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Obamacare Faces The Abyss. Again.

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Obamacare Faces The Abyss. Again.


Once I imagined the Affordable Care Act would generate a mighty political force of Obamacare voters, but that time was long ago. Now I doubt there will ever be a groundswell of grassroots support for this besieged law. Tens of millions of people are benefiting from it, but too many don’t make the connection. Too many who do recognize how it’s helped them would never consider voting for a Democrat. And since virtually no Republicans support the act, well, you see the problem.

There’s only one scenario that might conceivably produce a “keep your hands off my Obamacare” army. That is if the Supreme Court guts the law, the Republican Congress declines to fix it, the whole thing falls apart, and a Republican president — elected at least partly by attacking it — signs an official repeal. The first casualties would be the several million lower-income people losing subsidies and dropping their coverage, especially the healthy ones who keep premium costs down for everyone. Then would come seniors confronting the sudden reappearance of the “donut hole” in their prescription plans; people with pre-existing medical conditions once again unable to get insurance, and other people knocking up once again against annual and lifetime insurance limits.

They’d all be upset. But how much do you want to bet that many of them wouldn’t connect the loss of these benefits and protections to the killing of Obamacare?

To compare the adventures of the ACA to The Perils of Pauline is not a stretch. “She fought pirates, Indians, gypsies, rats, sharks, rolling boulders, and her dastardly guardian,” Filmsite.com says of the 1914 serial. Like Pauline, the ACA has survived its share of existential threats.

Next week the Supreme Court will hear a case claiming that lower-income insurance customers in some three dozen states are not entitled to federal subsidies to help them pay for their premiums. The law requires most people to buy insurance, and offers online comparison shopping for those who don’t get insurance through work. Relatively few states set up their own sites, so the rest are served by a federal marketplace. The lawsuit is based on the notion that Congress didn’t mean for the federal website to offer subsidies. Which is ridiculous. And yet here we are, with arguments scheduled March 4.

The challenge rests on a phrase in the complex law about subsidies being available on exchanges “established by the State.” The plaintiffs’ interpretation hangs on those four words, with no consideration of the rest of the text, the law’s intent or its legislative history. Congress could fix the problem in a half-page bill by simply adding “or the federal government.” From a legacy standpoint, that might turn out to be what President Obama needs most in his last two years, as I write in my contribution to a new book, The Surge: 2014’s Big GOP Win and What it Means for the Next Presidential Election. But virtually every Republican in Congress ran on a pledge to repeal the ACA — so what are his odds?

There is always the chance the Supreme Court will follow its own precedents on considering context in interpreting a law. The justices could also decide that the plaintiffs in this case don’t have standing to bring it. Or, they could decide they must strike down the subsidies and warn lawmakers they need to be more precise.

Nearly two-thirds of America would want Congress to just fix the darn phrase, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll. But polls haven’t moved conservatives on much of anything involving the ACA. Years of legal and political attacks on the law have been a boon to the Republican Party in the voting booth. That’s even though individual elements of the law are popular and it has already proved to be effective and sorely needed.

The uninsured rate dropped from 17.3 percent nationally in 2013 to 13.8 percent in 2014, according to Gallup — the lowest in the seven years the organization has measured it. Arkansas plunged from 22.5 percent uninsured in 2013 to 11.4 percent last year, Kentucky from 20.4 percent to 9.8 percent. Adoption of a voluntary Medicaid expansion, financed by the federal government, was key to the double-digit drops in those two states.

More than 20 states have not expanded Medicaid, creating needless financial and medical hardship for millions while crimping their own productivity and growth. Anti-Obamacare diehards on Capitol Hill, meanwhile, those unworried by an avalanche of chaotic medical and economic consequences, would cheer a Supreme Court ruling that starts the law on the road to ruin. So far, the brief life of the ACA is proof that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But that only lasts until someone delivers the deathblow.

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Photo: Matt H. Wade via Wikimedia Commons

Jill Lawrence

Award-winning journalist Jill Lawrence is a nationally syndicated columnist and a contributing editor to U.S. News & World Report. She also contributed to The Surge: 2014's Big GOP Win and What It Means for the Next Presidential Race (2015). Lawrence has discussed political and policy developments on television, radio, and many other media outlets. She was an adjunct professorial lecturer at American University in 2014, teaching on the relationship between politics and the media.

Lawrence has covered every presidential campaign since 1988, as well as historic events such as the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress, the Clinton impeachment, the Florida recount, and the 1993 and 2009 battles over health reform.

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  1. Dominick Vila February 26, 2015

    From a political standpoint, the best thing that could happen to Democrats, with a presidential election less than 2 years from now, would be a repeal of the ACA. The impact of such travesty would go well beyond loss of coverage for almost 12 million Americans who would otherwise not be able to get health insurance, it would impact more than the handicapped who would be ineligible, once again, to get insurance coverage because of their pre-existing conditions, it would impact more than just college students that would no longer be allowed to remain in their parent’s insurance policy, and it would impact more than just those with major illnesses, expensive to treat, who would have to sell everything they owned to stay alive. Killing the ACA would force all the states that embraced the MEDICAID expansion to use their limited funds to provide healthcare to its citizens, which would result in those states not being able to afford other priorities including education, investment in infrastructure, or tax breaks to attract businesses. It would result in insurance companies raising premiums again to cover the loss of Federal government revenues and the full cost of medical care in the USA. Inflation is likely to rise, consumer spending is likely to drop as millions of Americans are forced to bear the full brunt of medical care and rising insurance premiums. In other words, we would be back to square one, with one of the most callous, expensive, and ineffective medical systems in the world courtesy of the GOP.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker February 26, 2015

      Trough feeding freeloaders in red states don’t care. We in NJ are already seeing the damage to cuts made by the GOP. Now, those whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and still haven’t gotten their FEMA funding which their taxes paid for, will wait another half decade. I’m so sure that those wild fires and tornadoes in red states cause massive damage. But, these trough feeders make sure their states GET OUR Tax dollars from FEMA.

      The GOP sinks the ACA and those left without healthcare insurance can die. This has to be the insensitive clods of the right always Me, Me, Meing their way to feed at the trough.

      1. Dominick Vila February 26, 2015

        They are also the same politicians who are enraged by a temporary postponement in deportation of illegal immigrants…and pass legislation that protects those who hire and benefit from the labor of illegal immigrants. Hypocrisy on steroids.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker February 26, 2015

          No matter how the right and GOP try to avoid it, sooner or later, they will face the fact that their own red states are responsible for refusing to address the issue of employers who knowingly, illegally hire illegals.

