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Police: No Bomb Charges Against Muslim Boy Who Brought Homemade Clock To School

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Police: No Bomb Charges Against Muslim Boy Who Brought Homemade Clock To School


By Michael Muskal, Los Angeles Times (TNS)

No charges will be filed against a 14-year-old Muslim boy who was detained after he brought a homemade clock that a teacher thought looked like a bomb to his Texas high school, Irving police Chief Larry Boyd announced Wednesday morning.

Boyd said his department had investigated the incident, which has gone viral, and decided that Ahmed Mohamed should not be charged. The student faced a charge of bringing a hoax bomb to class.

“We consider the case closed,” the chief said at a televised news conference, adding that he hoped the department and the community could work together to put the incident behind them.

The boy’s case has sparked calls for an investigation by a leading Muslim civil rights group and has generated widespread outrage with trending hashtags on Twitter, including #IStandWithAhmed.

President Barack Obama threw his support to the boy as well. “Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great,” the president said in a tweet.

Hillary Clinton, the front-runner in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, joined the Twitter support for the Irving, Texas, student: “Ahmed, stay curious and keep building.”

“Thank you fellow supporters,” Ahmed wrote in a tweet Wednesday morning. “We can ban (sic) together to stop this racial inequality and prevent this from happening again.”

Ahmed told the Dallas Morning News that he enjoys tinkering, especially with electronics.

“He just wants to invent good things for mankind,” said the boy’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, who emigrated from Sudan. “But because his name is Mohamed and because of Sept. 11, I think my son got mistreated.”

In a video interview with the newspaper, Ahmed described how he built the clock to show his ingenuity to teachers at MacArthur High School. “Here in high school, none of the teachers know what I can do,” the teen said.

The clock is basically a circuit board connected to a power supply and a digital display. Ahmed said he showed his creation to his engineering teacher, who was less than overwhelmed. “He was like, ‘That’s really nice,'” Ahmed told the newspaper. “‘I would advise you not to show any other teachers.’ ”

So the boy said he kept the clock in his bag, but his English teacher complained when the alarm went off. Ahmed said he showed her his creation.

“She was like, ‘It looks like a bomb,'” Ahmed said.

“I told her, ‘It doesn’t look like a bomb to me.’ ”

The teacher kept the clock.

Later, the boy was pulled out of class and sent to the principal’s office, where four police officers were waiting. Mohamed said he felt suddenly conscious of his brown skin and his Muslim name.

“They (the police) were like, ‘So you tried to make a bomb?'” Ahmed said.

“I told them no, I was trying to make a clock.”

“He said, ‘It looks like a movie bomb to me.'”

Police led the boy out of class about 3 p.m., his hands cuffed behind him and an officer on each arm. He was fingerprinted at a juvenile detention center and released to his parents.

“I am not a criminal,” Ahmed insisted in the video interview posted by the newspaper. Mohamed said he was suspended for three days by the school.

In a letter to parents, MacArthur Principal Dan Cummings later said Irving police had “responded to a suspicious-looking item on campus” and had determined that “the item… did not pose a threat to your child’s safety.”

Ahmed’s father has fought discrimination before. He debated a Florida pastor who had burned a Koran.

There also has been concern at the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has been fighting what it says is a growing feeling against Muslims.

“This all raises a red flag for us: how Irving’s government entities are operating in the current climate,” Alia Salem, who directs the council’s North Texas chapter, told the newspaper. She said she has spoken to lawyers about Ahmed’s arrest.

“We’re still investigating,” she said, “but it seems pretty egregious.”

Photo: Irving Police released a photo of the confiscated device at a press conference about the arrest of an Irving ninth grader who brought a homemade clock to school on Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (Rodger Mallison/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/TNS)


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  1. fortunev September 16, 2015

    In a country where 20 percent of the population believes that the sun rotates the earth, cretins who believe in an invisible sky wizard, knuckle-dragging goobers who question the president’s birthplace, what could be so different in Texass, the dumb-shyt capital of the world who twisted their panties at a recent US military excercise claiming the military was going to take over texass (who the hell would want it) that is home to dozens of uS military installations: shaming a 14-year-old American by stupid police morons is par for the course. Ahmed Mohamed is lucky the racist a$$holes didn’t shoot him!

