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Karl Rove And Ginny Thomas Battle For The ‘Soul’ Of The Republican Party

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Karl Rove And Ginny Thomas Battle For The ‘Soul’ Of The Republican Party


The Washington Examiner‘s Byron York recently asked, “Are Republicans too divided to have a civil war?

He laid out a number of varied issues that have pitted conservative against conservative: immigration, national defense, Ted Cruz. And he concluded, “But the very number of divisions within the GOP makes it difficult to imagine the party falling into a classic civil war, with two sides lined up against each other over some irresolvable dispute.”

That line was written before Mother Jones‘ David Corn revealed #Groundswell, a cabal of ultra-conservative activists, journalists and policymakers who regularly conspire in their neverending #war against Obama. The members of the group go beyond sharing information — they actually attempt to plot a “30-front war” by shaping messaging to sell their policies and then pushing it into the world. For instance, they created a series of hashtags to undermine Democratic messaging: #CantTrustObama, #SequesterLies and #PoliticsOverPublicSafety.

Politics over public safety” was a major theme of the group, who saw it as a salient attack against Obama on immigration, national defense and — of course — #Benghazi!

Ginny Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and a key player in #Groundswell, loved the “politics over public safety” messaging so much that she issued “brownie points” to anyone in the organization who effectively “deployed” it in the media, Corn explains in the video above of his talk with 92Y producer Jordan Chariton.


  1. sigrid28 August 6, 2013

    The Supreme Court needs a code of ethics as soon as possible. Ginny Thomas’s leadership in Groundswell SHOULD eliminate her husband’s eligibility to vote on many matters coming before SCOTUS now and in the future–some of which Groundswell itself is promulgating. And there should be term limits, and not just for Supreme Court justices but for representatives and senators alike.

    Are there enough ignorant Republicans available to win the Senate in the 2014 election and or the presidency in 2016? All of this noise and confusion may be a way to give Democrats a false sense of confidence about the 2014 election rather than drive out Karl Rove or make Ginny Thomas queen of the activist court.

    What threatens Democrats in the 2014 election is COMPLACENCY. The Democratic Party has to find a way to motivate members to vote in midterm elections and has to put up credible opponents to Republicans who refuse to govern.

    1. Joseph Squerciati August 6, 2013

      It was telling that Justice thomas left off his Financial Disclosure forms his wife’s earnings initially claiming he hadn’t understood the forms wording .Scary that someone who can’t figure out a financial disclosure form gets to rule on the constitutionality of laws .

      It is ironic that the Supreme Court Justices are NOT subject to the same Ethics rules as ALL other Federal Judges ARE .

      1. stcroixcarp August 7, 2013

        Is Is Clarence Jenny’s sex slave? Sorry, that was a tad racist and sexist.

  2. Sand_Cat August 6, 2013

    Too late. The Republican party’s soul has long since been the property of SATAN, if such a person/thing exists.

  3. docb August 6, 2013

    Neither tubby or turd blossom have souls and the party of baggers sure do not!

  4. Dominick Vila August 7, 2013

    Karl Rove and Ginny Thomas are not fighting for the “soul” of the GOP, they are the soul of what passes for conservatism nowadays. Their greed, intolerance, hatred, and the way they manipulate their obedient flock are the centerpiece of Republican political strategy. Rove is not fighting for the soul of the GOP, he is fighting to encourage more and larger contributions from people like the Koch brothers, which have transformed a zealot into a multi-millionaire.
    To achieve their goal they do everything they can to help the elite and big business continue accumulate a larger share of our wealth, often at the expense of the middle class and the poor.

  5. Allan Richardson August 7, 2013

    Are we certain that the Republican Party even HAS A SOUL? Or are they the Ferengi from the Star Trek movies disguised as human beings?

    1. Mark Forsyth August 7, 2013

      I would call them a giant bag of nuts except that they seem to only be empty shells.

  6. amandamore August 7, 2013

    Democrats have the moral and ethical high ground. When the republicans, currently the party of The South, grabbed the mean old white guys then we here are left with the open minded, the bountiful beautiful rooms full of the open minded European backgrounds, people of color reflecting the world and the languages reflecting the world. Orange County where Orlando is, just switched so 300,000 voted Obama and 200,000 voted Romney. As the years go by more of the base avails themselves of “god’s waiting room.” Children here miss meals and deal with feeling hunger and their party tries to cut food stamps?They will get a surprise at the Pearly Gates.

  7. highpckts August 7, 2013

    Thomas’s husband needs to resign from the bench!! Talk about a conflict of interests!!

  8. howa4x August 7, 2013

    I think this is just what the republicans need. For too long it has been the tail wagging the dog with the tea party insurgency pulling the GOP rightward. The eastern moneyed GOP wants a stop or at least a slowdown of the tealiban social agenda since they know it is costing them national elections and a chance to grab the brass ring of government contracts, and hand outs(tax cuts). Rove represents them. I was all fun to start the tealiban and capture the House but now it seems to be careening out of control. The fact that Ginny Thomas is leading the insurgency is great for the democrats and any lawyer that is going before SCOTUS who could use that to make Justice Thomas recuse, and could be a major embarrassment to the entire court, or at least lift the veil of impartiality. The Christie/Paul fight is just the beginning of what is to come. Christie knows that to win in a Blue state you need to come off as a social moderate, but just conservative enough to keep the GOP together. Paul thinks he can take his Kentucky libertarian policies nation wide. This is a fight for the soul of the party and which side wins will determine the outcome of 2016.


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