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Obama Stands By His Decisions, Prepares For Tough Campaign


Obama Stands By His Decisions, Prepares For Tough Campaign


President Obama has been utilizing more fiery rhetoric than usual as he tries to rally support for his jobs bill, revealing his frustration with the GOP’s obstinate refusal to pass measures that would help the economy. The president is aware that Republicans are trying to thwart progress for the sake of elections, and he knows the state of the economy might jeopardize his own re-election hopes. Even so, the president rejects blame for the economic situation, denying that his administration has made mistakes.

Placing the blame solely on Republicans might be somewhat accurate, but it does not necessarily bolster confidence that Obama will be able to solve the unemployment crisis in the remainder of this term or the next one. While politicians are pointing fingers at each other, Americans are still struggling in the economy. Their anger at the government’s inaction will undoubtedly play out in the polls.

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