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Vice President Pence To Lead Voter Fraud Panel

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Vice President Pence To Lead Voter Fraud Panel

Pence, Voter Fraud

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Reuters) – President Donald Trump said in remarks broadcast on Sunday that he would put Vice President Mike Pence in charge of a commission to probe what he believes was voter fraud in last November’s election.

There is an overwhelming consensus among state officials, election experts, and politicians that voter fraud is rare in the United States, but Trump has repeatedly said he thinks perhaps millions of votes cast in the Nov. 8 election were fraudulent.

“I’m going to set up a commission to be headed by Vice President Pence and we’re going to look at it very, very carefully,” Trump told Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly in an interview taped on Friday.

Trump, who was spending the weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, captured the presidency by winning enough of the state-by-state Electoral College votes to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Still, Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, piling up an overwhelming majority in deeply Democratic states like California. This has irked Trump and as a result he has claimed voter fraud without evidence.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that election fraud does occur but that “there is no evidence that it occurred in such a significant number that would have changed the presidential election.”

“And I don’t think we ought to spend any federal money investigating that. I think the states can take a look at this issue,” he said.

(Reporting By Steve Holland; Editing by Jonathan Oatis)

IMAGE: (L-R) U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence greet one another on stage during the 2017 “Congress of Tomorrow” Joint Republican Issues Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. January 26, 2017.  REUTERS/Mark Makela



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 6, 2017

    Only a petty, small-minded, childish, egocentric maniac like Donald would be so irked by a lopsided popular vote loss to waste taxpayers’ money to help soothe his easily bruised ego.

    Seriously people—No human being since humans started walking upright has been such a baby as Trump.

    Which sheds further light on the farce called the Electoral College. The farcical illegitimate genesis of this arbitrary institution, and the hollow victory it represents was apparent even to a brontosaurus-like person like Donald. He intuitively noticed the emptiness of his “victory”, courtesy of outside help from Putin, and which is why he had to brag to the Australian PM about his fictitious popular vote win, despite being crowned Emperor of the USA.

    What a massive amount of damage to his fragile ego must have been suffered by Lord Fauntleroy to feel compelled to investigate for voter fraud. Good luck with that, Donald J. Trump.

    1. Karenlsnider February 6, 2017

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    2. jamcrky February 6, 2017

      well said Aaron….it’s the exact same way if was thinking

    3. dave February 6, 2017

      Let them investigate and see how much ‘ real ‘ fraud there was ?? 5 people in trumps white house were registered in at least 2 or more states to vote !!!!!!! Bet we don’t hear about that ????

      1. InGen12 February 6, 2017

        Trump shut up pretty quick when he found out his own daughter was registered in 2 states, along with Bannon, his son-in-law, Sean Spicer, and a couple of his nominees.

  2. Kev789 February 6, 2017

    Prince should divulge his methodology and criteria for fraud in advance of the investigation. And the collected data should be revealed whether statistical or anecdotal. However unlikely to succeed, the press needs to demand such openess and accountability.

    1. owmarly February 6, 2017

      I agree with that. Otherwise how will anyone know if it’s a valid investigation.

    2. dave February 6, 2017

      The press will be lucky to be able to breathe anymore the way trump is treating it !! Truth the facts and reality are ALL casualties of the ‘ new’ regime !!! Bullchit, lies and ‘ alternative facts ‘, [a new fancy name for bullchit ], have already changed the way questions are asked and answered !! Trump and his minions have marginalized and bullied and pretty much silenced any real critism from the real press in all it’s forms and allowed hatemongers,liars,and even govt. haters to have free run of the white house and pull donnie’s strings to get what they want !!!!!!

  3. jakenhyde February 6, 2017

    Well, well, well. That should be a very unbiased investigation. ;o) ;o). You can bet your sweet bippie that when Pence finds that if there was any significant fraud it was perpetrated by republican voters, we won’t hear the truth of the matter. This is just another waste of taxpayers’ money by the republican party pushed on us by a childish man who is prone to infantile temper tantrums.

    1. itsfun February 6, 2017

      Recount in Michigan had to be stopped because a large (Democrat stronghold) county had more votes then it did ballots.

      1. FireBaron February 6, 2017

        You mean like the 04 elections where Dubya received more votes in one county in Ohio than there were actual residents, let alone registered voters? Of course, they were using the new voting machines provided by the CEO of Diebold, who also happened to be running his campaign in that state.

        1. itsfun February 6, 2017

          Nope. not talking about 2004. Saying there may be a good reason to investigate possible voter fraud and other violations. That’s all.

      2. dave February 6, 2017

        BULLCHIT,the recount was stopped because donnie cried and whined about it and got a judge to stop it before he LOST !!!!

        1. Whittier5 February 6, 2017

          donnie might not have lost the 2nd time around as about 75K votes from Democratic precincts in MI and about 50K in WI ended up “spoiled” by the Vote counters. If Hillary’s Margin of Victory was in the trashcans, donnie still would have won…

        2. itsfun February 6, 2017

          Wrong you are.

        3. idamag February 6, 2017

          Yes, you are right. However you are trying to educate someone (probably a 14-year-old) who is ineducable. His were the kind that helped destroy a beautiful democracy in the 30’s.

