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Obama Slams Congress For Frivolous Votes [VIDEO]


Obama Slams Congress For Frivolous Votes [VIDEO]


“If Congress tells you they don’t have time, they’ve got time to do it. … In the House of Representatives, what have you guys been debating? … You’ve been debating a commemorative coin for baseball? You have legislation reaffirming that ‘In God We Trust’ is our motto? That’s not putting people back to work. I trust in God, but God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people to work.”

It’s nice that Congress has finally found an issue that both parties can agree on; the “In God We Trust” resolution passed by a 369 to 9 margin. Unfortunately, the resolution doesn’t have anything to do with America’s sky high unemployment, or its huge budget deficit, or its continuing struggles in Afghanistan, or any other pertinent issue.

No wonder Congress’ approval rating sits at a pathetic 9 percent.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. kurt.lorentzen November 2, 2011

    The President is absolutely right on this one. Mottos and coinage are not worthy of the time spent by our representatives to work on our behalf. I would like them to do some actual work with their focus on substantive issues (after all, I pay them to do just that). I disagree with the Oresident on funding the “jobs bill” with more deficit spending, but I’m in total agreement on this point.

  2. no games patriot November 3, 2011

    Our new congress has passed a number of bills that, if passed in the Senate and Whitehouse, would have put the private sector back to work a long time ago. The democrates have controlled our federal government since 2006 and if it was not for oduma and his studge in the Senate, Harry Reid, our economy would have turned around twelve months ago. Barry Soetoro is too pig-headed and stubborn to embrace what actually works……constitutional conservatism.

  3. delacruzg361 November 3, 2011

    What are these elected representative doing in Congress?

    They are just wasting tax payer money, debating IN GOD WE TRUST, instead of helping the President solving our real problem.

    IN GOD WE TRUST congress recess are coming. ( While we, who trusted you & voted for you are homeless & jobless.

    IN GOD WE TRUST we the member of congress got the money for long vacation with family. (While we, who trusted you & voted for you can’t even relax every minutes, hours, & every day thinking where to get money to pay for school tuition fees, food, clothing, amortization, transportation, etc.

  4. behaviorquest November 3, 2011

    The president isn’t stuck on stupid the congress and the right wing are. It wasn’t constitution conservatism that got us out of the last great depression, it was a Democratic President with a vision who put in place the Works Progress Administration that built things like Hoover Dam and infrastructure projects across this great country. The right wing or the “Constitutional Conservatives are nothing more than spoiled school yard bullies that pout and push other s around. Their day is over and our day to build and do progressive things has arrived.

  5. DB November 3, 2011

    Wow, I never knew it was the Hoover Dam that got us out of the Great Depression. All along I thought it was World War II, but I guess that was just a minor thing compared with Hoover Dam. I’ll bet Mr. Behaviorquest has some other dam stories too!!

  6. cordwood8 November 3, 2011

    OK, one guy on the internet said that E-PLURIBUS-UNUM was our motto up until 1956. Well now, I have a silver dollar dated 1884 in excellent condition. It has E-PLURIBUS-UNUM on one side and In God We Trust on the other side. If the first was the motto, then the god part was putting religion on our currency. God is a state of mind. There is no such being that exists. You religious whacko’s prove it! Congress people are over paid for this nonsense.

  7. mpjt16 November 3, 2011

    When these career politicians have no idea what to do next they try tp play the popular card and go to God or some other base issue. Of course they are going to waste time on something like this. Probably because one of them received an email saying Obama wanted to remove “In God We Trust” from our currency. This has been an urban legend for several years.
    God is what a person decides god/God is.
    But this is about what we can expect when the goal of each party is to win, not to govern for the common good. My way or the highway politics works well for people who have decided this is their career. Term limits would create an environment where people could vote their real beliefs, not just follow their caucus.

  8. JudyWendt November 3, 2011

    This is another example of humans using God for their petty political purposes. We don’t trust God, we try to control God. We expect God to favor “our” positions. In truth, we, as humans, are selfish, mean-spirited, and completely un-Godly.

  9. ModIndependent November 3, 2011

    In God We Trust was added to coins in The mid 1860’s by acts of Congress, and on Paper Currency in 1957.

  10. Kapono November 3, 2011

    If it weren’t for Roosevelt’s WPA we wouldn’t have had the infrastructure in place to allow us to get up to speed in supplying the Allies with materials necessary for WWII. It has been the Conservative Republican party of “NO” that has stalled putting Americans back to work rather than admit we have a Black President who can do the job if only allowed. It is a sad testament to our educational system that a relatively small group of people with self interests can hoodwink a large chunk of the populous by blaming a Black Man for the sins of a previous administration. Anyone who is still stuck on the ‘birther” conspiracy needs to get a life and a spell checker.

