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Newt Gingrich Stands By Akin At Missouri Fundraiser

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Newt Gingrich Stands By Akin At Missouri Fundraiser


Appearing today at a fundraiser in Kirkwood, Missouri for Senate candidate Todd Akin, former Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich offered the support and encouragement that few others in his party have dared give.

Abandoned by the GOP after his infamous “legitimate rape” comments, and crucified by the liberal and conservative media alike, Akin vowed to remain in the Senate race for the “long haul” and emerge victorious.

After sharing his toxic views on women’s health, Akin’s conservative donors and supporters pulled out in droves, denouncing the candidate’s statements. This despite the fact that in 2011 Akin had co-authored a bill with Paul Ryan to narrow the definition of rape to “forcible rape,” in order to prevent the use of federal Medicaid funds on abortions.

During the fundraiser, Newt Gingrich expressed confidence in Akin’s chances. “This is a winnable race,” Gingrich said. “I don’t see how any national Republicans…  have a choice after tomorrow.”

Gingrich was referring to the September 25 deadline for Akin to withdraw from the race using a court order. Resisting the onslaught of Republicans who urged him to drop out of the race, Akin allowed an August 22 deadline to pass. After tomorrow’s deadline, under Missouri state law, Akin’s name will remain on the ballot no matter what. However, nothing suggests that Akin will pull out of the race before then.

The race in Missouri is one of the critical linchpins of the GOP’s bid to regain the Senate majority. In the lead before his monumental gaffe, Akin now trails his Democratic opponent, incumbent Claire McCaskill, by 6 points, a Rasmussen poll shows. During the Kirkwood fundraiser, Gingrich stressed that this election was “a key to winning control of the Senate.”

Rick Tyler, a former Gingrich aide now attached to Akin’s Senate bid, addressed the issue of getting the conservative money machine back in order. “We are tilling that hard soil now — that is, reaching out to people who could potentially give significant amounts of dollars,” Tyler said.

With the Senate Conservatives Fund — a group that has raised more than $11 million for other Republican candidates — now considering getting involved, Akin might just be on his way to restarting his campaign.

Photo credit: AP/Orlin Wagner, File


  1. Divertissement September 24, 2012

    here’s a good example of the bewildered championing the misguided.

    1. Fern Woodfork September 24, 2012

      Newt Just Mad Cause He Lost And This Is A Way He Get back At The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Members!! LOL Newt Needs To Be In The Zoo Instead Of Visiting Them!! Newt Is Just Another Nut That Escape From The Asylum!!

  2. Dominick Vila September 24, 2012

    How appropriate, two despicable human beings helping each other! The sad part of this is that Akin is leading in Missouri! So much for human values and objectivity…

    1. edwardw69 September 24, 2012

      Leading? The article says he isn’t. And that’s the Razzmatazz poll. Say it ain’t so.

      1. Daniel Jones September 24, 2012

        The race is and has been a very tight one all along, and polls allow a certain margin of error.

      2. Fern Woodfork September 25, 2012

        He’s Not Leading He’s 4 Points Behind!!

  3. Wokeup flared up September 24, 2012

    NEWT? He had Newt defend him? Birds of a feather flock together. He really wants to lose

  4. jcbsdriver September 24, 2012

    Newt the adulteror and Akin the clueless. What a combination! Wish they would both just go away so we don’t have to listen to their mouths anymore.

    1. Fern Woodfork September 24, 2012

      Akin Is A Loser That’s Being Backed By A Loser!!!LOL Always Remember Rape Is Rape!!!

  5. bcarreiro September 24, 2012

    hey newt, did the check clear???

  6. batavier September 24, 2012

    “Newt Gingrich Stands By Akin At Missouri Fundraiser”

    With Newt Gingrich as “defender”, Akin has pretty well defined his moral and ethical vacuum!

  7. Joe Narusiewicz September 24, 2012

    Old Newt the cheater adulterer who leaves his wife while she has cancer, that one? The immoral hypocrite is now backing a guy who doesn’t know what a science book is? Todd Akin defines rape like a total sexist and now this phony Gingrich backs him…..Don’t fall for it America get rid of all these leeches and tea party brown shirters

    1. Gary Godfrey September 25, 2012

      Americans are horrified by bad politiciant, so why won’t they get rid of them?

