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Obama 2012 Hits Airwaves With Oil Money Attack

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Obama 2012 Hits Airwaves With Oil Money Attack


President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign aired its first major television advertisement this week, buying $2 million worth of airtime in six critical swing states. The ad is a direct response to Americans for Prosperity, the conservative Super PAC funded by the billionaire Koch brothers that recently launched a national TV spot of its own blasting Obama for his green energy policy.

The rollout comes in the middle of a busy political week: The president was in New York Thursday raising money, the Republicans in South Carolina vote on Saturday, and the State of the Union Address is on Tuesday. By focusing on attacks funded by oil industry titans, the ad attempts to channel public concern about the consequences of Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision handed down two years ago tomorrow that opened the floodgates for groups like Americans For Prosperity to raise unlimited campaign funds from anonymous donors. (They dumped some $40 million into the midterm elections that brought the Tea Party to power in Congress, and their current ad buy is estimated at over $6 million.)

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor is the political correspondent and staff reporter at The National Memo. Previously, he was a staff reporter at The East Hampton Star, where he wrote about politics and the arts. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Michigan in 2010 with a B.A. in political science. You can follow him on Twitter @matthewt_ny

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  1. freethinker January 20, 2012

    I guess ‘focusing laser-like on jobs’ meant his own. I wonder if there is simply not that much to do as President if you can spend all your time on fund raisers, campaign appearances and vacations.

  2. jimmyags January 20, 2012

    Of course the president is out there fund raising,every day you hear another story about these super pacs spending their unlimited money. Here in Ohio the right has been running their lies,oops ads for months with no accountability.

  3. slacker787 January 20, 2012

    It is so sad that people are swayed by 30 second campaign ads played over and over. There is no way any substance on an issue can be boiled into a stream of 30 second video & sound bites. One reason the Republicans are having a hard time coalescing around a candidate is the debates where the have to appear together and give a longer response to actual question and interact with each other in front of a live audience. However the folks that make up their minds based on these commercials probably never watch any of the debates. They probably get all their news from Fox News or MSNBC and rarely read anything other than the front page of their local paper on the issues either. Unfortunately these are the people that make up their minds at the last minute based on the ad they last saw & decide a close election.

  4. sleeprn01 January 20, 2012

    I would like to remind Laser Like that President Bush during his 2nd term in office was on vacation more than any preceding president. And yet it is a shame that the president needs to raise funds so early; but when the GOP states that their only goal is to make President Obama a 1 term president then yes he needs, no is required to, defend his positions and repudiate disinformation. Or if you are Sara Palin refutiate.

  5. EATHERICH January 20, 2012

    long past time to strip these fachist companys. all resourses belong to the people, not two or three obcenly rich scumbags.nationalise all power, water, oil and gas suplies, it all belonges to us. run them as non-profits gas would be a buck a gallon.

  6. merman January 21, 2012

    Very much looking forward to Obama’s second term as our President. His placing the small business administration at cabinet level and the tax breaks for small businesses will propel America out of recession and back into prosperity. He seems to be finally figuring things out and hitting stride. Love prevails over the fear being peddled by the Republicans. Obama has what it takes to unite and lead the country to better places. I see no leadership skills or real plan from any of the current crop of R’s or the money and power interests investing in super PACs to attempt to divide us.

  7. jimackermann January 21, 2012

    I am a “Based on Results” kind of guy. Based on results, Obama has lost so many jobs because he is out there chasing windmills, just like Don Quixote. I would use the left wing rallying cry during the last election: It’s about the economy stupid!

