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Lindsey Graham And ‘The Gay Conspiracy’

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Lindsey Graham And ‘The Gay Conspiracy’

Lindsey Graham

I’m going to mention briefly that the never-married senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham (R-SC), has been dogged for years by rumors that he’s gay, but that’s not the point of this article. It’s only the lede.

I don’t know if he’s gay; he has denied repeatedly that he is; and at this moment in American history, when gay marriage has entered new levels of normalcy, breathless inquiries into a senator’s sexuality ought to exceed everyone’s threshold for boredom.

My point is that there may be something more detrimental to his presidential aspirations (to be announced formally next month): the conspiracy theory based on the rumors.

Conspiracy theories aren’t like rumors. Rumors are based on ambiguities.

Conspiracy theories are much more.

As Arthur Goldwag, an authority on the politics of conspiracy theories, explained in The Washington Spectator, they are more like a religion. He wrote last year, “a kind of theology that turns on an absolute idea about the way things are — and on the immutable nature of the supposed enemy. … Paranoid conspiracism… proposes that some among us, whether Jewish bankers or heirs to ancient astronauts, owe their ultimate allegiance to Satan.”

That’s a key point — the enemy.

And you know who that is.

If Graham were gay — and we should take him at his word that he is not — that might offend some in the GOP’s evangelical wing, but a more serious problem is the suspicion that he’s in cahoots with “the enemy.” Why has he repeatedly joined the Democrats on immigration reform? Simple — “out of fear that the Democrats might otherwise expose his homosexuality,” according to 2010 a profile in The New York Times Magazine.

The Times’ profile echoed accusations by William Gheen, the head of the nativist PAC Americans for Legal Immigration, who had urged Graham to avoid being blackmailed into supporting immigration reform by outing himself. At a rally on April 17, 2010, he asked Graham to “tell people about your alternative lifestyle and your homosexuality.”

In an April 20, 2010 press release, Gheen elaborated: “I personally do not care about Graham’s private life, but in this situation his desire to keep this a secret may explain why he is doing a lot of political dirty work for others who have the power to reveal his secrets.” The entire episode might have been ignored but for Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert. He said Graham could easily prove his heterosexuality by releasing a sex tape.

Moreover, Graham is seeking his party’s nomination, as other Republican contenders are going to the wall in connecting homosexuality with unseen, dark, and malevolent forces. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) this week told the Christian Broadcasting Network: “We are at the water’s edge of the argument that mainstream Christian teaching is hate speech, because today we’ve reached the point in our society where if you do not support same-sex marriage, you are labeled a homophobe and a hater.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), meanwhile, rails against a liberal fascist plan to impose a new gay-world order. “Today’s Democratic Party has decided there is no room for Christians,” he said at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition gathering in April. “Today’s Democratic Party has become so radicalized for legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states that there is no longer any room for religious liberty.”

But conservatives need not fret.

Like John McCain, Graham might clash occasionally with Tea Party Republicans, but that’s style, not substance. Like every congressional Republican, Graham voted against the Affordable Care Act and virtually everything President Obama has asked for. Graham’s views on social issues are unfailingly partisan — he holds a hard line against abortion and opposes gay marriage and gays serving in the military. And his views on foreign affairs are uniformly doctrinaire, in keeping with the Republican Party’s orthodox view of American exceptionalism vis-à-vis military might.

Unlike Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, who appear worried about being tied to the foreign policy failures of the George W. Bush administration, Graham is unrepentant about the Iraq War, telling CNN recently that the invasion was not mistake, that the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein, and that if there’s anyone to blame for the current mess in the Middle East, it’s Obama.

Consider also the “conservative scores” assigned by special interest groups. In 2014, Americans for Prosperity, a PAC that bankrolls the Tea Party, gave Graham a lifetime score of 84 percent. In 2013, the American Conservative Union gave him a lifetime score of 88 percent. The Faith and Freedom Coalition and the Christian Coalition, both having enormous sway over the GOP’s evangelical Christian faction, gave him a score of 91 percent in 2014 and 100 percent in 2011, respectively. On taxes, he got 97 percent in 2010 from the National Taxpayers Union. And on business matters, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce gave him a lifetime score of 84 percent in 2013. I could go on. And on.

