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Obama’s Success Has Driven Republicans Out Of Their Minds

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Obama’s Success Has Driven Republicans Out Of Their Minds

U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's 46th annual Legislative Conference Phoenix Awards Dinner in Washington, September 17, 2016. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

On the day that Donald Trump finally acknowledge that President Obama was born in the United States and that the GOP nominee can’t win without declaring “victory” and attempting to terminally muddy the waters on the issue that made him a conservative hero, the president’s approval hit 54 percent in the Gallup daily tracking poll.

For some perspective, Ronald Reagan was at 53 percent in early September 1988, according to Gallup. And in early September of 2008, George W. Bush was at 31 percent — a number that would only be impressive if it were first two digits of a shortstop’s batting average.

These numbers matter not because a contemporary approval rating is the final verdict on the tenure of a president or the achievement of any individual. Gallup’s last measure of Martin Luther King Jr.’s popularity in 1966 had him at 32 percent approval, closer to W. Bush than to Obama. Opposing the Vietnam War and launching the Poor People’s Campaign made Dr. King a prophet reviled by many in his own time, not a savvy politician.

However, this measure of Obama’s popularity, which is at heights not seen since the years following his two electoral college landslides, gives us a nation’s sense of the president’s effectiveness after nearly eight years. And it suggests he benefits from some perspective provided by the candidates who may replace him.

Almost no honest person thinks President Obama would be denied a third term in November were he permitted to run. Yet Republicans continue to act as if he’s a drowning failure like George W. Bush, tied to an anchor made of a cartoon Jimmy Carter and an even more corrupt Richard Nixon.

It isn’t just Obama’s approval ratings to prove the lie in that delusion.

A U.S. Census report found that middle class incomes rose at the fastest rate ever recorded in 2015 as poverty fell — one year after Obamacare went into full effect and two years after we raised taxes on the rich, two Obama policies Republicans assured us would destroy the economy. The last seven years haven’t been perfect, the gains of 2015 are still digging us out of the mess the last Republican president left us with, just as our foreign policy is an endless attempt to deal with the hell Bush and Cheney unleashed in the Middle East.

But when it comes to steering us from a depression, launching a green energy revolution, expanding LGBTQ rights, insuring 20 million and uniting the world in an effort to fight climate change, President Obama’s legacy must be ranked with the most consequential presidents of the last century, especially if the gains he inspired are not reversed.

But Republicans seem intent on doing just that — deregulating Wall Street, un-insuring millions, bending the tax code back toward the rich, empowering those who’d discriminate against same-sex couples or the sick and unleashing carbon polluters. And Obama’s success only seems to make them more determined to do all of this as soon as possible.

It would be easy just to blame the billionaire funders behind the party for engineering an agenda that only benefits them. But the hatred they’ve sewed within their party, with decades of highly effective marketing that has created an self-sustaining media often infused with the coded racism of dog whistle politics, has fostered a monster that threatens the mad scientists who built the laboratory that gave him life.

By nominating the birther-est birther who ever birthed, the GOP revealed that was seeking a nominee who not only disagreed with President Obama but reviled him and considered him less than an American. But the party’s depravity was even more evident during the GOP primary when not one of his opponent called out the racism behind Trump’s birther campaign, which lasted well after President Obama’s long-form birth certificate was revealed.

Hatred of Obama is so strong that Republicans are joining in Trump’s sick assertion that Vladimir Putin — who has gutted democracy and the economy in Russia — had been a better leader for his people than President Obama.

When conservative anti-Obama/Clinton agitpropper Dinesh D’Souza expressed his admiration for Putin’s love for his country, several Twitter users noted that if Obama loved America enough to deal with critics the way Putin does, D’Souza would be dead.

Unwilling to back off his dictator worship, D’Souza noted that famed chess master and Putin critic Garry Kasparov is still alive.

Kasparov’s response?

Trump’s lying attempt to pin birtherism on the Clinton campaign, his insinuation that Clinton should face death because she supports gun safety legislation and his argument that black people are a unitary blob of impoverished fools who’ve been tricked by the Democratic Party are all common tropes in the comment sections of Republican blogs. But now this hateful propaganda has passed up through the articles into the mouth of the party’s nominee for president. The party has become the people it used to hide.

This isn’t to say Republicans aren’t torn.

A small but vocal group of conservatives think that Trump is a terrible racist. But they’re a tiny minority compared the the vast majority of the party who think he’s a wonderful racist. And even those who oppose Trump with all their being are willing to take the logical step to support the only candidate who can beat them. The hatred of Democrats is so ingrained that they’d rather elect a man who they don’t trust with access to nuclear weapons.

There’s some horrible justice to the GOP’s flaming hatred of Obama becoming the inferno that could destroy the party.

They could have embraced the changes America is going through. Instead they waged a war on voting like we haven’t seen since the 1960s. They could have acknowledged the mistakes of economy built to drive heath to the top. Instead they nominated the personification of welfare for the rich. They could have passed bipartisan immigration reform. Instead they walled themselves into a obsession with deportations.

Either Republicans are about to be rewarded for stirring up hatred at immigrants, refugees and vague foreign interests of all sorts, the way Republican Pete Wilson won an easy reelection in 1994 by stoking similar fires, or they’re exacerbating the demographic trends that could eventually deny them the White House forever.

