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New Poll Is Bad News For Obama, But Not The End Of His Presidency

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New Poll Is Bad News For Obama, But Not The End Of His Presidency


With a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll revealing unfavorable approval ratings for President Barack Obama, some are apparently ready to declare the death of his presidency.

“I mean, essentially the public is saying your presidency is over,” NBC’s Chuck Todd said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, just hours after the poll was released on Wednesday.

The poll that Todd described as a “disaster for the president” is certainly not good news for the White House: Only 41 percent of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing, and a 54 percent majority say they are not confident that the president “is able to lead the country and get the job done.” Additionally, 42 percent believe the administration’s performance has worsened over the past year; only 15 percent say it has improved.

As the WSJ notes, the latest numbers arrive in the midst of “foreign crises and domestic economic unease” that many seem to blame on President Obama, or at least attribute to his lack of leadership. Only 37 percent approve of Obama’s handling of foreign policy; 30 percent approve of the deal to free Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban; and 41 percent approve of the state of the economy.

However, Todd and others who say the poll is evidence that the president is finished are ignoring its other notable findings. The poll reveals increased — and overwhelming — public support for Obama-backed policies on issues related to climate change, education, and immigration. And despite GOP-launched attacks on the president’s handling of the VA scandal, only 14 percent blame the problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs on the Obama administration.

Additionally, Democrats in November’s elections are not completely doomed by the poll’s findings. Democrats still lead Republicans on the generic congressional ballot, 45 to 43 percent, and respondents say they plan to vote for the Democratic candidate in their congressional district over the Republican candidate by a 35 percent to 30 percent margin. Additionally, a 41 percent plurality say their vote in November won’t be a signal to President Obama (34 percent say their vote will be a signal of opposition to the president, while 24 percent say it will be a signal of support). These numbers won’t give Democrats much of a tangible advantage, given how favorable the electoral map is for Republicans, but they do run counter to the narrative that the president will be an anchor on Democratic hopes in the midterms.

Obama’s low approval ratings in the NBC News/WSJ poll are not even the lowest of his presidency. In December, a Quinnipiac University poll found that only 38 percent of Americans approved of the president’s job performance — his lowest number yet, but also evidence that he has bounced back from worse. And there’s one last silver lining for the president: Other polls have found his approval rating to be higher. According to the Huffington Post’s average, Obama’s approval sits at 45 percent.

Todd’s comments on the poll can be seen below:

AFP Photo/Brendan Smialowski

Video via MSNBC

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  1. sigrid28 June 18, 2014

    A two-term president, now spending political currency he earned by being re-elected, advances programs he was elected to enact, programs capable of moving the country forward socially and economically, while Congress (with single-digit approval ratings) refuses to budge. Sometimes, if you’re not winning any popularity contests, you must be doing something right. Isn’t that Chris Christie’s excuse? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama need only look to the glowing prospects that awaited the Clintons once their terms were finished. Insisting on advancing programs associated with Democrats and the Obama legacy is a necessary step that cannot be avoided just because the cable news agenda requires political melodrama 24/7, which the gullible American heartland wants to believe, putting credence in anything they are told by spokespersons hired by the networks, most of which are owned by Republicans. There are still plenty of us left who see through this propaganda and applaud what the president has done and will do before his term finishes.

    Let the Obama play a long game. It has served him well so far. Two years after Benghazi, the president’s team captures and interrogates the leader of the attack on the consular mission in Lybia, who declares that it was indeed begun in response to a video released in the U.S. that offended Muslims worldwide.

    1. angelsinca June 18, 2014

      Well said, except for the indictment of a supposedly gullible heartland that is supposedly propagandized by a republican-owned media. Middle of the road Americans deserve more credit for being able to think for themselves without being morphed into sheep. The xenophobic animosity toward conservatives remains a major obstacle toward proving human nature can aspire to higher levels of understanding.

      1. Independent1 June 18, 2014

        Too bad you’re so delusional that you can’t see when the snakeoil salesmen of the right-wing are leading their sheeple down the road to irrelevancy. The vast majority of the American electorate has to be totally clueless, because if they weren’t, Mitt Romney would have been lucky to have gotten 25% of the vote with his non stop lies and distortions of the truth!! The fact that the majority of the American public couldn’t see that he never uttered one true statement in almost 6 hours of debating is absolute proof that the majority of them are clueless!!!

        1. angelsinca June 19, 2014

          Thanks for confirming the look down the nose.

          1. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            If you do not want us to look down our nose at you, stop swimming in that pail of shit you want to push over on us. Clean-up you act, tell the truth, use facts, turn off Flush Limpdick, Cringe Peck-er, Fucked News, and Insanity, and maybe stop reading Storm Front. Learn to love your nation and its citizens. Instead of being a racist, treasonous, trolling dick, and then wasting everyone’s time with silly, PEDESTRIAN arguments to try to prove otherwise. We KNOW you for the human waste that you are. It is futile.