  8. ChristoD September 24, 2012

    Hopefully Newt the Beaut’s support will translate into an anchor around Mr Neanderthal’s neck and he sinks to the bottom of the ocean where his asinine butt belongs.

  9. GIoia Shebar September 24, 2012

    Why am I NOT surprised that the ethically, morally, and intellectually challenged in the GOP stand together?

    1. SaneJane September 24, 2012

      They are past being merely challenged, they are ethically, morally and intellectually bankrupt.

      1. lindablue September 24, 2012

        Right on!!!

  10. boxersdaddy September 24, 2012

    lotsa spin going on here for mr. female anatomy and physiology.

  11. lindablue September 24, 2012

    I have to ask just how much of Newt Gingrich’s campaign bill Akin can help him pay off? Newt does nothing for free.

  12. Michael Stoll September 24, 2012

    He’s not perfect . None of us are . When you all the dumb stuff Obama says it’s amazing he wasn’t impeached . If he were White he probably would have been jailed for treason by now . Having said that . Lets all hope Akin beats Mc Caskill ..she is as Rabid Bat Crazy as Nancy Pelosi and Cherokee Liz

    1. Jim Myers September 24, 2012

      I, for one, am sick to death of the racist remarks from the Obama haters. As a caucasian, I find it disgusting that people cannot see past a persons skin color to see the real person inside.

      If you hate Obama just because his skin is darker than yours, you DESERVE the world that is in the making. The “White Majority” in America will soon be in the minority. There are more and more Latinos, Asians and African Americans being born here and immigrating here than there are whites.

      GET OVER IT!!!!!!

      1. sikathelibsheet September 24, 2012

        It has nothing to do with his race. It has everything to do with him being an arrogant, narcissistic, racist, communist, Muslim, whom along with his “white American” hating wife want nothing more than to see this country destroyed. He has told us that numerous times in his books and by his and her own mouths. He’s stated that he wants to fundamentally transform this country. I’d say he’s done that, not completely but if given 4 more years he just may get his wish. How much more debt can he incur? How many more company’s can he take over? How many more times can our credit rating be lowered? Race has nothing to do with it. I only wish Alan West was our presidential candidate. Incase you don’t know he’s black and he’s a true American. The sad thing is people can see the real person inside this empty suit.

        1. Landsende September 25, 2012

          GWB transformed the country from a thriving war free, debt free country to a country involved in two wars and would not raise taxes to pay for them instead lowering taxes. The country was on the verge of bankruptcy with the financial meltdown, housing crisis, and 700,000 jobs lost every month. Did you complain about GWB when this was going on or did you blindly idolize him because he was a republican. I didn’t vote For President Obama in 2008 but after seeing how he has turned the economy around in spite of the teathuglicans efforts to stymie him even going so far as to cause our credit rating to be lowered I intend to vote for him in November. The economy is improving, the Dow has doubled to over 13,000, jobs are being added instead of lost, Bin Laden and other top Al Quaida leaders are dead, much needed health care reform was passed that will help anyone with pre-existing conditions obtain insurance, no lifetime limits, children can be covered on parents policy until age 26, preventative health care, no lifetime limits, and insurance companies must use 80% of premiums for healthcare or refund the amount are just a few of the benefits. Quit being brainwashed by Faux News who have admitted on air that they lie and Limbaugh who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face, and maybe you’ll realize that President Obama has done more to help the citizens of this country to repair the damage that Bush did during the eight years of his presidency.

      2. lindablue September 24, 2012

        Two thumbs up!!!

    2. sikathelibsheet September 24, 2012

      You are so right. When will they get the fact that it has nothing to do with his race. Except the race card is always being played to divert from the real issues and facts. He has committed many impeachable offenses and is not called on them because the pansy asses are afraid the race card will be played and it will be and has been.

  13. Jerry Beck September 24, 2012

    So,here we have a guy who wants to be a senator,has no clue whats going on and most of his donor’s and supporters leave him. Polls now show him losing and what happens? In steps a senate conservative fund group that has raised more than $11 million for other republicans considering getting involved,so another republican buys his way in? That how they see our government works?