I don’t think conservatives have to worry much about Graham with respect to immigration, either. True, he says he favors a pathway to citizenship, but the last major push for immigration reform in 2013 called for a pathway lasting some 10 years with numerous hurdles to overcome. Given the stringency of the provisions in that bipartisan Senate bill, I’m thinking Graham and his fellow neocons supported it because they knew few immigrants could finish the process. And if they never finish, they never vote. The result is a twofer for the GOP establishment: a decriminalized workforce that can provide cheap labor, but can’t support the Democrats.

As I said, Graham is a friend to the conservative base of the Republican Party. One need only set aside the ambiguities of gossip and paranoia to see him in his proper light. Of course, that’s not going to help. The people Graham needs are the people most hostile to evidence and fact. Indeed, given the role of gay conspiracies thus far in the 2016 cycle, the “confirmed bachelor” from South Carolina may embody the sum of all their fears.

John Stoehr (@johnastoehr) is a lecturer in political science at YaleFollow him on Twitter and Medium.

Photo: John Pemble via Flickr



  1. game50 May 29, 2015

    Graham is gay ,that is why he is always up O butt.

  2. rednekokie May 29, 2015

    So what if he’s gay. If he is, he cannot help it. Neither could J. Edgar Hoover, or President Buchanan.
    I just don’t like him because he is such a bigot. And has a hateful image of anything he doesn’t like. Has nothing to do with being gay — has everything to do with being unpresidential.

  3. FireBaron May 29, 2015

    Hmmm. A gay, veteran, evangelical Christian, Republican President. Naaah. Ain’t gonna happen – at least not while the Tea Party controls the Primaries.

  4. FT66 May 29, 2015

    I don’t care at all whether the President is gay or not. What I care is getting someone who is right for the job. The problem which still exist in the country, people want their president to wear two hats at the same time. One hat is for being a good politician and the second hat is being a religious person. These two don’t match together very well. Just take for a good example, try to wear two hats of different colors, go to the mirror and glance at yourself. How crazy do you think you look?

    1. mike May 29, 2015

      Bill and Hillary were fixtures at Foundry Methodist Church on 16th street in D.C. but that didn’t stop him from having an affair with Monica and others. The whole time Hillary enabled him to do it. Heck, since NM went down this road, how do we not know that Hillary isn’t bi-sexual. Is Power more important than personal happiness and humiliation by her husband so many times.

      1. FT66 May 29, 2015

        Please let us know when you are over with your nightmare/day-dream. You know what? It sounds awkward having a day dream while others are awake, concentrating and performing what is beneficial to others.

        1. mike May 29, 2015

          No nightmares here, possible big nightmares for the left as more information comes to light on questionable actions of Bill and Foundation and Hillary emails.
          Stay tuned!!!

  5. oldtack May 29, 2015

    GAY? Who coined this very good word to describe sexual preference? Look up the word GAY and then look up the word HOMOSEXUAL. There are homosexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals and so on but nowhere is there a GAY sexual

    I you check history you will find many leaders, men and women, who were highly respected for their contributions that were homosexual. Their sexual preference had nothing to do with their abilities and achievements .

    In my Government I want a leader that can LEAD and guide this country through it’s many trials. A leader that can be fiscally responsible. Sadly that has been lacking for several decades. We do not have leader either side of the aisle. We have followers that are led by those who provide them the most money. High priced whores for sale to the highest bidders.

    As for Graham – I consider him as just another high priced whore – for sale to the highest bidder. Because he is a Republican? No. Because he is a self serving Politician.


  6. voice_reason May 29, 2015

    only good god fearing republicans would actually give a damn about his sexual persuasion, such decent folks, such pillars of the community, such defenders of the Duggars. What is it about these hypocrites that allows them to think they are so superior to everyone else, especially when they do the exact opposite of what jesus would do and what he says.

