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Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Half Of Republicans Would Reject Election Result If Clinton Wins

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Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Half Of Republicans Would Reject Election Result If Clinton Wins

Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a campaign rally .

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Donald Trump has repeatedly called this year’s presidential election rigged and has coyly said “I will keep you in suspense” on whether he would accept a Hillary Clinton victory, but many Republicans are less circumspect, according to a new poll.

Only half of Republicans would accept Clinton, the Democratic nominee, as their president. And if she wins, nearly 70 percent said it would be because of illegal voting or vote rigging, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Friday.

Conversely, seven out of 10 Democrats said they would accept a Trump victory and less than 50 percent would attribute it to illegal voting or vote rigging, the poll showed.

The findings come after repeated statements by Trump that the media and the political establishment have rigged the election against him. He also has made a number of statements encouraging his supporters to fan out on Election Day to stop illegible voters from casting ballots.

The U.S. government has accused Russia of a campaign of cyber attacks against Democratic Party organizations and state election systems.

Clinton has said she will accept the results of the election no matter the outcome.

The poll showed there is broad concern across the political spectrum about voting issues such as ineligible voters casting ballots, voter suppression, and the actual vote count, but Republicans feel that concern more acutely.

For example, nearly eight out of 10 Republicans are concerned about the accuracy of the final vote count. And though generally they believe they will be able to cast their ballot, only six out of 10 are confident their vote will be counted accurately.

Among Democrats, about six out of 10 are concerned about the vote count. They, too, believe they wi1l be able to cast their ballot, but eight out of 10 are confident their vote will be counted accurately.

“Republicans are just more worried about everything than Democrats,” said Lonna Atkeson, a professor at the University of New Mexico and head of the Center for the Study of Voting, Elections, and Democracy.


Additionally, seven out of 10 Republicans are concerned about issues such as vote buying, faulty voting machines, or confusing ballot designs. Six out of 10 Democrats feel the same way.

Nearly eight out of 10 Republicans are concerned that ineligible voters, including non-citizens, will illegally cast ballots. Four out of 10 Democrats feel the same way.

Six out of 10 respondents, regardless of party, say they are concerned about issues such as voter intimidation and suppression.

Atkeson said the level of concern and mistrust in the system, especially among Republicans, is unprecedented.

“I’ve never seen an election like this. Not in my lifetime. Certainly not in modern history.” The difference, she said, is Trump. “It has to be the candidate effect.”

She worries that the lack of trust is dangerous. It is one thing to not trust government, but quite another to doubt the election process. “Then the entire premise of democracy comes into question,” she said.

About one in five Democrats said they would protest if their candidate loses. Slightly fewer Republicans said they would do the same. Fewer than one in 10 Democrats said they are prepared to take up arms in opposition compared to fewer than one in 20 Republicans.

Democrats are also are three times as likely to say they would leave the country.

There is one area where there is little disagreement: Most people do not expect the losing candidate to concede the race gracefully.

The poll surveyed 1,192 American adults online from Oct. 17 to 21. The results have a credibility interval of plus or minus 3.3 percentage points. The credibility interval for Democrats is 5.1 percentage points; for Republicans it is 5.5 points.

(Editing by Richard Valdmanis and Leslie Adler)

Photo: Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, U.S. October 21, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst



  1. 1standlastword October 21, 2016

    80% of this problem is a result of pernicious republicanism and all that that entails over an extended period of time: The rest –20%– is democratic complicity!

    The current ‘credibility gap’ our democracy suffers is the sum effect of the efforts of all the people elected over the last 50 years, approximately.

    It’s too overwhelming to list the multitude of abuses of power as the core causes of this calamity; but we all know something about them

    The main problem is not a single administration or party official whose policies caused great harm to the country has ever been held accountable –even when the outcomes of those policies have result in the most horridly painful, and deeply costly consequences to the People here and abroad!

    It has been often that the losses of the many is measured ONLY against the gains for the few.

    This has been the outcome and pattern of government policies coming out of both parties; but mainly pernicious republican policies to do with war, taxes, finance, jobs and business agenda.

    Now, whose going to restore the People’s faith in government?

    1. CrankyToo October 22, 2016

      I don’t know the answer to that last question, but if it doesn’t happen soon, we’re screwed.

      1. AgLander October 22, 2016

        A confession? You don’t know the answer to a lot of questions…..I’ve read your comments before.

  2. jennifer.chapman.92 October 21, 2016

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  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 21, 2016

    Only dull-witted and spiritually-starved people would insist on questioning the system so openly as Trump instructs them to do. Trump has proven to be more injurious to the well-being of America than any single individual in modern times, and with the systematic cooperation of the GOP, we have a 1-2 punch capable of doing even more damage than what has already been inflicted.

    All in the name of Conservative Ideology, Fear, and the (un)Holy Disunity. A Satanic Trinity if ever there were one.

