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Judge Attacked By Trump Has Long History of Serving His Country

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Judge Attacked By Trump Has Long History of Serving His Country

Gonzalo Curiel

Donald Trump’s blatantly racially motivated denunciation of Gonzalo Curiel, the presiding judge over a pair of Trump University lawsuits, draws attention away from Curiel’s distinguished career serving the nation’s judiciary.

The Indiana-born judge first entered the public consciousness during a recent rally held by Trump, in which he devoted 15 minutes to bashing Curiel and the “rigged” system that landed his scam “university” in court — it was a blatant attack on the nation’s independent judiciary.

“The judge, who happens to be, we believe, Mexican, which is great, I think that’s fine,” said Trump. “You know what? I think the Mexicans are going to end up loving Donald Trump when I give all these jobs, OK?”

Trump’s questioning of Curiel’s loyalty to the country of his birth is a disservice to the long career Curiel has had in the American justice system.

As Slate’s William Saletan wrote shortly after the attack, “This isn’t a complaint about illegal immigrants. It’s not even a dog whistle. It’s a straight-up appeal to prejudice. It’s about the color of your skin, the sound of your last name, and where your ancestors came from.”

Curiel is no normal judge. Appointed by President Barack Obama, he has led the way in cracking down on the drug cartels operating between the Mexican-American border.

That’s not an easy job, especially considering that Mexican cartels often rely on lawlessness and the absence of state power to exercise free reign in the areas they control. An imaginary line on the map doesn’t change those goals.

From 1989 until to 2002, Curiel served as an assistant U.S. attorney in southern California. As the deputy chief, and later, chief of the Narcotics Enforcement Division, he aided his Mexican counterparts in dealing with narcotics distribution and the drug cartels. In 2002, The New York Times named Curiel as one of the central figures in weakening the power of the Arellano Félix cartel, once one of the most notoriously violent cartels in Mexico.

“The trusted assassins the Arellanos had, like La Rana, are gone. The money launderers, taken out,” said Curiel to the newspaper at the end of the efforts to bring down the cartel. “There’s been so much corrosion, so much dismantling of the network…much of the structure is gone.”

As far back as 1997, Curiel was reported to have been taking on Mexican drug cartels. He lived under tight security for fear of assassination, a favorite tool of cartels. At the time, Emilio Valdez Mainero, a member of the Arellano Félix cartel, said in a bugged conversation with a inmate-turned-informant that he wanted to kill Curiel. Threats at the time were taken seriously, especially given the high profile murders of Tijuana’s police chief in February 2000, followed shortly by the murder of Jose Patiño, a prosecutor who Curiel had personally worked with in stopping the cartels.

The fact that Curiel, and the rest of the task force aimed at helping stop the drug cartels, were of Mexican descent further increased cooperation between the Mexican and American governments. “We were working without the disconnect of interpreters and barriers of culture. When it comes down to it, this involves the country of our parents,” said Curiel.

The imperious contempt Trump has for Mexican immigrants would surely prevent any similar collaboration from taking place.



  1. Otto T. Goat June 1, 2016

    Celebrate diversity.

    1. Leftout June 1, 2016

      Is not the judge essentially tampering with evidence since he has Mexican heritage and could be swayed to look with bias. The tampering need not be successful for it to be criminal ” as stated by Independent 1 , above . I agree with him .

      1. Siegfried Heydrich June 1, 2016

        The fact that he successfully prosecuted and convicted mexican cartel members would argue otherwise. Drumpf might be trying to lay the foundation for an appeal, or he could merely have diarrhea of the mouth and simply be unable to control his speech.

        1. Leftout June 2, 2016

          An Appeal may be the strategy, Seems the judge leaked out documents that could prejudice the case, without redacting sensitive?? statements. it seems now, the case the case is worthless at this time.

          1. Siegfried Heydrich June 2, 2016

            Uuuummmm . . . not sure I’d buy into that. Judges don’t ‘leak’ documents. He ‘unsealed’ documents which were requested by the WaPo and NYT, but that’s normal. If you have anything to support this ‘leaked’ story, I’d love to see it, because it sounds like something that the Drumpf team would put out in an effort to derail the case.

          2. Leftout June 2, 2016

            This mornings news seemed to indicate It’s out there , so that is now in everyone’s domain.

          3. Siegfried Heydrich June 2, 2016

            Are you referring to the documents that were released in response to the FOIA request? Because that’s all I’m seeing. Unless it’s on Deadbart or Infosmears . . .

          4. FireBaron June 2, 2016

            He is probably referring to something someone may have implied on some network that may be closely associated with Rupert Murdoch. I am sure that by now Sean Hannity is probably demanding this judge’s impeachment.

          5. Leftout June 2, 2016

            I heard this on NBC news , the Judge Curiel even stated that some statements should have been blacked even for FOI request , but his does not happen conveniently in many cases .

