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New Rules, Same Humans

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New Rules, Same Humans


On Tuesday morning, less than an hour after U.S. officials deported Guadalupe Olivas Valencia to Mexico, the 45-year-old man leapt to his death from a bridge that connects our two countries.

BBC News reported witnesses describing Olivas as distressed and saying he shouted that he did not want to return to Mexico before he jumped. He was from Sinaloa, one of the most violent states in the country.

If you’re inclined to point to Olivas’ three attempts to live here illegally as evidence of his unwillingness to follow the rules, consider recasting the indictment as a question: Why would this man have tried three times to escape Mexico?

As of Tuesday afternoon, we still knew little about Guadalupe Olivas Valencia beyond the circumstances of his death. But anyone paying attention to the news and capable of even a whisper of empathy knows there is more to his story. It is not difficult to imagine his death as a harbinger of more tragedies to come.

Olivas died on the same day the Department of Homeland Security released sweeping new guidelines that will most likely target for deportation millions more undocumented immigrants living in the United States. No matter how much they pay in taxes and Social Security and regardless of what they contribute to their communities, they are now more vulnerable. Something as simple as failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign can lead to one person’s deportation and the devastation of an entire family.

When I read about Olivas’ suicide, I immediately thought of another family of immigrants I wrote about in December 2010. The parents — I called them Mary and Joe to protect their identities — and their two elder children were born in Mexico. They fled for their lives, crossing the border illegally and then paying strangers $6,000 to ride in windowless vans from Arizona to a small town in northeast Ohio. They found full-time work and brought three more children into the world.

They lived in constant fear of discovery, but they were willing to take the risk to improve the lives of their children — an American value, I was raised to believe.

As I wrote at the time, one foggy evening in 2010, Joe was driving home from work, when police pulled him over for using high-beam headlights. He was gone before his wife and children could even visit him at the police station.

His 11-year-old daughter, Emma, took his deportation the hardest. She was a bright student, but her light burned out in her father’s absence. The longer he was gone the more morose and combative she became. Mary shared her concern in phone calls with her husband, but she was trying to keep her family afloat. One afternoon, Mary left Emma to watch the younger children so that she and her eldest daughter could run errands.

By the time they returned, Emma was gone. She had coiled a cord around her neck and tied it to the banister and then slid down the stairs until she suffocated.

I learned about Emma only after she had died, in an interview with Veronica Isabel Dahlberg, who is a co-founder and the executive director of HOLA, an advocacy group for the large Latino community in northeast Ohio. After reading about Olivas’ suicide on that bridge, I called Dahlberg to see how Emma’s family is doing now.

After his daughter’s suicide, Joe made it back to his family, but only for a while. He was arrested in 2012 after he was pulled over for another traffic infraction. This time, the charge was more serious because he’d already been deported. For months, he languished in a detention cell in Youngstown, awaiting his fate. On the day of his court hearing, Feb. 28, 2013, his wife of 20 years called Dahlberg.

“I could barely understand her at first,” Dahlberg said. “She was so upset.”

Joe had hanged himself in his cell. He was 40 years old.

Days after he died, Joe’s family — including his parents — and friends and colleagues gathered at a local funeral home to say goodbye. His death notice described him as a man who read the Bible every day and who tried to live his life by its teachings.

“His greatest joy,” it read, “came from being with his family.”

He is buried next to his daughter Emma, in the small American town where he once dared to believe that his family would be safe.

Connie Schultz is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and professional in residence at Kent State University’s school of journalism. She is the author of two books, including …and His Lovely Wife, which chronicled the successful race of her husband, Sherrod Brown, for the U.S. Senate.

IMAGE: Mexican immigration officers talk with a man whom they suspect to be an illegal immigrant during a search operation in Zapopan near Guadalajara, Mexico July 29, 2014. REUTERS/Alejandro Acosta/File Photo

Connie Schultz

Connie Schultz is a nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicated. Schultz won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for commentary and was a finalist for the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for feature writing. She has also published two books: Life Happens: And Other Unavoidable Truths -- a collection of her previously published columns -- and ...and His Lovely Wife: A Memoir from the Woman Beside the Man, which chronicled her experiences on the campaign trail with her husband, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.

