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More People, More Problems: Growing Population Poses New Challenges


More People, More Problems: Growing Population Poses New Challenges


Within the next week, the world population is projected to reach 7 billion. This milestone brings new challenges related to overpopulation, and a generation’s potential could be lost unless there are significant changes on a global scale.

A new United Nations report, “The State of World Population 2011,” warns that a lack of education, investment, and infrastructure internationally could result in a wasted generation. Instead of harnessing the potential of the younger generations, current conditions make it more likely that a large portion of the growing population will live impoverished in the developing world.

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  1. kurt.lorentzen October 27, 2011

    We preserve new life where it would have been impossible 60 years ago. We extend life in similar fashion. Our population is fueled by cheap energy that permits us to sustain many times more people than if only local resources were available. We burn 100 calories in energy in the form of fuel, tires, fertilizer, tractors, trucks, etc. to deliver 12 calories of iceberg lettuce to Alaska in the winter. Our longevity will soon haunt us as we boomers become non-productive, tax-consuming liabilities expecting that everything should be done to keep us alive (at an inestimable cost) so that we can continue to burden the system for decades to come. Like yeast in a fermenting mash we have thrived on the abundance of resources at our disposal. And like that yeast, we’ll eventually consume our resources and pollute our environment until it is uninhabitable – at least until the poplulation drops to a sustainable number. That’s the hard way. There are rational choices to prevent famine, starvation, anarchy and all the things that follow that scenario. Are we up to it?


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