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Justice Clarence Thomas Takes A Shot At President Obama

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Justice Clarence Thomas Takes A Shot At President Obama


How did Barack Obama become America’s first black president?

He pleased the “elites,” according to Clarence Thomas, the second African-American ever to be appointed to the Supreme Court.

Speaking about his life at Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University in April, Thomas explained that he always thought there would be a black president in his lifetime. “The thing I always knew is that it would have to be a black president who was approved by the elites and the media because anybody that they didn’t agree with, they would take apart,” he added.

This is a perfect example of how Thomas buys completely into the right-wing worldview that pits conservatives against the media. In this worldview, the media is all liberal — except Fox News and talk radio — and it destroys black conservatives who aren’t liberal.

“You pick your person,” he said. “Any black person who says something that is not the prescribed things that they expect from a black person will be picked apart.”

Thomas obviously feels that he was vilified by the media with the accusations of sexual harassment that enveloped his confirmation hearings. He likely was referencing Dr. Ben Carson — an African-American surgeon who emerged into conservative politics recently. Carson canceled his speech at a recent Johns Hopkins University medical school commencement after he made comments that seemed to equate same-sex marriage with bestiality and pedophilia — a position the “elites” didn’t seem to like, apparently.

Herman Cain was a frontrunner in the 2012 GOP presidential primary when allegations of affairs and sexual harassment of former employees forced him to drop out of the race.

Despite Thomas’ Fox News view of the world, the Justice also claimed to hate politics.

His wife Ginny obviously has no such enmity. She’s a Tea Party activist and paid lobbyist, something her husband forgot to mention on his 2011 disclosure form.

Both Justice and Mrs. Thomas did their best to kill Obamacare. Ginny was compensated to try to block it from becoming law and Clarence ruled with the Supreme Court’s minority in saying that the individual mandate is unconstitutional.

Adam Winkler, a professor at the University of California School of Law, told Mother Jones‘ Adam Serwer that Thomas’ comments hurt the integrity of the Court.

“There’s a great irony in that Thomas has his position because he was approved by elites in the Senate,” Winkler added, “while Obama owes his position to the voters.”


  1. bcarreiro May 3, 2013

    its not about black or white ….its about being an assertive, collective, and a smart individual.

    1. jmprint May 4, 2013

      Which he lacks.

  2. tobyspeeks May 3, 2013

    Clarence Thomas isn’t racist, he has a black friend.

    1. idamag May 4, 2013

      But he wouldn’t want his daughter to marry one.

      1. lana ward May 5, 2013


        1. Robert P. Robertson May 5, 2013

          Jeez, lana, can’t you see that posters have been ignoring your dumb ass? Give it a break. You sound like a child trying to get attention.

          1. lana ward May 5, 2013

            I don’t want anyone to answer, it takes up to much of my time answering back : )) Google , Muslim Purchase of the US Presidency–It’s a 1979 article written by Valerie Jarretts’ father in law, Vernon Jarrett. I assume you’ll believe what he has to say

          2. Robert P. Robertson May 5, 2013

            Jesus H. Christ!

          3. lana ward May 5, 2013

            The Saudis’ bought Obama. That’s why he has his records sealed. That’s where he got 4 million to keep them sealed. He is to turn us into the US of Islam, the way he has to pay them back!!!!!!!

          4. plc97477 May 5, 2013

            The saudis are friends of the bushes.

          5. lana ward May 5, 2013

            Bush isn’t President. The Saudis’ bought Obama

          6. Robert P. Robertson May 6, 2013

            For the love of God, can you just let a man live a little?

          7. ward2549@comcast.net May 6, 2013

            I said the Saudis’ bought Obama, and they did!!! Google, Muslim Purchase of the US Presidency. It is an article written by Valerie Jarretts’ father in law, Vernon Jarrett back in 1979

          8. plc97477 May 5, 2013

            It’s like you know her/him.

      2. Robert P. Robertson May 5, 2013

        LMFAO! Good one, idamag!

