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Late Night Roundup: Don’t Like Everything About Ike

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Late Night Roundup: Don’t Like Everything About Ike


One moment in particular from the Republican debate came under scrutiny from the late night comics: When Donald Trump praised Dwight Eisenhower for mass deportation of undocumented immigrants — a little program that was actually called “Operation Wetback.”

Stephen Colbert declared: “So you might want to update that button to, ‘I Like Ike — With Significant Reservations.'”

Trevor Noah had a sort of praise for Operation Wetback: “Don’t judge. I know that name may seem crude, people. But there’s something to be said for a policy that doesn’t hide where it’s coming from. It’s like if stop-and-frisk was called ‘Hey! What’s in that black guy’s pockets?'”

Larry Wilmore detailed the actual cruelties of Operation Wetback, including that people died when they got dumped in remote desert locations: “This, according to Donald Trump, is a model he wants America to repeat. This isn’t funny anymore — it’s just stupid.”



  1. Dennis Price November 12, 2015

    Truer words were never spoken.
    ““This, according to Donald Trump, is a model he wants America to repeat. This isn’t funny anymore — it’s just stupid.””

  2. Paul Bass November 12, 2015

    How did it work out for Germany when they tried to “deport”/murder “only” 6 million Jews? That was a great success, right? And Trump wants to “deport” 12 million?

    Do Americans really want to be a society that rounds up people and ships them off in cattle cars? While their American citizen children look on crying? Gimme a break…

  3. @HawaiianTater November 12, 2015

    Oh come on, could Trump be more obvious?! He just came out in support of something called “Operation Wetback” and those stupid GOP voters still can’t figure out that he is doing it intentionally to make them all look bad! Hahahahaha! This is all freakin’ brilliant. My love for Trump grows with every passing second.

  4. Otto Greif November 12, 2015

    It’s amusing watching these limp-wrists denigrate the man who was Supreme Allied Commander during WWII.

    1. JPHALL November 12, 2015

      They aren’t denigrating Ike, but a program that would embarrass America throughout the world. Just what we need, more dying Mexicans or pictures of people in cattle cars like the Nazi’s.

  5. Daniel Jones November 12, 2015

    John Ellis Bush has a very good reason to be frustrated, even though he is an idiot trapped into this death dive by his family name.

    In fact, it’s his family name that is the frustration–IT AIN’T JEB BUSH!! IT’S JEB! AS IN JOHN ELLIS BUSH! When the media calls him Jeb Bush, that’s doubling down! It’s calling him John Ellis Bush Bush!

    A Bush in the hand is not worth two in his name! God, people!

  6. E.C. from D.C. November 14, 2015

    “It’s like if ‘stop and frisk’ was called, ‘Hey, what’s in that black guy’s pockets.” —- LOL!!


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