    1. stcroixcarp October 22, 2016

      Trump does not have any loyalty to conservative ideology. His only loyalty is to himself, money and sexual perversion.

      1. Mama Bear October 22, 2016

        you hit the nail on the head…the orange one!

  4. charleo1 October 22, 2016

    I know it sounds bad to say it, as though I think I’m better or something, I do not.
    But the fact is, the level of ignorance in the general population of this Country of ours, is just astounding. It was found the other day that 2/3 of the people ask could not name the three branches of gov. Most could not name the VP. The Speaker of the House, or any member of the Supreme Court. So when Trump asks Hillary why, since she’s been in gov. 30 years, hasn’t she changed the tax laws to stop him from dodging his fair share of taxes? A fair amount of people I’m sure think that’s a fair question. And it feeds into the narrative that Hillary represents the same old, same old. And Donald takes advantage of the ignorance he knows is out there to say he alone is going to fix it. How? Because he said so. And polls show at least 40% believe him when he says he can do this all by himself. It’s a case where staggering amount of ignorance about our gov. the way our system works, how our tax policies are created, or any program, such as The Affordable Care Act is passed into law. As opposed to being, “crammed down our throat,” as Republicans forever describe it. Can definitely not only hurt us, but our woeful lack of understanding of these matters can wind up potentially wrecking the Country. And it all certainly contributes mightily to lack of trust in the system the above article discusses.

    1. Mama Bear October 22, 2016

      You are voicing my thoughts exactly. Ignorance is not a virtue and education is not a vice. These people should not be swimming in the gene pool.

    2. CrankyToo October 22, 2016

      And what’s particularly disturbing about what you’re saying is that information on any topic is literally only an arms-length away, and available at any time of the day or night. One no longer has to go to the library for information as to what is happening or what has happened.

      As a country, we’re getting dumber by the day. And, of course, the Republican solution to the problem is to dissolve the Department of Education – as if what this country needs is more dumba$$es.

      1. AgLander October 22, 2016

        I agree…this country is getting dumber by the day. Take a way the dumb, and you also take away the existence of the Democrat party.

        1. iamproteus October 23, 2016

          Aggie never passes up an opportunity to put his ignorance on public display!

    3. dtgraham October 22, 2016

      At least Americans don’t watch Ezra Levant on the internet. It could be worse.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker October 22, 2016

    You know this is just one more of the massive threats the bullies in the GOP make. From the day Bush took office, Cheney has been the evil shadow egging these bullies on. If the GOP dares to nullify our votes, they will have successfully given us a reason to go to the SC, sue the GOP for Constitional voting rights violations and then demand the Republican Party be disbanded.

    Who cares whether or not they accept election results? If they don’t, that’s to our good. We get rid of Republicans who refuse to comply with our voting rights.

    I have a feeling what these low life scum bums are really after is a Civil War. I’ve posted several times before the GOP was looking for a way to sideline this election no matter how skanky they have to get to do it.

    They refuse to accept our votes and they end up with no voice in government at all.

    1. Mama Bear October 22, 2016

      I think you are right. There are way too many white male supremacists (and their women) in this country who refuse to accept the fact that they are in no way “superior” to anyone. I for one am sick and tired of their ignorance and arrogance about it.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 22, 2016

        Remember SC Justice Souter, a diehard conservative? In one of the few speeches by a conservative of the present I found quite frightening was Souter’s speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWcVtWennr0

  6. Eleanore Whitaker October 22, 2016

    When Eric Cantor was meeting every day with the Koch boys and then mysteriously left the GOP, Paul Ryan began strutting those feathers like a peacock in heat. Behind him was the Old Geezer Boy McConnell.

    There power base was not as big as they made it seem. This is the Hitler regime all over again and it has to be stopped. No matter how nasty it has to get. WWII was a nasty mess. Hitler started it. He had to be stopped. Republicanism today is a nasty mess of bullies, sexually obsessed, religious fanatics who are not the entire population of this country, much less the ones who actually work to support it.

    All we have to do is demand our state politicians pull every dime of our state taxes that feed Republican states and they flush themselves into the same Post Civil War mess all over again.

    1. zorro037 October 22, 2016

      The best way to do that is concur to vote in states and local elections. Those are the elections where rig the system, for example redistricting in making districts taylored to make sure they can win. In the last elections to House of Representatives Democrats obtained more votes but they have less seat in Congress because of those redistricting. There is the place where we have to be alert. While Republicans are specially active, Democrats look like they don’t pay attention enough.

      1. dbtheonly October 22, 2016

        State and local elections are the real source of power. But look at the democratic turn out on 2010 and 2014.

        It didn’t have to be like this.

        1. Whittier5 October 22, 2016

          DNC and fellow travelers really screwed up the 2010 Campaign – it did not begin until panic set in in October. If Daily Kos, Howard Dean and Alan Grayson had not started blowing the rams’ horns when nothing was happening in latter August 2010, the ankle deep tsunami would have been worse. But, it happened in a Census year! Their failure was close to .collaborators’.
          In 2012, the “campaign” was lame succotash of “Oh, the Koch Brothers”.