    2. idamag February 6, 2017

      Childish man – yes. I just heard about a movement to agitate shart AKA trump. Send him a postcard. On the back it says, “I don’t like you.” on the front his address. Nothing else. A few thousand of those will cause him to explode on twitter.

  4. Dan S February 6, 2017

    I suspect major fraud in the Electoral College states that went for Trump. We must immediately purge the rolls of anyone who may have voted Trump and redo the election ????

    1. itsfun February 6, 2017

      Would you like some cheese with your whine?

      1. dave February 6, 2017

        You’d be one of the loudest whiners here,if your boy don the con lost !!!

        1. itsfun February 6, 2017

          My boy won though. President Trump get use to it.

          1. iamproteus February 6, 2017

            You can kiss his ass all you please but I will NEVER get used to that lying creep as MY president!

          2. itsfun February 6, 2017

            You wouldn’t believe the names I was called for not kissing the hind end of Obama. Lying creep would have been a compliment. Why is it I was called all those names because I didn’t like Obama, but now it is okay to call the President terrible things?

    2. FireBaron February 6, 2017

      Never thought I would say this, but I agree with itsfun on this one. The Electoral College did the job they were instructed to do by their various states.

      1. Whittier5 February 6, 2017

        Except the Electors were the wrong ones chosen, and in most cases, chosen outside of the bounds of the Constitution.

    3. dave February 6, 2017

      In some states votes were never counted to start with !!! Florida was a state that was supposed to be going heavily for hillary,an early prediction had her winning by a large margin ! Then the later voting began and supposedly 75% plus of those votes were for trump ?? a 50-50 split would have been normal !!!

  5. itsfun February 6, 2017

    Nothing wrong with having a investigation into any possible voter fraud or any other type of violations.

    1. FireBaron February 6, 2017

      When the most notorious fraudulent voters were all Teflon Donnie supporters, it may surprise you. Consider that Voter Fraud can also include intimidation (preventing people from voting), coercion (here, let me mark your ballot for you, you poor old thing), or even multiple registrations (Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter, etc.). Coulter even admitted that in 2008 and 20012 she voted twice against Obama in each election!

      1. itsfun February 6, 2017

        President Trump gained votes in Wisconsin after the recount. Do you mean the black panthers preventing and intimidating voters not vote? Ann Coulter didn’t vote twice, she was showing scarism in a interview.

        1. Whittier5 February 6, 2017


          1. itsfun February 6, 2017

            What is false, nothing is false there.

          2. iamproteus February 6, 2017

            Whatever you say, Donnie.

          3. itsfun February 6, 2017

            Just show me what was false.

    2. dave February 6, 2017

      Voter SUPPRESSION is the biggest problem repubs don’t want to talk about !! ANY time you can make it harder for people who tend to vote AGAINST you it makes it easier to win elections !!!!! Using fraudulent or flawed voter registration computer programs to purge voter rolls of eligible voters is one way to stop hundreds of THOUSANDS of voters from voting !! the crosscheck computer program makes no distinction between 2,[or more],people with the same first and last name for example ! that means any 2 or more people with the same names are removed from the rolls as eligible !! Is this not a form of VOTER FRAUD !!!! The repubs keep whining about dead people being listed as eligible to vote yet no reports have been filed saying dead people actually showed up at a polling place to vote !!!! Even legal voters have been allowed to vote when given a provisional ballot because of an error in the rolls,YET WERE NOT TOLD THEIR VOTES PROBABLY WOULD NOT BE COUNTED !! HOW IS THAT NOT VOTER FRAUD ?? Is it only voter fraud when the individual voter does it but not the party ?? DEPRIVING VOTERS OF THE RIGHT TO VOTE SHOULD BE A CRIME !!!! MAYBE A FEW REPUBS GOING TO JAIL FOR THIS WOULD STOP OR SLOW IT DOWN ????

      1. itsfun February 6, 2017

        Are you making a case for a investigation?

      2. idamag February 6, 2017

        Yes. If any voter whose vote is not counted or is a victim of voter fraud could demand a million dollars from the perpetrators it would make for honest elections.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker February 6, 2017

      Only in Republican States? Because you DO know, don’t you? There is NO voter fraud in Dem states. Trump hates that he lost the popular vote and like all of the spoiled, overindulged spiteful little rich Mommie’s boys, he is roiling over losing the popular vote which has Americans out in the streets protesting.

      Florida’s governor used the “hurricane” excuse to dump over 3,000 votes in that state. Not voter fraud there? and What about the 200,000 in WI that were “deleted.”

      What I love is how these dumbass Republicans so very guilty of election rigging are about to “out” themselves.

      1. idamag February 6, 2017

        itsfun is a fascist puppet who, if Jesus came and told him to chose Him or party, itsfun would choose party. After all, his backwoods people always vote Republican.

  6. AlfredSonny February 6, 2017

    As an Independent, I am glad to hear that Pence will lead the Voter Fraud Panel only if it will include the IMPLEMENTATION of Voter ID laws such as ample time to allow everyone to obtain Voter IDs at no cost AND equal accessibility to polls for everyone.

