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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Scott Brown and the Massachusetts Republican Party are scared of Elizabeth Warren. And they want they rest of us to be scared, too:

Using jittery camera angles and lighting to create fear is nothing new in the annals of attack ads — and it’s no shock that the viral video of Warren speaking to the social contract in America is deeply disturbing to the Republican base. Whether it sways swing voters to think of her as “radical” and extreme is still unclear.

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One response to “Mass. GOP Releases Scathing, Bizarre Elizabeth Warren Attack Ad”

  1. Romanyshyn says:

    This ad is good for Warren considering today’s political climate. What she is saying is what the common people want to hear. The Repubs are on the losing side of history right now. Working people will cheer for Warren with her message on this add, thank you from a LIBERAL and proud of it!!!

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