          Is it impossible for the DNC to put together 10 good ideas as to why a Voter should Vote Democratic – for their own survival?

  7. Mama Bear October 22, 2016

    Wonder if that’s the same half that have refused to accept Obama’s Presidency? Sounds a little like “no blacks, no women” to me.

    1. zorro037 October 22, 2016

      Mama Bear you’re right they are the very same and they can’t accept the vote of citizens from Hispanic descent. Anyone who is not white European descend should be barred in which coincide Trump and David Duke KKK guy and Bannon the Trump ceo campaign.

    2. itsfun October 22, 2016

      Don’t think that’s the problem. People are sick and tired of the government ignoring them. We see politicians getting rich on our dollar. They all give speeches getting huge paydays, then check out how they vote on issues and look at who is for the issues and paying for the speeches and such. We don’t trust or believe politicians anymore. The people running the elections are connected with one of the political parties. Voting machines can be rigged to only allow votes for a certain candidate or issue. Dead people are allowed to vote. People vote more than once. People just don’t trust the people in running our government. We trust and love our form of government, but it has become corrupted by big money. When big donors realized they can buy politicians, the problems only got bigger and bigger. Politicians run for jobs making 100,000 thousand a year, but their parties spend millions on each of these positions. WHY? Could it be they can and will make millions more by selling their souls to big money. If donations were limited to $25.00 a person and 25.00 a company, then a spending limit put on each and every candidate for each and every elected position. We should put a limit on how much a elected official can be paid for speeches, appearances, etc. We would actually see elected officials that care about our people and our country. If there is no guarantee to get rich by being in a office, we would get rid of the corruption and crooked politicians.

      1. dbtheonly October 22, 2016

        I’m with you on much of what you say.

        Disagree about the RWMO claims of voter fraud, they simply don’t exist. But many of the Voter ID laws were designed to hinder people from voting. Reduced times for registration and early voting also reduce turnout.

        Look into lobbying elected officials. Wal-Mart Buyers can’t accept anything from those seeking to do business with the company. Why can’t our elected representatives be held to the same standard?

        Strict campaign spending limits will help incumbents greatly. But there have been many scaled approaches you might find interesting.

        1. itsfun October 22, 2016

          We are pretty much on the same page. I do believe there is voter fraud though. After the last mid term election a voter official in Indiana was convicted of voter fraud and is in prison now. I have heard of dead people voting in Chicago since the Kennedy/Nixon campaign. Philadelphia has a reputation also. It doesn’t take a huge percentage of voter fraud in a close district to completely change the outcome.

          1. dbtheonly October 22, 2016

            I’d prefer if you’d join the rest of us and see if we can come up with some reasonable approach to campaign financing, lobbying, bribery, that doesn’t gut the First Amendment.

            I disagree that voting fraud doesn’t need to be massive to be successful. President Obama beat Romney by some 7 million votes(?) Are you saying that over 7m might have been fraudulent?

            1. Isn’t that a lot to go unnoticed or unproved?
            2. How would anyone know in advance how many fraudulent votes to cast?

            Given the States and the electoral college, wouldn’t the fraud need to be nation-wide. I mean even if we assume that voter fraud won PA for President Obama, reversing that one State wouldn’t be enough to reverse the result. So again you’re into a size/secrecy problem.

            So unless you want to go to AGLander level paranoia, I think you’re kinda stuck.

            All that said, I don’t trust Diebold machines. I’m much happier with doing a paper ballot & scanning it into the computer.

          2. itsfun October 22, 2016

            Not what I was saying. If a election comes down to one or two swing type state then voter fraud could become a huge problem. That is where a small percent in a large area like Philly and New York, Chicago, etc could make a difference and sent the electoral votes to the wrong person. The size doesn’t have to be in the millions. In a close election where 1 or 2 percent makes a difference is what I am talking about.

          3. dbtheonly October 22, 2016

            But in PA, NY, or IL, Philly, NYC, & Chicago, you’re likely to have 6-7 million votes cast. 1 or 2% still ranges in the area of 100,000.

            It’s the magnitude involved. That much without substantive evidence.

            And 1-2% wouldn’t have changed any of those three States over the last two elections.

            And flipping any one of those States wouldn’t have changed the results of the last two elections. To get an influential result, we’re talking two, three, or more States. Each State adding to the magnitude and discovery problems.

            Can you see how the math simply doesn’t work?

          4. itsfun October 22, 2016

            I am just using them as examples. We only need to go back to Bush/Gore. If there was voter fraud it could have caused that election to have different results. I lived in Florida at one time and I can testify as to how many non-citizens live there. If they would have illegally voted, think of the mess we would have had. The hanging chads were bad enough. That is a example of how one state can be the difference in winning or losing.

