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Obama Regains National Lead In Our New Pre-Debate Poll — And We’ll Tell You Why


Obama Regains National Lead In Our New Pre-Debate Poll — And We’ll Tell You Why


Today, just hours before the final debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, we’re unveiling a new Democracy Corps poll that shows the president with a 3-point lead. But we have a lot more to say than that. We explore in detail just why we think our new national survey means more than many others—especially the Gallup poll that got so much attention showing Romney ahead—and exactly how President Obama can close the deal in tonight’s showdown.



  1. Dam Spahn October 22, 2012

    Did you measure Spanish speakers? If not, then your results are skewed Republican.

  2. Donna Curtis October 22, 2012

    Tell him to come to defiance ohio, they have a big gm plant and a college, i am just giving you a heads up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brandy October 22, 2012

    Vote Obama 2012

    1. Mr. Bombastic October 22, 2012

      I think not! Thats the difference in you and I, I think!

      1. Richard October 22, 2012

        Sir, you may think but you really need to do some unbiased research. If you do, you will find what many people believe to be true as far as the Republican Party goes is just the opposite.

        P.S. I have worked on national campains all across this country on both sides of the isle for 48 years. Because of the corruption and fraud, especially directed toward seniors, I no longer work for the Republican Party.

        1. jnagarya October 22, 2012

          When you hear a Republican make an accusation against Democrats, they are actually making a confession about themselves.

          Rmoney claims to have “worked across the aisle” with Democrats, as if that’s some sort of recommendation. In reality, that can be said as much for the Democrats: he couldn’t “work across the aisle” all by himself.

          If that claim is true.

          In fact, Rmoney vetoed over 700 bills, most of which were subsequently passed over his veto. Vetoing virtually all the legislation enacted by the majority party — the “other side” — is not “working across the aisle”.

          Rmoney claims he went to and asked womens groups for resumes of qualified women. In fact, over 40 womens groups in Massachusetts formed a BIPARTISAN coalition, collected the resumes of qualified women, put them in binders, and brought them _to_ Rmoney.

          That initiative was entirely with and by that coalition.

          1. YepThatTell October 22, 2012

            True, true, and true.

          2. Fern Woodfork October 23, 2012

            Romney Was 47th In Jobs Creation And Hell We Only Have 50 States!!! Plus He Left In MA With Over A Billion Dollars In Debt!! Romney Is Losing Big Time In MA So Is Ryan In WI!!!

      2. jnagarya October 22, 2012

        Agreed: you think not.

        A more clear and accurate way to put it:

        You don’t think.

  4. Trish Nelson October 22, 2012

    can hear Carville but can’t hear Greenberg

    1. Allan Richardson October 22, 2012

      Check your stereo balance; since the video is split screen, the audio may be split channel also. If not sure, play a known MONO recording and move the balance all the way left and right to make sure both speakers are working. I heard Carville a bit louder, but both were loud and clear. Hope this helps.

  5. Steve Mullen October 22, 2012

    Obama hasn’t been just a good president, he has been a GREAT president. He has been good for our nation in so many ways. His leadership has meant the world to millions of Americans. He will really make as big or even more of a difference in the next four years.

    1. Anita Missin October 22, 2012

      In fact,he is one of tthe BEST presidents ever

      1. Mr. Bombastic October 22, 2012

        I assume you are being sarcastic, right?

        1. John Thorpe October 22, 2012

          Well, let’s look at the record.

          He inherited an economy on the brink of Depression and rescued it. We now have the highest stock market and the lowest unemployment since the Bush years.

          He saw the auto industry about to go under and, ignoring advice from Mitt Romney (who wanted to let it die), he offered conditional bailouts and loans to keep them going. Those companies are now profitable and paying back the loans.

          He saw a need for health care reform and enacted the exact same plan Mitt Romney enacted in Massachusetts, and he did so with no help from Republicans. That Romney now opposes his own plan is just astounding, but that’s the facts.

          He saw unfair working practices for women and signed a law to outlaw them.

          He ended one war (Iraq) and is winding down, as promised, the second war (Afghanistan).

          He is pursuing peace and treating our “enemies” as potential allies. before you scream about negotiating with evil, keep in mind that the enemies in WWII (Japan and Germany) are now two of our staunchest allies.

          Oh, and he got Bin Laden — something the Republicans said he shouldn’t do.

          And he did all this despite a Republican Congress hell-bent on making sure he could do nothing, all so they could replace him with someone whiter.

          1. ilfrmgrl October 25, 2012

            Right on! We must not forget just because things are working out better for this retiree. I believe this president is a great president. He brings dignity to the office and he even knows our language!

        2. Erdman West III October 22, 2012

          REALLY REALLY look at the record and REALLY REALLY ignore all prejudice. Have an open mind and heart and you will see that President Obama has pulled off a MIRACLE OF HOPE AND RECOVERY. Keep US growing with President Obama! Thanks Skip West

          1. papertwin October 22, 2012

            YES, YES!! I agree completely. W Bush was given a government with basically no debt and in 8 years he and the Republican Congress deregulated the banks and let them do whatever they wanted to steal from the Middle Class in the mortgage and real estate sector. He and his congress started two wars and didn’t ask the American people to pay for those wars through higher taxes as he should have because they knew the public would have refused. Consequently, he and the congress put those wars on the national credit card called the National Debt, millions and millions of dollars every day. Now the Tea Party is screaming, but if they want a fiscally responsible political party, they should be Democrats. A few years ago during Bush I, the Republicans deregulated the banks again which brought us the Savings & Loan Crisis. The Democrats were handed the rubble of that and brought the country back to an even keel. It’s much more intelligent and Patriotic to be a Democrat. Obama is not the ” fiscally greedy” person that Romney is who has bankrupted many American companies to make millions for himself and send those jobs to Communist China. How unpatriotic is that!