          6. the_slasher14 June 2, 2016

            Please identify the sensitive statements in question. You know, it’s not the judge’s fault that Trump is running for President and some of the material in the trial makes him look bad, nor is it the judge’s job to assist Trump’s campaign by redacting embarrassing material. The press requested the material, which was their right, and the judge released it.
            I’m sorry your Dear Leader is upset that he’s about to lose a case and a lot of votes in the bargain, but you have no basis for blaming the judge whatsoever.
            Would you like some cheese with your whine?

          7. Leftout June 2, 2016

            I was just responding to
            morning News regarding releases then remembering that Judge Curiel saying it should have been redacted before releasing . Since Trumps school seemed to turnout 70-85 functionality in the students who were ok with the . It is a lot of money but not bad if you can have a good ROI , seems more practical than a 40 k semester at Columbia School of Journalism , better results at BU . I think Trump is on good ground , do we sue our alma maters if we do not do well after graduation . Caveat emptor for all of you that can not Carpe Diem .

          8. the_slasher14 June 2, 2016

            You’re setting up a false equivalence here. No, I can’t sue Harvard or Ohio State or Ole Miss because they are institutions which have been accredited for generations. Trump “University” is a private corporation which has no such accreditation and must be judged by what it promises to deliver vs. what it actually does deliver. Just because it CALLS itself a “university” doesn’t mean a thing. OF COURSE I can sue someone who says they’ll do X for me and fails to deliver the goods — in this case, courses of study which can enable me to achieve what I was told would be achievable.
            Caveat emptor is a sound principle but fraud laws exist because in any contractual relationship both parties have responsibilities. If you sell me a rotten tomato, caveat emptor means I should have checked it out first, but if I’m not able to do that, your word that the tomato isn’t rotten is all I have to go on, and if it is rotten, caveat emptor doesn’t get you off the hook.
            The claim is that Trump’s sales people made promises to prospective students that were not kept. Since students were by definition not masters of the material they wanted to be taught, failure to deliver is actionable unless it can be shown that the courses were in fact what they were advertised to be. The claims I’ve seen say otherwise, but obviously I don’t know all the facts. You don’t, either. So there’s going to be a trial.
            The judge in question has a spotless record of service and was in fact appointed to state courts in California by Arnold Schwarzenegger, so political bias is hardly in evidence. All there is to indicate a scintilla of bias is Trump’s contention that his Hispanic surname is somehow proof that he cannot be trusted to conduct the trial fairly. If you cannot identify this as an appeal to racism, you are beyond hope as a human being.
            As for “redacting,” what is to be redacted? The names of witnesses? Trump operatives? Trump is screaming foul not because anyone’s privacy has been compromised, but because he didn’t get the suit dismissed out of hand since it’s an embarrassment to him. You can redact a document but you can’t redact an entire trial, and short of that, redactions won’t change anything. Every word in the documents released will come out in trial anyhow, and the trial will be public. We are going to hear the details of how Trump “University” operated. It is because the judge is proceeding to trial that Trump is screaming foul, and if you honestly think it’s because he’s so certain he’ll come out smelling like a rose, you are too naïve to breathe.

          9. Leftout June 2, 2016

            I did not read any documents . If anyone is going to spend 2 – 30K a course, they should have the intelligence to be aware -Caveat Emptor and research his putative new career. Real Estate is a Glamour Business w great opportunity and people are attracted to it, but may be blinded to the downsides.
            The University may not be True University but many Teaching seminars may use this word in their adv. Some of these courses are sold under high pressure as in buying a Time Share, the sales staff make money on the sales and some may push the borders of ethical conduct .I have sat in on these sessions where I have seen these Multi Level Marketing techniques and I personally hate them. I have seen sales people excoriated for not meeting goals. these are reputable Big Name Corps , J&J, Corning. I am not in sales.
            Still up to 80% of Course takers are using the principles learned ..These may just have been more suited to the rigors of the profession .and Trump made good for others that wanted some monies returned I still think he stands on good ground. …..but not knowing all of the details…….I say he pulls this out……

          10. jmprint June 5, 2016

            Not only do you not read, you do not listen. Trump was paid for ads, he new were misleading. Trump is being sued because of his own promises, that were not kept. It is on video, audio and if you do not read and listen, then how can you defend. I tell you, you are so wrapped up in anything GOP. You are a lost soul.

          11. Leftout June 5, 2016

            Nay , I am relating my own experiences , I have signed up for some Seminars , some helpful, some not . Marketing type seminars are not for me and you can do well if you have a mind set for this kind of profession. You are constantly prodded to put in the effort as suggested and you can succeed . I am not a pushy type person and I can not sell something or work at something that I do not believe in.

          12. jmprint June 6, 2016

            You are a pushy type fellow, you keep trying to shove Trump, the fraud down our throats. You can keep him to yourself, America does not need a fake like him.

          13. jmprint June 5, 2016

            The judge did not leak, it is a sealed case. Why should it be? Those golden rules you speak of that trump initiated to rip people off are in other’s hands and can easily be obtained. You are fishing, I just don’t know who has the longer fishing pole, you or Trump.

          14. Leftout June 5, 2016

            The Jugldge state he released FOIA documents , but said he should have redacted some segments .