    1. Dominick Vila September 17, 2015

      One of the most embarrassing parts of this incident is the way some of the GOP candidates to the presidency reacted when this topic was broached last night, including the criticisms they directed at President Obama for inviting Ahmed to the White House. I commend the President for telling the world that not all Americans are consumed by paranoia and prejudice, and I commend MIT for doing the same.

      1. Sand_Cat September 17, 2015

        You forgot stupidity and ignorance in your list of things consuming Americans like these.

  2. Sand_Cat September 16, 2015

    Well, isn’t that big of them.

    1. Independent1 September 16, 2015

      I’m not suprised by an incident like this happening in Texas. The state is ranked in the worst 5 in the nation with respect to the quality of the people it has running both its educational system and law enforcement. I think the incident speaks volumes with respect to this.

      Isn’t a bomb supposed to include explosives? From the pictures I saw, it didn’t seem that the teacher who thought it was a bomb and the police shouldn’t have been able to tell fairly quickly that Ahmed’s clock didn’t include anything that was actually explosive. And why would a student bring ‘a partially made bomb’ to class – just so he could end up getting in trouble?? Makes no sense what so ever and only emphasizes the level of paranoia and lack of professionalism in both the Irving police and the teacher.

      1. Sand_Cat September 17, 2015

        You are extremely kind. I think I would use a number of words, and they probably wouldn’t include “unprofessional,” or it would be way down in the list. The only quarrel I have with your last sentence is the “turning into” part. Take that out, and you start to approach the reality of Texas government, and many of its people.

        1. David September 17, 2015

          Please tell us what state you call home?

          1. Independent1 September 17, 2015

            Believe it or not, I lived for a year and a half in San Angelo before the GOP ruined the state. I was stationed at Goodfellow Air Force Base. That was back in the early 1960s.

            Now I live in retirement in the state where mindless Mainers were idiot enough to vote back into office the pathological Republican idiot Paul LePage, clearly America’s worst governor. The Republican Senate and Democrat House are working together to see if they can get LePage impeached (both legislative branches dislike him). He’s clearly nothing more than a bandit, that has been using his office to exact political retribution on people he doesn’t like; like threatening to withdraw government support funds from an organization if they don’t fire someone they just hired, because he doesn’t like the person. Something clearly illegal, but pretty much modus operandi for Republicans.

          2. David September 17, 2015

            I know nothing about Maine politics. I also an Air Force brat (born at Weisbaden, AFB) and I am also an Air Force veteran. It is extremely unusual for a veteran to be a Democrat. Though my Dad (retired Air Force Colonel) was one until Carter. Members of both parties have done things which weren’t above board.

          3. Independent1 September 17, 2015

            Yeah. Neither party are saints. But since Reagan, Republicans have taken to being corrupt to a totally new level. It’s become part of the party’s culture. It’s no longer an individual thing for Republicans – it’s part of how they operate – all thanks to Reagan.

            And it’s unfortunate you claim your Dad stopped being a Democrat because of Carter; because aside from the negative propaganda that Reagan and his illicit crew spread about Carter, he was IN FACT, A FAR BETTER PRESIDENT THAN REAGAN EVER thought of being. It was ll Reagan and the GOP bad mouthing Carter which brainwashed Americans against him.

            Too sad – you apparently are just like so many millions of brainwashed Americans, who can’t see that since Reagan, the GOP is nothing more than the American Mafia. And I say that, while I have this gold medallion from the Bush 1 campaign in my bureau drawer for all my efforts I provide his election campaign in helping him get elected THE 1ST TIME!!