          5. dbtheonly October 22, 2016

            Trump’s over the top statements suggest this is a yuuge problem. You can show one election in the past. If we go back 10 elections, 1976, Carter won by a bigger popular spread that the EC would reflect. Yet I recall no widespread claims of fraud.

            Even if we grant, which I don’t, that the fraud exists; you’ve got to get it to a size that’ll impact this election.

            It’s that math I keep referencing. It’s gotta be big enough to matter but not so big as to be detected.

          6. itsfun October 22, 2016

            I’m not talking about Trump, Hillary, Eisenhower or anybody. I am concerned about possible voter fraud. Ever since I was in junior high, I have heard about dead people voting and people voting more than once. Now it seems like it is becoming wide spread and with over 11 million illegal immigrants in our country, how are we to know they are not voting? 11 million votes is a big number..

          7. dbtheonly October 22, 2016

            I understand that you’ve been hearing this for a while. I am sympathetic and am trying to be respectful.

            We’ve always has other than legal immigrants. Numbers have been iffy because of that whole legal thing. Remember the stink when California wanted to give drivers licenses without checking immigration status? Struck me that making sure they were safe drivers outweighed any comment about status.

            What I’m trying to tell you is that there has never been a certified case of significant voter fraud. 31 in the billions of votes in the last 20 years if I remember correctly.

            Even if there was, I think I’ve established the math to show that any organized fraud is essentially impossible to pull off.

            Trump and Alex Jones are trying to sell you a gold brick. It may look impressive. But test it out, before signing on the line.

          8. itsfun October 22, 2016

            You are completely misunderstanding what I am saying. There is a former voting official in Indiana in prison as I write this for voter fraud. How about the guy in Chicago that tried to sell Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder, He is in jail. I am concerned about voter fraud and what could happen. I want to see the system made more secure. I also don’t want to see the black panthers standing outside voting sites trying scare people from voting or scare them into voting for who they want.

          9. dbtheonly October 22, 2016

            Would you be happier with the white militias standing outside voting sites trying to scare people from voting or scare them into voting for who they want?

          10. itsfun October 22, 2016

            nope, the new black panthers did that though. If you want to make this a racial issue, we don’t need to talk anymore.

          11. Whittier5 October 22, 2016

            conjobs “believe” lotsa things that are Un-True. You’ve proven that often enough.

          12. The lucky one October 22, 2016

            See Greg Palast for the large scale extent of voter suppression, a far greater danger than isolated instances of voter fraud.

          13. itsfun October 22, 2016

            I hope you are not calling requiring a id to prove who you are is voter suppression. Voting is a huge responsibility and only legal people should be voting for our elected officials. We have to show id to get on a airplane, cash a check, etc. What is wrong with requiring id to vote?

          14. 1standlastword October 22, 2016

            Could our elected ‘officials’ do WORSE if a few illegal voters voted for them?????!

          15. The lucky one October 22, 2016

            No I was referring to purging of voter rolls. Google voter suppression and Greg Palast. Palast is a dying breed, a reporter who actually investigates.

            I partly agree but in some jurisdictions they make getting an ID far more onerous than need be. Meanwhile a few years ago I needed a passport but couldn’t locate my birth certificate. I called the place where they store them in the county i was born in and they said come on in and we will make you one. When I said I couldn’t make it there before they closed the clerk said “That’s okay, we’ll put it in an envelope and tape it to the door. You can slide the check under the door.” So much for secure IDs.

      2. Whittier5 October 22, 2016

        “dead” are not voting. It may have occurred many decades ago in NYC or Chicago. If it still occurs, it is only in AL, MS, AR or SC where “republicans” always win.

        1. AgLander October 22, 2016

          How can you claim that when your head is buried so deeply in the sand that the next stop is China?

          1. nutbar October 22, 2016

            Because you already mentioned that 62% of Trump supporters can’t do a simple fact check, like kids in grade 2 can.

    3. dbtheonly October 22, 2016

      I’m inclined to think it’s “no Democrats”. Remember what they did to President Mr. Clinton in the 90s.

      Did you see where Sen. McCain is stating that the Republicans will reject anyone President Clinton nominates to the Supreme Court?

      1. Mama Bear October 22, 2016

        I did see that DB, and I was so angry I wanted to spit. These Republicans are so arrogant and I am working with the local DNC to get them all out of office.

        1. Dan S October 22, 2016

          My wife & I are going out today to canvass for our states Democrats & that nasty woman Hillary Clinton ???? I think we need more nasty women to send back to Washington to put heat on those old male cronies like Mitch McConell.

          1. Whittier5 October 22, 2016

            Is Mitch the biggest Traitor-in-Office, or is Lil Tommy Cotton, or Lyin’ Ryan??
            I actually think Lyin’ Ryan has improved is stock as an American because he has attempted to get some measure through that actually HELP America – and has taken a boatload of cr@p for his efforts from his own caucus.

          2. Mama Bear October 22, 2016

            those 3 present a real toss up, but I think you could add Trey Gowdy to that list.