          2. angelsinca June 23, 2014

            Are you bothered that your contrived little blog world has a conservative in it? Don’t you wish you could just turn off FoxNews forever and jail everyone of those ‘liars’? Don’t you wish the FCC would revoke the licenses of all those lying conservative talk radio shows. Wouldn’t it be sweet revenge if all republicans were audited by the IRS and jailed for sedition? If only you could personally pull the trigger on any conservative that opposes Obama. Do you feel like bashing in the faces of every conservative you see on the internet? Don’t you wish you could just kill them all? If you do, please call the police turn your weapons in to the authorities.You scare the shit out of Freedom, Liberty and me.

          3. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Conservative? Not at all if I actually saw one. Who is this esteemed conservative. All I see is a practitioner of National Socialist propaganda, if you are speaking of yourself.

          4. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Never answer any questions, do you?

          5. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            You may be scared of retributive JUSTICE, but Freedom and Liberty, regardless of how much you despise them, are not and cannot ever be afraid. I wish I could feel sorry for you, but I can’t. No decent person could.

          6. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            In your cesspool of LIES, you continue to miss that you are not a “conservative,” but the epitome of a Fascist!.

          7. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            I am not disturbed to have a FASCIST like you here. The problem is, you never come here to discuss, but to harass and deny the First Amendment rights of legitimate users.

            That is why your time is limited. No one besides an idiot cannot figure this out.

          8. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Face it, at the bottom of my complaint to Memo, and MJ, is the core idea that all I have ever asked you to do is show some respect.

            If you did that, then your FALSE question about the conservative would be moot. You would be well advised to remember this.

          9. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            The only case you have is one of the shits.

            Where is that lawsuit, MR. Action Figure?

            Or, should I just say, ” no pot to piss in nor window to throw it out boy.”

          10. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Actually before the criminal known as Ronnie Raygun corruptly, by a Watergate style break-in that stole Carter’s debate answers, the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE made the sickness known as Fuked Noise impossible. It would have made the revocation of that LIE manufacturer’s license moot, for they would never have gotten one. As for the “liars,” they would be gagged under the law of the land for being, guess what . . . LIARS. Shazam!

            I have, and have never had, any problem with people that obey the laws of the land, and do not abuse others with LIES and bullying. What you call a conservatard does not exist much anymore. You insane idiots have driven them all off.

            I think, I am glad about this rant, because what you are really doing, in a LEGAL sense, is threatening me and the rest of the blog. What you are saying is patently untrue, but you would love to do all those things yourself. As always, you just want to find someone else to make a scapegoat for your own bad acts.

          11. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            It is disgusitng to see you use Freedom and Liberty in any sentence that has a reference to you. These rock hard pillars of our Democracy have NOTHING to do with an individual that would destroy those things for everyone besides his criminal few.

            Face it, the reason you get such a response in these blogs, is you do not believe in those concepts at all, and wish to deny them to anyone that you consider unworthy. That is the major reason you are so often called a racist. You operate exactly like every racist has ever operated. Yet, as you ARE the unworthy, these should be denied to you.

          12. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Your wlecome. Actually, it is a “hold” the nose. When I see steaming shit “down my nose,” I generally try not to get any of the whiff.

            Don’t you get it. Decent people SHOULD look down their nose at a LYING racist hate monger like you.

            Why not? Give me something concrete to prove I am wrong.

            You never had before, and you certainly will not now, but at least you could make up a reasonable sounding LIE, instead of that total nonsense you are always peddling.

      2. Independent1 June 18, 2014

        By the way, below is 8 years of George Bush’s Gallup approval polls. Note that starting in the 2nd year of his 2nd term, his approvals fell below 40% for the remainder of his presidency; actually falling below 30% toward the end.

        1. angelsinca June 19, 2014

          Standing on one’s own merits works.

          1. Independent1 June 19, 2014

            “Own Merits”???

            Tell you what, let me see you list one thing, just one thing that the Bush Administration enacted for American during his 8 years in office that wasn’t tied to some form of lobbying giveaway.

            And before you list these two things, they were both enacted clearly as giveaways to a lobbying effort:

            Medicare Part D prescription drug legislation was clearly a giveaway to Big Pharma which is enacted without being paid for;

            And the No Child Left Behind fiasco which almost drove 1/2 the American states into bankruptcy was clearly enacted to enrich the industries that support the American educational system.

            And the effort Bush made to privatize parts of Social Security, was clearly an effort to appease lobbiests from the Financial Sector.

            So aside from these 3 giveaways, what other wondrous things did Bush do for America??

            Let’s see you post even one great thing that was beneficial to America that you might consider was a “Bush Merit”!!

          2. angelsinca June 20, 2014

            Thanks for proving the point. Looks like another pedestrian anti-Bush rant.

          3. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            I guess anything that we say about Bush is pedestrian. Everything we have said is true, and has been repeated endlessly.

