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Poll: Obamacare Is Now More Popular Than Obama

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Poll: Obamacare Is Now More Popular Than Obama


Adding a suffix to “Obama” makes it more popular than adding a prefix, according to a new NPR poll. The survey shows that Obamacare’s approval rating has slightly surpassed President Obama’s.

The poll, conducted by Democrat Stan Greenberg and Republican Whit Ayres, determined that while a slight majority of voters view the Affordable Care Act unfavorably, the margin continues to grow smaller. The law now holds a 47 percent approval rating — which is higher than that of the president, who has the support of 46 percent of respondents. Both Obama and his Affordable Care Act have disapproval ratings of 51 percent.

This marks the first time that the health care law has surged above the president in terms of support. The law has historically been unpopular with a large majority of poll respondents, generally hovering around 40 percent approval according to various polls, including Gallup and CNN. Conversely, Gallup reports that Obama’s current average approval rating stands at 48 percent, though his most recent weekly average has dipped to 43 percent, allowing Obamacare to surpass him following its recent success.

The numbers for the Affordable Care Act are a welcome sight for the president and other Democrats who may still be cringing from HealthCare.gov’s disastrous maiden voyage in October.

Republicans have bombarded the health care law at every turn, with Speaker of the House John Boehner leading the charge. Following November’s report that enrollments had not reached 50,000 people, Boehner labeled Obamacare “a rolling calamity that must be scrapped.” Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) proclaimed the U.S. would “end up in what’s called an insurance death spiral,” and late last year, Ways and Means Committee chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) declared 68,000 people would need to sign up every day in order to hit the projected 7 million goal, which he deemed impossible. But the numbers rebounded; on April 1 alone, 200,000 people registered.

On Tuesday, the White House announced that 7.1 million people had enrolled in federal or state exchanges for coverage, marking a resounding victory for the president and his party. With more Americans reaping the benefits of the new health care law, it comes as little surprise that more and more voters are viewing Obamacare favorably. Perhaps this spike in popularity will eventually work in the president’s favor — but for now, it seems the law is more popular than the man.

AFP Photo/Jewel Samad



  1. Lynda Groom April 3, 2014

    Over time those numbers with cross paths. As more and more folks get coverage for first time, or in a long time, the anger over the ACA will subside and reason will prevail. It does seem that the four year war of dishonesty, and deception failed to destroy the new law.

    1. paulyz April 4, 2014

      Lynda, Do you mean the over 30 lies & deception Obama told us that we “Could keep our Doctors, could keep our health care, Period”? And save over $2500 per year?

      1. A_Real_Einstein April 4, 2014

        Wait till next year – we have been hearing that for 4 years now. Enough already. The law works.

        1. ken pifer April 4, 2014

          Not law. You mean TAX.

          1. Sand_Cat April 4, 2014


          2. Paul Bass April 4, 2014

            The tax doesn’t come in until next year and ONLY IF you don’t get insurance. So NO, for most people the LAW works.

          3. iamproteus April 5, 2014

            Your dyslexia has taken a strange turn, hasn’t it? It might be advisable to have that checked out.

        2. Jerryb April 5, 2014

          Right on all counts. The G-nO-P refuses to GOVERN, walks away from jobs creation and bills sent for jobs creation from the WH, and adds variations on Paul Ruin’s b.s. budget in attempts to empower the rich even further. That’s all THEY DO.
          And that’s why they’re running scared all the time. They know the electorate KNOWS they’re full of chit.

      2. idamag April 4, 2014

        30 – name them

        1. Sand_Cat April 4, 2014

          Do you really want to read the list, especially from this idiot?

          1. plc97477 April 5, 2014

            Maybe ida just wants proof that lyz can spell that many.

      3. jmprint April 4, 2014

        Hey Paulyz the insurance companies were already raising the premiums, that’s why something had to be done.
        I’m saving $7200.00 a year.

        Why would you want to anticipate negatives? And please do list the 30 lies.

      4. Jerryb April 5, 2014

        Yeah, yeah – GOPredictors like you always say, “Wait and see – there’ll be doom and gloom” down the line. You’re DISMISSED.
        Obama and the Dems. stopped the nation from having to endure a double-dip recession, they got the housing mkt. going strong again, they put on Wall St. banking safeguards again, and they got bin Laden. They saved Detroit automakers and our nation currently approves of the new ACA at over 47%. Obama’s app. numbers are going up again, also. He’s at an average of 48%. Keep moaning and crying.