          4. David September 17, 2015

            I think the facts are against your position that Carter was a better President than Reagan. The Democrats have been pretty much against the military since I was drafted (joined the Air Force so that I wouldn’t have to go in the Army and go to Vietnam. Ended up there anyway!). You certainly don’t think its okay for Obomo to have run the national debt for 7 trillion to 17.8 trillion? He has pulled some real shenanigans. From giving weapons to Mexican drug dealers to having the IRS get after conservative tax free entities to his agreement with Iran, Obomo has been a doozy.

          5. Independent1 September 17, 2015

            Sorry, the facts are on my side: not only did Carter preside over the period where America’s debt to GDP ratio was the lowest in the 20th century (under 35%), and the economy during his 4 years outperformed Reagan’s. Reagan’s presidency is the 4th most mediocre of all the presidents in office after Hoover. The economy under Reagan didn’t even come equal to that under Nixon. All of Reagan’s supposed greatness – is all due to right-wingers manipulating the facts!!!

            You sound sane for one post and then lapse into your pathological lying. Everything in your last post is a flat-out lie – even Fast and Furious was something the Bush administration had started putting in place BEFORE OBAMA EVEN TOOK OFFICE.!!

            Just like Solyndra, which the Bush administration gave loans to back in 2007 LONG BEFORE OBAMA EVEN TOOK OFFICE!!

            You and your lies ARE SO PATHETIC, THEY’RE BEYOND THE PALE!!! GET A LIFE!!!

          6. David September 17, 2015

            Lies? Well, according to the Joint Economic Committee, 106 U.S. Congress, April 2000, p. 6 for Reagan’s 8 years:
            Real GDP — 80.9% Total Growth
            Real GDP per person — 56.9% Total Growth
            Real Consumption per person — 56.9% Total Growth
            Industrial Production — 78.9% Total Growth
            Employment — 35 Million Total Growth
            Dow Jones Avg — 15.0% Annual Growth
            I guess the Government is lying to make Reagan look so good!
            The guns were given during Obomo’s administration NOT Bush.
            Bush didn’t give Solyndra 500 million, that was Obomo.
            I have a life — part of it is to try and let you know what the truth is.

          7. Independent1 September 17, 2015

            What you conveniently failed to point out is that Reagan was in office during the PERSONAL COMPUTER REVOLUTION (IBM announced the PC 6 months after Reagan took office), and that all those numbers SHOULD HAVE EVEN BEEN BETTER!! HAD REAGAN NOT HELD BACK ECONOMIC GROWTH DURING HIS 1ST TERM WHEN ONLY 4 MEASLY MILLION JOBS WERE CREATED!!

            Virtually all the growth took place in his 2nd term, when the pent up pressure from the PC revolution couldn’t been halted any more by Reagan’s failed governance, and the pent up demand for personal computers spurred the economy despite his incompetence. During a period when his dementia was so bad that he could barely hold office.

            Virtually every major player in today’s computing, smartphone, you name it, innovations of today, were either greatly expanded during Reagan’s 1st term or actually born: companies like Intel, HP, Cisco, IBM, Apple, and many more were greatly expanded. And companies like Del and Compaq, Microsoft and many more either born or became players in the PC revolution – all despite the gross mismanagement of our economy by Reagan.

            Reagan sat back and let a recession he inherited fester for over a year, until the unemployment rate hit 10.8% and the prime rate was over 15% and mortgage rates were 21%. And then what did he do, he cut taxes more than in half, including reducing the capital gains rate to 15% which would by themselves greatly suppress the economy – which is exactly what happened as only 4 million measly jobs were created in Reagan’s 1st term. And he endured the worst 2nd year favorability rating, under 35%, of any modern day president because of his ineptitude.

            But he got himself re-elected despite his dementia, and the pent up demand or personal computers with company after company in the PC related industry just waiting to burst lose drove the economy higher for 4 years in Reagan’s 2nd term, NOT BECAUSE OF HIM BUT DESPITE OF HIS INEPTITUDE!!!