  14. Raoul September 24, 2012

    If Akin wins, there goes my hope for America future.

  15. Claude Miller September 24, 2012

    newt may be the kiss of death for sure,hope so

  16. Victoria M September 24, 2012

    If ever there was a Politician who disrespected women, it was Newt G. Takes one to know one.

  17. Bob September 24, 2012

    What can you expect from the Newt!!!!

  18. Deskjet September 24, 2012

    If Americans keep selling there votes to Republicans there will be no one to say NO!!

  19. Dump 'em September 24, 2012

    The bottom of the Republican barrel (Gingrich) championing a totally clueless Todd Akin who is probably the result of a LEGITIMATE rape. Unethical Newt supporting a NO GOOD woman abuser (Akin) is about par for the hypocritical Republican far right wing. I wonder if Akin LEGITIMATELY rapes his wife when he feels like it?????

    1. lindablue September 24, 2012

      Ah the morality of this group.

  20. pleiku1965 September 24, 2012

    No matter what article, in any venue, there are always people who cannot stick to the subject. They have to spout off about our current President. They have the same dribble exhibited on Fox News and Rush bigmouth.

    As to this story, wait until the female electorate have their say at the ballot box. Then digest the crap you have been listening to.

    There were actually a few who read the article. Akin will be aching allright.

    1. lindablue September 24, 2012

      Two thumbs up!!!

  21. robert September 24, 2012

    Todd Akins just lost his race. Missouri will do good to make it final.

  22. Lynda September 24, 2012

    Newt is just the guy I would want standing by my side…if I was about to be hanged.

  23. ayayaboy September 25, 2012

    Gingrich is a big time dreamer about Akin;s prospects. Ciao!!!!!

  24. Grunge45 September 25, 2012

    If a Democrat uses a bad word, they jump all over him/her. But this atavism believes women can prevent children after a “legitimate rape”by will power. Put this misogynist back to the year 1000 when they said that the sun revolves around the earth.

  25. ridemybroom September 25, 2012

    Like i keep saying about the GOP = Goofy Old People ….!!!

  26. William Frederick Brooks September 25, 2012

    Kudos to Newt for having the stones to stand up for a friend. Too bad it is such bad timing , however.

    Akin won’t gain much after his blatantly stupid statements, and Gingrich won’t either.

    At least Gingrich has proven that not all Republicans eat their own to survive. Just most of them.

    We can only hope that Claire McCaskill will win the day and we won’t have to listen to any more 1950’s good old boy Republican attitudes for awhile. Perhaps a woman in congress can help pass a bit more intelligent and measured legislation for women’s rights and protection.

  27. ivory69690 September 25, 2012

    Newt Gingrich Stands By Akin At Missouri Fundraiser/// is that a good thing or a bad thing that the newtster is on your side or not ? hmmmm check out what and of the females look like in akin,s life it could very well be one in there he,s thinking of trying for his next wife

  28. ladyj September 25, 2012

    Everyone has their own views and who they want to win the election from each state. Akins is a piece of cake, out of touch of women. Newt is backing a looser in my opinion. No wonder he did not get the nod for candidate for President. Wake up Missourian and look around. Vote for Askin will be a mistake. But what ever you for, you have to live with your decisions.

    1. roseviolet September 25, 2012

      If Akin is elected, it won’t just be Missouri having to live with their decision. We all will, even if just by more asinine sound bites and his appearances on C-SPAN. He’s running for a federal office.

  29. douglasburson September 25, 2012

    I would vote for a dart before McCaskill. She is Satan’s daughter.

  30. dandy September 25, 2012

    Who better to support him than Newt. Oh, what brother love. Both have no idea of a woman let alone their body.

  31. u_go_guys September 25, 2012

    Let’s be grateful Akins stayed on. It will mean another democratic in the legislative branch.

  32. RCQ_92130 September 25, 2012

    Good for you, Newt!

    Contrast that with Rove, telling us “He” will not support the candidate the PEOPLE chose for themselves.