      5. iamproteus April 5, 2014

        For years now, you and others of your ilk have been telling us how terrible ACA is, calling it a train wreck, unworkable, a fraud, rip-off, not destined to survive and much worse. Your congressmen have voted fifty-odd times now to kill or otherwise disable ACA and failed miserably. Where is that line that you dare not cross? How many must suffer before you cry out, “ENOUGH!”? And, at last, realize that any triumph that you may achieve would be but a Pyrrhic victory, the cost of which far exceeds any hope of redemption. Now you make even more dire predictions of doom and gloom.
        Since the ACA has succeeded far beyond what your words would have indicated, the question now becomes a very simple one, which is of course, why should a reasonable person believe a word you say?

      6. Jerryb April 8, 2014

        Pauly, one of the reasons for there being 30 MILLION uninsured is because Newt Gingwretch and his conservative House neo-fascists nixed healthcare reform in the ’90s when Pres. and Mrs. Clinton tried to implement changes.
        Bill Kristol, a GOPee adviser and writer, told Newt to squash reforms for the SOLE REASON that “the people might grow to like it and that’d make the Dems. very popular at the polls.” NOTICE that he wasn’t concerned with the PEOPLE THAT NEEDED IT, he was only concerned with losing votes for the Rapscallion Party.
        GOPeabrains are LOWLIFES.

    2. Jerryb April 18, 2014

      Right on all counts, Lynda. Refundlicans criticized SS, Medicare, and Medicaid as “socialist ills” also, but in FOUR DECADES+, the hypocrites have ALL taken advantage of them, haven’t they? LOL Even Paul Ruin admitted during the V.P. debates that his mother used Medicare! The problems with the ACA are quickly being ironed out and as of today, 8 MILLION new enrollees are part of the new program.
      TEAfumblicans groan and moan because their fat cat handlers want them to protect the profits they made under the old, broken system. Guess who were big investors in the old system? Families with the last name of Bush, Cheney, and Rockefeller. They make/made MILLIONS off of non-FDA approved meds, overpriced meds, insurance companies that sent more people away than they ensure, etc.
      The ACA is here to stay!!! Obama wins AGAIN.

  2. Dominick Vila April 4, 2014

    President Obama is paying a heavy price for his unwillingness to challenge the relentless attacks he has endured since he was inaugurate in January 2009. The most troubling part is that his team is either not interested in fighting back or don’t know how to do it.
    President Obama’s long list of accomplishments, ranging from putting in place policies that helped prevent the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy announced by his predecessor in 2008, to Obamacare, and to the raid that brought justice to the the mastermind of 9/11, must be highlighted time and again.
    It is becoming readily apparent that are many among us more inclined to listen to a cute commercial than examine facts that ought to be readily apparent to everyone. We either go down to a level that is understandable to Tea Party zealots or we risk losing control of the Senate in November. Looking presidential and relying on the intellect and fairness of folks in the South and the Bible Belt is not going to do the trick.

    1. Zerk April 4, 2014

      Gimme a Break. Obamacare is a disaster. Cancer centers in the US are going to go broke. 6 million lost their insurance and prices are rising.

      1. Grannysmovin April 4, 2014

        If cancer centers are going broke than it started some time ago, because the law did not come into effect until 2014. It is impossible for them to be going broke in 4 months because of the law, seem more like fiscal incompetency. For decades before ACA people have lost their insurance and raised premiums annually, who did you blame than? ACA is not perfect, but rather than b*tching and moaning, Republican legislatures need to do their job and sit down with Democrats and find solutions to fix the problems.

        1. idamag April 4, 2014

          Those cancer centers started to get the big bucks. It is called making money off someone else’s misfortune. We are back to medicine should be a status symbol. If you can afford it, you might live, if not, you deserve to die? Every medical need has spawned these kinds of institutions.

      2. Dominick Vila April 4, 2014

        Suggesting that cancer centers are going broke because a law that forces the uninsured to get healthcare coverage and pay for it does not make any sense. Six million Americans did not lose their insurance because of Obamacare. Less than one percent of insured Americans had to change their substandard policies for policies that cover all types of illnesses and stays in a hospital. Making people get insurance coverage that results in responsible Democrats paying for the cost of irresponsible Republicans when they contract a serious illness and their policies don’t cover the cost does not mean our irresponsible cousins lost coverage, it means they have to pay for what they need to ensure they don’t become a financial burden on the rest of us.
        The claim that insurance and/or healthcare prices are going up is pathetic. Healthcare costs in the USA have been going up, out of control, for decades. In part because of our insistence to use a middle man when none is needed, and because of greed. It is too early to determine whether or not healthcare costs are now going down, but intuitively, the greater scrutiny afforded by ACA suggests it should.