Either way, they invited into our politics an existential threat — one that could consume just the GOP, or all of us.

Photo: U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 46th annual Legislative Conference Phoenix Awards Dinner in Washington, September 17, 2016. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas


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  1. dtgraham September 19, 2016

    It’s remarkable how the right wing has been able to parlay a few simple, but grossly inaccurate, narratives of the “Obama economy” into a political meme through their lying media. The unemployment rate was 4.9% in June, and has been under 5.0% for quite some time. That’s obviously tremendous. The Republican answer to that is to counter that labour force participation is at an all time low. You know, everybody has supposedly dropped out of the workforce because they can’t find an Obama job. Utter nonsense. The labour force participation rate is 62.80%, which is in line with the long term average of 62.88%. The U.S. labour force participation rate was actually lower between 1948 and 1978 than it has been under Obama. Most of the recent decline in the participation rate, which has been happening for more than a decade, is due to demographics, including the trend of baby boomers reaching retirement age and deciding to no longer work.

    The other narrative is to talk about stagnant wages. That is true, but it has also been true for 43 years and while things have gotten even worse, that trend started in 2000 and has little to do with Obama.

    For decades following the end of World War II, inflation-adjusted hourly compensation (including employer-provided benefits as well as wages) for the vast majority of American workers rose in line with increases in economy-wide productivity, but that link was severed starting in 1973. Between then and now, productivity, or the amount of economic output generated by an average hour of work, grew 72.2 percent. On the other hand, pay for the typical worker rose just 9.2 percent.

    Before 1973, the relationship between net productivity and compensation was entirely connected. That all changed. Compensation for the median worker, or the person making exactly the middle of compensation adjusted for inflation, grew just 8.7 percent between 1973 and 2014, or a 0.2 percent annual rate. Yet net productivity grew at a 1.33 percent annual pace in the same time. Things have gotten even worse since 2000: net productivity has grown 21.6 percent since then, yet inflation-adjusted compensation for the median worker grew just 1.8 percent.

    Some of the factors for wage stagnation are i) skyrocketing pay for those at the top of the economy compared to everyone else; ii) a greater share of income going toward corporate profits and not wages; iii) letting the federal minimum wage fall to a laughably low level; iv) letting overtime protections erode; v) the corrosion of collective bargaining rights, etc…

    In short, income inequality (thus wage stagnation) has resulted from deliberate government policy choices; policy decisions made on behalf of those with the most income, wealth, and power that suppressed wage growth. Republicans promise to carry on with this, and reverse what few gains Obama has made.

    1. I Am Helpy September 20, 2016

      And yet, you are helping Trump get elected.

      1. marriea September 20, 2016

        As I finished reading the previous post, I was about to take those very same thoughts as you posted.
        It seems to me that Trump supporters have not done any studying on their hero.
        Number one that stands out in my mind is Trump said that he wouldn’t change the current mimimum wage policy.
        That means he would stand by the current $8.50? hourly wage.
        He said he would provide good paying jobs.
        ‘Good paying job’ is a relative word considering that his products are made in China.
        I can’t help but believe that many of his supporter are like the for mentioned GOP heads who are dismayed at Obama’s success.
        After all, many whites are reared from birth to think of themselves as ‘better than’ others, meaning minorities and that minoriies are lazy and don’t want ot work..
        However, I find it interesting that many of Trump supporters who say they want to work, won’t work at jobs currently done by minoriies.
        They obviously think that because Trump is reportedly rich, wealthy, loaded, that somehow, his wealth will trickle down on them.
        Yeah right, just like that woman who was conned into paying money she didn’t have for classes at Trump ‘U’.
        Oh well, that’s on them.

        1. dbtheonly September 20, 2016

          Studying Trump is an exercise in futility.

          He has no positions. He has a mash of fuzz words and buzz words that allow the hearer to place whatever construction he wants upon them. When Trump does make a defineable statement on an issue; his position is discardable on a whim. Remember his immigration positions of only a few weeks ago? I counted three positions in 24 hours. He was a birther until he wasn’t.

          Trying to deal with Trump on facts and positions is a waste of time.

          1. marriea September 20, 2016

            I don’t disagree with you one iota.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker September 20, 2016

        No, actually, Scalia who is hopefully burning in hell about now helped Trump get elected. It is called Citizens United. The biggest SC right winger scam that denies voters equal voting rights. You got $995 million to hand to the RNC like the Koch boys did? You bet you don’t.

        1. I Am Helpy September 20, 2016

          I was talking about the fact that dtgraham endlessly posts Clinton conspiracy theories and right-wing smears.

          1. dtgraham September 20, 2016

            And I’m talking about the fact that you’re a liar and a fraud who doesn’t even care whether Hillary is progressive or not, and has said so.

            I very much want the Democrats to keep the White House. Everything to you is a conspiracy smear. Any criticisms that I may have about Hillary from time to time are relatively mild, and coming from the left…not the right. You know, the left — something you know nothing about.

          2. I Am Helpy September 20, 2016

            Thanks for confirming that you are supporting Donald Trump. Sorry you think insulting me changes how monstrous you are; it doesn’t.

          3. dtgraham September 20, 2016

            As the Lucky One once said about you, you just claim the opposite of what a poster actually said, then give some inane irrelevant one or two sentence nonsense reply, then pat yourself on the back for it.