            Bush stole the first election with the help of an incredibly corrupt Supreme Court. The ultimate adjudicator of justice in the land. That was shocking enough, but Bush went on to fail to participate in any of the meetings of his security agencies and set no policy, whosoever

            The result, 9/11, over 4500 American military personnel killed, many more killed in contracting agencies, trillions spent and spent off the books, 35,000, more or less, maimed in combat, endless PTSD injuries, VA broke from the flood of injured and sick, over 100k civilians killed (maybe 500k), and an open invitation to al queda to infiltrate Iraq.

            AND you say an anti-Bush comment is pedestrian. You need to be sent to a penal colony for your absolute disloyalty to this Nation.

            GO FUCK YOURSELF, you cowardly, lying shitsack..

          4. angelsinca June 22, 2014

            Russell Byrd spewed: “GO FUCK YOURSELF, you cowardly, lying shitsack..”

            Class act, Byrd. Nice of you to actually believe all of the the liberal propaganda you’ve been lapping up like a good liberal attack dog. It’s one thing for you to cry about Bush ‘stealing’ the ’04 election a decade ago (yes that was TEN YEARS AGO), and another to conclude the SCOTUS is complicit in that supposed crime. That’s plain crazy.

            Also, it’s one thing for you to completely disregard the ample warnings made to Saddam through multiple UN sanction violations, and to disregard the bipartisan support for ending Saddam’s use of WMD in Iraq by saying Bush lied about the ‘real’ reasons behind the invasion.

            But, to cling to the theory that Bush is the cause of the 9/11 attacks and personally responsible for the loss of American life in NY and Iraq, is just plain cray-cray. Please turn your weapons in to the authorities.

          5. Russell Byrd June 22, 2014

            As for me harassing you, ARE YOU SO STUPID that after all this time, and being told so many times, that I only troll shit like you. You troll where you are unwelcome on a constant basis, but I only troll shit like you. Don’t you get that making your profile private is absolutely useless. You are too easy to find because you leave a trail of lies wherever you go. Add to that, Disqus even knows you troll. You are almost always on the top of the “digest” list. You RAT yourself out, fag boy.

          6. Russell Byrd June 22, 2014

            Don’t you get it, I belong here. You could have, but you only came to these “minor liberal blogs,” to harass, and disrupt with your LIES. How long do you think it can go on.

          7. Russell Byrd June 22, 2014

            I am putting you on notice now, that you better lawyer up. Really, call legal aid and tell them you fucked up.

            Oh, by the way, where are the names of all the people I have harassed?

            Where are the names of the people that I have run out of the group?

          8. Russell Byrd June 22, 2014

            Obviously, you have never been able to keep a job. You probably have never even had a relationship. Don’t say that I have been wrong. You PROVE me right, sooner or later. I bet your poor mother had to take care of you most of your adult life.

            How did you become homeless when you are so smart, rich, and important?

          9. Russell Byrd June 22, 2014

            Do you have any firearms? Don’t you know that felons are disqualified from having firearms, and that it is a felony? As for my firearms, I am quite well qualified to own and use mine. If you are afraid, and that is fine with me, it is only because of the LIES that you yourself broadcast to the world. I will delight in adding libel to the lawsuit.

            Face it, I am going to seek legal redress if and when I find you. I am sure that I will. And I must do so, for I fear that the behaviour you exhibit makes you extremely dangerous. Of course, in a “setting the neighbor’s cat on fire” kind of way.

          10. Russell Byrd June 22, 2014

            Are you a DRUNK?

            You do not seem to remember the LIES you told the day before

            happened to that lawsuit? I am going to take legal action against you.
            I need to see the sorry piece of useless lame shit that causes so much

          11. Russell Byrd June 22, 2014

            I intend to see you in there with your Bubba Bait son. Maybe, you can both bend over and say “ah” for the same guy. Like them apples.

            Really, after all the harassment, and a proven criminal act, you have not got two brain cells to figure out to let this blog go. Soon, I will have a name to send the summons, and likely, law enforcement will have a place to serve the warrant.

          12. Russell Byrd June 22, 2014

            So, just think that tomorrow, I might just not bother to destroy your argument, and just move on to non-stop harassment myself. Even your rhetoric is stolen from me, as you never had two coherent thoughts since you have been here.

          13. Russell Byrd June 22, 2014

            The shame of it is, you demonstrate why I am going to eventually have you run out of here, if not locked up for your proven crimes. You are not here to discuss, but to harass. That is all you ever were here to do. PROOF: You always have, you are doing so now, and you certainly will, repeat the same DESTROYED arguments again as if they had any truth.

            So, why don’t you go back and gnaw on that big Teabugger dick that you like so much, you self-loathing closet queen. Don’t like foul language? I have already put you on notice that nothing you say has any merit.

          14. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Fact, NO WMD’s.

            Fact, NO evidence there were any WMD’s.

            DONE! Plonk!

