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MSNBC Hosts Accuse Trump, Staffers In National Enquirer Coercion Scheme

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MSNBC Hosts Accuse Trump, Staffers In National Enquirer Coercion Scheme


Reprinted with permission from Media Matters.

MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough described President Donald Trump’s “unmoored behavior” in a Washington Post column where they alleged that “this year, top White House staff members warned that the National Enquirer was planning to publish a negative article about us unless we begged the president to have the story spiked.” Brzezinski and Scarborough wrote they ignored the “desperate pleas” from the White House.

The Enquirer, which endorsed Trump during the presidential election, frequently smeared his opponents during the presidential campaign with anonymously sourced stories and disreputable claims from Trump confidant Roger Stone.

The Washington Post column came in response to personal attacks made against the duo by Trump, who wrote yesterday on Twitter: “I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came..” “…to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year’s Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!”

Scarborough discussed the Enquirer incident on the June 30 broadcast of Morning Joe, describing a bizarre blackmail scheme orchestrated by Trump and senior White House officials: “They said if you call the president up and you apologize for your coverage, then he will pick up the phone and basically spike this story. I had, I will just say, three people at the very top of the administration calling me, and the response was like, I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’” Brzezinski said the calls occurred during the same time period when the Enquirer was harassing her teenage children.

MSNBC Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski responded to President Trumps Twitter attack on their show and in an op-ed in the Washington Post. Brzezinski said, I think its been fascinating and frightening and really sad for our country. The co-hosts also revealed that top White House staffers told them that the National Enquirer was going to run a negative article about them unless they begged Trump to quash it. In the Washington Post op-ed, the co-hosts wrote, We ignored their desperate pleas. On Twitter, Trump responded by calling their account FAKE NEWS.

Trump reacted to the Enquirer allegation on Twitter, calling it “FAKE NEWS” and claiming Scarborough called him in an attempt to stop a story from running. Scarborough responded by writing, “Yet another lie. I have texts from your top aides and phone records. Also, those records show I haven’t spoken with you in many months.”

In March 2016, the Post reported that Trump has a “very cozy relationship” with the Enquirer and quoted the New York Daily News’ comment that he is “very close” to the tabloid’s chief executive, David Pecker. A business associate of Pecker told The New Yorker that Pecker had said “very bluntly that he had killed all sorts of stories for Trump,” and Pecker himself acknowledged that he views potential stories “bashing Trump” as “bashing American Media” — the Enquirer‘s parent company — because Trump is “a personal friend.” The profile also reported that Trump has personally provided Pecker with stories.

Scarborough referenced the friendship between Trump and Pecker on Morning Joe, saying, “What makes it even worse for them is Donald Trump called me during the campaign and bragged about his friend who ran the National Enquirer. He would always say, ‘Have you seen the Ben Carson story? Have you seen the Ben Carson story? Have you seen that story in the Enquirer?’ And then he would talk about it.”

Scarborough added, “There were all these stories that were planted in the National Enquirer for people that Donald Trump wanted to attack and then he would talk about on the campaign trail.”

In one infamous case, the Enquirer published a baseless cover story alleging that the father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Trump subsequently promoted the bogus story about his then-primary opponent during a Fox News appearance where he said, “I mean, what was he doing — what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death? Before the shooting?” He also complained that not enough people were reporting on the conspiracy theory.

Under fire for advancing the baseless claim, Trump responded by defending the Enquirer’s reputation, saying, “This was a magazine that frankly, in many respects, should be very respected.”

Pecker is reportedly considering a bid to take over Time Inc., which owns Time magazine, Fortune, and other media properties. The move would surely please Trump, who in 2013 repeatedly used social media to boost the idea that Pecker should run the company.

