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Late Night Roundup: It’s A ‘Full’ White House For Trump

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Late Night Roundup: It’s A ‘Full’ White House For Trump


Jimmy Fallon portrayed “Donald Trump,” to have a very special heart-to-heart talk — with the cast of the newly-relaunched sitcom Fuller House on Netflix. “I have to stay in the race. Otherwise a Clinton will be in the White House again. I mean, who wants to see something from the ’90s come back in 2016?”

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert actually spoke on the phone with Donald Trump (yes, it really was him) about the latter’s use of obscenities on the campaign trail. “I’ve got a suggestion: Why don’t you have a swear jar,” Stephen said. Every time you say a bad word, you put a billion dollars in it.”

Jimmy Kimmel sat down with Sec. of State John Kerry, to talk about how politics mixes with his job of leading America’s foreign relations. “I’m out of politics now,” Kerry said. “And judging by the Republican field, half of them are, too.”

Seth Meyers highlighted Donald Trump’s brutal criticisms of former President George W. Bush at this past weekend’s debate, on the issues of national security: “That’s right, after months of making racist comments at Republican debates, he finally got booed — for saying George w. Bush was president on 9/11.” But at the same time, Seth examined Trump’s claims that he opposed the Iraq War from the start — and he really, really didn’t.


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  1. TZToronto February 17, 2016

    If Hillary Clinton were asked how she voted re: authorizing Dunya to invade Iraq, she won’t lie, but she will probably say that her vote was based on falsified information. Ask Trump, whose support for or objection to the US invasion of Iraq is not on the record, and he’ll say whatever is most beneficial to his candidacy. Everyone is self-serving to some extent, but some people can lie because their “vote” was not officially recorded.


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