          But, typical of these spiteful loonies, you cannot make them understand that hiring illegals is JUST as ILLEGAL as being an illegal.

          Until we all push for regulations that prohibit ALL employers from hiring illegals, the immigration reform will never happen.

  2. rog363 February 26, 2015

    I got sick of listening to those ignorant Washington fools, spouting off about the 20 or 30 million Americans without health insurance, when not once did anyone bring up the fact that the 290 or 300 million, who in fact had health insurance, were happy with what they had.

    1. itsfun February 26, 2015

      We can’t be having 200 or 300 million happy people in this country. We have to have the government telling us what makes us happy.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 26, 2015

        Wrong…we have jerks of the right telling us (mostly pathetic attempts) what makes us happy.

        The GOP hates labor, hates voting rights, hates women’s rights, hates law and order, hates regulations unless it’s on the 99% and hates anything that doesn’t flush our tax dollars to corporations. Crash Baby Crash…that’s the only way you CONs learn to stuff a sock in those gaping maws.

        The total population of the US is 235 million. You’d know that if ever that right wing brain functioned on all cylinders.

        1. itsfun February 26, 2015

          Where did I say even one word about labor, voting, women’s rights, law and order, regulations? Where did I say even one word about the right or left? Are you so bitter with life that you can’t even listen another opinion? You are one of the most hateful people I have ever encountered. You have no tolerance and only know how to insult and call names.

          1. jmprint February 26, 2015

            It’s your irrelevant comments that trigger response you don’t want to hear.

          2. itsfun February 26, 2015

            Its nice to know you get to decide what is relevant and irrelevant. Should I ask your permission to express my opinion.

          3. jmprint February 26, 2015

            All you have to do is re-read your post.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker February 26, 2015

      Maybe YOU HAVES were happy with what YOU had. I was not. When I lost 35% of my income to HMOs whose CEOs earn tens of millions courtesy of my premiums and DogPatch dumps their healthcare costs onto my premiums, your post only proves you righties are so full of BS, it’s coming out of your ears.

      My last hospital deductible in 2014 was $5,000 out of pocket before the hospital claims could kick in. Sound so happy to you? My last copay to see a GP was $40 copay. Sound happy to you? How does $40 a pop for copays for prescription drugs sound to you?

      You can man up and admit that YOU and your BS CONs hate the idea of healthcare reform because you won’t feed at the HMO trough courtesy of MY premiums.

      So tell us Mr./Ms. HMO suck up …how much did you make from healthcare premiums the rest of us paid last year?

      Another CON freeloader trying to tell us what we know is a lie.

      1. Ran_dum_Thot February 26, 2015

        For you people that had/have employers that paid all or part of your medical expenses, quit bellyaching. I have been self employed for decades and have paid 100% of my premiums . Even with a high deductible it wasn’t cheap. ACA sucks. You only have a short wait for another tax increase to pay for all those non-paying freeloaders, care for people that create their medical problems by poor life style, and the continued accounting miscalculations that are discovered every time ACA tries to balance the books. I

        1. Eleanore Whitaker February 26, 2015

          You obviously have NEVER had an employer who dumped nearly ALL of his business expenses on his employees. You have your nerve Bully Boy. If you were self employed YOU were the employer.

          The ACA has already proven to be a success for no reason other than taking away ALL of the competition once held ONLY by the Big 5 HMOs who had a lock hold on how high premiums could go.

          Now..If you are self employed as you claim, then your business gets numerous tax exemptions…Walked into that one didn’t you?

          Don’t tell me this isn’t true. I owned a business and worked for 24+ years in a small business owned by the worst employer God ever created.

          He was heard to say to another business owner across the hall, “You know? It’s so much easier to rip off my employees than it is to rip off my customers.”

          Most of those freeloaders are in red states. Not blue. All I need to ram that down your idiot brain is to have you go to the GAO to see which trough feeding red states get back the highest ROI for the lousy dollar they pay in federal taxes.

          All of the red states get back nearly $1.50. Blue states make due with an average of 65 cents for every dollar we pay.

          Admit it. You and your red states are trough feeders. Alaska? $1.87 for every $1 they pay. TX? $1.72 for every $1 they pay….NY? 63 cents for every $1 they pay. NJ? 62 cents…CT? 65 cents.

          But, men like you NEVER admit your the cause of this country’s mess. You don’t mind bankrupting blue states so your red state lazy butts don’t have to work as hard or as long. We’re getting fed up with that red state CON act.

        2. jmprint February 26, 2015

          I too pay 100% and am self employed, but I am saving $500. a month on the exchange. I welcomed ACA. Not all things work out perfect at the beginning, but we are open minded people and we can fix thing, so why not try to improve instead of repeal?

        3. oldtack February 26, 2015

          Solution – let them die where ever they drop.

          1. Ran_dum_Thot February 26, 2015

            Good idea. But, for some reason, we have a medical profession that wants to keep any and every body alive even when the persona is gone. The amount of money expended on the dead is really amazing.

          2. oldtack February 27, 2015

            The above reply was meant to provocative rather than serious. I hope we, as human beings, never degrade to that level. Though, when one has to deal with and treat some of the dregs of our Society it is sometimes a tempting thought.

            Ran-dum-Thot mentioned Doctors and Hospitals and their drive to keep people alive against the wishes of the patient or the family. In the past one only had to complete and sign a “Do Not Resuscitate”. This is not always observed and many time the doctor over rules the family. There is a new form obtainable through you Attorney that they will accept. We experienced this last March. It seems the medical profession is hell bent on keeping people “alive” mechanically as long as they can squeeze a dollar from Medicare or Insurance companies. It isn’t Patient Care – It is Greed.

  3. itsfun February 26, 2015

    We should have the best available care for people with terrible diseases. We should have prescription help for seniors. We should not force seniors to pay for pre-natal insurance they can never use. There is no way a insurance tax law should be 2000 or so pages and cost millions to implement. We have a working system in place called Medicare. Why not use parts of that system in a health care program. Give people options, not mandates!
    Young people may only need and want insurance for terrible diseases, auto accidents, burns, etc. Older folks may want full prescription coverage, coverage for falls, emergency room coverage, etc. The whole thing needs to be rewritten (maybe even let doctors help rewrite).

    1. anothertoothpick February 26, 2015

      You have no idea how insurance works.