            And with regard to comparing him to Carter: Carter never got involved in devious schemes with foreign countries like Iran Contra.

            Carter never got involved with devious schemes with countries like Saudi Arabia which required putting our troops (Marines) in harms way where 241 of them died in their sleep because he (Reagan) edicted that the guards protecting those Marines couldn’t carry loaded weapons while they were on guard.

            Carter never spent money like a drunken sailor, spending more money in 8 years had had spent by all the presidents in office since Coolidge COMBINED!! Turning America clearly into a debtor nation by tripling its debt.

            Any nincompoop could have accomplished what Reagan did if they threw 2 trillion dollars at the economy (which would be equivalent to around 6 trillion today). With fantasies like ‘star wars, and everything else his evil, devious mind could concoct to shovel taxpayer money into the pockets of himself and his rich buddies.



          8. David September 17, 2015

            You are so right! The Demorats were responsible for 8 years of unparalleled growth during the Reagan years. Moreover, the Republicans are responsible for our national debt going from 7.8 trillion to over 17 trillion during Obomo’s reign. How stupid of me:(
            By the way, what koolaid are you drinking?

          9. Independent1 September 18, 2015

            And there you go with all that bogus debt stuff!!

            Dumbo Bush took office with 5.6T of debt and left office with a 12.9T debt counting his last budget which included 1.4T of deficits still left to be counted when he left the office on 1/20/2009.

            But on top of that he left an economy losing an unprecedented 800-900/000 jobs/month; 2 unfunded wars still accumulating deficits; 2 unfunded tax cuts still accumulating deficits/ an unfunded Medicare drug benefit still accumulating deficits/ several unfunded federal mandates to the states still accumulating deficits.


            IT’S ALL HIS BABY!!!!!!!!!

          10. Independent1 September 17, 2015

            And as usual, your figures are bogus. Why am I not surprised???

            The actual GDP growth under Reagan was only about 58.48% over 8 years or an average GDP growth of 7.31%/yr. While in Carter’s 4 years, the GDP growth was 43.78% or an average of 10.9%/yr.

            10.9%/yr GDP growth average sure beats 7.31%/yr!!!

            Since a president’s last budget runs 9 month’s into a new President’s 1st term; presidential performance should really be measured from their 2nd year and run through the 1st year of the next president.

            Here’s how the numbers go:

            For Carter, GDP growth starting with 1978 is – 14.46/10.01/9.62/9.69 = 43.78%/4 = 10.9%/yr average

            For Reagan, GDP growth starting with 1982 is – 3.79/11.39/9.26/7.37/4.86/7.57/7.76/6.48 = 58.48/8 = 7.31%/yr average

            As we can see Carter beat Reagan HANDS DOWN ANYWAY YOU WANT TO MEASURE IT!!!!!

          11. Sand_Cat September 17, 2015

            Gee, why would anyone be against being sent to Vietnam to fight an endless and pointless war to “save” the country by destroying it. And the facts are that Carter was and is a far better Christian than you or any other holier than thou hypocrite could ever dream, of being, whatever kind of president he was.

          12. David September 17, 2015

            At 18 years old, I barely even knew where South Vietnam was. I have no doubt Jimmy Carter is a better Christian than I am. I can only use my weakness to further God’s glory.

          13. Sand_Cat September 18, 2015

            Only [over]reacting to your statement ” The Democrats have been pretty much against the military since I was
            drafted (joined the Air Force so that I wouldn’t have to go in the Army
            and go to Vietnam,” and what I consider unfair criticism of Jimmy Carter, plus your statement elsewhere that it’s rare for a veteran to be a Democrat. Being against the employment of the military in unjust causes is NOT the same as being against the military, though many members (including you, apparently) take it that way. The protests were partly to prevent their lives being thrown away in an unjust and likely unwinnable war. To the Democrats’ shame, it was one of their own who really escalated the killing and dying after essentially promising not to; it doesn’t seem very fair to say they were against the military.
            Beating the “religiously challenged” over the head with your faith and calling them murderers, scum, fools, etc. for not sharing it or for interpreting it differently, isn’t likely to win any converts or “further god’s glory.” If you don’t like having it thrown in your face, try not to use it as a weapon in the first place.

