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Obama Must Remember Sandy Hook

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Obama Must Remember Sandy Hook


President Barack Obama has wisely chosen to ignore bipartisan bleating over the lawful use of his executive authority to address pressing issues long championed by the so-called professional left. He has instead decided to flex his muscle, at long last.

He struck a deal with China to reduce greenhouse gases by 30 percent over the coming years; pushed for regulating the internet as a public utility; raised the minimum wage of workers employed by companies with federal contracts; created gender equity rules for like employees; protected as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation; and his Environmental Protection Agency is set to enforce new ozone standards generally, as well as new carbon limits specifically, for some 600 coal-fired electricity plants.

To all that, I say hallelujah.

But I hope Obama, as he checks off items on his progressive to-do list, remembers the 20 children shot to pieces in Newtown, Connecticut, by a deranged young man wielding his dead mother’s semi-automatic rifle. In the wake of that national nightmare, the president vowed to do everything in his power to prevent another massacre of the kind visited upon Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012. With 300 million firearms in circulation in the U.S. — most of which are handguns — odds are that another will happen. And soon.

Now that his party has lost control of the Senate, as well as numerous additional seats in the House of Representatives, Obama is free to act alone, and deliver on his promise. More generally, he has the chance to pick a fight with congressional Republicans that’s worth fighting, and he can do it without worrying about his own party getting in the way.

What can he do?

First, forget about the Congress. Come January 3, Republicans will be in charge. But even when they were in the minority, gun legislation usually failed. Consider that Senate Republicans defeated a ban on assault rifles just weeks after Sandy Hook with the help of 15 spineless Democrats. Even if that law had miraculously gotten through the Republican-controlled House, it would have faced certain doom, as the conservative majority of the U.S. Supreme Court believes guns are a God-given right immune to government restriction. And even if the high court had somehow upheld the assault-rifle ban, it wouldn’t have done much good in practice. It might have mitigated the most devastating of mass shootings, but it wouldn’t have stopped the retail death-and-destruction of handguns.

Second, stop talking about guns. Ours is a gun culture animated by rugged individualism, dramatized by Hollywood and policed by the National Rifle Association. Days after Sandy Hook, an NRA spokesman said: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Afterward, state legislatures, most in the south and west, passed laws permitting guns in churches, businesses and schools. Take a moment to ponder that. More guns was the response to 20 murdered six-year-old schoolchildren. That tells you something. It tells you that gun-control arguments in a gun context lose before they begin.

Obama needs to change the context. He can do that by appointing a surgeon general.

Vivek Murthy is a doctor at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital with degrees from Harvard and Yale. He founded Doctors for America, researched AIDS in Africa and hoped, as Obama’s pick for surgeon general, to focus on obesity. Senate Republicans filibustered him last spring, with assistance from five southern and western Democrats, because Murthy threatens the NRA’s control of the gun debate. And he threatens the NRA’s control of the gun debate because he believes guns are not an issue of constitutional liberty or natural law, but an issue of public health and safety. He is right. Eighty people die every day in gun-related deaths, according to one study. The annual total of deaths will surpass vehicular deaths sometime next year.

Remember, the NRA believes the Second Amendment is inviolate, and the Supreme Court has agreed. The debate is over for now — it was indeed over long before the Sandy Hook massacre — and no more room exists even for a mild piece of legislation, like an assault-weapons ban, that might have done a little good but that mostly makes gun-control liberals feel better about themselves. Yet if we remove the debate from a gun context, if we approach our epidemic of gun violence from the point of view of a doctor serving the health and welfare of all Americans — well, that changes things. Or could, if Murthy is given a chance.

By the way, those Democrats who helped block Murthy’s nomination? All but one is gone. They have retired or been defeated by Republican challengers. So, very little prevents Obama from putting Murthy to work with a recess appointment before the new Congress convenes in January. He can do it alone, and he won’t have to worry about spineless Democrats getting in his way.

John Stoehr is managing editor of The Washington Spectator. Follow him on Twitter and Medium.

Photo: President Barack Obama speaks about the economy as Vice President Joe Biden looks on, before he nominates former senior Pentagon official Ashton Carter to replace Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary on Friday, Dec. 5, 2014, during an event in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, D.C. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS)




  1. leadvillexp December 13, 2014

    I voted the last two Presidential elections Democrat. President Obama has nothing to loose but his party dose. I will vote straight Republican next election because of his gun policy. While I believe in many of the Democrats beliefs I will not allow my right to protect myself to be taken away. People will kill people with or without guns. One only has to go back to the Oklahoma bombing to see this. It is my right to protect myself. You can not rely on the police. They take to long to arrive, you are dead. Any one that thinks the police can protect them is looking through rose colored glasses Click your ruby slippers and go back to Kansas. The world is a mean place and if you want to survive you better prepare yourself.

    1. Alvin Harrison December 13, 2014

      I think you can still vote Democratic my friend. They will not be coming to your house to get your gun, even if the President was able to put the strictest controls in place. Why would you oppose strict controls. Controls would not inhibit YOUR right to have a gun, but it might prevent one of those “bad guys” from getting one, coming to your house and creating the need for you to use yours.

      While not a gun owner myself, I have NO problem with responsible citizens owning them. I do get upset when I see my fellow citizens opposing ANY restrictions or controls. Any reasonable person has to realize these products with the ability to end lives should only be in the hands of those with the ability to have them without risking the lives of innocents. While I believe you are most likely included in that group….many others are not and I am not asking to be protected from you…I am asking to be protected from them.

      I ask you to consider softening you view a bit, and not prevent further progressive gains by voting Republican over this one issue. Please….

      1. bikejedi December 13, 2014

        Lean Forward for you progressive agenda Comrade and BOHICA

        1. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2014

          And here he come Big Bike JEDI>>>>oooooooh….let’s all be sooooooo skeeeeeeered…He has a weapon..That makes him Master of his own pathetic sociopathic universe. Come back and tell us how your kid’s funeral was.