            I’m not getting into this again with an immature game-playing little idiot like you.

          4. I Am Helpy September 20, 2016

            I’m not really interested in why you support Trump, nor how you justify it to yourself. It’s enough for me to know that you do – no amount of your sophomoric purism will alter that.

            I hope that helps!

          5. dpaano September 21, 2016

            Do you actually understand anything of what you read???

          6. I Am Helpy September 21, 2016

            I do. Dthgraham endlessly posts Clinton conspiracy theories and right-wing smears. One post that’s points out Trump’s flaws doesn’t change that.

          7. dtgraham September 22, 2016

            He pretends not to. It’s just a game.

          8. dpaano September 22, 2016

            No….but I still stand by my original idea….they are all brainwashed by watching too much FAUX News and reading too many of those rightwing media newspapers and looking at too many rightwing websites! Being constantly bombarded with this type of RW BS does major things to your brain….kinda like football players who end up with TBS from being hit too many times!

          9. dtgraham September 22, 2016

            You’re getting the wrong idea about old, ‘I Am Helpy’ there. The poster formerly known as ‘King of America’, and at least one other name before that. Completely understandable with him.

            He’s on the far right of the Democratic party. He doesn’t even care whether Hillary is progressive or not and has said that. He’s probably only a Democrat because of one or two social issues. He gets furious whenever anyone expresses concern about Hillary, coming from the left. He then goes into his fake outrage act, accusing the concernee of being a Trump supporter and spreading right wing Clinton conspiracy smears. He knows better. The gist of what you said though is right on, generally speaking.

            I got a kick out of ‘Helpy’ calling me, “the monster that you are.” What, I’m Jerry Seinfeld and he’s Newman?

    2. dpaano September 21, 2016

      And the best part is that incomes have risen, the poor are less poor, and I could go on and on, but it would be useless because these uninformed boobs don’t believe anything you tell them anyway!

      1. dtgraham September 22, 2016

        Now imagine what Barack Obama would have been able to do with a normal functioning Congress for the last 6 years. The guy had to do virtually everything in two years.

  2. Thoughtopsy September 19, 2016

    Kasparov said it all so efficiently. With extra weight because of his background and life.
    Why is admiration of Putin considered so acceptable in the GOP?
    Do they not know/did not bother to research his actual history?

    1. idamag September 20, 2016

      You know what they say about those who don’t study history… I wish “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” was required reading in high school. Our Democracy might not be in the peril it is in.

      1. Thoughtopsy September 29, 2016

        I absolutely agree.

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 19, 2016

    All living creatures have an instinct for self-preservation and do so out of a built-in biological instinct conferred by Nature, but with the Republican Party, they’ve gone out of their way to plant the seeds for their destruction and no gun was held to their heads.

    As such, the Party in its current malaise is content with self-immolation and makes it less intelligent than a colony of bacteria—all for the worship of Conservatism, their Golden Calf for this era.

    The mid-19th Century was the inauguration of “The Age of Maturity” for humankind to make the next step in its material/spiritual evolution, as stated by Baha’u’llah. Strangely, the conservative elements in America, Europe, Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, among ISIS and The Taliban, and elsewhere, are screaming and kicking wanting to remain in the stage of Adolescence and refuse to emerge into Adulthood.

  4. Jinmichigan September 20, 2016

    Why is 7 1/2 years of republican obstructionism not an issue in this election?

    1. idamag September 20, 2016

      One reason is that most of the media is owned by a few large conglomerates.

    2. Gerald Isaacson September 20, 2016

      probably because the 8 years of democratic obstructionism which preceded that wasn’t an issue for you…

      1. Steve September 20, 2016

        Yeah right, the Democrats obstructed everything the previous administration tried to accomplish. The problem with that line of thinking is the Republicans only managed one accomplishment. To SCREW up everything! And they managed to do it despite your imagined obstruction by the Democrats

      2. I Am Helpy September 20, 2016

        That never actually happened, though.

      3. Jinmichigan September 20, 2016

        Oh Yippee, revisionist history. That’s my favorite. Do you have any more fairy tales?

        1. exceeds performance September 20, 2016

          see Jiimy’s 1st post above

          1. Jinmichigan September 21, 2016

            We all love a good fairy tale. Especially from those hell bend on denial.

          2. Daniel Max Ketter September 23, 2016

            Ford is already on notice for numerous safety recalls and poor performance

          3. dpaano October 26, 2016

            So are many other car makers; i.e., VW, etc. Even my favorite car, Honda, is being recalled due to poor performance of the Tanaka air bags (another import from across the sea). Some recalls are NOT due to the car itself, but the equipment that was put on it that was, perhaps, NOT made in this country. We need cars that use ONLY parts, etc., made in the U.S.A..

          4. Col. Daniel Max Ketter October 26, 2016

            But Ford as more safety recalls of the big 3 and others which tells you something

      4. dpaano September 21, 2016

        Democratic obstructionism? Really? Who shut down the government for several weeks costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars? Who voted against bills that would help repair our infrastructure, give jobs to our veterans, add security to our overseas embassies and consulates, and I could go on and on! Talk about obstructionism…..the Republicans and McConnell have been obstructing since Day One of President Obama’s tenure!!! It’s amazing that you ACTUALLY believe what you say……God, you’re so uninformed and brainwashed!