          14. David September 18, 2015

            I often forget to ‘Be quick to think, slow to speak, slow to anger.’ However, I do believe that what is being done to the unborn by Planned Parenthood is nothing short of murder. Those people are scum to me.

          15. Sand_Cat September 19, 2015

            Sort of like what the GOP does to poor around the world with their wars of choice and their cruel and vengeful treatment of the poor and minorities in this country.

          16. David September 19, 2015

            Not hardly.

          17. Sand_Cat September 21, 2015

            I foolishly thought there was hope for the GOP the first time I saw Mike Huckabee, when he said, “We believe life begins at conception, but we mustn’t forget it doesn’t end at birth.” (rough quote). But Huckabee has long since forgotten that second part, because it’s a complete non-starter with the GOP.
            The GOP’s lack of interest in discussing ways to reduce abortion other than by criminalization is well known, along with the opposition of most of the religious right to ANY form of birth control or biologically-accurate sex education.
            The fact is, the hated Planned Parenthood has probably prevented more abortions than all the GOP zealots put together, no doubt in part because the GOP appears primarily interested in using the issue as a club against the opposition rather than actually reducing abortions.

            If you’re trying to deny the GOP is the party of war and slaughter worldwide, or that it’s default policy on the poor is “let ’em starve” where they haven’t yet been sufficiently embarrassed by Democrats, then we have nothing to talk about.

          18. David September 21, 2015

            We “have nothing to talk about” because the GOP is not the party of “war and slaughter worldwide.” The default policy on the poor is NOT “let ’em starve”. Most of the religious right does NOT oppose any form of birth control. Where are you dreaming that up? The religious right IS opposed to birth control that kills a child.
            Reduce abortion? Awarding more welfare benefits to unwed mothers without requiring them to either get a job or get educated is working really well right now, isn’t it?
            As usual, the Demorat plan is to throw money at the problem — our money!

          19. Sand_Cat September 22, 2015

            What has welfare to do with anything we discussed? As usual, you simply deny. First of all, a fertilized egg is NOT a “Child,” though – if you want to insist – then we can agree that GOD is the biggest abortionist, since something like 80-90% of fertilized eggs fail to implant or abort spontaneously. Your other contentions are equally as absurd or involve denial of reality. And what has ANY of this to do with the topic of the article?

          20. David September 22, 2015

            Is that why our God said, “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.”?

          21. Sand_Cat September 23, 2015

            First of all, neither your god nor anyone else’s runs the United States, which is a secular Constitutional republic, not the theocracy you seem to favor.
            Second, taking verses out of context (I believe you were into “context” when you thought it would support your position) is no way to interpret an enigmatic and often self-contradictory book written by Bronze-Age barbarians.
            Finally, you have really addressed NONE of the points I made that might cause you difficulty, either in my last post, or the others in this series. I should point out that your mention of an irrelevant GOP talking-point about welfare suggests that you lean very strongly to my suggested default GOP position on the poor, despite your denials. In response to my suggestion that Planned Parenthood – through accurate advice on family planning and birth control methods, plus the actual devices in some cases – probably prevents more abortions than all the efforts of you “pro-life” – at least before birth – zealots, you were silent other than presenting the default GOP position that poor women have babies to get welfare, and thus should be starved. Nor did you deal with the fact that most fertilized ova fail to implant or abort spontaneously shortly after doing so suggests your god himself – assuming he exists at all – is the world’s leading abortionist in addition to ranking very high among history’s mass murderers, according to his own “Word.” While some of my posts have reflected frustration and been over-zealous, they might as well have been even more so, since it’s obvious you are impervious to facts and rational discussion.
            Enjoy your delusions, as the Bill of Rights guarantees you can, but please refrain from attempting to inflict them on the nation’s laws. Both the Bill of Rights and the Constitution forbid the latter, not that it matters to you GOP wing-nuts.

