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Nancy Pelosi Is The Most Effective Member Of The Resistance

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Nancy Pelosi Is The Most Effective Member Of The Resistance


Reprinted with permission from Washingtonmonthly.

I argue often with liberals, progressives and varieties of lefty about the Democratic Party’s future. The occasions for the arguments are usually my insistence that party leaders dedicate some time to courting the votes of the white working class. This arouses frequently a predictable response, something to the effect of: If the Democratic Party again panders to bigots, I want nothing to do with it.My retort is usually something like this: If you think the Democrats are pure of heart, I have a bridge to sell you. President Donald Trump is, as I take delight in repeating as often as I can, a lying, thieving, philandering sadist, and the Democrats do come off as saints by comparison. But let’s not fool ourselves. The people arguing with me about what to do with the white working class are the same people who’d argue, rightly, that soft racism and casual sexism are everywhere, even among the ranks of the Democratic Party.They are right, and it’s this subliminal bigotry that’s keeping us from seeing what’s happening. Fact is, the Democrats are doing remarkable well, all things considered. They are united. They have blocked Trump where they can. They exploited and exposed his weakness and the disarray of the Republicans to extract major concessions.

But we can’t see this because we are not giving credit to the one person doing the most, and we are not giving her credit, because she’s a woman. That’s what I mean when I say subliminal bigotry is preventing us from seeing. That’s what I mean when I say the Democratic Party is not pure of heart. Our sin is finding us out.

Of course, I’m talking about Nancy Pelosi. The party she is leading is not in power but not in tatters either. It is in fact flexing muscle. Not only that, the House Minority Leader is providing a narrative for moving ahead and retaking the House. We should all focus on what’s working, and not on past grievances no matter how painful.

Last week, social media was abuzz over Barack Obama’s getting a fat check for giving a speech. The news ignited again the divide in the party between the voices of “economic populism” and “identity politics.” That’s a false binary that I and colleagues here at the Washington Monthly have pooh-poohed more than we care to, but let’s set that aside. Suffice it so say, Elizabeth Warren weighed in. So did Bernie Sanders. The overarching question was: How can the Democrats face the challenges of the Donald Trump era when they can’t agree on why they lost 2016 and where they are going?

While all this was going on, Nancy Pelosi, a petite woman from California who favors simple, but elegant clothes and matching strings of pearls, commented on the president’s first 100 days: “Tomorrow marks the one hundredth day of the Trump administration. One hundred days of broken promises to working people. One hundred days of handouts to the richest people in our country.”

Then on Sunday came news of a $1.1 trillion budget agreement to keep the government running through September. I’ll get to the details in a minute, but this is the takeaway: It’s hard to imagine a weaker president than one who signs a spending bill in which he got nothing he asked for. Not. One. Thing. It’s hard to imagine a weaker president than one who signs a bill for which his own party barely put up a fight. Trump have achieved bipartisan lameness.

Here are the details:

Trump wanted funds for a wall. This bill says no. Trump said he has the authority to build one without Congress. This new bill says no. Trump wanted to defund sanctuary cities. This bill says no. He wanted a “deportation force.” This bill says no. He wanted savage cuts to the EPA. He got 1 percent. He wanted savage cuts to domestic spending. This bill increases spending. He wanted $30 billion more for defense. This bill gives him less than half that.

And on and on.

And Trump is going to sign it.

Pelosi is right. Trump has betrayed the working class. He has enriched the already enrich, and will enrich them more. If his party succeeds today in passing a bill in the House that repeals and replaces Obamacare, Trump will have given greater credence to her claim:

Trump is a broken promise.

This is the argument. The one that is working now. The one that will work in the 2018 and beyond. This is where the rank-and-file’s focus must be. But we have not seen it clearly, and the reason for that is Pelosi is a woman. Even though she’s the most effective member of the Resistance, people still tell me the Democrats are not fighting enough, are too centrist, and ready to cave. Let’s open our eyes.

The Democratic Party bears its share of sin.

The sooner we unload that burden, the sooner we can win.

John Stoehr is a lecturer in political science at Yale, a business columnist for Hearst Newspapers, an essayist for the New Haven Register and a U.S. News & World Report contributing editor.



