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NRA News Dismisses LGBT Students’ Safety Concerns Over Texas’ New Campus Carry Law

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NRA News Dismisses LGBT Students’ Safety Concerns Over Texas’ New Campus Carry Law


Published with permission from Media Matters

The National Rifle Association’s radio show dismissed personal safety concerns raised by LGBT students at the University of Houston following Texas’ August 1 adoption of a law allowing concealed guns to be carried on many parts of public college campuses.

Cam Edwards, the host of NRA News’ Cam & Company, cited a Buzzfeed article where a University of Houston student, who self-identifies as transgender and intersex, expressed fear of being shot if someone was angered by their use of gender-neutral pronouns.

On the August 30 edition of Cam & Company, Edwards dismissed the student’s worries, as well as those of other LGBT students mentioned in the article, saying he feels “horrible” for those students because “they don’t have to feel that way and yet they’re being told by anti-gun professors, they are being told by anti-gun media, they are being told by anti-gun activists that oh yes, absolutely, they should feel this way, they should be scared of concealed carry holders.”

“Unless they have been living in a cave somewhere in Texas and they only emerged to go to college, they’ve been hanging around concealed carry holders virtually their entire life if they grew up in Texas,”  Edwards continued. (While discussing the article, Edwards mistakenly cited it as appearing in The Houston Chroniclerather than Buzzfeed.)

Edwards never read from sections of the Buzzfeed article, where multiple LGBT students talked about how they “regularly experienced intimidation on campus before the law was implemented,” especially from extremists who hold hateful protests on campus, and expressed concern that guns can be carried at the school’s LGBT center:

Some of the students thought about protesting, but they didn’t think it would be safe. “We would also out ourselves in the process, which isn’t safe for many of the LGBT students on campus,” [student Robyn] Foley added. “Especially now.”


Many of the LGBTQ students told BuzzFeed News they regularly experienced intimidation on campus before the law was implemented — both from fellow students and from non-student religious protest groups on campus, which the students refer to as “Hell Yellers.”

Many non-student religious groups, including one called Bulldog Ministries, show up on UH’s campus during midterms and finals and yell at students, the students at the LGBT center told BuzzFeed News.

On Bulldog’s website, men can be seen in various locations in Houston holding signs reading, “WARNING: drunks, homosexuals, abortionists, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists, witches, idolaters, HELL AWAITS YOU.”


Foley said they have had slurs yelled at them and been “intimidated” on campus before. Other LGBT students said they have had similar experiences.

According to news reports analyzed by the Violence Policy Center, since May 2007, 885 people have been killed by concealed carry permittees, including 48 people in Texas. The gunman who committed the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history on June 12 by targeting an Orlando LGBT nightclub was licensed to carry a gun in public.



  1. FireBaron September 1, 2016

    Here is my recommendation for the NRA. Take a close look at your board of directors. Anybody who was not issued an Honorable Discharge, or who did not retire after a career of 20 years or more from the military or a police force should resign their seats. Obviously none of those people have any idea of the real effect firearms have on the human body, nor have any idea of what is needed to provide proper training of not only how but when to use firearms.

    1. Mama Bear September 1, 2016

      Firearms will apparently never be restricted in this country. So, my thought is to register, and take a test to get a licence and then ….pay a tax on it just like we do our cars. If your gun is stolen you must report it instantly and pay a fine for allowing it to be unsecured. If it is subsequently used in a crime you pay another hefty fine for your sloppiness.

      1. Dan S September 1, 2016

        Thank you for for saying the same thing I’ve said for years now. What we’re seeing is a gross misrepresentation of the 2nd Amendment & throwing good common sense out the window. Now we have available new smart gun technology where if your gun is stolen it can’t be fired except by the owner of that gun. Naturally the NRA is dead set against that idea & rejects registration of guns. How many more lives need to be sacrificed & allow the unbridled use of guns ?

