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Mitch McConnell Didn’t Just Steal A Supreme Court Seat

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Mitch McConnell Didn’t Just Steal A Supreme Court Seat


When history gathers the men who made the presidency of Donald Trump possible, lingering in a corner behind the blinding glare of Julian Assange and the massive 6’8” frame of James Comey will be Mitch McConnell, his corners mouth shaped into a smile that resembles a twisted mustache.

McConnell will want you to believe that history owes him credit for his strategic brilliance. And it’s undeniable that his campaign of massive obstruction topped off by the historic robbery of a Supreme Court seat, helped unite a GOP that was fracturing like a fissured fibula and make Trump’s improbable rise to the White House possible.

The Senate Majority Leader calls not allowing the appointment of Merrick Garland, President Obama’s pick to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, a fair hearing “the most consequential decision I’ve ever been involved in.” And as usual, he’s being both self-congratulatory and deceptive.

Yes, Trump did better with white evangelical voters than Mitt Romney, John McCain and even an actual evangelical George W. Bush, according to an analysis from Pew.

This is a result so unlikely that it’s almost unmistakable from satire.

Trump is a thrice married accumulator of failed casinos, stolen valor from other people’s charity and sexual harassment allegations. For him to even be nearly as competitive with the religious right as devout believers like Romney and Bush or even McCain, the poster boy for the Reagan Revolution, is a monumental victory for both hypocrisy and tactical politics. Trump proved that the right’s feigned concerns for other people’s marriages was absolutely negotiable as long what it was offered in return was up to four revanchist Supreme Court Justices who will reshape and regress America for as long as half a century.

McConnell understands that since Brown v. Board of Education, the Court has been the defining issue for a conservative movement that fully comprehends our justice system’s power to remake or restore old biases. Holding a seat as a lure for the right was an opportunity Trump seized by putting out a list of Heritage Foundation-approved Justices and picking Mike Pence, a walking proof point for the argument that his agenda could be captured by the religious right.

It was a brilliant strategy from a man who has led a movement that recognizing the dusk of its demographic advantages decided to drop all pretenses of pomp and statesmanship for the pure embrace of power politics.

The Senate minority led by McConnell used the filibuster to block 79 of Obama’s nominees by 2013. That’s 79 in less than five five years, “compared with 68 in the entire previous history of the Republic,” Dana Milbank notes. When Senate Republicans refused to confirm anyone to the D.C. appeals court just after President Obama became the first president elected with 51 percent of the popular vote twice, Senate Democrats went nuclear and ended the filibuster for all appointments, except the Supreme Court. McConnell completed the nuclear fallout he made inevitable last week by denying the minority the right to block a young far right Justice selected by a man who lost the popular vote by 3 million usurping an older compromise pick from a genuinely popular president.

McConnell sees shredding of tradition as no vice in the pursuit of preserving privilege.

Nothing was going to stop him from taking Garland’s seat — not even the interference of a foreign government in our election.

This takes us to what Brian Beutler reveals as the real most consequential decision of McConnell’s career” and that’s the decision to shut down any attempt to make the public aware of Russia’s interference into our elections, which had been invited and embraced by Trump himself.

Beutler notes that “leaders of the U.S. intelligence community sought a united front ahead of the fall against Russian election interference—whatever its nature—and McConnell shot it down.” And not only shot it down, promised to impugn any effort to expose Putin’s efforts as false and partisan. This was threat that the Obama Administration calculated would harm both the Clinton campaign and the fabric of our democracy.

“The upshot is that McConnell drew a protective fence around Russian efforts to sabotage Clinton’s candidacy, by characterizing any effort to stop it as partisan politicization of intelligence at Trump’s expense,” Beutler wrote.

So as the FBI investigated a presidential campaign for possible collusion with foreign power, the public only learned of the possible existence, in the days just before the election, of some emails that may have validated the hazy, wild accusations being flung at Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump and his foreign allies.

Rather than broaden its message or revamp its failed policies, the GOP has declared war on democracy. And when history notes who made this strategy and unchecked madman it elected possible, much of the credit should go to Mitch McConnell.

That will be one thing he didn’t steal.



  1. dbtheonly April 10, 2017

    The other half is that McConnell had hi Stephen own op-ed piece in yesterday’s paper. I didn’t read it all, having just eaten, but he excoriated Democrats for their “unprecedented” filibuster of Gorsuch.

    Milbank may well be right and McConnell is the man who broke America.

  2. FireBaron April 10, 2017

    McConnell forgets what goes around, comes around. When the GOP finds itself in the minority and locked out of all debate and decisions by having less than 49 seats, then he will understand how he has undone a system that afforded a series of self-checks since 1789.

    1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

      Only 9 republican senate seats are up for election in 2018 (versus 23 democratic seats & 2 independents ).

      Silver lining: McConnell is one of them. Vote him out.

      1. idamag April 10, 2017

        Do yo expect those people, who live where they get their first pair of shoes on their wedding day when they marry double cousins. It is an area, where they are so unlearned, when people chose clean fuel over dirty coal, they thought trump could order the U.S. people to replace teir gas and electric furnaces for coal ones. They have no concept of what presidents can and cannot do. mitch mcconnell has taught them, that the Constitution does not matter and he can change rules to suit the fascists that are in the government.. They forgot about President Obama extending the limit on unemployment. When their Medicaid is gone, they should remember the republicans think helping others is promoting welfare for the able bodied and do not even blink at the millions spent on welfare for the wealthy.

        1. kep April 10, 2017

          Another uninformed, stupid liberal. You people are clueless. You seem to think that everyone that supports America and its values, who support our President, all live in the south. WRONG.

        2. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

          I don’t know, I’m not even American – it’s hard to understand what’s going on in your country. But McConnell is the least popular politician and people gave him hell during his last townhall. Bernie Sanders did a townhall in Kentucky and some of the people there (who voted for Trump) said they think McConnell doesn’t have their interest in mind. So there might be hope…

        3. InGen12 April 10, 2017

          Of the 10 most poverty-stricken counties in this country, 6 of them are in Kentucky. And the idiots keep voting this POS into office!

          1. dpaano April 10, 2017

            And they wonder WHY they are such a poverty-stricken state….they need to learn that the MAIN reason for their situation is the people they vote into office! McConnell has GOT to go!!!

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    2. itsfun April 10, 2017

      The Democrats are the ones that forgot what goes around comes around. The Republicans only used the very same strategy as dirty Harry Reid used to get what he wanted.

      1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

        Oh, so when democrats use a strategy it’s “dirty” but when republicans do it, it’s fine? By the way, republicans invented the nuclear option. A bypatisan group stopped them from using it first.

        Context matters. When Republicans became the minority the number of filibusters soared. 79 filibuster during the first 6 years under Obama, 68 in the entire previous history of the republic. Democrats waited 5 years to change the rules. Republicans did it after one single filibuster. The republican obstructionism that began in 2006 is unprecedented. See the difference?

        1. itsfun April 10, 2017

          yes I see the difference, Its okay when Democrats do something, but its a terrible thing when Republicans do the same thing. Democrats used the nuclear option in Obama’s second year to get the ACA passed. To bad you can’t see the truth.

          1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            A. Person shoots someone in self defense.

            B. Person shoots someone out of pure aggression.

            You: “They both deserve the same sentence. They did the same thing!”

          2. itsfun April 10, 2017

            Don’t you understand the difference between self-defense and murder? One Is a crime, the other is not.

          3. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Exactly. That’s my point.

            A. Using the nuclear option after one filibuster (proper use of filibuster)

            B. Using the nuclear option after 79 filibuster (abuse of filibuster)

            I wouldn’t complain if McConnell had gone nuclear after 70+ filibuster by the democrats. But he did it after one.

          4. itsfun April 10, 2017

            The Republicans are a party of action, not sitting on their butts and just complaining. The Republicans make decisions, not just have more committee meetings. McConnell did the right thing. Did you want the Supreme Court to wait for another justice for 4 or 8 more years? The Democrats were not going to approve of any one President Trump selected. The Democrats have become the party of obstruction and the party of no tolerance.

          5. kep April 10, 2017

            The Democratic Party has become the New Amerikan Communist Party

          6. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            You sound like a broken record.

          7. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            “Did you want the Supreme Court to wait for another justice for 4 or 8 more years?” Then why did republicans vow to block a Supreme Court nominee for another 4 years in case Clinton had won? The official plan of your “party of action” was to wait for 4 or 8 more years. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/11/whats-the-opposite-of-court-packing/506081/

            Garland was a consensus nominee. Many republicans endorsed him before Obama nominated him. Then, suddenly, they all turned against Garland. Here’s an original quote by republican senator Orrin Hatch about Garland prior to Obama nominating him. It would have been easy to find a consensus nominee:

            “The president told me several times he’s going to name a moderate [to fill the court vacancy], but I don’t believe him. [Obama] could easily name Merrick Garland, who is a fine man. He probably won’t do that because this appointment is about the election. So I’m pretty sure he’ll name someone the [liberal Democratic base] wants.”

          8. itsfun April 10, 2017

            The Republicans did not have any idea that Donald Trump would win the Presidency. They wanted the new President to be able to make that appointment. Maybe they would have approved Garland if Hillary has appointed him.

          9. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            I just linked you an article in which republicans vowed to block a possible Clinton nominee in November 2016. So no, their strategy was to block the Supreme Court for 4 – 8 years if it wasn’t their guy making the appointment.

            Google: “Republicans vow to block Clinton nominee”. Educate yourself.

