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Late Night Roundup: Rupert ‘Murdick’

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Late Night Roundup: Rupert ‘Murdick’


Larry Wilmore examined Rupert Murdoch’s bizarre tweet this week, saying that Ben Carson would be a “real black president” who could “properly address the racial divide.”

As Larry said: “Let’s unpack this 140-character putdown — from the nearly 140-year old character.”

Stephen Colbert highlighted the latest craze of ultra-religious cranks who falsely predicted the end of the world. He even sent them a greeting card: “My deepest condolences — for everything still existing.”

Trevor Noah examined the new bipartisan initiative to reform America’s criminal justice system — which really highlights just how crazy our current system actually is.



  1. SEAN PAN October 9, 2015

    Murdock is a real white supremacist, it shows.

  2. Otto Greif October 9, 2015

    Murdoch likes Carson because Carson is a puppet.

  3. idamag October 9, 2015

    They forget the other calamity that the far right is touting: Our dollar is going to be worthless. All of those that believe that, send my your soon-to-be-worthless money.


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