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Report: Trump Earned Millions In Panama Deals With Mob Ties

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Report: Trump Earned Millions In Panama Deals With Mob Ties


Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

Robert Mueller has some new material to work with as he continues his investigation of the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. A new report shows that for 10 years, a Trump property in Panama City collected millions of dollars from the Russian mafia and Colombian drug cartels. An investigation from Global Witness, an international NGO that probes corruption and money laundering, reveals how the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower turned a blind eye to crime lords looking for a safe haven to stash their blood money.

The property, which the lead broker Alexandre Ventura Nogueira describes as “Ivanka Trump’s baby,” listed units for three times the going rate in Panama City, thanks to the Trump name. Nogueira worked closely with the Trump family; he claims he attended at least 10 meetings with Ivanka Trump, who challenged him to sell 100 units in the building. “The agreement was, I had a week to sell 100 units,” Nogueira told Reuters. “I said, ‘I’m going to do better, I’m going to sell without telling (the buyers) the price.’”

Nogueira later fled Panama after he was arrested for unrelated charges of real estate fraud. From his European asylum, he told NBC that at least half of his Trump Ocean Club customers were Russians, including some with “questionable backgrounds.” Only later did he learn of their ties to Russian organized crime circles.

NBC reports that Mauricio Ceballos, a former prosecutor in Panama who investigated Trump’s business associates for financial crimes, called the Trump Ocean Club “a vehicle for money laundering.”

Among the shady buyers are:

  • David Murcia Guzmán, founder of a large Colombian marketing company, who purchased 10 units in the Trump Ocean Club. Guzmán is now in U.S. custody, convicted of laundering money on behalf of drug cartels, and will be extradited to Colombia. Guzmán also has financial ties to the terrorist organization FARC.
  • Louis Pargiolas, who pleaded guilty in 2009 in Miami to conspiracy to import cocaine.
  • Stanislav Kavalenka, a Russian national charged in Canada for compelling women into prostitution.
  • Arkady Vodovozov, convicted in Israel of kidnapping, according to Reuters.

By 2010, Donald Trump had made approximately $74.2 million through his association with the hotel. From 2014-2017, he was paid as much as $13.9 million.

As Global Witness explains:

“The warning signs were there from the outset. The Trump Ocean Club, one of Trump’s most lucrative licensing deals to date, was announced in 2006 and launched in 2011, a period when Panama was known as one of the best places in the world to launder money. Whole neighborhoods in Panama City were taken over by organized crime groups, and luxury developments were built with the purpose of serving as money laundering vehicles.

“Moreover, investing in luxury properties is a tried and trusted way for criminals to move tainted cash into the legitimate financial system, where they can spend it freely. Once scrubbed clean in this way, vast profits from criminal activities like trafficking people and drugs, organized crime, and terrorism can find their way into the U.S. and elsewhere.”

The Trump Organization has shrugged off responsibility in a statement following the news, but legal experts say it should have done its due diligence into the backgrounds of buyers. Arthur Middlemiss, a former Manhattan assistant district attorney and a former head of the global anti-corruption program at JPMorgan, blames the Trumps directly:

“Those who do business there should perform due diligence on others involved in their ventures. If they fail to do so, they risk being liable under U.S. law of turning a blind eye to wrongdoing.”

Watch Ivanka Trump promote the Trump Ocean Club below:

Liz Posner is a managing editor at AlterNet. Her work has appeared on Forbes.com, Bust, Bustle, Refinery29, and elsewhere. Follow her on Twitter at @elizpos.



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  1. idamag November 18, 2017

    I have always had a gut feeling that the trumps were like this. There seems to be mob written all over their behavior.

    1. Mama Bear November 18, 2017

      agree. one would surmise that due to the nature of everything “construction” and the legendary mob connections Trumps are up to their ears in it.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker November 18, 2017

      Trump had ties with the mob going back to his deals with NY City. When he couldn’t force NYC to hand over the Brooklyn Navy Yards, that huge piece of property suddenly began to “deteriorate.” Which of course allowed Trump to be Mr. Nice Little Generous Man who was the big time money man who would restore it ONLY if he got a no bid contract and a big time chunk of tax subsidies.