New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reports that according to “three sources familiar with the private conversations,” Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was in contact with Scarborough about a then-upcoming Enquirer story about Scarborough’s not-yet-public relationship with Brzezinski. Kushner reportedly “told Scarborough that he would need to personally apologize to Trump in exchange for getting National Enquirer owner David Pecker to stop the story”:

According to three sources familiar with the private conversations, what happened was this: After the inauguration, Morning Joe’s coverage of Trump turned sharply negative. “This presidency is fake and failed,” Brzezinski said on March 6, for example. Around this time, Scarborough and Brzezinski found out the Enquirer was preparing a story about their affair. While Scarborough and Brzezinski’s relationship had been gossiped about in media circles for some time, it was not yet public, and the tabloid was going to report that they had left their spouses to be together.

In mid-April, Scarborough texted with Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner about the pending Enquirer story. Kushner told Scarborough that he would need to personally apologize to Trump in exchange for getting Enquirer owner David Pecker to stop the story. (A spokesperson for Kushner declined to comment). Scarborough says he refused, and the Enquirer published the story in print on June 5, headlined “Morning Joe Sleazy Cheating Scandal!”




  1. Dominick Vila July 1, 2017

    As disturbing as it is to see a U.S. President attacking two news anchors is, the most troubling part of this, because of its implications, is the support that Trump’s actions and statements continue to enjoy in parts of the country. The endorsement of arrogant narcissism, immaturity, and vulgarity articulated by thousands of Americans who go as far as saying that the victims of unchallenged power deserve what they got, says more about the state of our society and the pervasive reasons for the current state of politics, let alone the lack of civility, than about the behavior of the man child that now sits in the Oval Office.

    1. RichFromShowMe July 1, 2017

      I agree with “major social change” as you are witness to the loss of 1,000+ Democrat seats in Local, State and Federal elections over the past 8.5 years, and the reason is quite obvious, as us “Deplorables” have had it with the socialist takeover of America.

      Most of us actually like “some” of the President’s Tweets, as each Tweet sets 10,000 Lefties and their captive FAKE NEWS “Urinalists” hair on fire 🙂

      His Tweets are the only way to address the FAKE NEWS Media, and it works!

      1. Dennis Mullins July 1, 2017

        Hopefully they will give him some extra time to think about all his lies and cheating of many good hard working Americans. He’s running this country into the gutter. Very disturbing!! Follow the money!

        1. RichFromShowMe July 1, 2017

          Following the money and the evidence always leads back to obamba and his Regime that kept 90 million folks off the employment rolls and increased welfare recipients by 70%, or so.

      2. I know a joke July 2, 2017

        In real life is Putin as short as he looks on TV?

  2. RichFromShowMe July 1, 2017

    Morning Joe’s latest attempt to become relevant to even 1% of America is his funky music video, employing Communist Brainwashing Techniques, but quite poorly. What a loser!

    Before you watch/listen, I do apologize for taking 5+ minutes from your day and the possible image it might leave in your mind. 🙂

    This is a totally inane performance, similar to his and Mika’s daily “Morning Joe” show, but this one should increase the speed of his “down-the-ladder-of-success” trip. 🙂


    1. yabbed July 1, 2017

      It’s not working for you, White House stooge. Mika and Joe put the UglyFatBully in his place. Trump has been pushed down and made to stay down.

      1. RichFromShowMe July 1, 2017

        This is Morning Joe’s best attempt to become relevant to Americans and it is one sad attempt, possibly, only eclipsed by his daily show and the .01% of Americans who watch it.

        1. cthetruth July 1, 2017

          You are looking at fake statistics!

          1. RichFromShowMe July 2, 2017

            I stand corrected . . . his percentage of Americans is .5% but has doubled/or tripled over previous ratings. Guess his music career is guaranteed?

            Morning Joe is proof that attacking the President (while sucking up to the obamba Regime for 8 years) works? At least folks watch a minute or so of his show 🙂


          2. cthetruth July 2, 2017

            He deserves to be attacked. He is mentally unstable and that instability is transferring across the globe. We do not need war with additional Middle East countries and North Korea. I see the draft being reinstated and we are already sending additional thousands of our youth to the Middle East. Trumps’two clueless sons Uday and Qusay should be the first to go to war along with their draft dodging father and then all the Trump supporters put your money where your mouth is an enlist for your sick President. He has endangered our troops even more with all his rhetoric about approving torture, which no doubt, will be taken out on our soldiers. I pray for them.
            Also Morning Joe has rarely sucked up to Obama. I don’t know what show you are watching! Oh excuse me, yes I do.