    2. Robert P. Robertson May 5, 2013


  3. charleo1 May 3, 2013

    Somewhere along the line, Thomas became a bitter, and hateful
    person. Something I did not know, and from his opinions today,
    could have never guessed. As a young man, was planning to go
    into the priesthood. So it’s all the more remarkable he would turn
    out to be one of those individuals, who grew up in very difficult
    circumstances. Then decided to make it his life’s goal to pull up
    behind him, those ladders of opportunities that made it possible
    for him, a poor Black boy from rural Georgia, to become a judge
    on the Nation’s highest Court. But, supposing there were things he
    had to say, “To please the elite.” They surely can’t pick him apart
    now! So why does he insist on sitting there like lump? Seldom
    verbalizing his opinion on anything. But will break his silence, to
    disparage, and call into question the integrity of the Country’s first
    Black President. I’d say, that is pretty tacky for a Supreme Court

    1. kanawah May 4, 2013

      If, that Thomas was considering the priest hood, it is the detriment he did not do so. He would have been a horrid priest, but he is a worse justice.

    2. Rickster Rickster May 4, 2013

      he’s always been a bitter hateful person.

      1. lana ward May 5, 2013

        The bitter hateful person is sitting in MY WH. And he’s a traitor to this Nation!!!

        1. Brenda Nichols May 6, 2013

          Lana Ward, get a life, your racist, ignorance is showing loud and clear. Go hang out with your NRA crazies..

          1. ward2549@comcast.net May 6, 2013

            I said , the bitter , hateful person is sitting in my WH. He is a traitor to this nation. And yes, Obama is a racist

          2. Brenda Nichols June 24, 2013

            You must have forgot to take your psych. medication. You write like you are delusional..

          3. cats33 May 7, 2013

            Your “leader” and his regeme are in deep dodo at the moment over their Benghazi lies, wouldn’t you say??

          4. idamag May 8, 2013

            Are we talking about Benghazi or Justice Thomas breaching the protocol of the Supreme Court? However, if you have some inside information about Benghazi, please let the CIA know about it. BTW, Dodo is an extinct bird.

          5. cats33 May 13, 2013

            Like Joe Wilson told Sambo in front of the whole world, YOU LIE, seems this “administration” would have tried harder not to

          6. lana ward June 24, 2013

            You’re so smart, you voted for a traitor, a loser

          7. lana ward June 24, 2013

            Your leader is a liar and a traitor!!! Heil OHitler!!!

    3. lana ward May 5, 2013

      Clarence Thomas was lynched during his nomination hearings because he doesn’t tow the line of liberal communists. Obama should be lynched because he is a traitor to our country. Thomas is spot on!!

      1. KenStarr May 21, 2013

        Bunk. Anita Hill was the one lynched by the Reich-wing Noise and Rage Machine.

        When Republican weasel Arlen Specter accused Hill of perjury, Hill voluntarily took a lie detector test and was purposely asked about her allegations regarding Thomas. Her test concluded that she was NOT LYING. Thomas refused to take the same polygraph examination.

        In 2001, then Republican hatchet-master, David Brock, admitted that he
        had smeared Anita Hill with lies to salvage the reputation of Thomas
        with the help of congressional aides, top officials from the first Bush
        White House, and even Justice Thomas himself – AFTER he won confirmation to the Court – provided dirt for the smear

        In 2010, Lillian McEwen, a former Senate Judiciary Committee lawyer,
        broke her 19-year silence and said she had dated Clarence Thomas from 1979 to the mid-1980’s, and that her experience with Clarence Thomas was consistent with Anita Hill’s accusations. “The Clarence I know was certainly capable not only of doing the things that Anita Hill said he did, but it would be totally consistent with the way he lived his
        personal life then.”

        Google it. And it’s “toe” the line; not tow.

        1. lana ward May 21, 2013

          Anita Hill was furious Thomas chose a white woman over her nasty black ass. This was her way of getting even with him—It didn’t work

          1. KenStarr May 22, 2013


            You’re full of shit. No such thing happened. Hill had already bolted Washington four years before Clarence married wife #2.