          1. bikejedi December 13, 2014

            Typical Liberal .. Hateful Intolerant Immature and Ignorant .. What a sick thought to wish that on someone .. You are exactly the type of person who should never have a gun in your hand because you are the type of whack job that would go and shoot people just because you hate so much …

          2. JPHALL December 14, 2014

            Sounds more like you bikejedi. As former military I laugh at your arguments. The most dangerous man on the battlefield are cowards like yourself that think a gun is your savior. Any idiot can shoot a gun. It takes training to use one effectively. As to her remark about the child, look it up. Most gun deaths in this country are not from someone protecting themselves. And too many of them involve children.

          3. kenndeb December 14, 2014

            Could that be because kids are not TAUGHT how to safely handle a firearm? Any idiot can fire a gun? I would agree that liberals ARE idiots, and most don’t know what end the projectiles come from. My guess is that you, like many that post on this rag, have never seen a battle field. You just like to lie.

          4. bikejedi December 14, 2014

            Thank you for serving . Never been in the Military myself but I am Ex Law Enforcement .. Not a Coward by any means .. You are right any idiot can shoot a gun .. She directed her comment child at me . It was not in general . It was hateful spiteful intolerant immature and ignorant .. But we ALL have come to expect nothing less from her .

          5. kenndeb December 14, 2014

            You should have come to expect nothing more than name calling from most of these rabid liberal jackals that post regularly.

          6. kenndeb December 14, 2014

            Outlaw liberals and we are more than half way to end all crime.

          7. bikejedi December 15, 2014

            Your suggestion deserves serious thought as most of the crime in this Country and most of the Violent Crime happens in the inner city ghetto’s and the Dems built and own that . When you also factor in all the mass shootings of late that were all carried out by Liberals it bears serious thought

          8. kenndeb December 15, 2014

            The liberals fostered the environment that has caused our societal breakdown.

        2. Alvin Harrison December 13, 2014

          Sorry that you believe that wanting the best the majority of the American people is akin to Communism. The Corp/1% would like to distract you with that Communism nonsense. Capitalism if unchecked and unregulated is a system that benefits a small minority (of which you are not a member) and relegates the rest of us to a wage/slave social structure. Yes… you are a slave….to a Corp banking system, the non federal privately owned , Federal Reserve, that owns you and everyone else in America. Apparently the masters have hoodwinked you into believing you are somehow “special”. They are good at that. They also like to pit us against each other so we do not see who is the real enemy to our freedom and prosperity. So go ahead and believe that nonsense…the rest of us will be working to save ourselves and you anyway.

          1. bikejedi December 13, 2014

            That sounds like a lot of Class warfare nonsense , Free Market Capitalism combined with a Representative Republic made this the most prosperous Nation on Earth .. Not only that but it gave us a Nation with the greatest amount of Freedom Opportunity and Prosperity for the greatest amount and percentage of our Citizens .. Now we are moving to a more Socialist model and it is the Government ( not Banks ) who are taking everything we earn to redistribute it for one Party’s votes . Of course when Government does that they ruin the incentive to produce .. I mean why should I work if everything I EARN they take to buy their votes and stay in power ..Unfortunately you dont seem to understand statistics on that nor the facts . If you did you would know Free Market Capitalism brought the most prosperity to the greatest amount of the people of any Nation anywhere …It also made America the most prosperous Nation in History .. As we move to a more Progressive agenda we have now slipped behind China as the number one economy in the World ..But …. You just want to buy into the Occupy rhetoric .. You do realize most of those people don’t even work for a living right ?

          2. Alvin Harrison December 13, 2014

            I will take your points one by one….

            First off we do not have a Representative Republic Republic. We have Free Market Capitalism combined with a republic whose representatives have been bought and paid for by the Corp/1% donors. BEFORE you vote, the candidates have been vetted by those who donate to their campaigns, these same legislatures just assed to the budget a provision that will allow even MORE money to be donated to their campaigns. Now use common sense: if your donors tell you a law is not good for them and they would like you not to pass it or they cannot support you again….what would you do if you were a Senator or Congressman who lives by their support.

            We do not have the greatest percentage of prosperity. The Middle Class is quickly falling into the ranks of the impoverished. 96% of Americans no longer live or will live the American dream…these area facts that are indisputable. Under this system you love so much, average wage per hour has fallen from $50 per hour to $8….in 30 years.

            We are not the number one economy in the World because China has a population of 1.3 billion and not 310 million like the USA. When you have 4 times the people, your economy will be larger.

            This is my last post to you on this subject because you do not offer facts to prove your assertions. What you do is regurgitate, Fox News Corp/1% propaganda meant to mislead the American people. Talk about buying into rhetoric.

            Right now your precious Capitalism is eliminating you and everyone you love using the Food you eat. Every other country has banned the use of GMOs and hormones injections in cows that produce milk…Why…because there is overwhelming evidence that the food products from these sources will kill you. Ever see a label on a product you buy here labeled to contain GMOs. That’s because Monsanto Corpoartion does not want you to know. The Deputy Commissioner for Policy at the FDA in 1993 had strong links to Monsanto. He had worked for the company, before joining the FDA. In fact, after helping secure the approval of the rBST hormone, he went back to Monsanto to work as its Vice President for public policy.Today, he’s once again at the FDA, working closely with the government on food safety. The milk you drink from cows injected with this hormone poses more of a cancer risk than smoking 4 packs of cigarettes a day. This is a proven fact.

            Like I said …I am done…when you information comes from TV…you cannot be argued with using facts….if I come up with some sound bites…I’ll get back to you.