    1. paulyz May 29, 2015

      Thanks for showing us your hateful biases & lumping Millions of good people into one of your little “tolerant” boxes. So Jesus would be for abortion, forcing hardships on Millions by forcibly taking their money needed to support their families to give to others, including many that want something without earning it, and Illegal aliens.

      1. Carolyn1520 May 29, 2015

        If Jesus showed up today, the right would want to profile him or deport him.

        1. jmprint May 29, 2015

          Isn’t that what they did before. Are the right in bed with the Jews.

          1. paulyz May 29, 2015

            Unbelievably uninformed, biased beliefs.

          2. jmprint May 30, 2015

            Am I wrong aren’t the majority of Jews in Israel.

          3. paulyz May 30, 2015

            Isn’t Israel one of our most loyal allies?

        2. paulyz May 29, 2015

          Guess what, Jesus would not sneak into another Country ILLEGALLY, take welfare from the hard work of others, causing that Country’s Citizens to be burdened forcibly by the Federal Government, etc. Americans, especially Conservatives, are among the most generous people in the World, a big reason why we’re taken advantage of. You takers actually try to turn it around & criticize the very people you take from. I am also certain Mary would not pop out babies in another Country, expecting others to take care of them. Your ideas about Christianity are really incorrect. Also, Jesus would NOT be pleased with same-sex unions either, or abortions. WOW.

          1. Paul Anthony May 29, 2015

            Actually….Jesus did not work. He did not own a mule (the standard means of transportation at the time) He borrowed one.
            Sorry, but Jesus would be a Hippie and probably a Democrat if he voted. But he probably wouldn’t vote.

          2. Carolyn1520 May 30, 2015

            Yeah, like the rest of the faux Christians, you project your opinions and prejudices onto Jesus to justify your own. If you followed the tenets of doctrines of any religion, Christian or otherwise you’d at least be in the ballpark about what Jesus would have done.
            It’s sad to see the mass ignorance exhibited by the many people who are just like you.

          3. paulyz June 2, 2015

            It is you Liberals on here that like to bring up Jesus all the time as some type of Socialist to try and justify your anti-Christian behavior. Funny because most of the time you are secular & support policies that certainly displease Him.

          4. Carolyn1520 June 3, 2015

            Define anti-Christian behavior. I’d say it’s best exhibited by republicans, daily. Your very statements and assumptions are judgmental and who are you to judge anyone?
            My religion, your religion is personal. I don’t care what you believe and it’s none of your business what I believe or anyone else either.
            All that matters is all of us are free to practice our religion or not as we individually see fit.
            Supporting policies that assure the civil liberties and rights of all are protected does not infringe on your right to practice your religion or mine. You and the rest of your faux Christian aka American Taliban freaks are too dense to figure that out apparently. You right to practice your religion does not extend to infringing on the rights of others. Keep in mind, ALL religion is a leap of faith.

          5. jmprint May 30, 2015

            paulyz, We Democrats are not takers, we are hard working people. We contribute to society, a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of stability, a wealth of donations, a wealth of love for one another. You keep saying we are takers, because we want to continue to help the average American. Republican waste our tax money more then anybody else. You are really clueless about life in itself, you must have been a sheltered individual. Jesus knows us already before we commit a sin, He already knows what we are going through. That is why He is the ONLY one that can judge. Adultery is a sin that runs more rampant then abortion or homosexual. But why is it that this particular sin just shrugged.

          6. jrj1701 June 7, 2015

            No Jesus wouldn’t live off the labour of others, yet Jesus did command that we give are goods to ALL who ask, asking nothing in return thus stocking up our goods in heaven. Cleanse yourself of the leaven of the Pharisees paulyz.

        3. paulyz May 31, 2015

          Again, completely wrong, biased opinion. Most Conservatives would be very happy to see Jesus come back as King of this World.