          10. dbtheonly April 10, 2017

            The “both sides do it” fallacy. Funny how the RW tries to use it to justify their actions. Even if it were true; it’s no justification.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

            Itsy would love nothing better than for wrong to become right. That is all these neocons are about. If they can get all of us to look the other way at what we were raised to know is wrong, they take over with their high handed sneaky tactics.

            People in mental asylums do that.

        2. kep April 10, 2017

          If you are not an American, why are you even commenting on any of this? It does not concern you. But, then again, most of the liberal posters here are posting from some dark basement somewhere in Russia trying to please there communist handlers.

    3. kep April 10, 2017

      Never going to happen. Americans have now seen what a liberal communist government looks like. It’s time to get back to where America follows the Constitution, and her laws, not like the Liberals that want to do away with the Constitution. Emperor Obama thought he and his ilk were above our laws. I hope to one day soon to see the Emperor, Hillary, Reid, Holder all tried for treason, then publically hung from the rotunda in Congress.

      1. 788eddie April 10, 2017

        Cut the crap, kep!

        Is that “liberal communist government,” as contrasted with “conservative fascist government”? Is that “Emperor Obama,” as contrasted with “Dictator Trump”? When you write like that, you lose.

        How about just discussing the issues?

        1. kep April 10, 2017

          Liberal do not want to discuss anything that they do not agree with. I’ve tried, but you people are just to brainwashed from all the propaganda that your communist handlers feed you.

          1. 788eddie April 10, 2017

            The same can be said for many on the extreme right, kep.

            BTW, I am, and always have been, a registered Republican. I am a moderate (as differentiated from the “wing-nuts”[both parties have them] ). I tend to be a fiscal conservative (I carry no debt in my personal life), but I am also a Christian, as as such, I tend to be socially much more moderate.

          2. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Personal question (you don’t have to answer), but are you by any chance a catholic christian?

          3. 788eddie April 10, 2017

            Nope. But I study regularly the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. That’s what contributes a lot to my being upset at the political right; their positions seem to be so anti-Christian.

          4. dpaano April 10, 2017

            REAL Christians know that what the Republicans and 45 are doing is not right! It’s the evangelical Christians who haven’t seemed to have read the Bible….at least not the New Testament….and have NO idea what Jesus would want us to do in various situations!

          5. 788eddie April 11, 2017

            For some, the better descriptive would be “Christian Evil-genitals”, because all they really seemed concerned with is sex (and who is getting to enjoy it).

          6. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Yes. While I’m an agnostic I grew up in a christian household and I still value the lessons I learned at church. Seeing these people committing acts of cruelty in the name of Jesus or twisting the words of the bible is enraging.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

            You don’t know the difference between YOUR opinion and facts. Your kind hate facts. But there is only one real despot in this life: TRUTH.

            No matter how much you lie and distort facts, truth is always going to rise to the top.

    4. FT66 April 10, 2017

      Thats not the end of stealing. More are on the way coming until next year 2018. McConnell has no shame at all. For sure he will come to regret it. Dems need to cut off any co-operation with them. McConnell must get what he has asked for (be ignored).

  3. Dominick Vila April 10, 2017

    McConnell’s decision to deny Judge Garland a confirmation hearing tells me that he knew something about the outcome of the 2016 that most of us did not even think about. I don’t think his decision was spontaneous or accidental. Whether his conclusion was based on knowledge of the effectiveness of gerrymandering, knowledge of what influence the decisions of so many fellow Americans, the effectiveness of controlling 33 states – and what that means when it comes to the Electoral College – and a conclusion that Hillary was not a charismatic candidate, and that she could not connect or convince the average American to vote for her, the fact is that he made a decision that is likely to have major consequences on our judicial system and way of life for at least a generation. The problem is not Gorsuch, the real problem is that there are at least 3 Justices in poor health, and that at least two of them are left leaning jurists. If McConnell manages to shift the ideological leanings of the Supreme Court during Trump’s tenure, he will be the man responsible for the end of all the socio-economic and judicial progress made during the last century.

    1. itsfun April 10, 2017

      Gerrymandering has been going on for over a hundred years. McConnell only followed the advice of Schumer and Biden by not having a hearing for Garland. So far you have blamed the Russians, FBI, Wiki, for Hillary losing. Now you are adding McConnell to that list of fiction.

      1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

        Oh, so from now on everything ever uttered by a senator is law? Then Garland should have been appointed to the Supreme Court according to republican senator Orrin Hatch. I’d rather judge people by their actions and not align my life according to the word of Joe Biden. We didn’t legally change Obama’s name to Barack America just because Joe Biden said so.

        1. itsfun April 10, 2017

          Just what law was made? When Republicans do what the Democrats want, you whine, when Republicans do what Republicans want, you whine. Who really cares what Obama calls his self.

          1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            The part about Obama’s name was a joke. Clearly went over your head. When did republicans do what democrats want? When they abused the filibuster against anything the Obama administration proposed? When they asked Obama to introduce bills and then voted against them? When they voted for something Obama vetoed, then took it back and complained about Obama not warning them about the consequences on TV?

            Exactly, no law was made. When asked whether he would propose a law according to which a president doesn’t get to appoint a nominee in his last term, McConnell laughed and said no. Why not? If it’s so important to him, why not make it a law so there won’t be any misunderstandings in the future?

            My point was, one single senator saying a stupid thing a decade ago doesn’t justify actually DOING it. Actions count more than words. Biden said a lot of stupid things thorough his life. You can’t hold the entire party accountable for something one single senator said. However, you can hold a party accountable for something ALL senators DID (not granting hearings to Garland).

          2. itsfun April 10, 2017

            It was Biden and Schumer both. Actions do mean more. Actions are what the Republicans are doing. I do hold the Democrats accountable for the ACA.

    2. dpaano April 10, 2017

      I think, as I said earlier, we need term limits for Supreme Court Justices!!!

  4. pisces63 April 10, 2017

    I never thought I could look at a man and feel so much rancor than at McConnell. The bigot hated a black man won, twice but succeeded in c-blocking his every move. Now this. I am hoping it backfires mightily. Maybe, we got a judge who cares not his beliefs but what is right. Frankly, my wicked mind would love it if it turns out he was one of Obama’s picks in the first place and watch McConnell implode. OH, Happy Day!!

    1. dbtheonly April 10, 2017

      Don’t count on Gorsuch. His Mom was a high Reagan appointee who did her best to gut the EPA.

      We’re back to Kennedy and Roberts holding the balance. And there’s pressure on Kennedy to retire.

    2. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

      McConnell wanted Gorsuch to be SCOTUS justice the moment the seat opened. Sadly, Gorsuch is McConnell in handsome packaging.

      Trump published a SCOTUS nominee list in spring 2016. Gorsuch wasn’t on it. On the second list which Trump published in fall 2016 Gorsuch was included. Journalists should look into what happened in the months between these two announcements and analyze how McConnell behaved towards Trump. What changed? The Trucker-case ruling including Gorsuch corporation friendly dissent was published in summer (between the publication of the first and the second list).

      1. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

        The thing is that Gorsuch will not have power over the other 8 when it comes to judicial rulings. His Dodge City Texas style cowboy law isn’t going to cut it with the elite on the SC as they are now.

        Neither the 2 Princeton NJ judges, Alito and Roberts will accept Gorsuch if he tries out his cowboy law act. As for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan and Kennedy, Gorsuch is out of his league.

        1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

          I have to admit I don’t know much about the other justices apart from Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I pray she lives forever… but didn’t justice Kennedy rule in favor of citizens united? Wish I had your optimism.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

            That’s where the right wing and Conservatives think they will get their 2nd appointment. Their right wing sites are all saying RBG plans to retire.

            Yet, when she was interviewed on CSpan about a month and asked about retirement, she said and I quote, “I will die on the bench as many of my colleagues have.”

            I just find it awfully strange that Scalia had such a bizarre death. I can only wonder how he was tied to the Russian election meddling.

          2. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            I watched an interview on BBC in which she said at her age she has to take it “one year at a time”. Poor woman. She deserves to retire. McConnell ruined her retirement. If anything weird happens to her I’ll go ballistic.

          3. dpaano April 10, 2017

            As will most all of us….she’s been an awesome judge and if she leaves for ANY reason, you can be sure that 45 will stick another conservative idiot to replace her! That would NOT be good! I think the Supreme Court should have term limits personally…..this lifetime BS is ridiculous! It doesn’t allow for changes in the court from time to time.

  5. itsfun April 10, 2017

    Mitch McConnell only used the very same strategy as Harry Reid did. Where was all the whining about him?

    1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

      Harry Reid didn’t orchestrate 79 filibuster in 6 years (compared to 69 in the entire previous history of the republic). Harry Reid also didn’t steal a SCOTUS seat. Read the article before repeating standard GOP talking points.

      1. itsfun April 10, 2017

        Harry Reid changed the Senate rules to appoint federal lower court liberal judges after the Republicans would not confirm them. That is exactly what McConnell did. Harry Reid used the nuclear option to get the ACA passed. What goes around comes around.

        1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

          Yeah but even though both sides made use of the same tactic that doesn’t change that republican obstructionism during Obama’s presidency was unprecedented. Reid used the nuclear option after 79 filibuster. McConnell used it after ONE.
          I assume, for you it wouldn’t matter if somebody hits someone in self defense or because they’re a bully. Your argument: “They both did the same thing so it’s exactly the same thing, context doesn’t matter !!!!11”

          Also, if republicans hadn’t invented the nuclear option none of this would have happened.