          22. David September 23, 2015

            My God runs everything! Exactly what scripture are you alleging that I took “out of context”? That “contradictory book written by Bronze Age barbarians” is the Holy Bible. The Bible is actually a collection of 66 books — it is the Word of God! Planned Parenthood sells baby parts for profit. They are murderers!

          23. Sand_Cat September 23, 2015

            In addition to being a religious fanatic and bigot, I see you’re a sucker, too. The tapes of Planned Parenthood personnel “selling baby parts for profit” were set up and edited by a fanatic such as yourself. I love how you act like profit is so dirty in the context, but not in the case of the oil, chemical, and other companies, who dump tons of carcinogens and birth-defect-causing (that should interest you at least) chemicals into our a

          24. David September 23, 2015

            Really? Well, instead of deflecting the argument, state exactly what position it is that you are taking that you are inviting me to refute. I won’t try to rebut your atheism unless you want me to. I am waiting… Or, is this going to be like waiting for Hildebeast to tell the truth?

          25. Independent1 September 17, 2015

            Oh! And I forgot to mention, I’ve been in Weisbaden, one of my daughters was born in Bindlach which is a little north of Nuremberg.

          26. Sand_Cat September 17, 2015

            Wow, that’s a great statement. Even if it’s true – which I doubt – maybe Democrats don’t care to be used as cannon fodder in all the wars Republicans have lied us into.

          27. Sand_Cat September 17, 2015

            I think ours might give him a run for his money.

          28. Independent1 September 17, 2015

            Just so you know though, before I was in the 4th grade, I had attended 14 different elementary schools: from Mass. to North Carolina, to Texas, to Ohio, to Michigan, to California, to Columbia South America, to Peru S.A., to Florida and more.

          29. Louis Allen September 17, 2015

            14 “different elementary schools” before you were 9 years old!
            At age 9 you had already been expelled from 14 schools?!!
            What happened? No good teachers for dumb asses like you??!!
            Or, were you 18 years old when you FINALLY made it to 4th grade?
            But I am glad that, eventually, you somehow managed to graduate (at age 27) from the acclaimed “White Lilly Elementary Institution for the Mentally Biden” ….
            LOL !!!

          30. Sand_Cat September 17, 2015

            Why should I? You going to lead some of your “Christian” friends on a hunt for heretics? Or is it that you come from Texas (surprise, surprise)? If so, what I said plus double: you’re the perfect exemplar!

      2. David September 17, 2015

        And what state do you call home?

  3. itsfun September 17, 2015

    In these times any kid, no matter what race or sex would have been arrested.

    1. Sand_Cat September 17, 2015

      Maybe the police would have been called as a precaution. I strongly doubt the handcuffs, the arrest, and the suspension from school would have followed.

  4. Huckleberry Muckleroy September 17, 2015

    Irving police Chief Larry Boyd and his teacher are most certainly Republicans, who will chant mealymouthed slogans of how much they love innovation and entrepreneurship and then recoil and attack anything that they do not understand, such as a simple circuit board assembly. Of course, a circuit board assembly with a power supply and digital display does look a lot like a Hollywood bomb. It also looks like a Geiger counter, a signal generator, or a device for counting Republicans. Ahmed actually built a Republican ignorance finder.

  5. Paul Bass September 17, 2015

    The worst thing about this is the the District is defending their suspension of this boy!

    It is totally outrageous that the District and the school suspended this boy and did not have any remorse for their actions.

    I hope they get their a$$ sued.

