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Late Night Roundup: The Trump Mexican Baby Catapult

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Late Night Roundup: The Trump Mexican Baby Catapult


Larry Wilmore looked at Donald Trump’s immigration proposal — most notably, wanting to end birthright citizenship for the American-born children of illegal immigrants — and then talked to the “real” Donald Trump troll doll himself: “Wait, so you actually want to catapult Mexican children over the border?!?”

Larry also gave a serious history lesson on birthright citizenship: “This country wouldn’t be what it is if the children of freed slaves, Chinese laborers, Irish and Italian immigrants — and the families of Donald Trump, Bobby Jindal, and Scott Walker — had not all benefited from birthright citizenship. If you’re born here, that’s it.”

Conan O’Brien looked at the hack of the cheating site Ashley Madison: “Hackers have exposed the identities of 40 million on Ashley Madison — 40 million. Even more shocking: Two of them are women.”

Conan also sought to help out a presidential candidate — teaming up with Aimee Mann and Ted Leo with a song to get Lincoln Chafee up to 1 percent in the polls.



  1. hicusdicus August 20, 2015

    Somebody needs to come up with a self loading automatic catapult run on solar power.

  2. Stephanie Michalski August 21, 2015

    when you have few hrs of spare time, there ís a simple method that can allow you to get some quíck $ on weekly basis – learn how by vìsìtìng línk listed on my dísqus profìle ( important: make sure to act now cause thìs link will probably be available for a lìmited time while here )


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