    3. exceeds performance September 20, 2016

      never happened

      1. Jinmichigan September 21, 2016

        Burying your head seems to work for you.

      2. dpaano September 21, 2016

        What alternate universe have you been living in for the past 7+ years? I can’t believe that you ACTUALLY believe what you said! Pitiful!

      3. Daniel Max Ketter September 23, 2016

        30+ years. And lincolns fords quality control had 0 accountability with there goons working more than 20 hours a week so save the drama

    4. idamag September 30, 2016

      Or their violating the Constitution?

  5. idamag September 20, 2016

    I beg to differ with the author. The present day Republicans do not have minds to be driven out of. The great strides that the President made, in spite of the obstruction, will never be recognized by them. They will just lie about it.

    1. exceeds performance September 20, 2016

      All of Barak’s limited accomplishments was thanks to the Fed. No other president has benefited from 0% interest rates

      1. Daniel Max Ketter September 23, 2016

        after 30+years.All those goons in dearborn care about is stuffing their bank accounts and could care less they make a poorly built product which should go from the dealers lot straight to the salvage yard

  6. Eleanore Whitaker September 20, 2016

    I think for many Americans who were raised properly, Republican men and women are irresponsible Daddies boys and girls. The boys act as if every word out of their Daddies’ mouths are the law of the land. The girls act like those obedient good little lap puppies Daddy loved to pet.

    The very fact that Trump is who they prefer, shows an amazing level of insanity. Trump is not now and has not been sane since he began to confront his failures face first.

    Trump like many spoiled brat children simply believed no one would dare EVER question him. Sound like the GOP boys to you? Watch them in the House and Senate Congressional sessions and all you see and hear are men acting like their are cross examining anyone who is part of the Obama Administration.

    They ask a question and before the individual has a chance to provide an answer, they interrupt like rude little punks and then answer the very question they asked.

    This has to stop. If the Republicans only want to hear their own voices, let’s put them all on a ship to North Korea.

    1. exceeds performance September 20, 2016

      That’s because they had mothers and fathers. Unlike the racial, throw aways that never knew who their fathers were and expect society to care for them for life

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 21, 2016

        Really bigot boy? I supposed you missed spring open legs Palin? Or half the south where white girls are pregnant and have to quit school?

        Now, let me set your butt brain straight. Your mommy and daddy are probably sister and brother. Incest is a big one in the south and midwest where Corn Pone Kings and Mutton Chops like you don’t know how to keep it in your pants.

        You want the list of Republican men who abandoned their wives and forgot THEY had kids? You can add Trump to that list. As a matter of fact, like you, HE wasn’t sure his daughter by Marla Maples was HIS, so like you piggy little boys who can’t accept fatherhood you get yourselves into, he force Marla to get a Paternity test. The KID was HIS.

        You white males today are a piece of your Mommies cow size butts. Daddy only stayed around because it boosted his ego to have a MALE child. But yessuh y’all alls sho does love dat back seat of de car, doncha?

        1. Sterling Harris September 23, 2016


      2. dpaano September 21, 2016

        Seriously…..this is all you’ve got in the way of a response?

      3. Daniel Max Ketter September 23, 2016

        Ford mgmt cronies dont like to negotiate to the small worker but lets see

      4. Sterling Harris September 23, 2016


      5. dpaano September 27, 2016

        Again, typical racist remark….what would you expect from a Trump follower?

        1. idamag September 30, 2016

          Basket of deplorables.

      6. dpaano October 26, 2016

        Gee….I know MANY white families where the father is not in the picture…..the kids are doing rather well in most cases. It isn’t always “racials” who get divorced……seriously?

  7. Jon September 20, 2016

    The Republican Party aided by the media continue their successful strategy of telling lies often enough and long enough that people believe them. Look at the surprisingly high percentage of people and Trump voters who believe that Barack Obama is a foreign born muslim despite the fact that those claims have been proven false years ago. Look at all the people who believe that Hillary Clinton committed criminal acts in her handling of emails while she was SOS as well as other activity she allegedly engaged in during the last 20+ years, although millions of dollars wasted investigating the vindictive allegations proved she wasn’t guilty of any of them.

    1. exceeds performance September 20, 2016

      Obviously your a low information poster. It was Barak own biography that said he was born in Kenya and was an Indonesian citizen

      1. Jon September 20, 2016

        LOL. U R A NUT.

        1. idamag September 30, 2016

          I read his biography. He went to a Catholic Boarding school in Kenya. He was not born there.Typical rightwingnut – lying comes so easy to them.

          1. dpaano October 26, 2016

            Again, they tend to be brainwashed into believe every right wing conservative conspiracy theory that the GOP puts out there! It’s unfortunate that they don’t use their own heads and just willy nilly believe anything they’re told by the GOP!!!

          2. idamag October 26, 2016

            Ignorance and greed are the biggest threats to Democracy and greed feeds off ignorance so it tends to promote it. Ignorance was something our Founding Fathers warned us about. George Washington didn’t want to give the “back country yeomen” the vote. Another thing Washington said was, “There is nothing that can better deserve our patronage than the promotion of science and literature. Knowledge in every country is the surest basis of public happiness.” (Address to Congress 1790)
            Benjamin Franklin said, “The way to see by faith is to shut is to shut the eyes to reason.”
            Thomas Paine said, “To argue with a man who has renounced reason is like giving medicine to the dead.”
            There are many instances where the Founding Fathers listed critical thinking as number one.