        1. DEFENDER88 September 2, 2016

          Lives are being sacrificed because people are not willing and/or not allowed to defend themselves. Most notably your Gun Free Killing Zones. Schools, Movie Theaters(Aurora), Gay Bars(Orlando), …, everywhere.

          How naive, you must be young.
          Unbridled use of guns? There are thousands upon thousands of gun laws.
          Problem is the criminals, gangs, etc and insane don’t obey the laws.
          Thus your well meaning but ignorant Gun Free Zones are actually getting “more” people killed. You are right here – Good common sense is being “thrown out the window”.
          A Gun Free Zone is only “Gun Free” until some kook shows up with a gun – then what? – we now know that answer.

          Better Permit training, more thorough back-gnd cks etc – yes.
          Registration – NO.
          Because we know why you want “Registration” – its for “Confiscation”. Subjugation.

          1. RightThinkingOne September 2, 2016

            I agree with everything you wrote, but it goes beyond “statistics.” It is a matter of our basic right, and no statistics can change that fact.

          2. DEFENDER88 September 2, 2016

            Most milleanials have been conditioned by yrs of Dem control and Dogma to think Self Defense is a crime.

            Pitiful Ignorance, Dem Snow Job. That the police will keep them safe. They have no concept that “Self Defense”, the 300 million guns in the homes of Americans and those willing to use them in “Self Defense” is what keeps the thugs and Govt for that matter from overrunning everyone.

            They don’t even understand the phrase “When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away.” Or in rural America – minutes to hours. They don’t understand, a LOT of damage can be done in 60 seconds. I urge them to Google the Petit murders(Wife and 2 daughters – raped and burned alive) in Conn. I urge them to consider that “ALL” the Mass Killings have been done in “Their” – “Gun Free Zones”.

          3. RightThinkingOne September 5, 2016

            Yes, it is unfortunate to think that those young people – who will come to positions of influence and power in a couple of decades – are bringing that, along with a nescience of our history and founding principles.

          4. Dan S September 2, 2016

            You think I’m young ? Why Thank you seeing how earlier this week I had the joy of doing a colonoscopy & I wear hearing aids. Don’t even get me going on my rheumatoid arthritis. Naive you say ? How naive is it that a crazed gunman goes to a packed movie premiere & dang it’s my bad if I’m also not packing heat. Or a Church welcomes a stranger to pray with them & then are gunned down. Now seriously who’s really naive ? You can’t possibly expect everyone of us to carry a gun out of a very remote chance I’ll encounter someone who has no business having a gun to begin with. ????

          5. DEFENDER88 September 2, 2016

            Ok don’t carry a gun if you don’t want to – no problem.
            But as a Competition shooter, State Certified Conceal Carry, + more – don’t deny “me” the right to carry and protect/defend myself and maybe you.
            Ok I guess you were just “talking” like you are inexperienced.
            Like most mileanneals who have been brainwashed into thinking that “Self Defense” is not a basic right anymore.
            As to the issues:
            Gun Free Zones
            The facts are “In” – the mentally ill, terrorists etc are attracted to them since they can maximize the slaughter there, knowing there is no-one there who can shoot back.
            You people claim to want “Common Sense” “Gun Control” – cant get more “Common Sense than that”.

            Oh wait! – I called it “Gun Control”, of course, you – the intellectual elite, in your infinite wisdom, have changed the semantics to “Gun Safety”. What a “Crock” – none of the Gun “Safety” Groups have a damn thing to do with actual Gun Safety.
            They would not know gun “Safety” it is was crammed up their A*s.
            Whereas the NRA actually “teaches” “Gun Safety”. Fact they developed the Natl standards for it.

            Its not about Gun Control, its about “Control” and Emotions.
            Its about “feel good” emotions vs actual “safety”.
            Gun Free Zones makes you “feel” safe/good.
            When in reality they are Free Kill zones and the mentally ill, criminals and terrorists know it – they are screwed-up but “they aint dumb”.
            Another great, feel good, idea gone wrong.