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  1. Dominick Vila February 24, 2017

    Behind the facade of righteousness involving the claim that only criminals are being deported, the truth is that the deportations, like our obsession with Muslim refugees escaping violence, and often death, is influenced by a combination of fear, prejudice, greed, and hatred towards those who look and sound different than most Americans do.
    Every country has the right to protect its sovereignty. None has the right to engage in inhumane behavior worthy of the worst dictatorships in the history of humanity. Especially those who claim to be members of a Christian nation.
    I don’t know anybody who objects to deporting, or preferably incarcerating criminals. What most of us object to is mass deportations of people who entered our country illegally because our immigration laws would never give the the entry visas they would need to enter the USA legally. Add to that the need to escape misery, violence, and the allure of getting a good job, by their standards, and their decision to come to the USA without the documentation needed to do it legally is not surprising.
    Stories like the one highlighted in this article are being broadcast worldwide, not only by the BBC, but by most international media outlets. Hopefully we will refrain from preaching human rights, and sending election monitors, to Third World countries. I would hate to see tens of thousands of people die as a result of apoplectic attacks.

    1. mike February 24, 2017

      Dom your wrong again.
      You are the same folks who can contort the word of God to fit any pet progressive cause they like, but are nowhere to be found when it comes to the millions of unborn children killed in utero every year, the disintegration of social norms and ethics, or the disintegration of religious liberty in this country.
      When someone comes into this country illegally and takes advantage of our system of government … it is THEY who have committed the injustice.
      Typical of the left who use emotion rather logical thinking.

      1. Dominick Vila February 24, 2017

        I only support abortion when the life of the mother is at stake.
        The solution to the illegal immigration problem is (1) to change the laws to ensure our labor needs are met through immigration when the native workforce is unwilling or, as is the case in the hard science field, to meet skill level requirements. (2) Fine employers who hire undocumented immigrants, and shut down repeat offenders.

        1. mike February 24, 2017

          As usual you ignore justifying your anti-Christian remarks. Your bleeding heart for these illegals totally ignores the fact they broke the laws of this country and have no rights.
          Obama did little to fine employers and did fewer worksite audits after 2013. Obama if he had been serious would have gone to Congress(which the right would have jumped on) or used one of his many EO’s making E-verify mandatory, But, he didn’t!

          1. Dominick Vila February 24, 2017

            FYI – I am an agnostic. However, I respect the example established by Christ, and his teachings, which were focused on the need to love one another, help those in need, compassion, tolerance, and just about everything the neo-conservatives are not.
            Illegal immigration is a legitimate concern that must be addressed. Treating people like criminals is not a solution, however. President Obama asked Congress to change our immigration laws to solve this problem long term. He was ignored, the same way he was ignored when he proposed investing in infrastructure, closing the Gitmo concentration camp, and so many other issues. He did sign an EO protecting the children of illegal immigrants born in the USA, those that came as children, and their families. The difference between what he did and what is happening now is a sense of morality and humanity. You chose the anti-Christ, I support President Obama.

          2. mike February 24, 2017

            “Treating people like criminals is not a solution.” If you are referring to illegals you are full of you know what.
            That’s right he “asked” never did he lead.
            Obama disdained even his own Congressional Democrats or working with the other side. He chose to use his EO’s or EA’s rather than soil his hands. If he had wanted true change or wanted to lead he would have made every effort to reach some compromise.
            So its inhumane to send criminals with felonies out of the country, Right? You and the other emotional midgets with your bleeding hearts only care about the illegals, screw the rest of Americans and their rights. Your attitude is a perfect example of why you lost the election. After all these months the left still doesn’t get it, how sad.
            You support a failed president who ignored the rule of law and pushed his social-warrior bull sh**.
            BTW, EO’s can be reversed at any time and can be easily be reversed by the next president, which Trump is doing and with good riddance.
            Off to the golf course. Ta Ta

          3. Thoughtopsy February 24, 2017

            Obama tried in many many ways to find compromise.
            Alas, Turtle Neck and his Thug Life crew had already decided they would never agree with him, or touch anything the black guy had touched.

            Look at the Sequester… every time Obama agreed to most of their terms in order to find a compromise, they changed them to be more extreme. Why? Because there was not way they would allow it to look like they actually agreed with the black guy.

            Look at Immigration Reform… bipartisan, supported and engineered by both sides to avoid exactly the current Immigration problem… about to be voted on in the Senate… and what happened?

            Oh yeah… McConnell refused to allow it to be voted on at all.