          3. RichFromShowMe July 2, 2017

            That’s because Morning Joe, CNN, MS-LSD and other FAKE NEWS outlets were/are in obamba’s pocket. 🙂

          4. cthetruth July 2, 2017

            Really, if you were from New York, you would know how many pockets your President is in. Corrupt to the core and even with all his connections still went bankrupt six times. Could not make a Casino profitable even when people are throwing their money at him.

          5. RichFromShowMe July 3, 2017

            The primary reason casino’s in Atlantic City went belly up is the proliferation of casino’s on Native American lands and Pennsylvania going to gaming.

            It’s Location, Location, Location and Convenience is quite often the top reason for success or failure in the real estate industry.




          6. cthetruth July 3, 2017

            No,No,sorry No. Trump was skimming from the top. He also borrowed at such high rates after he told regulators he would not and was destined to fail. During the 10 years when other Casinos were thriving, his was not. He posted huge losses year after year. Stock and bond holders lost more than 1.5 billion dollars. His investors no longer wanted him to manage them because he was so lousy at it.He put numbers of local contractors and suppliers out of business when he did not pay them one of them,friends of ours who made the mistake of trusting him to be an honorable businessman. Sorry to burst your fake image of this con artist, but he is a crook.

          7. dpaano July 6, 2017

            As well as his father, who bailed him out of many financial fiascos!

          8. dpaano July 6, 2017

            Anyone who actually READS the Enquirer and believes everything that it publishes is definitely out of touch with reality! I remember their ridiculous stories about two-headed babies, monsters, etc. How anyone with a brain could believe any of these ridiculous stories is beyond me!!! But, I guess many of the Trump voters will believe anything they’re told because they don’t have a brain in their heads!

        2. I know a joke July 2, 2017

          Yeah, this unhinged attack that Trump launched was definitely planned by Morning Joe. Trump is so ineffectual and dim-witted that he is being outsmarted by morning TV airheads. That sounds like a quality you’d want in a President.

          1. RichFromShowMe July 2, 2017

            Morning Joe and his accomplice fired a dozen, or so, barbs at President Trump . . that calls for one or two Tweets that will set 10,000 Liberals hair on fire . . . . in 140 characters, or so 🙂

          2. I know a joke July 2, 2017

            Yeah I agree with you – Trump is WAY too incompetent for the job, and Republican policies are all complete failures.

      2. 11thStPopulist July 1, 2017

        Trump trolls will be paying a large price for their loyalty as they lose their health care – and some lives – with a further toll from the Ego wars with some other nation (fill in the blanks, it doesn’t really matter who). Pity them.

    2. cthetruth July 1, 2017

      They know this evil, poor excuse for a man, all too well. That is why his borough did not vote for him. This is “The Devil in Disguise” which is not yet evident to his base. When they finally come to realize what he is,the damage will be difficult to reverse.Please wake up.This is not a TV show.

      1. 11thStPopulist July 1, 2017

        Not only did Trump’s very own borough not vote for the Mafia Don they knew so well, but 92% of NYC voted against him.

        Trump voters were conned by him and the Republican/Koch Brother’s/1% agenda. Now they will pay a high price for their racism and absolute mind numbing ignorance.

        1. cthetruth July 1, 2017

          He is now trying to have the states hand over all the personal voting info on two hundred million people including the last digits of our social security. This manipulative con artist is leading everyone to believe he is doing this to prevent voter fraud of which there is minimal numbers. “Trumps’ election was the most successful rigging ever by way of fake news and we will hopefully find out what else went on with this POS in office”.This Putin loving communist would have access to all voters info and Putin would not have to waste so much of his time hacking. He will just asked the devil Don to hand over the information and get his hands on our voting info to manipulate it in the favor of Devil Don and Putin. The Devil Don will then get the enormous debt that he owes him forgiven and whatever else Putin wants because this
          poor excuse for a businessman owes him big time and it will be at our at Democracy’s expense. Don’t pay too much attention to his tweeting. Carefully listen to what is going on behind the scenes, while he diverts our attention. Watch his body language when he meets Putin this week and sucks around him pitifully as he did with the Saudis.