          1. itsfun April 10, 2017

            What about the obstructionism of the Democrats keeping President Trump from getting his cabinet approved? What about their obstruction getting a supreme court justice? Have you ever heard of self-defense? You must love the drawing of red lines and then cowering from the red line like Obama did. Instead of waiting years to get something done, McConnell showed the courage to make a decision and get something done. If it wasn’t for Henry Ford, we would all be using horse and buggy to get around.

          2. kep April 10, 2017

            You know they only see what they want to.

          3. itsfun April 10, 2017

            Yep; I get a kick our of their idea of tolerance. The only have tolerance if you agree with them, otherwise its obstruction, riots, and denying free speech.

          4. kep April 10, 2017


          5. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Cute how the two of you cheer each other on. Btw. republicans would have wasted 4 – 8 more years on blocking Clinton’s nominee if she had won.

            And they did approve of Merrick Garland before Obama nominated him.
            Quote by republican Senator Orrin Hatch:

            “The president told me several times he’s going to name a moderate but I don’t believe him. Obama could easily name Merrick Garland, who is a fine man. He probably won’t do that because this appointment is about the election. So I’m pretty sure he’ll name someone the liberal Democratic base wants.”


          6. kep April 10, 2017

            What part of Russia do you live? Do you work directly for Putin?

          7. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            My user name tells you what country I’m from. Germany isn’t very Putin-friendly. Contrary to agent orange.

          8. dpaano April 10, 2017

            I work for a multibillion dollar company that is owned by a German family……probably one of the few companies that actually take care of their employees first and foremost!!

          9. Jinmichigan April 10, 2017

            They have nothing else to satisfy the huge need to lie to themselves.

          10. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Wait, wasn’t your entire argument that if the other side does it first it’s ok to do it to them too? All the things I mentioned happened from 2006-2016. All the thing you mentioned happened in 2017.

            Also, filibustering a Supreme Court nominee is normal and happens from time to time on both sides. Republicans did it to Johnson’s nominee.
            However, not even granting hearings to a nominee – which is what republicans did to Garland – is completely unprecedented.

          11. itsfun April 10, 2017

            nope that was not and is not my argument. My argument is why is it wrong with you if the Republicans only do exactly what the democrats did? I think if you check you will see Garland was nominated in 2016. The Republicans did not waste the time or money to have a hearing on someone they were not going to approve of. If they had a hearing, then Dirty Harry could have and would have used the nuclear option as he had in the past.

          12. dpaano April 10, 2017

            And unconstitutional!

          13. 788eddie April 10, 2017

            What obstruction itsfun?

            Democrats are a minority on both houses of Congress.

            It’s the Republicans who are obstructing themselves (e.g. repeal of the ACA, which they couldn’t do for seven Obama years, and even now that they have the majority).

          14. itsfun April 10, 2017

            The obstruction of filling his cabinet appointments in a timely manner. That was meant to delay the new President getting things done. The obstruction in the supreme court nomination. Those are just 2 examples. The Democrats alone passed the exploding ACA. now the taxpayers will pay for this explosion.

          15. 788eddie April 10, 2017

            The obstruction you mention is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary; it has happened with every administration. What IS unusual is the almost total lack of qualifications for sone of President Trump’s nominees. I am concerned, and you should be, too. As Americans, We should all want qualified people who can handle the job for which they have been picked.

          16. dpaano April 10, 2017

            The ONLY qualifications that 45’s gang have is that they gave BIG BUCKS to his campaign! Other than that, they have nothing to give to this country. Most of them are against climate control, EPA regulations, keeping our national parks clean and free from oil drilling, stopping all foreign aid to other countries, and probably getting us into a war within the year!

          17. itsfun April 10, 2017

            The people President Trump selected are highly successful people. They are not failures. Obama had all of his people approved in something like 10 days. Many were approved the same week he took office.

          18. 788eddie April 10, 2017

            Being “highly successful” in one field does not necessarily increase the probability of success in another field.
            No symphonic conductor will perform a medical procedure on any of my family, as I think you will probably understand.

            Obama’s “people” were mostly all approved easily because they were all highly qualified in their fields (and some were even Republicans).

            Betsy DeVos? Give me a break!
            If you enjoy a bit of “dark humor,” check out:


          19. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Considering how unqualified Trump’s nominees are the senate still approved them rather quickly. Delays are mostly due to the fact that the nominees didn’t file in their paperwork in time.

          20. itsfun April 10, 2017

            Betsy DeVos has been in the education field her whole adult life. That experience alone qualifies her. The teachers unions hate her. That doesn’t make her unqualified. One of reasons President Trump got elected was to drain the swamp of profession and career politicians. He is doing as he promised and got elected to do.

          21. Jmz Nesky April 10, 2017

            Yes.. In order to fill up his new cesspool, in that you are correct.

          22. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

            What about refusing to allow Obama the right to appoint a SC candidate do you not get? When Republicans high handedly refused to even call a meeting to meet Merrick, they already were putting their bully, tyrannical BS out there for all to see.

            We know what unfair is. We also know that Americans are about as fed up with southern and midwestern political BS as we can get.

            Come November 2018, if they are not already in jail for their part in the Russian hacking, there won’t be a Republican Majority. So, you Ruskies better hep up your election rigging.

          23. dpaano April 10, 2017

            Actually that refusal to call a meeting to meet Merrick was against the Constitution and they should ALL be impeached, especially McConnell!

          24. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

            I agree. But when you have a Republican gang of thugs reinterpreting the Constitution to suit, they twist the intent of the Articles and Amendments.

            The President as a member of the Executive Branch has the right to make an appointment. The Republicans refused to allow him to do that as they refused to allow him to do so many other jobs that are part and parcel of the rights of Executive Branch members.

            This is precisely what Gowdy tried to do to Hillary as SOS. He tried to get rid of her. Now, Gowdy should be removed from office because his hate campaign including that 11 hour interrogation of her shows why the GOP is in the toilet.

            They allow a Big Oil Business billionaire like Tillerson to take the job of SOS and along comes the Syrian attack and he has NO part in any of it? Typical Trump BS. Always on the sneak, always on the high handed side of everything.

            The only way to take this country back now is to do to Republicans and Trump: give as good as we get from them. They want sneaky? Fine. They want high handed? Fine. They want their espionage games? Fine.

            Let’s see how they like it when we pull that on them.

          25. dpaano April 12, 2017

            I just read this morning in the LA Times that 45 and his band of idiots now want to do away with the “Energy Star” program, which has boosted efficiency in products and services by encouraging companies to compete for the coveted government-issued “Energy Star labels that certify a product or property meets high standards for saving energy and costs! This is SO ridiculous….they are really doing everything they can to bring back pollution, etc. just because 45 thinks that climate control is a “hoax.” Personally, I think HE’s a HOAX!!
            Additionally, I also heard that Mnuchin asked for money to hire more IRS agents, etc., because the IRS was losing revenue because they didn’t have enough agents or staff to go after people committing IRS fraud….the country was losing billions of dollars by not going after these people. However, the dickhead running the Treasury Dept., Malarkey (or whatever his name is) has said they are going to be taking a big chunk out of the IRS’ budget! Apparently, they are NOT running this country like a business because I’m sure that a business would NOT cut staff who are out trying to bring in revenue! Do these people have ANY brains??? Seriously, these are supposed to be businessmen, but they sure don’t know how to run a viable business!! You don’t let revenue fall by the wayside just to have money to build a stupid wall!

          26. Eleanore Whitaker April 12, 2017

            CEOs only love “efficiency” if it applies to making employees work hard, for less and as fast as if they were 6 employees.

            When it comes to efficiency in their business policies, that’s always viewed as a “loss” on their P&L statements.

            Once you factor in that the majority of the right wing Republicans come from plantation cultures, you see how efficiency only applies to getting more work for less.

            Hiring among most CEOs is the last item considered on their annual budgets. The first thing they try to cut are employees’ benefits. If they are already at bare bones, the next cuts are like a game of charades.

            What CEOs love to do is to make employees leave of their own volition so the company pays ZERO unemployment which is half of their obligation on a federal and state level. The game is to make the workplace as mean and vicious so their top earners leave. Then, they replace them with people whose salaries are not remotely in the range of those they forced to leave.

            I wish I could say I didn’t see this so often it caused me to quite before I was next to take the hit.

          27. Matforce April 10, 2017

            Single payer stood a snowballs chance in Hell with the Obstructionist, 475 plus filibuster, party of NO!!! GOP (Guardians Of Plutocracy), so ACA (who knew it could be so complicated) was Romney er Obama’s Private Insurance Industry $$$ run coverage, was the only hope of getting something done for the uninsured.

          28. itsfun April 10, 2017

            If the Dems had wanted a single payer system, we would have one. Not one Republican voted to pass Obamacare. The Democrats could have passed anything they wanted.

          29. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Republicans filibustered the public option/ medicaid for all. Do yourself and the world a favor and educate yourself.


          30. dpaano April 10, 2017

            Russian trolls don’t bother to educate themselves….they just parrot what their handlers tell them to say!

          31. itsfun April 10, 2017

            Do yourself a favor and get a clue. The Dems passed the aca without even one Republican vote. They could have done the same with Medicare. For your education Medicaid is a state managed program, not the feds.

          32. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            For god’s sake, do I have to copy everything because you’re to lazy to click on the link and read? I meant medicaid, honey.

            “Obama proposed a publicly-run program, similar to that
            enjoyed by Congress, called the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP).