            Oh, and nice racial touch, Iana!

          2. lana ward May 22, 2013

            Yea, I’m getting good at the racial touches reading all of the racist liberal remarks. Anita Hill was slapped down by Clarence Thomas, lying about him was her revenge

          3. KenStarr May 22, 2013

            Proof!!! Or remain a liar.

          4. lana ward May 22, 2013

            Proof is he was confirmed. Where is your proof, liar!!

          5. KenStarr May 22, 2013

            Nice touch. The oh-so clever Post hoc ergo propter hoc. You claimed Hill spoke up out of revenge over Clarence’s marrying a
            white women. Clarence’s confirmation is not proof of that. Back it up,

          6. lana ward May 22, 2013

            Clarence Thomas is A Supreme Court Justice, thank God, That black rag, Anita Hill couldn’t prove her racist case. Now F**k off, don’t bother me anymore. Sambos’ scandals are what is important now, what a terrorist dictator he is

          7. KenStarr May 22, 2013

            Ah. I get it. When all you have are lies, innuendo, and smear you got bupkis. Sorry about that.

            Question, though. Is it OK to refer to a certain Supreme Court Justice as “Sambo”? (‘Cuz lately I have preferred “Slappy”.)

          8. lana ward May 22, 2013

            Black liberals call Thomas oreo, and uncle tom. Obama is Sambo or Aunt Jamima

          9. Dave_Adams May 22, 2013

            You’re on the losing side of History Lana. And the voters have said “fuck off” to your hateful politics two Presidential cycles in a row now.
            Ain’t Democracy wonderful?

          10. lana ward May 22, 2013

            I am on the side of the Founding Fathers. And the election was stolen by Obama and the IRS. He didn’t even qualify to be on the ballot in Indiana in 2008, fraud got him on. The four who created votes are all facing prison. Democracy was pretty great until the Chicago mobsters stole 2 elections. My hateful politics are what has always made America great. Your great politics have turned America into a cesspool

          11. Dave_Adams May 23, 2013

            You’re lying Lana. Obama was qualified in all states in 2008 and 2012. Obama has the same birth documentation that every other citizen born in Hawaii has. As far as your “four who created votes” story, prove it. Obama isn’t involved with Chicago Mobsters so there’s another lie.
            My politics won WWII, yours insisted that we not get involved. Then when we were attacked by Fascism your side apologized for the Fascists and said that we invited the attack.
            My politics fostered public funding of education at all levels, leading to the creation of the greatest middle class in the history of the entire world. Your politics has spent the last century trying to stop or dismantle that effort.
            I could go on and on about what my politics has done and what your politics has tried to stop. The point is, you always lose Lana. And you never learn. But you put together a lot of great sounding lies in the mean time.

          12. lana ward May 23, 2013

            “The Daily Caller” or Google “Voter fraud in Indiana 2008”, —BALLOT FRAUD CONVICTIONS SHED LIGHT ON OBAMAS’ 08 Campaign-2 former Indiana Dem Party officials have been convicted of voter fraud. Butch Morgan is looking at 22 years in prison. Dustin Blyth could face 75 years. 2 co-defendents. who pled guilty to felony counts are facing 11-14 years.–They got Obama on the ballot, he didn’t have enough votes to qualify.

          13. Dave_Adams May 23, 2013

            “The Daily Caller”, oh you are a riot Lana. Your “source” is the Daily Caller. Odd, isn’t it that someone could be called at the Voter Registration Office on Martin Luther King Day. I mean since it was closed. Something is very, very fishy about that case.
            In any case Morgan was convicted of what 4 counts? Blythe? no information. Even if they did what they were accused of, the number of votes affected had no significant effect on the Indiana Primary. There is no evidence that they “got Obama on the ballot”. Try reading from a credible news source Lana.

          14. lana ward May 24, 2013

            Credible news source like the memo? LOL!!!