          1. Carolyn1520 May 31, 2015

            Yeah, right. Unless someone pointed him out to all of you and you made him perform some miracles, you’d look at him as just another illegal alien because the one thing the right does best is judge others first. If they aren’t white and “Christian” they are suspect. You can deny it all you want.

          2. Allan Richardson May 31, 2015

            Dostoevsky, “The Brothers Karamazov,” the vision of Christ and the Inquisitor, tells exactly what not only the Catholic Church but right wing Protestants as well would do to the Jesus who is reported in the Gospels, if he came back as an ordinary man.

            If you haven’t read it and don’t feel like reading it, here’s the punch line: the Inquisitor tells Jesus he made a big mistake by turning down Satan’s offer of political power and alliances with the rulers of the world, BUT THE CHURCH corrected His mistake and has been much more successful in winning souls than Jesus himself was.

          3. paulyz June 2, 2015

            Typical whiney rant of a jealous Liberal, and a very prejudiced one as well.

          4. Allan Richardson June 2, 2015

            Conservatives would not RECOGNIZE Jesus because he would not behave like one of them. Again, refer to Dostoevsky’s parable about Christ and the Inquisitor (found in The Brothers Karamazov).

      2. jmprint May 29, 2015

        You do the same, you hypocrite! Do you think Jesus would be for the death penalty and adultery? What you haven’t gotten through your head is that Jesus loves the immigrants just as much as he loves American CITIZENS. If you haven’t noticed we are all humans. He could care less who earns what.

        1. paulyz May 29, 2015

          I was just responding to his biased opinions. Of course Jesus loves everyone, but he hates the sin. And the word is (ILLEGAL “immigrants” or aliens, NOT Immigrants). Jesus would not be pleased to see Millions of Illegals breaking Laws that He Himself said to obey, disregarding other’s Laws & creating hardships on Millions of other families, to fulfill their selfish interests, especially when us Americans are most generous with our charity, and very high LEGAL Immigration numbers, and more. Jesus would not be pleased to see many other policies of the Democrat Party as well. What does adultery have to do with Conservatives, perhaps your confusing them with Bill Clinton.

          1. jmprint May 30, 2015

            I am sure that the Lord doesn’t see it as a crime that women and children trying to get away from violence and a dead end life, they are trying to better themselves as your family did. Jesus doesn’t recognize it a sin to disobey MAN’s law. It is not one of the ten commandments. Perhaps you are confusing Him with false religion.

      3. michaelnola May 29, 2015

        But forcibly taking their money to subsidize big oil, bailout WS, create new agencies to spy on all Americans and fund an ever growing MIC to invade nations on a pack of lies is totally cool.

        1. paulyz May 29, 2015

          WHAT?? Spy on Americans? Do you even read the news or become informed? You have already forgotten the IRS Illegally targeting Conservatives, the NSA caught spying on many Americans? Wasn’t it Obama that caused Trillions in debt by his green subsidies, his shovel-ready jobs, his huge bailouts, & of course the Democrats sub-prime loan disaster that started it all? Damn, are you Liberals gullible, uninformed, have very selective memories!

          1. Carolyn1520 May 30, 2015

            “You have already forgotten the IRS Illegally targeting Conservatives”

            You must have stopped reading.
            That was what the conservatives claimed but i was proven to be untrue. In fact, less conservatives were scrutinized than any other.

          2. paulyz May 31, 2015

            Where do you get your info, MSNBC? Why did Lois Lerner blame “low-level” employees for the spying of Conservative groups then, and Miller resign. Nice try at just throwing crap out there though.

          3. Carolyn1520 May 31, 2015

            I believe what is in the FOIA reports. If you read Issa’s claims, he’s a known liar, crook and car thief.