            Because Obama was for it, and the GOP needed their largely white base to continue hating brown people and immigrants. And none of them could have their name on record as voting for a law that was “pro-immigrant”.

            So… Compromises were worked on, compromises were found… and your side shat all over them so they could point out that the black president couldn’t make government work, be racist and rile their base.

            Bet they’re happy now.

          4. mike February 25, 2017

            Having more of your selective memory I see. The Immigration reform bill I remember was passed in the senate in 2013 so there goes your argument that McConnell was the bad guy. BTW, the reason it didn’t get through the house is because of Obama’s history of picking and choosing what laws he wanted to enforce and since the Senate Bill did not provide Congress an opportunity to verify its implementation it lost.. What Obama did not want to do is secure the border first which was just the opposite of the House majority.
            Since Obama was the greatest leader(not) ever what else did he “ask” Congress to implement.

          5. Thoughtopsy February 24, 2017

            That’s right dumbass.
            People who break the law have no rights.
            That’s why you can just shoot dead anyone who is jaywalking, or dropping litter.

            Of course… there’s Miranda Rights…. and Human Rights….

            “What are those?” says tiny “mike”…
            Don’t worry, buddy, one day you’ll grow up and actually try to learn things.

          6. mike February 25, 2017

            I see you are having another of your emotional midget moments.

          7. Thoughtopsy February 25, 2017

            Well… you know, tiny “mike”… I have to break up your endless bile for the readers with some light entertainment. Wouldn’t want them getting too worked up about your lack of education, logic, intelligence, sanity, critical thinking, curiosity, empathy, humility, wisdom and common sense.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 24, 2017

    Such is the fate of so many who in the eyes of others who no longer are able to show empathy, to feel remorse, and who are no longer capable of displaying compassion as instructed by Jesus—humans in other parts of the world who are of a higher class and/or control the reins of power have a similar destruction of their humanity.

    What is especially galling is to see the callousness of so many Americans who feel as though their fellow humans, if not of the same skin color or nationality/ethnicity, aren’t worthy of reflecting to others the same love reflected by each of the Manifestations of God sent to instruct and edify the hearts of whomever They appeared before. Christianity as an Institution, just as Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc., is no longer capable of edifying the hearts. In the absence of any viability of the past Religions to revivify hearts gone cold and stony, partisan politics, nationality, Race, and man-made ideologies and economic priorities are the new gods—gods which have usurped the seat of the soul in those humans incapable of feeling a kinship with such as risk their lives to find a better option to develop themselves and their families in this plane of existence.

    Baha’u’llah spoke of religious fanaticism as a desolating affliction(“…Religious fanaticism and hatred are a world-devouring fire, whose violence none can quench. The Hand of Divine power can, alone, deliver mankind from this desolating affliction….”). Might we also say, as an extension of this form of distortion of Religion by its followers, that a similar affliction to affliction bedevils those communities of so-called Christians who would treat fellow Christians of Mexican, or pf any other nation, as not worthy of compassion? Is this deplorable and lamentable condition of American Christians to be considered acceptable in the sight of God, and will the combined institution of the Clergy in Christendom content with sitting on its hands in the face of a freight train of destruction and despondency called the TRUMP/GOP Express?

    Are loss of jobs, and a flagging economy acceptable excuses in the sight of God to allow for an isolationist, insular, inhumane, and coldly mechanistic view of human existence and interactions, as envisioned by the likes of Trump, the GOP, Steve Bannon, CPAC, and other deficient and distorted examples of being human?

    1. mike February 24, 2017

      More of your irrational illogical emotional mumbo jumbo. You open border douche bags have it so wrong.
      You are the same folks who can contort the word of God to fit any pet progressive cause they like, but are nowhere to be found when it comes to the millions of unborn children killed in utero every year, the disintegration of social norms and ethics, or the disintegration of religious liberty in this country.
      When someone comes into this country illegally and takes advantage of our system of government … it is THEY who have committed the injustice.

      Nobody of sound mind would contest that a country has the fundamental right to determine who crosses our border. The Immigration laws on the books have been ignored and it is time they are enforced.

      1. Thoughtopsy February 24, 2017

        I’m an atheist. “Unborn children” are embryos not “children”, and the mother has the same right to choose to bring them to term as you do to donate blood or an organ.