          15. Dave_Adams May 24, 2013

            You’re lying again Lana :
            Until then leave me alone cause I won’t answer back

          16. lana ward May 23, 2013

            Feel better?? That’s good. We’ll just watch and see what happens won’t we. Until then leave me alone cause I won’t answer back. I’m tired of you calling me a liar when it is YOU who is the liar. So f**k off. Thanks : )

          17. Dave_Adams May 23, 2013

            You’re still a loser, in fact you’re a sore loser, and in the long run your side will always lose. But thanks for playing, and fuck off yourself.

          18. lana ward May 24, 2013

            Your princess in the WH is in trouble

          19. Dave_Adams May 24, 2013


  4. FredAppell May 3, 2013

    So he can speak after all. Since when do Supreme Court Justices make public comments about Presidents anyway? I find it to be very inappropriate. I also find his wife’s activities to be a conflict of interest given the nature of his position. After all, according to conservatives, Justices shouldn’t be activists but I guess it is o.k. for the spouses to be. What a convenient way to break with their own standards.

    1. idamag May 4, 2013

      I agree with you. It is totally inappropriate. There used to be a series of comedy movies about a police force that bungled everything. Maybe, a series of the Supreme Court would be apropos. Only it would not be fiction.

      1. FredAppell May 4, 2013

        Are you referring to Leslie Nielsen’s Police Squad, Police Academy or the Keystone Cops, actually anyone of the three will do. Last night I was having trouble thinking of Sonia Sotomayor’s name but she clearly was whom I was thinking about when I made my comment. The right couldn’t come up with any dirt on her so they accused her of being an activist judge. I think the right probably keeps Clarence Thomas on such a short leash that when he is aloud to speak, he makes an ass of himself. Maybe he should speak more often, that way, he is sure to bury the rest of them.

      2. lana ward May 5, 2013

        How many shots have been taken at Clarence Thomas over the years, plus he was lynched during his nomination hearings. You left loons are hypocrites and communists!! Thomas told the truth, and you know it!!

        1. plc97477 May 5, 2013

          He was most certainly not lynched. what are you smoking today?

          1. lana ward May 5, 2013

            All black conservatives are lynched if they leave the plantation and make something of themselves!!!

          2. cats33 May 7, 2013

            He was, you must not have watched

          3. idamag May 8, 2013

            I guess I missed the lynching, too.

      3. cats33 May 7, 2013

        Looks like Obama and his regeme are in deep dodo over Benghazi? Ya think?

    2. cats33 May 11, 2013

      Everyone has the right to speak when their country is being destroyed right before their eyes by little black sambo

      1. FredAppell May 11, 2013

        You’re going to have to prove to me how Obama is destroying this country. How is it that one man can bring down an entire nation when we
        have the Legislative and Judicial branches as well? If you’re so convinced that he is capable of such a feat with all the obstructionism that has taken place than you have bigger problems than just your obsessiveness with Obama. Maybe you’re one of those people who suddenly realized that the world is a much larger place than you were originally led to believe and you’re oneness isn’t quite as important as the whole and you’re threatened by this new truth.

  5. Lynda Groom May 4, 2013

    Isn’t is interesting that the good judge can find his voice in certain public venues, but never when the court is in session. Could it be that he only speaks when it is convenient to speak in a political and ideological driven agenda? This is the same man that Bush I had the stones to say was the best qualified jurist for the job. That was certainly an insult to all thinking people and to the nation at large. Thomas is a disgrace and keep him away from coke bottles. The man is just a small-minded toady for those who put him on the bench. A token who is now trying to call the kettle black. In his heart of hearts he must know that he been used and what he is.

    1. M.j. Zuzich May 4, 2013

      He certainly has never indicated that his thinking and analytic abilities are remotely close to a Thomas Sowell.

      1. kanawah May 4, 2013

        Thomas thinking and analytic abilities are remotely close to are bit even close to the Three Stooges.

        1. lana ward May 5, 2013

          You communist left loons never handle the truth well

          1. BlueJoubert May 6, 2013

            Your political brilliance is surpassed only by your mastery of the English language.