  33. Sand_Cat September 25, 2012

    What’s the fuss about. Akin was just honest (=stupid these days) to say what a majority of the Republican cult believes. Those who may not buy his wacky “science” (and why shouldn’t the Global Warming / Evolution denial crowd go the extra step), their policy preferences – which are what count – are the same. And we can add to that the idiots who – like our friend douglasburson – think the Democrats are Satan’s offspring.

    I wish I could say differently, but it looks like a Republican victory (in Missouri, anyway) to me.

  34. roseviolet September 25, 2012

    Well of course Newt has to defend Akin and stand up for his chance to win. They’re both open misogynists. Newt has to defend others of the type.

    Besides, just because he says “this is a winnable race” while talking about Akin doesn’t necessarily make it so. After all, a person could start saying the sky is purple (or any other color of their choice besides blue). It wouldn’t change the color of the sky. You don’t get to create your own reality with its own facts. Reality is reality and facts are facts. They’re the same for everyone.

  35. Julia Margrave September 25, 2012

    Newt is a big fat loser and hopefully Akins will also be one and we will never hear any more stupid words come from his completely uneducated brain!

  36. Julia Margrave September 25, 2012

    Newt is not the only loser who is supporting Akin. That fool Mike Huckabee is also behind him. As if he has any power.

  37. JerryB September 25, 2012

    Yes, the G-nO-P throws money, NOT HONESTY, at the issue or problem. Todd Akin was even denounced by Gov. Robme, whose underaged Mormon child-brides were “forcibly raped”, also. LMAO
    The Ripofflican Party wants your vote but won’t help you ’cause you’re part of the 47% that makes up the 99%….

  38. JerryB September 25, 2012

    Akin’s comment is indicative of the G-nO-P. That’s how they REALLY feel – that they should have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body.
    Robme said how he really felt when he said he wasn’t going to look out for the 47% (he really meant 99%). Gingrich said that child labor laws should go away and poor kids should go out and get jobs – yeah, for his CORP. BOSSES in their sweatshops. Bush cared less about the people hit by Katrina, and did nothing for them.
    Palin quit her job as gov. and wanted to be Veep and said, “I can win” last year to Newsweek magazine but didn’t RUN. Cain said he’d be leading Obama now if he was the nominee.

  39. JerryB September 25, 2012

    You can’t impeach a president for saying ‘dumb stuff.’ If that were so, Michael, then your hero Dumbya would’ve been IMPEACHED RIGHT AFTER the 2000 debates with V.P. Gore, the man who SHOULD’VE BEEN OUR Pres. instead of Bush Baby!
    Bush would’ve out of office on Day One! Oh, that’s right …he was at the Crawford Ranch most of his first 5 months in office, anyway!

  40. JerryB September 25, 2012

    You say it has nothing to do with race? How about the record number of death threats he’s received (MORE than any other pres. in U.S. history!) while in office? How about the Ripofflican House Rep. VOTING a record 33 times to repeal Obamacare? How about a Congressman shouting “You lie!!” during the president’s speech? Bush baby wanted to destroy the nation – he brought on RUINOUS DEBT by engaging in TWO WARS he didn’t pay for, couldn’t win, or get us out of! He endorsed torture, wiretapped private citizens, watched Cheney out a CIA agent, and polarized the electorate by stealing an election! Allen West is a joke – a house negro extraordinaire….even most whites know that. Gov. Robme is a STOOGE for big business – he stashes monies overseas, slashes jobs, likes to fire people and LIES.

    1. lindablue September 25, 2012

      Good commentary but fact have no place in their arguments.

  41. JerryB September 25, 2012

    …all wrong! Allen West is the empty suit. Obama’s saved healthcare, which Bill and Hillary tried to do in the ’90s, but were stopped by the GOP-dominated Congress. How many companies has Obama taken over? Name me one. Detroit automakers are thriving since Obama bailed them out and Wall St. banking firms are repaying back loans! Stop watching FoxNews…even their leader, Rupert Murdoch, is under investigation for UNETHICAL BUS. PRACTICES!

    1. lindablue September 25, 2012

      Even Rupert Murdock doesn’t like Romney.

  42. Kansan September 27, 2012

    Newtie thought his presidential campaign was winnable as well.


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