        1. idamag April 4, 2014

          And, to deter the process, as they were told they must do, some governors have did everything they could to make it not work. Case in point: A person, I know, in Wisconsin called and said the ACA would not work as they had lost their Badger Medical Card and could not afford even the ACA. I told her I would research. The Wisconsin legislature passed extending Medicaid, but the bill sits on the governor’s desk without being signed.

          1. Jerryb April 5, 2014

            Thank you for that, idamag. It proves Gov. Scott Stalker, tool of the Kochsucka neo-fascist fun squad, is anti-American, as well.

      3. Paul Bass April 4, 2014

        The 6 million figure is always has no citations and is a made up number by right wing trolls.

        From a 12/31/13 article by Jeff Spross :

        The new report found that of the 2.35 million who can’t renew their pre-Obamacare plans through 2014, 99 percent will have the option to buy low-cost catastrophic coverage.

        Put those three overlapping policies together, and “the actual number of individuals who receive a cancellation notice, do not sign up for new insurance in 2014, and lack the option to do so at affordable prices will likely be less than 10,000.” As the Democrats’ analysis notes, that’s less than 0.2 percent of the original 4.7 million cited by the AP.

        So, of the 4.7 million policies (NOT 6 million) that MIGHT be cancelled, (NOT LOST), 0.2 percent MIGHT pay more?

        GO AWAY and stop lying…

        1. ken pifer April 4, 2014

          After the numerous lies told by this regime, like the 90% of Americans in favor of gun control, I tend to believe the rights numbers over the lying liberals.

          1. Sand_Cat April 4, 2014

            I’m sure you tend to believe the RIGHT in all things, regardless of evidence, common sense, common decency, or sanity (lack thereof). I have no doubt you always will.

          2. ken pifer April 4, 2014

            You seem to be the typical liberal sheeple that this regime loves. Americans have been lied to, spied on, and harassed by government agencies because they do not support having a tyrant in our Whitehouse. I can’t wait for the elections this fall, or the revolution, whichever comes first.

          3. Paul Bass April 4, 2014

            You can believe any damn thing you want. That has absolutely NO BEARING on the truth.

          4. ken pifer April 4, 2014

            Most liberals believe the truth is anything the regime tells you is true. Try thinking for yourself before you let our country be stripped of everything that has made it great for so long.

          5. dpaano April 4, 2014

            Boy, you can substitute “liberals” with “conservatives” in your comment and you’d be more correct! Maybe you should stop and do some research on various items before you reiterate what you’ve been told by your Republican representatives. The only people “stripping our country” of anything are the GOP and Tea Party politicians (if you can call them that).

          6. Paul Bass April 4, 2014

            I quoted my sources, and other references can be found with a 30 sec google search. Where are all your sources of “truth”?

            You citing you opinion is OK, but adds NOTHING to the discussion, except letting everyone know you are going to believe whatever your republican handlers tell you to believe.

            You saying things like “liberal sheeple” and “tyrant in our Whitehouse” is just a descent into name calling…

          7. idamag April 6, 2014

            The Kansas City Star printed the results of a year long study of internet trolls. They are pretty pitiful. They are cowardly and would never argue face-to-face with you and they enjoy hurting others.

          8. Sand_Cat April 4, 2014

            You haven’t a clue about “most liberals,” nor it seems, about much of anything else.

          9. ken pifer April 4, 2014

            If I say something is white, you will most assuredly say it’s black. Anything I say that is not in complete agreement with liberal propaganda will be attacked. I have been, as my father, and his father a registered democrat. I remember asking as a young boy what the difference between republicans and democrats was. He said that republicans backed big business while democrats fought for the working man. I hated Bush and thought there was never a worst president in our history. When the Emperor ran I would have voted for anything that was not a republican. I actually believed he was going to be good for my country and voted for him not once, but twice. Then all the blatant lies started to surface, and all the end runs around the constitution, worse than Bush ever thought of. What we have in our Whitehouse is an illegal tyrant that has placed himself above our laws and our constitution. If he is allowed to stay in power, our country will be lost forever. Patriots will fight all enemies foreign or domestic. We need to take back our government and our country.