  6. sunjune September 17, 2015

    Smart kid. The Engineering teacher caused this situation for this kid. His action should have been totally different, rather than suggesting the kid not let other teachers see it. A suggestion that he leave it with him until school is out, would have been the appropriate action, with words of encouragement for the kid to keep up the good work.

    This would have given the engineering teacher time to study the project and see how it was built. Then show the kid some encouragement for being so smart for building such device. Credits for project would be a plus, if allowed.

    1. johninPCFL September 17, 2015

      In fact, the engineering teacher should have put the clock on his desk and introduced it at the beginning of each class that day. Properly appreciating the inventiveness of students should be EDU101.

  7. Jerry Schull September 17, 2015

    This is what happens when an intelligent individual has to deal with suspicious morons. They see a demon in every closet. The right thing to do would be to publically apologize to the boy and his parents. Then the error by school officials would be forgotten.
    But no, they will cause further harm to the community in general by stifling creativity in the school. And in the process, bring a well deserved civil, if not criminal, suit against them, and the dumber than dumb cops. I guess they have the money to waste on their prideful “I refuse to take responsibility for a mistake” approach. AND it really shows the other students a very poor role model.

  8. Jerry Schull September 17, 2015

    I am sooooo glad that the President is applauding his creativity. Shows leadership in the face of ignorance.

  9. RED September 17, 2015

    Ahh, America, Land of the Free!! Unless of course you ever run in to the blue gestapo, then you’re gonna be handcuffed. Just another example of the hypocrisy and shame of “exceptionalism” & the violent blue sociopaths. I guess I always misunderstood the phrase American exceptionalism. I guess the real meaning is freedom for everyone EXCEPT for the people we don’t like, the poor, the brown, the different, the others. Yeah, except for those people!! And when a bigot goes to jail for breaking the law, we get upset. But when I brown person, not guilty of a crime does, we could care less.

  10. fortunev September 17, 2015

    These are the same racist goobers who freaked out over the US miltary’s Jade Helm exercise a few days ago. The texass education establishment also recently revised the school curriculum to sanitize the issue of slavery and to include the nutty Senator machine gun Joseph McCarthy as a hero amongst other idiotic right wing changes. Ahmed Mohamed and his family would do well to clear out of this forsaken intellectually stunted state where his educational opportunities will be severely restricted.

  11. 2ThinkN_Do2 September 17, 2015

    It certainly has the appearance of a home made detonation device. Are we not aware of the state of affairs in the world we live in? Do we not know there have been bomb threats, do we not watch the news and see the devices designed to detonate that have been built? Common sense would dictate to most people that you do not bring something to school that appears to look like a bomb, just as you do not bring something that resembles a firearm. Yes, there were some who voiced poorly chosen words and they might have gone overboard with the LEO response. The question becomes: How do we protect our society from the ever increasing threat of mass violence through ingenious means without infringing on the Freedom we so greatly cherish?

    1. Sand_Cat September 17, 2015

      Not by applauding or rationalizing the actions of the ignorant, the stupid, and the prejudiced in ANY context, and particularly not when directed against a bright kid with initiative and curiosity.

    2. Chuckl8 September 17, 2015

      IEDs have been made that “look like” lunchboxes, books, briefcases, backpacks, and so on. So, why weren’t people who carry those items arrested in class and handcuffed?

      … Could it be because they weren’t black immigrants who were Muslims with “suspicious names”?

      The school and the morons in the police uniforms grossly overreacted to a very questionable “threat.” At the point the kid was cuffed in front of his classmates, they already knew there was no bomb. Their actions were simply a tough-guy show of force and a totally inappropriate abuse of authority.

    3. Bob Eddy September 17, 2015

      Yes. I am aware of all that nonsense — but I am also aware that a detonator isn’t a bomb and a clock is not necessarily a detonator. When a kid, even a brown skinned kid named Mohhamed,” explains it is a clock it may be prudent to examine it, apologize for the confusion and let him stay in school.