          1. 11thStPopulist July 1, 2017

            You have been paying attention. Yes, under the pretence of non-existent voter fraud, this totalitarian fascist is launching a massive voter intimidation and illegal voter data list – that could be used to purge democratic voters, with or without the help of their Russian friends.

            Putin (and Russia), by the way, is no longer what we would recognize as communist. Like Trump, since the 1990s the Russian state is run by and for the benefit of the wealthy Oligarchs, aka the Russian Mafia. The parallels with Trump are unmistakable. One of these corrupt leaders will genuflect to the other when they finally meet face-to-face next week. My guess is that our simple minded Trump will gush all over the more astute Putin. Kiss, kiss!

          2. cthetruth July 1, 2017

            If only all could see the truth about what is happening before our eyes. You at least give me some hope that there are people out there that are able to see through this masquerade. Thank you my friend.

          3. 11thStPopulist July 1, 2017

            You’re welcome. Keep fighting the good fight. Please show up at your local town halls and make some noise!

            And for everyone out there -no excuses. People from the ADAPT organization have been attending marches, speaking out to their legislators in town halls or at their offices, in wheel chairs, carrying oxygen tanks, and using canes and walkers. They have even been arrested fighting for their health care access rights. They are my inspiration.

          4. cthetruth July 1, 2017

            I have signed every petition and made numerous calls to my representatives protesting Trump’s policies and for the first time In my life I joined in a protest march. I will continue to do all I can to stop this treasonous tyrant for the good of our country and our people. I feel far too many of his supporters are unaware of the way our government should function and many more are unaware of our history.”Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.” For the first time in my life I have a deep fear for our country and the world.

          5. 11thStPopulist July 1, 2017

            Good 🙂 Keep doing it. Many of us are fearful for the country, but it is important to stand up to this petty tyrant. Legally, morally, decently – in direct contrast to Trump and his trolls.

            The alt-right calls us “snowflakes” and thinks we are weak. Well, there is an avalanche of good, patriotic American citizen “snowflakes” coming their way and we will restore our democracy, honor diversity, and create an equitable society – for all – just like the constitution promises. Happy 4th!

          6. cthetruth July 2, 2017

            Happy Fourth to you and your family also.????????!

          7. dpaano July 6, 2017

            Look at it this way….many snowflakes make for a blizzard!!!

          8. dpaano July 6, 2017

            Actually, Putin will gush over Trump because he knows that this is what motivates our narcissistic president. The more adulation Putin gives to Trump, the more Trump will do his biding!

          9. dpaano July 6, 2017

            From what I hear, over 40 states have refused to give him anything that isn’t part of public records. This would include a person’s social security number, their voting habits, etc. If it ain’t public record, Trump’s gang of idiots are not going to get it from most of the states. And, I think the rest of the states are still contemplating but seem to be bent on agreeing with the 40 that have already told him a resounding “NO!!!”

    3. I know a joke July 2, 2017

      OK thanks Ivan.

  3. InGen12 July 1, 2017

    Who the @#$ reads this trashy paper? Most people became aware years ago that it makes up stories that are printed. Stands to reason that our Liar-in-Chief would associate with a paper like this. Gross.

    1. cthetruth July 1, 2017

      Trump voters!

  4. yabbed July 1, 2017

    How fun! Donald Trump is taken down by a woman on national television. Mastered by Joe Scarborough. How humiliating for the Barbarian in Chief.

  5. plc97477 July 1, 2017

    Wow. pecker what a great name for him.

    1. idamag July 1, 2017

      Yes, and he is busy raping the country with those, who read that trash, holding down the victim.