            Why do you keep lying. I NEVER said Bush caused the attacks, though there is a lot of evidence that he might have. NO, he failed to bother to attend his security meetings and keep abreast of the threat. TOO LAZY. Thousands of innocent people died, the guilty still live on. . . .

            DONE! Plonk!

            Bush stole the election 14 years ago, SHITHEAD! It was the criminal disaster that has led directly to EVERY problem we have today.

            DONE! Plonk!

            The SCROTUS decided the election that Bush lost, in Bush’s favor. That, in spite of the fact that the Constitution says elections are strictly STATE affairs.

            DONE! Plonk!

            The mindless drone lie machine, angelbot, just had another four senseless LIES totally destroyed, yet it is plaining on telling some more.
            ROTFL! BUT, they are always the same ones it was programmed by its propagandists to tell. . . .

          15. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Unlike yourself, I am not susceptible to propaganda. I gather facts on my own and make my decisions on my own, based on those facts. You tell lies that you have been told to tell based on lies told by liars.

            Of course, as I have said, you are just a sock puppet for Kochroaches, etc. They stick their hand right up your ass without any lube and twist and turn all they want. The pain that causes is why you screech so senselessly.

          16. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            NO WMD. Those warnings turned out to be nothing but illegal threats of violence in international law.

            Saddam did not “cease” because he never had anything to “begin” with. So, you just keep stroking that big Rumpbuggercon LIE penis that you enjoy playing with so much. All that comes out of your mouth is splooge.

          17. angelsinca June 21, 2014

            You missed the point. You cannot console others (or yourselves) solely on the merits of Obama. You have to compare everything he does to his predecessors by demonizing everything republican and conservative. Talking down to your opposition will never bring anyone ‘up’ to the liberal’s aspirations for society, much less support this president.

          18. Independent1 June 21, 2014

            Oh! I see. So it’s the president that’s talking down to Republicans and conservatives, is it? What absolute rot!!!!!

            Nice of you to ignore the fact that Republicans and conservatives bad mouth him 24/7!! Making up absurd fake scandals to denigrate him!! Wasting millions of taxpayer dollars holding fake investigations!!

            Calling him every name in the book!! Terrorist Muslim!! and I can’t even begin to repeat the unwarranted names they call him and not just once in a while – but 24/7 during prime time and every chance these lowlifes get onto a talk show or Faux News, or Rush Limbaugh’s program, or Glenn Beck, and on and on and on!!

            And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that on the night he was inaugurated, a group of what you apparently think are saint Republicans, actually met and treasonously planned on ways to sabotage the government, the economy and anything else the could do to make him fail!!

            Why don’t we forget about all that you clueless raving idiot!! You’re so disgusting it makes me want to puke!!!! Go get lost!!

          19. angelsinca June 21, 2014

            I don’t think republican groups are saints. The names I’ve seen you personally call Bush, all conservatives, and me are much, much worse than the examples by right wingers you cite. Are you that extreme you can’t see where you are? Rotfl. Thanks for another rant from the far side.

          20. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Odd, I am a witness that you are lying from the first sentence you typed.

          21. angelsinca June 22, 2014

            So it’s the president that’s talking down to Republicans and conservatives, is it?

            No. For someone so seemingly aware, your reading comprehension is lagging. Nice rant though. Except for the unnecessary closing remark. That looks more like a bulging vein. Thanks again for proving my point twice, even though you didn’t get it either time. In simpler terms, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar”.

          22. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            So, your entire argument is that we have to treat you liars gently, or you will get mad. Well, why should we care.

            And like another very regular poster said, these polls should almost be banned. Whether up or down, these polls are entirely subjective and are often conducted with getting a certain preconceived result that the pollster desired.

            Basically, this entire discussion is based on an irrelevancy.

            As long as you want to be a racist dickhead, then you will continue to get talked down to.

            Remember, I can post to you in these “minor liberal blogs” all I want, and I can say anything I like to you.

            You can obviously reciprocate, but how much fun are you going to have here with me looking over your shoulder.

      3. Independent1 June 18, 2014

        Let’s compare Bush’s to Obama’s. To begin with, I wouldn’t give you 5cents for an NBC/WSJ poll. The reliability of such a poll is very suspect. The last time NBC/WSJ published a poll showing Obama’s favorability around 41%, PEW Research which is a much more bi-partisan poll, was showing his favorability over 45%.

        But in any case, notice that where Bush’s popularity peaked right after 9/11 and then just did a complete slide; Obama’s poll ratings have stayed in middle to upper 40% during his entire 6 years in office. Articles such as this are really not saying much, because even falling to 41% is staying within the “normal range” for Obama.

        1. elw June 19, 2014

          In addition, when you compare his rating to those in Congress he is double digit ahead of his opponents and has held that lead steadily. In comparison, he is the one getting “A’s.”