  12. Chuckl8 September 17, 2015

    It doesn’t “look like a bomb”, but those school officials and the cops certainly look like dopes.

    It’s Texas. What did you expect them to do? The kid is lucky he wasn’t shot by one of those idiots.

    1. Independent1 September 17, 2015

      Any moron could have taken a minute to look at what Ahmed created and seen that there were NO EXPLOSIVES included as part OF A CLOCK!!!

      Certainly anyone with the supposed brains of a teacher or a police officer!!!

      And there you go RWNJ trying to deflect what everyone with an ounce of common sense realizes was a GROSS OVERREACTION by a group of right-wing paranoidal racists!!

      1. 2ThinkN_Do2 September 17, 2015

        Humans are not perfect yet, never will be . . . . just watch how some of them drive . . . .

        1. Independent1 September 17, 2015

          Yeah! But why is Texas extrapolating that tendency and turning into nothing more than America’s ‘Funny Farm”??

          1. David September 17, 2015

            Bush did it!

          2. Independent1 September 17, 2015

            Actually it was Bush, Perry and Abbott did it!!

          3. Louis Allen September 17, 2015

            This stupid yidiot Dependent1 fell for it. You are good.
            Then again, perhaps I shouldn’t be praising you for fooling such a retarded “mind” as Dependent1’s.
            Anybody can make this yidiot look bad.
            There, I take back my praise ….
            “Actually it was Bush, Perry and Abbott did it” [SIC]
            LOL !!!

          4. David September 18, 2015

            I know lol!!!

        2. Independent1 September 17, 2015

          And you talk about not driving perfectly. Have you ever thought about this, that 24 of 27 states in America where people die in auto accidents more frequently than the national average of 10.3 fatalities per 100,000 population, are all GOP governed states??

          That’s in 85 to 90% of the GOP governed states, people die in auto accidents more frequently per 100,000 population than the people who live and drive in Democrat run states!! Why???

          1. David September 17, 2015

            Because Bush did it?

          2. 2ThinkN_Do2 September 18, 2015

            And of course, those stats have nothing to do with the fact that there is more open country in many of those states. Now, if you could provide stats on the party affiliation of all those deaths, vehicle type, age, sex, race, mental state, BAC and or other chemical content; you might have something worth listening to.

          3. Independent1 September 19, 2015

            Why am I not surprised that a right-wing wants to live in denial, and try to deflect what is actually a failure of GOP governance!!! Sorry, but with a number of GOP states runding 2-3 time the national average, and being 24 states, they’re not all with wide open spaces or any different than many blue states – but yet they have multiple times the fatalities.

            Sorry you can continue to live in denial all you want, but the reason for those high fatality rates, is clearly a failure of GOP governance – TRYING TO GOVERN ON THE CHEAP!! Low taxes KILL!!!! And it’s not just auto fatalities, it’s dying prematurely in any manner you can name – GOP run states lead the nation in every form of dying prematurely!!!

          4. 2ThinkN_Do2 September 19, 2015

            Too bad I am not a right winger . . . you just can’t stop yourself can you . . . what a shame. Oh well, I hope you’re happy being the way you are . .

      2. 2ThinkN_Do2 September 18, 2015

        Do you know of any method to make a point without putting people down and attempting to make yourself look intelligent?

  13. Bob Eddy September 17, 2015

    No charges — for a science project! Would it be politically incorrect to say “That’s mighty white of them?” I think the proper response would have bee an effusive and humble apology — not “we aren’t going to press charges.”

  14. Wrily September 17, 2015

    Sue for false arrest.

  15. ayungclas September 20, 2015

    Irving police have self esteem problems. 4 of them to escort a skinny kid from school?

  16. ayungclas September 20, 2015

    Some say that Ahmed Mohammed was a Fifth Columnist for the Jade Helm 15 take over of Texas. Gov. Abbot and Jr. Ted Cruz support this theory.


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