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REMINDER: Obamacare Is Still Much More Popular Than The GOP

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REMINDER: Obamacare Is Still Much More Popular Than The GOP


There’s not much good news for President Obama and his signature legislative achievement in the ABC/Washington Post poll released Tuesday morning.

Only 33 percent approve of the way the law is being implemented, with 63 percent disapproving. The 40 percent approving of the law itself is just 2 points shy of the president’s 42 percent approval rating, just as the 57 percent who disapprove of the law is just 2 percent higher than the 55 percent who disapprove of President Obama.

Less than 50 percent polled said the president was a strong leader, trustworthy, understanding or a strong manager. The only good news is that a majority of Americans, 52 percent, believe that the president said what he believed was true when he promised that people who like their insurance plans can keep them.

“The administration’s rollout of the law was an epic, unforgivable failure, so it’s not surprising public disapproval is skyrocketing,” writes The Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent. “That’s as it should be.”

This leads to a pretty simple conclusion: President Obama’s popularity is dependent on Healthcare.gov beginning to work well and America finding that there are more “winners” than “losers” under the law.

However, it’s important to remember that when it comes to unpopularity, the Affordable Care Act ain’t got nothin’ on the Republican Party.


Huffington Post‘s Pollster has the GOP’s average approval at 27.7 percent with 59.5 percent disapproving, which may explain the key finding of a new United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll, also released Tuesday.


  1. Lynda Groom November 19, 2013

    Each passing day improvements will be taking place in the public understanding of ObamaCare. The web site is being corrected, albeit slowly, and in time the noise will deminish and folks will be getting insurance.

    1. silence dogood November 19, 2013

      Turns out the only computer expert in the Obama fold was Edward Snowden.

    2. Independent1 November 19, 2013

      Lynda, was it you that pointed out in another blog thread that one of the reasons there may be so many problems with the ACA website is because the way the government’s procurement rules work, contract work has to be given to the lowest bidder – which is clearly does not always result in the contractor who would be the best at completing the job actually getting the bid? I’m beginning to feel more and more that there needs to be a Congressional investigation by some Democrats in the Senate of the Systems contractors who got the bids for doing the coding of the ACA website. For such a high profile project, there just seems to be too many things that are not only going wrong, that have also been left to the last minute, which I can’t believe hasn’t been intentional.

      In a news item I ran into today on Congress grilling the CEO in charge of the company that has taken responsibility of fixing ACA (I believe this afternoon ), the CEO of that company was saying that they still have about 40% of the ACA coding work to do before December year end. I believe he was saying that coding of the pieces of ACA that collect the premiums and send them to the insurance companies, the part of the system that accurately computes for each insured their subsidy, if they qualify, acctually pays out the subsidy money to the insured and maybe even some other parts still haven’t been completed. I find it startling that these parts of ACA wouldn’t have been completed and tested long before now, unless somehow all that coding and testing was forgotten intentionally.

      Some Democrats in Congress need to investigate the political affiliations of the company or companies that have supposedly been building the ACA website. I smell a rat!!

      1. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh November 20, 2013

        Ah, but Indy, please remember that the contract can also be steered to a higher bidder if that bidder is politically connected. How else did the guy who runs the company that made Ohio’s voting machines get to be Dubya’s campaign chairman for Ohio.

        1. Independent1 November 20, 2013

          So either way, if the government has to accept the lowest bidder, or as you point out, if like when Cheney gave out no-bid contracts to his politically connected friends, the contract can go to someone who is politically connected; such that the government can end up with a company who does poor work in general or one that can sabatoge the project because of their political connections.

          Thanks for the reminder – in this case though, I’d like to think that the contracts for building the ACA website went to the lowest bidders which ended up being companies that unfortunately just do shoddy work, or one that purposely did shoddy work because of their political affiliation. Rather than having been assigned to a company that got the contract because of being politically connected and then did crapo work for an administration that was looking for an excellent job. But then again, the Obama administration may have some GOP moles in its ranks too.

          I really believe Congress needs to get to the bottom of why a government contractor did such shoddy work – I really think as bad that it was done, that it had to be intentional.

          1. Allan Richardson November 20, 2013

            The effect of bypassing the lowest bidder depends on the REASON for doing so. When Ohio gave the voting machine contract to a higher bidder, it was for two reasons: first, to give money to a supporter of the Republicans, and second, to make sure Democratic votes got lost in the “bugs” in the machine.

            The only reason President Obama would possibly have had for bypassing the lowest bidder (and, unfortunately, he did not) would be to make sure it works. No amount of corrupt income would make up for sloppy work on this project, which affects not only the people, AND his legacy as President, but also his party’s chances to win future elections. Cutting corners on this would be like NASA hiring sloppy contractors on the Apollo project, when all three Presidents between the start and end of the project felt the nation’s honor was at stake.

            And don’t forget that pre-production testing, which requires good communication with, and assistance from, the states with which it must work, was in fact SABOTAGED by those states’ refusal to work with the ACA team.

            ** By the way, Apollo hoax conspiracy believers have to explain how NASA could have fooled not only TV viewers but optical and radio telescopes in foreign countries, with totally consistent position readings, telemetry transmissions, voice transmissions, video transmissions, all with consistent Doppler shift readings, in real time with the TV “hoax” and not risk the Pravda headline “US caught in moon landing hoax.”

      2. I Zheet M'Drawz November 20, 2013

        Ask them how much of the system was built off shore & I think you will find the answers to the questions about what is wrong with the technology.

