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Photo Of The Day — October 5th


  1. Allan Richardson October 5, 2013

    The Tea Party apparently believes that any government function that did not exist in 1789 is unnecessary, frivolous and “anti-freedom.” That would include food and drug safety inspections, pollution control, air safety, relief for disabled people, poor children and elderly, the unemployed, not to mention national parks (except the ones that WWII veterans are inadvertently being kept out of in view of the media), etc. etc. etc.

    So they engineered the shutdown, apparently believing that the American economy and population (in their fantasy about how it works in this modern year of 1789) will do just find and tell Congress to abolish all those unnecessary departments. News flash: it’s not 1789, it’s 2013, and Americans are not “addicted” to those government functions, they are really NEEDED, not in the “hooked on heroin” sense, but in the “hooked on OXYGEN” sense! A prolonged shutdown OR a default on the public debt, not to mention the one-two punch they have planned, will be, in essence, a TERRORIST attack on the United States.

    And don’t say they’re “both at fault.” Republicans turned a routine continuing resolution into a hostage taking. It is no more the President’s fault for not giving in to the hostage takers than the hostage’s family’s fault for not paying the ransom. If this does not convince Tea Party dupes that they have been played for fools over the years, they do not live in the reality the rest of us share.

  2. howa4x October 5, 2013

    This shutdown is a national shame for the republicans


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