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  1. Sean Walker May 5, 2017

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  2. Dominick Vila May 5, 2017

    Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker, Bernie Sanders, and a few others continue to articulate the values and goals that differentiate Democrats from most Republicans. The values, and differences they articulate, encompass a number of issues, ranging from humane, social, economic, fiscal, to foreign policy matters. That is the reason most of them have become lightning rods to Trump, Republican members of Congress, GOP Governors, and most of their constituents. The most fascinating part of the Republican attacks against education, the environment, social programs, and peaceful coexistence, is that they shape their arguments around a twisted interpretation of Christianity that is closer to Satanic principles than the essence of spirituality, morality, compassion, or an elementary sense of humanity.

    1. dbtheonly May 5, 2017

      GM Dom,

      I’ve told Aaron, that I consider Libertarianism the most anti-Christ philosophy I’ve ever heard of.

      We need to keep the focus on eliminating the Republican ability to wreck the country rather than the potential in-fighting the TPL would have us engage in. Wasn’t there a “Dump Pelosi” article just last week?

      Flagged the spam for you.

      1. Dominick Vila May 5, 2017

        The first thing we have to do is find a charismatic, competent, honest person to lead the Democratic party. With the exception of Sen. Sanders, an Independent, I don’t know of anyone capable of turning things around. Elizabeth Warren, Booker, and a couple of others are potential congressional leaders, but I doubt they have what it takes to lead the party to victory in 2018 or 2020. Another important requirement to turn things around is to find a message that is easy to understand, acceptable to mainstream Americans, and that embraces the patriotic themes that are almost a requirement to convince people that you hear their plight, support their goals, and are ready to fight for them. That narrative was missing in 2016, and it lead to the debacle we are now dealing with.

        1. dbtheonly May 5, 2017

          I’m more attracted to the techno-nerd type of candidate. But I’m sick of losing. How do we find/build/developed a “charismatic candidate”.

          1. Dominick Vila May 5, 2017

            Maybe we should look outside Washington, where politicians, and people of conscience, a lot closer to what afflicts the average person live.

          2. kep May 6, 2017

            Just keep up the liberal policies.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker May 6, 2017

            Keep them up? Hell…we intend to make you EAT them.

          4. kep May 7, 2017

            And that is EXACTLY why liberals will never hold power again.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker May 8, 2017

            Admit it Shittypants. You can’t bring a child into the world and that’s why you hate women. Your kind of low life bum makes babies, runs off and let’s HER raise them for the next 20 years. Right scumbag?

            As for the liberals, already your chickenshit GOP are running back home and refusing to meet with their ANGRY constitutents. Ryan has refused to attend town meetings in his own Janesville WI town because the people there who all voted for him and Trump want to rip him an new ass.

            Not to worry. The Dems have pledged to meet in Republican districts which your chickenshit GOP boys won’t.

            You CONmen are going to be stripped of your majority. You can make bet on that one moron.

          6. kep May 8, 2017

            Poor demented Elie. Once again trying to project your shortcomings to someone else. I have 3 daughters, 9 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren
            I have a REAL life, with REAL people, not at all like your fantasy life where you change to fit the BS narrative. GET HELP Elie.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker May 8, 2017

            Well let me guess. You are a cousin of Czar Nicholas and your FAKE daughters names are: Anastasia, Irina and Yetkaterina, right? As for those 9 imaginary grandchildren, I’ll bet little Nikita, Vladmir, Igor, Anton and the other 5 were spawned by immaculate conception from your wife the Blessed Virgin Wife Galina, too?

            Get a life asshat. I’ve posted the same information about me which you can find on any one of the sites I’ve posted. But you won’t will you chicken livered moron?

            You know if you Google my name, you would have to admit you are a Ruskie troll paid by Vlad to bitch night and day hoping any time now you might be man enough to ever admit you are a liar.

          8. kep May 9, 2017

            I never lie about anything, but you seem to be having a hard time keeping your lies straight. GET HELP Elie

          9. Eleanore Whitaker May 9, 2017

            That you post your BS overloaded with your lies and “alternate facts” like KellyAnne Contwat proves you are mentally ill. Every one of your posts are packed with lies you NEVER once prove.

            You yap yap yap yap in your posts just to argue. Must be why your wife left you right?