          3. bikejedi December 13, 2014

            If you read my post I said it gave us those things ( prosperity etc ) I didn’t say we still have those things On one point I agree with you that our reps are beholden to their donors .. Hence our Representative Republic is becoming a thing of the past . The funny thing is that there is a way to fix that .. Term Limits would go a long way towards doing that . Everytime a Conservative brings that up the Dems brush it off . As Obama and the Dems have us trending towards Socialism they have made the greatest number of people poor in this Nations History . We now have the greatest number and percentage of Americans on Tax Payer Handouts .. And you are right about another thing .. Incomes are down under Obama’s economic Policy ( approx $4000 /yr and for Blacks that number has dropped $9000/yr ) We are being transitioned into a Part Time work force and Society just as the Unions predicted .. Of course that is a result of employers getting ahead of Obamacare and using the Part Time exemption .. And dont blame business for doing it . They are playing by the rules the Dems made up ..

            As you can see I know my Facts up and down . A lot of them are available from the Dept of Labor Web Site and the Bureau of Labor Statistics ..

            On Monsanto and the GMO .. Yes Obama is allowing that and it sucks

            By the way some TV outlets give you excellent info .. Bull and Bears for instance is a great show about finance the markets and the economy .. But one should never rely on one sides sources or one medium in my opinion .. If you want to flee that is your prerogative

          4. kenndeb December 14, 2014

            AGAIN..That 1% is now mostly LIBERALS.

      2. kenndeb December 14, 2014

        Why would ANY American vote for the new communist party, formerly known as the democratic party? I guess they are too brainwashed to see or are NOT Americans.

        1. Alvin Harrison December 14, 2014

          I will answer your eloquent rebuttal with something of equal relevance ….bite me…

          1. kenndeb December 14, 2014

            Liberals that claim to be Americans already leave a bad taste. I cant imagine what a foul taste biting one would leave. No thanks.

    2. kenndeb December 13, 2014

      The Emperor HAS to pass an executive order on gun control. He can not fulfill his agenda without doing so. Armed American patriots will never allow this tyrant to take over our country. Just as every foul dictator in the past has had to disarm their people, so will ours.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2014

        I love my Emperor…He has the ability to get rid of right wing lunatics someone let out of the institutions. Armed Americans are gun addicts. But you’d know that wouldn’t you?

        1. bikejedi December 13, 2014

          At least you admit he is a Sith Emperor .. Go ahead and love him ..someone has to love stuff that sucks or there wouldn’t be so much of it

          1. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2014

            Well, see…it’s like this…MY Emperor didn’t lie about WMDs to make Halliburton rich..YOURS did. MY Emperor bailed your asses out when YOUR emperor had 8 long years to see that Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown and Recession coming…with YOUR Emperor’s Harvard MBA and he missed all that?

            MY Emperor say that by 2008, 2 million Americans were in medical bankruptcy. YOUR emperor didn’t get a fat rat’s patoot. MY Emperor didn’t unemploy 8 million Americans from 2004 to 2008, despite being warned by several major conservative economic experts. YOURS did.

            So..I do love jerks like you who hate this Emperor because YOUR emperor was a pawn in Emperor Ach Tung Cheney’s game and all of you were too stupid to see that when you re-elected the worst US president in US history…

            So joi boi…Time for you to act like a man and not a 16 year old biker wannabee.

          2. bikejedi December 13, 2014

            Eleanore .. Maybe you haven’t heard because you only get info on Liberal sites but it has been found that YES indeed they did find WMD’s and YOUR press buried that .. ( Do a GOOGLE search )..Now I wasnt going to get insulting but seeing as you did .. I will respond in kind .. You are probably like most Liberal women .. Ugly fat bitter and mad because you cant get a REAL man .Im thinking you are like Rosie Rachel or MS Kankle Pant suit ….But don’t let that make you hate everyone else just because they are better informed then you are .
            Your Emperor has done nothing to help the economy while Bush bailed the Banking system out of a Jam your party put them in with the CRA of 1977 and all that subprime debt they had . TARP was a smashing success and was paid back with interest .. What has Obama done ? De Stimulus ? 2 million per crony Dem job created ? We still have fewer Americans employed then the day Sith took office and those who can find work are mostly working Part Time .. We now have the greatest number and percentage of Americans working part time jobs in this Nations History and average incomes are down $4000/year .. for blacks average income is down $9000/year .. No wonder they are trying to distract blacks with Ferguson ..Meanwhile we have the worst Labor Participation Rate in 37 years .. Yeah great job Sith .. He built that .. Obamanomics also has made the greatest number and percentage of Americans dependent on Tax Payer Hand outs in this Nations History .. Obamanomics is as big a Train Wreck as Obamacare .. the proof of that of course is that not a single Dem ran on Obamanomics because they couldn’t OUCH…Bull Dagger OUCH .. No go play with you man I mean dildo … WOW

          3. kenndeb December 13, 2014

            We seem to have the same opinion of the National Memo hag.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2014

      Good you do that…Because…When, not if, Hillary Clinton becomes president, boys like you with your redneck BS attitudes will take a back seat to common decency your “culture” of violence lacks and common sense. Grow the hell up. You aren’t GI Joe. The next kid killed senselessly is ON YOU~!

      1. kenndeb December 13, 2014

        The next kid killed will be on the nutcase liberals.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2014

          The next kid killed is on YOU fruitcup. When a “alien” life form like you manages to try to divide, conquer and then Rule with your phony baloney Iron Hand, you are already three straws short of a haystack…So..tell us…Is there ever a day that you actually wake up and agree with others or is your contrarianism a pathetic mental illness?

          1. kenndeb December 13, 2014

            I would ask you the same, if you were a sane person.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2014

            You aren’t sane…And..the very fact that so many sane people on numerous other threads where you try to post your illogical insane comments don’t agree with you…proves that. You haven’t had a mentally sane day since you came out of the birth canal.

          3. kenndeb December 13, 2014

            I so love it when liberals start to try to talk about the big, bad gun. You offer comments about something you know nothing about like anyone reading your comments should just believe you. You , also, speak about rights and freedoms as if you were actual Americans. Sad truth is you are not Americans. You know nothing about your country, or her heritage. You would much rather see our country destroyed by a tyrant. It will never happen. There are too many patriots, too many veterans, that will never let your dream of a liberal utopia come about. You will reap what you are sowing. Take a few pills toots, pass out, and dream of something that will not be allowed by Americans. Maybe you can invade Cuba?