        3. jnagarya October 22, 2012

          So far that’s all you have: pointless one-liners that say nothing and accomplish nothing.

          Still hung up by the fact that a man had the gall to be elected President While Black, eh?

          1. Bill Montferret October 22, 2012

            One liners? How about accomplishments? That’s like saying FDR saved us from the Depression with one liners, employed millions with slogans and enacted all his great legislation with speeches. No. It’s work, vision, policy and results and the country is the better for it.

          2. jnagarya October 22, 2012

            We are in agreement.

            FDR saved capitalism from itself; left unregulated it cannbalizes itself. And for doing so he was called “socialist”.

            Obama saved capitalism from itself; left unregulated it cannibalizes itself. And for doing so he is called “socialist”.

            The only _socialism_ I have seen was the bank/Wall St. bailout. That was initiated by Bush, pushed through Congress by Bush, and signed into law by Bush.

            And how was it _socialism_? Those who crashed the economy made billions from doing so. Then, instead of bailing themselves out of the hole they dug for themelves — and for the rest of us — they ran to Congress and demanded that the taxpayer bail them out so they could keep their billlions.

            _Socialism_ is acceptable when it serves the wealthy. “Socialism” is bad if it proposes enforcing the equality established in our Constitution.

        4. Ester Anderson October 22, 2012

          Mr Bombastic, no we’re not kidding, President Obama has been a great President, considering all the help he got from the Republicans he did damn good, and slowly we’re coming back, we can’t go back now, I’m voting for Barack Obama for another 4 years

    2. Ramon Reyes October 22, 2012

      I agree, I can’t understand why this contest is so close. That is what is wrong with this country, half the population are unaware of the issues. These jugheads are a whisper away from not re-electing one of the better presidents we have had in a long time. I will be very distraught if the president loses this, although I feel he will pull it out. I can remember Kennedy on forward of all our presidents and I think Barack OBama, Clinton were the two best presidents for the middle class we have ever had. Johnson, Nixon (had a chance to be great but overreached), Kennedy, Reagan, Bush I and II, Carter (had potential – bad luck)… Obama and Clinton by far inherited bad situations, had to deal with a hostile opposition and a cynical media, Europe in the gutter, China slowing down, 2 inherited and unpopular wars and still managed to get us heading in the right direction, but getting no credit at all.

      1. Robert October 22, 2012

        The truth! Racism, greed, and male shovenism keeps this country divided. Sad but true.

        1. mary October 22, 2012

          Robert You are so right. I tried to put them in order but I could’t. They all get equal billing. Racism, greed, and male shovenism.

      2. itsezi October 22, 2012

        Ramon Reyes, I had planned to stay out of this discussion today. But you said that you didn’t understand how the polls have this such a close race. Try this on…most people, like me, use a pay as you go cell. Many people do. Especially the youth. And virtually all poor people. Nobody has polled us. WE HAVE AN OPINION. And we WILL vote. Many young people who were 15, 16, and 17 years old in 08 will vote also. The baby boomers (the majority) know where to hold the line. I think that after this election, there will be reason to seriously look at how and who are returning poll results. Trouble is, polls are only opinions. And unfortunately, are skewed by the opinions of the ones taking it. I think they are way off the mark

    3. Fern Woodfork October 22, 2012

      You Got That Right Cause Obama Is Looking Out For All The American People All 1005 Not Like Romney Hood Who’s Looking Out For Himself And The 1% Rich People!!! MY Fellow American Don’t Be Conned By Romney The Con Artist He’s Still To This day Is Shipping Out American Jobs!!!!! Blind Trust My Ass Romney Knows Where His Money Is Coming From Do Not Be Conned By This Sociopath!!! 5 Times To Date The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Has Been Caught Cheating With Voter Fraud 5TIMES!!!

    4. jnagarya October 22, 2012

      And to hundreds of millions around the world. At very least, he restored the morality shattered by the Bush criminal enterprise.

    5. Jerilyn Bridges October 25, 2012

      AMEN! It took Clinton eight years to clean up from Bush senior! IT will probably take eight from Obama and eight from another Democratic president to fix this mess! Its not so much that we want change, its that we want things the way it was under Clinton!

  6. Allan Richardson October 22, 2012

    Didn’t mention battleground states; apparently, the “free air time” of the debates gave Romney a leg up in the national polls, while the ads on both sides are airing primarily in “purple” states; and the President’s ads, while lower budgeted, seem to be more effective (after all, REALITY has a liberal bias) for the money, and are supplemented by truly sincere volunteers!

  7. kansasobama October 22, 2012

    Romney spike is because of his success in portraying his bi-partisanship to women and young voters. Also, inability to pressure Romney on tax returns and inability of some women to realize that SC judges are for life, and the fact that they cannot undo a damage in the next election is hurting us. Someone need to give a civic lesson. As far as “bi-partisanship” bs is concerned, an ad with strong Dem Senators saying “Dream on Romney, you are no bi-partisan” would help. Kerry campaigning in NH will help. Where is Harry Reid and his pressure on tax returns. He was able to get under Romney’s skin?

    1. YepThatTell October 22, 2012

      It must be tough where you are – as it is in Louisiana, the Louisiana that fell for Jindal hook line and sinker…

      Has Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed President Obama? He is a strong, courageous, coherent Independent, admired by many far beyond his home state.