      1. itsfun February 26, 2015

        First I know how insurance works. Tell me what is wrong with giving people options instead of mandates? What is wrong with letting doctors help to write a medical insurance law. Aren’t they the experts in medical treatment?

        1. anothertoothpick February 26, 2015

          Options? How many options do you want?

          There are four types of health insurance plans available through ObamaCare’s Marketplace. They are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum health insurance plans. These Qualified Health Plans represent four tiers of coverage and are sometimes referred to as “metal plans” due to their quality corresponding to the value of their metal types. In other words a “Gold” plan is better than a “Bronze” health insurance plan. Aside from the 4 basic plan types, people under 30 and people with hardship exemptions can buy a “catastrophic” health plan through the marketplace. Catastrophic health plans have a low premium but very high out-of-pocket costs.

          Having doctors write the ACA would be the same as having oil companies write EPA laws.

          1. itsfun February 26, 2015

            How about a check list for people to choose from? It is a bad idea to have medical experts actually have a say in what medical care a person needs. How about the next time you need a doctor, go to an accountant for your medical care. Them and the lawyers are making your medical care decisions for you.

          2. anothertoothpick February 26, 2015

            I would like to get a checklist for my cable TV channels.

          3. itsfun February 26, 2015

            Me too. If I could get my MLB and NHL teams on regular tv, I wouldn’t have cable.

        2. oldtack February 26, 2015

          Yes – I agree. People should have options on Health Insurance – and Doctors and Treatment Centers should have the option to tell you and other to go to hell and die in the alleys because you are not going to receive free treatment.

          1. itsfun February 26, 2015

            I don’t recall saying anyone should die because they don’t have health care.

          2. oldtack February 26, 2015

            Better go back and re read your blogs. It’s your insinuations that point in this direction.

    2. kenndeb February 26, 2015

      Can we say UNCONSTITUTIONAL? Requiring Americans to BUY product is unconstitutional, just like near everything else this regime does. We have a tyrant in power that needs to be removed from our country.

      1. jmprint February 26, 2015

        I am required to buy car insurance if I want to drive, I should be required to buy insurance if I want to have medical care. You are the only one that needs to be plucked from this country. President Obama is NOT a tyrant, so STOP saying he is. If you post that again and I see it, I will also be calling you names each and every time.

        1. itsfun February 26, 2015

          Isn’t driving a car a privilege? I can’t put medical insurance and auto insurance in the same category. Obama is a proven liar and we cannot believe one word that comes out of his mouth.

          1. jmprint February 26, 2015

            Why can’t you, because it doesn’t satisfy the argument that it’s not unconstitutional. Obama is not liar your and have been proven over and over.

          2. kenndeb February 26, 2015

            You have partaken in too much of the regimes koolade

          3. jmprint February 26, 2015

            You might want to try the koolade instead of the souse your drink, maybe it will restore some brain cells.

          4. robertbenefiel@att.net February 26, 2015

            Proven liar sort of like “weapons of mass destruction” which stretched the truth only a tad. Or Gorge H. Bush, “read my lips, no new taxes” Or Clinton, “I did not have sex with that woman.” Or Reagan, “I did not trade weapons for hostages.” Or LBJ, “warships were attacked by North Vietnam in the gulf of Tonkin.” etc., etc.

        2. paulyz February 26, 2015

          Just as purchasing auto insurance protects you from losing everything in a lawsuit, you need also to purchase health insurance for protection from huge medical bills. After all, the medical profession doesn’t work for free, so we must pay for their services. If we choose NOT to, as many people do, then they should be held responsible for any bills they pay, including losing everything they worked for. Problem is, many people that don’t have anything, have nothing to lose, but rely on taxpayers to carry their irresponsible costs, while ours keep rising. Also, many Illegals are receiving free care, free for them, but not for us. Yet many of you keep voting for Amnesty without solving the problem of Millions of Illegals entering here because of lax enforcement.

          1. jmprint February 26, 2015

            It’s always about the mexicans isn’t it? Yes paul we know you are one of those that fear latinos and women as you always vote against them, but either way we pay now or later. I like that everyone gets a chance to afford insurance, that makes us all part of the solution.

          2. paulyz February 26, 2015

            Man, are you a hateful & wrongfully assuming person.ho the hell said anything about Mexicans or women? I have a very good Mexican friend and he and his family are here Legally. They do not like Illegals coming here either. As for women, I’d vote for a Conservative woman, OR a minority over a White Liberal anyday.

          3. jmprint February 26, 2015

            No you are hateful, you totally don’t understand the position that these children, the dreamers and US born children to parents who are not here illegally are going through, there is a lot of drama brought into their lives because of people like you. I have read your prior post and you want to make all immigrants criminals Have you spoken to any of these kids that you and others are trying to tear their families apart? If you would vote for Sarah Palin, that says it ALL.

          4. paulyz February 27, 2015

            How about putting the blame where it belongs, on their parents, who snuck Illegally into our Country. Were they concerned about the results of having children while Illegally here? Now they cry about “families being ripped apart” but parents are responsible for any children they have. Who said I would vote for Palin? You make a lot of assumptions but never accept the consequences for violating laws. I, and most Conservatives, would be open to Legal status, but not Citizenship to children of Illegal parents, but not their parents, but only AFTER the border is fully secured & mandatory E-verify passed, otherwise within a few years time, we will be discussing these same problems again. Also, there are Millions of other people waiting LEGALLY to get here. Also, for “dreamers”to receive legal status, they must be crime & drug free, going to school, & supporting themselves.

          5. jmprint February 27, 2015

            Who said you would vote for Sara Palin? You did this are your words: “I’d vote for a Conservative woman, OR a minority over a White Liberal anyday. ”

            You sound like this: “This is my world it will be run my way. I am a US citizen and I can tell another US citizen that he cannot be a part of this country until he grows up” How Stalin is that?

          6. paulyz February 28, 2015

            Sarah Palin isn’t running for President. And I AM a U.S. Citizen, where our Government is OF the People, so yes, it is my duty to see and expect the Congressmen & President to do what we expect them to do, & they are sworn to uphold OUR Constitution. Hardly Stalin is it. But if you are an Illegal, you place your own selfish interests above “The People’s” LAWS.

          7. jmprint March 1, 2015

            Yes very Stalin when a us citizen wants to dictate to another us citizen as when he can reside in the U.S. My only interest is from my heart. Their heart bleeds just like yours. I also am a US citisen as were my parents, granddparents, and great grandparents, all law abiding citizens.