        What you poor whiny “save the unborn” types fail to understand is that your pseudo-religious bullsh!t about a cluster of cells in the womb is ENTIRELY informed by your religion.

        Once you accept that, then you have to accept the following:
        Because this is YOUR personal religious belief, you can’t inflict that belief on everyone else. Why? Because they are Constitutionally allowed their own religious beliefs and the freedom to practice those religious beliefs free of your incoherent meddling and enforced Christian belief system.

        Additionally the science says many things… none of them supportive of your point of view until very close to the birth. Since 95% of abortions (when not blocked by you and your knuckledragging right-to-lifers) take place very early on, and the rest take place to save the life of the mother, this point is laughably moot.

        You fail to understand the legal implications as well. Control over your own body is a basic human right. The mother has this human right, just as you do if someone else is dying of liver failure and you happen to be an exact match for them. You can CHOOSE to donate part of your liver for them. Or NOT. You cannot be compelled to surrender part of your body, or the health of your body for another person.

        You and your ignorant friends also show your racism by attempting to close down the services such local Abortion Clinics and PP that poor and brown people use… while condoning those in your immediate family and friends their secretive use of the same services when they “get in trouble”… all hush hush you understand. On top of that I see zero outrage from you and your mouthbreather religious ilk over fertility clinics… which wealthy, predominantly white women need to help them get pregnant as they age… which literally fertilise and implant hundreds of thousands of what you would call “unborn children” who then die because they do not result in a pregnancy.

        Do you know how hypocritical it is to watch you morons screaming about the 100 abortions a clinic did this year, while the fertility clinic down the road created 30,000 “unborn children” and 29,945 of them “died”.

        So take your religious pearl clutching and f**k off.
        If you don’t like Abortions… don’t have one. That’s the beauty of choice.
        If you don’t like other people having Abortions then reread the Constitution and Human Rights Law, and grow the f**k up.

        1. mike February 25, 2017

          I could care less what you think or your opinions.
          What I find comical about you secular progressives is how clueless you are to the political climate. The progressive ran roughshod over the right for years and after 6 years of victories in the State and Federal elections, the right totally crushed the clueless Hillary and the Democratic party. At this time the DP is the weakest in almost 90 years.
          The right is dismantling every progressive agenda that has been so deleterious to this country.
          If people agrees with you then all is hunky-dory but if they don’t agree you rear your ugly head with intolerance, vitriol, to try and intimidate and silence the opposition. A major conceit of the left is that opposing viewpoints aren’t just wrong, they are evil or, at least, morally suspect. Well those days are over. After 8 years under Obama and the clueless DNC leadership the left got their butts kicked. No WH, No House, No Senate, No Agenda. Almost a 1000 democratic seats lost at the state level plus double digit loses in State Houses. No SCOTUS nominees, etc.
          We will agree to disagree when life begins.
          Until PP welcomes an audit they should be denied federal funding. They were caught lying about breast cancer screening and only 3% of their business involved abortions. You said, “You and your ignorant friends also show your racism by attempting to close down the services such local Abortion Clinics and PP that poor and brown people use..” So these women have no other choices other than the 650-800 PP clinics, Right? What a crock of sh**!
          I will continue to enjoy watching the washing away of the Obama legacy that he built on sand and leaving you progressives twisting in the wind.
          Ta Ta

          1. Thoughtopsy February 25, 2017

            Yeah… typical.
            Avoidance, avoidance, avoidance. You don’t like/can’t answer my points, so you just start talking about how much you won.
            Do you know how infantile it is to watch a grown man do the written equivalent of chanting “We Won, We Won” whenever he doesn’t have an answer?

            I’m largely not going to bother to unpack your drivel (or the ridiculous straw man you just set up towards the end there) again, just to have you divert back to the same old bullsh1t, hand waving and dumbass repetition.

            I will simply say the same thing I always say when you bloviate about winning, like your fatuous orange god-child:

            Stop deluding yourself, pinhead. You didn’t come even close to “crushing” anything. You had the weakest electoral college ‘victory’ in recent history, you lost the popular vote by the largest vote total in the history of the USA, and lost it by the largest percentage margin since the late 1800s… and on top of all that, you squeaked in with your excitingly tiny margin of victory in key states WITH the avid assistance of Putin and the KKK. It’s amazing how your tiny egos require blowing this up into some sort of epic victory, though.

            Very Idiocy. Much Pathetic.