  6. cthetruth July 1, 2017

    This is par for the course with “Despicable Don the Con”

  7. Sundance98 July 1, 2017

    This could be a Bill Cosby moment….how many more journalists and other individuals have been offered these kinds of extortion and blackmail opportunities, by these folks?

  8. jamcrky July 1, 2017

    When will this madness end? My only conclusion is impeachment, the sooner the better.

    1. cthetruth July 1, 2017

      I agree, Trump is doing irreparable damage to our country and our Democracy. Putin is loving this.

      1. dpaano July 6, 2017

        Let’s watch and see how the Putin-Trump meeting goes this Friday….Putin will slather Trump with platitudes and Trump will eat it up like candy! This is how Putin works, and he KNOWS that this will work with Trump because of his narcissism and need for total adoration! Putin will have our president eating out of his hand by the end of the meeting….watch and see!

  9. idamag July 1, 2017

    This is the mobster and his family trying to control the country and the media. It scares me that we might lose journalism altogether. One point, in the article, that stuck out was peckerhead trying to buy Time. Our nation is in so much trouble.

  10. Meg July 1, 2017

    Joe and Mika trying to increase their ratings by attacking the pres. of US. Sorry, but it has backfired. They are not journalist, but talk show hosts who give their opinion. Based on their ratings, most Americans don’t agree with them. I don’t care how you voted, dem or rep., it is a disgrace to constantly attack the pres of the US. Hopefully they will soon be off the air.

    1. 11thStPopulist July 1, 2017

      The “office” of the presidency should be respected. That is why it is such a shameful disgrace for this nation to have someone of such ill repute temporarily occupy the office.

      Of course Morning Joe is an opinion show about politics, as is the plethora of Fox News Corp shows that spew the Koch Brother’s highly paid for agenda (Hannity, Tucker Carlson, The Five, ad nauseum). The First Amendment gives all the right – even known liars and conspiracy theorists such as InfoWars, Breitbart, and the National Enquirer (sued 75 times for libel with big settlements). There is no fairness doctrine. Glad there is finally an independent investigation that is looking into the (dirty) Donald Trump con job!!!!!

      1. Meg July 1, 2017

        So, who is worse, George Soros or the Koch brothers? Do you think this is a fair investigation with all Hillary donors helping Mueller?

        1. yabbed July 1, 2017

          What “all Hillary donors”? “Helping Mueller” how? He’s not a politician needing money and votes. His integrity is pristine, his experience in constitutional law storied and long, and his reputation intact after years in this field. There is no one on earth more trusted to conduct a “fair investigation” than Robert Mueller.

          1. Meg July 1, 2017

            He hired lawyers to help in the investigation, something like 13, who are all democrat donors. Would you feel the same if 13 republicans were investigating a democrat. Seems to me half of them should have been republicans or independents.

          2. yabbed July 1, 2017

            Who do you think investigated Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky but committed Republican politicians. These Mueller staff lawyers are not politicians. We all have political opinions. There is no supportable inference these lawyers would convict or not convict on the basis of anything but the truth of the matter. They have been convicting Democrats, Republicans, Independents for corruption their entire careers. Republicans, in their more honorable days of yesteryear, investigated and brought down Richard Nixon.

          3. 11thStPopulist July 1, 2017

            Chicago banker Peter Smith, who funded the discredited “Troopergate” story and the Paula Jones sexual harassment law suit against Bill Clinton 20 years ago, contacted Russian hackers last year to buy Hillary’s deleted private emails. He said he was working in coordination with Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon, and Kellyanne Conway. He helped the Russians turn whatever they had (on Chelsea’s wedding plans) to Wikileaks! Collusion! If there was really anything political in those 33,000 personal deleted emails, Wikileaks would definitely have published them. So phoney baloney.

            Peter Smith was elderly and died last year, so he will not be a witness in the Russian investigation, but there are others who can corroborate this information.

          4. yabbed July 1, 2017

            Good summation. Thank you.