          10. Sand_Cat April 5, 2014

            Yes. yes, the “liberals” – together with the Jews, the Communists, the terrorists, and maybe the Masons – secretly run our country, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, including the fact that we haven’t had a liberal president since Lyndon Johnson and the right-wing lunatics have gotten more extreme and stronger with each passing year and still have a virtual veto power over everything.
            Just what kind of Democrat were you? One from the antebellum south, perhaps?

          11. idamag April 6, 2014

            Obama does lean right of left.

          12. Jerryb April 5, 2014

            Sorry, Obama has TRIED to work with the neo-fascist “all out for the rich and the corp. structure” GOPee and the TEAtards. They’ve refused to compromise, and when they did, they did it only because it was an ELECTION year and they’re running against their entrenched lies and hypocrisy (at least until the elections are over).
            Now, Pres. O. is going around them and fixing matters that need fixing. He has the Constitutional powers and WH powers to do so LEGALLY. The GOP is dying daily….

          13. Yappy2 April 5, 2014

            Why do you keep calling this administration a regime? President Obama was elected twice by a wide margin. Is it that the super rich has been implanting this kind of thinking in your stupid brains ,and because of this we the United States is going to lose standing in the World. Countries that care about their citizens and provide healthcare, don’t let the people starve to death and respect their elders are going to take over and pass us up. We already are suffering from poor education and are falling behind in medical Technology. We are way behind other countries in birth fatality rate. The super wealthy have bought your brains.

          14. idamag April 6, 2014

            It is pretty obvious when these trolls use the same language over and over that they have been programmed by the koch propaganda machines.

          15. Jerryb April 5, 2014

            Tell your fellow reich wingers to think for themselves instead of PARROTING whatever O’Really, HanniTEA, Krautbummer, and Rushed Lameblog tells them to repeat…

          16. Jerryb April 8, 2014

            Sure, ken. Bush-League and Dick Shamedme never LIED to the American people, right? Bushed said he never authorized torture, but in Nov. of ’10, he said he did authorize water-boarding. I’ve GOT LOTS MORE, but it’d overload your empty little mind and I’ve got to get back to work now. We prosperous Californians have to prop up red(neck) state dimwits like you…

          17. dpaano April 4, 2014

            And you seem to be the typical conservative sheeple!! You have been lied to by the rightwing media, which is owned by people such as Murdock and Ailes. So, let’s talk about who lies the most, okay? As for the elections this fall, don’t hold your breath, okay…..you might be as surprised as Rove was!

          18. jmprint April 4, 2014

            Hope you signed up on ACA, you need professional medical help. Don’t look under your bed. BOO!
            Be careful someone is always watching.

          19. Sand_Cat April 4, 2014

            Nah, I don’t believe everything I’m told. You must be thinking of yourself and your wing-nut masters. Wow, have you been suckered.

          20. idamag April 6, 2014

            Good heavens, even Republicans are not allowed to think or act for themselves or they will be labeled RINOs and there will be a push to replace them with a tea nut.

          21. Jerryb April 8, 2014

            Right on all counts, idamag. Hitler, Goering, and Goebbels did the same thing – makes you think, unless you’re an hysterical, irrational TEAanderthal…

          22. ralphkr April 4, 2014

            Tyrant in the White House??? Really, ken, try and keep up. Neither Cheney nor his puppet, Bush, are in the White House.

          23. plc97477 April 5, 2014

            Thank God.

          24. Jerryb April 5, 2014

            Americans got LIED to by Geo. W. Bush-League and Dick Shamedme. “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!” and “We have indisputable evidence that Saddam Hussein has WMD’s and is planning to use them against Americans.” You believed all of that, right? LOL
            NSA spying was set up by the aforementioned since the Patriot Act came into being on GOPee watch. I can’t wait for chumps like you to SECEDE as you promised or just STFU, whichever comes first. LOL@GOP

          25. jmprint April 4, 2014

            Blind leading the blind!

          26. Jerryb April 5, 2014

            But you had NO problem with the LIES Mist Romney and Paul Lyin’ told you, right? LOLOL

          27. Jerryb April 18, 2014

            Geo. W. Bushed LIED even more, Kenn. Here’s a few:
            “Mission Accomplished!” “We have unassailable proof that Saddam Hussein has uranium-enriched wmds and is planning to use them against America…”
            “Major combat operations in Iraq are almost over…”
            “There is no civil war brewing in Iraq.”
            “We will find Osama bin Laden, wherever he is hiding, and bring him to justice.”
            “My Admin. will bring integrity back to Washington.”
            ALL LIES AND ALL GOP FAILS. And thousands of Americans and innocent Iraqis are DEAD because of his ineptitude, STUPIDITY, and war-profiteering.