          2. mike February 25, 2017

            You’re deluding yourself if you think Trump won’t remove obama’s failed policies.
            PS. Trump is President and he continues to fulfill his campaign promises and you can’t do a damn thing except watch.
            Your really are nuts if you think KKK or Putin changed the election.
            How much Trump won by means zilch. Try what you might to delegitimize Trump it doesn’t change the fact trump is In the Oval Office and Hillary is in the
            forest walking in circles.
            As to your ill-informed EC numbers. Trump beat Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Bush(43).
            Trump won get over it.

          3. Thoughtopsy February 26, 2017

            Several more straw man and more avoidance.
            LOL I’m amazed you can’t see it for yourself.

            But.. but.. but… tiny “mike”… Above you were beating your chest and frothing over Trump “CRUSHING” the liberals…
            Yet after one reply from me the best you can do is:
            – Suddenly claim that how much Trump won by is not important… LOL Note: This is the exact opposite of the point you made further up.
            – Set up a straw man about Trump removing Obama’s policies… Note: Not something I argued.
            – Set up the straw man of me supposedly claiming that Trump didn’t beat carter, Kennedy… et al. Note: Something that I never claimed
            Then responding to your own straw men with a variety of convenient answers including the ludicrous: “He beat the worst four recent Presidential Electoral College victories….” ….Followed by the boring but predictable (and somewhat sulky) repetition of various forms of “He won”.

            Hahahaha. Wow.
            Can’t you see that your impression of his “Massive Victory” is so deluded when compared to reality that it takes one post before you cave, pretend I made a different point, answer the point I didn’t make, then petulantly run away chanting “He won”…?

            If your fall-back position on Trump’s win is “he was the fifth WORST/WEAKEST EC victory in recent history”, which is correct, then you have severe problems.
            That is apart from the other obvious problems.

            Here are the relevant lists:
            If you set Rank inverted you will find Trump had the 11th worst EC victory of the entirety of US history. This puts him in the bottom 20% of EC victories.

            If you review the popular vote table:
            You find that by percentage vote margin Trump is the 3RD WORST. That’s 55th out of 58.
            And by raw vote count margin Trump is the #1 worst Presidential “victory” in history. That’s 58th out of 58.

            Do you know how weak that looks, tiny “mike”?
            So… tell me again how impressive this “total crushing” of the Liberals was…??

            You also may wish to investigate (within yourself) why you seem to think that Trump utterly limp EC showing is so fantastic that you crow about it every time you are questioned.

          4. mike February 27, 2017

            You must get a life.
            “I can crow about it” knowing there is only one President who controls the the three branches of govt. and that is Trump. Trump won and is President of the United States of American and there is not a damn thing that will change that.
            You no longer have the WH, House, Senate, the left has 12 fewer Governorships and a 1000 less seats held by state democrat legislators all under Obama and the clueless democratic leadership. In the eyes of rational people that’s one impressive win over the last 6 years. End of story!
            The Democratic Party has the least amount of power since the late 1920’s.
            You lost you dumb bitch.
            Ta Ta mental midget!

          5. Thoughtopsy February 27, 2017

            Its a real pleasure watching your tiny mind flailing around, chest beating and chanting random stuff about Cheeto Jesus.

            Do go on… 😀

          6. mike February 27, 2017

            Do you mean that Trump is President?
            Do you mean Hillary isn’t?
            Do you mean the DP that is the weakest since the late 1920’s.
            Do you mean SCOTUS staying conservative?
            Do you mean watching Obama’s failed agenda and legacy being dismantled by Trump.
            Do you mean watching the left become apoplectic, frantic, frenzied, delusional, hallucinating over Trump?

            Don’t worry I have and will.
            Ta Ta pea brain!

      2. Thoughtopsy February 24, 2017

        On immigration:
        Sure they’ve broken the law. But instead of trying to resolve it legally and humanely, the GOP has blocked all immigration reform and screamed bloody murder about the brown people in the country.
        They hypocritically don’t mention the large number of white illegal immigrants from Europe for example… I wonder why that is?
        They hypocritically don’t mention the net negative immigration from Mexico.
        They hypocritically don’t mention that the vast majority of illegals arrive by PLANE. Making a border wall pure idiocy.
        They hypocritically don’t mention many of them are fleeing literal death making them refugees.
        They hypocritically don’t mention that the entire economy is supported by the legal, tax paying work these people do, often without access to social services. So they pay into the US Economy, but take less out.