            I know you won’t read the link because you want to know only what you would like to believe so here’s an excerpt :

            “A series of IRS documents, provided to ThinkProgress under the Freedom of Information Act, appears to contradict the claims by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and his House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that only Tea Party organizations applying for tax-exempt status “received systematic scrutiny because of their political beliefs.” The 22 “Be On the Look Out” keywords lists, distributed to staff reviewing applications between August 12, 2010 and April 19, 2013, included more explicit references to progressive groups, ACORN successors, and medical marijuana organizations than to Tea Party entities.”

      4. oldtack May 29, 2015

        I read voice-reason post and then read your reply. True to form for radicals, you went directly on a diacritical attack and interject accusations on things that were not even in Voice’s post. Voice didn’t address abortion or welfare so why do you try to infer that he/she did?
        If you are so much into Christianity then please enlighten the readers of what Jesus says in his teachings? It is all in the New Testament Do you want the Books and the Verses?

        1. paulyz May 29, 2015

          Did you even read voice-reason’s comments? He just couldn’t wait to jump all over the Duggar Family lumping all Conservatives as hypocrites? Certainly not a voice of reason. Just more hateful biases, while ignoring their own.

          1. jmprint May 30, 2015

            Paul that’s because you guys presume to be pure as snow.

          2. paulyz May 30, 2015

            OMG, what a biased answer. Just like “you guys” presume to be tolerant.

          3. Carolyn1520 May 30, 2015

            Did you mean pretend? I don’t pretend to be tolerant of people who will vote against their own best interests and that of the greater good and ignore facts because of their own personal bias, bigotry and ignorance.
            You don’t even comprehend the definition of tolerance because it isn’t a word the right puts into practice. They are too busy judging others and trying to tell them how to live their lives.
            Nope I’m not a bit tolerant of stupidity.

          4. paulyz May 31, 2015

            Elitist Liberals like yourself are ONLY tolerant of those that think exactly like yourself, not quite the definition of tolerance, is it?

          5. Carolyn1520 May 31, 2015

            You project like a boss. A credit to your party.
            I’m admittedly not tolerant of idiots and that’s about all that remains on the right except for the senile and I’ll give them a pass. Which one are you?

          6. paulyz June 2, 2015

            How would you know what a boss sounds like, do you even have a job, or are you sucking up the taxpayer’s funds?

          7. Carolyn1520 June 2, 2015

            First I’m an Elitist and now a dead beat?
            Go with elitist to be on the safe side. 🙂

          8. paulyz June 3, 2015

            You can be both, an elitist just “considers” themselves superior to others, doesn’t mean they can’t still be dead beats.

          9. Carolyn1520 June 3, 2015

            Sounds like the definition of most republicans. It’s that group who wants to dictate how everyone else should live yet many of them are dining at the public trough every chance they get.
            No I’ve never been either because I don’t have a need to feel superior and my good fortune has all been earned .

          10. voice_reason June 1, 2015

            there is simply much more hypocrisy on the extreme right than on the extreme left, exists in both corners but the “right” is supposed to represent goodness and mercy and focuses on the teaching of Jesus. What would Jesus do with many of these hypocrites? I just point out the extremes on the right because I am more liberal, not to say that the left doesn’t have issues as well, but Fox News and Rush Limbaugh do their fair share of pointing this out

  7. paulyz May 29, 2015

    Liberals should hope that Sen. Graham was the GOP nominee, he always supports your beloved Amnesties, why they call him Sen. Grahamnesty. Conservatives certainly don’t like him, and he isn’t going anywhere.

    1. Carolyn1520 May 29, 2015

      Neither is Carson, Santorum, Rubio, Cruz, Bozo or the rest of the clowns on the TGOP bus.
      It’s just like a can of mixed nuts.

      1. paulyz May 30, 2015

        Funny thing, the Democrat/Socialist Party likes to talk of diversity, but they run 2 old, career, White politicians, (Hillary & Sanders), while the Republican Party has 2 Latinos, 1 Black, 1 Indian, 1 Woman, etc. Those are the facts you can’t ignore.

        1. Carolyn1520 May 30, 2015

          We look for quality.