          3. 1standlastword October 22, 2016

            I second Mama! Trey ‘Zippy The Pinhead’ Gowdy gets my vote as well

            His voice sounds like a man wearing a noise plug; which is advised being in the midst of so much GOP stench!

          4. dbtheonly October 22, 2016

            Oh, Mama, the list of Republicans, I’d like to see retired to their “Contributor” status on Fox “News”.

            I’d like to add

            Sam Brownback, Louis Gohmert, and Lyin Ted. More than three is greedy

            Did you seethe Onion’s suggested PAC attack ad on Cruz. No text, no dialogue, just 30 seconds of staring at his face. At the end, I realized that his face made Nixon look trustworthy. Talk about someone you wouldn’t buy a used car from.

      2. AgLander October 22, 2016

        Free roaming felons should not be allowed to nominate anyone to the legal system since they are already in a state of flaunting it so I fully support the Republicans blocking Clinton’s attempt to stack the court with like minded (crooks).

        1. dbtheonly October 22, 2016


          Felon only happens after conviction in a court of law.

          Mindless obstruction, on the other hand…

          Or is it, Vox republicanii, vox populii?

          1. AgLander October 22, 2016

            True, but you have to have the system working to get the criminal to court first and the system is rigged within by corrupt political driven cronies refusing to hold her accountable. 62% of Americans believe she should have been indicted…..quite damning public condemnation no matter how you hide behind the iron curtain of a corrupt DOJ that reuses to act on the clearly indictable evidence. Sorry….but you have to live with that fact that she’s fatally damaged goods and will not have any moral standing to govern, nor should she. The worst is yet to come if she is elected.

          2. dbtheonly October 22, 2016

            I, and America, have to live with the fact that for ~30 years, RWMO have been inventing, pushing, and rehashing, any number of “scandals” designed to tear down Hillary Clinton.

            In your eyes, not only are the Clintons corrupt, but the DOJ as well. And the Courts?

            There is a verse from a song of my youth,

            “Paranoia strikes deep
            Into your life it will creep
            It starts when you’re always afraid

            What are you afraid of?

          3. AgLander October 22, 2016

            If only O.J. had married Hillary……..the country would be so much better for it!

          4. The lucky one October 22, 2016

            And if only Trump’s mother had chosen to abort the country would be so much better for it! (But comedians would have to work harder to develop material, the Dumpster has been and continues to be a goldmine for them.)

          5. AgLander October 22, 2016

            62%….62%…..There is no amount of jabbering you can spew to lesson the impact of that number. NO ONE can govern a country when 62% of the populace thinks she’s a crook and should have been indicted!

          6. dbtheonly October 22, 2016

            You know that was exactly the argument at the Constitutional Convention.

            That’s why Federal Judges have life tenure and why the US can’t pass Bills (laws) of Attainder.

            62% is absolutely irrelevant unless there is evidence.

            And, yes, I feel exactly the same way about the Trump accusers. Until they produce creditable evidence, in a court of law, it’s just rumors.

            I do not want anyone placed on trial merely because “the mob” wants it.

          7. Dominick Vila October 22, 2016

            What those who want Hillary in jail can never produce is the specific law (s) she has broken.
            There were no laws in place prohibiting the use of a private server for official government use, or one governing the handling of e-mails with a (c) embedded in portions of the text, without the appropriate classification markings. President Obama signed a law to that effect AFTER the “scandal” broke. With that in mind, how exactly can you indict, sentence, and send someone to jail? Most importantly, does the same principle apply to Hillary’s predecessors, and to all government officials?

          8. dbtheonly October 22, 2016

            Dom, not quite sure what you’re asking of me.

            While I point out to AGL below that the Constitution forbids Bills of Attainder, it also forbids ex post facto laws. To be convicted of a crime, the action must be a crime at the time of commission.

            The only real evidence is that every responsible law enforcement official has refused to proceed on the issue. To AGL, this makes them part of the conspiracy. To me it means that there is no sufficient, creditable, evidence to warrant proceeding.

          9. Dominick Vila October 23, 2016

            I was not challenging your statement, I was reinforcing the assertion that a person who has not broken any laws cannot be found guilty of wrongdoing and sentenced to serve time in prison.

          10. dbtheonly October 23, 2016

            Apologies for misunderstanding.

            It is curious that the Republicans, who revere the Constitution so much that they carry a copy in their pocket, apparently have never taken the time to read it.

          11. The lucky one October 22, 2016

            “the system is rigged within by corrupt political driven cronies” That’s a good description of the GOP dominated SCOTUS Inc. that gave Dubya his first term.

          12. The lucky one October 22, 2016

            “she’s fatally damaged goods and will not have any moral standing to govern” Maybe so. Can you name a president in the last 50 years that did have moral standing? Carter perhaps, no others.

    4. FT66 October 22, 2016

      They don’t understand at all why elections take place and that results must be respected and taken accordingly.