        Is it a problem? Sure.
        Are they illegally in the country? Sure.
        Has the GOP/President Snowflake shown any interest to date in finding a legal and humane solution? Hahahahahahahaha

        Instead we are going to see:
        – Death.
        – Imprisonment.
        – Camps (how else do you hold 11 million people the 3-6 months each that they require to be legally deported?)… Shall we call these “Concentration Camps”? I mean we are “Concentrating” an ethnic and racial group into camps… I guess they are by definition “Concentration Camps”… Nothing bad ever happens in those… right tiny “mike”?
        – Families destroyed.
        – State economies collapsing.
        – A serious dip in US GDP.

        And we get all of this just so President F**kface Von Clownstick can “prove” he’s doing something about ethnic cleans… ooops… I mean “immmigration” to pinheads like you.

        Just the brown people, though… right?
        Wouldn’t want to upset the KKK or the alt-right or all those totally-not-racist Trumptards, would we…

        All pointless human cruelty for stupid political theatre that will do nothing for American society, the American economy, or actual real illegal immigration.

        You could have resolved this legally and sensibly and humanely.
        But the GOP needs their base to hate immigrants.
        So instead you’re going to look even more like Nazi Germany, or the Japanese Internment debacle in WW2…

        I bet that’s going to work out great…

        1. mike February 25, 2017

          Thinking stupidly continues on your part.
          Trump a snowflake, how funny! Trump is far from the “wet, teary and ludicrous which best describes the left.”
          The Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to fog your brain.
          Reading your post just shows how your delusional mental state of mind continues to not fit the real world.

          1. Thoughtopsy February 25, 2017

            I note you failed to either understand or respond to any point I made.
            Very Sadness. Much Dumb.

          2. mike February 25, 2017

            As to the part “but take less out.” Wrong again mental midget! A study of Illegal immigrants as head of household show the net loss to tax payers is $14,000 +. They receive $24,700 in welfare benefits and pay less than $10,000 in taxes.
            As to the rest of your post there is little to no value worth a response. Just more delusional Bravo Sierra.
            Now don’t forget, you can bitch and complain all you want knowing there is nothing you can do to stop Trump.

  3. Thoughtopsy February 24, 2017

    The immigration stance of the GOP and their knuckle-dragger voting base is second its idiocy and willful ignorance only to the lies and idiocy in denying the Russian Election interference.

    A few basic facts:
    1) Immigrants massively improve the growth of the economy.
    2) All Americans are immigrants in one sense or another. Yeah even you white people.
    3) Net migration from Mexico is negative and continuing to drop.
    4) Most illegal immigrants ARRIVE BY PLANE and overstay. Get it? BY PLANE. The same planes that fly over walls.
    5) Immigrants, especially illegals, commit less crime than dumb white Americans.
    5) One of America’s founding concepts is accepting people from other countries… the Statue of Liberty has a poem to this engraved on it’s base.

    This immigration-theatre and casually cruel human destruction are all for show… so President F**kstick Von Clownface can give his followers a long con of “doing something about the brown people”.

    How do you know it’s just show? It only focuses on brown people (many white Europeans are illegal immigrants for example, but there’s no mention when its WHITE people… I wonder why….), it will require 500K immigration agents (there’s only 100K now), 19 years, vast Judicial resources, and literal “Concentration Camps” (no doubt privatized) in multiple states…. to deport 11-15 million people.
    I bet the optics on that are going to be amazing…. because nothing goes wrong when you put a certain ethnic group in Concentration Camps… right?

    What will this actually achieve?
    – Death.
    – Suffering.
    – Families ripped apart.
    – Overloading the Justice system.
    – Turning local cops into immigration enforcers.
    – Creating more crime that goes unreported for fear of deportation.
    – Destruction of State economies as those States lose small businesses, students, researchers and some of the most motivated and brightest people driving their GDP.
    – Serious damage to US GDP as the bottom is cut out of the country’s economy.

    All of this…. so a fat orange man with zero understanding of anything beyond his own ego can “prove” he is tough to pinheaded moron voters who don’t understand anything about their own system.

    Trust me… you deserve Every. Single. Thing. You. Are. About. To. Get.
    Maybe it will stimulate you to actually educate yourselves.

    1. Madison Hall February 25, 2017

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