        2. Jerryb April 5, 2014

          Good points.
          Zerk is probably a shortening of the longer name, BER-ZERK. GOPeabrains have a tough time with complicated matters and need Flush Limbaugh to simplify them…

      4. latebloomingrandma April 4, 2014

        Republican budgets took an ax to the NIH budget, which does the most cancer research in the country. That had nothing to do with the ACA.

      5. A_Real_Einstein April 4, 2014

        My premiums went down $110 per month and with the lower co pays I will save about $2500 this year alone. Give my best to Henny Penny you fool.

        1. Jerryb April 8, 2014

          Henny Penny! LOLOL
          Good stuff, Einstein!

      6. idamag April 4, 2014

        And you get your information where?

        1. Sand_Cat April 4, 2014

          Can’t you smell where it came from?

      7. Sand_Cat April 4, 2014

        Sure you didn’t type a “Z” when you should have typed “J”?
        Go spew your lies and ignorance on some right-wing site where they’ll be appreciated and applauded.

      8. jmprint April 4, 2014

        I have granted you a break, because you are obviously just here to parrot. Prices were already out of control and can you show us the facts on the 6 million that lost their insurance.

      9. Jerryb April 5, 2014

        Read the article again, Jerk…er, Zerk.
        Obamacare got APPROVED by the majority of voters when they DUMPED Gov. Robbedme, okay? And the app. numbers for it are rising all the time AS WE POST.
        That’s what it’s like in the REAL WORLD, and not in your flash flood-happy county of primitive throwbacks. LOL@GOP

      10. Jerryb April 8, 2014

        No, your blood pressure is rising. The ACA is catching on more and more all the time. Meds Cruz’s govt. shutdown was a DISASTER that will cost him a run at the WH.

      11. Jerryb April 18, 2014

        Jerk, Obamacare now has EIGHT MILLION signers. And if some fat cats who’ve NOT been paying their taxes NOW have to help out the ACA, that’s extra GRAVY!! LOL
        And premiums are LOWERING. My brother got on it and he’s saving $4,000 a yr. now. Nice try.

    2. idamag April 4, 2014

      Yes, that is the problem. The Democrats should have been out there explaining things and backing the president. Instead they let the Koch brothers do the talking.

    3. ralphkr April 4, 2014

      The biggest problem, Dominick, is that the Fascist uber-conservatives turn every one of Obama’s accomplishments into an unmitigated disaster in their minds. I read & listen to many of those anti-American Fascist Republican outlets and they know that there has been NO economic recovery except for poverty level jobs, they know that Obama sentenced the SEAL Team to death by exposing the fact that they had killed him, they know that Obama & Clinton deliberately pulled all security from Benghazi and ordered their minions to attack, they know that ACA is an economic disaster that shall cause all of the hospitals to close and all of the doctors to retire of leave the country, and the beat goes on, and on, and on.

      1. Dominick Vila April 5, 2014

        What worries me the most is not the absurd and false claims made by demagogues, but the fact that so many Americans believe those claims.
        Let’s face it, there are few choices for the party that controlled the White House and Congress when 9/11 took place but to try to establish parallels that, while illogical, give some comfort to the party faithful. The same goes for the actions taken by the GOP in the aftermath of 9/11. On the domestic front, it is not easy to convince the most obtuse loyalists that the policies that helped us avoid the worst economic calamity since the Great Depression, including turning around the defunct real estate market, bringing bankruptcies and foreclosures down to normal levels, contributing to companies posting record profits and hiring, contribute to a 10,000 point increase of the DOW, and reducing spending and the Federal government deficits, were just accidents or never happened.
        Again, what is disturbing is that people are taking the tired GOP propaganda line in the face of evidence that should be apparent to everyone.

      2. Jerryb April 5, 2014

        Hitler and Goebbels used the same trick – LIES AND MORE LIES told daily. It’s sad that so-called “enlightened and educated Americans”, more than 60 yrs. since the Big One ended, believe the propaganda spewed by Rushed Lameblog, HanniTEA, O’Really, Krautbummer, and so on.

    4. plc97477 April 6, 2014

      Unfortunately the liberal media doesn’t exist. If you can’t get the media to be your mouth piece you have no voice and now that money is speech we are going to find the going even harder.