    5. Dominick Vila October 22, 2016

      Early voting is well underway in Florida. About one fourth of all registered voters already voted. 56% of the early votes have been cast by Republicans, 43% by Democrats.

  8. AgLander October 22, 2016

    Americans aren’t totally stupid. 62% of them believe Hillary Clinton should have been indicted for her national security violations and then lies to Congress surrounding her private server and email scandal. She’s a felon roaming free, and as such, has forfeited any and all moral authority to govern if she is elected. It’s as simple as that and no amount of whining by her supporters can change that…….nothing. Sorry!

    1. Whittier5 October 22, 2016

      Oh, AgLander, it’s you, AGAIN. If you cannot understand the situation and believe that the FBI, headed by a Republican (but not a teawhackdoo), can ascertain the prosecutibility of the Facts, as the FBI determined to be, then, maybe you should Land your Ag in Russia or China or North Korea or some other tinhorn dictatorship around the World. One, where they agree with your premise that they can adjudge the Facts from afar or make up new Law on the fly.
      You obviously have no understanding of the ‘private’ server issue other than what you have gleaned from Fox Noise. You should opt to no longer embarrass yourself in Public, and keep your half-bake opinions to yourself.

      – advice from one whose family has been AgLanding in America for nearly 400 years…

      1. AgLander October 22, 2016

        You qualify as one of those I have already mentioned…..the whiners and criers. You have no industrial cleaner currently available that you can use to scrub down that corrupt pig and make her look palatable. Sorry!

    2. The lucky one October 22, 2016

      And yet the voting public prefers her to the cretin she is running against. Had the GOP chosen a legitimate candidate they may have won the election instead of getting thumped as they certainly will.

      Just one question for you aggie. After Trump is humiliated will you crawl under a rock with him or just continue to whine about being robbed?

      1. Whittier5 October 22, 2016

        Actually, if you really think back, you will recall that nearly all of the other 16 Kon Klowns were worse than The Donald, and were forecast to be beaten worse by Hillary.

        Your question is apt. All they do is b|tch, p|ss, and moan.

        We need to move this Country Forward, not backwads to the 10th Century.

        1. The lucky one October 22, 2016

          Worse? I don’t know. Cruz probably but the others were not worse, just not better. Kasich at least is sane.

        2. dbtheonly October 22, 2016

          I suspect that any number of the forgotten 16 would not have aged as poorly as Trump. It’s hard to imagine any of them as not ready for the Big League as Trump has proven himself to be.

          That said, Presdient Cruz, Presdient Pence, or Presdient Rubio scares me more than President Trump.

    3. OriginalUpmuuchtoolate October 22, 2016


  9. greenlantern1 October 22, 2016

    The party, of butterfly ballots, hanging chad, stormed recount centers and WATERGATE is complaining of voter fraud?
    Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
    Our ONLY VP, to enter a plea bargain, was Nixon’s first, Spiro Agnew!

    1. AgLander October 22, 2016

      62% of the populace believe Hillary Clinton should have been indicted. Chew on those numbers, chew on ’em long and hard!

      1. greenlantern1 October 22, 2016

        What charge?
        Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
        Our ONLY VP, to enter a plea bargain, was Nixon’s first, Spiro Agnew!
        Our ONLY president, to accept a pardon, was Nixon!
        Any more games?
        One word of warning!
        The days, of PRETEND “law and order” are over!!

  10. The lucky one October 22, 2016

    “the lack of trust is dangerous. It is one thing to not trust government, but quite another to doubt the election process. “Then the entire premise of democracy comes into question,”

    Anyone who has trust in the election process after massive voter suppression by the GOP and the SCOTUS handing the presidency to Dubya just has not been paying attention.

    How can anyone trust an election process that offers us a choice between two demagogues, one a corporate tool and war hawk, the other a racist misogynist cretin. It’s akin to asking the condemned whether they prefer hanging or lethal injection.

    1. 1standlastword October 22, 2016

      This sham election, call it rigged, call it biased, call it whatever is prime time TV for the developing nations who are seeking a governmental and economic model to follow. They are observing the major discontent of our electorate and the growing inequality as indicators that American democracy is failing and not to be adopted as a working model for the ‘new kids’ on the world stage.

      China is giving developing nations an alternative to Reagan/ Thatcher-neo-liberalism with their authoritarian capitalism model as a fast track way to first world competition status. Our ‘failing’ democracy is still the best model on the globe but if we don’t achieve balance between the rich and the poor WE WILL LOSE OR STATUS as the leader nation of the free world.

      Republicans are dangerous as HELL because they still believe in small government, austerity, de-regulation, privatization, profitization and generally–comforting the comfortable, as a way to maintain world supremacy: And this against the atrocities history avails about said policy positions.

      Makes me wonder where these Mother Fockers are going to live when the Huns start coming over the horizon???