          10. kep May 9, 2017

            Again wrong. Because of your obvious dementia, you are believing the liberal propaganda and are not able to distinguish between lies and truth. Then again, with all the vitriol in your posts, you may just be an EVIL liberal demon.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker May 9, 2017

            Do yourself a big favor. Stop posting what you know is BS. No one really cares about you because you insist upon playing the role of the ONLY one who KNOWS it all. See how insane that is when we can rely on experts like Einstein, John Nash, Barack Obama and others who have a proven track record of knowledge, experience and expertise a pissbag like you can’t have.

            Your conservatism screwed up the economy from 2000 to 2008. Your CON president ended his last year of his presidency with a Sept. 2008 Financial meltdown.

            Every Republican president has had a 2nd term recession except Bush ’41 and ONLY because we didn’t give him a 2nd term to do that.

            Those are facts you CONmen prickboys can’t admit.

          12. kep May 9, 2017

            LOL. STOP. I can’t laugh this hard for that long. Obama has a proven track record of knowledge, experience and expertise? LOL. He is a fraud. His entire life cloaked in secrecy and lies.
            Great example, Elie.

          13. Eleanore Whitaker May 9, 2017

            No…I won’t stop. Trump has NO records of achievement. Not unless you call a FinCen Fine from the U.S. Treasury for money laundering in the Taj Mahal Casino, an achievement. Not unless you call Trump going to court in 3 different states for molesting 3 young girls under the age of 15 achievement.

            Or maybe you think Trump snorting coke in his disco days, marrying a nude porno model and taking his own daughter to be is achievement.

            Now..Obama during is first year in office won a Nobel Prize for Peace. Eat your heart out. Obama took out bin Laden which won him the JFK Profiles in Courage he was awarded this week at the JFK Library. Your dick tied in knots yet?

            Want more? He was also honored in Germany by Chancellor Merkle who has publicly denounced Trump and Iskanka for their constant need to promote business during international meetings.

            Oooooh….guess that hole in your brain has become a crater right jerkoff?

          14. dpaano May 10, 2017

            Kep is just letting his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird ass!!! Old saying that my mom used to say when someone was lying!

          15. Eleanore Whitaker May 9, 2017

            Well let’s see…the NY Times was founded in 1851…Your right wing CONman Breitbart BS rag was founded in 2007.

            You lie more often than you admit. Your mind is gone. You need more psychiatric help for that elder dementia.

            I’d rather pay attention to news I know can be proven with facts, that your shitrags CONs like you rely on to distort truth.

          16. kep May 9, 2017

            I have a very good life, ,unfortunately you seem to have a pretty bad one. If you have to make stuff up all the time, it must be horrible. That and your nasty, vile, hateful attitude. You would be so much happier if you would only seek the help you so desperately need.

        2. Joan May 6, 2017

          We also have to stop eating our own. A pro choice position is important to me, but I would be willing to accept into our camp a pro lifer who wanted to work on climate change or income inequality. Our message should be that knowledgeable people of good will can create good governance. What is most important is the intelligence and the good will. We need to look in unfamiliar places for our new candidates and leaders – I have high hopes of our returning vets.

          1. Dominick Vila May 6, 2017

            I agree. One of the things that bothers me the most are people who make decisions based strictly on a single issue, such as abortion. Like you said, we must be willing to accept the opinions of others on specific issues when we agree on most of the issues that are important to our society. We must also address the rise of racism and fascism in the USA with deeds and arguments that are incontrovertible and acceptable to most Americans.

        3. dpaano May 10, 2017

          Personally, I really like either of the Castro brothers from Texas….they are both articulate, bright, and seemingly out to help the nation in lieu of taking it down the tubes! I’d vote for either of them if they ever ran for president!!!

          1. Dominick Vila May 10, 2017

            There are several young, highly competent, Democrats that could fill the void we currently have. Unfortunately, the only ones that have stepped to the plate thus far are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, an Independent.

          2. dpaano May 17, 2017

            I don’t think Elizabeth Warren has said for sure that she’s going to run, but it would be good. Not sure if she’d win, but I’d vote for her before I vote for Bernie.

      2. Faithtchapman May 6, 2017

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      3. Eleanore Whitaker May 6, 2017

        When I decided to leave the Republican Party in 2004 after 33 years, I thought I might look into something “different.” So, I attended an “open” Libertarian meeting here in NJ in the county I live in.