  8. rustacus21 January 22, 2012

    … to be… ignorant. The hardest thing in life is to self-educate & self-enlighten. B/c not all Americans can appreciate this, money has assumed the role of new-age “monarchy’s” (i.e., Republican determination to push the XL project, at the behest of their corporate “masters”) & religion fast becoming the terrorist outfit which murdered millions & forced families of the Constitutions authors to flee Europe (http://gawker.com/5877892/newspaper-editor-israel-should-consider-assassinating-obama & http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/20/andrew-adler-atlanta-jewish-times-obama-assassination_n_1219720.html), during the 17th & 18th centuries. In both examples, our nation’s media has down-played the importance of these developments, as they relate to the growing “dangers” of Global Climate Change, as well as the “menace” of “establishing” favorites in the Middle-East & the schizophrenic consequences of cozying up to tyrants in order to have oil, while those same tyrants are directly responsible for the rage directed against the West, at the citizen-level. Over the last few days, Human Rights Watch has accused Western nations of such, re: the acceptance of Syria’s violent repression of Democratization efforts by its citizens, while the West observes passively. We (in the West) are then shocked – SHOCKED! – when Middle-East & Asian citizens vote in radical, militant, fundamentalist “tyrants” for leaders. Thus, Liberals like President Obama have no chance of reasoning w/greedy, selfish corporatists, nor w/peace-hating christian & jewish fundamentalists, who believe themselves above American law & beyond the capacity of negotiating rationally!!! This is the best case example of STRICTLY implementing Constitutionally “MANDATED” oversite of both corporations & religions, since both have a long history of violent abuse against the citizenry. Liberals & Progressives understand this, yet fail to act. Now, our president, our nation & the planet itself, are under threat, b/c of Liberal/Progressive LAZINESS!!! WE, the people, Liberals & Progressives, ARE the majority! We would also believe it if, like me, U turn off fox, CBS & NBC & explore a book, an unbiased newspaper or website & think about Democracy’s potential, instead of authoritarians’ threats!!! In 7000 years along the road to civilization, Conservatives have resisted all the way. They killed Cyrus the Great (author or the 1st Human Rights Charter). They killed Socrates (arguable, the 1st advocate for “public” education). They killed Jesus. Lincoln. 2 Kennedy’s. Martin Luther King. Malcolm. They tried & failed to kill FDR & Clinton. How far do we allow this go b4 we realize we MUST CRIMINALIZE crime for what it is!?!?!?

  9. dfrosenzweig January 22, 2012

    Obama, in my opinion, has never been a skilled world leader, in my opinion, but he does run a damn fine campaign. Unfortunately, we tend to fall for much of the rhetoric that is used by political candidates during elections. One of the things that Obama has favoring him right now is that is coming across in a more professional manor than the mud – slinging, Republican, hopeful presidential nominees. He also is focusing more on the positives of his own administration rather than the negatives of his Republican rivals. He has the potential, if this continues, of taking voters who might vote Republican and changing them to Democratic supporters and voters.

  10. cpanther January 23, 2012

    God help us if another Republican should ever get in again!

  11. dpaano January 26, 2012

    Dfrosenzweig: I have to somewhat agree with you, but I think President Obama is learning more and more each day on how to be a skilled world leader. With Hilary’s assistance, he brought Myanamar back into the fold, and that was a big win for us. He’s also changed many country’s feelings about the U.S. As for being a better candidate, I have to agree. Based on the campaigns that are going on for the Republicans, his is SO much more positive and professional. They are acting like children in a play yard; he’s acting like a President!!

  12. AUBRE February 2, 2012

    Considering the Horrendous adversites our president has had to face,He ought be called SUPER PRESIDENT OBAMA. The big mess he’s taken the chore of fixng,by becoming our president,has found his hands nearly tied by the corrupt,influence peddlers. Never in recent history has the office of President of the United States of America been so disrepected. What manner people have we become? Were it that the (“PEOPLE”), often referred to as the (99%)to stand up against the Super wealthy,often referred to as the(1%),we’d likely find our president doing what he was elected to do. Thank GOD,Mr. Obama is not a smutty-mud-slinger as are so many of OUR (advoseries.)

  13. jr2233 February 20, 2012

    Obama is definately a Super President. He is more honest and more intelligent than most past presidents. The republicans are “sore losers” I now have lost all respect for republicans, more so than any other times (I used to be republican in the 70’s and 80’s but never again! Lobbying has gone out of control and now should be outlawed. It is now all about MONEY! The correct word now should be called “Bribery”. Washington is being bribed with money and gifts to sway laws and elections. This is criminal and the people must turn this around. Even the supreme court is in on this. Once upon a time I had respect for the courts but now citizens law, it empowers even more towards evil and the common citizen is no longer heard. I too am conservative, I like my kids to grow up with manners, and live a decent life, but I now see that greed and low class has taken over the republican party. I now see the light. Thank our God for the democrats and the American people.


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