      4. sigrid28 June 19, 2014

        Let’s unpack this remark. Thinking for yourself only goes so far. After that, you need knowledge to proceed. Whoever follows the right-wing media is not relying on facts, just propaganda. By heartland, I might have said states that refused to accept Medicaid expansion. Which brings us to the issue of pushing the boundaries of humanity beyond the selfish and xenophobic lot we have been given as a biological imperative. I think even many Republicans and their Tea Party brethren would benefit from programs Democrats along with the president are promoting: equal rights, a living wage, affordable healthcare through the ACA, and crafting the role of the U.S. worldwide primarily through diplomacy and highly selective military interventions–not wars!

        1. angelsinca June 19, 2014

          Let’s just call this remark liberal propaganda. Thanks but no new knowledge there.

          1. sigrid28 June 19, 2014

            I would say I don’t care what you think. But you are not thinking, just repeating Republican talking points. That’s nothing new.

          2. angelsinca June 23, 2014

            Witty, but the biting insult is just the same old liberal argument of last resort. We get it, more than you will ever admit. We have better things to do than play insult-the-liberal. Your own words do it for you just fine.

          3. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Biting insult shows an advance intelligence and a sense of humor, albeit dark humor.

            Unfortunately, all you have ever shown is a dullard’s redundant use of obfuscation to confound meaningful discussion.

          4. angelsinca June 23, 2014

            Only in that special mind would personal insult be considered intelligent. Don’t flatter yourself with disjointed vocabulary, special one.

          5. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            To any reasonably intelligent mind, this would be a rather biting satire on your stupidity. What is worse though, is your complete failure to grasp that it is not about how “special” I am, but just how stupidly pedestrian you are. ROTFL!

            I think you need some rest. I have wiped the proverbial Kochroach’s ass with you again, and again. 🙂

          6. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            NO, there is no NEW knowledge there. BUT, unlike your LIES that are fresh from the shitter, what I have said is the PROVEN truth. I will NEVER apologise, nor will I ever have to apologise for that.

          7. angelsinca June 23, 2014

            “all these years’ of seeing me? You are either hallucinating or lying. We know you lie so maybe you’ve acquired a new power to piss people off. Eat shit again, Byrd. Leave me alone.

          8. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Fourth time you asked me to quit. After you started this entire conversation, and you can quit this at any time. BUT, you won’t, because the only reason you come here is to shit on everybody. But, oh, the crime that is committed when you get it back in spades. If you can’t take it, get to gittin’. Chickenshit bully coward.

          9. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            So, tell me, did you arrive last month. I bet your lie will be something like that.

            I have been here, albeit as a “tourist.” Since a few days after this blog was begun. I have watched for your “progress” off and on for years. It has only been the last 3-4 years that I have posted at all.

            So, tell me, when DO YOU claim to have shown up?

          10. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            If only a hypocritical shit like you could follow his own advice.

            This entire night’s waste of time was instigated completely by you.

            Now your little cowardly ass goes crying for mercy, but you still want me to kiss your ass.

            WON’T EVER HAPPEN. And, it will get worse, much worse. I did not get time to check the posts for your extra special stench. But I will soon. . . . 🙂

          11. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            You really aught to leave these blogs. For your own sanity, that is. You keep telling infantile lies, and you keep taking a beating for it. What is really enough to make one ROTFL, is you always run like a cur with his tail between his legs.

            I have never, in all the years I have been reading this blog, seen you ever get the better of anyone. Run good posters off in disgust, with your non-stop bullshit harassment, but never have you actually proven even one point.

        2. angelsinca June 21, 2014

          The role of the US worldwide is more confusing now than ever.

          The supposed affordability of the ACA scheme continues to be debunked.

          Your Robin Hood is only romancing those that can’t get their little minds around the concept that you can’t force economic justice by clamping down on business to restrict wealth. They will just move to another nation that is less hostile to business. Hello China, Ireland, India, Mexico. America called. She wants the jobs back.

          With xenophobia the new liberal buzzword, it is really cute your vocabulary is increasing. But, it isn’t the fear of the invaders that has reasonable people concerned, its the invasion. A larger concern is the lack of obedience to the law by the invaders, and especially the Justice department.

          1. sigrid28 June 21, 2014

            You say, “The role of the US worldwide is more confusing now than ever.” Now remove “the US worldwide” and substitute something else, like “women in politics” or “the Tea Party.” If you can do that, the comment is empty, i.e., so generic as to be meaningless.

            “The supposed affordability of the ACA scheme continues to be debunked.” Since so many now have access to health care for the first time, “affordability” for whom–businesses, providers, insurers. The reason Republicans are laying off this complaint is that the more people who can afford health care, the less palatable the complaints of the debunkers have become.

            Third paragraph strings along talking points with name calling. The gist is, business good for corporations, redistribution of wealth bad. Actually, the opposite is true: “a rising tide raises all boats” higher than trickle-down economics. Even corporations do better when all in the society benefit more from economic prosperity.

            I will point to only one phrase in the last paragraph: “a larger concern” is another way of saying “a greater fear.” Fear of invaders, fear of the government, fear of intelligence (bad liberals for using ancient term referring to bigotry)–fear is the steady diet the far-right media feeds those who eat at its trough. It will never fill you up.