          5. cthetruth July 1, 2017

            Change channels.

          6. 11thStPopulist July 1, 2017

            Meg could/should read to strengthen the ability to discern truth from fiction that is lacking.

          7. dbtheonly July 1, 2017

            See In Re: Benghazi Investigation, 2015 & 2016.

          8. I know a joke July 2, 2017

            Oh. My. God. He did his job? Stop the presses! There’s no way we can look into Trump’s collusion with a hostile dictator now, not with THAT made-up gibberish.

        2. 11thStPopulist July 1, 2017

          Look at the evidence. Soros is extremely wealthy as are many other progressive billionaires, such as Gates and Buffet, who believe in social infrastructure to achieve an egalitarian society, similar to most civilized nations. He gives money toward those causes, as is his constitutional right. Soros is a paper tiger the alt-right uses.

          The Kochs, however, have funded ALEC for 44 years. Their father was a founding member of the John Birch society in the 1950s. ALEC stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council, a lobby at the state level that “buys” through campaign donations state reps to change state laws and regulations to favor them and their group’s other participating crony capitalist corporations. The Kochs also helped to manufacture the Tea Party through its Freedom Works foundation to deny health care access to millions of Americans, helped by Trump’s birther lies and the insane animosity against our first black president.

          Any proof Hillary donors are helping Mueller, or just more unsubstantiated propaganda?

        3. Dominick Vila July 1, 2017

          What does George Soros, one of the investors that helped pay for the construction of the Trump Tower in NYC have to do with this subject?

        4. I know a joke July 2, 2017

          Yeah man why investigate treason when there’s an incredibly stupid conspiracy theory that has nothing to do with anything.

    2. latebloomingrandma July 1, 2017

      I’m sure you wrote the same thing during the Obama years, when he was called everything but a white woman.

      1. dbtheonly July 1, 2017

        I don’t remember anyone calling President Obama a woman; but I do remember them calling Mrs. Obama a man. Close enough?

    3. cthetruth July 1, 2017

      Trump deserves everything he gets. He is the one that has continuously berated, ridiculed, slandered all that oppose his views. Please wake up, this in not the apprentice. He is a sick individual.Look up histrionic personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder and sociopath. This is not what we deserve as President!

    4. I know a joke July 2, 2017

      The “attack” was literally a one-liner about his tiny hands. The President of the United States is so pathetic that simply pointing out his undersized appendages makes him lose whatever Alzheimer’s has left of his already tiny mind. This is the guy you’re supporting.

    5. PatrickHenry July 2, 2017

      This Memo story is just another “nothing burger” like Van Jones likes to say. MSNBC, (Marxist-Socialist-Negative-Bullshitting-Corp), creates the “impression” they have a BIG breaking news story, but always just more propaganda to try and bring down President Trump. They made it even more obvious what a biased Fake News organization they are! LMAO.

    6. cthetruth July 2, 2017

      If they are not journalists, then surely Trump is not a President and hopefully your President will be off the air soon. I don’t care whether you are Republican or Democrat it is a disgrace to demean women , ridicule the handicapped,Insult judges, incite violence and disrespect world leaders except for Saudi Arabia, Russia,Philippines, Thailand ,Turkey and other dictatorships.Oh, I forgot, he either wants to build hotels there or have his existing hotels do better there, or repay his debt to Putin.

  11. 11thStPopulist July 1, 2017

    This old, dirty Thug-In-Chief that is currently stinking up the White House acts like he is still associated with the Mafia – as he has been his entire, very long, working life. The only difference is that now he, and his fellow treasonous travelers and ignorant fan base, are ingratiated to the Russian Mafia Oligarchs and a foreign power for putting them into office. Drip, drip, drip. Every week more and more corruption, immorality, and indecency from the Trump administration, the very worst in the history of the nation. They are doing Russia’s bidding in trying to destroy this country.