            Obama promised “portable” coverage, which meant people would no longer be tied to their employer’s plan, but could choose their own plan and keep it with them. They could choose the government-run “public option” or purchase their own insurance through an exchange.

            No one could be denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition.

            The Federal government would expand funding for Medicaid. It would provide subsidiesfor those who made too much to qualify for Medicaid. Despite all these benefits, many people were afraid of this intrusion of the Federal government into their lives, saying it was leading down the path toward socialized medicine.”

            This version was watered down in several rounds because even though republicans were in the minority they could filibuster and they threatened to do so until you got the ACA.

            Reid didn’t go nuclear for the ACA. The ACA was signed into law in 2010. Reid used the nuclear option in 2013, only for lower-level judicial and executive branch nominees.

          33. itsfun April 10, 2017

            Isn’t Obama the one that promised you could keep your insurance policy? Isn’t Obama the one that promised you could keep your doctor? Reid did use the nuclear option to get Obamacare passed. He did not have 60 votes to pass it. In fact he didn’t even have 51 votes until he bribed the Senator from Missouri and one Senator from another state (can’t remember which state). He lost the 60 votes when Mass. elected a Republican in a special election. He used a rule that was made to resolve financial issues. Many called that the nuclear option. That is how Obamacare got passed.

          34. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            What does that have to with anything? Yes, Obama made a promise he couldn’t keep. He admitted that it was a mistake.

            In 2011 Reid made small changes to the procedure to get the ACA passed. He introduced a vote that prohibited any motion to waive the rules AFTER a filibuster was defeated so that republicans couldn’t continue their obstruction even AFTER their filibuster had been defeated. That doesn’t change the fact that you got a worse version of Obama’s original Health Care Plan because of republican obstructionism.

          35. itsfun April 10, 2017

            What does that have to do with anything??? I said Harry Reid used the nuclear option to get federal judges appointed as McConnell did to get a supreme court justice appointed. You said he didn’t, now you say he only made small changes. The changes were exactly the same. You say its okay for Reid to that, but not McConnell. That is called a double standard. Harry Reid also changed the filibuster rule for his liking. Obama didn’t make a mistake saying we could keep our policies and doctors, he flat out lied. Obamacare is a complete failure and will die on the vine if not fixed or replaced soon.

          36. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            You keep messing up the timeline. I said Harry Reid didn’t eliminate the filibuster for the ACA in 2011. I never denied that he did go nuclear for lower court nominees in 2013.

            I gave you that information because you claim democrats could have easily pushed through any legislation they wanted when in fact they couldn’t. At least not in the senate. The republican senators threatened to filibuster so Obama made changes to appease them. While they didn’t need republican votes they did need republicans to stop filibustering.

            Technically, McConnell and Reid did the same thing. It’s still different because of the different circumstances. It is one thing to change the rules because the minority filibustered your nominees 79 times. It is another thing to change the rules because of ONE SINGLE filibuster.

            As I said before, I would have been completely fine with McConnell going nuclear after 70+ filibuster by the democrats. But he did it after ONE.

          37. itsfun April 10, 2017

            Like I said you are just trying to justify your double standard.

          38. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Judging the same action differently under different circumstances isn’t a double standard. Like I said, I would have no problem with McConnell doing the same thing under the same circumstances.

            So you admit that republicans obstructed Obama’s original health care plan and therefore you got a flawed system that was closer to Romney Care than to what Obama intended?

          39. itsfun April 10, 2017

            Its a double standard no matter how much you try to deny it. The Republicans had nothing to do with Obamacare. It is completely owned by the Democrats. You can try to blame the Republicans for the failures of Obamacare, but it won’t work. The Republicans knew Obamacare wouldn’t work but the Democrats didn’t heed them. No Republican plans were even allowed out of committee by the Democrats.

          40. Jmz Nesky April 10, 2017

            Yes, thanks to heartless CONservatives.

          41. itsfun April 10, 2017

            It is a plan designed to completely take over American healthcare and have a single payer system. It was designed to fail for that reason. Obamacare is completely owned by the Democrats and they alone are responsible for the miserable plan, not the Republicans.

          42. Jmz Nesky April 10, 2017

            Yes he did.. Under the assumption that the entire nation would participate which would have sanctified his promise.. His fault was not considering the ruthlessness of the party of NO.. And their hatred of the man in charge. Wanker.

          43. itsfun April 10, 2017

            Assumed? How many times have you heard don’t assume? His fault was trying to be a dictator not a President.

          44. Jmz Nesky April 10, 2017

            No.. the pubs did the real damage by not allowing their red states to sign-up. get your facts straight. And as far as the cabinet appointments, look what the twitterbird is doing to them because many of them turned out to be turds in suits, plus, it gave him the opportunity to use his favorite slogan, ”YOUR FIRED!”..

          45. itsfun April 10, 2017

            The Republicans did not stop anyone from signing up. Obamacare is completely owned by the Democrats. The cabinet appointees are all highly successful people. President Trump was elected to get rid of the career power seeking politicians. When any appointees turn out to be wrong, the President should fire them.

          46. dpaano April 10, 2017

            Actually, I think there are actually THREE parties now in Congress….the moderate Republicans (if you can call them that), the Freedom Caucus, and the Democrats. 45 has to fight all three to win anything, and that makes his job a little less easy!

          47. dpaano April 11, 2017

            Apparently, itsy didn’t hear about how McConnell gathered his minions on Day One of President Obama’s administration and told them that they were NOT to vote for ANYTHING that President Obama put forth……that’s called OBSTRUCTION!!! It’s pretty unfortunately that now that the Democrats have taken the same tack on some items, suddenly the right wing idiots are having the screaming meemies!!! Get a life! You started this whole “obstruction” thing 8 years ago; we’re just doing what was done to us!

          48. Jinmichigan April 10, 2017

            So you must have been in a coma for the last 8 years.

          49. Jmz Nesky April 10, 2017

            …And if it wasn’t for Avon your old lady would still be dressing up like a pig.

          50. itsfun April 10, 2017

            great intelligent reply from another on the tolerant left.

        2. kep April 10, 2017

          Liberals never believe the truth. They thrive on lies and deceit, just as they learned from their deity, OBAMA.

          1. timmfr30 April 10, 2017

            what a profound statement…you should be proud of your intelligence level……

          2. itsfun April 10, 2017


      2. idamag April 10, 2017

        itsfun is so poorly educated and reads little that does not reinforce his preconceived notions. We used to have a healthy two-party system and people like itsfun are the danger to democracy, which is on the way out. We need more people who read and interact with other people.

      3. mike April 10, 2017

        How ridiculous on all points.
        As Schumer said these last two weeks “change the nominee, not the rules.” I bet that he never conveyed to Reid to change the nominees.
        Your hypocrisy is breathtaking.

      4. dpaano April 10, 2017

        Unfortunately, these Putin-paid trolls don’t read anything….they just spew whatever their “masters” tell them to spew in these sites, trying to convince very intelligent people that we’re wrong….doesn’t quite go over well!!! We just block them and try to ignore them as much as possible!

    2. RichFromShowMe April 10, 2017

      Spot On!
      But this time, hair ignited all along the East and West Coast 🙂

      1. timmfr30 April 10, 2017

        which represents the majority……

        1. kep April 10, 2017

          The majority of stupid liberal commies.

          1. timmfr30 April 10, 2017

            ouch..quit it..you mental giant…you

          2. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Incredible that some people in America think the opinion of the majority doesn’t count because they don’t like their political views… they don’t understand what a representative democracy is but call other people “commies”.

            Seriously, liberals should re-locate throughout the next two years and show these morons what being the majority means in a democracy.

          3. kep April 10, 2017

            If you are NOT an American citizen, you have no say in anything.

          4. timmfr30 April 10, 2017


          5. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

            You aren’t an American Citizen. What the hell are YOU talking about? You are a Ruskie paid bot who trolls so you can post your hateful BS that only matters to you.

          6. kep April 10, 2017

            Typical lies from a liberal commie. Born here. Lived hwere most of my life. Served during Viet Nam. And will defend my country from ALL enemies, including liberal commies such as yourself.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker April 11, 2017

            Okay. If what I posted is a lie. Prove it. You didn’t serve in Viet Nam, you lying coward. You don’t defend your country unless Russia is YOUR country.

            I have many military in my family. Not a single one of then would die for Trump. You would. What does that tell you? One of my writer friends was in the military in two tours of duty in Afghanistan. She won’t die for Trump. She will only die to protect her country. Russia is your country. Not hers.

            Hateful little geezers like you need to be reminded of an old Italian saying: “Non cagare dove si mangia.”

          8. kep April 11, 2017

            “I have many military in my family. Not a single one of then would die for Trump. You would. What does that tell you?”. It tells me you are no American. Just a vile, nasty, lying liberal that can’t come up with a life of her own so she makes stuff up as she goes. You should stop trying to insult actual veterans, and stop trying to comment on things you obviously know nothing about.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker April 11, 2017

            You can’t admit you need professional mental help for your mental illness. A man like you who hides behind a keyboard all day every day and spouts nothing but hateful BS is not exactly a balanced individual.

            Now, get this and get it straight. Highly educated people NEVER need an ideology. Only fanatics like you need something or someone to cling to in order to feel valid as a human being.

            I am not right, left, center, up, down or sidewise. I am quite secure in the knowledge that the courage of my ethics, principles and convictions of right and wrong have stood the test of time.