      2. Daniel Max Ketter September 23, 2016

        You want positive…oldsmobile’s were great cars. If I could thank of anything positive about ford, I would be the first to do it. BTW its Mr Ketter to you junior…and you aint foolin nobody on here that you are a paid blogger with dearborns goons in the marketing dept

        1. dpaano October 26, 2016

          Personally, my dad always said NEVER buy a GM car (including Oldsmobiles, Chryslers, Chevys, etc.), and he swore by Fords and drove them exclusively. We never had ANY problems with a Ford. I now drive only Hondas, but I have, in the past, purchased a Ford, and I would do it again if they came out with a car that I liked. I still refuse to buy a GM product and have seen many of my friends and relatives who drive them end up being nickel’d and dime’d to death with expensive repairs.

          1. Col. Daniel Max Ketter October 26, 2016

            Owners swear about Ford, but because they broke down and were stranded on the side of a expressway

    2. idamag September 30, 2016

      Their strategy is that is they say it long enough and if they investigate long enough, people will believe it.

  8. Gerald Isaacson September 20, 2016

    What drives Republicans crazy is that Democrats have somehow convinced themselves that Obama’s abject failures are successes… rather than admit that any Republican was ever right about anything…

    1. I Am Helpy September 20, 2016

      what “abject failures” are you talking about? I haven’t noticed any.

      1. exceeds performance September 20, 2016

        No newspapers where you live??

        1. I Am Helpy September 20, 2016

          None that make up stuff, no. Sorry you couldn’t cite any examples, but not very surprised.

        2. Daniel Max Ketter September 23, 2016

          Histery shows the French have produced more reliable cars than the USA big 3 especially the crap made by ford

      2. dpaano September 21, 2016

        Me either…..President Obama has the highest confidence rating of any president and the Republicans STILL can’t believe it! They are so disillusioned that it’s funny to watch!!!

        1. Truthseeker September 27, 2016


    2. Jinmichigan September 20, 2016

      Poorly educated is no way to go through life.

      1. exceeds performance September 20, 2016

        He wasn’t a quota graduate like Barak

        1. Jinmichigan September 21, 2016

          Highly doubtful he graduated from anywhere.

          1. dpaano September 21, 2016

            The only reason he got through Wharton is because daddy paid for him to get his diploma.

        2. dpaano September 21, 2016

          Do we even know if Trump graduated? I think I need to see his college transcripts personally…..along with his tax returns!!!

          1. plc97477 October 1, 2016

            IQ test results also.

        3. Daniel Max Ketter September 23, 2016

          If we can keep emissions down then it would be worth it. Our environment isnt gettin any cooler

          1. dpaano October 26, 2016

            But, gee, Trump wants to do away with the EPA and much of their regulations to cut back on pollution in our environment.

          2. Col. Daniel Max Ketter October 26, 2016

            Agree with you about blowhard trump. Hillary may be one of our best presidentss since Jimmy Carter

      2. idamag September 30, 2016

        Poorly educated is much of it. Trump appeals to deplorables like white supremacists. He has been endorsed by WAR and KKK, and David Duke. None of his supporters put themselves in the shoes of the contractors. The contractor has hundreds of people who need to be paid. He has charged a million dollars worth of materials to do the job. After the job, trump takes out bankruptcy to avoid paying him. J. Michael Diehl, sold him, on contract, $100,000 worth of pianos for the new Taj Mahal. The contract was for payment in 90 days. After several months, trump told them they would give him $70,000. He owed the people he got the pianos from, so he took it. He said there was no way he could come up with enough money to sue trump. Admiring trump tells me a whole lot about the person who admires him or even votes for him.

        1. dpaano October 26, 2016

          And his piano business went into bankruptcy, by the way, due to being underpaid for his efforts. This has happened to MANY of the people who Trump hired and failed to pay. I find it difficult to admire someone who thinks that “stiffing” the people he hires to do work for him is a good thing.

          1. idamag October 26, 2016

            Moral fiber is that which you do without the law. Trump thinks it is okay to cheat and steal as long as loopholes in the law allow it. There are a lot of trump supporters, where I live, and when I see one, I automatically take a tighter hold on my purse.

    3. iamproteus September 20, 2016

      I would say “Nice try”, except that it wasn’t. It was stupid, just like everything else you try to put out there. To drive a republican crazy is a very short trip!

  9. Truthseeker September 20, 2016

    And Trump’s success is driving Democrats out of their minds. Trump 2016!!!

    1. fortunev September 20, 2016

      Some folks need to pull their heads out of the lower intestinal colon that functions as their brain. Dump tRumpf 2016!!

      1. Truthseeker September 20, 2016

        Fortunev, shame on you. Now does your comment sound like a true loving & tolerant liberal Democrat?

        1. fortunev September 21, 2016

          Not when one has to kick the cretins in the nuts repeatedly to get their attention. Tolerance is for wimps when one deals with scum.

          1. Truthseeker September 21, 2016

            I commend you saying what you really mean instead of the liberal false narrative of “peace & tolerance”.

    2. Thoughtopsy September 20, 2016

      “Truthseeker” eh?

      I’ll actually agree with you there. Trump’s success IS driving most people including Democrats out of their minds.