  12. rednekokie July 1, 2017

    While I may not always agree with the Morning Joe crowd, — especially Joe Scarborough, I still would believe him and Mika long before swallowing any of the bilge spewing from the mouth of the destroyer-in-chief.
    And, I find it refreshing that, finally, someone with an ounce of credibility is coming forth to expose the filth which tRumpelthinskin is pouring out on the public.
    Keep it up, J & M — I’m all for you.

    1. Margodrodgers July 2, 2017

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  13. pics fixer July 1, 2017

    I say that Joe and Mika should demand the the National Inquires print a negative story about them, perhaps next to the story of the two headed Mars baby born in Brooklyn [where else]. They should insist that they get their copy mounted on a fine wood plaque so they can hang it in their den. To think that ANY real journalist would be intimidated and blackmailed by that of all threats is incredible. It will make a nice souvenir.

  14. Wrily July 1, 2017

    Joe and Mika showed courage and character standing up to Trump and Peckerhead. It makes me want to watch their show.

  15. Nativegrammy July 1, 2017

    The lack of character, integrity, decency, even simple intellect in this “man”, Donald J. Trump, the utter childish, extreme pettiness, and pure mean-spirited qualities this narcissistic creature processes in abundance is proving to be just too much to deal with that is happening daily! I cannot imagine 3 and a half more years of this contemptibly outrageous behavior from this vile creature of a man! The constant chaos, the obscene “policies” he is forcing on the country with no thought of consequences cannot be tolerated indefinitely without some horrible consequence……….this craziness feels like a completely dysfunctional, abusive both mentally, emotionally and psychologically sick relationship and we all are the victims of this/his dysfunction…….what to do is the question and how much can the country take, let alone the world! Every time I see him in the Oval Office, or anywhere around the White House, I immediately get the overwhelming feeling the White House will have to be disinfected and scrubbed clean once he exits,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he is so diminishing the office of the Presidency in every way as he goes along with his mission to attack every one of out institutions that have made this country great, the press, the security agencies, FBI, NSA, CIA all of the departments in the Cabinet, actual voting and voting rights, you name it has attacked it and tries constantly to undermine whatever faith we may have in our own government!

    1. cthetruth July 1, 2017

      I remember during the campaign Trump threatened to expose their relationship because they would not cowl down to him. I believe Joe and Mika 100% and they should pursue this, because this is the way he does business and uses his lawyers to do his dirty work.He is an evil person.

      1. dpaano July 6, 2017

        Isn’t it funny….I read this morning that the ratings have skyrocketed for their show since this all came about! Typical result of Trump’s bullying!

  16. Thoughtopsy July 1, 2017

    Is anyone surprised?
    Watch the trolls try to spin this.
    The funny thing is that they don’t realise they are backing all the behaviors they have previously said they hate.

    Ahhh the virtues of self-immolating stupidity.

  17. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 2, 2017

    Even his would-be Republican allies are agog, as President Trump lurches from one crisis to the next, impulsively tweeting, lacking a coherent message, and warring with the media. He has shown limited ability to harness support for policy initiatives in Congress, even though it is controlled by his own party. He’s done little to provide the public with a vision for what he wants to do./// THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW just wants the title it feeds the clown’s addicted personality seeking his FIX OF ATTENTION ! he wants nothing but attention . heck even his kids , thy are just tools he likes to use for his attention seeking . bringing the kids up he had and wanted nothing to do with them . its when thy get old enough then he uses them . heck id bet the DUMPSTER beats and has beaten all his kids like he did to his wife . who knows he very well may have raped his kids like he did to his wife too . and the latest thing good or bad ? selling arms and weapons to Taiwan . that makes China upset . the good part is sends a message to China you don’t like country’s selling arms to Taiwan ? then you should be doing more to stopping the Dough Boy problem child from North Korea

  18. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 2, 2017

    Trump, Playing To His Base, Dresses Down South Korean Leader On Trade Deficits //The exchange allowed Trump to present himself as again being tough on U.S. allies, particularly on trade deficits. But it remains to be seen if the public lecturing might complicate the relationship with Seoul’s leaders, whose help the United States needs to strengthen the alliance against North Korea and its nuclear threat /// THE DUMPSTER is and will have each country turn against America one at a time until the time where we are alone against the world . burn all bridges destroy all friends and then what ? the troops then want to fight the world because of a deranged twitter child minded clown ? JFK. CIA the country is needing you and begging you to save the country before its too late !!