            People like you are the most grossly insecure and mentally handicapped to be born on Planet Earth. There is no help for you because mental defectives do not ever help themselves.

            You have a serious mental problem because you have an obsession that you must always JUDGE others. Just don’t anyone dare JUDGE YOU …how very Trump do you plan to get before you get help sicko?

            When I wake up each day, I have a creative life that is full of happy people who are FREE. You are a prisoner of your own defective hateful, judgmental mind.

            That’s why you need to join the hicks in the south who live as if it’s still Pre-Civil Plantation days and Corn Pones who still think the Great Depression hasn’t ended.

            Take your right wing BS, ram it as far up your beaky nosy nose as it will fit. Then, stop posting. You never have ANY proof of what you post. That’s why you are not a valid human being but a sicko.

          10. kep April 11, 2017

            LMAO. I can’t believe there is actually someone so pathetic that they have to make up their own life to try to impress people on a liberal rag such as this. You have no idea of most of what you comment on, and only repeat the daily liberal propaganda talking points in the most vile, offensive manner possible, and pat yourself on the back for being such a pseudointellectual. It amazes me that you are left out on your own without fear that you will hurt yourself or others. You are walking proof of the failure of our mental health system. Try actually serving something other than yourself. You may find it will help your vast myriad of obvious insecurities.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker April 11, 2017

            And yet, here YOU ARE…on a liberal site. Must love liberal ideology then right? What other possible motive could a sicko like you have for constantly trying to FORCE your pathetic mentally ill opinions on others who could care less if you live or die?

            I have a lot of ideas you don’t like. What you are is a former Momma’s boy whose pathetic mother spoiled your ass rotten like Mommy Mary Ann Trump did to her slime ball son.

            What amazes me about you? That you bitch bitch bitch at others never once realizing you make a total ass of yourself because we KNOW you cannot tell the difference between your mentally defective OPINIONS and facts.

            Which facts would you like me to prove to you? That there is evidence the Russian meddled into the 2016 election and the reason for investigations?

            What you want bully mind is what you will NEVER get…anyone to obey you like good little puppies. Now go change your Depends Ruskie lover.

          12. timmfr30 April 10, 2017

            they have a hard enough time just spelling majority

          13. RichFromShowMe April 10, 2017

            You might want to check out the 12th Amendment (1804) before assuming you know what you’re stating, in print.

            If, somehow, you don’t like what that Amendment states very clearly, then you need to Amend the Constitution.

            Good luck on that 🙂

          14. kep April 10, 2017

            Take care of your own country. Liberal policies have served Germany well, hasn’t it?

          15. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Didn’t you say one should only speak about one’s own country? But yeah, I’m pretty cool with my university degree, no student debts and affordable health care.

          16. kep April 10, 2017

            Yeah. I already figured you were one of those everything should be handed to me because I exist sort of person. And who pays for that free stuff? What about the flood of immigrants that have invaded your country along with rapes and terrorist attacks? America is not Europe, nor should it eveer.

          17. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            There is no flood of rampaging and raping immigrants. Two years ago there was one single event where several cases of sexual harassment happened at once. Do you speak a single European language apart from English which would enable you to get your information from the original sources?

            Everyone gets college education for free and it works just fine. Nothing unfair about it since everyone gets it. Same goes for healthcare.

            I didn’t say that America should be like Europe. You started this debate by claiming that Germany is in some kind of turmoil because of liberal politics (never mind that we’re governed by a conservative majority since more than a decade).

        2. 788eddie April 10, 2017

          There is a lot of evidence to show that this is a show run only by conservatives, and not even close to being any sort of “majority” of Americans.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

        The East and West coast are the hands that feed assface. Every one of the Dem states pay $1 in federal taxes and get a return of 55 cents on average. Your Republican welfare states get back from $1.35 up to Alaska’s $1.87. This doesn’t count the tax subsidies your antiquated industries get or the corporate tax cuts.

        Get an education dipshit.

        1. RichFromShowMe April 10, 2017

          I see you still haven’t grown out of the foul mouth, but you are correct, for a change. 🙂

          This used to be the “United States” before the obamba Regime caused the Racist Split to metastasize.


          1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            A split that metastasizes? Whan an extraordinarily bad metaphor.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

            Richie Rich only panders to crooks. He’s of the mentality that says he can FORCE others to be indoctrinated to do what we know is wrong. He’d ask us to worship Satan if he thought he could.

            AS it stand, these are white supremacist males who can barely tote that Stars and Bars rag much less make rational sense.

            Their day is coming. Truth always comes out. It’s is the only true despot that rules.

          3. RichFromShowMe April 10, 2017

            Nietzsche . . . best do some reading.

            His writings on the concept of Ubermensch was a basis for Hitler’s tactics, though Hiltler didn’t understand what he read, which often happens with folks who are insane.

            As the example of metastasizing, In fact, it’s very accurate . . . . just like cancer in a cell, it grows and splits and grows and splits . . . . . . . eventually killing necessary organs, or in this case, spawning elements like Black Lies Matter, OFA and other un-American outfits.

          4. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            A split can’t metastasize. As you said, a split splits. A split is the lack of mass. Cancer cells are uncontrollable growth of mass… but whatever.

            Yes Nietzsche’s writing have been abused by the Nazis. That’s layman’s knowledge. Do you know that his sister was married to Bernard Föster, an antisemetic agitator whom Nietzsche hated? Nietzsche refused to attend his sister’s wedding because she was marrying a Nazi. Did you know that after Nietzsche’s death she re-edited his work according to national-socialist ideology? That’s why we have a critical edition these days.
            Did you know that Nietzsche inspired many liberal and progressive thinkers such as Theodor W. Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Walter Benjamin, Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze – just to name a few? Did you know that Hitler also quotes the bible in “Mein Kampf”? So what exactly is your point?

          5. RichFromShowMe April 10, 2017

            Evidently you do not know how cancer grows in the human body or a political system.

            Cancer cells grow then divide (split), then go to other parts of the human anatomy and/or political system where they grow and split, grow and split, grow and split . . . until they take over the host.


            I did not know that after Nietzsche’s death his sister took the liberty to re-edit has writings, but that FACT explains other things about his thoughts.

            I used the reference to Nietzsche to see if you just pulled his name out of a hat, as many others on this site seem to be of the “unlearned scholars” type who make radical statements with no FACTs to back them up . . . . and foul mouthed on top of that.

            Also, Hitler may not have misinterpreted Nietzsche’s writings as he died before 1900 and what Hitler read was probably his sisters edited version(s).

            You do seem to know more about him than I.

          6. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Nietzsche’s sister lived until 1935. A Swiss intellectual filed a lawsuit against her editing of Nietzsche’s work in 1907. The first book criticizing her edition was published in 1930. Hitler wasn’t much of a Nietzsche fan. He did quote some famous phrases but „Mein Kampf“ is basically an assemblage of all kinds of writings from the last decades. It would be hard to find a german intellectual or author who hasn’t been adapted by the Nazis in some way or another. The Nazis also admired Goethe and (!) Shakespeare. One Nazi-leader said that Shakespeare is a „german classic“ (not kidding). There was kind of a Nietzsche cult among the national socialists as a group though and Hitler utilized said cult in the late 30s. But he was never a „fan“.

            I do know that cancer cells split. But splitting is part of the metastasis. The cell metastasizes. The split itself doesn’t metastasize… anyway, I’m not a native speaker and also not in the mood for a battle over semantics so I’ll let it go…

          7. RichFromShowMe April 11, 2017

            Thanks . . . .

            I appreciate the info on Nietzsche as I was totally unaware of his sisters re-write and other ramifications of her actions.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

            I see you haven’t grown out of your Daycare Generation phony BS yet?

            As for your racist bastard names you call the best president this country has had in a long time, You are a racist. Trump is a racist. When he refused to rent to a black couple in his hotsy totsy Trump Tower years ago, he proved what a closet racist he is.

            Your white ass isn’t superior. It’s just lazy like all lazy hick bums. Surely you’ve figured out that unless you move that lard ass, you’ll end up with the same huge lard ass Trump has.

            By the way, I only use a foul mouth on foul Trump lickers like you. Don’t ask me to fall in love with Satan and I won’t bother to laugh when Trump goes down for treason.

            But but but …..SyriaGATE….11 hour interrogation for Tillerson?

          9. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Eleanore, thank you for pointing out the racism. President Obama had to deal with an unprecedented amount of obstruction. Yet many people still deny it was due to racism. Republicans opposed so many things just for the sake of it. They didn’t want to vote on actions in Syria, then blamed Obama for doing nothing. Now they applaud a conman for shooting fireworks without asking congress first. After the most qualified, intelligent black man was president white people needed to reassure themselves that the least qualified, stupidest white man could still get the job.

          10. RichFromShowMe April 10, 2017


            The graph shows that under obamba Racial Tension lessened when he was selected because we thought we voted for a “uniter” . . . . . , but got worse after we realized we had elected a “divider”.

            I like it how those on the Left never back up their radical statements with FACTS 🙂

    3. 788eddie April 10, 2017

      False equivalent, itsfun.

      Harry Reid did not use the simple majority for a Supreme Court nominee (only for lower judicial appointees), and neither has used it for major legislation (so far).

      The Supreme Court nomination was supposed to reflect the “will of the people” and be acceptable to both liberal and conservative factions of our country to help raise its acceptability as the “supreme arbiter” of our country.

      Mitch McConnell’s strategy has helped throw that idea out the window.