          2. Mark Yungbluth May 22, 2013

            Oh yeah? Well, you’re just a stinky poo poo head! Nyah Nyah!

          3. lana ward May 22, 2013

            Obama is the stinky poo poo head, flies love his face, flies love shit!!!

          4. Dave_Adams May 22, 2013

            The Seventh Grade called Lana. They said you still don’t qualify.

    2. lana ward May 5, 2013

      Thomas is a Justice, he knows a traitor when he sees one

      1. BlueJoubert May 6, 2013

        Considering that Thomas voted with the majority in Bush v Gore, your comment isn’t even hyperbole. Vincent Bugliosi’s book on the subject is the most concise telling of the legal/constitutional side of the affair. Thomas and his Brethren committed treason, They are therefore traitors, and should be held to account. Bradley Manning is in prison, probably for the rest of his life, for far, far less.

    3. cats33 May 11, 2013

      Clarence Thomas knows a traitor, little black sambo, when he sees one

  6. tiredofitall May 4, 2013

    Wait a minute, he is to elite. Anyone who can make unwanted advances on a woman, lie about it to the Congress and still be approved as a member of the Supreme Court has to be elite

  7. howa4x May 4, 2013

    We are not talking about an intellectual giant of the court. I don’t know if he authored one position? He sits on Scalia’s knee on the court so who is he kidding.

  8. kanawah May 4, 2013

    As in all things,Thomas is again wrong. Obama is president because the PEOPLE wanted/wants him as president.

    Thomas has been on the wrong side of everything he has taken a position on.

    1. lana ward May 5, 2013

      Thomas is right on everything. You communists are scum!!

    2. Fern Woodfork May 11, 2013

      Pay No Attention To land ward = anal draw She’s Been Eating Way Too Much Cat Do Do And Drinking Too Much Cat Piss From All Those 33 Cats She’s Been Hoarding!!!

      1. cats33 May 13, 2013

        I thought you died, to bad. Joe Wilson told sambo. YOU LIE in front of the WHOLE world, thought he might quit lying after that

  9. idamag May 4, 2013

    So much for the fair and unbiased Supreme Court.

    1. lana ward May 5, 2013

      Yes, there are 2 traitors there. Kagen and Sotomayor

  10. jmprint May 4, 2013

    Clarence Thomas is a suck up! I’m glad he considers the 47% that Romney didn’t care about elites. We may be not be wealthy, but at least we have common sense. What happened to the republicans is sad, hearing Perry say this morning that “there is no sense in having another law to protect the innocent, will not work because it’s just another law that the criminal will get around,” is like saying he won’t wipe his ass today, because it’s going to get dirty tomorrow. No logic AT ALL! Poor republicans, they are destroying this country.

    1. lana ward May 5, 2013

      Are they destroying ALL 57 states???

  11. CrankyToo May 4, 2013

    Clarence Thomas could be the poster boy for sleazy lawyers everywhere (and I think Anita Hill would back me up on that).

    1. charleo1 May 4, 2013

      Speaking of Anita Hill. She has carried on to build herself an
      admirable career. She was on T.V. I’m sorry I don’t recall the
      issue. But she is obviously, the class act she has always been.

      1. lana ward May 5, 2013

        Thomas refused her advances and she had to get even. How dare he chose a white woman over a black

      2. cats33 May 7, 2013

        I think Obama is in deep dodo over Benghazi. Another Watergate??

        1. idamag May 8, 2013

          How about you shut your mouth until you present credible and provable facts. And, if you have those facts, then give them to the CIA so they can finish the investigation. There may or may not have been some poor judgment that resulted in the deaths of four people. You hypocrites don’t even know the names of those who were killed or anything about them. Where was your outrage when 20 people lost their lives in a fertilizer plant that has been cited 6 times for safety hazards? Where was your outrage when four embassies were attacked during Reagan’s years?