        That was before Fat Mouth Steve Lonegan, Libertarian Rat, thought he was politically entitled.

        The open meeting was attended by about 60 people. Of the 60 only three were women and ALL were white. Okay. So I was there to “hear what they had to offer,” right?

        What I heard was bully male mouths ranting about having to pay ANY taxes.

        So as you know, I am an opinionated person who operates mainly on pragmatism. I raised my hand to ask a question. After 4 other MEN were called upon, the honcho at the microphone decided he better call on me because I had NO intentions of giving up. Already the dicks and balls were loaded for bear and ready to “unload” should I ask the “wrong question.”

        My question was, “Hypothetically, if you could wipe out all taxes as your group suggests, who pays for bridges, roads and schools that need repair?”

        The answer was typically hurried so they could get a question from another set of dicks and balls. “Well, Taxes aren’t the way to do that.”

        Don’t ask why there were only 3 women in that Libertarian meeting or why educated women today are becoming more and more agitated when men give stupid answers that like.

        1. dbtheonly May 6, 2017

          My introduction to Libertarianism was in the early 70s. Before it was decided whether it was right-wing or left-wing. The answer to roads is that private enterprise will deal with them. We called it “anarcho-selfishism”.

          My problem, leaving aside the religious aspects of glorifying the self, is that the system requires the positive agreement of all. What happens when someone “cheats”? Mixes sawdust in his baking flour? Sells 80 proof alcohol as “medicine”? The answer was that the community would stand against him. But isn’t the “community standing against him” just the community working together toward a common
          goal? And isn’t that the root definition of a government?

          Ayn Rand has never appealed to me.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker May 6, 2017

            Ironic, isn’t it? The very things that provide safety and security are the things we pay for and now are all being bounced back to the states without the federal tax dollars that will still end up in Republican hands.

            Every one of the things, FDA, FCC, EPA and DOJ are under seige from Republicans who want total freedom to abolish rules and regulations.

            Ayn Rand is like Ann Coulter, a phony. When people in this country say, “If you can’t afford healthcare insurance, that’s YOUR problem” in one breath while they steal our tax dollars for their corporations in the next, how doesn’t that become the same mantra of dictators in 3rd world countries?

          2. dbtheonly May 6, 2017

            I was most horrified by the Republican who claimed that cutting out those seriously ill from the insurance pool would lower premia for those who “lead good lives”. Like Jesus ever asked the moral worthiness of those He healed. Like illness is a punishment from God.

            Coal companies can make more money if they can avoid the consequences of their actions. If they need not concern themselves with the long term health of the miners. If they need not restore the land.

            Trump as 3rd World Dictator has a number of pieces in place already.

          3. kep May 7, 2017

            Or lies like if you like your doctor , you can keep your doctor from Emperor Obama. LIBERALS LIE.

          4. MVH1 May 7, 2017

            Oh, please. An unfortunate comment he believed when he said it turns out to not be true and you match that up against what’s happening now? Are you a farm animal or an amoeba? You really ought to be embarrassed but I don’t think you have enough awareness to understand what causes that.

          5. kep May 7, 2017

            LOL. Emperor Obama elevated lies and deceit to that of a virtue. He lied as easily and as much as he breathed. His ENTIRE existence was nothing but lies and fabrication.

          6. MVH1 May 7, 2017

            And your proof, “Mo-ran”? You can’t use any weird Internet sources, Fox Fake News, Alex Jones or anything known for lying. You’re a sadsack. I know others like you. You’re not worth talking to. It’s sad you have no place to go so you come to a liberal site to what, convert someone? Exercise your penchant for anger, hatred and nastiness? I know it doesn’t make you feel better. It just perpetuates itself. But not to worry, I will block your creepy butt and you might as well post somewhere else for all I care. Nobody likes little squashy, angry, life-didn’t-work-out-well-for-me stink bugs, which would be you.

          7. kep May 8, 2017

            All you have to do is open your eyes and mind. Google is your friend. Just stay away from all those liberal propaganda sites. You too, can be human again.

          8. MVH1 May 8, 2017

            You pathetic twit. Then you should go elsewhere.

          9. MVH1 May 7, 2017

            And the red states are going to take the brunt of the pain.