          4. bikejedi December 13, 2014

            What was it that your hero idiot Joe Biden said .. We need more gun laws because the ones we have arent being enforced ? Hahahah Liberal logic you cant make this stuff up .. We need a gun ban like they had in Chicago for over 30 years right ? is everything about the Liberal agenda against common sense and logic ? How did that gun ban work out for you ? Do you want me to opine because I live there ? Every single nut job shooter in the last decade or so has been a Liberal whack job .. Maybe pass laws to keep guns out of the hands of Liberals … You dont want them anyway .. Oh and since you all hate the Police next time you get accosted by a Dem with a gun call one of Michael Browns Vice Lords for help .. Pants up Eleanore dont loot

          5. leadvillexp December 14, 2014

            Just to add a little. I believe Joe Biden said just get a shot gun and shoot out the window to scare bad guys. I guess he doesn’t know the law of gravity. Wonder where those pellets went?

          6. DAVE in VA December 14, 2014

            Crazy uncle Joe Biden, is the gift that keeps on giving.
            Just buy a shotgun and go out on your porch and fire it straight up into the air,that’s all you have to do just buy a shotgun.

          7. leadvillexp December 15, 2014

            I believe you quoted him better.

          8. bikejedi December 15, 2014

            People listen to his wisdom and vision … they call themselves Liberals … Gruber was right about them

          9. kenndeb December 15, 2014

            Seems it is the liberals that are dividing and trying to rule.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker December 15, 2014

          Liberals are the ones who want your prison industry, military industrialist, Big Oil and gun running red states to stop manufacturing millions of guns every year…Guess you mental patients have gotten loose again and need all those guns to protect the rest of us from your cranial defects?

          1. kenndeb December 15, 2014

            Americans will need those millions of guns to take our country back and run you communist our of OUR country.

      2. leadvillexp December 14, 2014

        I certainly hope you are wrong. I wouldn’t want to live like our Patriots did in Bengazi. I guess a person that manhandles a store clerk and take his merchandise isn’t violent just needy.

        1. kenndeb December 14, 2014

          According to some on this site, that was just playful banter between Brown and the clerk. They still maintain that there was no robbery, and that he did have his hands up when shot. Even when our laws work, the liberals are not happy, and do not believe anything that is not told to them by those that have brainwashed them. Sad to think these are Americans. They sure don’t act like they live here.

          1. leadvillexp December 15, 2014

            The fact that Brown had both a local and a Federal autopsy hasn’t convinced them. They only see and hear what they want.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker December 15, 2014

            According to the alien KennyGirl/DebbyBoy who can’t decide which gender IT is …his/her law is DO as I say, not as I do..stuff it toots. No one agrees with you and those who do are sitting in the same mental hospital as you.

          3. kenndeb December 15, 2014

            Actually, more AMERICANS agree with me than you. Of course, liberals will never acknowledge anything that is not in line with their agenda. Truth, fact, common sense mean nothing to a liberal. You thrive on your lies and deceit. How you can even consider yourselves American baffles me. You want to destroy and divide, and are following a tyrant that is as vile as you are.

          4. bikejedi December 15, 2014

            Pant suit up Eleanore we wouldn’t want your kankles getting cold …

          5. kenndeb December 16, 2014

            She is too stupid to care. Even when totally wrong she believes she is right. This person needs major help before she hurts herself or some small child. A real sicko

          6. bikejedi December 16, 2014

            Considering her hateful response to me that mentioned children you would hope that she wouldn’t pass any mental screening to get a gun . With her posts about harming children she could be the poster child for the PSA about keeping guns out of the hands of people with mental disorders …or bitter rejected crazy cat lady Liberals

          7. kenndeb December 16, 2014

            She’s about as crazy as they come. She needs a nice padded room before she hurts someone.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker December 15, 2014

          First of all, why do the contrarians in this country make mountains out of mole hills? Certainly, no American wants needless deaths. But to say that Benghazi and ONLY Benghazi has been the source of needless deaths is BS and you know it.

          Unless you can prove that Benghazi was worse than the loss of 7,000 Americans who fought in Iraq, the 70K+ lost in Viet Nam and countless other times US embassies endured deaths as a result of attacks, your Benghazi mole hill is just that.

          And I can tell you that in the northeast, white middle aged males “manhandle” store clerks often enough and go unreported.

          I can also tell you that in the northeast many Daddies own guns that kill other people’s kids…like the little 6 year old murderer of the 4 year old next door.

          Try to put things in proper perspective…In NJ, last week, a very nice gas station attendant was shot and killed…Add him to the 33,000 shot this year alone by gun fire.

          Do you blame gun manufacturers who sell millions of guns every year for profit? No …you sit there on your computer trying to make mountains out of molehills…Until you man or woman up to the facts that Benghazi is NOT the only US Embassy attacked, you’re desperate to lob blame unfairly. Did you worry when the British Embassy was attacked in NY City just after 9/11? Why not?

          1. kenndeb December 15, 2014

            Although Eisenhower initially got us involved in Viet Nam, it was Democrats that escalated the war, just like the Emperor has taken unconstitutional laws pushed through by Bush, and enhanced them, even though HE said he would repeal them. Both parties have become so corrupt that there is little difference between them. However, now that democrats have embraced the communist philosophy, they are Americas real enemy. You have your head so far up the Tyrants butt, that you can’t see what is right in front of you. You have no right to even consider yourself an American. Vile, nasty, and stupid are adjectives that come to mind to describe you and those just like you.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker December 15, 2014

            You are an idiot. Eisenhower had nothing to do with Viet Nam. It was formerly called Indochina. And, the Democrats DID NOT escalate that war. Where the hell were you (in the back of KennyGirl’s car doing the nasty?) when JFK in his 1962 speech stated and I quote, “Viet Nam is NOT our war!”