      2. The lucky one June 2, 2016

        “Is not the judge essentially tampering with evidence since he has Mexican heritage and could be swayed to look with bias.”

        Are you kidding??? So every judge with European heritage and every judge with African heritage “could be swayed to look with bias” in cases with defendants with white or black skin respectively. Do you really mean that absurdity or did I misinterpret?

        If that’s true then every single black person sitting in prison whose trial was presided over by a white judge needs a retrial.

        1. Leftout June 2, 2016

          This is a unique circumstance relatively high profile because There is a perceived idea that Trump has a “contempt ” for Mexicans . This of course is not correct , the illegals in the US are only a security issue and not related to anti Mexican sentiment. But many Mexicans are being primed to think contrary. This fact may irk a bias in some.
          Trump hires many peoples , Latinos included – extremely hard workers – for his construction needs . Even I would not hire anyone from a certain nationality because they have certain tendencies , not fit for a particular characteristic need for a job, I am a profiler using previous experiences .

          Interestingly on the OJ trial there luckily was an Asian judge, happenstance surely. This of course was the reason that OJ was sooo fairly adjudicated . All potential bias should be removed In high profile cases or all cases . We know that attorneys try and load the jury pools to their advantage , No?

          1. The lucky one June 2, 2016

            The only thing that makes Trump unique is how he has used his wealth to promote his image. There are any number of ignorant, racist, sexist narcissistic bullying bloviators out there. Some like O’Reilly have found a home on FOX while others like Limbaugh are more free lance.

            Of course he has contempt for Mexicans. He has contempt for anyone and everyone not on the elite level he perceives himself to be on. He daily displays contempt for those who are his biggest fans.

            ” Even I would not hire anyone from a certain nationality because they have certain tendencies ” Yes, well that is what bigots do, paint everyone in whatever category of human differences as if they are all the same. Easier than paying attention and thinking isn’t it? All bigots can point to a previous experience they have had that validates their personal bias.

            Yes OJ was guilty and yes he was fairly adjudicated. His verdict was the result of racist and incompetent police work. They stupidly tried to frame a guilty man and it backfired. Detective Fuhrman should have gone to prison himself.

          2. Leftout June 2, 2016

            I am bigoted in that I expect everyone to have basic values of honesty and play by the golden rules , which are most fair. He has not shown contempt for fair players . Certainly he certainly provides jobs for Mexicans and other start ups as well as I do , Mexicans are a persevering , hard working people.

          3. jmprint June 5, 2016

            “I am bigoted in that I expect everyone to have basic values of honesty and play by the golden rules , which are most fair. ”

            Well then please do tell me why you are defending Trump in a case where is was totally unfair and took advantage of people. Trump is a fraud, how is that fair? Golden Rules, is that what bankruptcy is called now a days. How honest was Trump with ACN ads, that hurt many? Mexicans do not needs yours or Trump likes, they do well without you. You need them more then they need you. so fk off.

          4. Leftout June 5, 2016

            70-80% of Trump U people’s taking the course are using the information successfully . Many universities sign up “dreamer ” students that may not make it but are given a chance . Most of us changes college majors tying out different career interests , do we sue the university ?

            I work also with many Latinos professional as well as laborers and they are very hard workers , who after working labor jobs, construction go on and start their own trades .

            Bankruptcy terms are written by sleazy congress for dealing in business, approved by sleazy presidents as well, written for the corrupt Corporate/ congressional money pit, all self serving . The

          5. jmprint June 6, 2016

            You are trying to compare the fraudulent Trump University a privately owned scam company to actual credited Universities. You need to come out of left field the game is over.

          6. Leftout June 6, 2016

            Many universities that have lower enrollment , due take
            Extra , less qualified students and give them remedial courses as Obama to get them Started . universities have to fill up the freshman seats to cover expenses , many students are successful with mich effort , others drop out . You do not sue the united resort because you did not put in the effort . !!!

          7. jmprint June 6, 2016

            Stay was from the bong, you seem confused.

          8. Leftout June 6, 2016

            It is true , Nevertheless, Never Bonged, I am naturally high,

          9. jmprint June 6, 2016

            70-80% of Trump U people’s taking the course are using the information successfully. Oh look you lowered percentage, Trump is touting 98% success. Lies, Lies, Lies, and more lies.

          10. Leftout June 6, 2016

            NO , the 98% satisfaction rating is from the Students that took the course and were satisfied,

          11. jmprint June 6, 2016

            Why aren’t they coming in out to defend, because they are bogus. Just like Trump a supreme bogus. A baby Huey. “He’s not fair wah, wah.

          12. Leftout June 6, 2016

            They will come out , so I heard. I am only relating my experiences in similar circumstances.

          13. Joan June 2, 2016

            So only white judges and white juries for white defendants? What if the plaintiff is black, unfair? Only Latino judges and juries for Latino defendants, what if one defendant is of Cuban decent and the other Puerto Rican? I am a white Buddhist you going to find white Buddhist judge and jury? Your suggested fix is absurd, unworkable and defies reason. Your premise questions every legal decision made, save OJ. But even then, some Asians particularly Korean men are very prejudice against black persons. Your vaunted profiling is racism pure and simple. Did you really think a Muslim would apply for your pig farm job?

