.


  11. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2014

    So Obama isn’t a fighter? And thank God for that. Look at that cowboy fighter the reddies all elected. Couldn’t resolve Afghanistan and then dumped the cost of Iraq on taxpayers. This is conservatism?

    This president baffles the hell out of the red CONs because he isn’t a dirty dealer. The culture of the GOP is down, dirty and so invested in slime that any president who chooses to play by the rules is anathema to them.

    Right now, there are more than half a dozen big name politicians under investigation for tax evasion, fraud and violations to voting rights. Start with Perry and cap it off with Christie.

    1. WhutHeSaid September 11, 2014

      Don’t forget Bob ‘Governor Ultrasound’ McDonnell.

    2. neeceoooo September 11, 2014

      I do so agree with you

  12. 2ThinkN_Do2 September 11, 2014

    Not everyone in the world wants to live by the same regulations and ideals. How does society coexist with those of different ideals on an ever shrinking planet?

  13. Lynda Groom September 11, 2014

    If the President has added ‘bring it on’ at the end of his speech the repugs would be totally on board. McCain was in particular off base with his analysis of what the President actually said. No surprise that so much negativity is coming from the republicans, since that is all they’ve got to offer.

  14. charles king September 11, 2014

    I agree with Eleanore Whitaker this disagreement of elected officials with the President of the United States are not working in the best interest of the country. The sad part of this story is that the general public Who? do not do their Critical Thinking blames the President of these United States for the country standing still. I am hoping that the citizens understand What? the GOP is doing to the welfare of America. I am a reasonable Black American and I can understand the White American prespective but I think it is about time that White America Stop playing the game of racism. Dr. M. L. KING has told the Whole World that WE Americans better come together and solve our difference or drown like the fools we are. Citizines of all shades check out the State you reside in and fnd out if you are govern by Democracy or Plutocracy
    because many States are using Plutocracy to privatize your Assets and so call Manage your Mayors office. Check-it-out People. Thank You Are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

  15. elw September 11, 2014

    I am going to preface my comment with the admission that I could only read one paragraph of the article. Not because I would not agree with it, but because I am so angry already at the GOP and their behavior I really do not need anything to rev it up. As far as I am concern they are so good at undermining the Country with their constant and nonsensical attacks on the President, their need to put themselves first that they have become the worse enemy this Country has. They have confused the Public with their misinformation about the ACA, hurt the very people who vote for them by putting them last, and have wasted billions of tax dollars by chasing scandals that do not exist, playing game instead of doing honest and real legislative work, and by using their power to fill their own pockets while taking services from those who need it most. I could go one for hours, but I will spare you that. They need to STFU and we each need to vote and make sure every young person in our families do to. I agree with those who say it is time to stop being polite and instead call them on their behaviors and lies.

  16. exdemo55 September 11, 2014

    Two new polls this week are the latest indications that Barack Obama’s presidency is in perilous shape. The Sept. 7 Washington Post/ABC survey found 52% feel it has been more of a failure while only 42% believe it has been more of a success. A record 55% say Mr. Obama is not a strong leader, only 38% believe he has done more to unite the country while 55% say he has done more to divide it.

    The Sept. 7 Wall Street Journal/NBC poll reported that more people—67%—believe the country is on the wrong track than at this point in any midterm election in two decades. Mr. Obama’s 40% approval is lower than Bill Clinton’s in 1994 and his own in 2010, when Democrats suffered massive midterm losses.

    Absent a crisis that causes the nation to rally around him, Mr. Obama will never again see approval numbers like those in his first year in office or even the months after his re-election. He must now consider how to prevent a further slide.

    There are many reasons the president is in this predicament with no easy way out. For starters, the president should stop questioning the motives of his political opposition as he did last Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” He charged that Republicans lack “common sense” and are “fixated simply on dismantling government or making sure that we don’t get anything done around here.” This damages his ability to work with Republicans, who control the House now and may have the Senate next year.

    The more political Mr. Obama acts, the less successful he will be. Stepping back from hyperpartisanship is the only way to foster a climate in which Washington functions during his last two-and-a-quarter years.

    The president must stop diminishing his own credibility. From ObamaCare to the administration’s role in Benghazi to the IRS scandal, he has misled Americans. Mr. Obama is now being battered for denying that he was referring to the Islamic State last winter when he called them the “JV.” Of course he was. When he asserts otherwise, Americans wonder how stupid he thinks they are.

