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'Occupy' Protesters Are More Than Just Hippies


'Occupy' Protesters Are More Than Just Hippies


The Occupy protesters might bring to mind images of 1960s hippies at first glance, but they have the potential to create a dramatic, important movement. Gene Lyons writes in his new column, “Occupy Wall Street’s Not Woodstock”:

In politics, it’s tempting to turn matters of temperament into matters of principle. Having disliked the hippie-dippy mellow aggression of the 1960s, my first instinct was to dismiss the Occupy Wall Street movement as feckless left-wing tribalism — as unlikely to survive the winter’s first strong cold front as the black flies pestering my cows.


  1. kurt.lorentzen October 27, 2011

    Certainly some of the protesters are at best uninformed sheep or worse, crowd-worshiping party-goers. But youe synposis is right-on and the neo-movement has a shot at becoming a bona fide platform. They have a long way to go, but I’m anxiuos to see what happens over (first) the winter, and (if it survives to frost) the coming two years. It’s strange how un-affiliated people view things from a truly 3rd party perspective, not just a muddle of the opposed political persuasions. As an independent observer I see the tea party as a threat to political excess and the occupiers as a growing threat to economic excess. I think both would win by joining forces against the Wall-Street/Fed/Pharma/Party-driven conglomorate that controls the wealth and power. What really frightens all of them is that we can still VOTE!

  2. BeachD1 October 27, 2011

    We have visited and spent time with multiple Occupy groups on the Eastern Coast, from the start at Zuchatti Park adjacent to Wall Street proper, to Miami FL & points in between. At the 60+ age, we have been around from the Dr. Martin Luther King actions to this debacle of excess Police force detailed in purpose by some Millitary Ops of several Federal Agencies. The Economic disasster is not in a singlular demographic. Elderly, Veterans, Widows, Middle Age, Male, Female, Children, litterly over twenty five million people are out of work, wanting to be working. There are over fifty million people without medical care. There are people who were brokers, waitresses, mechanics, technicians, engineers, all variety and ages. The fake news reports of hysteria extremes, outright lies, all will hit home.
    This is not a hippy dippy moment, not a socialist/communist plot, just plain American People who are afraid they have now become part of the unemployed, homeless, even underemployed. We have met and listened to kids, elderly, young adults, middle aged, and oldsters like ourselves. They are afraid they no longer count in America. My words to them were met at times with derision, but it is to VOTE. Become an authorized poll watcher, including the ballot counter watcher. We have time until the primaries to be certified , we have time to be there at every phase of the election process. We cannot afford to allow a whole category of people to be blocked from the one power we all share, OUR VOTE.

  3. vincentzw December 1, 2011

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