            Stick your control freak one-party rule up your rump. No one cares what you post because all you do is lie…That’s what all mental patients do…go take your Thorazine.

          3. kenndeb December 15, 2014

            You ARE as stupid and ignorant as you are vile and nasty. I know people like you want to rewrite history, but real history does not agree with you. Try using Google. It will open up worlds for you.

            1. Dwight Eisenhower (1953-1961)

            After the Geneva Accords were signed between the French and Communist Viet Minh leading to a partition of Vietnam, Eisenhower decided to create the South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) with the purpose of stopping communist influence in South East Asia. SEATO was used as a cover for Eisenhower to build a new nation in the South fighting against the Communists in the North. In 1955, the Republic of Vietnam was born with Ngo Dinh Diem as its President.

            2. John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)

            Kennedy pledged extra aid to Diem regime when he was in office in 1961. In fact, more advisers and machinery but not troops were sent to South Vietnam. However, in 1963 Kennedy tacitly approved a coup to overthrow Diem just 3 weeks before his assassination.

            3. Lyndon Johnson (1963 –1969)

            In 1964, the Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred and its resolution gave Johnson more powers to wage the war in Vietnam. He was the President who ordered the bombing campaign called Operation Rolling Thunder and sent the first combat troops to South Vietnam in March 1965 after an attack of Viet Cong on U.S air base in Pleiku. The draft was instituted soon after that and caused many anti-war protests nationwide especially inside campuses.

            4. Richard Nixon (1969 -1974)

            Nixon started the so-called “Vietnamization” policy in 1969. During his years in office, he escalated the war into Laos and Cambodia in an attempt to destroy Communist food, weapons and manpower supply through the Ho Chi Minh Trail to South Vietnam.

            Nixon ordered the “Christmas Bombing” in 1972 to keep North Vietnam at the negotiating table as well as to convince South Vietnam to sign the peace treaty. In January 1973, the Paris Peace Accords were signed ending the American direct involvement in Vietnam, which subsequently led to the end of the war. Nixon became the first U.S. President ever to resign after the Watergate scandal in 1974.

            5. Gerald Ford (1974 –1977)

            Aid funds for South Vietnam was significantly cut off during his years. Although it had been promised by the Nixon administration, Congress forbade further U.S. involvement in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia even when North Vietnamese forces blatantly violated the settlement in 1975.

            On April 23, 1975, Ford declared the Vietnam war ended “as far as America is concerned”. Seven days later, Saigon was captured and South Vietnam fell to the North Communists.


            Now that I have done all the work for you, you can sit back and complain about something else while abusing that small child you have locked in your closet. I know you will most likely call history all lies because it does not fit into your vile hate rhetoric.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker December 16, 2014

            And KennyGirl/DebbyBoy rewrites history as the alien being from Planet Liar continues to drone on and on ad infinitum, ad nauseum. I loathe people like you for one reason. You actually think your BS is fact. I was educated in one of NJ’s best Catholic school. Unlike you..educated in Hick Elementary School in DogPatch USA. Your revisionist history is BS and easy to prove is wrong.

            Now..do you have to unload your Pampers? You’re contributing to pollution…mentally and physically…

            You are not going to ram your BS on anyone but yourself. But a mentally ill alien like you can’t figure out which gender you belong to. So, who’d expect you to tell the truth. The truth …as YOU YOU YOU see it is BS BS BS…do yourself a favor and stop trying to appear sane.

          5. kenndeb December 16, 2014

            Apparently it is YOU that wants to rewrite history to fit into your delusional world. TRUTH has no meaning in the liberal world. You are one SICKO. SEEK HELP>>You really need it.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker December 17, 2014

            Since you can’t decide which gender you are, I’ll do it for you…JERK. When you live through the Eisenhower Administration with all of its warnings you jerks of the right now deny, when you live through the 60s, 3 assassinations, the Viet Nam war and the years following, let me know. You’re a idiot who has yet to earn the right to live our US History. What’s yours? Bush and his Harvard MBA that failed after 8 years to see massive Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown coming? Bush gett us into 2 wars we couldn’t afford? Bush and Cheney masterminding a program of torture that is now finally being investigated? Turds like you haven’t earned your rights to live history as it occurs. Now…alien being from the mental ward, take your block, copy and paste right wing BS and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. I lived history. You live BS.

          7. kenndeb December 17, 2014

            Do you take meds that make you this stupid? I also lived through the Eisenhower years, and while you were burning our flag and your bra, I was serving my country during Viet Nam. Seeing you live in Jersey explains a lot. You most likely are a card carrying member of the communist party. You may want to rewrite history, but that isn’t how it works. You really are of no value to anyone but yourself. SEEK HELP.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker December 17, 2014

            This from the Thorazine junkie? How does an alien who is gender confused serve in Viet Nam? And, if you did, you would have been my age at the time. I was a junior in high school when the male grads of 1962 were being sent to Laos and Cambodia. ONe year later in 1963, one of girls in my homeroom was in tears…Her boyfriend was being sent to Viet Nam. Try again. Yes. I live in NJ. That’s also where Fairleigh Dickinson, Princeton University and Rutgers are located. It’s also where Thomas Edison created the electricity you use and Nicola Tesla developed the AC electrical currents.

            I’m a progressive populist and proud of it. I love my country, my president and my life. Something you hate on every level. A man who served a Commander-in-Chief doesn’t show the kind of hate or disrespect for the president of his country.

            You’re a hater of the right. Join ISIS…that way you can live out your dream world where hate and fighting are all you have to live for.

          9. kenndeb December 17, 2014

            Still just a vile, nasty lying liberal communist POS, with nothing of any value.

          10. Eleanore Whitaker December 17, 2014

            You bet I am and I intend to enjoy being vile and nasty to you particularly and no one else in general. I am a progressive populist. Not a liberal. Not that I consider being a liberal a bad thing. Since 95% of our Founding Fathers were ALL liberals who wrote Freedom into our democracy..Wouldn’t you be better served is you joined ISIS? Your value to society is akin to a grain of sand in the Sahara.