      3. Charlie McKenna November 20, 2013

        Can’t remember the source but it was something I saw online. At any rate it said that gov. rick perry has a large financial interest in the company that is responsible for setting up ACA’s website. If true that could explain a lot.

  2. JDavidS November 20, 2013

    A bad case of clap and a poke in the eye with a sharp stick would still be preferable to the GOP.

    1. Duke November 20, 2013

      JDavidS, bend over get the K.Y jell out because here comes Obama Care.

      1. infadelicious December 17, 2013


  3. howa4x November 20, 2013

    Problem for the GOP and the ACA is twofold. 1st being the shift to governors in the upcoming presidential election who are running away from Washington. They will be questioned over and over about their failure to implement the law in their own states, and or failure to take the Medicaid expansion. They will have to justify why some republican governors didn’t participate in either. As for the congressional election, it is still some time off and if it really starts to work in blue states then the GOP will have to explain why they are obstructing it it in the red states. This will also hurt the republican governors ,and some may even have to implement the law to survive, which will take the air out of a congressional campaign to repeal. An example of this is Gov. Christie who is vying for a presidential bid. If the Democratic senate in NJ keeps passing bills to set up exchanges and he keeps vetoing them, and it’s working in all the other blue states then as Rickey would say “you got some splaning to do”
    It is really a 2 edge sword for them to wield. Plus there are a lot people in those red areas that have pre existing conditions and multiple risk factors for chronic disease. Explaining to those families why the possibility of getting insurance is evil will be a hard sell. Take Mitch Dr No McConnell in Kentucky. He has made a stand on repeal of the law, and will run on that, but the democratic governor there is already setting up exchanges and airing commercial spots about sign ups. So if 20-30 thousand or more sign up, what’s he going to say then, don’t do it? Or to their families?
    .A lot of tea party support comes from older whites on Medicare, and republican calls for a Medical voucher program to replace it might even scare them. Lastly the ACA is their plan, thought up by republicans and 1st implemented by them, so I don’t know what they will come up with. Obama may have it rough now but this too will pass. The republican problems are just starting.

    1. Independent1 November 20, 2013

      Good post thanks! Let’s hope Americans in Red States start to wake up to what their goevrnments are doing to keep them from getting adequate health care. People in Red States are already dying younger on average than people in Blue States – and it’s hard to believe that the disparity of red state residents dying on average of 2 years younger than residents of blue states doesn’t have something to do with bad governance practices of the GOP; restricting health care availability to the elderly, poor and those in need, cutting funding for even police and fire protection, relaxing regulations and the enforcement of existing laws due to the lack of adequate manpower….and ???

  4. elw November 20, 2013

    How much better the world looks when you look at it in perspective. Yes the President and the ACA approval numbers are down and look bad until you compare then to those of the Republicans and Congress in general. The nice thing about that is approval numbers go up as quick as they go down. So the improving website portal will soon function well enough that everyone will wonder what the big deal was about especial when they remember that the ACA is so much more than a website. What they will not forget is the crazy Right and their shut down, their nasty remarks about women, minorities and the half of the populations they call “takers.” One more number the Republican might want to think about, the one that shows that they are getting the lion share of the blame for what is going on in Washington. You get what you put out.

    1. Duke November 20, 2013

      The shutdown was the result of Obama refusing to delay Obama care for the individual mandate which his party now want him to do because of voter back lash due to the ACA disaster. Obama shut down the Government you Idiot.

      1. elw November 20, 2013

        Your name calling is a good indication of how little you believe your own words. You can view the world the way you want to, but the overwhelming number of voters do not see the shut down as the President’s fault, they blame the Tea Party Republicans that pushed it. You can say what you want about the ACA, it will not make it so. We will not really know about “voter backlash” and who is going to affect the most until after the election at the end of next year. But, hate to tell you right it does not look to good for the anti-ACAers. Those that are running on it are losing.

  5. I Zheet M'Drawz November 20, 2013

    And Herpes is much more preferable than having a Republican at your table.
    Can we make new rules regarding public restrooms? One for men one for wi’men & one for Republicans, same with water fountains.
    Last thing I want is to catch cooties from an old, grey haired rich white guy.

  6. Allan Richardson November 20, 2013

    To paraphrase the old joke about being drunk vs being ugly: what is the difference between Obamacare and Republicans in Congress? Obamacare can and will be made to WORK!

    1. Duke November 20, 2013

      Dream on.

    2. highpckts November 20, 2013

      Perfect!! LOL

  7. mandinka November 20, 2013

    Only the State Run Media gives Obama a 42% approval rating. Scientific unbiased polls show his approval ratings at 35%. That’s after 5 years of the State Run Media carrying his water.
    Watch the State Run Media start blaming the insurance companies for all of Baraks problems

    1. Ekpe November 21, 2013

      What a pity! The age of reason seems to be over! Where is our humanity? In 2013 there people working REALLY HARD to deny their fellow human being basic necessity of life, like healthcare! Their reason? So that they can save money for their pleasures! What animals?

  8. Thomas Aquinas November 21, 2013

    Certainly, most people now recognize that Hussein Obama is a liar, a fraud, and a fool.

  9. Thomas Aquinas November 21, 2013

    Even if coercion cannot be abolished completely, liberty’s principles can serve as a set of beacons capable of guiding us toward minimized coercion and thus maximum liberty.


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