        2. latebloomingrandma May 6, 2017

          Who was it (maybe 19th century) that said—-I like taxes; it gives me civilization. Even though most of us don’t actually LIKE to pay taxes, we like the services and stabilization it gives to our neighborhoods and country. Early in our country, we had libertarianism; mostly everyone for themselves, lots of lawlessness, anarchy, poverty, exploitation, and short life spans. .Sure—let’s bring it back.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker May 6, 2017

            Somewhere back in my Catholic education, Sister Mary Carmel, a PhD is U.S. History, once told us that our Founding Fathers considered only taxation as a necessity to pay for the needs of citizens.

            In Article I, Sec. 8 of the US Constitution, it states: Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to PAY DEBTS AND PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON DEFENCE AND GENERAL WELFARE OF THE UNITED STATES.” (My caps.)

            It does not state that politicans has the power to DENY taxpayers funding for our general welfare. Corporations are NOT our general welfare. It is the job and duty of ALL business owners to MAKE their businesses a success based on their profits and losses and not to depend on annual tax dollars.

            Especially when they refuse to hire Americans at American wages.

          2. latebloomingrandma May 6, 2017

            Unlike our great businessman president who uses capitalism to keep all his profits and socializes his losses.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker May 6, 2017

            For the life of me, I cannot fathom how on earth the Trump I know EVER got to the White House. That’s why I know after decades of hearing, seeing and reading all about his skanky business dealings, I would swear on a stack of Bibles he cheated to win that election.

            It just makes NO sense that a guy who believes in his own entitlement to always get what he wants would not cheat to get to the ultimate dream of his life.

            Everything he does puts money into Trump Organization. I don’t think anyone realizes this guy has used his mob ties in the past to intimidate anyone who wouldn’t hand over whatever it was he wanted.

            Do his supporter thinks that’s okay? Do they think using the presidency as a vehicle to increase the wealth of his family on our tax dollars is okay? They sure as hell didn’t think so when Obama took a lousy Hawaiian vacation.

          4. latebloomingrandma May 6, 2017

            Not to mention that Obama’s overseas trips DOING HIS JOB were looked at as wasteful vacations. Obama Derangement Syndrome continues. Now that yokel Nunez is going after his pension. Don’t we have 4 other former Presidents?

          5. Eleanore Whitaker May 7, 2017

            You are quite perceptive. Actually, it is Jason Chaffetz, that pig faced Republican Twit from Utah who is trying to refuse Obama a pension. But your perceptions are quite deep. This is revenge for both Nunes and Chaffetz bailing from House and Senate Investigations.

            If Chaffetz is a limp brained moron. He is a walking advertisement for the bossy white Mormon men who are BIGOTS. When they aren’t sexually preying on preteen girls and impregnating them, they are trying to manipulate laws so they get away with high crimes and misdemeanors.

            You do what Chaffetz did and see if you, Hillary or Obama would get away with using an editing video to smear Planned Parenthood as evidence in a federal investigation.

            Pig FAce Chaffetz belongs in jail. But, like always only the 15 twits who fell on their swords for Chaffetz went to jail.

          6. MVH1 May 7, 2017

            LOL. He is all you said and absolutely has a pig face.

          7. dpaano May 10, 2017

            What these uninformed people don’t realize is that when a president goes on vacation, he pays his and his family’s way. The only thing the taxpayers pay for is the use of Air Force One and his security detail, both of which are required by the Constitution. Also, any business dinner that a president has in the White House is paid for by the president himself…..it isn’t paid for by the taxpayers! AND, President Obama spent less in one year than Trump has spent in the past 100 days just in travel expenses to and from New York, Mar-a-Lago, and New Jersey!!! Plus, we are also paying for business trips for his idiot sons…..they should be paying their OWN hotel and food bills and a portion of their security detail….we shouldn’t be paying for those!

          8. MVH1 May 7, 2017

            There are a lot of willingly deluded people out there. I’m horrified, amazed and astonished. Some people I’ve known over 70 years blistered Facebook yesterday when another friend pointed out how much is being spent on the Trumpsters for security while they’re home and away and said, “That’s FAKE news. Trump is doing business wherever he is. Obama was on vacation.” I swear to you. Now there’s a wonderful cartoon going around of slugs worshipping a box of salt. I think that’s wonderfully apt. From now on, Trump supporters are a pack of slugs and Trump their box of salt.