    2. jnagarya October 22, 2012

      1. Rmoney’s claim to be able to work across the aisle says as much about the Democrats as it does about him. If true.

      2. In fact, Rmoney vetoed over 700 bills, most of which were then passed over his veto.

      It appears to me that vetoing virtually all bills enacted by the legislature is more like hostile than bipartisan.

    3. Cairndance October 22, 2012

      In church yesterday, a visiting pastor mentioned that after Romney visited with Franklin Graham, the Morman Church was taken off their Official Website list of CULTS!
      The pastor stated that he still believes Mormanism is a cult but that he would be voting for him anyway! This was an evangelical pastor! I think I need to find a new church!
      If the Evangelicals are willing to vote for a cult member, we are in huge trouble!

  8. Frederick Parker October 22, 2012

    Anyone who would vote for Romney would steal sheep.

  9. Frederick Parker October 22, 2012

    Nyone who would vote for Romney would steal sheep.

  10. Vanessa McClinchy October 22, 2012

    As Harry Truman once said to the American People, “Vote your interests!”. As a woman who:
    -Used an excellent public school system and student loan to work her way out of Poverty (sorry, no parents to “borrow” from)
    -Raised her son to be an engaged, knowlegeable, and accepting ‘citizen of the world’ with the assistance of Public Television
    -Dislikes the idea of a greedy and inveterate liar in ‘special underpants’ with no applicable ‘street cred’ sucking up to the same people whose rights he has already vowed to disembowel
    -Is deeply disturbed by the idea that this same entitled schmeckle truly believes that nearly half of our nation is not his responsibility and that corporations are people, while those different from himself (i.e. women, LGBTQ communities, minorities, etc.) are not
    -Has spent the last four years watching a good and genuinely honest man pull us from the brink with most of the Republican party doing their utmost to block and undermine him at every turn-and still owns her home as a result,

    There is no doubt in my mind that giving President Obama a chance to continue is in everyone’s best interests-including those of ‘Sears Mannikin Man’ and his followers!

    1. amedeo11 October 22, 2012

      It is so nice to hear someone feel the same way about Obama as I do. Thank you for what you say is so true. I am so amazed that some of my friends who are Republicans simply refuse to admit to his accomplishments. They say he has done nothing. I am so astonished and angry when I hear how the Republicans diss and disrespect him and blame him for everything and ignore the fact that their party put us into the mess he inherited. When they say he did nothing they forgot how their representatives in Congress voted against the things he wanted to do. I am so amazed that they do not realize that the mess he inherited will take time to clean up. If Romney wins he will try to take credit for all the things Obama did–that is the things he does not try to undo.

      The people who listen to and are voting for the Republicans do not realize they are only going to end up hurting themselves.

      1. mary October 22, 2012

        Amedeo, I’m with you. Republican’s are a different breed of people. There are givers and there are takers. They are takers I noticed they are a frightened group of people, always worrying about the almighty dollar. One example, they don’t care about children who can now get much needed surgery possibly saving their lives, or preexisting conditions. Their first thought is not for the child but what is it going to cost them. If Romney gets elected they will be hurting themselves in the long run. Not only are they takers but they are also a very stubborn group of people. You could show they something in black and white and they would still not believe you. I’ve given up on these people. There is just no hope for them. Sad but true. Don’t worry President Obama will win this election. If he doesn’t, I will have lost all faith in the human race.

        1. jnagarya October 22, 2012

          The Republicans who refuse to listen and learn are a minority. But they do have loud mouths. And many of them knowingly, constantly, lie their teeth loose.

      2. Rebecca October 22, 2012

        I have already voted for our president and am praying to God that he will win. I too am amazed at how uninformed some people are especially republicans.

    2. YepThatTell October 22, 2012

      I completely agree…I know you are talking this with your friends and family and anyone who will listen, as I am. We can win this and win it big – we have to get out and vote and get others to do so as well – there has to be justice for ‘the rest of us’ and for a President who has worked so hard, against all odds, for all of us.

      1. Sylvia10 October 22, 2012


    3. severio October 22, 2012


    4. Yu-Yin Ling October 22, 2012

      As Reagan once said.
      -Are you genuinely better off than you were 4 years ago? ( looks at the people out of work and un-employment numbers)
      -Is the country better off than it was 4 years ago? ( Our economy has had no significant improvement. We can beat around the bush here and not just out right call it a 2nd great depression, but in essence and in many ways that’s what it is.)

      Obama had his first 2 years of office with a Democratic congress, however, even with this free ride, he continued to blame others for the problems our nation suffered, and continued giving speeches and campaigning for the office he already had. A great president leads, and works. They do not sit around, letting great opportunities blow by as they play golf and give speeches like nothing is wrong.

      Is Romney the ideal candidate and better for the job? LOL, hell no. But he is a step up. A step up until we can cut through this terrible time and get someone who hopefully knows what they are doing. Ideally a second coming of F.D.R. But Obama had his chance, and like what would happen if you screwed off at work and did nothing, its time to face the boss, pack up the desk, hang his head and walk out of the Oval office and have a seat next to Ol’ W, as one of the worst failures in history.

      1. Justin Napolitano October 22, 2012

        BS, yu-yin, the stock market has doubled since March 2, 2009 so you bet your ass I am better off and so are those that have a pension and mutual funds. I don’t know what criteria you use but I use my bank account and the fact that my finances are much better than when Bush left office and the US with two, unfunded wars and a part “D” drug plan with no funding. Bush also left us with job loses of 750,000 per month and now we are gaining jobs each and every month for the last 36 in a row. Please give me some information that supports your claims?