      1. idamag November 18, 2017

        They remind me if the Hollywood portrayal of members of the mob.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 19, 2017

          Except the Hollywood mobs had far more honor, relatively speaking.

    3. Dominick Vila November 19, 2017

      Several European politicians resigned or were expelled when the Panama Paper became public a couple of years ago. Any bets on what is going to happen to The Donald? Don’t waste your money, as long as the GOP controls the House and the Senate Trump is safe. Just look at the way they laugh and joke when people like Sessions and Kushner are asked about their memory lapses. As long as the radical GOP base remains loyal to Trump, and there is no evidence to suggest that is changing, only a handful of Republicans will date criticize the last Great White Hope.

      1. idamag November 19, 2017

        Oh, no, they cannot criticize a fellow republican. If trump defecated on the White House Lawn in broad daylight, it would become the new norm.

  2. The lucky one November 18, 2017

    Okay, now we’re getting into what Trump has feared all along, his money laundering past and maybe present given how arrogant and stupid he is. The Russian collusion, despite junior’s awkward attempts to do so, is small potatoes by comparison.

    1. InformedVoter November 18, 2017

      Sorry POORly informed Luck, but this is going nowhere and you know it. The collusion has been shown to be FAKE MSM lies. The only one who colluded was HilLIARy and her minions.

      I just love watching you lefties sway and squirm over FAKE news like this.

      1. The lucky one November 18, 2017

        Yes too bad we won’t get to watch you squirm when the evidence pointing to Trump’s money laundering comes to light because you’ll disappear like a turd being flushed away.

        1. InformedVoter November 18, 2017

          POORly informed Luck, no evidence has been found. It’s just wishful dreaming by you dreamers. The reason you lefties are defending fat Al, is that a poll found that he’s the only Dem who has a chance to defeat President Trump in 2020. Now who you gonna call?

          1. The lucky one November 18, 2017

            Funny that a groupie for the fattest president since Taft calls someone else fat. Biden would trounce tRump bigly as he would have had Clinton got out of the way and let him run in 2016. I don’t expect tRump to still be in office by that time so it’s a moot point. Defending Franken??? How about dupes like you defending a president that BRAGS about doing worse than Franken, who to his credit, doesn’t try to lie his way out of.

          2. InformedVoter November 19, 2017

            Oh, POORly informed Luck, Nope, Biden would not have defeated President Trump. Bernie had a chance, as all the Millenials would have voted for Bernie, As it turned out, those Millenials who saw through HilLIARy ended up voting for President Trump.
            The poll taken in August shows that NO Dem can defeat President Trump in 2020 except for Franken. So the Dems will circle the wagons to protect him.
            And there you go again, “locker room banter” doesn’t carry much weight. You have been guilty of using locker room banter to try and elevate your miserable situation in life. I feel sorry for you because it’s the only pleasure you seem to have.

          3. The lucky one November 19, 2017

            It’s funny how you place trust in polls when they support your expectations but reject them when they don’t. Not surprising for a dullard but funny none the less.

            Very few if any of Bernie’s supporters voted for Trump. If you had any analytical ability as you claim you’d know that Trump is the antithesis of Bernie. It’s likely that some refrained from voting or voted 3rd party but virtually none for Trump. Part of why he lost the popular vote by such a large margin.

            “Locker Room banter” First off, dummy Trump wasn’t in a locker room. He was showing off for a 2nd rate celebrity interviewer. (Appropriate in that Trump was a 2nd rate celebrity) Yes I may have been crass or boorish in what you call locker room banter when I was a teen in high school but I grew up while apparently Trump has not. Why should he when gullible fools like you will defend him?

            Don’t worry about me misinformed one. I have many pleasures in life and none involve imposing myself on vulnerable women. One of my minor pleasures is tweaking pompous asses like you but you’re getting boring (even more so than usual) you b’bye for now dummy. I hope you and your inflatable Trump doll have a good day today.