          1. paulyz May 30, 2015

            Certainly do not have that with the political lifers you are running this time.

          2. Carolyn1520 May 30, 2015

            Considering those you supported in the last administration and the candidates who lost in the two elections, I don’t think you would recognize quality.

          3. paulyz May 31, 2015

            Another clairvoyant I see, you know how a person voted by psychic ability. Believe it or not I actually was still gullible enough to vote for Clinton the 1st. time. The Democrat Party has veered so much further Left since then. Bernie Sanders & Hillary (quality), ha, ha, haaaa. Maybe quality Socialists…

    2. jmprint May 29, 2015

      Oh please, the rest of the conservatives are just like him, they all hide their moral deficiencies they pander to the dollar.

      1. paulyz May 29, 2015

        Sure you aren’t talking about the great panderers of the almighty dollar, the Clintons? Like I posted before, there are more wealthy Democrats than Republicans in Congress. Your belief that Democrats are so concerned about the little guy & not power & wealth are very out-dated. By the way, hypocrites come in all sizes & colors, many moral deficiencies by Liberal Democrats, but Liberals ignore those.

        1. jmprint May 30, 2015

          I am positive I am talking about the conservatives. Graham is the poster child for the republicans the rest hide it better. Actions taken by the republican party against the average American citizen, whether middle income, women, poor, african, hispanic and destitute is the reason the Democratic party is the ONLY way to vote. If you are not listed in the description then you fit the republican profile and you can be like them all you life if you want. I far one am for helping the people, no matter what country they were born in.

          1. paulyz May 30, 2015

            The Conservatives of the Republican Party are for ALL Americans doing better, not dividing Americans by special interests. By your comment about helping the people no matter what country they were born in, if you are talking about LEGAL Immigrants, who isn’t? But if you’re talking about ILLEGAL aliens, since your just so generous in helping them, let’s have just people like yourself pay for all of their costs, & be responsible for them, like sponsoring & vouching for them. Very easy to appear so generous with other American’s hard earned money.

          2. jmprint May 30, 2015

            No paul they are not, you are in denial. They are working AGAINST everything that helps Americans. And yes how about people like me use our tax dollars to help our country and you leave and take the rest of the republican leaders to Israel. Your party gives away our hard earned money to the rich so they can send their earned money oversees so they don’t have to pay taxes.

            1) Minimum Wage
            2) Social security
            3) Mediare
            4) jobs
            5) Education
            6) Infrustructure
            7) racist
            8) women’s rights
            9) water (fracking poisons)
            10) homesteads and land (fracking shifting of land cracking our homes)

          3. paulyz May 31, 2015

            1. Minimum wage jobs are usually entry level, teen-age jobs performed by about 1% of working age people. When wages are forcibly raised by the Federal Gov. more jobs are lost. If not for our excessive population, there would be a much bigger demand for workers, and rising pay. 2 & 3. S.S. & Medicare are going bankrupt. The Republicans have constantly tried to make them solvent, only to have the Democrat Party scream that they are trying to ruin it. Meanwhile, Obama & the Democrats took $716 Billion from Medicare, creating less access to Doctors, & Liberals like you say nothing. 4. We have seen how bad the economy has been for years now under Obama & your Party. 5. Public schools have been turning out some of the worst educated children for years under Liberal policies. Infrastructure has had many funds set aside for that purpose, but used mostly for other pet projects, plus had been ignored for a long time. “Racism”? OMG, here we go with the old race card again. People for thousands of years had to overcome hardships, not constantly whining & making excuses for their own failures. Besides, I have seen just how racist minorities are after reading many Liberal posts. Quit the blaming & move on with your life already, you ain’t goin’ nowhere constantly whining about it.

          4. Robert Eckert May 31, 2015

            “The Conservatives of the Republican Party are for ALL Americans doing better” All Americans did better when there was steeply progressive taxation and strong labor unions. Ever since Reagan, all economic growth has benefited the top few percent only. The death of the American dream for everybody else has been a deliberate policy choice by the Republicans.