          2. angelsinca June 21, 2014

            Thanks for taking the time to compose the retorts. They are seemingly valid and reasonably true from your POV, but equally disagreeable and unreasonably false from the conservative POV. So goes the continuing division of ideology.

          3. sigrid28 June 21, 2014

            POV does not determine truth–facts do. That’s where the Republican party departs from reality and ultimately relevancy. We can have different ideologies–but the facts for both sides are the same.

          4. angelsinca June 23, 2014

            “the Republican party departs from reality and ultimately relevancy. ”

            This is not fact, it is opinion. Your statement might hold some truth when applied to a select issue, toward certain individuals, and under specific conditions. For example, when a high ranking Democrat lies about something, say the ability to keep your heath care plan, it doesn’t mean the Democratic party departs from reality and is ultimately irrelevant. It just means that the one that made the statement cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

          5. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Who cares is the the Fascists that improperly call them selves conservatives find the truth disagreeable? The only division is ideology is our truth versus your LIES.

          6. angelsinca June 23, 2014

            Byrd, sit down and be quite. You wouldn’t know a fact if it bit you in the ass.

          7. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Well, at least I am totally safe from your nob-hobbing lips! 🙂 And, I will be QUITE quiet, moron, when I damn well please.

          8. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            As always, you can stir shit but you cannot tolerate it in return. Your LIES do nothing to me. I learned long ago that if angeliebot says something, it can be safely assumed to be false.

          9. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Why should I be (quite) quiet, when you made a SPECIAL REQUEST for the full treatment.

            Can’t rest without stirring shit, can you. And, I know that with your evil, you cannot rest at all, ever.

          10. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Don’t like it dickhead, go away. Problem solved.

            You know, if Memo and MJ request to Disqus that you are so far beyond the pale that you cannot be trusted at all, then you could very well lose all posting privileges. I say that, not because you have even the remotest bit of decency about you, but because the penalty is so EASILY avoided, and you are so DAMNED determined not to do so. THAT is the part I cannot figure out. HOW can anyone be so evil, mean, AND just plain dumb.

          11. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Oh, go suck some more Kochroach. . . .


          12. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            The only thing I admire about you is you are like the old Timex commercials. In your case, “you take a kickin’ and keep on lickin’.” I really wonder what you would be like if you stopped thinking you were God and had a sense of humor. ROTLF!

            Oh, and I was lying about that “admire” thing. Boo sux to angelshit.

          13. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Shame that you are so shallow and such a dedicated LIAR. You have just literally said that sigrid28’s retorts COULD very well be true, or not, BUT you are against them because they conflict with you propaganistic flight from truth and reality.

            Not like I did not know this long ago, but I would have thought it sad that a man, that has a finite time to exist in this world, would spend so much effort on LIES, and promoting VIOLENCE and HATRED, rather than follow his “supposed master’s exhortation to “love they neighbor,”. SAD!!!!!!

          14. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            The supposed affordability of the ACA being questioned is entirely do to expensive LIES told by those that you worship, to destroy any common decency in this Nation.

            More simply, you have ZERO factual evidence. All you have is smoke, mirrors, and wind off that shit pile of your mind.

      5. charleo1 June 19, 2014

        What is this Republican propaganda you speak of? I watch Fox exclusively, and they never mention it.

        1. angelsinca June 20, 2014

          You’ll have to ask elw.

          1. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            In other words, you have not only told LIES, as always, but you are too stupid, lazy, and incompetent to even make up another LIE to cover your first.

            PATHETIC waste of flesh you are!

          2. angelsinca June 23, 2014

            Byrd, Thanks for another example of unwanted harassment. Again, sit down and shut up.

          3. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            F-U-C-K Y-O-U !!!!

            For our readers, not only is this angelstench a lying sack of trolling, harassing shit, any check of the thread will show that once again this is an altercation begun by him, or her, or it, depending on its present desire and position.

          4. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            I will only stop when I please, then, only temporarily. What incentive do I have to play nice with a year end, year out, troll, liar, and harasser that came to this “MINOR LIBERAL BLOG,” to “EDUCATE” those that do not share its propensity for LIES, and to “SHUTDOWN THE BLOG,” as only a completely satanic miscreant violator of the “terms of service” would do. I do mean satanic, as at any time, this shitsack will point out it is a follower of Christ. WHAT BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!

          5. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            You stirred up shit in violation of every blogging rule, tenet, and “T-O-C.” BUT, as always, when things get really uncomfortable, you want it all to go away.


            Go away, stop harassing people that do not want to even read your name, then no one will harass you.

            What a fucking little evil child you are!

    2. elw June 19, 2014

      You are right on, President Obama, much as President Clinton and Carter has, to make great and needed contributions to this Country and the world at large after his Presidency. Much better and more productive then a past President who is know for jumping out of airplanes and painting picture of his feet.