      1. The lucky one October 23, 2016

        I’m wondering where we’re all going to live when our degraded environment no longer tolerates the progressive abuse it endures. I agree about the Repubs but with few exceptions the Dems are no better. They serve themselves first though they are a bit more generous about sharing some crumbs with the rest of us.

        I don’t know that we have been much of an example for a long time. Other countries will get the kind of government those in power decide to give them, just like here. And just like here those in power will use that leverage to enrich themselves first and foremost.

  11. OriginalUpmuuchtoolate October 22, 2016

    ummm… no. 1/2 of the repubs *polled and that is a very tinee tiny number. By 2020, most of them will be dead of old age.

    1. 1standlastword October 22, 2016

      Speaking of dead of old age….Haven’t seen heard from Darth Vader! Many be god will bless us with a XMAS surprise?!

      1. OriginalUpmuuchtoolate October 22, 2016


        1. 1standlastword October 22, 2016

          Dick Chaney

          1. OriginalUpmuuchtoolate October 22, 2016

            What a waste of a heart.

  12. Charles L. Richman October 22, 2016

    Trump as I see him: A Tribute to Trump
    Donald J. Trump was trapped with several other humans in the dark and bitter cold.
    Trump had sticks of wood so the story is told.
    The dying fire was in need of wood.
    Trump left his sticks of wood back, for as he looked around he noticed that one was black.
    Trump was shivering and pale as the cold penetrated through his lungs, yet he held the wood tightly to his chest, never to share with those who spoke with foreign tongues.
    Trump looked across the way and saw one not of his church and couldn’t bring himself to give the fire his piece of birch.
    Trump just sat back and thought of the wealth he had stored and how to keep what he had from the ‘shiftless’ and ‘lazy’ poor.
    Trump’s face bespoke of hate & spite as the fire passed from his sight, for all he saw in his sticks of wood this day was the chance to harm the one that was gay.
    You see Trump has done nothing all his life except for his own gain, giving only to those who gave was the way he played the game.
    The logs Trump held in death’s hand was proof of human sin. He did not freeze from the cold without.
    He was frozen from the cold within.

  13. EvenstarMtl October 22, 2016

    The fact that Hillary Clinton is such a corrupt person has added to the mistrust. Also, George Soros is part owner of the company that is supplying voting machines in many states…that is worrisome to some voters. Also, it is well know now that Bernie Sanders had the DNC, the Clintons and the media against him….so that was rigged. And that is just the start. As a Canadian, we are watching the process and we are not confident in the voting process in the USA either. Those that are not American citizens should not be able to vote by just showing their driver’s license! In Canada we have to show voter i.d. This short video may be of interest to some…

    1. dtgraham October 22, 2016

      You’ve gotta be kidding me. Ezra Levant and his little internet Rebel broadcast? Levant is a nut that virtually no one in Canada watches or pays attention to, for good reason. He’s a lone wolf embarrassment. Canada is a center-left country and Levant is not representative of Canadian views.

      The odd Harper freak like you and Levant might not trust the American electoral result but Canadians who are following this are pretty confident that Clinton will win, and win fairly like Obama.

      Are you forgetting that Elections Canada will be sending out the VIC id to everyone, per usual, and this time it will be sufficient as the Liberals are repealing Harper’s hated id law? Hell, even Harper had to acquiesce to accepting any two of over 40 different pieces of id, that could be as simple as a library card or a utility bill. That’s if you didn’t have a photo id. That’s going to be gone next federal election. I’ve even voted without producing Election Canada’s voter identification card because EC puts everyone on the voter list. They just crossed off my name.

      With that George Soros id rant, you’re not representative of the average Canadian. You’re representative of Ezra Levant only, and he’s insane. You’d better hope that Parliament doesn’t bring in a preferential ballot alone in the reform that’s coming, or the Conservative party trajectory will resemble falling off the CN Tower. You’ll never see Sussex Drive again because the Conservative party is the second choice of almost nobody, per Eric Grenier and other’s analysis. A proportional representation system will have the Conservatives never seeing a majority government again because there just aren’t enough Conservative voters in Canada. First past the post progressive vote splitting is your best friend, and you’re about to lose your best friend.

  14. Todd Nelson October 22, 2016

    With George Soros owning the machines that count the votes in 16 states and a high ranking democrat operative, who has been to the White house 342 times, and met directly with president Obama 47 times since Obama has been president, boasting on a 10+ hour undercover video how the democrats have been committing massive voter fraud for 50 years, it is no wonder that republicans are skeptical about election results. But don’t forget that AL Gore fought legal battles over his loss to GW Bush in 2000, and that he an Mrs. Clinton made the claim several weeks ago that he actually won the 2000 election. Then there was John Kerry who claimed GW Bush stole the 2004 election and that he, John Kerry was the real president.

    1. A. D. Reed October 22, 2016

      This is yet another right-wing meme that projects the facts of Republican corruption onto Democrats.