  11. ron November 3, 2011


  12. johnsonjjohnson November 3, 2011

    $10 Trillion Dollar Bush Stimulus Package

    I hear rhetoric all the time about the so called failed stimulus package of over $700 billion dollars that is supposed to spur job creation. Yet no one is discussing the $10 Trillion Dollar George W Stimulus Package. Call it what you will the goal was supposed to be the same. Over 10 years later and I think we can safely say that the experiment of unusually low taxes has proved to be a complete failure. Yet it is still being promoted as doing something. At a cost of over $10 Trillion dollars for the first 10 years—– why are we even talking about the paltry $700 billion dollar package when the W Tax Cuts/Stimulus Plan are 10 Trillion every 10 years and renew themselves each 10 year period!!!!!!

    Why aren’t these questions being asked???

    If lower taxes haven’t helped the economy— have they hurt the economy??? The answer is yes

    Just think back to when things started to unravel in our economy. Hey, it was under the Bush Regime. The only thing he did to affect the economy was to LOWER taxes. Just think the only thing he did for the economy ended up killing the most robust economy in the world’s history. Yet these geniuses want to continue to do what caused the collapse.

    Incrementally Higher Taxes Creates Jobs

    Incrementally higher taxes creates an incentive to hire new employees and purchase the next piece of business equipment, once the business or individual’s income gets close to the next incrementally higher tax rate. The rates are so low now, that it takes the incentive away. Actually it was recently reported that over $1.5 Trillion dollars is sitting on the sidelines. Cash that businesses have hoarded due to the lower tax rates. Lower tax rates puts the “responsibility on business owners” to decide whether to spend the tax savings on business improvements & hiring OR NOT. Businesses have chosen NOT to spend the money saved but rather to show stock holders greater profits and then send these profits to other wealthy individuals in the form of dividends on the profits INSTEAD of spending on hiring or equipment.

    Higher or lower taxes is all about who decides when and what to invest in. The lower tax experiment of the Bush regime has proven that when left on their own businesses will decide NOT to hire or invest the saved money from lower taxes. Thus the need for incrementally higher taxes to provide the incentive for them to do just that.

    New Gauge that Measures “Efficiency”

    That is why since the Bush regime we have seen a new index take center stage. It’s called the “Business Efficiency Rating.” That is a rating that shows how businesses are doing more with less. “Less Hiring and Less Spending on Business Equipment”. Lower taxes actually creates a disincentive to hire and spend. Lower taxes trust business owners to do so on their own with the money saved which has proven doesn’t work.

    Now that you understand why low taxes are responsible for the recession, I will reveal to you why it was also “W’s” low taxes that caused the collapse of the real estate mortgage biz.

    Supply & Demand for Jobs

    Low taxes stalled the hiring process since everyone was simply getting by with the employees they had thus the “demand” for employees was less than the supply”. This caused wages to go flat. They have stayed flat for the last 10 years. Now factor in a low inflation rate of 3.5% compounded over 10 years and you have about 40% inflation over a 10 year period!!!

    That means, with wages staying flat, that what ever you bought 10 years ago would cost about 40% more today. So if mama lost her job for only a few months— you could never catch back up and thus the foreclosures began. The subprime mortgages only accounted for a very small % of total failed mortgages. The mortgage implosion was a symptom NOT the cause of our economic problems. The cause of the economic/mortgage/real estate/ implosion was lower taxes!!!!!

    This is the same policy being blindly followed today just like the old adage, ” If we say it enough or if we can think it, it must be true whether the thought process holds up to evidence or scrutiny or not. In other words, true or not, people tend to believe whoever it is that is controlling the message.

    Media Guilty

    That is why the media is as guilty as those promoting the failed policies as we depend on the media to ask the right question, especially when the answers they get don’t make sense. Has the media been intimidated by name calling? Things like Elite Media? Or Liberal Leaning Media?

    This country is who we are ONLY because of the high character of journalist who came before you. They have been known for keeping the government and businesses honest.

    Where is that level of integrity today?

  13. dawnowens November 3, 2011

    And I’m fervently waiting for the time when they get sick of all the hypocritical Christians and send down the Thunder and Lightning.

    When are we going to give up all the religious insanities and base our rather important governance decisions on something more substantial than, ‘God told me to run for president, or vote this way, or put his name on our dollar which is worthless now…’ or some such 2000 year old fantasy.

    Everyone who voted for ‘In God We Trust’ should be burned as witches. Maybe then we can start over as a country with some semblance of intellectual honesty.