          8. oldtack February 26, 2015


        3. kenndeb February 26, 2015

          So you will call me names you haven’t in past? You don’t like the term Emperor or tyrant? How about liar, fraud, cheat, usurper, traitor( if he was an American) terrorist sympathizer, communist , enemy of America, dictator? All these terms are valid for this thing residing in our White House.

          1. jmprint February 26, 2015

            As Michael Jackson says take look at the man in the mirror, you are a jealous man, because President Obama is all you can’t be. Honest, Intelligent, articulate, a man of faith, great father, wonderful husband and a Great Leader. So eat your heart out.

          2. oldtack February 26, 2015

            Will you please expound on your blog. I think we all are overcome by your dazzling brilliance on such a variety of accusations.

      2. KDJ54 February 26, 2015

        My state makes it a crime if I don’t have automobile insurance, is that also unconstitutional? What about all the people who don’t bother to get insurance or can’t get it, (states without medicaid expansion) who then utilize emergency room services or government indigent funds to pay for those services, is that constitutional to make me pay for their health care through higher taxes and insurance premiums? Like the problem of the uninsured motorist, I think I have the right to force people to have insurance to protect myself and my financial interests. By the way the Congress has the constitutional power, e.g. “general welfare” clause and the commerce clause found in the U.S. Constitution. It would behoove you to read it and the Supreme court interpretations of the same, before you make unsupported categorical claims.

        1. itsfun February 26, 2015

          The supreme said the ACA was constitutional only as a tax? Remember Obama telling us all it wasn’t a tax. People not buying the obamacare tax insurance are being fined and the fines grow larger ever year. Making small companies pay for employee health care raised the cost of their product to all of us. Don’t think for one second the ACA is saving you money.

          1. jmprint February 26, 2015

            It’s a give and take, what do these employers get form their money? Healthy employees, eager to work for the benefit.

          2. itsfun February 26, 2015

            Yep people will go to work smiling and whistling and just having a merry ole time.

          3. jmprint February 26, 2015

            Mine do.

          4. oldtack February 26, 2015

            You don’t want to buy health Insurance? I agree with you – don’t buy it and fight to repeal. In retrospect – if you do not have sufficient resources to cover medical cost for treatment then the treatment facilities had the right to tell you to go drop dead in the street. No money – no treatment. No more free rides .

          5. jmprint February 26, 2015

            I’m not sure why you are saying this when I advocate for ACA. I used to pay 100% insurance to all my employees, when Clinton was President we could afford it. Republicans take the house and cost of living got higher, so now only key employees get 100% and they are very happy employees.

          6. oldtack February 26, 2015

            I agree. It’s the run away inflation and uncontrolled Pharmaceutical companies and Insurance Companies that have driven the cost of Health Care beyond the reach of many people. But – there are those among us that refused to carry health insurance even when it was affordable. They relied on district clinics and Emergency rooms as though that was free medical. Thanks for employers that didd protect their employees when it was affordable.

          7. johninPCFL February 26, 2015

            “Making small companies pay for employee health care raised the cost of their product to all of us.”
            Really? So the free market doesn’t work? Because otherwise the cost of a product is determined by what people are willing to PAY for it and not by what it costs to MAKE it (which is where any costs to the maker would show up.)

          8. itsfun February 26, 2015

            Are you saying if it costs more to produce a product the price won’t go up? The producers are not going to lose money just to make us happy. Some products are necessities and people will be forced to pay more.

          9. jmprint February 26, 2015

            We have survived the gas price roller coaster, we can survive what ever comes our way.

      3. robertbenefiel@att.net February 26, 2015

        Just remember the tyrant President Ike. He did that great overreach by forcing the Interstate Highway system on America which was clearly a state function of building its own roads and do not forget he sent the troops into Arkansas to force the admission of dark people into public schools. He certainly was a Communist.

        1. oldtack February 26, 2015

          What is you definition of a Communist?

      4. oldtack February 26, 2015

        If you do not have sufficient money and no Insurance is it UNCONSTITUTIONAL If care providers refuse treatment for you and your family and let you die in the street? You do not work for no pay and neither should they. It’s called responsibility.

        1. Godzilla February 26, 2015

          There is no reference to health insurance or healthcare in the Constitution. The Constitution LIMIT’s government on what they can or cannot do, it doesn’t provide the people with anything.

          1. oldtack February 26, 2015

            RIGHT! Let them all die where they fall men women children and all. Survival of the fittest – if they can’t provide for themselves then they have no place here on this Earth.

  4. hjs3 February 26, 2015

    I would truly love to see the source of your metrics for the 290-300 million people “with” insurance given residential data estimating population at 321.5M. If you want to deal with raw numbers in lieu of philosophical differences to the 2010 Law, you would find that the ACA has indeed helped at least 14M people and counting that were uninsured but that doesn’t even begin to tell the story of those with mental illness who are simply out of reach and those State that have made it intentionally difficult for would be respondents. States of Mass. and Oregon run the best and most conclusive data on ACA and the trending directions of the program.

  5. Blueberry Hill February 26, 2015

    This was a legally binding law that went thru Congress and was signed by the President. Nothing illegal about it. The Rs had no hand in it by their own choice. Several parts of the law were suggestions by Rs and voted into the law, but the Rs didn’t even vote for the parts they put into the law. They didn’t want us to have insurance that bad! What a selfish bunch of jackasses, we pay for their insurance and their wages and their retirement, which costs us a LOT; while they deny the same for us. The Rs will never be relevant until they rid themselves of the Tbaggers who are against everything and hate everyone.


    1. jmprint February 26, 2015

      They don’t love our country, Guiliani included.

      1. kenndeb February 26, 2015

        You must be referring to the communist democrats that want to “fundamentally change” America into a soviet style police state.

        1. Patricia McCullough February 26, 2015

          Seriously? You DO realize that the ACA is only insurance reform and NOT health care? Or do you think the only people entitled to insurance are the ones working for companies that give their employees insurance? Many companies no longer offer insurance or it is way too expensive. Obviously your only news source is Faux no-News. You might try doing some research, because covering the uninsured in this country has become VERY expensive for a liberal TAX PAYER like me…

          1. jmprint February 26, 2015

            quick question – Did you ever live in Dallas, you look familiar?

          2. Patricia McCullough February 26, 2015

            bwahahahahahah! No, I am a So Cal native. If I end up in Texas it was because I was kidnapped. although, I have several friends who live in Texas…all liberal women.

