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Obama: ‘As Americans, We Refuse To Be Terrorized’ [VIDEO]

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Obama: ‘As Americans, We Refuse To Be Terrorized’ [VIDEO]


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President Obama addressed the nation Friday night after Boston police captured marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and brought him in alive.

The 19-year-old suspected terrorist was found hiding in a boat in a Watertown, MA homeowner’s backyard after a manhunt that had the city of Boston on lockdown.

“We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all our outstanding law enforcement officials,” said the president. “We will determine how this happened. We will investigate any associations that these terrorists may have had.”

An Obama administration official confirmed that Tsarnaev, who was taken away in an ambulance and said to be in serious condition, will be questioned by a select group of officials from the FBI, CIA and Defense Department, known as “the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group.”

“Why did young men who grew up and studied here as part of our communities and our country resort to such violence?” President Obama asked. “One thing we do know is that whatever hateful agenda drove these men to such heinous acts will not  —  cannot  — prevail.”

Obama went on to say that “the families of those killed so senselessly deserve answers…Tonight we think of all the wounded who are struggling to recover …Our thoughts are with those who were wounded in pursuit of the suspects, and we pray for their full recovery.”

Tsarnaev was not read his Miranda rights, according to NBC News — “and could be questioned without them for up to 48 hours under a special legal exception used in cases where public safety is at stake.”

“This has been a tough week,” said the president. “But we have seen the character of our country once more. I am confident that we have the courage, and the resilience, and the spirit to overcome these challenges”



  1. charleo1 April 19, 2013

    We know we will never be able to stop all the attacks. These acts of terrorism,
    hatched, and planed in secrecy. Their motivations could be anything. The nut
    that flew his plane into a government building, he was mad at the IRS. Mcvey,
    was set off by Waco. Bin Laden, because of U.S. troops were in Saudi Arabia.
    We’ve yet to hear what could have possibly set these two cretins off. The United
    States is an enormous influence in the world. And that unfortunately makes us a
    big target. But, once the deed is done, We must respond exactly as we did here.
    Find out who the cowards are. Rally our forces, and not rest, until we run them
    to ground. Others are contemplating, and watching. We can be sure of that.
    We could have no better deterrent, than the men, and women of law enforcement.
    And, what they displayed during, and after the Marathon bombing.

    1. lana ward April 20, 2013

      Martial Law=Boston yesterday, the whole country soon! Like it???

      1. Independent1 April 20, 2013

        Have you scheduled yourself for a brain transplant Lana? I’m thinking it’s about time that you filled that empty space between your ears.

        1. lana ward April 20, 2013

          Michelle Obama visited the muslim suspect in the bombings that was released and is in the hospital, Abdul Rahman Ali Issa Al Salimi Al Harbi, but hasn’t visited any mamed Americans yet. She put her priorities first. SHE IS A TRAITOR!!!!

    2. july860 April 20, 2013

      Well said.

    3. angelsinca April 21, 2013

      “We could have no better deterrent, than the men, and women of law enforcement.”

      Exactly. Enforcing the laws on the books now (instead of fantasizing that more gun control is the answer) is a good start.

      1. charleo1 April 21, 2013

        First of all, what laws are not being enforced? Secondly, there is
        no, “more,” gun control to fantasize about. Because there is
        literally no gun control now. Let me tell you something. If we were
        talking about automobiles, instead of guns, you would be outraged.
        If a guy, working on his third, or fifth DUI, and the State pulled his
        license, after finding him drunk and again behind the wheel.
        You’d probably say great. And why did it take the State 5X?
        You were told, unless he kills someone, that’s the law. You
        might say, we need tougher DUI laws, so an individual doesn’t
        get 5 chances to kill me, or a member of my family. And you
        would accept the explanation, well, we just need better
        enforcement. Not tougher laws? And besides, tougher laws aren’t
        going to stop drunks. They’ll just steal a car. or get one from a relative.
        But, then you found out, the laws governing drunk driving, were much
        the same as our gun laws. That even though, the State revoked his license.
        If he buys a car from a private individual, and not a car lot, he doesn’t
        need a license. And he’s not required to register the car either.
        You might feel all that is ridiculous. And you’d be right. Yet here you
        are, all up, defending, and protecting, the criminal’s ability to acquire
        a gun. Claiming, not do so, would infringe your Rights, as a person with
        a clean criminal record, to buy, and have a gun? You are not protecting
        your Rights. You’re shilling for the gun manufactures, that could
        care less who carries a gun. As long as they make the sale.
        So, don’t think for a moment, stupid is going to win the day here.
        We are not done. Not by a long shot.