      2. LynnieCoco October 22, 2012

        Yu-Yin, you sound like the typical “low-information” voter who watches “Faux” News and listens to Rush, Hannity, etc…This country is absolutely better off than we were 4 years ago when we were bleeding hundreds of thousands of jobs due to the failed policies of the previous administration. That has changed and is now going in the right direction. Obama will be the first to admit that we’re not where we need to be, but our job situation would be a great deal better if not for the obstructionist Republicans who have blocked the jobs bill or insisted upon changing the stimulus to one less effective. To say that he had 2 years and should have been able to do everything within that time frame is unrealistic and basically admitting that the Republicans have done all that they could do to hurt this administration in the last two (truly all 4 years to be honest). If they had worked with the president, our jobless numbers would be several points less (not my opinion but the opinion of many non-partisan economists). Essentially, the GOP put partisanship politics over the American people and if anyone deserves to be kicked out of office, it is them. If you’re ok being one of the “sheep” who follow, then vote for Romney, but beware of what you get! As a woman, I’m greatly concerned regarding his viewpoint as well as many other Republicans with regard to our workplace and reproductive rights which would take us back to the 50’s.There’s a reason, one of Santorum”s supporters said the only “pill” a woman should take is the one she puts between her knees to keep them closed. These archaic men don’t want women to have control of their contraception because when we do, we can compete on their level in the workplace and they would prefer that we stay “barefoot and pregnant”.

      3. jnagarya October 22, 2012


        1. President Obama did not have two years of a Democratically-controlled Congress. During the period to which you refer, Senators Kennedy and Byrd were ill and dying, and Al Franken was in limbo while the Republican candidate got the vote recount they denied to Al Gore.

        2. Independent analyses find that unemployment is going down — and that despite the Republicans in Congress doing everything they can to keep unemployment up so they can try to blame it on President Obama.

        Constitution: CONGRESS shall make the laws.

        Constitution: money bills shall originate in the House.

        REPUBLICANS control the House.

        The Republicans ran on creating jobs, jobs, jobs. Aside from voting at least 30 times to repeal Obamacare — which isn’t going to happen —

        Where are the REPUBLICAN jobs bills?

        3. The same fact applies to economic improvement: it is improving despite the efforts of Republicans to undermine the economy in hopes of blaming it on PResident Obama.

        Constitution: CONGRESS shall make the laws.

        Constitution: money bills shall originate in the House.

        REPUBLICANS control the House.

        Where is the REPUBLICAN budget?

        Your hostility to President OBama is based exclusively upon the sewerage fed you by Wingnut Radio and the FOX cesspool.

      4. mary October 22, 2012

        Get real Yu Yin Ling Your accusations are insane. No president has ever worked harder for the American people as this one. Have you ever checked his daily agenda? No, I suppose not, but yet you go spouting off about him not doing anything. It’s laughable. You clearly don’t know what your talking about. Blame Bush? Yes he has, but unfortunately not enough. Did you really expect him to get us out of the mess he was handed in just 4 years? Not when 2 wars among other things were put on a credit card. The president is a brilliant man but he is not a miracle worker. And guess what Yu Yin Ling we are recovering whether you see it or not. Try taking your blinders off. This might help your condition.

  11. jrmar1 October 22, 2012

    The logic behind your poll seems good, I want to believe it. I always wondered where pollsters find people for their samples? Including cell phones in this one is a good idea. Many people have only a cell phone. I’ve been a voter for a very long time and I’ve never had a call from anyone taking a poll about an election although I do vote in every election.

    There may be a growing enthusiasm among Democratic voters as they realize how important this election is to them and the country.

    I am a college professor. During this election I’ve noticed that about thirty percent of students seem to have no interest in the election. Some became irrationally supportive of Ron Paul, are now pouting and probably not going to vote. That might be good for President Obama. The remaining seventy percent seem to interested and generally for the President. But who knows if they will actually get out and vote.

    I believe that President Obama will win in a bigger way then anyone predicts. There is a chance that large numbers suburban Republican women might vote their interests once inside the voting booth. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

    1. YepThatTell October 22, 2012

      I really hope you are correct! If people of good will vote according to their consciences, President Obama should win re-election by a landslide.

  12. Bella October 22, 2012

    Vote Obama – Biden 2012

  13. Bella October 22, 2012

    I do not believe there is any man or woman who could do more then President Obama has done to get us out of the HOLE that Bush left us in. Please let’s not go back to the policies that put us in that hole. Let’s continue to move FORWARD. Vote Obama – Biden 2012

  14. ExPAVIC October 22, 2012

    Come now people, get real.

    The American Taliban Republicans (formerly the Old GOP) puts up candidates including Cain, Perry, Santorum, Bachmann, Gingrich, and RoMoney and expect to win the White House? Now who is trying to fool whom?

    Even in horse racing, you enter the best horses with aspirations of winning not losers to be the least likely to loose.

  15. MelvinQ October 22, 2012

    So. Romney likes to say his foreign policy is not that different from the president’s – no daylight between them. Oh, is that ”Obama’s FAILED foreign policy?” I get it – Romney’s foregin policy is the same as the president’s but Romney’s will work. Typical Romnesiac logic.

    1. mary October 22, 2012

      Romney’s foreign policy is WAR. That will simplify things for him. This way there’s no thinking involved.

    2. jnagarya October 22, 2012

      If Rmoney’s foreign policy is the same as President Obama’s, then we don’t need him: we already have President Obama.