      What we don’t understand is why a large percentage of the population (by large I mean more than 5% would be large in this case and it’s currently about 42%…) would throw all common sense, reason, logic, and even basic standards for a President completely out the window and even consider voting for Trump.

      This is a man who personally insults people, lies regularly, has no apparently morals or principles, has actually been successfully prosecuted for various offenses including using illegal immigrants for labor, and is currently being taken to court for rape by two separate people, fraud for his University con, and will probably be investigated if not actually prosecuted for buying off Florida AG Bondi.

      On top of that he regularly praises a Dictator-style ex-KGB operative who has ruthlessly suppressed free speech in his country and left a truly impressive pile of bodies behind him of people who have dared to speak up against his lies, cronyism and excesses.

      It drives us out of our minds because any one of these listed items, plus his almost zero attention span and 5 year old emotional maturity, should have long since removed him from any chance of being voted for as President by anyone. At all.

      Instead there seems to be an almost Oedipal worship on an emotional level of this sewer of a man by 42% of people…. who appear unwilling to apply any rational standards, actual policy, or even consistency, as requirements.

      Instead they seem willing to completely suspend any criticism for some sort of warm, all-encompassing, fantasy that Trump will somehow “fix everything” and “make America Great Again”. Despite no-one being able, or trying, to actually define what those catchphrases actually mean.

      It appears a large chunk of America has finally moved into the “post fact” world that the GOP has been pushing them towards. Where volume, anger, fear and “truthiness” matter far more than facts, reason, logic and evidence.

      Trump is indeed a travesty of a man. But he’s revealed a far deeper travesty… The abject stupidity, bigotry and unreason of a large proportion of the American people.

      That drives me out of my mind.

      As a bonus… read this article and then explain why YOU still support the Orange Mindless Conman Sewer Pipe:

      1. exceeds performance September 20, 2016

        And what was your excuse for voting for a con man in 2008 and 12??

        1. dpaano September 21, 2016

          What con man? If you’re talking about President Obama….he’s done more for this country than any of the previously presidents, but apparently, you don’t realize that because you’ve been told otherwise and your little brainwashed mind just tends to believe everything you’re told. Get a life!!!

        2. Daniel Max Ketter September 23, 2016

          Bicycles would be more environmentally friendly. Its up to us to control global warming since the Ford motors goons could care less

      2. Truthseeker September 20, 2016

        This is a long read. Looks like you did a lot of work, Thoughtopsy. However, you should’ve fact checked before you put in writing. As for Hillary, funny you mention rape as her husband is also accused of rape & her of covering up for Bill. Also, I’m impressed that you came up with so much on Trump, but didn’t mention the many scandals of Hillary Clinton. Google it & read & do fact check. Listen to her own words on YouTube on how many lies she tells. All major news networks say how her trust level is so low. Even Anderson Cooper asked her if she would say anything to get elected. Also, there’s been mysterious deaths & suspected murders surrounding the Clintons. Look up Vince Foster, whitewater, travelgate, Chinagate, the Clinton Foundation, State Department emails & Colin Powell telling Hillary not to pin this stuff on him when she tried blaming him for her private email server with classified information. Also Benghazi & Hillary lying to the parents of the victims & later calling them liars. What kind of person lies to grieving families over their children’s coffin? As for Trump, I don’t worship him either. However, I do have a vote & Trump is getting my vote. Not because I believe all his promises but because I believe he’s better than 4 more years of the status quo.

        1. dpaano September 21, 2016

          Apparently, you believe everything that the GOP has told you even when it has been proven to be baldfaced lies in many cases! You keep living in your dream world….none of the items you mentioned have any truth in them, but even with facts being presented to you on many occasions, you choose to continue to maintain the brainwashing that you’ve been given! Hang in there….

          1. Truthseeker September 21, 2016

            Did you do fact check? I challenge you to look up the facts for yourself. I notice you didn’t offer any evidence to the contrary except your own opinion. Not very convincing I might add.

          2. dpaano September 22, 2016

            I ask you the SAME thing…..there are PLENTY of facts to back up what I’ve said if you check FactChecker.com or Politifact. I don’ t have the time or energy to do YOUR homework.

          3. Truthseeker September 22, 2016

            I already fact checked & so my homework is done. It’s up to you to present your legitimate argument (as in debate). Until you can come up with some substance, your argument remains your opinion. If your goal is to win me to your point of view, I need to see your facts listed. Prove it to me & you may win me over to seeing things your way.

          4. dpaano September 27, 2016

            I sincerely doubt it, and I don’t have to debate with you on the subject. It’s not my job to point out the truths for several reasons (1) you won’t believe me even if I provide facts; and (2) you’re brainwashed to believe whatever the GOP wants you to believe no matter how false it is proven to be.

          5. Truthseeker September 27, 2016

            Just what I thought, more rhetoric, no substance.

          6. Sterling Harris September 23, 2016


          7. Truthseeker September 23, 2016

            George W. Bush was president of the USA on 9/11. 😉

          8. dpaano October 26, 2016

            Typical Trump supporter…..they’ve been brainwashed to believe every little conspiracy theory that pops out of the GOP’s news sources and don’t care that they aren’t true and don’t actually fact check to find out!

          9. dpaano September 27, 2016

            Of course I do….obviously more than you do.

