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Netflix Drama ‘House Of Cards’ Returns En Masse

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Netflix Drama ‘House Of Cards’ Returns En Masse


Washington (AFP) – What better way to spend Valentine’s Day but to binge out on the machinations of the most duplicitous Washington power couple ever to grace the small screen?

“House of Cards” returns Friday to Netflix, the Internet streaming video service that threw away the Hollywood playbook a year ago when it sent out all 13 hour-long episodes of its flagship original drama in one fell swoop.

It will do so again this time to its 31 million subscribers in the United States, plus those in Canada, South America, Britain, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Finland.

Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey stars as the vengeful and manipulative congressman Frank Underwood, with Robin Wright as his wife and willing accomplice Claire, and Kate Mara as ambitious young reporter Zoe Barnes.

Netflix has ordered up a third season, and hinted there may be even more, after “House of Cards” collected nine Emmy nominations, the first ever for an Internet-delivered series, and won Wright a best-actress Golden Globe.

The show goes on

“We think there is plenty of great storyline” to keep the show running, Netflix spokesman Joris Evers told AFP.

Political dramas are already a winning fixture on American television, with ABC’s “Scandal” starring Kerry Washington resuming its third season on February 27 and cable channel Showtime’s spy-focused thriller “Homeland” renewed for a fourth season.

How accurately “House of Cards” — whose presentational style follows the eponymous post-Margaret Thatcher BBC miniseries set in Westminster — portrays real-life Washington is debatable.

“Honestly, the egos and the quest and thirst for power is very prevalent in Washington,” Republican congressman Jeff Duncan, who like the fictional Underwood hails from South Carolina, told Politico.com.

But President Barack Obama only wishes that Washington could be as “ruthlessly efficient” as it appears on “House of Cards,” he told a gathering of technology executives in December.


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