    2. dpaano May 10, 2017

      Don’t forget Kamala Harris….an upcoming Democrat! As for the current administration, they wouldn’t know Christianity if it bit them on the butt!!!

  3. Johnny five May 5, 2017

    Pelosi has no values!

    1. kep May 6, 2017

      “You have to pass the Bill (Obamacare), before you can read it”
      She is as clueless as the Emperor was.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 6, 2017

        You have to pass the first grade before anyone believes a word you say. Nancy Pelosi is more educated than an idle bum like you will ever be.

        1. kep May 7, 2017

          GET HELP

        2. David Brauer May 7, 2017

          Possibly a one issue voter, eh Eleanore?

    2. kep May 6, 2017

      Johnny five is alive.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker May 6, 2017

      Awww…Little Johnny only likes women with Size 44D boobs no brains and Botox lips that get him off when he fantasizes about Melania’s botoxed ass nude.

      Aww…Little Johnny pig brain only likes women he can beat the hell out of right Johnny boy? How many Restraining orders did you mother, sisters or wives have to take out to protect themselves from your insanity Mr. Big Big Big?

      1. kep May 7, 2017

        You really should temperature that mouth of yours. Vile, nasty cat lady that can’t construct a sentence unless it contains vitriol. GET HELP

  4. Eleanore Whitaker May 6, 2017

    This is what really pisses women off: “Nancy Pelosi, a petite woman from California who favors simple, but elegant clothes and matching strings of pearls.”

    What if a female journalist wrote, “Donald J. Trump, a short stocky man from New York who favors silk haute couture ties and his own Donald Trump $800 suits and Cartier diamond stud cuff links?”

    When men go to the trouble to point out a woman’s appearance, all they tell women is what WE already always knew: these guys have the minds of 15 year old teen boys. And worse, they loathe the idea of a woman like Nancy Pelosi, the youngest of 6 children, born in MD, who graduated from Trinity Washington University with a BA in Education and with her husband, Paul, raised 5 children before she entered politics.

    It now proves just why men of the right wing always love women like Melania Trump who gets a pass for posing NUDE for Hustler Magazine while her sexual deviant husband and pedophile tries to launder her past in the porn industry.

    Do you boys EVER grow the hell up?

    1. Johnny five May 6, 2017

      When it comes to pretty women? No!

    2. David Brauer May 7, 2017

      Who is playing the gender card??

      1. MVH1 May 7, 2017

        You must feel you have very little power in your life.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker May 6, 2017

    In case some of you missed the latest Right Wing Republican ACT, consider this. Back in 2004, what was one of the most important issues Bush ’43 took care of first…A tax cut for the rich that the GAO 2004 reported showed increased wealth at the top by 11%. That was the beginning of the Republican Pattern: New President, new tax cut.

    Don’t believe it? What happened in January 2009 when President Obama’s first act as president was to extend unemployment caused by the 2004 and 2008 tax cuts Bush and the Republicans just HAD to have? The Republicans held the passage of the unemployment extension hostage unless they got their 2009 Tax cut embedded in that piece of legislation.

    Now, Trump has the spotlight and once again, a new president (faker) and the Republicans tie the repeal and replace ACA with a huge tax cut that will benefit only those who earn above $250,000 a year.

    See the pattern? No president since Bush ’43 has not had to include as his first act in office the Republican demand for a tax cut for the rich. Wake up people. This is Republican fleecing at its worst.

    Now ask yourselves. Did a single drop trickle down from 2004 to 2008? Did a single drop of those huge tax cuts benefit those at the bottom or middle? Just like when Reagan promised trickle down, did it? As I recall, anyone earning $40K a year under Reagan’s tax cut ended up with a lousy $28. Then, they raised the prices on medical care and prescription drugs to cover the loss of that revenue just like they are doing again with this repeal and replace BS.

    So the Republican pattern is “hand out a tax cut at the start of EVERY new presidency before any of the tax revenues get spent on things American taxpayers WANT to pay for.” That way, those at the top are assured of a wealthier 8 years ahead.