            As for POS….you’d know feces better than anyone…since that’s what you are comprised of. Poor misguided KennyGirl/DebbyBoy…can’t figure out which gender it is. First post stated “he” was a “she” but let’s call everyone but KennytGirl/DebbyBoy a liar right? You need a lobotomy you freak of nature.

          11. kenndeb December 17, 2014

            GET SOME REAL HELP

          12. Eleanore Whitaker December 18, 2014

            Unlike you, I don’t NEED help. Your crisis of gender identity proves that beyond a doubt.

            Let’s see..before you assend was out of bed this day? I wrote 4 articles for which I’ve already been paid. And you? Your cornflakes were soggy and your toast slathered in butter by the time I was paid.

          13. kenndeb December 18, 2014

            More people are most likely willing to pay NOT to read any of your drivel. You are so self important. Feed you cats. At least you can bribe them to like you.

          14. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2014

            Actually, faker boy/girl..whichever you are…People pay plenty for my writing. SEO copywriting, something you know nothing about, is how I earn my extra income. Suck it up Toots…You can’t earn a dime sitting around bitching all day.

          15. kenndeb December 19, 2014

            Like many of your cohorts, you seem to have problems keeping your lies straight. One was in the Army as a ranger. Then he was an AF fighter pilot. The next day he was a USN ship captain. I suspect he also thought he was a starship captain. Keep pumping yourself up with lie after lie. It fits your personality and your mentally ill condition. It must be sad to have to fabricate your life just to fit into society. Seek help. One day, you may actually become somebody.

          16. Eleanore Whitaker December 19, 2014

            Shall I pull up the thread where YOU YOU YOU lied and said you were a woman? Or the threads where you said you were a man?

            I have 11 nephews jerk. One was in the Navy, the other the Army and then the Marines when he re-enlisted. You’re an idiot. My ex served in the Navy during the Cuban Conflict aboard the ship docked at the island not far from Cuba. My nephew served in the Army in Laos and then enlisted in the Marines during Viet Nam. I don’t have to lie. You do. Your BS is so thick, you’re brain is constipated.

            Show me the posts you little turdfaced liar where I said these things. Can’t can you asshat?

          17. kenndeb December 20, 2014

            I do love how this site seems to censor comments from opposing views. It seems my response to you was deleted, so here it is again.

            Your reading comprehension is lacking. I was referring to one of your cohorts saying he was all those things before mentioned, not you. You are consistent in pumping up your self importance. Usually as something in the clerical field, but most likely just a secretary that put out to her bosses for a few extra perks. Probably why you hate men so much. As for having a family, I doubt anyone that is so vile and nasty has one. Especially as much as you obviously hate men. I guess it makes you feel better to make stuff up, than to admit you can’t find anyone that wants you. I don’t have to lie about my life. I have no need to impress anyone, let alone anyone on a rag like this one. You, however, seem to have the need to feel like you have done more than just raise those 30 or so cats.

            NOW, as far as posting the thread on where I said I was a woman. GO FOR IT, PLEASE. Just like Dom went on for days about how I directly threatened the Emperor. IT NEVER HAPPENED. All just fabrications from a group of people that can’t face he TRUTH, and must twist and turn, and outright lie to get their perverted points across.

          18. Eleanore Whitaker December 20, 2014

            My reading comprehension is far superior to yours. What with you being mentally ill, gender confused and all. And, keep your judgments to yourself. You must be a real thrill as a human being when all you bring to the value of your life is criticizing, demeaning and degrading others. It’s the reason I know I can chew you up and spit you out.

            I was 17 years old when I owned my first dance school. I spent the four high school summers taking my Dance Masters and Dance Educators certification courses. All while you were still making do do in your Pampers.

            I owned my second dance school five years later. I divorced in 1980 and closed both schools ONLY because my non-dancer ex owned half and I refused to be a source of extra income for him while he sat on his butt like you sit on yours all day, every day.

            By the time you were out of high school little jerk, I already worked for the Ombudswoman to the SBA, the future Senator Lautenberg and the 2nd largest chemical company in the world, AKZO..all while you wished you had a job and couldn’t get one because you are too “ignernt.”

            By 1980, I was already using computers like a champ. By 1990, I was an accounting manager and office manager, tech writer and asst. VP in sales and marketing…Do try to keep up you pathetic excuse for a human being.

            You are mentally ill. Those suffering mental illness never do see how ill they are. Nor, will they ever admit it. I suggest you take off your diapers and stop expecting the world to be according to your insanity.

          19. kenndeb December 20, 2014

            Apparently you do have problems reading, and also are the really sick, deranged person you claim I am. You sidestep everything with more self inflating BS, that only you believe or cares about. You still can’t seem to decide if I’m old, or if I’m young. You bounce all over the place. I know it is hard to keep lies straight, especially when you only lie. I find that truth is much easier to keep straight, as it is unchanging. You accuse me of being negative, yet all you can do is insult and lie. I’m still waiting for that revelation you promised with me claiming to be a woman. Just like your cohorts, you should keep a notebook so you can remember what lies you have told. It would be easier to at least be consistent. So, are you actually going to address the questions to you, or are you just going to insult and lie your way around them?

          20. Eleanore Whitaker December 21, 2014

            I can’t decide what you are…because you are a liar. But, you do HAVE TO lie, don’t you? If you told the truth, we’d find out that all your years of boozing your life away has damaged your brain.

            I don’t have to lie about anything. A crazy lunatic like you does. You have to keep others from knowing what a mental case you are.

            You exhibit all of the mentally instability ALL boozers with brain damage do.

            So..Out with it..Are you a man or a woman? Young or old? Fat or skinny, white or black, tall or short, a hick redneck or highly educated?