          3. anothertoothpick February 26, 2015

            All my ex’s live in Texas!

          4. Patricia McCullough February 26, 2015

            you have my sympathy. LOL ALL of my exes are deceased….

          5. anothertoothpick February 26, 2015

            Did they live in Texas too?

          6. Eleanore Whitaker February 26, 2015

            Patricia…you’re a women. You know as well as I do that the things GOP men hate most are labor, women’s rights, voting rights and reform in any way, shape or form.

          7. paulyz February 26, 2015

            You are gender biased, as well as wealth biased.

          8. oldtack February 26, 2015

            If you have no Insurance who pays for your medical needs? District Clinics and Urgent Care facilities are not free. Neither is the hospital Emergency room. Those expenses are paid for by us, the citizens, through taxes. What will be your option if the system adopts the stance No Insurance – cash up front or no treatment. go die in the Street? You may “scream” that you can’t afford it – all things are not free.

          9. Patricia McCullough February 26, 2015

            you obviously misunderstood my stance…I am a VERY liberal woman, all for ACA! I have a younger brother who had a stroke at the age of 64. NO INSURANCE! These yahoos who are against the ACA will be paying for his MILLIONS of dollars worth of care through their taxes. It occurred a year before the ACA went into effect. He cannot pay these bills so the idjits will be paying…as will I, as I still pay taxes.

          10. oldtack February 26, 2015

            Yes, I misunderstood you. If I offended you I apologize. It is a dilemma. ACA is not the absolute solution but it is a step in the right direction.

          11. Patricia McCullough February 26, 2015

            not in the least offended…I am old & not always real clear. LOL

        2. jmprint February 26, 2015

          It’s called deflection and it’s not working, Republicans are the only ones trying to take control, they want to grow up to be just like Putin.

    2. paulyz February 26, 2015

      Now that your Dream of Amnesty will come true, then they will also be eligible for Obamacare, many for Free. Get ready to notice the premium increases.

      1. jmprint February 26, 2015

        Did you not notice the increase before ACA?

        1. paulyz February 26, 2015

          People for years have been getting health care free from the taxes & premium increases of others. But with Obamacare, it will be more.

      2. oldtack February 26, 2015

        “many for free” to whom are you referring?

        1. paulyz February 26, 2015

          Illegal trespassers is whom, of course, that was the topic. Of course many others get it “free”, free for them, but not for those of us that must pay for them. Or did you assume health care is free for all?

          1. oldtack February 26, 2015

            Why be sarcastic? I asked a question. I expected a straight forward answer., You answered the question and then added that remark “Or did you assume health care is free for all” Thats accusatory BS.

          2. paulyz February 27, 2015

            I apologize. I thought you were being sarcastic. But I read some of your posts and see you are sincere.

          3. oldtack February 27, 2015

            I will try to restrain from temptation. It’s not sincerity, it’s provocation. Sometimes Provocation is necessary to evoke a serious response and future discourse on a subject.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2015

            PaulyZ is a big mouth poster. He is ALWAYS the ONLY one who has ALL the answers. So..do you wonder why it is he missed that Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown, the 8 million unemployed from 2004 to 2008? The banks robbing homeowners blind? You bet he did. Men like PaulyZ are all mouth and no brains.

      3. Eleanore Whitaker February 26, 2015

        Shut down employers who knowingly hire illegals. The number of illegals goes away. YOu won’t like THAT idea do you? Anything that holds business owners responsible is anathema to men like you.

        1. paulyz February 26, 2015

          Of course I agree with mandatory E-verify, (see my answer above). You assume wrong again, but it is the Democrat Party as well as Obama that oppose E-verify, everyone knows this. I have notified ICE twice on businesses hiring Illegals. Your wrong assumptions on what Conservatives want is because of your uninformed biases.

    3. johninPCFL February 26, 2015

      Actually, the facts speak a different story. There were over 800 amendments to the law, over 160 of them from the GOP lawmakers. It was only HOUSE GOP members who had no say in the final legislation. They had an up or down vote on the SENATE bill.

      1. Blueberry Hill February 26, 2015

        I watched the entire Health Care Bill as it was being drawn up. Many of the 800 amendments you refer to were ridiculous to stall for time by the Rs, they had nothing to do with the Bill, and were dropped for that reason. Other Bills were allowed to be voted on that were just as ridiculous and were voted down. When Senators Kennedy and Byrd became ill, it left the Senate 2 short of the super majority. Luckily, the 2 Maine Senators voted with the Dems to get the health care bill to final passage. For the final vote, they rolled in Senator Kennedy and Senator Byrd so they could cast the last 2 “Yes” votes to a standing ovation in the Senate. The Bill was now final, and needed only the President’s signature and was the law as soon as he signed it. It just didn’t take effect for a couple of years so they had time to get it all set up. Millions of people now have health care that did not have it before. It was passed just like any other bill gets passed.


  6. Charlotte Blackwood February 26, 2015

    You know, there’s no compassion in forcing citizens off of insurance plans that met their healthcare needs and fit their budget constraints.

  7. TZToronto February 26, 2015

    One problem is that a lot of people have a very low opinion of Obamacare but are in favor of the Affordable Care Act. It’s similar to the seniors who want the federal government to keep their hands off Medicare.

    1. FT66 February 26, 2015

      Only one word: IGNORANCE

  8. robertbenefiel@att.net February 26, 2015

    If Americans want shity health insurance let them have it. Cut them off and let Insurance companies pick and choose who they wish to insure and what coverage they will receive. Let business be business and let them take care of the sick if they so choose.

  9. Godzilla February 26, 2015

    Maybe the Democrats should have read the bill before they blindly passed it. It’s true, you can’t fix stupid.

    1. jmprint February 26, 2015

      Thats why the republican are in shambles.

      1. Godzilla February 26, 2015

        Both parties are corrupt. The Democrats are just the bigger thieves and more open with their agenda. Not reading a bill prior to voting on it should be cause for immediate removal from office. Then again, I’d like to see all 536 elected blowhards and their staff removed.

        1. Insinnergy February 26, 2015

          Something we agree on.

        2. ericlipps February 26, 2015

          You’d be surprised how often congressmen (and women) of both parties do that. It’s easy enough not to read the full text of a 1,000-plus-page bill (and those aren’t uncommon). What many members of Congress do is use summaries of these leviathan bills as a crutch, and that makes it easy to miss small but significan details of wording in the original text.