  3. FT66 April 4, 2014

    Though I do not like Ted Cruz because he closed down the government with his green eggs & ham talk, but at the same time I like him because he is smart. He said before he went to deliver his crazy talk which took hours and hours, that once people are given Obamacare, they will like it and there is no way anyone can grab it from them. He was quite right. The more people get to know how ACA is beneficial to them, the more they like it. Cruz really played his only last card he had and I praise him for understanding more the situation than his fellow republicans did.

    1. latebloomingrandma April 4, 2014

      So in his astute powers of reasoning, if the people will like and depend on it, then he, a representative of the people, should try to destroy it. That’s some crazy smartness.

      1. FT66 April 4, 2014

        No, mom, Cruz tried to destroy Obamacare, at the same time he realised if it is not destroyed completely into ashes, people will like it. The ACA was not destroyed to ashes. What I praise Cruz for, is that he realised that if this thing is not destroyed completely, those who have been signed for it, will like it. This is what is happening now while every one and each individual is watching including Ted Cruz himself.

        1. jmprint April 4, 2014

          Gotta love it!

        2. plc97477 April 5, 2014

          I am not sure we can call that smart though. He was astute enough to realize it would be hard to get rid of ACA when others found out what it was, but he was also selfish enough to not want them to find out what they would like about it.

    2. plc97477 April 5, 2014

      I do not like him, sam I am.

      1. Allan Richardson April 5, 2014

        And he got the message of “Green Eggs and Ham” totally backwards. The narrator resists all attempts to get him to try GEaH, but when he finally DOES try them, he likes them. So the message is to be willing to give things a fair trial, which he and his ilk refuse to do.

        1. Jerryb April 8, 2014

          GOOD POINT, Allan!

      2. Jerryb April 8, 2014

        Meds Cruz cancelled himself out of the WH running when he said famously in ’13, “I don’t trust the Rep. Party…” AND again when he initiated the govt. shutdown, blowing away $24 BILLION on a stunt.
        The GOPeed-on-us-all won’t let him into “the old boys’ club” now and Big Business donors won’t support him after that. Moreover, he’s more CRUD than Cruz.

    3. Jerryb April 5, 2014

      Meds Cruz is smart, I’ll give him that. He’ll be CRUSHED if he gets the GOPeed-on-us-all nomination and goes up against the Clinton Machine, however. And I hope the G-nO-P shoves him out there! I’d love to see a TEA Baglady Party darling get STOMPED 49 out of 50 states! LMAO@GOP

  4. Granite92 April 4, 2014

    Obamacare Is Now More Popular Than Obama – could you set the bar any lower ??

    1. A_Real_Einstein April 4, 2014

      We could set the bar with the GOP with an approval rating in the high 20s or perhaps we could just focus on Congressional Republicans with an approval rating in the single digits. THe GOP wishes it had an approval rating equal to Obama’s. He beats you morons at everything! Say goodbye to the House in November.

      1. Jerryb April 5, 2014

        Well said, Mr. Einstein!
        I’d like to add that several GOPeabrain incumbents are being targeted and about to go into primary battles by some of their hysterical, ignorant TEAliban rivals! I love it! Mitch McKKKonnell might lose to a TEA lover long before the KY Dem. shoves him out of office!

      2. idamag April 6, 2014

        Or the Congress approval rating of 11.

  5. dpaano April 4, 2014

    I foresee our President’s popularity going back up quickly…..I’m not worried about it, and I’m sure he isn’t either!

    1. Jerryb April 5, 2014

      Yeah, it’s already GOING BACK UP. Obama, across all the major polls, is at 48% now and the ACA’s numbers are at 47% and RISING. All these clownservatives have is repetitive Rush-speak and the FACT that the Dems. got over 7 million Americans (including some of my red state conservative relatives who’re happy with it) affordable healthcare is vexing to the neo-fascists who wanted them to “get sick and die.”

  6. Jerryb April 5, 2014

    Just like SS and Medicaid and Medical, the Dems. will PROFIT IMMENSELY in years to come from the ACA. My brother got on it last week and it’s already reduced his payments from the old Blue Shield program that he had.
    Only turd-gargling dimwits support the repeal of a new law that gives affordable healthcare to struggling Americans. LMAO@GOP

    1. idamag April 6, 2014

      The cost of my medications went down considerably.

  7. Jerryb April 8, 2014

    GOP = PTSD


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