      1. itsfun April 10, 2017

        Do you mean lower appointees like the liberal judges in Washington and Hawaii? Do you not remember how the ACA was passed. Not even one Republican voted for it. Now it is exploding and no one wants to fix or replace it. Mitch McConnell only did his job and got the Supreme Court back up to 9 justices. The new justice is a firm believer in our Constitution and will make ruling according to that document. He won’t try to make laws, and will be a great justice.

        1. 788eddie April 10, 2017

          Do you remember that the Republicans were in the minority when the ACA was passed. And do you remember that when the Republicans retook the majority (gerrymandering and voter suppression issues not discussed here), they tried over fifty times to repeal it, and couldn’t. Republicans have too many factions to really be united (the exception being that President Obama almost united them).

          And while we’re at it, I will go on record saying that I feel (and I AM a registered Republican) that every American should be afforded reasonable health care as a citizen. Many lesser countries have done that and done it well.

          As for Neil Gorsuch, I don’t know whether or not he will be a “good judge,” and neither do you. I may love his decisions. You may love his decisions. I may hate his decisions. You may hate his decisions. We can only wait and see.

          1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            I applaud you for being one of the few sane republicans. I’m kind of progressive but I also believe that politicians upholding conservative values are vital as a counter weight in any society. It’s sad to see that there are almost no real conservatives left in the U.S. government.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

            If you check the Republican Party History way back to the days of its founding, it has always been tied to Big Business over citizens of this country.

            It has always been the party of the rich who live off the poor and middle class.

          3. 788eddie April 10, 2017

            Fortunately, the rabid-RWNJs, or “wing-nuts”, I think, are going to weed themselves from our country. This will happen from many population demographic and social factors.

            The only question in my mind is how much damage will be done, and how long will it be to repair it?

          4. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Trusting in the demographic advantage might have been a huge mistake by the democrats. I’m not saying America will turn into Nazi-Germany but it is possible to change a government from within, especially, if you infiltrate the judiciary branch. Gerrymandering, citizens united and voter suppression ensure that republicans don’t feel the need to represent their voters as proven by the stupid browser-history legislation. I hope they don’t find a way to eternalize this strategy but I’m sure that’s exactly what McConnell is trying to do.

          5. 788eddie April 10, 2017

            You make some good points here, Young Nietzsche.

          6. Matforce April 10, 2017

            You can only conceal and twist the truth with falsehood for so long until its manifestations become a glaring reality for all to see. My hope is that the damage the GOP does to “we the people,” and the USA as a nation in their pursuit of more, more, more for $Moneyed Interest$ and the consolidation of wealth to the top, doesn’t render us irreparable…

          7. dpaano April 10, 2017

            Unfortunately, Mat, 45 has already ruined our reputations in many overseas countries with his actions. He’s managed to piss off Germany, Syria, the U.K., Australia, North Korea, and I could go on and on! His total lack of foreign affairs knowledge has taken away all of the trust that President Obama had built in these countries!

          8. dpaano April 10, 2017

            At the rate that 45 and his cronies are going, it’s going to take years to retake this country and bring it back to the prosperity that it was getting to under President Obama.

          9. 788eddie April 10, 2017

            “the prosperity that it was getting to under President Obama” message is finally getting through the “GOP noise” and people, in general, are realizing that. It’s what is contributing to the dissatisfaction with “businessman” Trump.

          10. dpaano April 10, 2017

            Let’s hope that during the midterm elections in 2018, we show our anger by taking away several of the Republican’s seats in the House, the Senate, and the Congress!! We may not overtake them, but we can certainly put a crimp in their sails!

          11. dpaano April 10, 2017

            Too many of them are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Koch Bros and the Mercers, especially the so-called Freedom Caucus!

          12. itsfun April 10, 2017

            I have many many times said we need health care for everybody. I also have said Obamacare is not the answer. If it isn’t fixed or replaced it will explode and we will really have problems. Insurance company after insurance companies are leaving the Obamacare exchanges. Rates are becoming completely our of control. People paying 6000 a year and more with 6000 deductibles is unacceptable. Very few can afford this. Things like competition over state lines and negotiating with drug companies must be allowed to lower rates. Our nations needs a well thought our system.

          13. 788eddie April 11, 2017

            That’s interesting, Itsfun. I do know two families that qualified for “ObamaCare” Neither was really poor, but they certainly weren’t well-off either. They saved a bundle, and for one family, their son, who was going to “age out” of coverage now has it for a couple more years.

            National health insurance could be like Medicare, where everyone who is working pays a specified amount from each paycheck, then you’re covered. If you lose your job, which could happen to anybody, we’ll have to find a way to pay it for them (or we could just kill them off [just kidding] ). It’s still a lot cheaper than forcing the uninsured to to to the Emergency Room at the local hospital.

            I count myself as lucky; I and my family are now covered by both Medicare as well as private insurance. Not everyone’s that fortunate. And you know what? If my taxes went up a bit to help others who were in difficult situations, my Christian upbringing says I can live with that.

          14. itsfun April 12, 2017

            I think we all know people using Obamacare. I do know people that have lost their policies and doctor. Those folks are saw increases in their rates. I also know a family like you do that Obamacare helped. I have said since Obamacare that anyone that does not have insurance should be able to use Medicare as they are paying for it every payday. There are some problems with that though. How much should a working person with 2 children pay every month. At todays rates a family of four would pay $436 a month. That is over 5000 a year for 80% coverage. Add another 1308 per for each additional child. The reason people like you and me only pay $109 a month is we have been paying for Medicare for years and that gives us a vested interest in it. That’s not a written fact, but it kinda works that way. With that said, it would still be more affordable than Obamacare. I think taking un-necessary thinks like making a man pay for maternity care and a woman paying for ED problems would loser costs. Allowing people to purchase policies across state line would increase competition among insurance companies. I would like to see Congress sit down with doctors and insurance company leaders for how ever long it takes and work out a affordable solution for healthcare for all those that do not have any insurance. People living in poverty situations also need insurance. We can’t let people just drop over dead on the street or under bridges.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

          Yes, the ACA was passed with several Republicans voting for it. The very same Republicans who voted against the failed TRUMPcare. Mmmmm…love to show your stupidty and how easy it is.

        3. Jinmichigan April 10, 2017

          Exploding? No, it’s not. Only conservative heads because all they have are lies.

          1. itsfun April 10, 2017

            How many insurance companies have left the Obamacare bombshell in the last year. How much have the Obamacare rates gone up compared to other insurance rates?

          2. Jinmichigan April 10, 2017

            Some rates have gone up and some rates have gone down. Your FAKE outrage is duly noted.

          3. itsfun April 10, 2017

            typical of you, you have nothing so make things up. How many insurance companies have left Obamacare? The rates in Arizona alone went up 116%

          4. Jinmichigan April 10, 2017

            Typical of you, find one extreme example and whine like it’s everyone. Yeah, just not enough profit for some companies. That’s what you repubs are trying to change.

          5. itsfun April 10, 2017

            How many jobs are provided by individuals?

          6. Jinmichigan April 10, 2017

            What? Changing the subject? Just like trump* with his cruise missiles that missed the mark. Can’t take the heat, change the subject. Got it.

          7. itsfun April 10, 2017

            nope pointing out that companies hire people when they make a profit. You are against insurance companies making profits.

          8. Jinmichigan April 10, 2017

            The ACA capped insurance companies profit at 15%. Greedy people want more, and repubs are looking to oblige. Sad that 15% is not enough isn’t it.

        4. midway54 April 10, 2017

          You might expand on your notion of judicial method by informing us how he will handle non-constitutional issues in disputes before the Court.

          1. itsfun April 10, 2017

            got this from supremecourthistory.org.

            How The Court Works | Types of Cases the Court Hears

            Supreme Court cases come in three varieties. Least numerous are the “original jurisdiction” actions, brought by one state against another, or between states and the federal government. The Constitution also empowers the Court to hear “all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls.” In these the Court sits as a trial body from which there is no appeal.
            Few original jurisdiction cases are filed—usually one to five a term—but sheer bulk makes many of these difficult. In 1952 Arizona sued California over water from the Colorado River. The completed trial record covered more than 26,000 pages. Briefs and other documents filed by the states took 4,000 more. The Justices heard 16 hours of oral argument in the fall of 1961, six hours more in November, 1962. Arizona prevailed in the Court’s decision in 1963.
            More numerous, but mercifully shorter, are cases from state courts. If any state tribunal decides a federal question and the litigant has no further remedy within the state, the Supreme Court may consider it.
            Most common—roughly two-thirds of the total—are requests for review of decisions of federal appellate or district courts. The great majority of cases reach the Supreme Court through its granting of petitions for writs of certiorari, from the Latin certiorari volumnus, “we wish to be informed.”
            Normally the “writ of cert” says in effect to an appellate court, “Send us the record in this case you decided recently.” In very rare instances a writ of certiorari before appellate judgment says, “Send us the record in this case you haven’t reviewed yet.” It enables the Court to act with maximum speed in unusual cases of great public importance.
            With some 7,000 petitions annually, deciding which case to decide is a load in itself. According to a court historian, “it is arguably the most important stage in the entire Supreme Court process.” In the 2010-2011 Term the Court heard argument on 79 cases. Seven more cases were subsequently summarily reversed or dismissed.
            Each Justice determines how he or she will vote to accept or reject each certiorari petition, usually calling for a law clerk’s memorandum analyzing the petition. Eight of the Justices make use of a “cert pool” system. As the certiorari petitions are received, their clerks take turns writing memorandums, and each Justice conducts whatever additional research is necessary. Justice Alito prefers to rely on his own clerks, and all the Justices review all petitions.
            Roughly 70 percent of the petitions end at this point, with a vote not to accept the case. The Justices may be satisfied that the decision of the lower court was correct, or that the case has no national significance, or, in some instances, that the Supreme Court lacks jurisdiction. Whatever the reason for denial, the effect is to allow the decision of the lower court to stand.
            Click Here for the next Chapter.
            Return to the “How the Court Works”

      2. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

        Itsy wants this to be a Republican country with Republicans only applying for government jobs and Republican Law. Itsy is a Ruskie lover paid to troll by Putin. Has been since the elections and campaigns began.