  10. Bill February 26, 2015

    Are people really so stupid?

  11. jmprint February 26, 2015

    Working as a nurse does your employer not cover part of your insurance?

    1. rita February 26, 2015

      There are different employers: some of them do not cover insurance. At the moment, I am in a process of negotiating some coverage. Even with premiums covered, I would say it’s going to be the less affordable health insurance. As far as someone is going to profit out of our illness, in this case the insurance companies, it’s not going to be cost effective.

      1. jmprint February 26, 2015

        Well that’s been the problem the whole time, insurance companies out of control. I hope you find a coverage that will help you, we were able to benefit from ACA. Without ACA, our insurance premiums would have been approx 1300. if not higher by now, but I am only paying $750.00/mo. It’s still high, but 500 cheaper.

        1. Insinnergy February 26, 2015

          I live in New Zealand.
          We have single payer AND I have private health insurance as well.
          Our top income tax level is ~33%
          My monthly premium for private health insurance (mid-level, 100% coverage, no dental, vision included) is $32.00 NZD per month. Or around $26.00 USD. That’s twenty six dollars a month.

          None of this private insurance cost is subsidised by the Government here. The Private Health Insurance company I am with is one of our largest and most popular and is a Non-profit Company.

          Does this help explain how bad your current system and costs are, and how deeply the medical and insurance industries are screwing you?

          1. rita February 27, 2015

            I moving to NZ!

          2. jmprint February 27, 2015

            Well here in the United States we have to keep our CEO, EEO, CFO and board member rich and allow them the live a life that only a few will ever get to experience. The greedy medical establishment doesn’t care about human life just their portfolio. I praise you and yours, have a nice and thanks for the info.

  12. BOC February 26, 2015

    PPACA is here to stay. Republican’s do not have an alternative health care plan. All they want to do is oppress those who need this care.

  13. oldtack February 26, 2015

    If you are not covered by some type of insurance what do you do when you are in need of Medical attention? If you end up in the Hospital how do you manage this expense? I had a quick stay in the Hospital last year and the charges totaled over $30,000.00. If you are there with no Insurance who pays the cost of your stay and treatment?

    1. rita February 26, 2015

      To renew my medication I pay out of pocket, which is still less expensive that 500 a month covering nothing. In case of more serious treatment? OK I probably facing a bankruptcy or else. But I am facing a bankruptcy anyway even if I buy this insurance because I am going to be $500 short on my monthly bills! I would rather spend these money on healthy food, staying fit and maintain healthy life style. Unfortunately there are many people like I am: hardworking, living from paycheck to paycheck paying taxes who cannot afford Obama care. We live under Damocles sword. As a nurse I advocate for universal care. The Affordable Care Act brings some positive change to the U.S. health system, and will increase access and lower costs, it doesn’t correct one fundamental flaw: the middle man. Or, in this case, the insurance companies.

      1. oldtack February 26, 2015

        I was playing “devils advocate”. It is a problem. I have Grandchildren facing the same thing – pay Insurance premiums or eat and rent or house payment. The Affordable Care Act is not the final or best solution to this problem. Medicare was supposed to be the answer for the elderly and on paper and ideologically it is. But the framers forgot one thing – human greed and avarice. We have far too many Doctors that abuse the system for profit.and this greed drives up the cost of Insurance. This wasn’t helped when George W. bush attempted to mess with it and ended up blocking Medicares ability to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical Companies thereby allowing them to charge astronomical prices for their product which in turn drives up costs. A never ending battle. I spend much time in Central America and I am amazed at the cheap cost and excellent service one receives there. It may be called Universal coverage or Socialism but I do know the citizens have cheap access to health care. Why can we not have it here?

  14. Eleanore Whitaker February 26, 2015

    The GOP and right can whine and complain about illegals, Obama and immigration reform until they lose their voice (God should be so kind!). But, the fact remains that new illegals in the US ARE BEING HIRED by US businesses who are in violation of immigration regulations.

    NJ has so many businesses who deliberately hire illegals to avoid paying American wages. Then, these illegals in the workplace demand everything be translated in THEIR language up to and including OSHA regulations. How dangerous is that for English speaking Americans? It’s one thing to come to the US for a better life. But, leave your “old country” back home. No American should be treated like a foreigner in the country of their birth simply because some hot shot employer wants more profit and illegally hires illegals.

    1. paulyz February 26, 2015


    2. mike February 26, 2015

      “The fact that new illegals in the US ARE BEING HIRED by US business” and whose fault is that. You seem to ignore the majority of democrats don’t want e-verify, aren’t interested in really securing the border and Obama has told illegals they won’t be deported nor is the Obama administration willing to go after the illegals workers or their place of business with any conviction. 4.2 billion tax payer dollars were given to illegals in child tax credits says Treasury Inspector General. And today, the person running the ACA would not tell the House committee if illegals are signing up for healthcare.

      The right has the right and responsibility to review the policies of the most transparent administration ever(not that is funny).

      1. ericlipps February 26, 2015

        How the h#!! did illegal immigration ooze into this discussion? Last I looked, it was about a possible new challenge to Obamacare, not to the President’s immigration policies.

        1. mike February 27, 2015

          Better ask Eleanore!!

      2. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2015

        As always, Little Mikey doesn’t like it when a mere handmaiden of the Lord proves he is wrong. E-verify doesn’t exist in TX, CO, MT, KS, OH, WVA, KY and since it isn’t a federal mandate, the so-called Border States who have eaten up $50 billion in the past 12 years for border patrol funding are THE worst ones who have NO e-verify..You want to explain that?

        NJ, MI and PA all have legislation pending…You can stop your BS right wing “blame it on liberal states” now Mikey.

        Here is the US gov. statement on e-verify so you can shut you Liberal/Obama hating gaping maw:

        “e-Verify is an Internet-based system operated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA). E-Verify is currently free to employers and is available in all 50 states. It provides an automated link to federal databases to help employers determine employment eligibility of new hires and the validity of their Social Security numbers. While its usage remains voluntary throughout the country, some states have passed legislation making its use mandatory for certain businesses.”

        So..you got some flimsyass excuse for why TX the state bitching the loudest about illegal immigration passed the 2013 Riddle law allowing the hiring of illegals as maids and yard workers while they collect border patrol funding?

        A Tad two faced. Help yourself to federal funding and then allow illegals to work in your state.

        Since e-verify is voluntary, do give us an explanation why the red states bitching the loudest are also the ones who have yet to formulate ANY legislation?