            In the world we have to live in today:
            All – Venues, theaters, Gay Bars(Orlando), etc
            Any place that bans guns but does not provide adequate “armed” security should be shut down.
            Or allow concealed carry. Choose your poison.

            The U.S. has always had more guns than any other country.
            But the mass murder was not like it is now. At 70 yo I have lived much of it. I know it was not always like this.

          6. Dan S September 2, 2016

            Dude ???? If WWIII starts anytime soon I guess your prepared. I still say there are too many guns in the hands of mentally ill people. When you have Trump saying he can shoot someone & not lose any support it gives me pause on the sanity of certain gun owners. I’ll keep my faith in the Lord not Smith & Wesson

          7. DEFENDER88 September 2, 2016

            Too many guns in the hands of mentally ill? – I AGREE – So lets do things that will reduce that.
            But – taking/banning “my” guns away will not help with that. Like Hillary said she will do.
            In Fact, like Gun Free Zones – it would make things worse, less safe.
            exa – I could support – Include a mental health check to buy a firearm along with the NICS(Natl Instant Criminal Syst) checks that are already done to buy a legal gun, including finger printing, etc.
            A Conceal Carry permit is even more strict and more checks and training.

            Also too many guns in the hands of Gang Bangers/criminals.
            An even tougher problem, they do not obey the rules or submit to BKgd Cks etc. or any rules.
            One reason why people like me want guns.

            As for faith in the Lord – I was asked to do Church Security at my church(Baptist)(2,000 members).
            I call it the “Sword of Joshua” Ministry:) Don’t hurt my people and I wont hurt you. So I have faith in God AND Smith & Wesson. And, apparently, my church does also.
            My pastor met me outside the Sancturary the other day, and said to me “I feel a lot better now, knowing you are out here”.
            For Church I carry a hand gun(Concealed) and keep an Assault Rifle in the car – just in case. Just like the Police do.

            Trump – I don’t like him.
            But Hillary is even worse – she wants and said she will ban guns I depend on for my own and church security.

            WWIII indeed. Do you know what will happen if someone hacks the National Electrical Grid ? China will eventually do it.
            Or we have a “Solar Flare” – it happened in the early 1900’s and shut down all electrical devices at the time. It would take years to get the grid up again. No power, no gas, no water, no Police, no Military, no nothing. Can you imagine the chaos? And dangers? Your biggest threat, aside from roving armed gangs, will be your neighbors looking for food for their starving kids.

            So, yeah, I am armed and trained and plan to stay that way.
            No big deal, its just how I live everyday – comfortable in my abilities, a state of awareness but not afraid and not paranoid.
            And there are thousands upon thousands of Competition shooters and Instructors just like me out there. But you NEVER hear about one of us shooting up a school.
            And like the Police, we CAN stop a mass shooter if necessary. But not in Gun Free Zones.

      2. jmprint September 1, 2016

        Absolutely, it needs to be treated just like a buying a car, needs to be insured and have plate to identify the owner.

    2. DEFENDER88 September 1, 2016

      You don’t seem to know as much about shooting as you think.
      Here is some real life, as it is now, info for you.
      On the subject here of Conceal Carry Pistols.
      The Police and x Mil don’t shoot pistol all that well except the Seals and other Sp Ops guys.
      Most Police and x Mil shoot pistol somewhat better than the average gun owner but not much – actually about the same as the average Conceal Carry person.
      If you want to know who, in this country, CAN Shoot, and I mean “really shoot” – look up IDPA, 3Gun, USPSA and IPSC. All are Concealed Carry people by the thousands. 20k just in IDPA.
      And Certified NRA Instructors(of which there are thousands)
      You never hear of these people because they are not the killers.

      IDPA & 3Gun – aka – Competition Combat Pistol and Combat Rifle.
      Out-shoot Cops and avg X Mil by a huge margin, “Light Years”.
      And NO avg Police or x Mil will out-shoot an NRA Pistol Instructor.