  16. Lutrell Simmons October 22, 2012


  17. Yu-Yin Ling October 22, 2012

    So in short, Obama looks equal, or worse than Romney in polls this close to the election…Romney is making gains…so…yeah lets make a new poll. Voters do want change. Unfortunately Obama did not bring that Change, and well like in any job , he failed, and like so many Americans who suffered under his administration, his pink slip is on its way. To bad its Romney, but at this point anyone is better than Obama.

    1. jnagarya October 22, 2012

      Do you know anything about how our gov’t works? Here’s a helpful hint:

      Constitution: CONGRESS shall make the laws.

      Constitution: money bills shall originate in the House.

      Republicans control the House.

      Unless CONGRESS makes law — say, jobs bills — the President hasn’t a jobs bill to sign.

      As for the accusations that President Obama spent [fill in the blank] dollars: CONGRESS controls the purse. Unless Congress allocates money to the President — with a law stipulating HOW it MUST be spent — he has no money to spend.

      CONGRESS does the spending.

      Last but not least: you leave out the fact that the day President While Black Obama was elected, the Republicans declared that their only goal was to limit him to one term. And they’ve been endeavoring to do that by blocking his every initiative, and refusing to enact legislation to address the problems.

      All so they can attempt to blame him for the results. The stupid believe them.

  18. kpolicastro October 22, 2012

    Wouldn’t a landslide for our President be sweet?! <3

  19. wayne October 22, 2012

    There’s more good people than bad. Lets all shoot a violent gang banger until there are none left.

    1. jnagarya October 22, 2012

      You’re precisely the sort of gun-nut who should be prohibited having guns: irresponsibly loose talking.

      On top of which you show yourself to be a racist. Thus you are an enemy of the Constitution.

  20. Avis Praisethelord Yearby October 22, 2012


  21. Elizabeth Ruth Johnston October 22, 2012

    I hope and pray you gentlemen are correct about what you predict….in the polls;… President Obama better not leave a trace of doubt with any voters to-night on where he stands on all issues otherwise we will pay for it in the voting booth, he better dominate Romney with a firm conviction that he believes his plan is better for the American people; it would be great if Romney trips himself up with his own lies, I think they will be sitting too close to-night and I suggest that President Obama pull his chair back somewhat away from Romney so he Obama gives himself space to lean forward if necessary……Romney is a crazy pittbull…….and will do or say just about anything to win…why should the American people trust a man like that?

  22. lawoman32 October 22, 2012

    President Obama has done a remarkably good job, considering all that he’s had to deal with. As a female, I cringe at the thought of the right-wing radicals who now run the GOP taking control.

  23. Ceresa Salter October 22, 2012

    I so hope that President Obama wins this election because we as a nation cannot take another Republican administration!! The next time it may not be a recession, it might very well be a depression. Women wake up don’t let them take away your rights to choice!!! As far as the class warfare, it has been going on for several decades and we the middle class are losing!! People don’t vote against your own self interest!!!!

  24. Mr. Bombastic October 22, 2012

    Yes, let us throw out the gallop-poll and replace it with a poll by ultra liberas like Carvel and Greencrap! you people are pathetic! Steve wake up you are having a dream! Ramon, what cynical media? Are you that ignorant?

    1. jnagarya October 22, 2012

      The Gallup poll is an outlier — outside the consensus. The consensus is mainstream, moderate, as is the vast majority of the population. Your’s is the extremist freak’s fringe position.

      Same for Rasmussen, which is frankly “conservative”/Republican.

      But we get it: when it appears the polls are with you, the polls are perfect. But when the polls are against you, it’s a “liberal” “conspiracy” — for which alleged “conspiracy” you never produce EVIDENCE proving it. And you don’t produce such evidence because it doesn’t exist, because the alleged “conspiracy” doesn’t exist.

      Hating President While Black Obama is not legitimate reason to cut off your own nose in order to spite your face. It is the equivalent of inviting the Republicans to pick your pocket — yet again.

  25. Robert Blankenship October 22, 2012

    mr is UNFIT to be POTUS.

    The guy is a megalomaniac with a war-mongering complex.


  26. VictorCraig October 22, 2012

    There are two reasons for the close poll results:

    1. Racism-especially among American White men, much to their shame.
    2. The pollsters call older people whose land-line phones- are listed in phone books
    They have neglected younger, more liberal voters whose primary communication device is some form of wireless for which there are few, if any telephone directories.
    3. I do not know of any African-American family who has been contacted by any pollster.

  27. Lloyd Baldwin October 22, 2012

    Back in the 80’s we called company’s like Bain Capital and Mitt Romnet Corporate raiders and we know what they did to american workers and their jobs back then. Hell, the government is still covering the pensions that were lost from those companys going bankrupt while Mitt reaped millions! I’m with you Steve. President Obama has been one of the best modern day presidents that I can remember. Even with the republicans fighting him every step of the way since day one his accomplishments have been remarkable. Vote Obama/Biden 2012

  28. VictorCraig October 22, 2012

    Gallup does not call Black people and or Hispanics.

  29. alumahead October 22, 2012

    OMitt Romney 2012.
    Send this guy packing. And his little elf, too.

    1. jnagarya October 22, 2012

      Another heard from from the fringe fantasy land where the only thing produced is ignorance and hate.