    The president must also accept the role history has thrust upon him, that of wartime leader. This will require a strategy to defeat the Islamic State and regularly remind Americans why it matters to our interests while reporting progress and setbacks. It will require more troops on the ground to guide airstrikes, advise Iraqi troops, collect and analyze intelligence and conduct targeted missions against the Islamic State leadership. It will also require a U.S. stay-behind force in Afghanistan, not Mr. Obama’s “zero option.”

    Then there’s the problem he calls “optics.” From golfing shortly after condemning the beheading of an American journalist to diverting Air Force One so he can take Stonehenge off his bucket list, Mr. Obama often appears detached, disengaged and even disinterested in his job and in his relations with foreign leaders and Congress. He should show up in the Oval Office earlier and more often, golf and fundraise less, and give building relationships and digging into the tasks at hand everything he’s got for his last 28 months. There’s time to recreate after he leaves office.

    The president should shake up his White House staff. He is largely surrounded by sycophants who encourage his worst instincts and bury his better ones. He should start by showing the door to senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, his chief enabler.

    Mr. Obama would be well served by altering his goals and methods. After his party was defeated in 1994, Bill Clinton moved to the center, signed welfare reform and restrained spending. After his party was defeated in 2006, President George W. Bush switched defense secretaries and his Iraq strategy. Mr. Obama must change for a better trajectory during his last months in office.

    Finally, the president should discard his threats of unconstitutional executive action. When he circumvents Congress, Mr. Obama inflames tensions, makes it easier to undo his policies and could leave the presidency weaker by his overreach.

    Mr. Obama’s difficulties are somewhat caused by circumstances, but mostly the result of his actions. His bad poll numbers were long in coming and may be impossible to reverse. Yet he can stabilize his situation. This will require him to acknowledge mistakes, shift in light of facts, and build bridges to political opponents and foreign allies. The question is whether he has the strength of character, energy, suppleness of mind, introspection and humility to make these necessary changes.

    1. JPHALL September 11, 2014

      No, Obama’s problem was and continues to be his insistence that he is dealing with intellectual equals or at least men who are working for the common good. The same was true for J. Carter. The far right only responds favorably to force. That is why so many dream of a Putin style leader.

      1. Ed Portela September 21, 2014

        JP: Obama and Carter could not find ” intellectual equals” anywhere except among the unconditional Obama supporters of this cesspool of liberal crap.
        The rest were intelligent people and thus not ” equals” …

        1. JPHALL September 21, 2014

          You right wing nutjobs hate so much you make yourself look and sound stupid. Both men are intellectually superior to most men by education and deeds. Most tpartiers have little concept of the term intellectual. It is agree with me or you are wrong. So sad that the Republican party lost control of you idiots. At least the Democrats have kept their lunatics on a short leash since 1972. Subject: Re: New comment posted on ISIS: Republican Reaction To Obama Speech Reveals Much — About Them

          1. Louis Allen February 1, 2015

            JP: Ed Portela was correct:
            Obama, The Great Prevaricator, and Jimmy The Nincompoop can only find “intellectual equals” among IDIOTS like you, JP. LOL !!

  17. exdemo55 September 11, 2014

    PRINCETON, NJ — The Republican Party has expanded its historical edge over the Democratic Party in Americans’ minds as being better able to protect the U.S. from international terrorism and military threats. At this point, 55% of Americans choose the GOP on this dimension, while 32% choose the Democratic Party. This is the widest Republican advantage in Gallup’s history of asking this question since 2002.

  18. Armando Gonzalez September 11, 2014

    Republicans believe the war in Iraq was a good business, and probably it was for Halliburton, contractors working in Iraq and those who got part of the Cake. But do not send veterans, go yourself to solve this problems you create.

  19. Whatmeworry September 11, 2014

    More nonsense from the author. McCain was right in all of his points about Iraq and Afghanistan. It was Barak who was so maniacally focused on toppling Assad that he armed funded and trained ISIS in secrete bases in Jordan to do that only to be had by them.
    He still has no idea who to arm in Syria and Syria ISN”T going to let him bomb willy nilly. He just can’t get it thru his head that he isn’t the messiah or even W when it comes to foreign affairs and how to run a war

    1. dpaano October 13, 2014

      You need to go back and read your history…you’ve been drinking too much of the GOP kool-aid and obviously have NO idea what you’re talking about. Perhaps you think you’d be a better president?