          14. Leftout June 2, 2016

            I did not say that , you must work for NBC news . I said in high profile cases you have to recluse one self if you feel you may be biased . I have never heard of Buddhist criminal. Welcome to Shangrilah . Surely we all have some prejudices but an honorable man like an Asian would excuse himself . Profiling is not racism, whennyiunwalk throu a jungle certain snakes are colored for your safety and you must avoid getting bitten . Even Jesse Jackson when walking down.a Dark street in chicago , Jackson profiled against whities , He heaed footsteps behind him , he turned around and said “whew! It is only a white guy!” Wake up. Would a moslemmmapply to workmen a pig farm? If he destroyed an American flag he would be forced , unknown to anyone .

          15. jmprint June 5, 2016

            Boy you are really on left field, close your mouth before you catch some flies.

          16. Leftout June 5, 2016

            I used to play left field . You have to be good at that . ⚾️

      3. Otto T. Goat June 2, 2016

        That judge is a member La Raza, a racist organization.

        1. Leftout June 2, 2016

          I am sure that would not matter to the Perfect Judge Gonzalo Curiel.
          La RAZA , Mexican Lives Matter, These are the groups that foment animosity as does Obama , Holder and friends.

          1. Kerry Maxwell June 3, 2016

            Why are you conflating La Raza Lawyers of California (aka the Latino Bar Association of California) with National Council of La Raza? Do you not understand the difference? Does the use of Spanish words confuse you? Are you willfully spreading misinformation?

          2. Leftout June 3, 2016

            No I am not conflating , I do understand Spanish as well. Aside from being an association of Spanish peoples it has a connotation of La RAZA negative . There has been a lot of priming the Latinos to have them think that ” standard Americans ” are prejudiced against them . But Americans are fair and we all remember our grandparents coming over on banana boats and waiting to be processed at various ports int the US, checked for diseases and quarantined if needed , until they were well , to release to the community . People actually wait in line to be citizens here . The border closings suggested, is for security reasons only and it is not an anti Mexican sentiment . This has been fomented for political gain . Yes I feel also that Judge Curiel should recuse himself from this particular case because of the primed by the left , animosity that is being placed into the minds of Mexicans . They in turn rebel against most all who actually need their services , they are extemely hard workers . All illegals should be ID’d ,then all would be accounted for and there would be no “‘low self esteem ” felt by anyone . The recent inability of Moslem to assimilate is worrisome and they should be carefully vetted from terrorist countries . Not a bad idea .

          3. jmprint June 5, 2016

            “standard americans”, is that a new phrase for a$$holes.

          4. Leftout June 5, 2016

            Not a jerk. , “standard Americans ” are non biased as most of us are. Many think that people think that many are against Obama because he is Black , whereas they are only agonist he policies….. Many whities voted for him. Similar to the “war on Women” this is a contrived divisive term that does not come into conversations on any management level when selecting a competent person .

          5. jmprint June 6, 2016

            Really on day one before any policy was placed, the haters were already posting their racist remarks. Many whites are not like you they vote for a person for the persons experience, knowledge and not his color of skin, or what country their ancestors are from. The war on women is not contrived, the republicans to this day ie, Oklahoma are passing laws that hurt women, based solely on their ideology. I don’t see how you can hire competent people, when you lack competence.

          6. jmprint June 5, 2016

            Trump is playing the racist card to get the Judge recused, and you want to fall for that one too. Boy when are you going to stop wiping his but(t)? The man is a true jerk, this is what jerks do. Are you a jerk too?

        2. Anne Smith June 3, 2016

          Curiel is a member of La Raza Lawyers of California – aka the Latino Bar Association of California.!!!!!!
          Do you just suck up WHATEVER lies your “candidate” offers? Reading is good for the mind and it’s EASIER than ever since Google. Not that you ever stepped a foot in a library.

          1. Otto T. Goat June 3, 2016

            His belonging to a racist organization puts his impartiality in question.

          2. jmprint June 5, 2016

            It is not racist. No wonder you’re a Trump supporter, you are too ignorant to know better.

          3. Linda June 6, 2016

            TY Anne… My thoughts exactly! A lot of people do not look at both sides of the coin…

        3. jmprint June 5, 2016

          hee haw.

      4. Linda June 6, 2016


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  2. Independent1 June 1, 2016

    Personally, it should be against the law for political candidates to use their campaigning pulpit to try and discredit a judge that’s presiding over a lawsuit being tried against them. Such actions should fall into the same realm as ‘tampering with a witness’ and therefore Trump should be subject to jail time.

    From Wikipedia:

    In the United States, the crime of witness tampering in federal cases is defined by statute at 18 U.S.C. § 1512, “Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant”. The punishment for such an offense is up to 20 years if physical force was used or attempted, and up to 10 years if physical force was only threatened. The tampering need not have actually been successful in order for it to be criminal.

