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Obama Enlists Police Chiefs To Push For Gun Reforms

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Obama Enlists Police Chiefs To Push For Gun Reforms


President Obama, Vice President Biden and members of the president’s cabinet met Monday with law enforcement representatives to discuss their proposals to fight gun violence.

The heads of the Major Cities Chiefs Association and the Major County Sheriffs Association were present in the Roosevelt Room of the White House along with the police chiefs of the communities that have suffered recent instances of mass shootings — Aurora, CO; Oak Creek, WI; and Newtown,CT.

After the mass shooting in Newtown in December that left 20 students and six adults dead, the president asked Biden to lead a task force to come up with a set of proposals, which were introduced in mid-January.  The proposed legislation includes universal background checks and a ban on future sales of high-capacity magazines and assault weapons.

Obama said he brought law enforcement leaders to the White House because “they are where the rubber hits the road.” But their importance is also political. Police have provided a powerful counterweight to the gun lobby in past efforts to secure gun legislation.

“Hopefully if law enforcement officials who are dealing with this stuff every single day can come to some basic consensus in terms of steps that we need to take,” he said, “Congress is going to be paying attention to them, and we’ll be able to make progress.”

The president also made clear that though the Newtown massacre was the spark that motivated the current interest in gun violence, he wasn’t just worried about reducing the relatively rare instances of a lone gunman murdering several people at one time. He also called for more better mental health care and school safety along with more funding for law enforcement agencies represented at the meeting to deal with the shootings they deal with on a far too regular basis.

“Many of them also recognize that it’s not only the high-profile mass shootings that are of concern here,” the president said. “It’s also what happens on a day in, day out basis in places like Chicago or Philadelphia, where young people are victims of gun violence every single day.”

A new study has shown that the president’s effort to pursue fight gun violence has been much more effective than any effort following a recent high-profile instance of a crime involving firearms. Stories about Newtown had nearly disappeared from the news until the president announced on January 9 that he “is going to act,” according to a study by George Washington University’s Danny Hayes.

Organizing for Action, the new nonprofit formed from the organizations that orchestrated Obama’s two presidential campaigns, is preparing to work with Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group of more than 800 mayors pushing for national legislation, to push the president’s proposals through an unprecedented online effort.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Chart credit: The Washington Post‘s Wonkblog




  1. Dominick Vila January 29, 2013

    Instead of helping, the presence of high government officials and Police Chiefs is likely to exacerbate the fears of those who are amassing arsenals because they are convinced the government is going to impose tyranical rule of them and the police is going to be the instrument used to enforce it.
    Those that are buying assault rifles and high capacity magazines are not doing it to protect themselves against a burglar or a potential rapist, or for hunting, they are preparing for war against our government or to reject social changes that are unacceptable to them by force.
    Consensus among rational people and civil discourse will only reinforce the conviction held by those consumed by paranoia or intolerance that they must take matters into their own hand to prevent the privileged position in society they have had since we became a nation.

    1. Blake Faulkner January 29, 2013

      If they want to reveal to the community around them how dangerous they are to themselves and to others by ‘taking matters into their own hands’…whatever that may be…then so be it. The first few who do will be a sobering lesson to others of who the law abiding folks are…and who are not. And that we Americans settle things at the ballot box. Not with bullets. Unless our elected representatives and our professional local law enforcement and public safety officers are forced to resort to that. I have no doubt who the winners and losers will be.

  2. lana ward January 29, 2013

    So omuslim is going to get the police to stomp on the constitution too? Isn’t that just lovely!! There is going to be war folks, get ready!!

    1. WhutHeSaid January 29, 2013

      Well, if you are advocating armed insurrection against the rule of law then you may as well visit the local prisons to see what your new home might look like. Unless, of course, Satan calls you home first.

    2. dslocum January 29, 2013

      You’ve been brainwashed by the NRA and their anti police stance!!!!! Learn to think for yourself.