  19. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 2, 2017

    Even his would-be Republican allies are agog, as President Trump lurches from one crisis to the next, impulsively tweeting, lacking a coherent message, and warring with the media. He has shown limited ability to harness support for policy initiatives in Congress, even though it is controlled by his own party. He’s done little to provide the public with a vision for what he wants to do./// THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW just wants the title it feeds the clown’s addicted personality seeking his FIX OF ATTENTION ! he wants nothing but attention . heck even his kids , thy are just tools he likes to use for his attention seeking . bringing the kids up he had and wanted nothing to do with them . its when thy get old enough then he uses them . heck id bet the DUMPSTER beats and has beaten all his kids like he did to his wife . who knows he very well may have raped his kids like he did to his wife too . and the latest thing good or bad ? selling arms and weapons to Taiwan . that makes China upset . the good part is sends a message to China you don’t like country’s selling arms to Taiwan ? then you should be doing more to stopping the Dough Boy problem child from North Korea

  20. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 3, 2017

    today DONNY DUMP has the brain span of an Archie Bunker his EGO is too big only for him . the rest of the country and world see his EGO as a little thing from a child minded deranged clown that care nothing for anyone but his own useless self .. Russia’s PUTTHEAD helped the CLOWN win the white house and today he is just waiting for the DUMPSTER to screw up every thing with all the country’s of the world (which he will do and has been doing ) and then PUTTHEAD will just set back and let the DUMPSTER do all his (and America’s ) damage to this country and PUTTHEAD will just get the evils of the world like North Korea (the problem child like DONNY ) Iran even China all to form together against the USA

  21. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 3, 2017

    . one looks at the way the today GOP keep saying that the Democrat’s should be helping them or even just working with them to get a health care plan passed . the GOP today saying its not right that the Democrats are not helping them . strange to hear the GOP talk like this . ya like you the GOP gang of pinheads helped the Democrats with the ACA ?( NOT ONE VOTE FROM THE GOP FOR THE ACA ) one can think if the GOP was to have helped back then the ACA today could be even better today . one thing all the GOP governors of states blocked the ACA from coming into their states in the first place . it thy was to have worked together and for the people who’s to say that millions of more people could of been getting benefits or just benefitted from the ACA . with millions of more people being able to use the ACA could and would of brought the prices down . was the ACA perfect ? no maybe not . but its was and is a lot better then the GOP’S health care plan today

  22. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 3, 2017

    DONNY DUMP might try to get a health-care bill passed that will go in effect until he either gets impeached , shot or just thrown out of office to a point where he resigns from office .any and all those ways can only be good for America . the GOP says thy don’t want to see anyone get thrown off of any type of a health care plan today .(so thy are just saying ) but in their simple minds its ok that millions lose their health care coverage in time . as to them if people get thrown off their health care plan down the road that’s different and thy can live with that .(just as long as the greedy rick 1 & 2 % get tax breaks as the rest of the country suffer

  23. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 3, 2017

    just maybe now many (and enough to change the deranged era the USA is in with THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW is in the white house ) can feel better that more people with common sense and of at least a little sane minds will get out and register to vote for the next election . might be the best thing to have happen for the better of the country? you the brain dead DUMPSTER followers will always be the stupid that can never be fixed . fixing you can only come when you die .(and hopefully if you have children that part of the brain dead DNA has skipped them ) if thy are lucky . being people (with sane minds ) register to vote hopefully can stop the GOP gang of pinheads BULLSHIfT ! one might think that !.

  24. vamrse July 3, 2017

    look at how sad Mika is aaawwwwww, that’s what a friend does to you when he is nuts, and I feel for you????…….here have some ????


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