    1. Siegfried Heydrich June 1, 2016

      Actually, I think that Drumpf knows he’s going to lose the case, and is trying to establish a basis of appeal alleging that the judge was influenced to be hostile towards him on the basis of race and the fact that Drumpf had abused him. This is truly a novel strategy . . .

      1. Independent1 June 1, 2016

        Could well be you’re right. But I’d almost be willing to guarantee that Curiel will get a number of death threats from Trump’s rabid followers based on Trump implying that the judge is not impartial to him. And I think he’s counting on that too, hoping to influence the judge’s actions.

        1. Siegfried Heydrich June 1, 2016

          However, they’re pulling that crap on the wrong guy. If he can face down a mexican drug cartel, I think he can handle a few rabid Drumpfazoids. And I’m quite sure his security team is very experienced as well, which means that the guys foolish enough to make death threat can expect a visit from the federal marshals, YUUUUGE legal expenses, and a lengthy vacation in the graybar hotel and resort.

          Oh, and some really bad publicity for Drumpf.

          1. Independent1 June 1, 2016

            I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying but I think you’re missing my point.

            By trying to convince his rabid followers that the judge presiding over his trial is a Mexican and therefore biased against, Trump is clearly trying to bias the outcome of his trial by riling up his rabid followers to the point of harassing the judge.

            And it’s my feeling that because he’s a campaigning politician, and especially campaigning for the presidency, with a lot of influential power; what he’s doing is a criminal act just like witness tampering; and the Justice Department shouldn’t be letting him get away with it. The Justice Department should be stepping in and calling him out; in fact, I think he should be arrested and charged with violating a law that carries up to a 10 year sentence – trying to tamper with the actions of a judge should be every bit as serious as tampering with a witness.

          2. Siegfried Heydrich June 1, 2016

            That would be bad politics, but I suspect a conversation with a couple of federal marshals accompanied by a federal prosecutor (with Drumpf’s attorneys present) followed by a press conference might (maybe) get him to cool his jets on this. If not, oh well. Then you take whatever legal actions the law demands.

          3. Linda June 6, 2016

            As you say… witness tampering is a crime, then why is Hillary not in jail, Cruz ..nothing has happened to him, Soros??? NOTHING happened to him! Now the Judge!!! HE has tampered with information and it will come out! He and Clintons are good friends and the Judge is helping the bitch out!

          4. Independent1 June 6, 2016

            Are you sure you’re not Donald Trump using just one more alias??

            Just like The Donald, you spew totally unfounded accusations with no evidence whatsoever to back them up.

            Only a total moron such as yourself would believe what you’re posting – because if it were remotely true, The right-wing propaganda machine like Faux News, would have turned those accusations into another fake scandal LONG AGO!!

            So go take your worthless posts and cram them you know where!! LIAR!!!

          5. jmprint June 6, 2016

            Ah, a little jealous, can’t get enough of the sugar crisp.

          6. Leftout June 6, 2016

            These people on this forum refuse to acknowledge facts it is fun . The only good part is that trumps numbers always go up after the press fornicates up and the lies are exposed usually the next day.

          7. FireBaron June 2, 2016

            And let’s see THE DONALD offer to pay for THEIR legal problems, like he has promised everyone else who got into legal trouble for hitting anti-Trump protestors.

          8. Linda June 6, 2016

            There was only 1 protester he has said that to and he was kidding at the time! You liberals are too much! God the politically correctness has got to stop!

          9. jmprint June 6, 2016

            He said it to an audience.

          10. Independent1 June 6, 2016

            You’ve sure earned your right-wing honor badge – one pathological lie after another. Not one post that remotely says the truth!!! Consider yourself a bone fide right-wing nut case!!!

        2. Linda June 6, 2016

          be careful what you say! I AM NOT RABID… however I could get there for you if I ever met you!~ I bite!

          1. jmprint June 6, 2016

            Yes you really sound like a real dog. Be careful not to chase your tail.

      2. I of John June 2, 2016

        You are probably right about that Trump motive although it has little chance of suceeding. Trump needs proof of real bias for appeals courts to even look at an appeal. Mostly judges side with their own. Appeals are generally not easy to score.

        1. Linda June 6, 2016

          he is getting the information as you speak, against the judge. it WILL fall in favor of Trump.. I have no doubt!

          1. jmprint June 6, 2016

            ANd you have no doubt because he is paying you to say you have no doubt.

    2. Linda June 6, 2016

      you may see the judge in jail then if he keeps covering up for Clinton!

      1. jmprint June 6, 2016

        Trump will be in jail for contempt.

  3. RED June 2, 2016

    Trump’s a scumbag, a racist pos. And I got nothing against Curiel, personally and certainly don’t go in for the racist dirtbag beliefs of the ignorant Cons. But I am tired of reading lie after lie about our drug war. So the cartel was seriously degraded, all these people in jail? So I guess there is no more drug trafficking in Southern California anymore? Yeah right, we’ve been hearing this downgraded, destroyed this cartel, that cartel for damn near forty years. And what have we got? Billions gone, the highest prison population, and each cartel is more violent and dangerous than the last. I’m sick to death of the continued lies and absolutely false narratives, the police of the U.S. becoming a roving gang of violent thugs!! You know before the drug war, a crime need to be committed before you had a suspect. But now, everyone is potential suspect, ’cause anyone might be carrying weed or something. And that means of course to the police that everyone is a potential cop killer too!!! STOP THE LIES and END THE DAMN WAR ON AMERICANS!!!