  2. Independent1 June 19, 2014

    I just want to amplify a little on my distrust of the NBC/WSJ poll which claims to show a decline in the approval of Obama over the past week or so I guess.

    Well a poll that I give much more credence to, Rasmussen shows exactly the opposite trend. In fact, Obama’s “Approval Index”, which is the difference between those who strongly approve and those who strongly disapprove, has actually decreased (note that the strongly disapprove equals about the percentage of Republicans in America – which is about 37% of registered voters).

    Let’s back up one week for the Rasmussen results:

    Date – Strongly Appr/Strongly disappr/total appr/total disappr/Index

    6/11- 22/40/47/52/-18
    6/12- 22/40/46/53/-18
    6/13- 22/39/47/52/-17
    6/14- 20/38/46/51/-18
    6/15- 20/40/47/52/-20
    6/16- 20/40/48/50/-20
    6/17- 22/40/47/51/-18
    6/18- 24/39/48/50/-15

    Notice that today, Obama’s strongly approve has reached the highest level in the past week at 24%, while the strongly disappove dropped to 39% giving him an improved disapproval index (it dropped from -18 to -15).

    So there’s no strong downward trend of disapproval for Obama, only in the minds of right-wing biased polling organizations like NBC and WSJ.

    1. sigrid28 June 19, 2014

      Your work on this subject is helpful, insightful, and impressive. A tour de force. Thank you, again.

      1. Independent1 June 19, 2014

        Thanks for the comments. One thing I forgot to mention is that I believe it was the NBC/WSJ poll that was predicting a Romney landslide in the 2012 election; and we know how accurate that prediction was.

  3. charleo1 June 19, 2014

    You know what I wrote about NBC yesterday? They were rooting for the the Iraq War, almost as much as Fox, and the Wall Street Journal. A bastion of truth, and light itself, since being purchased by the Prince of Truth, and Light, Rupert Murdoch. The thing about polls is they reflect a certain reality about being being in charge, or the perception of being so. And having the problem no one else can solve placed on one’s plate. Whether or not, this person in presumptive charge, had anything to do with the creation of said dilemma, or not. Being President means being a lightening rod. And having no good answers to questions such as how did you, “allow this to happen?” Assuming some kind of omnipotence, that sees every sparrow fall. How, Mr. President, could you have allowed that drunk driver in Cincinnati to crash into the T-Party headquarters? Well, that’s funny. Democratic Central was right across the street, so why didn’t he run into that? And why are defending driving drunk? And so it goes.

    1. sigrid28 June 19, 2014

      I think CNN was the worst in this regard, ever since Iraq exploded. Paul Bremer was their special guest: the emptiness of his commentary was amazing. Over the last week, the only surrogate for the president and Democrats that spoke with confidence was Hillary Clinton, when she said that a minority of the American public was terrorizing the majority–this with respect to the prevalence of gun violence. But she might have said the same with respect to so many Republican and Tea Party “initiatives.” It is almost a misnomer to refer to the far right’s “talking points” as initiatives, as they almost never say what one should DO about their ideological positions–except when it comes to bombing our perceived enemies. Cable news really dropped the ball on this week’s news.

  4. old_blu June 19, 2014

    So because of these polls. (that I find suspicious)
    We shouldn’t vote for him again next time?
    Okay I won’t, the right has finally persuaded me. (just a little humor for everyone this morning)

    1. charleo1 June 19, 2014

      Well if you’re not gonna, I’m not gonna either! I’ll tell you what happened to me this AM. I reached for my coffee, and knocked the remote off on the floor. The last thing I remember was the T.V. blinking onto Fox & Friends. And when I came to, I was blogging on some Right Wing website over there. Demanding Obama finish that war he started over there in Iraq. So, whatever they’re doing on Fox, really works!

      1. old_blu June 19, 2014

        Hahaha, that’s funny good thing I know you’re just funn’in me, but sorry about your coffee.

        1. charleo1 June 19, 2014

          Well, we gotta try and laugh a little bit, Right? After all, being proponents of the only serious political organization, in the Country, is hard work. It is a bit disconcerting that Obama’s numbers would fall 8/10 points, (if they did at all,) under what is the normal 53% approval rating, over Iraq. I’ve got to wonder what, if anything, this shaky 10% knows about Iraq at this point. Or what they believe Obama done previously, where he had an option, that caused the current crisis. When Obama came in, this was Bush’s war all the way. Bush’s invasion, Bush’s guy heading up the Iraqi gov. [Malaki] that Bush helped set up. It was that guy’s failure to set up a coalition gov. All Shite, no Sunni. And Bush’s failure to get an agreement from his guy, and the gov. to get an agreement to allow a contingency force to remain in Country. They’re saying Obama didn’t try hard enough, then. So how hard did Bush try? Is there ever a thought, that maybe Maliki, and his Shites, just flat wanted the U.S. out? Or, the suggestion we stay without an agreement, and leave our troops subject to arrest by the Iraqi security forces we set up. Then, when our guys get captured, and thrown in the Bagdad jail, what then? Fight the Sunnis, the Shites, the insurgents, and the American people, who might wonder at this development, why after 11 years we’re still there? Well, they don’t want to work with Iran. Well, Iran’s Grand Ayatollah is a Shite. Bush didn’t know this? Obama can change this? Is there ever any acceptance from the Wingers, that sometimes things are just the way they are? That the mountain is there, it’s not going anywhere. And wishing it wasn’t there, or claiming Obama can make it disappear if he just tries. Does not in fact, mean one may get to the other side, without going over the mountain, or around it. Or why is it always, that Heaven, and Earth must be moved to establish to those Wingers, that there are indeed mountains, before a discussion of how we best can cross them can begin? That’s why we gotta laugh. To keep from crying!