            Ball’s in your court Toots…Answer my questions or you prove you’re a mentally insane freak.

          21. kenndeb December 21, 2014

            AMAZING, but certainly expected. You lie, twist, turn, and pervert anything to fit into your narrative. Sorry, you can’t sidestep your fabrication of me stating that I was a woman. You threatened to post said comment and continue to call my a liar because YOU said that I had , even though I have always maintained that I had not.. You have not done so. WHY? Because there is nothing to post because that post DOES NOT EXIST. I never said it, but you have continuously stated that I had. You are the liar, just as is your godlike figure in the White House. Dom , not as crazy as you, but just as much of a liar, spent days stating how I had directly threatened the Emperor. I DID NOT, just as I did not state that I was a woman. You pathetic sick people just run with whatever is in your sick little minds, and it matters not if it is true or not. You can’t twist and turn YOUR claim that you would post my comment where I stated I was a woman. As I said before, I have no need to impress anyone here. I do not lie. I have no need to lie, and I find that the truth is much easier. When faced with truth, you people just try to lie your way out. You make so many false claims, fabrications, and outright lies that you can’t keep them straight. YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT. Now the right thing to do is to admit that you were wrong, about what Presidents were involved in Viet Nam, about me stating that I was a woman and about near everything that you write. The right thing to do would be to apologize, say that you were mistaken, and just move on. I know that you are too mentally ill to recognize you are delusional, but you should acknowledge when you are wrong. I don’t have to prove anything, but, at this point, it is obvious how unstable YOU are.

          22. kenndeb December 21, 2014

            Still waiting crazy cat lady..

          23. kenndeb December 20, 2014

            Still waiting for those nonexistent posts. How are you going to produce something that does not exist, and lie your way out of?

          24. leadvillexp December 15, 2014

            To set the record straight I am neither Conservative nor Liberal. I have written for womens right to choose, gay marriage and believed Mr. Zimmerman should have at the very least been convicted of manslaughter. I believe in “Stand Your Ground” and if anyone had that right it was Trayvon. If you didn’t notice there were four black men guarding a gas station owned by a white man in Ferguson with their guns. People have a right to protect their property. Years ago looters were shot. I voted for President Obama twice but when he turned on the Second Amendment he has to go. President Clinton did and most likely so would Mrs. Clinton. He was a bad President and she would be too. When you start tampering with the Constitution or Bill of Rights you are tampering with the fundamental law this country was built on. To understand the Second Amendment as our forefathers did you need to read their letters. A good start would be the Federalist and Anti Federalist Papers. You would then understand why we fight so hard to keep our guns.

  2. itsfun December 13, 2014

    I can just see the criminals lining up now to give their guns to the government.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2014

      I can see the bulls with the shaven heads, chests puffed out and fists pumped all massing to push for another 2 million guns in the wrong hands. What about the “wrong hands” don’t loonies of the gun world get?

      The only reason some men and women want guns has nothing WHATEVER to do with protection. You can’t take an AR15 on an overcrowded NY City subway. Some jerks out there simply do not understand the concept that there is a TIME and a PLACE for everything under the sun.

      Gun nuts are mentally ill idiots who love to intimidate. Intimidation with a gun is not self-protection. Get over it. How many more little kids have to die because of jerks parents who are gun addicts?

      1. itsfun December 13, 2014

        Don’t you see that taking guns from law abiding American citizens will put more guns in the wrong hands. I have a gun and it is only for self protection. We have terrorists going into malls shooting innocents. Are we suppose to just stand there and get shot? We had a terrorist at fort hood. Look at the lady that got her head chopped off at work. It would have been more people, but a shop manager had a gun and defended himself and others. What is one to do when a criminal breaks into their house at night with a gun. Just sit there and get shot? We have to live in the real world not a world as you want it to be.

  3. Dominick Vila December 13, 2014

    President Obama will probably try to resurrect his proposal to expand President Reagan’s gun control law to ensure criminals and the mentally ill don’t have easy access to lethal weapons, but I don’t expect him to push too hard, not because he no longer believes this is not an important issue, but because he knows the GOP will transform his proposal, which most sane people understand, into an attempt to take our beloved guns away from us and infringe on our right to protect ourselves against the boogeyman. A robust push to do the right thing on this issue would be the kiss of death for the ability of the Democratic party to hold the White House and regain control of the Senate in 2016.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2014

    One of the worst things the NRA NEVER admits is that their irresponsibility is the reason high school age kids have access to guns that they shouldn’t. When you allow gun manufacturers to manufacture as many guns as they please, you may as well allow chemical companies to manufacture as much ricin as they please…the fatal effect is the same. Some nut kills with a gun, another kills with a known highly toxic chemical. These are our kids…they should not have access to guns. It is not the right of any child under the age of 18 to own a gun.

    1. sealbeams December 13, 2014

      yeah and all of a sudden a kid becomes of age and the Gov’t hands them weapons to fight the wars the corporations have created, and the fatal effect is the same. Keep our kids alive at least long enough to die in the name of the US and the corporations that control it. Guns aren’t the problem.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2014

        The government doesn’t hand them weapons…The State of Virginia is No. 1 in the country as a military industrialist state with TX as No. 2. Sorry but it is the “states” who promote more “For Profit Wars.” Your argument falls flat when you consider there is NO draft and that Blackwater, now XE, is a privatized mercenary force that got away with killing innocent Iraqi Civilians in a war Bush and Cheney masterminded for Halliburton and Blackwater profits.

        If you are a parent or plan to be one …You know that no kid under the age of 18 which is considered a “legal” adult who can make his/her own decisions, should ever have a gun.

        Any parent of a teenager under the age of 18 is a lunatic when they know kids this age have raging hormones that make them less able to have mentally stable judgment.

        Guns ARE the problem. You don’t allow your kids to play with ricin because it’s deadly. But in your view, allowing them to have guns is dandy?

        1. kenndeb December 13, 2014

          Early instruction of firearm safety.