    1. Dominick Vila June 2, 2016

      First it was the Cali and Medellin cartels, then Panama’s President Noriega, now it is Mexican and Central American drug cartels. The only constant are the clients who cannot wait to get their hands on a few ounces of pot or cocaine. Stop buying the stuff, and the problem will go away.

      1. RED June 2, 2016

        Stop buying the stuff? Dominick, I expecta little better from you. Just say no was the the Reagan campaign and it failedj ist as miserably. Let me ask you when is the last time you saw a Budweiser guy gun down a Coors guy over territory? I’m gonna guess never. Is that because beer isn’t a drug? Is it because beer isn’t addictive? It’sn ot dangerous? Doesn’t cause people to do awful things? Nope! It’so ne reasona nd one reason alone, it’sn ot black market. Whenw e did make beer illegal people were killed over it regularly. And yet today not so much. So leave the propaganda you’be been fed for 50 years behind and own up that the US drug war has always been racially motivated. Whites can handle their drugs, beer and whiskey but other people can’t handle them. Read Dr Carl Hart’s book for a bit of truth and facts and help to leave behind the propaganda that some drugs are different, they’re not.

        1. Linda June 6, 2016

          Didn’t I just read that you said that Trump was a racist???? WTF does “the WHITES can handle their drugs, beer and whiskey, but others can’t??”THAT sounds pretty racist to me! By the way, Trump is NOT racist!

          1. jmprint June 6, 2016

            Trump is a racist. Unless you sleep with the guy, how do you know he is not, when in fact every time he opens his mouth, he proves he is. He will use the racist card to benefit himself. Linda you have a bad case of trumpoid fever.

          2. RED June 6, 2016

            I’m always when someone manages to find the exact opposite meaning in a comment. , quotes or could have made my meaning more clear. Those were not my views and as I was trying to yell and scream are completely against both my beliefs and reality. It is not me that believes that white people can handle their drugs but minorities cannot. But this the reason we have the drug war, the racist policies created and fed it. And it continues today. When I say drug dealer, I assure you the image that pops in the majorityo f people’s minds is some young black guy selling crack and not middle aged white people selling prescription meds or the elderly woman selling her pain pills to pay her power bill. So it’s the disgusting racism of our society and the drug war, not my personal beliefs at all.

          3. RED June 6, 2016

            I’m sorry, that you believe Trump isn’t a racist. If I had seen that you are a Trump apologist then I would not have wasted good reason, logic, or facts on someone clearly incapable of recognizing them.

          4. Box June 11, 2016

            No…how about facts? He only ever referred to the bad ones, the criminals and then the media said he meant all. He never said or meant it and the trump company is ethnically diverse and long before the campaign too. Go look for yourself.

  4. Lane Ranger June 2, 2016

    TRUMP is a Snake Oil Salesman but many,many people appear addicted to snake oil!

    1. Linda June 6, 2016

      it’s good for the skin!!!

      1. jmprint June 6, 2016

        Only the kkk and the white supremacists skin, they are definitely made of a different texture, has something to do with lack of blood flowing to their brain. Are you one of them.

  5. GKSanDiego June 3, 2016

    Conman tRump is on the same side as the Mexican drug kingpins.

    1. Linda June 6, 2016

      lets see… If you are a Clinton voter… do you know about fast and furious??? THAT was Clinton selling illegal guns to the Mexicans, so I guess you don’t like her either!

      1. jmprint June 6, 2016

        Yes, fast and furious was a program set up by the Bush administration, carried over to the Obama administration. This was Bushes baby, not Clintons.

  6. Mark June 3, 2016

    Pathetic Don, while I imagine Judge Curiel is more professional than you and rises above your racist comments, perhaps you will begin to see how your hatred comes back to haunt you.

  7. david c ianacone June 3, 2016

    This man is an AMERICAN Citizen, born in Indiana. Certainly, like ALL of us that are not American Indians, he has things from his Mexican culture that helped to shape him…clearly a respect for education, a respect for the law, bravery and service to your country and fellow citizens. BTW none of these characteristics can even remotely be assigned to Trump.

    1. Linda June 6, 2016

      Well david…and who are you for??? Please don’t tell me Clinton because she is the most corrupt of all! and Bernie, you might want to go over seas to some of the countries that have no food or medicines and everyone is dying because of socialism! better think again!

      1. jmprint June 6, 2016

        Trump is a fraud and you’re a trumpster, the stench is strong. So you are saying people in England are starving, because they are insured?

  8. Kurlis June 4, 2016

    He gave scholarships to MEXICAN illegal aliens. Why would he do that?