  8. Dominick Vila May 29, 2015

    The sexual orientation of those running for elected office is irrelevant to me. As much as I dislike Sen. Graham, because of his hawkish tendencies on foreign policy, I doubt he is the kind of person that would let anyone bribe him because he is gay.
    The best thing we could all do is to focus on the academic and professional qualifications of each candidate, examine their record, and consider their vision and proposed solutions to issues important to us. Wasting time on conspiracies like this achieves absolutely nothing, other than help the media remain relevant by feeding us garbage.

    1. Allan Richardson June 2, 2015

      I agree that an office holder’s sexual preferences have nothing to do with his or her qualifications for office, but LYING AND HYPOCRISY do. Assuming he is straight, his attacks on gay people are indicative of a bullying personality which would probably lead to policies which restrict gay and OTHER people’s freedoms. If, by chance, he happens to be gay himself, then he would be subject to blackmail because he is a REPUBLICAN and wants to be nominated IN THAT PARTY for the White House, and knows that TO HIS BASE VOTERS, that is an almost unforgivable sin, and he would also be a hypocrite. EITHER way, the attitudes of hate which go along with Republican ideology (even disguised as “loving” the gay person enough to “force them to be straight”) would not be good for America, spiritually, economically, and in terms of political effect.

      That said, since all the other Republican candidates are forcing these same extreme views, those of us who disagree with their extremism have no reason to prefer one to another to run against the Democratic nominee. Should we vote for the one who “seems” most likely, after being elected, to say, “I was just lying to the Tea Party and religious bigots; I will govern as a moderate and pragmatic semi-progressive?” Was that what independent voters who voted for Romney were hoping? That he was really an Eisenhower Republican who was forced to preach the hard right to get the nomination? Fortunately, we will never find out whether he is “really” conservative or “really” moderate.

  9. jamesowens May 29, 2015

    does not matter if he is or isnt what matters is the hypocrisy and lies .Article is hilarious in that it begins “EVERY” paragraph with the line “WE MUST TAKE HIM AT HIS WORD.” I am sorry but that “man” has been caught in so many lies by so many fact checkers that not a word out of his mouth is believable . his career would be over if his fellow closet queens in the GOP had proof that he is so he like most of them are susceptible to blackmail from those who control them – simple and cheaper than bribing them.

    1. Allan Richardson May 31, 2015

      We must, for the time being, take him at his word, until real evidence, NOT rumors, exists to the contrary. Now that there are no legal bars to being openly gay, the only reason to stay in the “closet” is the fear of social and religious disapproval from certain groups of people — the very people who form the voting and donor bases of the Republican party (but not the Democratic party; there are a few openly lesbian and gay members of Congress, but the vast majority of Democratic voters don’t care about that, while the Republican voters will vote against them anyway). Nevertheless, public discussion of his and similar cases ought to be handled like the justice system: “innocent” of what he denies until proven “guilty” of it.

      Another point known to the psychological profession is that, to a large number of heterosexual men, HAVING a homosexual encounter AS THE “MALE” partner, on individual occasions, constitutes “proving” their manhood by disrespecting the other fellow as “queer,” as does imposing the act on an unwilling victim. This is the typical mammalian “alpha male” way of dominating the submissive male, IN THEIR OPINION. So, if they have on one or more occasions “bought” a male prostitute, or (especially in a prison or military situation) raped a man, THEY do not consider THEMSELVES gay or queer, so they do not feel they are lying when they deny it.

      1. jamesowens June 1, 2015

        I have an advanced degree in psychology and have worked many years in mental health field. while your ascertains have a little merit you are wrong in that this is NOT a typical feeling and appears you are rationalizing some feelings.

        1. Allan Richardson June 2, 2015

          I don’t know how “typical” it is; it probably goes along with the need to “show power.” I know that “gay” rape (which as as little in common with happiness as “straight” rape does) seems to be more common in prison than outside, or at least it is harder to hide, but also harder to suppress, since prisons, by definition, have a high proportion of sociopaths, and certainly a high proportion of sociopaths who are OK in their minds with PERSONALLY committing violent acts, than the “outside.”