    2. mary October 22, 2012

      Love the OMitt Romney 2012. and the little elf. I laughed for ten minutes after I read it. I think we all need a little laughter about now. Thanks I have a good feeling we’ll be laughing Nov 7th too. If not laughing at least smiling a lot. I have to have faith in the American people that they will do the right thing. The obvious thing. OBAMA-BIDEN 2012

  30. AliceR51 October 22, 2012

    My opinion-one thing Obama has been on both sides of the track-NO choice.He was very low.He was pushed very hard by family to get off his duff & make something of himself.I didnt see muich of his dad in his life anywhere.His mom,his gram,mabey some who were other familiesfriends. NO one can KNOCK of how we each are brought up.There abuse of somekind on anyones life. He had it rough.NO he isnt the only one NO.Yet,being a presi- for one -I feel hes come along way.He was handed a MESS to clean up.He had NO other choice BUt to try.Also,I know that it does take time to work thru MESSES-also,he NOT alone working on issues.He does get vetoed.So I imagione when some things hed like to pass-wont get far -so he gets stuck as he unable to clear them up-being vetoed. I feel,listening toRomney-flip/flopin-that my country would do better with Obama. Im on SSI- Romney plans to get rid of it. I dont feel R-could fight his way out of paperbag.Hed have too many comments on it,contraditicting himself.MY OPINION-only.

  31. n echols October 22, 2012

    President Obama has done a really good job running this country. I believe the countries who have always been against the USA better communicate with President Obama. This is what’s good for the USA. This is the kind of change the world need. Others are excited about who is running this country and so are most Americans. It’s so sad that the men and women in the congress don’t all try to support the President on the good productive ideals he has. It’s time out for judging people based on their race, let’s please start judging on our Knowledge and Character. Remember, God see what we all do!

    1. jnagarya October 22, 2012

      Despite the decades of anti-Qadaffi rhetoric, from Reagan and the Republicans, G. DUI Bush normalized relations with Qadaffi — to sell him weapons — and called him “a friend” of the US.

      By contrast, the first President in US history to flip an Arab enemy country — Libya — to an ally:

      President Obama.

      That is one of the major reasons Republicans are so furious: they believe there is more money to be made from having enemies than from having friends.

  32. John October 22, 2012

    Like-Wise to Steve Mullen! A Salute to Obama!

  33. Midge Martin October 22, 2012

    President Obama is the man!!!! OMG, can you visualize, as I can, what Romney would do to the world? It would be a horror story of national and international disaster! Go Obama! We love you!

  34. myyassin October 22, 2012

    Infact Obama is hard worker man to nation ever been and he deserve to be elected the next four year.

  35. myyassin October 22, 2012

    Infact, Obama work hard the great nation back as before from the great miss. He deserve to be elected the second term.

  36. MARCO October 22, 2012

    mr.bombastic: I never waste my time with ignorant people! I feel sorry how poor you are!

  37. carl r October 22, 2012

    When you compare him with Bush who was an embarrasment, Obama looks better than he
    will be judged by posterity. He deserves another 4 years with a congress not 1/4 full of right
    wing nut jobs. Maybe then he can get some legislation passed to reduce the deficit and benefit
    the middle class, while soaking the rich! If all that comes to pass, I will be on board with him
    being a great president. If he loses Mitt Romney will take us down the rode to perdition (war with Iraq) as a pay off the the military industrial complex who support him.

  38. Sylvan Bascom October 22, 2012

    President Obama has done well in his first term and deserves another.After President Clinton’s years ,we were expecting the happy days to continue had V.P Gore won. Well that election was stolen in Florida so we had to settle for what we got the following 8 years with unnecessary wars. They did nothing to avert 911 despite many months of warnings from all over the world because some of the Neocons wanted it that way to pursue their Agenda.Poor President Bush was the de facto President.

    All that un-necessary expenses on the wars, caused a collapse on the Global Economy. President Obama had to wrestle with that to keep us afloat. He did a damn good job.
    To allow a GOP president in at this time we will be looking at an Economic avalanche.
    Lets go Forward ever backward never with President Obama.

  39. Sanchez Americo October 22, 2012

    Economy, External debit, Immigrations Revolution,Unemployment, Gas reducction, stop deportation, openning frontier, create places for new professional graduates, new industries, more support for increase a news business, morgage less rate, palnning joining republicans and democrats for better solution in that amazing nation, soil, god land. god bless america,

  40. James Alexander October 22, 2012

    The POTUS has been a terrific president, and he has FAVOR from God on his side. A praying man makes different. I have never see the righeous forsaken neiher seen him begging bread God bless the POTUS.

  41. bjay59 October 22, 2012

    How soon does a nation forget?. Does everyone forget how the economy was 4 years ago under George W. Bush and does anyone want to go back to unregulated policies of Wall Street that got us into the financial mess that had us on the brink of disaster?. If anyone does then Romney will accomodate you.

  42. Gary Lancaster October 22, 2012

    I have excluded any attention to any poll other than the Gallup Poll. Their poll results have caused me great anxiety over the Presidential election. I have been working very hard for about a month to promote President Obama. My tool has been my FB page. And finally, finally I have reaped some reward. Some of the friends of my friends have now switched from pro Romney to pro Obama. I have done tremendous research on both candidates and published it on my FB page.

    1. I am amazed at the out and out lies published about Obama and the people that believe they are the absolute truth.
    2. I can not believe anyone would use the debates to determine their choice for President. Look at who the two men are. Look at their history. Use some common sense.

    So, I pray your poll results are correct. And I pray that Americans will wake up and see Romney for what he is and not what he says he is.

    1. LynnieCoco October 28, 2012

      Gary, can someone subscribe to your page? I’d love to read your posts.