    1. jmprint June 5, 2016

      These are children that are brought into the United States, have gone through 12 years of school and ready for college. Is there a problem with that. Do other good humans not deserve a quality of life, just because they have not obtained a piece of paper that says they are of legal status?

      1. Lew Ricker June 5, 2016

        Not trying to sound hardlined, but they’re not citizens of the United States, so YES, that does matter.

        1. L. Ron butterfly June 5, 2016

          Unless you went through the whole process of naturalization, you didn’t earn your citizenship – it was handed to you at birth. The only difference between you and those kids is luck.

          1. Mary Tarara June 6, 2016

            Illegal is illegal and they don’t have a right to anything except being deported with their illegal parents.

            This judge needs to be removed and disbarred.

          2. jmprint June 6, 2016

            Is that really what your bible teaches you, to make life harder for honest, hard working people. To destroy families and make them live in a country they are not accustomed to?

          3. Mary Tarara June 6, 2016

            I don’t have a bible so don’t make assumptions. We have plenty poor and working poor as well as people who actually follow the law and immigrate legally. There are also people from all over the world waiting to immigrate the right way. We as a country are not obligated nor can we afford economically or environmentally to take in everyone. They destroy their own families when they commit the crime of sneaking in the country. So they can take the responsibility for their actions and explain to their children the consequences.
            Stop trying to shame me for my legitimate feelings because you don’t happen to agree. Millions of LEGAL citizens agree which is why they are voting for Trump no matter what Clinton, the media or this corrupt judge do to try and stop him.

          4. jmprint June 6, 2016

            No wonder, a heathen. Your reasons are not legit as you are not being harmed directly, it’s only politically. We as decent humans have a right to help those in need, no they don’t destroy their own families, it’s those heartless people like you that bring harm to them. Illegals have been coming to America since day one. Most land here, make money, so they can pay for the process to be legal. Those voting for Trump because somehow they think he can miraculous fix a broken system, it’s not about the illegals, it’s about white wash discrimination.
            You go ahead and vote for Trump, losers usually stick together. And you should be ashamed of yourself for being a lard A$$. Do yourself a favor don’t vote for HIliary, she is too good for kind.

          5. Mary Tarara June 7, 2016

            Hahahahaaaaa! The christian voting for the career criminal is calling me a heathen. Typical hypocritical, pathetic moron.

            I had a long reply ready and realized you’re not worth my time.

          6. jmprint June 8, 2016

            Are you laughing because the devil is tickling your fancy? You’re voting for a fraud, a hater, if you new Jesus, you would know that Trump stands for the opposite of what Jesus taught. I don’t claim to be a christian, but I know bad when I hear it. I’m glad you didn’t post more on you Trumpoid schizophrenic ramble.

          7. Mary Tarara June 8, 2016

            Just can’t give it up, can you.

            I’m laughing because you’re such a putz.

          8. jmprint June 8, 2016

            No, and I won’t give it up, because you are a total idiot.

          9. Mary Tarara June 8, 2016

            Thank you, from someone as clueless as you, I take that as a compliment.

            Someday maybe you’ll step into the 21st century.

          10. jmprint June 8, 2016

            I’m just hoping one day you will become a decent human being. Till then, you’re just another hater like your lover boy.

          11. Mary Tarara June 8, 2016

            Decent by whose terms; you???

            Done with you.

          12. jmprint June 8, 2016

            Hahahahaaaaa!! done with you. And no, not my terms, just regular human basic kindness. Try it, you might like it.

          13. jovert51325 June 7, 2016

            Can’t vote for her if she is in jail.

          14. joe schmo July 1, 2016

            Oh no, those leftist globalists need the Clinton’s so that they can continue their agenda by taking the world apart. We are their biggest conquest. They are going to let her off scott free.

          15. jmprint July 5, 2016

            joe your negativity is what is tearing the world apart, nothing else.

          16. joe schmo July 1, 2016

            Oh please, what don’t you get about unfair? They made that choice when they decided to come here ILLEGALLY! We can’t continue to be the patsies for the world. Fine and good in a rich nation but not good for a poor one. Socialism is good until you run out of other peoples money. = Margaret Thatcher.

          17. jmprint July 5, 2016

            We are not a poor nation. Guess how much money is spent on politics, hell look at at the billions wasted in Texas on suing the government alone. Nothing poor about our nations, we waste a lot, we are a nation of throw away, just listen to you speak, wanting to throw away a child’s career, because their parents aren’t US citizens.

          18. jmprint July 5, 2016

            No he doesn’t, he has every right to donate to whom he pleases.

          19. joe schmo July 1, 2016

            It’s not even luck. It’s unfairness….

        2. jmprint June 6, 2016

          The members of the association donate money, they have every right to give to whom they see needs the help. Without having to answer to a few greedy racist.

          1. joe schmo July 1, 2016

            Wake up, Alfalfa! What about the rest of our kids? Racist has gone out the window and reversed it’s color.

          2. jmprint July 5, 2016

            The rest of OUR kids have plenty of grants to snatch if they try hard enough. Racist is what way? Is someone calling you white trash or what?

