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Not Your Grandfather's Social Security Office

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Not Your Grandfather's Social Security Office


Q: I would like you to comment on the attached email. In it, you’ll see a photo that shows a waiting room in a typical Social Security office. I’ve seen similar scenes in my own local office. No wonder Social Security is in trouble if these kinds of people are ripping off the system!

A: Who are “these kinds of people”? To answer the question, let me describe the photo for the rest of my readers. Labeled “Our tax dollars at work: Social Security office waiting room — Austin, Texas,” the image shows a room full of chairs. Sitting in those chairs is a collection of mostly young to middle-aged people. Almost everyone in the picture is African-American or Hispanic. Above the picture is this question: “Do you see any gray or white haired retired folks?”


  1. Ken Beiner November 9, 2011

    The need to make assumptions and spread racism is so strong for some people. As the articale points out- the majority of people go to the office for admistrative needs, such as replacing a Social Security card. Ironic that the person making the wrong assumption doesn;t even get the implication of their own comment ” My friend went to his Social Security office to get a Medicare card. He took a picture of the waiting room. Please tell me if you can find a retired person in the place!!!!” So, the person making the assumption was there to get a ‘card’ but no one else could have been? Geeze… what distorted thinking.

  2. Paul Neymeyr November 9, 2011

    In every age people have not based their opions on facts but what the latest rumor is. It would be so nice if people would include reliable statistics/evidence to back up their view, rather than trashing people or ideas with “facts created in someone imagination or nightmares.


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