  43. Dennie Roden October 22, 2012

    I stand proud with President Obama, the best President, and the best hope we have to recover from the mess GWB and his cronies have given us ,here’s to another chance to be a proud American, as I was Four years ago

  44. hshmelody October 22, 2012

    it is terrific to finally see some positive comments about obama. he inherited bush’s incredibly stupid and expensive agenda and has had to practically jump somersaults to bring this country back but it couldn’t be done in 4 years. please give him the next 4 years he needs to continue pulling us out of the trough created by bush senior and junior(in every sense of the word)

  45. ridemybroom October 23, 2012

    Obama won again tonight ….yay !….now he will win the presidency and we can say goodbye to that scum bag mitt romney and his ungracious sons and families…what a screwed up family…! still think the man has alzheimers…usually im not wrong about these things…he looked bad tonight at the debate 10-22-12…he is not able to lead our country in no manner or form…something is wrong with him…his eyes tell that story…dont know if its from exhaustion or what…but something is clearly not right…you will see in days to come…

    1. MelvinQ October 23, 2012

      Drug abuse? Mormon’s can’t drink or smoke. But nothing says they can’t have a little Oxycontin, for example. Xanax? Speed?

  46. willow2884 October 23, 2012

    I used to have a great respect for the Gallup Poll. It seems like it does not truly reflect the facts…same as Romney. Too bad.

  47. willow2884 October 23, 2012

    I find the Gallup poll to be a bunch of BS. I am an independent female voter, Romney only says what he thinks his audience wants to hear. He is a compulsive liar as he is never consistent on any given subject. He is nothing but a used car salesman!!I will be voting for Obama, Romney cannot be trusted as he changes his mind daily.

  48. MelvinQ October 23, 2012

    10:30 pm EDT
    Romney went home and googled bayonet.

  49. tavias51 October 23, 2012

    President Obama has shut the mouths of his critics! He’s a man of his word, and is a strong president the next four years! Obama/Biden 2012!!!!!!!! We don’t watch these polls, Romney is not a man the American people can trust in keeping our jobs stateside!!!!!!

  50. alicehurston October 23, 2012

    Quit worying about Obama’s winning this election, because he has the BIG MAN on his side, & HE has already assigned the election to, Obama. Since he’s been in office, he had to straighten out a mess, Pres. Bush made. Think about what problems were against him, but he came to fight for the people & he has done this. Coming in on such hardship, where Bush had caused is a hard job, but Obama has held his place, & being an African American he has done a great job. I believe that no one thought that we could do the job, but what do you say today? God is in control of this, so get ready to face Obama for another term. HOORAY! Money is needed, but it’s not the real things that counts, it’s who the person is & what he stand for. Romney might have the friends & money, he doesn’t have the concerns most people need. Money can buy lot’s of things, but can’t buy life, if a person is dying, it can’t buy true love, & it can’t fix up what’s been done to others. We are watching everything & we want a true President that feels the hearts of those that’s been broken & torn apart. He’s a family man with a gift for the needs of hurting people. That’s Obama. It’s almost like being in the lion’s den, but the MAN above is holding back the lions so he’s coming out on top. Go Get ’em Obama, we’ve got your back. Alice Hurston I’ve been working with the Obama’s Team for over 4 months, so why I can’t have my comment posted?. This info came through my email.

  51. MelvinQ October 23, 2012

    Romney went home and googled bayonet.

  52. hottrika October 23, 2012

    Romney will show his TAX returns the moment Obama shows his Actual BIRTH Certificate. Not that Photoshop created piece of paper that masquerades as DOB Certificate. Got the point. Now call me a BIRTHER or whatever. Obama has a Muslim agenda and give him four years more, you’ll have Sharia in place of Ist amendment. You’ll regret re-electing him because he’ll have no “pressure” in his second term in enacting his nefarious agenda. Grow up from your “economic troubles” mindset. You are in for some serious trouble.

    1. LynnieCoco October 23, 2012

      Romney will NEVER show his tax returns because it will show that he has lied about them, just like he did when he showed some of his taxes while running for Governor. He had to retroactively re-file his taxes to show that he claimed Massachusetts as his primary residence (when he originally didn’t). I’m sure the new lie that would be revealed is that he paid over 13% taxes every year. He asked “who wouldn’t take advantage of every deduction and not pay more taxes than they were liable for”? It ended up being exactly what he did when he recently filed last year’s taxes in such a way to NOT claim some of his charitable giving so that his percentage ended up being over 13%. After all, it had to fit the narrative (lie) that he has ALWAYS paid over 13% in taxes.

      Hottrika, the moment you revealed that you were a BIRTHER you immediately lost ALL credibility. No one with any intelligence believes that a presidential candidate would not be thoroughly investigated to reveal if they were born in a foreign country or not, especially by all of the racists who wanted to de-legitimize Obama’s candidacy. All of the horrible fears about how our country was going to end up if Obama became president NEVER HAPPENED and saying the same BS again won’t change that fact. “History is prologue” is a motto that I live by. We can judge how a man will lead by how he has done so in the past. All of your fears about the president have never come to pass and won’t, however all of my fears about Romney repeating his business agenda in the oval office are very real and valid. He will continue to screw the middle class and cater to the 1%. It’s what he has always done and there’s no reason to believe he will do anything differently if elected president.

    2. mirit March 8, 2013

      Not content to meddle in Israeli affairs Here you are in the USA’s now measure your head, I will make you a tinfoil hat… birther or should I say racist idiot?

      1. hottrika March 10, 2013

        Hi Mom, nice to see you here. What a pleasant surprise….!

      2. hottrika March 11, 2013

        Your penchant for figures is really amazing. Yes, I stand corrected. The actual percentage point should have read as within a range of 0.25 to 1.25. Your fixation for “zeros” seems to have rubbed on me besides it being well
        past midnight, I posted it without cross-check. My apologizes.