  2. Paul Anthony September 1, 2016

    How many of the 885 shootings by concealed carry permit holders were in self-defense?
    Statistics are only useful if they are honest. If a person with a permit fires a weapon without just cause, it is a crime like any other – punishable like any other. How many of those 885 resulted in arrests? If they were actions of self-defense, then why use that number to give a different impression? A permit to carry isn’t a permit to break the law, but sometimes it saves lives. Give us an honest accounting of those shootings or don’t mention it at all.

  3. Thomas Martin September 1, 2016

    Message to NRA: I dismiss you as a credible organization. You do not represent your membership. You represent corporations that make money. You represent death. You have no soul and you do not care about the 35,000 people a year who commit suicide by gun or are killed by weapons of human destruction. You are unwilling to enter the debate on how to make our country safer from the excess of weapons in our society. You thrive on the fear and ignorance of human beings.

    1. RightThinkingOne September 2, 2016

      Our basic right to own a weapon is incontrovertible.

      1. DEFENDER88 September 2, 2016

        And Basic right to “Self Defense”.
        But most milleannials don’t believe that.
        They have been conditioned to believe it is the job of Police to “protect” them.

        1. kep April 29, 2017

          When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.
          Liberals want to be cared for. They wouldn’t survive a week if there wasn’t someone there to provide for all their needs.

      2. Thomas Martin September 7, 2016

        Responsible ownership is not what all this is about. Any jackass can own a gun. What is the miracle in that?

        1. RightThinkingOne September 7, 2016

          It is our right to own a gun. It is a natural right and it is part of the Second Amendment.

    2. DEFENDER88 September 2, 2016

      What arrogance.
      Its “My” life, “I” own it, Not You, and you have NO Right to tell me that I cannot take it if I want to.
      If life becomes so unbearable and miserable. And a gun is the most humane way to do it, if necessary.
      Fu*ing, Self Rightious, Arrogant, Holly Roller. You are talking like a true Republican – Church “required” “every” Sunday. Stay out of “my” life and basic rights.

      1. Thomas Martin September 7, 2016

        I despise the current republican party and most religions and don’t go to church. In case you don’t know it, many churches support the right to own weapons. A gun is the most humane way to die? Wow, I missed something there. And, if I am correct, you read my statement and wrote back entering MY life and then attacked me based on your false statements, troll. Peace and petunias to all.

    3. DEFENDER88 September 2, 2016

      Your Ignorance of what the NRA really does is pitiful (ie the Core NRA Mission – on a daily basis).
      If the NRA standards were followed there would be no Suicides or Accidental shootings.
      You seem to know nothing about the real NRA and what most of their work is about.
      The NRA developed and maintains the National Standards for Gun Safety in the U.S. Always has, still does.
      This includes all Police training standards.
      Your “Gun Safety Groups” – “Every Town for Gun Safety” et al, have “nothing” to do with actual Gun Safety, and would not know actual “Gun Safety” if it hit them in the a*s. The NRA actually does – it teaches the Standards for Gun Safety – thousands of interactions “Daily”.

      1. Thomas Martin September 7, 2016

        I took their gun safety courses – outstanding. However, their core message now is to sell guns and arm America. Yeah, one has a right to own guns. Things are just a bit ridiculous right now. No, the NRA does not represent many in their membership. Bring back the old days and I’ll shut up. I am not ignorant by the way. The NRA of today is not a credible organization. If they were, they would be working on some key legislation to stop this insanity. I double dare you to walk down the streets of Chicago. Most of those folks missed the gun training that was offered.