          4. InformedVoter November 19, 2017

            POORly informed Luck, who said I was quoting from the FAKE MSM polls you guys love to believe. I’m using the same poll source that showed that President Trump was going to win! How silly of you to think I would use such worthless sources.

            80% of Millenials support President Trump’s platform. Thus, many chose to vote for him verses not voting at all.

            I’ll grant you that the locker room banter was childish, but, like you lefties like to use for Franken, “he wasn’t in politics at the time”, so the same excuse could be used for President Trump’s words and actions. He was an entertainer at the time and locker room banter is what Hollywood ran on. Thus, perfectly acceptable for the circumstance. Just talking about it doesn’t mean it really took place.

            So it looks like you’ve learned nothing, what else is new! So you’ll continue to believe the FAKE MSM and remain low information forever.

            I love watching you low information lefties squirm and sway in the FAKE MSM wind.

          5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 19, 2017

            I was amused by the deformed voter, but he grew so desperate that I had to block him. What a relief not to read his drivel, but I enjoy the responses.

      2. Richard Prescott November 18, 2017

        Good morning troll, how’s the rock salad. Will you be breaking any other boulders for lunch.

        1. InformedVoter November 18, 2017

          Sorry Rich, no rock salad for me or anyone on President Trump’s team.

        2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 19, 2017

          Russia’s mediocre leadership has exacted a heavy toll on the uninformed voter and his fellow trolls. These automated automatons have nothing better to do in the twilight of their lives.

      3. stcroixcarp November 18, 2017

        You troll or bot? Russia bot good troll stink.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 18, 2017

          It’s kind of a sickening picture Deformed Voter conjures up. A low life with no job and a solid record of jail time likely, sitting there with one hand on the computer keyboard and the other on his ….rofl…I can’t even post it without laughing.

          1. InformedVoter November 18, 2017

            POORly informed Elle, just because you had a meaningless career and life doesn’t mean I did. I’m proud of my accomplishments. Too bad you can’t say the same for yourself. An assistant to an office supply clerk is all you’ll ever be.

          2. The lucky one November 19, 2017

            I see him more as what comes out my dog’s butt when I walk him.

        2. InformedVoter November 18, 2017

          No evidence on Russia involving themselves in our election except that of HilLIARy paying $9 million for the fake dossier. The AG will appoint a special investigator against HilLIARy and she’ll end up paying a yuge fine.

      4. RichFromShowMe November 18, 2017

        What convinced Mueller of skull-duggery was his investigators finding several bottles of Russian Salad Dressing in some of the Units.

        Mueller exclaimed . . . . we’ve got him now 🙂

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 18, 2017

          Your posts get dippier and more inane by the day. I really think you need to stop all that masturbating. It’s destroying what little brains you had left.

          1. InformedVoter November 18, 2017

            POORly informed Elle, there you go with your male bashing. All just because you weren’t pretty enough for anyone to make a sexual advance at. Then you had to watch all those MALES get promoted over you! But don’t give up hope, after Harvey spends 20 years behind bars, perhaps, and that’s a yuge perhaps, he’ll be horny enough to make a pass at you.

        2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 19, 2017

          You and Donald need to be checked into a shared room in an institution for the feeble-minded. If you think you’re helping Donald, then you’re out of your cotton-picking mind. Your comrade can be your other roommate, and together you all and Trump can wistfully remind each other of how y’all wasted your lives being simpletons chasing dreams of folly.

          1. Dominick Vila November 19, 2017

            You are right. We need more people like Uninformed around…

          2. The lucky one November 19, 2017

            Uninformed a simpleton? You’re being much too kind.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 19, 2017

            You’re right—simpletons are generally good-natured, pleasant to be around, thoughtful, and quite amiable. I’ll try not to misuse the term in the future.

      5. Eleanore Whitaker November 18, 2017

        If it is going no where, why do you care? Is your toilet paper you wipe with FAKE too? That must be the real reason you are so full of Sh.,T.

        Hillary is going to have the last laugh. You boys should face the reality that in the end a woman’s revenge can be lethal and no woman ever needs a weapon. Just good old common sense to brain beat you nuts every time.