        2. patrick g van meter December 13, 2014

          To start with, I am 73 years old and started hunting with my father at the age of 7. By the time I was ten I would go hunting with friends and no adults. I don’t remember one incident.

          States don’t promote war. The reason a draft is not needed is in part due to massive unemployment and the opportunity for a free education in the military. You can blame blackwater all you want and I don’t disagree completely, but they still represent the US and corporations.

          I don’t have my guns with me anymore because I live in Mexico where they are illegal. My grand children and great grand children have my guns. They were taught by me how to use them and respect them. I also am teaching them to stay out of the military. Guns have not been a problem for me.

  5. Whittier5 December 13, 2014

    With over 350 Million guns spread around the US, combined with the well-oiled NRA lobby and the zealous support of their wingiest-nuts, what suggestions are there for what can be done?
    The horse herd left the barn long ago.

    Until sane gun policy supporters can sustain a large counter-organization with equal funding for, at least 2 generations, chances of any success towards sane gun policy.

  6. Gary Miles December 13, 2014

    Obama can’t do anything legally concerning guns. Why is it so hard for people to understand “shall NOT be infringed”?

    1. latebloomingrandma December 14, 2014

      I guess because while you are hung up on that phrase , some of us are hung up on “well regulated militia.”

      1. Gary Miles December 15, 2014

        Yes, I have heard. Much the the pro-lifers, the only way to change it is with a Constitutional Amendment. In both cases, I doubt that will ever happen. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. ps0rjl December 13, 2014

    I don’t think we need weapons that are assault like rifles. I don’t think we need open carry or conceal and carry. That being said I do support sportsmen having shotguns and rifles for hunting.

    1. kenndeb December 14, 2014

      They are not assault weapons. The term is misused and interpreted by people that have no idea about any firearm. Cuomo defines an assault weapon as ANY semi auto magazine fed firearm that has ANY one feature that HE determined. Those features included stock styles, a threaded barrel, and just its overall appearance. They are not full or select fire weapons as REAL assault weapons are. And what you suggest IS disarming the American people. NO concealed or open carry? Do you really believe that our government is going to protect you and your family? I’m sure you have heard that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. And, yes, we do live in a time even MORE volatile than it was in the wild west. There is even more need now to have a weapon for self defense.

      1. DAVE in VA December 14, 2014

        Kennbed, People like psOrjl above, think that only the police should be the only ones allowed to carry firearms in public open or concealed carry, just think about that for a minute. Every single women who was ever raped or beaten with in inches of there lives wishes that they could have a firearm to stop some creep from doing harm to them or their children. Also think about every single kid who was kidnaped from their parents and sold to be sex slaves from wright in front of then, they wish that they could have a firearm to stop a situation like that from happening.

        1. Gary Miles December 15, 2014

          Most people know nothing about guns except what the Lame Stream Media tells them. They repeat it and think they have a clue. AS a weapon Instructor in the USAF at Langley AFB from 84 to 95, I can attest that less than a quarter of people had a clue at the beginning of their training. Get smart, get armed and refuse to be a victim!

          1. Dave December 16, 2014

            So true, we have way to many people who don’t know anything about firearms in America today. I would like to see all of our high schools teach firearm safety. I would also like to see the parents spend more time teaching their kids the responsibility of owning a firearm.

          2. robertbenefiel@att.net January 2, 2015

            Could you give me the number as to how many people in the United States prevented being a victim of a crime by using an assault weapon to kill an aggressor?

          3. Dave January 4, 2015

            I cannot answer your question, because I don’t know what an assault weapon is.

    2. DAVE in VA December 14, 2014

      If your way of thinking about concealed carry or open carry was the law of the land.We would have far more gang violence and drugs in our streets. What you are saying is that if i am with my loved ones out Christmas shopping and some low life attacks My family and me with gun.We should roll over and let that low life have his way. Well I for one am happy that we have people like me all over America who will stand up and fight back and not roll over and be a victim.

      1. Gary Miles December 15, 2014

        Me too! I only carry so many rounds!

      2. gunslinger February 10, 2015

        Just remember the Taliban, looters, muggers, radical Muslims and crazies give respect to others with guns…without you are a victim!

    3. gunslinger February 10, 2015

      You don’t even realize what you were fighting for do you? You say “I don’t think” like you mean it. Sorry but MAJORITY RULES…you lose!

  8. Whatmeworry December 13, 2014

    Barak’s appointment would mirror Clinton’s, Elders, for the most incompetent Surgeon General ever. If the good DR doesn’t understand the laws of this country then he should remain mute.
    He some how see’s no problem with murdering 1 million babies every year and this author is in the same boat

    1. Daniel Max Ketter December 13, 2014

      Well I certainly don’t agree. A woman has constitutional rights to abort a fetus, any more than my right to have a boil removed from my fat keyster

    2. Gary Miles December 15, 2014

      The author is not well versed on Constitutional law. Obama has ZERO authority to change or make laws, about anything. He can sign a piece of paper demanding the Federal employees to break or ignore a law, but they can also refuse an illegal order, which most Executive orders are or can become if implemented. Some education by the author on both the law and guns might allow him a chance to write a good piece of journalism, rather than idiot blather with no basis of fact.

      1. kenndeb December 15, 2014

        The rabid jackals on this site only believe what they are told to believe by the regime. They are brainwashed minions of the Emperor. They have no original thought, just what they are told to repeat.

  9. Lee Christmas December 14, 2014

    Remember when Obama claimed that the earth would begin to heal because he had been elected.

  10. Bar Abbas December 19, 2014

    Yet another attack upon the economy of these states by Obama’s rogue executive branch: http://tinyurl.com/n2f6oq2

  11. robertbenefiel@att.net January 2, 2015

    Gun control is a dead issue and their is nothing that can stop the carnage. Most of the death by guns are by handguns and approximately 60% are suicides. Wyoming leads the country is suicides with Montana coming in second. I do not oppose suicides but sometimes it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.


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