        1. DEFENDER88 September 7, 2016

          I did not say “you (as a person)” were ignorant. I said you seemed ignorant of ” …. what the NRA really does is pitiful (ie the Core NRA Mission – on a daily basis).”
          If you took even a basic course then you know Gun Safety is a “big part” of what the NRA teaches.
          But you may not fully realize there are thousands of NRA Instructors out there, every day, actually teaching Gun Safety. Unlike the Anti-gun groups that now call themselves Gun Safety groups, more deceptive “re-branding” of a effort to remove all guns from the US no matter who the owner is.
          Surely you admit Guns can be used for BAD or GOOD.
          BAD – Mass murder, gang wars, accidental shootings, etc.
          GOOD – Stop the murderers, Stop the Nazies in WWII, Stop Alqaeda, Legal Personal Defense, etc.
          NEUTRAL – I count suicide as a personal choice we should all have available and thus a gun, again, can be either bad or good.
          Personal Defense(which keeps the lid on the violence level in this country more than you think) – exa interviews with prison inmates show they do Not fear the Police(they know they cant get there in time), they DO Fear Armed home owners – lest the violence rate would be much higher in the US than what it is – fact the “rate” of violent crime is dropping as the rate of gun ownership has risen.
          As for NRA “Politics”(which is a smaller part of what the NRA actually does) is a whole nother issue – my theory on their stance is, they fear that if we give an inch they will take a mile.
          exa – Registration – the necessary precursor, will turn to Confiscation. That is the history of such moves in the world. exa – Hillary has already voiced the need to Ban “so-called” Assault Rifles. ps Assault Rifles, as a sub-group of Rifles account for less than 0.5% of Gun Crime. Also, I assure you taking my Assault Rifle from me will make things more dangerous overall and , especially for me, not less. Taking assault rifles away form honest gun owners will do nothing toward safety nor the rate of violence except make it worse.

    4. kep April 29, 2017

      The NBA is America’s oldest civil rights group. It is there to protect the rights and freedoms of Americans. Maybe you should stop repeating the liberal commies propaganda?

  4. CrankyToo September 1, 2016

    “…they’ve been hanging around concealed carry holders virtually their entire life if they grew up in Texas, ” Edwards continued.

    Hey numbnutz, they’ve been hanging around murderers, thieves, perverts and dumba$$ Republicans all their lives, too. Does that mean they have nothing to fear from them???

    What an idiot….

    1. kep May 2, 2017

      What an ass you are.

  5. Jon September 1, 2016

    NRA……..Never Responsible Anytime. They have never accepted responsibilty for any of the deaths caused by the irresponsible gun laws they make their puppets in Congress pass that make it easy for criminals, the deranged, and terrorists to get guns. Don’t forget that it is the irresponsibility of the NRA and their puppets that made it easy for Nykea Aldridge’s 2 parolee murderers to get the guns used to murder her last Friday. Why didn’t you have your puppet Trump tweet about that instead of using her murder as a reason for the African-American community to VOTE TRUMP! ?

    1. Nevada Mudder September 1, 2016

      more bloomburger lies.

      1. Jon September 2, 2016

        Hey Trumpie her murder was reported by several media sources and all reports were consistent. WTF is bloomburger anyway? Another of your imaginary playmates?

    2. RightThinkingOne September 2, 2016

      Donald J. Trump has an excellent position on our Second Amendment, and it is available on-line.

      1. Jon September 2, 2016

        OMG. Excellent for right wing gun nuts and the NRA.

        1. RightThinkingOne September 5, 2016

          Please read his position before parroting the distortions of the Liberal media. Do you want a link to the position statement? It is such that almost nobody but those who would want all guns confiscated would like.

    3. DEFENDER88 September 2, 2016


      1. Jon September 2, 2016

        No really Trumpie. A gun was used to murder Nykea Aldridge. Did Donnie tell you that the NRA told him that was a lie? Now go crawl back under your rock.

        1. DEFENDER88 September 3, 2016

          What an idiotic concept. You are not worth my time.
          F.U. Liar

          1. Jon September 3, 2016

            Are you really so stupid? Or are you acting?

  6. jmprint September 1, 2016

    The NRA keeps the Mexican Cartels armed.

    1. Nevada Mudder September 1, 2016

      no, the US government has already been caught doing that.


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