        To show how stupid you and Trump really are, why in the hell didn’t Gowdy’s 11 hour interrogation of Hillary result in imprisonment?

        Do you boys get off in a corner somewhere every time you THINK you have women cornered? And yet, there is Hillary…happy as a lark and not in the least worried. Since she is now a civilian like you, I’d be very worried she won’t sue Trump for libel and slander and any of your other spiteful little boys.

        1. dbtheonly November 18, 2017

          Ms. E, do you find it as funny as I, that all the trolls apparently can conjure, are blanket unsupported denials if wrongdoing and leftover, stale, Hillary insults?

          1. InformedVoter November 18, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed DB, but two of Judge Moore’s accusers have had their credibility shredded already. Now the Judge Moore has field lawsuits against the others, it’s just a matter of time before they fess up and admit they were paid.

          2. The lucky one November 19, 2017

            The credibility shredding was all on Moore who has already been caught lying.

          3. InformedVoter November 19, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed Luck, but you just keep displaying your ignorance. I suspect your reference to Judge Moore “been caught lying” has to do with the FAKE yearbook claims. YUP, FORGED! The DA in the inscription PROVES it was FORGED. At the time the yearbook was supposedly written, Judge Moore was NOT the DA, he was the Deputy DA and NEVER signed anything with DA himself. The DA that appears on the signatures was from his assistant, whose initials were DA. The assistant added the DA to show they were signing in place of Judge Moore. The dummy who FORGED the yearbook inscription didn’t research it enough and added the DA as “proof” that it was Judge Moore. What a disastrous mistake on their part! AND you low information lefties fell for it.

            Another accuser, had her divorce handled by Judge Moore. That was in 1999, just 18 years ago. She had not problem with Judge Moore then, so now she is all distraught over something that happened 38 year ago! Sorry, but it just doesn’t add up.

            See, it’s for analysis ability like this that I was asked to look over the paperwork from the FBI agents.

          4. The lucky one November 19, 2017

            You’ve demonstrated no ability in analysis, just a willingness to fabricate alternative “facts” and willingly lie through your teeth. I doubt very much that anyone with any weight in the Trump pseudo-administration has asked you to do anything but if they did it is either your gullibility or your complete lack of honesty that interests them. Oh, and contributions to his “campaign”. The only sure way into Trump’s cabal is by hefty donation.

          5. InformedVoter November 19, 2017

            Oh POORly informed Luck, the last political contribution I made was to JFKs campaign.

            “Demonstrated no ability in analysis”, but I’ve managed to destroy you, BILLP, INDEPENDENT1, Aaron Of P, Eleanore, JPHALL and a host of other low information lefties.

            That’s what I mean when I refer to you as low information. You believe the FAKE MSM and chose to not do the analysis required to be able to cast their crap into the garbage. On the other hand, I have the information, like leading up to the election, to shift through the BS and form an informed position.

            I have made it a career and have been all over the globe in exploiting that talent. My reputation to perform accurate and fast analysis is unmatched! It was responsible for obtaining my job and it was that reputation that prompted President Trump’s team to make their request. A large part of my spotless reputation is that I’m completely honest. I’ve been accused of being too honest on occasion!

            I’ve never believed in perfuming the pig or Fraken or Billy boy.

          6. FireBaron November 19, 2017

            Hey, Bannon, how long do you think you’re going to be able to keep up the “informed voter” pretense?

          7. InformedVoter November 19, 2017

            Well thank you if you think I’m Steve Bannon. He’s sharper than any of you low information lefties. Unfortunately, I’m not Mr. Bannon.

            Well, so it seems that you continue to make you FAKE information posts. What a surprise!

          8. Eleanore Whitaker November 19, 2017

            I sometimes believe it was a curse to have 5 brothers and half brothers, 11 nephews and have worked in all male environments with 21 salesmen and 15 engineers. All I ever had to do was keep my eyes peeled on how they interacted with each other and wow! Did pick up an education.

            Men loathe women like me because our past experiences being always outnumbered by men is like an arsenal of how to deal with them.

