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Paul Ryan May Face A Political Coup: Report

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Paul Ryan May Face A Political Coup: Report

Paul Ryan's ACA claims are wrong

According to a new report by The Huffington Post, House Speaker Paul Ryan may be facing a new political coup from House conservatives. And even if anti-Ryan conservatives don’t have the votes to force Ryan out, they may attempt to change House rules to weaken his pull.

Many House Republicans don’t believe preventing Ryan from the speaker post is truly possible, but the fact that these discussions are taking place is evidence of Ryan’s weakening relationship with House conservatives.

Many of those in opposition to Ryan belong to the House Freedom Caucus, which counts roughly 40 strict conservatives as members, and believe that Ryan may not have the votes needed on the first ballot. If this is the case, they believe this would give them enough leverage to change certain House rules regarding caucus representation, subcommittee staff structure, and rules-suspension votes. They also hope to change rules to allow the Republican National Congressional Committee to raise money for the Freedom Caucus.

The goal may not even be to actually change the rules — some House conservatives are hoping that a loss by Ryan on the first ballot may be enough for the camps to discuss compromise options.

Photo: U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) holds a weekly news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington January 7, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst



  1. Bob Eddy August 31, 2016

    A bit of good news for Ryan. There’s a pretty good chance he’ll only be minority leader anyway after the Trump-induced flight from the Republican party settles…and any dream he may have had of a presidential run died long ago when he got aboard the Romney train wreck.

    1. E.T. August 31, 2016

      I certainly agree with the second point you made. Pretty sad indeed to be mopped up so completely by brain dead Uncle Joe !

  2. Siegfried Heydrich August 31, 2016

    I see the republicans are still running that All-You-Can-Eat special down at the Cannibal Bar & Grill.

  3. Jon August 31, 2016

    Lyin’ Paul Ryan, an empty shell of a man, has made his den. If it is full of snakes, so be it.

    1. E.T. August 31, 2016

      Wisconsin certainly did no one any favors when they did not throw him out during the primaries !

      1. Kathleeneford2 September 1, 2016

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  4. Insinnergy August 31, 2016

    LOL It just keeps getting better.
    Bet he’s regretting taking this job now…

  5. apzzyk August 31, 2016

    Ryan did not want the job in the first place, but when Boehner resigned, probably because of a conflict between his rather political religious views on abortion which the Pope said was not really that bad (another bad move by inviting a head of state by the Congress), and following the pope, he chose the pope and got the hell out of dodge. If you haven’t noticed, the Freedom Caucus, which is less than 10% of the House does the controling, and the gerrymandering that they did 6 years is coming back to haunt everyone – no way to get rid of them because they are in the very safe districts. But, with the Donald heading the ticket, some of them may fall too, and if there are enough, we will see another speaker and maybe actually get something done – which is why Trump and even Bernie.
    Ryan would not have ever won if it had not been for NAFTA – the GM Truck and bus plant in Janesville closed, so there went the UAW, but the real die-hard conservatives in the District may not support him at the ballot box because of his weak endorsement of Trump.

  6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 31, 2016

    More political jockeying for power and influence. Too bad Congress is overrun by so many self-serving untrustworthy parasites.
    The more things change in Congress, the more they stay the same.

    1. Jmz Nesky September 1, 2016

      I do not like Ryan or self-serving conservatives but I agree and it’s true.. It is “Our way or the highway” even of their own minions.. I really wonder which fracker is actually running this comedy club.. Who ever it is, he’s definitely not pro citizen.

  7. FireBaron September 1, 2016

    Wouldn’t it be amusing if Ryan kept the job because of Democratic backing? Then reminding him every time something comes up for a vote that the Freedom Caucus doesn’t want? There are enough “Freedom Caucus” members to invoke the “Hastert Doctrine” (If you cannot win a vote with just the members of your own party, don’t let it come to the floor.) that he will need the Democrats if there are bills that he wants and needs to pass.


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