        Is it because they will still get all that nice fat federal funding for their border patrols while they lie, cheat and steal our tax dollars?

  15. Godzilla February 26, 2015

    I’m surprised so many Liberal’s are worried about the ACA. I think it’s a good idea that every person can be covered with healthcare insurance. The ACA tried to get as close as possible, through a mandate. That’s where the law went wrong and why it has so much animosity towards it. The law has no affect on me at all, none. So watching how things play out is interesting. Most people I know have had significant increases in their healthcare insurance costs, be it premium cost, co-pays, deductible, or some other expense, I would say that 8 out of 10 don’t like the NEW health insurance or it’s costs. Others may have actually benefitted, because they had overly expensive insurance and had to go to a lower priced deal. Good for you, enjoy it!

    A large number of people were made eligible for Medicaid and took advantage in those States that agreed with the program. I don’t necessarily mind tax dollars being used for helping the working poor and/or the handicapped/mentally ill. I openly support needed help for the poor elderly.

    Here’s a thought that many don’t think of often, the ACA was meant to fail from it’s beginnings. Why you ask? Because the goal for the Progressives is single payer (socialized medicine) system where high taxes pay for the healthcare for everyone. Many countries have such systems. For many years, the US was known for having the best healthcare in the world. We may not have had the best medical insurance in the world, but that’s a different subject. The ACA is about insurance, not actual healthcare. The ACA will fail, because it was meant to fail. The goal by the Federal government is total control, both sides. The Republicrats wouldn’t be writing a new law to replace the ACA if they didn’t. The new law will fail as well, the only thing left will be single payer, IF, the politicians can do away with all the donations from the insurance industry.

    1. NoNumberNow March 3, 2015

      What we needed was health care reform, not another government insurance program. What we have now is a medical profession bogged down with record keeping on a computer. The formerly non-covered head for the doctor’s office with a hang nail and I get to pay for it. There are no requirements to change the 2 key items that have led to our sad state of health: Poor diet and lack of exercise. Check out the shopping cart of someone paying with an EBT card: Prepackaged food, sugar drinks, junk meat products. Nothing green in the basket.

      1. dpaano March 18, 2015

        And, NoNumber, you might also check the prices of items that AREN’T junk foods, sugary drinks, pre-packaged foods. Sometimes this is all they can afford and it has nothing to do with nutrition!

        1. NoNumberNow March 29, 2015

          Most of the people I see with a cart full of processed sugary food are not skinny and many seem to be using EBT cards to pay for that junk. A bag of beans, is quite inexpensive and has tremendous nutritional value. It is a good protein source in lieu of meat. People can drink water instead of soda pop. They can flavor the water for a lot less than the cost of soda. A bag of pasta, topped with frozen or canned veggies is less expensive and more nutritional than that can of ravioli. This would require people to start cooking again, which many be a challenging skill for many. The long term effects of poor nutrition is more health care costs because diabetes, heart disease, cancer and the like. The taxpayer foots the bill for this since we now have a government subsidized medical insurance program for all.

  16. rita February 26, 2015

    “The United States health care system is the most
    expensive in the world, but this report and prior editions consistently show
    the U.S. underperforms relative to other countries on most dimensions of
    performance. Among the 11 nations studied in this report—Australia, Canada,
    France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the
    United Kingdom, and the United States—the U.S. ranks last…”


    1. Ran_dum_Thot February 26, 2015

      We use too much of our medical resources on beating a dead horse. There is a point it time that doctors have to say if’s over, it’s time to take whomever home. No more drugs, surgery, therapy will help. It’s time for Americans to face the fact that people they love will die. It does no good to keep mom on tubes and oxygen because you can’t let go.

      1. dpaano March 18, 2015

        I think a lot of people would agree with you, especially those who are going to die from a terrible disease anyway….who would want to go through hell for a couple more days or weeks? It’s not my wish to dies with needles sticking out of me or tubes going here and there. I hope when my time comes, I’m allowed to die with dignity as most of us hope!

  17. Whatmeworry February 26, 2015

    Just imagine that the courts are asking Barak to follow the law…how dare they. He’s the Messiah you know

    1. Ran_dum_Thot February 26, 2015

      The new AG won’t get in his face that’s for sure. She flat refused to address any questions about limits of his authority during her Congressional interviews.

      1. Whatmeworry February 26, 2015

        Apparently you are having a problem getting your GED

        1. Ran_dum_Thot March 2, 2015

          The relevance of you comment is what, exactly? GED? AG? Abuse of executive powers? Tie it all together, why don’t you?

          1. Whatmeworry March 2, 2015

            If you had somethung more than a GED, then you might understand the problem of abuses under barak

          2. NoNumberNow March 3, 2015

            You missed my sarcasm here. Big O has done more to destroy our representative republic than any of us want to think about.

          3. Whatmeworry March 3, 2015

            I would tend to disagree

    2. ericlipps February 26, 2015

      Oh, please. This has nothing to do with the courts “asking Barak to follow the law,” since it’s perfectly clear from the surrounding text within the ACA, and from the debates leading up to its passage, that Congress intended the federal exchanges as well as those set up by the states to have the authority to grant the contested subsidies. Think about it: itwouldn’t even make sense for Congress to authorize the creation of federal exchanges if only the state-created ones were permitted tosubsidize coverage.

      You don’t even seem to have read the article, or perhaps you just didn’t understand it. Assume that the Supreme Court hears the case (which it may not). Assume further that it rules that the subsidies cannot be provided by federally-established exchanges under the law as written (which it may not). This won’t kill Obamacare; it will simply make it less workable unless and until the law is appropriately amended, which won’t help the Court’s popularity among ordinary Americans who don’t have the generous federal health coverage enjoyed by the Justices (and Congress).

      And if Republicans in their petulance choose to prevent such amendment, Democrats can hang that around the GOP’s neck like a millstone. Everyone who needs a subsidy and can’t get it because the health exchange in his or her state was established by the U.S. government and not by that gloriously sovereign state (which no doubt happily partakes of federal subsidies for other purposes) will be primed to accept Democratic arguments that it’s the GOP’s fault. That won’t help Republicans any at the polls.

      1. Whatmeworry February 28, 2015

        Unfortunately Barak and his minions took an oath to comply with he law as written. Conversation as the law is debated means nothing if it did then ACA would be unenforceable.
        This isn’t going to be the only appeal Barak had the Treasury send the insurance companies $5B without congressional approval.
        Seeing as how the public by a wide majority are opposed to ACA that’s not much of a threat

        1. Daniel Max Ketter February 28, 2015

          Huh? What in the hell does the Academy for Culinary Arts have to do with Mr Obama.

