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Late Night Roundup: ‘Binge-Ghazi’

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Late Night Roundup: ‘Binge-Ghazi’


Trevor Noah highlighted the endless House committee hearing Thursday on Benghazi, and the House GOP’s never-ending quest to launch investigation after investigation to bring down Hillary Clinton.

“That’s like a whole season of television that the House Select Committee just dropped on us like they were Netflix or something,” Trevor said of the hearing. “And I watched all of it — because I don’t just Benghazi, I binge-ghazi.”

Larry Wilmore looked at Paul Ryan’s insistence that he get to spend time with his family while still being Speaker of the House — compared to Ryan’s own votes against paid family leave for medical workers, and his other policies that would makes it harder for low-income working parents to be around their kids.

Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter also marveled at how long the Benghazi hearings were.



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  2. Dominick Vila October 24, 2015

    The best part of the Binge-Ghazi melodrama is that it provided Hillary Clinton the political platform she needed to win the 2016 election. At a time when she was struggling political, when many Democrats and Independents were unsure about her candidacy, not because of the pseudo scandals, but because of a disappointing campaign, Gowdy and his fellow Inquisitors popped up and voila, Hillary emerged as a heroine and the most competent and poised candidate running.
    The fact that desperate Republicans are reaching out to Dr. Carson to save the day for them confirms how flawed their strategies, financial expenditures, and choices have been.

    1. Karen Bille-Golden October 24, 2015

      After months of leaning toward Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton as my choice, this hearing became the turning point for me and many others. Unless we have other hanging chads, or some other incident to disrupt our election process, I am willing to bet it all on Hillary Clinton being our president. I no longer have qualms about her qualifications to do the best job for the American people. This recent display called a hearing, clarified in my mind any doubt about wrongdoing. It’s unfortunate for the GOP that they have no candidates who honestly represent what their party stands for. They allowed the few to write the death sentence for the entire party. I finally have a better understanding of why John Boehner resigned. You can only sacrifice so much of your self esteem for the good of the party, particularly when the party is in such disarray. We need a two party system, and the GOP needs to retake control of their party from the extreme right, and out of the hands of the wealthiest few. I give a big thank you to Donald Trump for exposing many of their flaws.


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