          1. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            We never are told the methodology of these polls. I know quite a bit about statistics and polling and I have NEVER seen a poll taken by a media outlet that meets any professional standards. Of course, if the poll had Obama’s numbers going up 8-10 points, I probably would not be pointing this out, and would sit at my computer smirking.

            Like the famous, in some circles, poll that PROVED conservatives were more generous than liberals. Wasn’t that NBC again? They went to TWO Wally Worlds and took a count on who threw change into the Salvation Army pots. REAL fair, REAL scientific. Anyway, NBC has been caught many times showing anti-Obama bias.

            Not to run this into the ground, but what has changed to cause Obama’s numbers to fall. The public has caught on that all the Rumpbuggercon scandals are faked. Maybe, like that dirtbag Morris at Faux, NBC thinks they need to spread some
            favorable falsehoods to rally the Fascist “troops.”

          2. charleo1 June 22, 2014

            Just a little ancedotal observation of a couple of
            internal campaign polls. One showed Romney so
            far ahead of Obama on election day, he didn’t
            believe it necessary to write a concession speech.
            So was forced to go out and wing it. The latest
            one was Eric Cantor’s, that had him up 30 points against David Brat the day prior to losing by 11.
            So it seems these pollsters have determine these Republicans will only pay for polls that show them
            in the lead. Even private ones, for their own info!

          3. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            A final thought I must mention, when the media says conservative, I am thinking Reagan, as bad as that is. Yet, we know that as much as they claim to worship him, a living Reagan would have no chance at all in the present time with the Teathug friendlies. In other words, it depends greatly on what you describe as conservative. In my day, they were obstinate and mean enough, but at least you could talk and reason with most of them. Now . . . the word bejesus comes to mind.

          4. charleo1 June 22, 2014

            I see their constant worshiping, and genuflecting to
            their contrived memories of Reagan, as more of a testament to their own pathetic lack of any political successes, even in that down the rabbit hole, world they live in. They can’t credibly claim to be proud of anything, but what happened over 34 years ago. Then, they have to omit, or make up half of the Reagan legend as it is.They’d surely like to have something, or someone in the quarter century, they
            could brag about, at least at their conventions. But the facts are, the 12 years of either Bush, is out. The name itself, polling even amongst Republicans as totally toxic. And certainly not Nixon. And, Eisenhower would be fine, except he governed more like a modern day Democrat. Building an interstate highway system, and railing against the military industrial complex. Their present day Jesus. So Reagan it is. Although the T-Party would run him out of town, for talking to Tip O’neill, much less, raising taxes four times, like he did.

        2. old_blu June 19, 2014

          I like talking to myself I guess.

          1. charleo1 June 20, 2014

            Something else we have in common!

      2. plc97477 June 20, 2014

        Must have been some pretty strong coffee.

        1. charleo1 June 20, 2014

          I make a big pot every 3/4 days. If I let it set too long, it eats a hole in the side of the cup! You’ll have to come by, and have a cup one of these days!

  5. elw June 19, 2014

    Just the fact that it is a NBC News/Washington Street Journal poll being report on by Chuck and Joe is reason enough to believe how it is being interpreted. The poll itself tends is screwed to the Right and tends to give Democrats lower ratings than other pollsters find. Both Chuck and Joes are voices for the far Right and been wrong so many times they are jokes. Hey they both claimed Romney was winning to very last minute. They are silly examples of journalism whose followers do not care what they say, how true it is as long it is what they want to hear. The President is doing great and they hate it, so what they say is like comfort food for themselves.

  6. Stephanie L. Pyke July 2, 2014

    I am sick to death of this rotten journalism. Who is saying that the president’s term is over due to bad polling? Those people need to be dismissed from the profession. It’s not the administration at fault, it’s everyone who has found it their business to backstab him for every little thing. No president in history has had a presidency as transparent as Obama’s has been, and still people continue to dog him over the same things that in any other president, the public wouldn’t have batted an eye.

    Turn your gimlet eye on the people who are sitting around in their hallowed halls with their fingers in corporate pockets and their heads up their calamari ends before you criticize the president.


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