        2. ericlipps March 1, 2015

          This from someone who almost certainly was an avid supporter of George W. “Signing Statement” Bush—a man who repeatedly “joked” that dictatorship would be easier, as long as he was the dictator?

          “Barak and his minions” took an oath to “faithfully execute” the law, but given that it was—by Congress’s own testimony—intended all along that the ACA allow federally created health exchanges to offer the same subsidies as state-created ones, he could make a strong legal case that he was not violating the law. (Dubya, on the other hand, made it quite clear that as “the decider,” he felt free to ignore any law, or
          any portion of any law, that he personally decided interfered with his powers as president, which he regarded—under the “unitary executive” theory of presidential authority—to be essentially unlimited.)

          The likely outcome of all this is not that the ACA will be overturned (it has already been deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court, and if I were in your position I wouldn’t count on a third time being the charm), or that, as you plainly hope, Obama will be impeached, ridden out of Washington on a rail and imprisoned, but that the law will be tied up in court, Congress will amend it to fix the wording (over frantic Republican resistance up to and including another attempt to throw the country off a fiscal cliff), and the courts will then toss out the suit as moot. All of which will cost huge amounts of taxpayers’ money, waste time Congress and the President could have put to better use, and hinder ordinary Americans’ attempts to obtain health care at an affordable cost. Apparently, though, all this is worth it to give a Democratic president a bruising.

          Oh, and about those polls: I direct your attention here. As you can see, though the ACA itself is unpopular, its individual provisions mostly enjoy broad support. The one least popular is the individual mandate—to which conservatives didn’t object when it was included as part of Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health plan, from which “Obamacare” was largely copied. This suggests that the poor poll numbers of the law itself are more a triumph of GOP propaganda, ahem, that is, marketing, than a reflection of the ACA’s actual shortcomings. I suspect that if the identical legislation had been put forward under a President McCain, or for that matter a President Romney, conservatives would be on board with it, individual mandate and all. (I can just hear “President Romney” justifying the mandate as requiring “individuals to take responsibility for their lives.”)

          And can you not make up your mind whether it’s fortunate or unfortunate that “Barak and his minions” have taken an oath to uphold the law? Judging by your posts, you swing both ways.

          1. Whatmeworry March 1, 2015

            Congress’s testimony?? Really when did they testify? The only testimony that I hear was from Barak’s artichete

          2. Whatmeworry March 2, 2015

            Really when did they testify? The only testimony
            that I hear was from Boehners’s architect who stated that John and Congress lied every step of the way to the taxpayers. So we should
            believe Barak by what he says or by what he says to the public.Barak always announces his signing statements. He just follows the law and then claims the constitution says he can.From obeying bankruptcy laws, selling weapons, subsidizing terrorist organizations, creating winners and losers with federal $$$ and now legal immigration that will save the taxpayers of this country $120B
            in the 1st year

          3. Daniel Max Ketter March 2, 2015

            Really, I agree that Boehner and the republikans are nutting but a bunch of liars who hate this country. God bless the UAW and all other organized labor and their families.

          4. Whatmeworry March 2, 2015

            Congress’s testimony?? Really when did they testify? The only testimony
            that I hear was from Boehners’s architect who stated that John and Congress lied every step of the way to the taxpayers. So we should
            believe Barak by what he says or by what he says to the public.Barak always announces his signing statements. He just follows the law and then claims the constitution says he can.From obeying bankruptcy laws, selling weapons, subsidizing terrorist organizations, creating winners and losers with federal $$$ and now legal immigration that will save the taxpayers of this country $120B
            in the 1st year

          5. dpaano March 18, 2015

            I wish you’d get a brain and figure out how to spell President Barack Obama’s name correctly….it’s ridiculous!

          6. Whatmeworry March 18, 2015

            Are you saying i’m ignorant??

      2. Whatmeworry February 28, 2015

        Fortunately Barak and his minions took an oath to comply with he law as written. Conversation as the law is debated means nothing if it did then ACA would be unenforceable.
        This is going to be the only appeal Barak had the Treasury send the insurance companies $50B without congressional approval.
        Seeing as how the public by a wide majority aren’t opposed to ACA that’s not much of a threat

    3. Eleanore Whitaker February 27, 2015

      Did you ASK Bush to follow the laws regarding marching into a sovereign nation like Iraq without Congressional approval? And when it was finally requested, the military was already in Iraq “hunting” for Iraqi oil and Saddam Hussein. It’s okay for Bush to be Commander-in-chief…just not this or any Dem president.

      This is now the 2nd Dem presidency the GOP has dared to defy and tried to destroy. Don’t look for a GOP president for a long, long, long, time.

      1. paulyz February 28, 2015

        Correction, Congress voted to send troops & firepower to Iraq, including Hillary Clinton. Bush did NOT act on his own.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2015

          Correction, Bush from 2001 to 2003 spent 18 months on a sales campaign going all around the country marketing his Iraq war. Now..you got an explanation for that. Men like you are little boys who can’t EVER stand the consequences of your decisions. Bush didn’t act on his own. Not when Cheney was the one whispering in his ear about WMDS that NEVER existed in order to make sure Cheney’s deal with Halliburton for that NO BID contract was sealed in stone and Iraq was Halliburton’s payback for putting Cheney in the White House, something his own party back in 1994 denied him. You get to have your own opinion Mr. Know it All. You don’t get to have your own facts. Congress voted on Iraq based on the information and lies Cheney cooked up and you know it you little coward.

          1. paulyz March 5, 2015

            You didn’t even address the fact that Bush didn’t act alone like Obama does, and why you support Hillary who supported this just as Bush. They all received the same intelligence. Your anger issues against men, Whites, & opposing views needs to be addressed, you have serious problems.

          2. dpaano March 18, 2015

            Bush didn’t know HOW to act alone….he was just the puppet and Cheney and his cohorts pulled the strings!!!

  18. Ash Berger March 1, 2015

    The people don’t want Obamacare.

    1. dpaano March 18, 2015

      Gee, have you actually spoke to ALL the people? I sincerely doubt it or you’d be aware that more people LIKE Obamacare than don’t like it! Just my opinion, but at least I don’t deem it appropriate to include everyone in my conversation…..you have NO idea what “the people” want!

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