      2. Box June 11, 2016

        Right…not legal, not citizens, yes it matters. And it matters ever more when they come and straight to welfare and suck that out. And it matters more yet again when the citizens have supported those 12 years, paid for that school, they get the degree and vanish and contribute nothing back. Immigrants of 100 years ago didnt act like this and they shouldnt now either.

      3. joe schmo July 1, 2016

        Yes, there is a HUGE problem with that. It’s UNFAIR to the rest of our kids who have worked so hard to get educations and can’t get jobs because these people are put in front of the line.

        1. jmprint July 5, 2016

          Oh a white person is not being educated, because a mexican is! Now that’s a bowl of crock. What else are you cooking?

  9. Jodi Marie June 4, 2016

    its pretty sad when nothing you’ve accomplished matters….and being born in the USA doesn’t matter….but perception of being Mexican (or Muslim or whatever) is first thing that spews out of someones mouth. Someone who swears he isn’t racist. That’s what racists and bigots do….they look at race or ethnicity first.

    1. Box June 11, 2016

      No Jodi….search back and look at his speeches and greetings when he got off the plane. He SAID, im talking about the bad ones, the criminals, the illegals, the jihadists. He never said ALL and he never meant all. But the first time he said it, the media went crazy and said that he meant ALL. Simply isnt true so stop saying it. And how can he be called racist when all along, years before the campaign, he has had all kinds of people working for him right up to today? As for criminals, what would you have against the ridding of them, regardless of race?

    2. joe schmo July 1, 2016

      What it really eludes to is the fact that there really is inequality remaining in the U.S. and the people that our government put in front of the line are not true Americans. That’s bigotry in another form. U are now the oppressed not the oppressor.

  10. Linda June 6, 2016

    said this! They all tie to tie corrupt Hillary Clinton and the Judge with $$$. Get the whole story first before you comment
    on racism. Trump is not racist!

  11. Linda June 6, 2016

    YOU are definitely wrong on this one Jodi. Trump is not racist nor is he a bigot! He said what he said, because the Judge ties in with Hillary and it is corruption that has Trump angry! It has nothing to do with Ethnicity! You really need to find out more about what is really going on.

    1. jmprint June 6, 2016

      Linda please take it upon yourself to educate Jodi why she is wrong, since you seem to have some inside information. And why is it that the prosector was unfair as well.

      1. joe schmo July 1, 2016

        Again, you people amaze me as to how stupid you are. I have plenty of family in Europe to know how very badly it is going for them. I prey that each country unifies in dissolving the Union. This has all been a plan by Globalist elites to push their agenda in dissolving Western Culture. Poorer countries that cannot compete have had to be held up by countries like France, England and Germany. New Migrants from Africa and the Middle East have only caused harm to Europe’s unique balance and strength by adding incessant criminal acts which have left the people defenseless. How naive of you to believe the world is friendly and that each of us can put our hands together as one. Have news for you. It’s not working! We are not ALL the same. It will kill many of us in the long run. In case you haven’t noticed people like the Clintons are in on the whole Global initiative. They have taken money from the Saudi’s (who demean women and kill gays), the banks and, in case you haven’t noticed, the LARGE corporations which you hate. They become richer and richer while we get poorer and poorer. What regime does that remind me of? Communism! If you want to continue down this road to serfdom, vote HRC. I dare you.

        1. jmprint July 5, 2016

          joe you have proven time after time that there is no one on earth stupider the you. First what does this article have to do with your vile rant. Why don’t you go back to Europe and enjoy their decisions, instead of trying to put us in the same position. I am voting for Hilliary, question is why wouldn’t you, knowing what a scum bag Trump is? A vote for trump is a vote for disaster, I dare you.

    2. Independent1 June 6, 2016

      So on top of being a racist and bigot who can’t see that Trump is too; you’re also like him a pathological liar!! Wow!! You take the prize!!!

    3. A. D. Reed June 22, 2016

      By your “logic,” Linda, Trump should forever be prohibited from engaging with Angela Merkel, since he’s the son of a German immigrant and Mrs. Merkel ties in with Obama and Clinton both. So I guess the dumpster shouldn’t be allowed to have anything to do with US-German relations.


  12. Philip McAfee June 6, 2016

    I bet you can find a lot of azzhole decisions made by this fool judge. I hate them all.

  13. jim June 7, 2016

    Apparently you have not a clue of what you are talking about.

  14. Hilda3659 June 8, 2016

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  16. Al White August 26, 2016

    It is unfortunate that the uncouth Trump would see justices in racial categories — in the fashion of the current president of the United States, Barack Obama.

    President Obama remarked of his recent Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, “Yeah, he’s a white guy, but he’s a really outstanding jurist. Sorry.”

    No one in the media batted an eye about the president’s racialist use of “but.” The conjunction suggested that being a “white guy” is now inherently a negative that can be partially offset by credentials — but only partially, given that it still requires the apologetic “sorry.” As for attacking judges for their decisions, the president did just that in a State of the Union address.

    Does this make the president of the United States, a racist? Something he constantly accuses Trump of being, and where is the media to crucify Obama for his remarks?


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