    3. KDJ54 January 29, 2013

      There will be war, how appropriate? Whenever someone expresses a view which is contrary to the perceived interpretation of the Second Amendment, fostered exclusively by the NRA, then we are threatened with violence. The last time I read the second Amendment, it stated that a well regulated militia was dependent upon the right to bear arms. It says nothing about the reckless proliferation of weapons which this country currently suffers under, and the epidemic of gun violence which afflicts us on a daily basis. The NRA promotes a myth of the patriotic citizen grabbing his weapons to defend the Constitution. However, no one ever asks the NRA just who these proposed Patriots are. What if not all of the Patriots agree as to the course of action which should be taken with regard to protection of the Constitution? What would be the end result of such a scenario, it would be, civil war. Hence, the second Amendment was written with the intention that a well regulated militia overseen by government would be a quasi-military body which could be called upon to defend the nation from outside threats. It was never intended to be carte blanche permission for the proliferation of weapons to anyone and everyone who could possibly want one.

      1. lana ward January 30, 2013

        Criminals will alway have guns. omuslim can take all of our guns away(and that’s what he’s leading up to) but the criminals will still have them. If those teachers had been armed, those 20 kids would still be alive!!

        1. english_teacher January 30, 2013

          First of all, bull crap that those 20 kids would still be alive.

          Secondly, tell us specifically how guns are going to be taken away.
          I would really like to know the macro details, the specifics of how this would be accomplished. Because unless you have a reasonable, feasible plan for taking all those guns, you’re just spouting paranoid and baseless conspiracy theories.

          1. lana ward January 30, 2013

            The teachers weren’t armed–they’re dead, and so are the kids. A former senior military leader said omuslim is using a litmus test in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. The litmus test is if they will fire on US citizens or not. Those who will not, are being removed. This comes on the heels of Sundays’ report in the Washington Free Beacon that the head of Central Command, Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis is being dismissed by omuslim and will leave his post in March. Omuslim is another Hitler!!!!

          2. english_teacher January 30, 2013

            Arming teachers is not a reasonable solution. You do not know if it would have made any difference with armed teachers. You’re just blowing smoke. I, for one, do not want to live in a society where one has to go around always armed.

            I don’t want to hear a theory about a possible litmus test. I want to know specifically how these weapons are going to be taken away. Although we are increasingly a fascist state, I do believe that there are things that the American people will not put up with. An outright putsch being one of them. Unless you can give me a reasonable discussion of exactly how the government would do this, then you’re still just blowing smoke.

            So give me the specifics on how the government is going to take away all the weapons.

          3. lana ward January 30, 2013

            Ask omuslim how he’s going to take our guns. He’s the one making the plans, not me

          4. english_teacher January 30, 2013

            No, I’m asking you how you think that this is going to be accomplished. If you’re so well-informed as to know that plans are being made, then I would like to know what the plans are. I find it hard to believe that if something like this were to happen, that the military, police, and people of the U.S. would accept it without any resistance. So, unless you can give a reasonable and specific plan of how this could be accomplished, it’s just another crackpot paranoid theory from the gun nuts.

    4. Bill January 29, 2013

      I just love the rationale presented by Pyscho Ward and other true believers that the gov’t is coming to get them. Keep having your delusions psycho ward and enjoy your bitter little life. We ar coming to get you!!!!!!!!

      1. lana ward January 30, 2013

        You’re in for a rude awakening, fool!

      2. lana ward January 30, 2013

        Omuslim is coming to get you!! NACHUMLIST

    5. amarquez647 January 29, 2013

      you know sht about the constitution. And I am ready to back up mygovernment. Get a real liofe.

  3. Barbara January 29, 2013

    Wondered why the cowboy sheriff in Milwaukee was telling people to not bother calling 911 –
    just get a gun. Then news of the meeting of mayors – including one from Oak Creek, WI –
    came up and my guess is he was trying to get attention from DC by making a ridiculous
    statement. He did manage to get on some national news stations but, I guess President
    Obama didn’t fall for it.

  4. jstsyn January 29, 2013

    Will our law enforcement harm citizens that were law abiding yesterday and maybe not tomorrow due to the whim of our so called leaders?

  5. Charles2051 January 29, 2013

    If family member got killed from breakin because you couldn’t protect yourself or family member, we should be able to sue Obama. Cops will show up after donuts and coffice runs out.

  6. J T 1959 January 30, 2013

    As simple as this, “NO BANS AT ALL”.


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