  20. Melinda Killie September 11, 2014

    HERE’S what it proves when republican/tea party saps start “rattling off” when they DON’T OWN up to their OWN stupidity and putting the whole country into political and financial danger.., not to mention a war based on lies and idiocy on the part of the so called republican/tea party bull crappers.
    It tells ME that they are nothing more than petty, whiney, imbeciles that resemble children when they don’t get their way. It tells ME that their big corporate buddies and the love of money (WHICH is quoted as being the “ROOT of ALL evil”) are more important to them than running and maintaining a peaceful country and place in the world as a whole.
    It tells ME that the republicans; who can’t find resources and solutions to the problems that pop up in this country, would rather sit on their indolent “wet diaper” asses, whine and complain when someone else HAS to clean up after THEIR messes! Or when someone else HAS to clean up their messes, the republican/tea party crybabies whine about how it was done or wasn’t done to THEIR satisfaction. Like anybody can do ANYTHING but laugh at the gop morons…..
    ENOUGH of THAT crap! I don’t know about anybody else, but the gop are nailing the LAST nails in their political coffins. Can we get them FINALLY buried once and for ALL, for Pete’s sakes? Thank-You!

  21. howa4x September 11, 2014

    What is left out of the Iraq debate is the fact that the Bush administration in the disastrous 1 year of the occupation, disbanded the Iraqi army and sent them home with their guns, and dismissed the entire government of the country which immediately led to a societal breakdown. Looting of treasures and sectarian divisions started immediately with rival religious gangs cleansing neighborhoods of the other religious residents. This all led to the Sunni uprising and the deaths of more American troops than the invasion it self. Car bombings were routine and the Bush administration refused to put in the amount of troops need to quell the violence. The Bush white house also supported the election of the sectarian Maliki which further divided the country and led to the route of his now politicized army. All this chaos caused by Bush/Cheney was laid a the feet of Obama and well as the economic meltdown.
    Obama was cautious about entering the Syrian civil war and was worried that any weapon we gave to the free Syrian army could land in radical Islamists hands. He knew the country was war weary and didn’t want to get sucked into the vacuum of the Syrian conflict. He needed Russia to deal with Iran and also knew they were backing Assad and didn’t want to get into a proxy war with them. In fact if ISIS just stayed in Syria this would not have been an issue at all. Also Obama had to thread the needle between the backers of ISIS, the Saudi’s, and the backers of Maliki, which was Iran who we were negotiating with on a nuclear deal. This is far more complicated than an issue by issue, sound bite culture that the press is used to dealing with.

  22. Jurbop September 11, 2014

    McCain and Gingrich, both real pieces of work, both Republicans, are so incensed with attacking Obama, they now even use their own ex-president’s and ex-vice president’s reckless and despicable acts of getting the country into two trumped-up wars and who are both basically war criminals, as examples to blame Obama for everything that’s happened in the U.S. since 2000. I have no use for either party, but the Republicans have really lost touch with reality and are promoting a very scary agenda.

  23. Tony Torres September 16, 2014

    Traitors every single one of them Assholes!!!! They love to hide behind the American flag but when it comes to anything Obama they are against it even when in essence they are saying,Fuck the USA. They should all be sent to jail,where they belong.

    1. angelsinca September 25, 2014

      They should all be sent to jail,

      Stalin and Hitler felt the same way.

  24. Elle Tee September 30, 2014

    It’s also important to keep in mind that neo-cons like John Bolton, Bill Kristol, Sean Hannity, Richard Perle, and John McCain have zero credibility on foreign policy issues.

  25. Jack Ross October 6, 2014

    We we warned by Gen. Bill Odom, among others, that the 2003 Iraq invasion would be one of the greatest strategic disasters in US history.

  26. dpaano October 13, 2014

    This article is so RIGHT ON…..if the GOP would only quit bitching about the president and actually DO something WITH the president, we might get something accomplished. As it stands, they have NO strategy except to sit around and complain about how our president is handling what was their mistake in the first place!


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