        1. 788eddie April 10, 2017

          That thought had crossed my mind, too Eleanor.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

            You know what the joke is? When Pence had to come to NY City a few months ago, he was “appalled” at what he saw. To Reverend Pence, the sight of so many multi-cultured peoples all in the same city and not wearing AK47s like they do in his state and the rest of the hick states was jarring to his senses.

            When he arrived at the restaurant, he had to sit at a table where other Muslims, minorities and women, all openly enjoyed their meal.

            From what the staff at that restaurant said, Pence was so on edge he could barely eat and probably had a serious case of indigestion.

            The reality for the hicks in this country is that when they have to live in a heavily metropolitan area, they have to fit in. If they can’t, it’s back to Duck Dynasty lifestyles for them.

            That’s why guys like McConnell, Ryan, Cotton, Gowdy, Cruz and Chaffetz all sound like aliens from outer space to the Metro populations.

            None of us are snobs. We just can’t stand all those pretentious cowboy, mutton chop and corn pone acts.

            The reason Trump decided to plunk his building on Fifth Avenue in the very midst of the most posh businesses is because he knew that a building in the hick hinterlands would be deep sixed.

          2. 788eddie April 10, 2017

            Very interesting observations, Eleanor, as most of yours are.

            And thanks for pointing out again, how the GOP is really a group of many factions, with great difficulties for uniting (although President Obama did do an admirable job of almost uniting them).

            GOP: the “Wall Streeters,” the “Gun Rights” people, The Christian Evangenicals (who some call the “Evil-genitals”), the fiscal conservatives, the .01%ers, the White Supremacists. Have I missed anyone”

            It is amazing that this diverse group could agree on anything!

          3. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            They might lose the white supremacists over Syria though 😉 A a little less “diversity”.

          4. kep April 10, 2017


        2. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

          Meanwhile, democrats always give important positions to republicans as a sign of bipartisanship. Obama appointed Comey as FBI director. Did any republican president did something similar (seriously wondering, not a rhetorical question)?

          I personally trust Comey and wouldn’t put him in the same category as Assange and McConnell like the author of the article did but still – republicans sure won’t return the favor.

    4. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

      No he did not use the same strategy. When Harry Reid filibustered it was at the state level because the fukkaroos of the GOP were desperate to create Republican Law and appoint ONLY Republican asshat judges.

      It had nothing to do with a Supreme Court appointment or refusing to allow a president to make a judicial appointment to the Supreme Court.

      That you have trapped yourself in your own BS yet again because you never have a twit’s tit worth or proof only shows you are a lover of Faux News, The National Enquirer and Breitbart.

      Now..to piss on your post, Remember in 2007 that Bush’s Republican AG, Alberto Gonzaqlez had to resign? It was because the Ethics Committee saw that he was politicizing the Justice Department by hiring ONLY Republicans as U.S. Attorneys. That is against US Constitutional law.

      Grow the frig up moron. US law cannot be based on political parties. That’s why Trump’s Gorsucker won’t be the ruling influence on the SC. If anything, with 4 SC judges from NY state, the hick cowboy will be a fish out of water.

      As for McConnell, his days are already numbered. He’ll be called to provide testimony as to why he ignored the Russian meddling into our elections.

      1. dpaano April 10, 2017

        And he went against the Constitution when he would not allow Garland a vote for Supreme Court. He definitely needs to be impeached as a traitor!

        1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

          This is what I don’t get: Why didn’t democrats take this to the Supreme Court? Why did they allow McConnell to change the historical narrative? The media was complicit. They didn’t challenge McConnell’s lies. But the democrats kind of allowed republicans to screw them.

          1. dbtheonly April 10, 2017

            You’re right.

            I wanted President Obama to announce that since, (6 months) had elapsed, he was going to have Judge Garland sworn in.

            In the end it came down to President Obama not doing it. If I trust President Obama; I’ve got to trust his judgment. Even here.

          2. dpaano April 10, 2017

            I agree, but they weren’t in charge of the Congress, so they would have had a big problem trying to impeach McConnell on their own unfortunately. They didn’t “allow” them to screw them, they were the underdogs.

          3. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            I didn’t even think of impeachment. Simply let the Supreme Court decide whether blocking hearings for a nominee is against the constitution. Couldn’t anyone have filed a lawsuit against the behavior of the republican senate? They were refusing to do their job (advise and consent) based on a “tradition” McConnell made up. But I don’t know how the SCOTUS works so maybe I’m wrong.

          4. dpaano April 10, 2017

            I’m not sure, but I would think that the Democrats in the Congress would have to file a charge with the Attorney General’s office and it would go from there. Again, like you, I’m not sure how the process works. You’d think that the SCOTUS would immediately do something if it appears that the Congress or the president are doing something that is so blatantly unconstitutional! I don’t know why they weren’t up in arms about this immediately!

          5. itsfun April 10, 2017

            They didn’t do anything at all to violate the Constitution. Its says the Senate must hold a hearing, but does not give a time frame in which they must hold the hearing.

          6. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            Ok so denying hearings for 4 years is also not unconstitutional since there’s no time frame?

          7. itsfun April 10, 2017

            That could happen, but I doubt if it ever will. There is no timeframe in the Constitution.

          8. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

            So if democrats would have returned the favor and had blocked the hearings for Gorsuch you would have been fine with that?

          9. itsfun April 10, 2017

            I would say exactly the same thing. No laws were broken, nor was the Constitution ignored.

    5. FT66 April 10, 2017

      My friend itsfun, did Harry Reid ignore the pick Pres. Obama made for a person to sit on the bench and replace the late Scalia? Did Harry Reid cause the death of the late Scalia and that all Dems had to be punished? Wasn’t the death act of god?

      1. itsfun April 10, 2017

        Harry Reid didn’t ignore anything Obama wanted, he did all he could to get anything and everything Obama wanted. Wasn’t it Harry that said he was okay with Obama because he didn’t use Negro dialect? Harry Reid did use the same strategy to get liberal federal judges seated. He probably would have tried the same kind of stuff to get Garland seated. How are all Dems being punished? I don’t recall anyone celebrating the death of Scalia.

        1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

          Oh my, you didn’t even get the argument he was making. Sad!

          1. itsfun April 10, 2017

            You are the sad one here.

    6. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 10, 2017

      You’re so stupid that you would not accept the FBI was part of the DOJ.

      Why do you think anyone should care about your dumb take based on dumb false equivalencies?

  6. idamag April 10, 2017

    The very sight of that creep turns my stomach. Trump’s election is actually a symptom of the disease that horrible piece of flesh is spreading in our government. The collective stupidity of the republican party is what is destroying our democracy. Believe me, it is well on the way out. Democracy is when people vote and votes count. The rules should have been the same for the Democrats as they were for the republicans. To let something like that piece of sewage change the rules at his whim to destroy that which worked for 284 years shows the low level which our education system has dropped.

    1. kep April 10, 2017

      Liberals have been trying to destroy America for decades. You almost did it before Americans finally woke up an stopped you quest for a liberal communist utopia. Hopefully, liberals will be removed from all positions of power. All they do is lie and destroy

      1. dbtheonly April 10, 2017

        Hey kep,

        It’s the Republicans that have been sucking up to ex-KGB Putin for the last 9 years. Calling liberals communists is good for a laugh.

        Beyond that your use of buzz words is exemplary. A whole paragraph saying nothing.

        1. dpaano April 10, 2017

          I wonder how much the Russians pay Kep for his idiotic mutterings on these sites?

          1. dbtheonly April 10, 2017

            Hard to say. Wonder if it compares with the $97/hr that the other spam posts promise.

            I have noticed rather a “one size fits all” aura to his posts. Helpy once told me he’s got an automatic response program set up. Imagne kep doing that, sitting back, and letting the money roll in.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

        Conservatives destroy themselves. You don’t destroy us. We are free as the U.S. Constitution and not your Ruskie Stars and Bars Confederacy allows.

        We don’t kiss Putin’s ass. You conservatives do. You have to. Your industries are relics of the 1900s and your brains are about as savvy and intelligent as a pissant’s.

        As for your CONmen lies, where’s the proof of the 30,000 who voted illegally that Trump claims made him lose the popular vote? He lost the popular vote because like all crooks, people in the most profitable DEM states don’t fall for his crook BS or yours.

        Where is is proof that “Obama wiretapped Trump Tower?”

        Get a life Ruskie lover before you piss off the wrong Americans and they feed you to a hungry Russian bear.

      3. Jinmichigan April 10, 2017

        Must suck to know your criminals are in office illegally.

      4. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 10, 2017

        OK thanks for your traitor opinion, traitor.

    2. ps0rjl April 10, 2017

      Yes, we liberals are in your feeble mind the worse thing in the world. By the way this lifelong liberal served in the Marines during Vietnam just so morons like you could post your drivel. Just remember that what goes around comes around. Don’t start whining when Democrats take over the Senate and relegate Mr Obstructionist to a cold dark corner. .