          If there are no women available to rape in order to show power, it seems that prisoners who want to dominate other prisoners will therefore rape them to force submission. Before, and after being released from, prison, these same men go back to looking for women to abuse sexually, sometimes under cover of marriage and feigned “love.” A few may be rehabilitated enough to actually seek to fall in love and build an honest, caring relationship.

          The only feelings I have about such matters as disgust at a person of ANY gender bullying or abusing another person of ANY gender, but especially using behavior normally associated with love and sexual attraction to perform such abuse.

  10. Secular_Humanist May 29, 2015

    This article is garbage!

    1. FT66 May 29, 2015

      And where is your garbage which you have written?

      1. Julieann Wozniak May 29, 2015

        I might sat the same about evangelical bigots who misread the First Amendment as a mandate to shove their paranoid dogma down the rest of our throats.

        1. paulyz May 29, 2015

          Or the sicko Lefties that defend their right of free speech to have Christ & Mary covered in dung, but call it Art? But at the same time worried about the feelings of Muslims when someone makes a cartoon of their Religion. Give me a break.

          1. jmprint May 30, 2015

            Funny how our free speech doesn’t end with violence and yours does. Would you like some examples of freedom of speech seekers and the violence that is incurred. (I am not talking about the riots cause by black racial tensions either)

          2. paulyz May 31, 2015

            Like Baltimore’s Mayor stating that the looters & violent protesters “needed space to express” their free speech? She is on film stating this, then denying it after consulting Al Sharpton.

          3. Julieann Wozniak May 30, 2015

            Apples and oranges. I was referring to the gun-toting white supremacists and their F… Muslims t-shirts outside the mosque. It is quite easy to imagine the same thug mob protesting outside my own Byzantine-rite church, waving their AR-15s at peaceful worshipers, including children and the elderly.

          4. Allan Richardson May 31, 2015

            Good point. Liberals defend the RIGHT of an individual citizen to do, say or make things that offend others’ beliefs, but advise that in terms of PRACTICAL effects, it may be more dangerous right NOW to offend Muslims in medieval countries than to offend Christians in America. At least until Christians start beheading people in the US and falsely claim First Amendment “rights” to do so, ignoring the rights of their victims.

            In defending the rights of artists to make offensive art, liberals are NOT saying they approve of such art (although possibly a few do; at least the offending artists themselves), only that the legal mechanism of the state should not interfere with such art.

            As far as the “taxpayers funds” objection, the whole point of the NEA is that artists receive grants IMPARTIALLY, without first asking whether the art offends anybody. Every work of art is offensive to somebody; I imagine the folks at Timex, Rolex, Seiko, etc. find some of Dali’s works offensive!

  11. hotflashweave May 29, 2015

    OK_So I have never heard a Democratic opponent in any way refer to Senator Graham’s sexual orientation. In 2012 primaries here in SC, his republican opponents posted signs urging him to “Come out of the closet”. They play rough here.

  12. janis mcdonald May 29, 2015

    Is it possible in any way that he just happens to agree with the democrats on immigration reform? It seems to me that people who agree on all issues, no matter what, across the board — aren’t party members, they’re mindless sheep.

    1. Allan Richardson May 31, 2015

      The “political parties” best known for enforcing absolute obedience and absolute (visible) agreement on every single point were/are the Nazi Party, the Fascist Party (in Italy), the Baath Party, the Communist Parties in the old Soviet Union, China, Cuba, North Korea, etc.

      Our Republican Party is on the way to being a militant revolutionary apparatus rather than a truly democratic (small “d”) political party.

  13. marcpaige May 29, 2015

    Believe me, if we had the goods on Lindsey Graham, the gay community would have outed him over his vote on DADT and his support for DOMA…not his views on immigration. Outing has always been about exposing hypocrisy; not homosexuality.


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