        The point is well taken.

        Now? Let me clarify, in Indian system, an average life cycle is classed as an
        average age of an adult. Now whose class we take? OK we measure these figures by your standards. On the higher scale, these figures still measure well below the actual “deaths” or as you say “missing”, relative to
        the “other” deaths. That said, is it important that we fight over FIGURES rather than the actual ISSUE? Is the fixation for figures so important
        as to miss the actual purpose for which these figures are purported to be
        contextualized, in first place? As I already said, even a single unnatural
        death, more so due to Gender bias, is highly deplorable and intolerable for any civilized society. Where do we differ? Did I, at any point in time say that I am OK with these “missings”? Our “fight” seems to be more
        on style than substance when it should have been the opposite. And do you know why these figures are so freely available for you to be able to so easily dish these out? It is because of the probity and because of the transparency inherent within our system to identify, even magnify and dissect these in order to find a remedy. For same reason, detractors consider the West as “crime” brewing, a lecherous, licentious society. As proof they cite the number of “crimes” happening. The reason being, small crime as petty shoplifting or even sternly scolding one’s child, is widely reported and documented. These figures then may be put to any purpose. To me it is the sign of vibrancy within a society that even a slight misdemeanor doesn’t go amiss, if at all this being a sure sign of the society, alive, thriving and “kicking”.

        To someone else, it is “proof” of the “criminal-nature” of that society, citing data collected by the conscious-keepers of these very societies itself. You can give any SPIN to these figures. Never will data of such kind be made available to the outside world in a closed despotic or Islamic dispensation.

        Because even one small incident is reported and classified, do these stats end up in the hands of various “interest” groups.

        I wish the day had 48 hours and month was 60 days to exhaustively explain the rationale and the logic behind these “statistics”. And for God’s
        sake, please get out of this mental block of a WAR against women happening in the streets and by lanes of our country. In this I am reminded of an incident some time ago when a Catholic Christian said to me in a blog chat, I quote…..” Jews are so evil that every morning Jews attack Palestinian women and throw acid on them….”. It was as ignorant, sweeping and bizarre, if not mendacious and malicious a statement as is your “all-out
        war” against women in India. Admittedly, not everything is hunky-dory in our society, but I assure you, there are adequate checks and balances within us to offset the mishappenings. You must have heard about the recent New Delhi rape incident. Should I need to enlighten you that it was the same, the very common and average middle class Indian whom you so loath that took the cudgels and for a month, undertook candle light vigil at Jantar Mantar, the place for political protests. The media was agog, social sites were inundated with protest/empathy tweets and messages. The incident ignited a heated debate that still goes on and already the positive sprouts from that unfortunate incident are beginning to take root. Please give the “devil” it’s due.

        Regarding Islam, it is clear you know nothing about it, chief reason being that ignorant, should I say gullible westerners like you look at Islam through glass of western values of decency and equality and treat its evil and hate as similar to those confronting other “Abrahamic” faiths. I don’t fault
        you for that. The tragedy is by the time a “normal” human experiences
        what Islam stands for, the damage is already done. Yours truly was one of those who believed that Islam was like any other religion and that the radicals within Islam had got its “peaceful” message awfully wrong. That is, until I read it all myself and knew about the ugly truth.

        I leave the rest unto some other time and space.

      3. hottrika March 11, 2013

        Please read he previous posting in continuation to the discussion at Jerusalem Post. Due to some technical glitch, I am unable to post on that board.

  53. Martha Humphries October 23, 2012

    both need to stay on their knees and stop doggin and point fingers at one another if they are leaders and they do it what is it saying to us and our famililes…personally it stinks….when anyone does this for this is not of God …..
    and when they get in office and get some power under their belt they forget the vows they tooks and the commitments 2 us as their followersss…just remember obama and romney God is above all of us and he does not miss a thing>>>>>>>big responsibility….:”:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::to follow God is to guide america as it should be like Abraham lincoln was willing to do can either of u do the same>>>>>>>>or are u letting the opinions of others affect how u to lead us as americans

  54. Holly Jean Heinz October 23, 2012

    I would be blind without the new healthcare law and even though it didn’t happen as fast as some would like..the President has managed…even with a hostile Republican Congress to get some important issues pushed through Congress and we are moving forward. I have heard so much irrational negativity towards him….the president pulled us out of a hole..THAT HE DID NOT CREATE. How INGRATEFUL we…. as Americans are
    …no one except a very exceptional leader could have done what the President has done. I cannot wait to see our progress these next 4 years with some new fresh blood in Congress.

  55. Ricardo Baez October 23, 2012

    To All The 4000 true Americans, that have offshore accounts, be on the look-out. You have a lot of nerve saying You are true Americans. You made your Billions here in America, and You keep Your money, in Banks that do not pertain to this Country. Well Boo-Hoo, You got Caught. Keep Up The Good Fight, Mr. President, Obama. We Got Your Back, down here in W. P. B., Fla. Sincerely, Mr. Ricardo Baez.

  56. doridori October 24, 2012

    From your mouth to God’s ear! And not the Mormon flesh and blood gods on all those planets.. THE God, lol!

  57. doridori October 24, 2012

    VOTERS WANT CHANGE. But what kind of change??? I believe .. and what I want… is for the Dems to go after the Republi-cons to get things done, or go OVER their heads in every way possible. When it is not possible, go to the people.. over and over and over and TELL exactly what kind of crap the Republi-cons are pulling to tank this country!


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