    1. David Brauer May 7, 2017

      Seriously, calling the President a “faker” speaks more to your maturity than to you analysis. The country can’t continue with a resistance mentality – certainly not provided for in the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

      1. MVH1 May 7, 2017

        And your insult speaks more to your wanting to lord it over someone who disagrees with you than anything else.

        1. InformedVoter May 8, 2017

          Pelosi effective? That’s a joke. Under her leadership, the Dems have lost more seats than any other comparable time in history. And you stupid reps reelected her! What a laughing stock that makes your party look like.

          Just look at her naive claim that those who voted for the repeal will pay at the next election. How dumb is that comment. How do you think these reps got elected in the first place. Because they promised to repeal obozocare. They delivered on their campaign promise and those same voters will support their reelection efforts. Pelosi is so stupid to not realize that her comments just re-energized and reminded the GOP voters to get out and vote again. Talk about dumb. But that’s all the lost Dems have left. No leaders, no ideas, no supporters. Yup, that’s the Dems alright.

          1. MVH1 May 8, 2017

            No supporters? you’re a clueless idiot.

          2. InformedVoter May 8, 2017

            Sorry, but all those protesters you hear about are no supporters. They are paid demonstrators from Soros and obozo.
            You guys lost the working middle class voters because you focused on who was using what bathroom and ignored the horrible economy, I know, you have lots of dummies like Independent1 who claim the economy is healthy, but that is just more FAKE MSM lying.
            Now that President Trump is actually doing things to help keep union jobs and even bring some union jobs back into the USA, the unions have moved to his column.
            The repeal (in name only) last week of obozocare, have guaranteed many GOP supporters will return to vote.
            Now you have HilLIARy trying to resurrect her career and even the staunch Dems supporters are moaning.
            The Dem party is in shambles and you dummies reelect Pelosi. Your party has lost over 1000 seats in the 8 obozo years.
            With the Latin support of President Trump’s immigration plans starting to form up, even the Latins will move from the Dem column.
            So, who, pray tell, are the supporters? A bunch of naive, easy to dupe folks, and a few mediocre actors who are getting rich by selling you fake news.
            So who is clueless? Certainly not me. I kept telling you sheep that the polls were FAKE MSM lies, and all you folks did was tell me I was clueless. So how did that work out for you?

    2. dpaano May 10, 2017

      And we can also thank Grover Norquist for his “no new taxes” mantra and his forcing the congress men and women to sign affidavits saying they would not ever raise taxes! There’s absolutely NO logic in this!

  6. latebloomingrandma May 6, 2017

    Speaker Pelosi has been described with many adjectives. But she is neither stupid nor ineffective. When she was in charge, we had the most productive Congress ever.

    1. David Brauer May 7, 2017

      C’mon, when she was in charge, that Congress passed bills it hadn’t read – she admitted this. Is this the type of “leader” you want?

      1. MVH1 May 7, 2017

        Who are you going to choose? The Republicans pass bills they haven’t read, the Democrats pass bills they haven’t read. So what’s your point? What “leader” are you going to find that reads bills? Certainly not any of the Trumps who get others to write very awful books for them. Pure ugly fantasy

        1. dpaano May 10, 2017

          Personally, I sincerely doubt Trump even knows how to read anything higher than a comic book! He has a severe case of ADHD, which means he can’t focus on anything for any great length of time, and that would include reading somewhat boring bills. So, he just takes his minion’s word for it and signs whatever they put in front of him!! He even asked Ryan if the new healthcare bill included insurance for pre-existing conditions and also had lower premiums. When Ryan told him that it did….he actually believed him! He sincerely needed to READ the bill because I’m sure he would have been very surprised to see that what he signed would have caused major havoc in his small group of followers!!

          1. MVH1 May 10, 2017

            Supposedly he gets briefed all the time. I think he has an ADD effect with that as well. He listens a couple of seconds, thinks he has the gist of it and quits listening because it’s hard and it’s boring.

          2. dpaano May 17, 2017

            You’re probably right….he has a very short attention span, if any at all!

          3. MVH1 May 17, 2017

            Zip pretty much don’t you think?

      2. dpaano May 10, 2017

        Well, now they’re passing bills that even the president hasn’t read….what’s the difference? And, the alleged comment she made about reading the Obamacare bill was taken completely out of context!

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