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POLL: Even Republicans Support Government Spending To Create Jobs

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POLL: Even Republicans Support Government Spending To Create Jobs


A new poll from Gallup has some unsurprising results — Democrats and Independents support new government spending to create jobs — and one surprising result — so do Republicans.

A total of 77 percent of respondents said they’d support infrastructure projects to put Americans to work and 75 percent would support a “federal job creation law” that would do the same for a million people.

Anticipating criticism of the poll, Gallup asked the same question again, pointing out that each initiative would “spend government money.” With that addition, support fell slightly, to 72 percent.



The partisan breakdown shows that there is a difference in support between the two main parties, but majorities of both agree with using government money to create jobs, even if it requires new spending.



This polling shows the popularity of new stimulus spending, which isn’t popular with the House GOP majority and is diametrically opposed to what they are proposing: huge spending cuts.

Recent polls have shown that Americans oppose nearly every spending cut and side with President Obama on practically every issue. Clear majorities specifically oppose exactly the kind of Medicare and education cuts Paul Ryan’s budget proposes.

Recognizing that selling cuts is nearly impossible when people want the inverse of that, the House GOP’s strategy — according to Politico’s Jake Sherman — is to focus on something that polls very well: a balanced budget.

When Rep. Paul Ryan first introduced his new budget plan, Democrats dismissed it as draconian for balancing the budget in 10 years.

But the message of bringing the federal government’s books into balance — the central idea behind the Wisconsin lawmaker’s 2014 spending plan — was quietly tested in 18 competitive House races in a late-February poll by the National Republican Congressional Committee. It was a winning argument across a broad swath of politically moderate — and nearly split — districts.

Hence #BalancedBudget is the GOP hashtag of the week. What the GOP doesn’t mention is how they’d cut the budget to achieve the balance while sticking to their goal of lowering the top tax rates to 25 percent. The answer is that they would cut nearly everything except defense, killing — instead of creating — government jobs.

And that’s an idea that likely would not poll very well.

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster


  1. Dominick Vila March 21, 2013

    The first thing we should consider the difference between what most Americans regard as government spending, and the need to invest in infrastructure, modernization, R&D and education. After years of neglect, our country is falling behind other industrialized nations, to a large extend because our infrastructure and level of education in hard sciences is far behind those of our competitors. We are more likely to spend billions of dollars in crusades and in building new military gadgets we need like a hole in the head, than invest in building new super highways, bridges, tunnels, upgrading our power grid, modernizing our ports and airports, looking for new sources of energy, considering the new concepts or processes to make us more competitive, and understanding that investing in the future produces new jobs, a higher standard of living, and more revenues to support the essential programs that some of our “leaders” are proposing to dismantle because doing nothing to pay for the things we benefit from is too taxing to consider.

    1. RobertCHastings March 21, 2013

      In the 1950’s, when President Eisenhower authorized the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System, nobody had a problem with it. Three years ago a bridge in Minneapolis collapsed with dozens of cars on it because it was worn out, period! This is the case around the country, and not just with highways, but with airports, railroads, and anything else which is used by Democrats AND Republicans to get themselves and their goods around the country and around the world. It just seems like a no-brainer.

  2. Jim Lou March 21, 2013

    The face says it all.

    1. whodatbob March 21, 2013

      FIVE WORDS THAT SAY IT ALL ! 🙂 Paul Ryan 🙁

  3. David Turrentine March 21, 2013

    Republicans are out of step with their own rank and file — due to a primary system that pushes the radical far right into leadership, instead of the moderate rank and file.

  4. Daniel Jones March 21, 2013

    There we have it. The House Gerrymandered are, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, RINOs!

  5. Andrew Rei March 21, 2013

    For more than a year, I’ve been writing about the Cornerstones or Tenets of the Republican Party. One of the 10 Tenets is incompetence, as the dumbass GOPers don’t realize that some of the best economic times in this country’s history coincided with huge government spending (and, the other times, it was when we taxed the hell out of rich people and big corporations)! For instance, the Great Depression, which, btw, was caused by the GOP’s Reverse Robin Hood fiscal policies….the New Deal policies of FDR were government spending to get us out of that. During the Eisenhower Administration (he was a GOP President!), the government used a high tax rate on the wealthy and big corporations to spend billions to build the Interstate Highway system in the 50’s. The Stimulus, which the GOP railed against but employed hypocrisy (another of the GOP Tenets) in accepting or advocating for its funds, had just one problem: it wasn’t BIG ENOUGH! There wasn’t enough government spending, otherwise, it would have worked even better!
    Let’s just face facts, kids: the GOP are fascist jackasses. For proof of this fact, all you have to do is to read Laurence Britt’s “14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism” and you’ll find that the GOP practice ALL OF THEM! Because the Libertarian Party’s “everyone for themselves” mentality feeds fascism, the Republican and Libertarian Parties are simply the ANP—-American Nazi Party.
    Oh: the German Nazi Party had its minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. The ANP has their own version of Goebbels: his name is Frank Luntz. it was Luntz that has come up with this ridiculous terminology (“death panels” for Obamacare, for example) and talking points that the GOP use now. And, as we all know, Fox “News” is simply the pathetic propaganda arm of the ANP. When you really think about it, the only real difference between the German Nazi Party and the American Nazi Party is the fact that Germany had its one unifying voice: Adolf Hitler. The ANP has many leading voices, which is “socialist” in nature…and the ANP rails against socialism….

  6. Pamby50 March 21, 2013

    To bad the people keep electing these same republicans who keep voting to shrink the government. They don’t believe that the government can create jobs.

  7. sleeprn01 March 21, 2013

    I think that the first thing that the GOP needs to understand is the difference between debt and deficit. So far under President Obama the deficit has been reduced by almost 50%. If the deficit keeps declining at it’s current rate the budget will be balanced by the end of Obama’s 2nd term, this has been the steepest decline of the debt since the Eisenhower years. Now maybe the GOP means that it wants to decrease the debt. However, that is not a priority at this time and spending should be increased to create more jobs. If I had to pick between Paul Krugman and Paul Ryan, I think that I would rather listen to a Nobel prize winner than someone that uses the terms debt and deficit interchangeably.

  8. RobertCHastings March 21, 2013

    What part of “job creation” don’t they understand? Economists around the world agree,almost unanimously, that using federal money to rebuild the country’s infrastructure, and thus create jobs, is one of the best bang for the buck you can get. Herbert Hoover did, on a small scale; FDR did it with the biggest stimulus EVER in the funding for WWII; The Marshall Plan was NOTHING BUT stimulus money. How many examples of the historic efficacy of federal spending on infrastructure do the Republicans need? Hell, according to the poll above, even the rank and file Republicans support it.

  9. Ken Walker March 22, 2013

    It galls me that our elected officials, both Republicans and some Democrats, disregard the wishes of the people who elected them. We see this in GOP controlled states and now in the federal legislature. “We the People” need to vote these people out of office and replace them with officials who will represent the will of the people.


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