      In 2006 Diebold was forced to divest itself of half the company, after it merged with its only competitor to establish a monopoly on voting machines in the U.S. Its president had also announced that he was ready to deliver Ohio to George Bush, which immediately prompted more investigations into the company’s terrible security failures. You can read the history here.


      Claiming that George Soros “owns the machines that count the votes” is just the tried-and-true trick, dating back to Lee Atwater and Ed Meese and Karl Rove, of calling up the designated lucifer of the week to frighten the rubes. Clearly Todd Nelson is a rube who’s easily frightened.

      More than 3/5 of the states are governed by Republican governors and secretaries of state, who run elections in their states and decide what vote counting machines to buy and use. Even they — the Republicans — dismiss Trump’s and the trumpeters’ paranoid fear-mongering.

      But Todd Nelson is clearly not an American, nor a patriot. We who are believe in the integrity of our elections and electoral processes. And we will prevail.

      As for 2000, the reason Al Gore fought legal battles was because the Republican Secretary of State of Florida, who was ALSO the chairwoman of Bush’s campaign in Florida, and worked for Bush’s brother who was governor of Florida, tried to shut down the vote count. Under law, a difference of less that 1 percent REQUIRES a recount; 537 votes out of 3,000,000 cast was within that limit. So Al Gore demanded a recount, by law, and THE ONLY REASON IT WENT TO THE SUPREME COURT WAS BECAUSE THE REPUBLICANS TRIED TO END THE RECOUNT.

      Gore did win the election. He won the popular vote, and should have won the electoral college vote, in Florida. But when the Supreme Court sided with the legal team that included the son of Justice Scalia — another bit of flagrant corruption — Gore conceded that he could not win. How could he, when the court, the justices’ son, the candidate’s brother, and the candidate’s campaign manager were the four officials who were going to determine the election outcome.

      George W. Bush DID steal the 2000 election, but the Democrats accepted his reign of terror for eight years as the loyal opposition. Unlike the Republicans who have denied the legitimacy of the elected Democratic president for his entire eight years in office. And your last silly comment is a flat-out lie. A deliberate, flat-out falsehood. John Kerry has NEVER ‘claimed GW Bush stole the 2004 election and that he, John Kerry was the real president.”

      When you make that kind of blatant, lying claim, you better be able to link to an actual videotape or audiotape recording of him saying so. And you know you can’t.

      Todd Nelson. Self-avowed liar. Dishonest man whom nobody should ever trust in business, society, or life.

      1. Todd Nelson October 23, 2016

        If you want videotape of a top ranking democrat operative boasting about the democrats committing massive voter fraud for the last 50 years, check out the latest Project Veritas videos. A.D. Reed’s rant here shows 2 things, that resorting to name calling shows you have lost the argument, and that reality is only an option for liberals who won’t even admit that their party symbol is not a donkey, but is, in true fact, a jackass. If A.D. Reed won’t admit that, then I suggest he read about the election of the first democrat. History doesn’t lie, democrats do, just ask Mrs. Bill (the rapist) Clinton, she is pathological about it. But he won’t even question what she says because for a good liberlal dmeocrat ;ike him, it is party over country every time.

        1. A. D. Reed October 24, 2016

          Good. Change of subject as soon as it’s pointed out your previous post was a major self-deception.

          The Democrats immediately fired the two scuzzballs who were trying to disrupt the Trump campaign. Same day — gone. Fired. We don’t want people like that.

          Unlike the Trump campaign, who keeps them all on the payroll.

  15. Elliot J. Stamler October 22, 2016

    The Republican Party is today the party of Fascism.
    So obviously most of its adherents are fascists.
    Since when do fascists accept election results in a democracy?
    Anyhow, if Sec. Clinton is elected and they don’t accept the results, who cares UNLESS they proceed to insurrection.
    If they do—line them up and mow them down with machine guns until their corpses are stacked higher than Mt. Whitney.

  16. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 23, 2016

    From another angle, the way Trump has deceived the entire GOP, and legions of myrmidons and assorted drones across America, that he would champion their values, shows how severely lacking in real intellect they are.

    As mentioned at the start of his candidacy, this grand melt-down process would begin the moment the GOP welcomed Donald with open arms. The GOP, having enclosed its collective minds in lead casing, has become constipated in thinking and insight so as to be opposed to the cultivation of intelligence and embracing science and common sense, and has developed such an insular attitude that their field of vision is occluded and myopic.

    A similar malady afflicting the hoi polloi among the conservative-minded electorate dampens their enthusiasm to be intelligent, rational, and world-embracing as well.
    (AgLander, “itsfun”, “InformedVoter”, etc—are you listening??)

  17. Ernie Aldridge October 24, 2016

    The poll sample was so small how do they draw any conclusions and why do they expect us to believe anything written about it??
    The only poll that matters is the one on 8 November.
    All else is nonsense.

  18. Lynda Groom October 29, 2016

    Not much of a surprise when you consider that so many republican reject the facts of science and the reality of the world we live in today.


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