        1. angelsinca April 22, 2013

          “You might feel all that is ridiculous. ”

          Actually, your analogy is believable and makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is the disproportionate amount of attention given to the gun control debate. At this point, the demands that we do something to control violence has become nothing more than another Obama-sponsored, hysteria-driven political agenda with proposals that don’t seriously intercept the drivers behind gun violence.

          1. charleo1 April 22, 2013

            No. I do not agree this is either Obama, or hysteria driven.
            I think people see 20 children cut to pieces by a weapon
            meant for the battlefield. And their teachers, gallantly,
            and bravely, without thinking about it, really. Putting
            themselves between that gun, and their children. So I think
            they ask a very sensible question. How does this happen?
            They ask their President. Because, he is the person that is
            elected to answer the tough, and maybe impossible to answer questions. But those parents, want an answer anyway. Those husbands that lost their wives, also want to know, can you Mr. President, do anything, to stop the next horrific episode.
            That is not an hysterical question. Because, if we can see
            a way to do something to make what we are going through, less
            likely for the next parent, the next child. Then maybe my child’s senseless murder would have some meaning. And what did they get? Stupid, heartless politics. Accused of allowing themselves to be
            used as a prop. This is why I can’t stand the God Damn Right Wing.
            A bunch of cynical, sniveling, narcissistic, Asses.
            And are actually very pleased about the outcome. Let’s see, it was a
            public school. Good, we hate public school. The teachers were
            a bonus. Union members, and public sector workers. Bang! Bang!
            And we showed the boys over at the NRA what they’re getting
            for their money, plus, shoved Sambo’s nose in it, using members
            of his own Party to do it! Yes, I think they count this as a win
            all around. After all, it wasn’t their kids.

          2. angelsinca April 23, 2013

            I’m picturing how similoar ‘advice’ from GW Bush would have been accepted. If you want to witness real everyday horror, go hang out at a cancer hospice or abortion clinic for a day. You won’t see those weapons on a battlefield.

    4. holyreality April 23, 2013

      “We could have no better deterrent, than the men, and women of law enforcement.”

      Really? Do you mean the cops who stood around while the brothers pulled off their plot? Those cops?

      Watching the overreaction in the Watertown neighborhood reminded me of the Keystone cops. Full shutdown and house to house searches found nobody.

      AFTER the lockdown was ended, a civilian discovered him.

      Are we to just accept this police presence? Shall we submit to their demands to leave our homes because we are safer obeying their orders? How about the homeowner who demands a search warrant, would their rough treatment make us any safer?

      Would the suspect have been apprehended any sooner if the DHS and Boston PD had handled this like any other criminal case? We cannot answer that but I can observe that Americans are accustomed to a militarized police force and submit to police state orders without question. We have truly arrived to a police state when we praise it in shallow statements like yours.

      1. charleo1 April 23, 2013

        What is your problem?

        1. holyreality April 24, 2013

          America… land of the safe, and the home of the afraid.

  2. Dominick Vila April 21, 2013

    Nobody has claimed that crime will be eliminated by a specific law or initiative, the goal is to reduce the level of violence by putting in place regulations that limit the ability of criminals and mentally disturbed individual to have easy access to lethal weapons.
    Interestingly, the defenders of the Second Amendment don’t hesitate to make a mockery of one of its clauses – the need to have a well regulated militia – by allowing criminal elements to have access to guns and rejecting regulation needed to identify or control potential sources of violence. They will much rather allow more Newtowns, Auroras, Tucsons and other tragedies to happen to infringe on the freedom to hide arsenals from the government that guarantees our national and individual security.

    1. angelsinca April 21, 2013

      “Some of the worst acts of terrorism in the history of mankind were carried out by white Christians…. (simplistic finger pointing and accusations that put us at the same level, intellectually speaking, as the thugs that are committing the crimes).”

      You got that right, Dominic.

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