          1. Fern Woodfork May 11, 2013

            He Got That Cat 33 Cause He’s lana ward =anal draw!! LOL

    2. lana ward May 5, 2013

      Clarence Thomas got off the plantation and the liberal communists won’t stand for that. He’s not under their foot depending on the Gov for everything

  12. Michelle Bass May 4, 2013

    I dont follow these things very closely, but from a bit of a distance, Clarence Thomas really seems like a fricken idiot, a token black conservative that would be a puppet, a follower, completely ‘reliable’. To me the fact that he never speaks during arguments, speaks volumes. He doesnt have the brains to. I think he is the biggest loser on the court, and doesnt belong there.

    1. lana ward May 5, 2013

      Who said we have 57 states???LOL

  13. Edwin Lee May 4, 2013

    This is another example of the pot calling the kettle black.
    Until now, I’ve thought that Clarence Thomas was following my dad’s advice: better to remain silent and let people think you’re stupid than to speak and prove it.

  14. adriancrutch May 4, 2013

    So?! Sitting Supreme Court Justices can speak off the cuff on personal views of a sitting President? For the record?

    1. idamag May 4, 2013

      Actually there is a line that a judge cannot cross. He is supposed to be totally objective and unbiased or he should not be a judge. He has crossed that line. You can have opinions. I can have opinions, but we are not in a position to make a judicial decision.

      1. lana ward May 5, 2013

        Obama has crossed every line

      2. Robert P. Robertson May 5, 2013

        Very clear point, idamag. The law should be clear, fair, and unambiguous, and none of the Republicunt justices are neither. They are all clearly partisan, and that is a threat to justice and the justness of law.

        1. idamag May 8, 2013

          And the three branches of government were developed to police one another. Each branch has its purpose. When Citizens United was passed it was legislating from the bench. They have overstepped their boundaries.

  15. Lovefacts May 4, 2013

    Once again, Thomas proves why he shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court. IMO, no justice should express their opinions about any president. It destroys their credibility when making decisions. Then again, Thomas’s wife’s actions re Obama Care and Thomas’s refusal to recuse himself from making the decision told him he had no ethics or honor.

    1. lana ward May 5, 2013

      Obama proves everyday he shouldn’t be in the WH

  16. midway54 May 4, 2013

    Some years ago, the late great judge A. Leon Higinbotham of the 2d Circuit Court of Appeals (himself a black man) wrote a scathing letter/ article to Thomas, in which he pointed up that Thomas had received the benefits available to black students that got him into Holy Cross and later on Yale Law School. Despite this, the judge continued, Thomas had pulled up the ladder behind him for more black students to access, after he had achieved his own goals.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen May 4, 2013

      What Thomas did is nothing new.

      The bulk of the people of color in California voted against Prop 8, who were brainwashed by the Mormon Church to do so. People of color was the main minority group who caused Prop 8 to fail.

      Yet through all these years, it was gay people who along with a lot of other people, supported their causes and goals all along.

      When we needed the support we didn’t get it.

      So, when Thomas stabs people in the back, it don’t surprise me at all.

      1. lana ward May 5, 2013

        Who was stabbed in the back during his nomination hearings?? The liberal communists lynched him!

        1. Hawkeye May 5, 2013

          Lynched him? He was given a free pass. The GOP lynched Anita Hill. It is about time you got your history right for a change. You don’t get your own fictional time line in real life.

          1. lana ward May 5, 2013

            Clarence Thomas and every black conservative is lynched. They wandered off of the plantation and liberal communists won’t stand for that. Name calling , demonizing, black conservatives don’t stand a chance. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen it

  17. elw May 4, 2013

    Clarence Thomas is a parody of a Supreme Court Justice. He is an unethical man who should be impeached. History will not view him well.

    1. lana ward May 5, 2013

      Obama will be impeached. All of his lies are unraveling

    2. cats33 May 7, 2013

      I think your “leader ‘ is in deep dodo for lying about Benghazi

  18. Jim Myers May 4, 2013

    Justice Thomas seems to have forgotten the REAL reason President Obama won the election the first time.

    In case he cannot figure it out on his own, I will spell it out in three words.


    1. lana ward May 5, 2013

      He won because of fraud. He didn’t even qualify to be on the ballot in Indiana!! 4 people are facing prison, one of them 75 years!!!!!!!