  14. HC November 3, 2011

    What exactly is it about God that you trust? Take a look at what is going on in the world and in this country, and if all that is and has been going on is thanks to god, and not to the actions, wisdom or stupidity of the government, then we should demand the Constitution be rewritten, and the First Amendment must include that the USA is basically a theocracy. What a bunch of dimwits we have put into office.

  15. bperdieu327 November 3, 2011

    Hmmm,let’s see…440 billion dollars for about 1.2 million (generous assumption) new jobs. This will cost taxpayers about $293,000 for each new job created. And as he touts this new program to put Americans back to work, he is also promoting a higher ceiling on the number of foreign workers entering this country. Currently, 100,000+ foreign workers are entering this country each month. Do the math folks – that’s about 1.2 million new foreign workers coming in each year to take most of the new jobs this bill will supposedly create for American workers. In addition to that, let’s add in the million or so illegals that are coming in each year, along with the 12-20 million illegals that are here and have already taken American jobs and what do you get? You get a phoney new program to distract you from the fact that millions are being allowed to enter this country each year even though there aren’t enough jobs for the 20 million Americans currently unemployed. Yeah, I know the pro-illegal amnesty folks will say they are taking jobs Americans don’t want to do. Well, with the possible exception of ag-workers, that’s the same old tired ploy that has been used over and over by big business and ethnocentric lobbies to justify their amnesty agenda and deceive the American public. Who did those jobs before the illegals and foreign workers came? Americans did them. It took over a century of strife to establish a standard of living in this country that no other could compete with. Then, little by little, the profitable businesses and corporations that American workers helped build and raise to prominence, got greedy and began selling out on those workers by outsourcing their labor or bringing in cheaper foreign labor, thereby devaluing those jobs, their respective pay scales and our standard of living. Those promoting this massive influx of illegal and foreign workers don’t give a damn about American workers, they just want a never-ending supply of cheap laborers. Illegal and foreign workers have now taken jobs that Americans would be happy to have – truck drivers, factory workers, construction workers. And this President has done nothing to disrupt or discourage the hiring policies and practices of the greedy American companies that have sold out on American workers for that almighty dollar. He has done nothing to pass worker verification legislation (like E-Verify) that would protect American jobs and put far more millions back to work (in a very short period of time) than this ridiculous jobs bill of his. This is just a placebo for the American public. The purpose of this bill, to put Americans back to work, simply doesn’t jibe with this president’s amnesty and immigration agenda. It’s more of the same old BS that we’ve heard before. “Change we can believe in” – I haven’t seen it yet. What I have seen is a weak president who has done little to put Americans FIRST with respect to economic policy and job creation. This jobs program is a ploy…he’s in campaign mode now!

  16. HC November 3, 2011

    Scoundrels hide behind our flag and their god. We need serious, brilliant thinkers, not good ‘ol boy politics to perpetuate the disasters suffered by the utter cruelty, criminal actions of bribe-taking, and utter thoughtlessness other than self-aggrandizement by our elected men and women who forget to whom they owe their positions of power once the lobbyists come to say “hi guys, care to accept my check to you for a million bucks?”

  17. Chuckieelaine November 3, 2011

    President Obama is right on. He knows what he is talking about. I believe the whole country should vote and get every senator and representative out of office. Our country is going down the tubes.

  18. HC November 3, 2011

    I have been voting since the 1952 election. Since the TV has become the major dispenser of what’s going on, I watch political TV daily. Never before have I been embarassed for America, but I am now. Who are these morons that wannabe the next nominee from the GOP? These people are the best they could attract. Will there be a book written next year entitled “The Rise and Fall of the Republican Party”?

  19. The ROAR November 3, 2011

    I never believe in voting ever before in my life,But in 2009 I had a change of heart all thanks to President Obama.I believe he speaks from the heart.while the others only speak from the tongue and do something else when they’re elected into office.Thing are starting to look more clear to me now,I’m back working since he’s been in office while when a republcan was in office I was homeless,Discriminated upon.

  20. CarlCapello November 3, 2011

    In God we trust but, in congress we must be crazy to trust these elected senators, congressmen and women. They can’t even vote on important issues facing our country! Mr. President, I hope you could rise above these jerks and get done what you are trying to do for our country. Screw the congress, the Supreme Court should give you Mr. President overriding powers so, you can get on with your job!

  21. Zahman November 3, 2011

    The congress isn’t getting anything done so it will look like the President doesn’t. To much party division. We need to work together to get this country moving again. The congress and Republicans want President Obama to fail but actually its the Republican congress that”s failing the American People!

  22. tr_whitney November 3, 2011

    Oh, for God’s sake! Its no wonder that this country is going down the drain. If this is what congress is doing, and people are willing to let them continue doing it, then we deserve to fail. I hope something better comes after the collapse of America.