  7. yabbed April 10, 2017

    McConnell and the far right are moving America into a serf nation, a land of rigid restraints on what was once a Constitutional republic and a free democracy, and a country dependent wholly on military power – until a more powerful, clearer thinking country hands us a stunning military defeat. It’s coming, without a doubt.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

      They aren’t moving the people in the northeast or California. It isn’t possible for them to do that. Too many in these regions of the country have high end educations and are not stupid enough to fall for hick BS.

      1. dpaano April 10, 2017

        Someone needs to impeach McConnell….he’s a traitor to this country and he’s proven it many times over!

      2. yabbed April 10, 2017

        You are right about NY and CA. I am one of those residents but NY and CA are just two states and the entirely of the United States of America rests now with the incompetent Trump and the sinister GOP in both houses of Congress.

        1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

          If everything else fails, NY city and CA state should declare themselves independent. NY city could be a well functioning small country like Switzerland and Californians would be perfectly fine on their own anyway.

          Just kidding. But the way some Trump supporters talk about California and New York makes me wish this would happen just to teach them a lesson.

          1. cyberfish2 April 11, 2017

            Oh, please let that happen. Do you have ANY idea how many resident illegal aliens my Calif tax dollars support? And there is a proposal to make this a sanctuary STATE, so they cannot be deported. They pay zero taxes, Federal, or State. Calif. is broke, and all Moonbeam Brown can think to do is squeeze yet more money from additional taxes. I’m sick of it.

    2. Matforce April 10, 2017

      The expansion of a thriving middle class took place during a 40 year span from the 40s through part of the 70s, arguably the USA heyday. The contraction and diminishment of that same middle class has taken all but 40 years, and look at us!

  8. Eleanore Whitaker April 10, 2017

    Mitch McConnell is the personification of the butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, swaggering southern bully in gentleman’s clothing. Beneath his silk and satin drawl, he is a high handed, sneaky guy who knows a great scheme when he can dream it up.

    McConnell KNEW about the Russian meddling into our election. He said in November On CSpan, as he left a Congressional meeting, when asked what the Republican majority planned to do about the Russian meddling, “We will let “things” take their course.”

    McConnell should have been removed from office for that remark because it proved:
    A. He knew all about the hacking since it was first discovered by CrowdStrike in August.
    B. He saw the opportunity to ignore it as a way to get Trump elected.
    C. Saw the usefulness of a crook like Trump in terms of political patronage jobs The Republicans could then load government with.

    Now, since there is evidence and proof positive that the Russians began hacking into the election long before the primaries began with their hate and smear campaigns, there can be NO certainty any of the Tea Party were actually elected in their states by their constituents.

    The fact is the if the Russians could meddle into social media and begin the election season with their propaganda they knew would influence the outcome of the election, the minute the Trump campaign got wind of how useful the Russians could be, Trump saw how he could win.

    Sneaky, high handed men can only be taken down by being sneakier than they are and more high handed.

  9. Matforce April 10, 2017

    Given their use of straight-faced, inverse-reality, false-narrative, and deceptive, but unblinking rhetorical talking points wrapped in Christianese, family values, red-white & blue, Norman Rockwell visages, guns, and anti-government angst (would’ve made Joseph Goebbels blush), it is, to a degree, understandable, how the GOP (Guardians Of Plutocracy) hoodwinks and gets the common, decent folk to vote against their own interest.

    See Freedom Foundation’s (catchy name for a think tank; who doesn’t like “Freedom?”) manifesto by Weyrich & Heubeck, “The Integration of Theory and
    Practice” for a glimpse into the right wing’s strategic use of propaganda. Untethered by the constraints of truth or reality, their cause has one categorical imperative: “Gaining political POWER!” Concerns for validity are a trifling matter. What counts is the speaker’s ability to convey unmistakable “CONVICTION!” In this way, the GOP (Guardians Of Plutocracy) have been posing as trusted advocates of the decent common folk since they gained the endorsement of the evangelical right, and teamed up with groups like “Focus on the Family,” “Praise The Lord (PTL), The 700 Club, etc., since the ‘80s, but their true love is for the advancement of $$$MONEYED-INTEREST…

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 10, 2017

      Excellent post!!! Mitch will go down in the annals of American history as one of the most distorted human beings to walk the face of the earth.

      1. dpaano April 11, 2017

        He needs to be imprisoned for treason!!! He’s done nothing during his term but go against the Constitution in every way possible!

    2. midway54 April 10, 2017

      Well said. and I like your Guardians of Plutocracy reference. I have been posting under another screen name for some now about what I call the Plutocratic Party (no longer the Republican Party which itself for decades was the plutocrats’ servants).Worse, it bears all the indications of being a proto-fascist organization seeking to undermine our status as a democratic republican form of government recognized as such around the world.

    3. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

      All of this reminds me of the downfall of the Roman Republic in an unsettling way.

    4. dpaano April 11, 2017

      I’m reading a book now by David Brock entitled, “Killing the Messenger,” which is about how the rightwing media and the GOP use lies, scare tactics, conspiracy theories, etc. to get people to vote for Republicans. It goes on about how they lied about Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation; how they lied about the Obama presidency, etc. It makes me SOOOOO mad that I want to just scream! We have the Koch Bros. and the Mercers to blame for most of what’s happened to our country, as well as the other RW billionaires who only have their own lives in mind! The GOP are the masters of mudslinging, and David Brock shows how. He’s also the person who started Media Matters of America, which is a group of individuals who do nothing but run down all the Republican conspiracy stories, false news, etc., and fact check them to death! We need more of this, but many people don’t know about this site and don’t know that they can find out the TRUTH for many of the BS stories that come out in FAUX News, Breitbart, the Washington POST, etc. Read the book and check out the Media Matters site…..you’ll find out the truth behind these Republicans!!!

  10. latebloomingrandma April 10, 2017

    There’s an ugliness to politics, then there’s Mitch McConnell. I think what he did sounds like treason.

    1. Jmz Nesky April 10, 2017

      He’s a dinosaur that needs to go the way of…. The dinosaur.

      1. Awkward Young Nietzsche April 10, 2017

        He’s a turtle.

        1. Jmz Nesky April 10, 2017

          Close Enough.. Basically same family.

        2. dpaano April 11, 2017

          Don’t malign turtles….some of them are quite cute! LOL!!!

  11. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 10, 2017

    There is a grand distortion of American values continuing along a twisted path of twisted values, and Mitch is leading the parade. And that sanctimonious facial expression is matched by the faux angelic expression on Paul Ryan’s face, and the air-headed visage of Trump—an expression which belies his supreme ability to obfuscate, obstruct, and craftily hides a level of hypocrisy unsurpassed in the annals of politics.

  12. Wayne Thorson April 10, 2017

    I wrote a letter to the editor back in January of 2016. In it proposed a question. Could Trump save the Republican party? Obviously he did. I couldn’t believe that after George W. Bush and the biggest do nothing congress we had for the last 7 years that anyone would vote for a Republican again. I guess they were entertained by Trump and his off the collar one liners that they enjoyed being entertained. Right now it looks like he is going to hurt the Republican party. We are looked at now by other world countries as terrorists after the bombings that Trump did. We can look forward now to another 911 as those people in the Middle East retaliate for what Trump’s bombing did. I doubt if anyone will look to us as hero’s.

    1. dpaano April 11, 2017

      As I said just after the election and 45’s win, this man is going to take us to war within the year. Additionally, we’re going to see another depression very soon! Apparently, no one listened or wanted to do anything about this, but his actions are taking us in this direction!

      1. Wayne Thorson April 11, 2017

        Look for another 911 to happen now. Those mid East people will retaliate. That’s why the first 911 happened we were sticking our nose in their business. Let them kill each other off. They have been fighting for 500 years and we are not going to stop them. We have got to stop trying to be the police force of the world.

  13. greenlantern1 April 10, 2017

    President Abraham Lincoln bolted, from the Republican party, to gorm the UNION party!
    He chose Andrew Johnson to be his VP!
    The Radical Republicans, their designation, impeached Lincoln’s VP!

  14. dpaano April 11, 2017

    McConnell needs to lose his job for going against the Constitution of the United States both with regards to Garland Merrick’s nomination and for his other actions to try to protect Trump! Both he and Ryan are useless tools and do NOT have the lives of their constituents in mind when they lead this Congress! Kentucky needs to get rid of McConnell in 2018 and find someone to put in his place that actually CARES about the constituents and NOT just about the party! The party didn’t nominate and vote him in…..his constituents did! Apparently, he’s forgotten that.
    And, as I said, he needs to be indicted for his actions with the Garland Merrick situation….this was entirely against the Constitution. He had NO right to hold up the possible nomination of this very qualified judge to join the Supreme Court. His actions were treasonous! I’m surprised that President Obama’s Attorney General didn’t stop him in his tracks and, instead, allowed him to do this!

  15. oaloma April 14, 2017

    donald said that he was going to get rid of the old guys in the party , the no no no the obstructing , but they still there .

  16. AlfredSonny May 1, 2017

    McConnell’s current and future children have my sincere sympathy for having an ancestor who is a traitor to America.

  17. Megan May 2, 2017

    More bellyaching and crying from the Democrats. To see the real author of their misfortune, they should find a large mirror. Trump would have no power over them if not for their own actions. Bernie would have won easily.

  18. Sean Walker May 5, 2017

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