    2. plc97477 May 5, 2013

      I think palin helped a bit.

  19. Robert P. Robertson May 4, 2013

    Uncle Thomas has no brains. He has been of the undead for quite some time. As long as he’s been in the Supreme Court, he should be a High Zombie like Dick Cheney, Bush, Rove, and Gingrich, who eats brains and hearts for breakfast. But Uncle Thomas has to settle for rat, cockaroach, and lizard brains and hearts to get by. Now and then, his wife would regurgitate in his mouth the brains and heart of a young Republicunt or neo-Confederate Tea Bag initiate she would isolate at a rally. Just the look on his face make you know it’s a tough gig being of the undead. It’s not that he’s jealous of President Obama. It reminds him of when he had some brains and a heart.

  20. SgtCedar May 4, 2013

    I supported Obama both time. I certianly do not consider myself an “elite.”

  21. sleeprn01 May 4, 2013

    Both Scalia and Thomas’ ability to adjudicate matters without bias is questionable. Their attendance at a right wing conference supported by the Koch brothers and Thomas’ wife being a paid lobbyist would seem to indicate that have their own agenda laid out. Both should be impeached because they hurt the integrity of the court and any decisions that the court makes.

  22. Kenneth Stevens May 5, 2013

    The Media never protected Obama. It wasn’t just FOX that hammered away on the Reverend Wright and Birth issues. All of the other networks were forced to talk about that horse manure ad nauseum also, albeit in a far more “fair and balanced” manner. Obama won DESPITE the media, not because of it. The strength of his speeches, town hall meetings and debates weren’t conjured up, they were real and unfiltered and THATs what won him the election(s).

    1. lana ward May 5, 2013

      Voter fraud got him on the ballot in Indiana. 4 people are facing time in prison. One of them 75 years!!!!

  23. Pam Buzbee May 5, 2013

    shehould be blocked from lobbying because of her husbands position period

  24. Pam Buzbee May 5, 2013

    sorry forget to add what happened to the confict of interest thing. at the least he should recuse himself from decisions if possible

  25. Dominick Vila May 5, 2013

    Wow, Justice Thomas resurrected from the dead, like a zombie, and could not think of anything better than play Uncle Tom. Does this mean Barack Obama progressed from being a pseudo socialist to being a member of the capitalist elite?

    1. Fern Woodfork May 11, 2013

      Yes Looks Like The Corporations Allowed Him To Speak!!! LOL

  26. midway54 May 5, 2013

    lana ward Hawkeye • 3 hours ago

    “Clarence Thomas and every black conservative is lynched. They wandered off of the plantation and liberal communists won’t stand for that. Name calling , demonizing, black conservatives don’t stand a chance. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen it.”

    The extent to which your own inevitable and predictable name calling pervades your posting on this thread is utterly incredible. Your blindness to this behaviour speaks volumes about your mental state.

    1. idamag May 8, 2013

      A person who is lynched has to be buried. Last I heard, Thomas was still alive.

  27. Anonymous May 6, 2013

    I’m a leftist. The comments here are sick. A bunch of people too lazy and stupid to read appellate court opinions, and too lazy to a watch a video before commenting on it, presuming to grade the ‘intelligence’ of a man who, despite his debased and simplistic ideology, has managed to accomplish more in his 30 year career than most of the dullards posting here could dream to do for themselves.

    Thomas addressed directly the oral argument swipe, as he has many times before. Anyone who actually bothers to read supreme court opinions and read or listen to supreme court oral arguments instead of only pretending to be bright on the internet would know that, more often than not, it’s the judges with their mouths open who are the idiots, not the more circumspect judges.

    ‘Scalia’s pet,’ ‘too stupid to be a judge.’ You people are a bunch of racist dullards.

  28. Jon P Ogden May 7, 2013

    The comments here are proof that Thomas knows what he is talking about

  29. Dave_Adams May 22, 2013

    Pfeh, voters. Everyone knows what elitists they can be.


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