  23. zipalot November 3, 2011

    To quote Sir Ludovic Henry Coverly Kennedy, atheist journalist and author, he could not have said it better.
    All gods from time immemorial are fantasies, created by humans for the welfare of humans and to attempt to explain the seemingly inexplicable. But do we, in the third year of the 21st century of the Common Era and on the springboard of colonising the universe, need such palliatives?

    Wherever one looks there is conflict: Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland; Jews, Christians and Muslims in Palestine; Muslims and Hindus in the Indian subcontinent; Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. Is not the case for atheism made?”
    — Kennedy in a column titled “Put away childish things,” The Guardian [UK], April 17, 2003

  24. kmg1952 November 3, 2011

    That really takes the cake that the Republicans use In God We Trust, considering that in my opinion, they are conducting their business more like they were the ANTICRIST!!! Don’t worry, republicans, there is a special place in the seven circle of HELL waiting for each and every one of you greedy, unethical, immoral, and anti-american back stabbing, cut throating traitors!

  25. Jmacenterprises November 3, 2011

    “How dare Congress spend our precious time in voting to continue with “In God We Trust” on the one thing that we are about to run out of. We as American citizens are loosing our homes and we are starving some type of resolution and we should look up to you that sit so high and mighty to take a stand and do what is right. God put his trust in you that you would do as He making it better for his children that he created equally. How dare you even speak the words when the way that you’re treating us as American citizens is so UN-Godly?” So please stop wasting our precious time and money on such frivolous conversation and get down to business with our President and be about it. Help save our country for we put our trust in God first and we pray that you would be on the same accord. In you we trusted and in God we will trust forever more!”

  26. irvingt November 4, 2011

    they are trying figure out how to lie enough to mess with our mind and get elected again being an antique out of touch and have stole enough for their family’s retirement

  27. unikorns November 4, 2011

    let’s throw the bums out & start anew with short term limits! & of they still can’t get their greedy act together, throw ’em out again! Our President has done an admirable job for one totally hamstrung by Congress!

  28. hyabirch November 4, 2011

    The Republicans are seriously hindering progress. In a time when everything is moving so fast, with the computer and cell phone changingso quickly, why are they still living at the neolithic stage. Republicans think at snail pace, and move at tortoise pace. They act like imbeciles, persons who do not think with their heads but with emotions.

  29. KenWilbanks November 4, 2011

    God will guide us, if called upon, but is not registered to vote.

  30. patjohn62 November 4, 2011

    Who else can we trust in? President Obama is doing all that he can to help us get jobs. He can not do it all by himself. He believes in God and he will get the job bill passed.

  31. MCullen NE November 4, 2011

    Just more of the same wasting time playing on peoples fears. They are so racist they will do anything to have Obama fail. Best be careful it could bit them you know where.
    And Mr Patriot you are the dumb one. Keep speading that hate.

  32. judith.hayes99 November 7, 2011

    I have been watching and voting for many of my 60 years. I watched JFK take office, but I have to say in all these years I have never been so ashamed of Congress. You have acted like small children who need to be put on medication for not having a human heart in your entire beings. I was a single Mom and worked my body into early retirement called disability.You Republicans have done everything you can to try and humiliate a brilliant and thinking President of whom I know cares about the people, ALL PEOPLE. He has bent overbackwards confidently relying on your professionalism to do the right thing, but you have surprised us all as to how bigoted,complely malicious and heartless you are. Don’t blame it on God…You are truly showing your true colors of which you have had for years. Thanks to people like you and Mr. Bush you’ve put good Americans left in disaster. Now you want to take away our medicare? I have to use aids to walk, people to help me bathe and dress, and medications to help control pain and bodily functions. I’m sick of you slimy dictators playing with my life, and I’m with most of the U.S. I’s time for the republican party to go!!!!! God Bless President Obama and his second term!!!

  33. FED UP WITH POLITICIANS.COM November 7, 2011

    The good thing is now more people are becoming involved and therefore informed about how our political system works or in this case does not. Don’t listen to the conventional, so called, wisdom. Educate yourself, read, study, and yes talk to others, even those you may disagree with. Our country was founded by people who debated, argued, yelled and many other things. They were determined to form a government by, for and of the people. When the people demand an objective and open press and use it to inform themselves, and then act upon that information,then and only then will we once again become what our founders envisioned. Let the debate begin…….

  34. natlhospitality November 8, 2011


    1. He told a group of student in Jakarta, Kenya the US Motto is “E pluribus unum.” instead of “In God We Trust.”

    2. He rewrote the Deceleration of Independence and quoted more than once “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that each of us are endowed with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” instead of “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    3. The first US President to apologize to the world of the American sins.

    4. The First US President to bow to foreign royalty.

    Got to love his weak spine of American. YES WE CAN OBAMA 2012.


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