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Pope Did Not Give Unconditional Support To Clerk In Gay Marriage Row: Vatican

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Pope Did Not Give Unconditional Support To Clerk In Gay Marriage Row: Vatican


By Philip Pullella

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) — Pope Francis did not ask to meet a Kentucky county clerk who had been jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples and did not offer her unconditional support, the Vatican said on Friday.

Looking to limit controversy after last week’s meeting in Washington between the pope and Kim Davis, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said she was one of “several dozen” people who had been invited by the Vatican ambassador to see Francis.

“The Pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects,” Lombardi said in a statement.

The meeting with Davis, which was originally kept secret, disappointed many liberal Catholics but delighted conservatives, who saw it as a sign that the pope was clearly condemning a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage.

A senior Vatican official, who declined to be named, said there was a “sense of regret” within the Holy See over the encounter, which sparked widespread debate in the United States, overshadowing almost all other aspects of the pope’s visit.

He added that Davis had been in a line of people the pope had met at the Vatican embassy in Washington before he left for New York.

“The only real audience granted by the Pope at the Nunciature (Vatican embassy) was with one of his former students and his family,” the statement said.

Davis was jailed for five days in September for refusing to comply with a judge’s order to issue marriage licenses in line with the Supreme Court ruling.

Davis has said her beliefs as an Apostolic Christian prevent her from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Her church belongs to a Protestant movement known as Apostolic Pentecostalism.

(Reporting by Philip Pullella, Editing by Crispian Balmer)

Photo: Pope Francis waves as he leads the weekly audience in Saint Peter’s square at the Vatican, September 30, 2015. REUTERS/Max Rossi



  1. tomtype October 2, 2015

    The pope is becoming cautious of supporting such as Kim Davis. According to her religion, Catholics are not real Christians either. So I guess she might well begin denying them marriage licenses too. And of course Jews and Muslims, as well as unbelievers, all may be subject to the ruling that they shouldn’t get married either.
    May be crazy, but that’s what happens when you let crazy become the standard. And remember her version of Christianity already keeps her from issuing any marriage licenses just to keep from letting gays get one by chance.
    You definitely can’t trust the LGBT community. Why a trans man might marry a trans woman and where would we be then?

  2. Bob Eddy October 2, 2015

    What?!! The right wing is lying about this?!! I am shocked and dismayed…except everyone has already figured out that thuis is what happened. After all, why would a Pope who has already stated that it is not his to judge homosexuals cede that judgement to a low life hypocrite scumbag like Kim Davis?

    1. idamag October 4, 2015

      You tell it like it is. Good.

  3. MarkLepew October 3, 2015

    It looks like the pope could have been ratfu*ked by his own church (conservatives within the RCC don’t like the Pope).


  4. 1standlastword October 4, 2015

    Kim Davis has disrespected the will of the People of Kentucky and dishonored the Charter of her office in lieu of a religious accommodation that is NOT forthcoming:

    She should be placed on administrative leave without pay until a committee can convene to determine her separation and replacement.

    She is nothing more than a fat corn fed female version of the historic Judas!

    Yeah…she eats off both the tables of Cesar and Christ


    1. idamag October 4, 2015

      As long as her wages are paid by taxpayers, she must represent all the taxpayers. Gay people pay taxes.


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