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MORNING MEMO: Changes In The Drug War?

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MORNING MEMO: Changes In The Drug War?


Noting that violent crime is at “near generational lows” while the “U.S. prison population exploded,” Jonathan Wroblewski, director of the Justice Department’s policy and legislation office, suggests that the DOJ would seek changes in sentencing guidelines, including those for drug crimes

In Salon, former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett makes the case for Liz Cheney for Senate.

The New York TimesDavid Leonhardt explains that it’s very difficult to gauge exactly what restrictions on abortion Americans want.

Also in Salon, David Dayen explains how Elizabeth Warren’s case for financial reform is so convincing that even the Tea Party buys it.

Yes, the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial was about Stand Your Ground, explains Media Matters‘ Matt Gertz.

At Military.com, Richard Sisk points out that House Republicans’ cuts to SNAP benefits, aka “food stamps,” will hit some military families.

What do you think about long prison sentences for non-violent drug offenders?

What’s on your mind? What are you reading?


  1. Dominick Vila July 18, 2013

    Something must be done to correct a system that condemns a young person to time in prison for possession of marijuana, but allows white collar criminals to get away with murder…and I am not talking about George Zimmerman. The number of young Americans in prison is a sign of societal failure, rather than evidence of a fair judicial system and effective law enforcement.

  2. Joyce Brand Wilson July 18, 2013

    its strictly a money making process,keeping non-violent people in jail for marijuana possession..mostly blacks…but lawyers,doctors and others use freely and are not prosecuted.

  3. tdm3624 July 18, 2013

    I would rather see addicts go to rehab than prison.

  4. JD Mulvey July 18, 2013

    Given the number of upstanding citizens walking around zonked out of their minds on Paxil, Zoloft, Zanex, Prozac and the rest, it’s time to finally admit our hypocrisy about the marijuana prohibition.


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