          10. Truthseeker September 27, 2016

            Is this comment supposed to be your evidence? That you pretend to know me & how much I fact check?

          11. dpaano October 26, 2016

            I said “obviously,” which does NOT mean that I think I know you enough to say you don’t fact check. I’m just “assuming” that, due to your comments, that you don’t.

        2. Thoughtopsy September 21, 2016

          Scandals. Yes.
          Actual evidence and prosecutions. No.

          You quote Benghazi. 8 Investigations failed to find ANYTHING. Not just a few things… or minor things. ANYTHING.

          It’s also apparent you did not read the article I linked. Trump is provably corrupt… not just suspected. He’s been successfully taken to court multiple times… not just “tried to be taken to court and failed”… He openly and continually lies… yada yada yada…

          I know you’re not listening… but my point is: Trump has done many more provably bad things than Hillary. By a factor of at least 5-10 TIMES. He also openly admits half of it.

          Yet you dislike the woman suspected of so much… and ignore the guy who admits to being 5 times worse.

          I do believe your final comment though. You’re voting for change. Fair enough.

          1. Truthseeker September 21, 2016

            You vote your candidate as you believe what you want to believe. I wasn’t able to open the link you sent so no I didn’t read it. My question is, “Where were all these people pointing out Trump’s faults in the past?” I meant Oprah had him on several times. Hollywood had him around them. He said was in Home Alone 2 starring as himself. No one was talking bad about him rather they were itching to be near him. Now he runs for Republican President & all of a sudden, people want to demonize him? Give me a break. You know better.

          2. Thoughtopsy September 26, 2016

            The link still works.
            If you’re not simply lying like your favorite candidate you can find the article by Googling:
            GQ 176 reasons Trump should not be president

            It will be the first search result.

            This is not a matter of “wanting to believe”. These are facts. Not beliefs. Not opinions.
            This is something the post-fact wingnut right has long since lost sight of: Just because you have a strong belief about something does not make it true. And it does not make your belief the equivalent of, or worthy of contesting, the facts.

            I tell the same thing to wingnut Lefties about their anti-vaxxer craziness.

            So let’s try some:
            Fact: Hillary Clinton was found to have no culpability for Benghazi. By 8 investigations. There wasn’t enough evidence for even trying to take her to court.
            Fact: Trump is currently in court over Trump University. The charge essentially revolves around running a scam and conning people out of money. i.e. There is more than enough evidence of wrongdoing to take him to court.
            Fact: Hillary was found to have mishandled her emails and been negligent but there was no proof of intent and no charges were brought.
            Fact: Trump has promoted war crimes (killing terrorists’ families) and torture “worse than waterboarding” as policies he will enact as president. He has asked why he can’t just drop a nuke on people.
            Fact: Trump has admitted to using the pseudonyms “John Barron” and “John Miller” while pretending to be his own press spokesman and boasting of his sexual conquests in the 1990s; used the pseudonym “John Baron” while his company threatened its undocumented workers;

            See all these are facts. They stand alone. You may have opinions about them, but that doesn’t not detract from their nature.
            If you’re looking for truth… start with the facts.

          3. Truthseeker September 27, 2016

            Did you read National Review about Obama’s using a pseudonym to email Hillary on private server? If she had been guilty, all others would have been guilty (including President Obama). So, you can readily see evidence that Hillary was by no means innocent. Also she is a compulsive or possibly pathological liar. The FBI & DOJ do not get involved if everything is A-Ok. Remember Colin Powell, referring to Hillary, saying not to pin this on him? If you think Hillary doesn’t lie, you’re more far left than Anderson Cooper:


          4. dpaano September 27, 2016

            It’s interesting that all of the fact-checking groups; i.e., factcheck.com and Politifact, as well as the Washington Post have found that Trump has lied MUCH more than Clinton. In fact, I think he’s lied somewhere in the 50% range; which she’s lied only 19% or so. Unfortunately, you Trumpsters just don’t want to believe that because you’re living in an alternate universe where you actually think Trump is going to be able to do ALL the things he says he’s going to do……you need to remember, he’s won’t be inaugurated as a “king,” but only as the president (which won’t happen, so we don’t really have to worry about that). You also need to understand that, unlike a CEO of a company, he has to go through Congress to get any of his ideas done, and that will be a major project even for him!

          5. Truthseeker September 27, 2016

            Did I say Trump was a king? I said I plan to vote for him. Not the same thing as worship.

          6. Thoughtopsy September 29, 2016

            Oh god.
            1) No
            2) Still no.
            3) You didn’t read anything I sent you, or address my points. This makes you a troll by definition.
            4) The FBI was involved and found there was not enough evidence of intent to prosecute. This is in line with established law.
            5) The FBI/DOJ get involved all the time when there is no wrongdoing.

            Where you have lost sight of your sanity, my friend, is that their role when they are asked to get involved is to investigate, analyse and, finally, recommend charges if the law has been broken….
            Their role when they are asked to get involved is NOT to dig for dirt until they find something they can convict someone with.

            That’s the GOP’s job.
            Apparently they are really really bad at it.

          7. Truthseeker September 29, 2016

            Did you address all my points? No. As for troll, that’s laughable to anyone with any degree of reading comprehension. If you want to read over some things on Hillary, you may want to check this out:


          8. idamag September 30, 2016

            It appears he or she has poor reading comprehension and cannot really understand what they read.