    1. Whittier5 February 6, 2017

      Put no Trust in Pence. Ask any Hoosier who isn’t KKK or “religious” Zealot.
      We do not need Voter ID, we need Honest people COUNTING the Votes Cast.

      “Voter Fraud” does not exist. But, Exclusion of Eligible Voters and Spoiling Ballots of Votes cast, and manipulation of electronic Voting machines DOES exist – as we have seen in MI, WI, OH, PA, NC, FL and throughout the Old Confederacy and Kansas.

      Accuracy and Honesty of Count is what we have to worry about, not the Voters.

      1. AlfredSonny February 6, 2017

        I agree with you on all counts. However, since puppet is loyal to the obsessed 2-year old kid at the WH, we have no choice but to ADD issues to be covered along with his issues. Savvy?

      2. idamag February 6, 2017

        Whittier5, that bears repeating, “We need Honest people COUNTING the votes cast.

    2. idamag February 6, 2017

      They will probably ask for two forms of ID – a driver’s license and a birth certificate or, in lieu of either of those, you right to carry license. Then they will purge thousands of franchised voters and when you complain they will say “oops.” They should never have been allowed to get by with it in 2000. Getting by with it, emboldened them and they went further from the democratic process. Jeb Bush’s AG hired a firm called Choice Point to purge 10,000 names from the voter rolls. When the election was over and the “Supreme Court” chose a president, those who were disenfranchised tried to get something done about it. They went to Washington DC with their evidence and Choice Point said a margin of error of up to 15% was allowed. As a nation we should have screamed about that fascist trick. The Democrats should not have rolled over.

  7. Whittier5 February 6, 2017

    So, the Fox is in charge of the Chicken Coop …

  8. Eleanore Whitaker February 6, 2017

    Oh now this is one I can’t wait to see. Gowdy, Issa and Chaffetz stayed on Benghazi for more than 4 investigations and came up with zip.

    All of a sudden because of a Republican Regime, an 80 year old voter who NEVER needed an official ID to vote has to do this? Good. They damn well better be providing transportation and in the case of handicapped voters, people who can assist handicapped voters. Love how the right wing was soooo concerned about national debt and the deficit but now they want to spend money like they always have…like drunken sailors.

    We all know that sometimes in this life, you have to let crooks do their worst before we throw them in prison.

    I have posted numerous times that the Republican Party pulled off No. 3 of a rigged election using Russian hackers, gerrymandering and redistricting that ONLY Republican states find it so necessary to do every year. Funny how there is never any problem in Dem states with voter fraud …only in the hick states in mostly minority districts.

    Remember when North Carolina tried to shut down dozens of voting polling places in ONLY minority districts and ended up losing their Supreme Court case?

    This is just another attack on our right to vote. What the Republican Party is after is ONE PARTY rule. That’s why they denied President Obama the right to appoint a SC judge. They need a Republican “SO CALLED” so Trump can break every Constitutional law and then get his Gorsucker to be the defining vote on that court. Welcome to Republican LAW people. Take them down. As fast as you can. The world expects us to do what 44 presidents have done and what this pretender to the presidency is refusing to do: Obey the U.S. Constiution and continue to be the leader of the free world. How free will it be when Putin is in the shadows whispering in Trump’s ears?

    1. idamag February 6, 2017

      You are so right. Oh, no, that might sound like it was not meant to sound. You are correct.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 6, 2017

        The more they investigate voter fraud, the worse they begin to appear. If Hillary won the Popular Vote by more than 2 million votes, are they trying to say now that 2 million voters didn’t vote legally? I would love to know how ANY voter manages to walk into a polling place, not sign into the REGISTRY maintained by the local Elections Board and town, and then cast a ballot if they never registered 90 day before the election at Town Hall.

        Once you look at the mentally defective Trump’s childish behavior that the UK, Canadian and French Prime Ministers all have called “childish,” and you count the number of bigoted tweets he feels is his “JOB, the number of threats to Iran, Australia, China and North Korea, coupled with his rank rotten odor of trying to manipulate every department of government that 44 other presidents never DARED to do, you see why all that’s left is impeachment.

        Last night, he had the utter brazen, ruthless gall to say he saved General Motors.It was President Obama who gets ALL the credit for saving jobs in the auto industry. Not this lying dog Trump.

  9. bojimbo26 February 6, 2017

    Trump says jump , Pence says `How high` ?

    1. idamag February 6, 2017

      And he claims to be a religious man. Throw him to the lions.

  10. Roger Ryan February 6, 2017


  11. idamag February 6, 2017

    Pence hopes to find evidence that 3 million more people could not have voted for Hillary. Wake up, Republicans if you are decent, and realize your party has been hijacked by fascists and you were so easy. Is destroying the system to have only one party your goal?

  12. stsintl February 6, 2017

    Voter Fraud Panel/Commission should be led by a non-partisan academic from one of the reputable universities, if one is interested in finding out the truth. Not by the side-kick of a dictator suffering from NPD [Narcissist Personality Disorder].

  13. rvn_sgt6768 February 6, 2017

    Oh good, another Fraud in charge of a non-existent fraud.


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