        3. Sterling Harris September 23, 2016


          1. Truthseeker September 23, 2016

            Thank you…I plan to. May the best man win.

          2. dpaano September 27, 2016

            Typical sexist remark!!!

          3. Truthseeker September 27, 2016

            Sorry that stuff don’t fly with me anymore. Name calling has become so overused it’s becoming desensitizing; meaningless.

          4. idamag September 30, 2016

            Trump is who truthseeker is.

      3. dpaano September 21, 2016

        Very well said….thanks for clarifying this for some of the people on this post.

      4. Sterling Harris September 23, 2016

        It’s not that Republicans don’t care, it’s more a case that they care too much for federal money to go to corporations and the robber barons so the rest can make do with the crumbs are the spoils of class war are divided up by the victors.
        If the Kochs worth doubled under Obama yet they are so dissatisfied at his performance then it boils down to a radical agenda of scrapping the minimum wage, denying a decent education for the permanently dispossessed and the right to destroy the environment with a powerless and unheard population being robbed of democracy and opinions as much money equals loud can you hear me now speech and no money equals loud can you hear me now speech and no money equals you don’t matter in the grand scheme of things and are surplus to needs section of population. Or a Republican utopia.

        America is broken and it’s not the working poor that broke it but they’re the ones that have been demonized while they have been locked out of a life of value, respect and decency, why a whole party sees millions of hardworking Americans as freeloading vermin while corporate subsides rise and rise along with the profitability of those corporations.

        A party of let them starve catering to the fabulously wealthy ultimate moocher class, a class that eats for free at the best restaurants, that buys politics so it serves them like cheap waiters and political prostitutes. A stuffed envelope to the right people is so much more important than a nation eating healthily, children not going to bed starving even in the world’s richest nation.
        It’s not that Republicans don’t care, it’s more a case that they care too much for federal money to go to corporations and the robber barons so the rest can make do with the crumbs are the spoils of class war are divided up by the victors.

        1. dpaano September 27, 2016

          And the stupid thing is that Trump, during this recent debate, said he wanted to lower taxes on the wealthy and on corporations because that would give them more money to hire more employees, etc. They tried that during the Reagan administration, and it didn’t work then….it WON’T work now! The more money that the corporations have, the more they pay their CEOs and shareholders…..NONE of it goes to hire more employees. I’m amazed that so many people listen to Trump and don’t realize that this is just another “trickle down” theory that won’t work!!!

      5. idamag September 30, 2016

        Trump, who states it is okay for him to take out 6 bankruptcies and stiff people out of their money. He says the law is there to help people like him. If something destroyed all of the Trump businesses, this country would not suffer. He runs high end hotels and gambling establishments. If they admire a man who says it is okay to cheat people legally because the law lets him, that says a lot about who they are. Trump is who they are.

  10. exceeds performance September 20, 2016

    Lots of PAP and no successes. Gonna do something and actually doing something are way way different

    1. Daniel Max Ketter September 23, 2016

      Really?? Ford need to devote some of that brain power to engineer and manufacture a workable product before adding more technology gimmicks. After 30+ years around them I have serious doubts they are capable of it

    2. Sterling Harris September 23, 2016


  11. Earnest Comment September 21, 2016

    I don’t think the billionaires care either way. What has obama ever done to them?

    Seriously he’s gotten no real financial or tax reform legislation passed. Carried interest..still going strong. Tax rates still below pre Reagan levels. No real movement on a nation minimum wage or effective universal health care that make a dent in the kajillion dollar free lunch being handed to insurers.

    There’s things they want but if you got billions you got patience.

    Who cares about gay marriage and the great battle of the potties? The courts, not obama, did that anyway.

    And since obama is so politically infective there’s no chance of him ever inspiring people to vote a democratic majority into Congress.

    Not everyone is a Reagan or bush junior willing to do whatever they want but a nothing president without the political ability to make any meaningful change to an acceptable status quo is the next best thing.

    There are a lot of right wingers that are grumpy because obama being president made them loose some backyard debates but from a realpolitik perspective who cares?

    There’s a level.if stupidity to people who think presidential elections really mater that much to the billionaires that run either party.

  12. dpaano September 21, 2016

    Where did all this hate come from? What ever happened to the days when the democrats and republicans could reach across the aisle and compromise for the good of the people of this country. Why, all of a sudden, is there such an outward expression of hatred for each party…..it’s ridiculous and unproductive!!! Our politicians should be worrying about the American people and not about their respective parties!! Many of the bills that were offered to Congress for approval would have made this country healthier and greater, but because of their ridiculous and uncalled for hatred for President Obama, nothing was done in the entire 7+ years for this country except that which was pushed forward by President Obama. I fear they are all jealous of the many good things that have come about in President Obama’s tenure and that just pisses them off!! Such a waste of time and energy!!!

    1. Boris Kalash September 27, 2016

      Race remains the most divisive issue in America today !

      1. dpaano September 27, 2016

        It definitely is, and it shouldn’t be. That’s what bugs me the most…..we’re all the same; the only difference is the color of our skin! Racism makes NO sense to me! I’m just glad my parents didn’t raise me to be a racist!!!

        1. Boris Kalash October 26, 2016

          Not to worry ! Good , GOD always, repeat, always WINS IN THE END ! And why not ? He created the whole thing !

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