            Deformed Voter has no life. But that isn’t the fault of his parents. It is his OWN fault. He and his right wing deluded comrades only bash Hillary because she represents the world’s greatest threat to their MANhood. She refuses to stand down.

            But what amuses me is how they miss that the more they bash Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, Wendy Davis and other highly educated women, the more these nutbags force women to fight back.

            My own brothers always taught me never to stand down to anyone…man or woman. I hated it when I first realized what that meant…it meant having to confront what I knew was wrong and fight like hell before “giving in.”

            My nephews taught me a trick I loved. When bossy people believe they are controlling me, I sit back as Hillary did, with that knowing expression and then, land them one right back worse than they gave.

            Now really, can that army of males who have crossed my life’s path ALL be wrong? If anything, I didn’t need to join the military even though in the 60s it wouldn’t have been allowed even if I wanted to.

            The men in life have all taught me that as a woman in what they “think” is a man’s world, you can be a woman but you have to have a man’s mind.

            I use fools like Deformed for fun and games. I know they are so screwed up in the head that there isn’t a way for them to make rational sense. Once it starts with that, the rest of a piece of cake for me.

          9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 19, 2017

            You’re absolutely right about the deformed voter. Here’s a guy who probably never could get a date due to an anti-social personality, spends a lot of time watching TV, has no friends except imaginary ones in photos of FOX employees, quite likely has no health insurance, and has bad teeth from too much Mountain Dew.

          10. dbtheonly November 20, 2017

            Ms. E,

            My own family history is somewhat different. One is allowed to disagree with anything, but one needs facts to support one’s contentions. Where Misinformed asserts that “every one” of Trump’s 20 accusers has recanted, without any support of evidence; he’d be laughed out of my family’s discussions.

            I disagree that Hillary, per se, is the greatest threat to Misinformed’s manhood. Instead I suggest that you, and your like minded sisters, are. By proving yourselves in what they consider to be a man’s world, you give the lie to their misconceptions.

            You couldn’t join the military? Many women joined in the 60’s & 70’s and have had long and fulfilling careers. They now are taking their rightful place in the Veterans Organizations.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker November 20, 2017

            What I meant was women in the 60s had ONLY ONE option in the military…nursing which would have required nursing qualifications and a license or sitting at a desk.

            I spent most of my Viet Nam war era days fighting like hell to end that dumbass war.

            The women in 60s and 70s who have had “long and fulfilling careers” in the military are also many of the women who kept their mouths shut about the men who sexually molested them under that male dominated “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” BS.

            My way is what my own males all taughte me…Call a man’s bluff..See how far you can push him in his bragging and domination. The way I figure it is that Hitler and Stalin both fell and men in the US pose no real threat to me.

            I know most men have skeletons in their closets they would rather be hung upside down by their genitals than have it go public. This is most male’s achille’s heel. And if there is one thing I’m an ace at doing…it is uncovering what guys don’t want anyone to know.

        2. InformedVoter November 18, 2017

          POORly informed Elle, Since it’s been shown that Comey lied to protect HilLIARy, it makes it more likely they will indict HilLIARy. She’ll avoid jail time, but she’ll pay a yuge fine.

          Billy boy will also come under new fire, as he got a free ride from the other Dems who were molesting little boys and assaulting women. He might even lose his lifetime pension and benefits.

          If HilLIARy is so happy, then what took her so long to admit defeat to her crowd?

          Judge Moore will get elected. While he was on the SC, obozo and company wanted him out the worst way. If the accusations were true, then they would have been brought to light back then. Strong proof the accusers are getting paid.

          1. The lucky one November 18, 2017

            Don’t forget pinhead, your boy brags about groping women.

          2. Dominick Vila November 19, 2017

            …and almost 20 women accused him of sexual harassment or rape.

          3. InformedVoter November 19, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed Dom, but everyone one of the supposed 20 women have recanted and admitted they were either paid or lied. I thought you were more intelligent than what you just displayed.

          4. InformedVoter November 19, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed Luck, but “locker room banter” does not make for proof that anything actually happened. Knowing how shallow you are, you have probably boasted many a time that you did such and such, but the truth is you hadn’t the intelligence or guts to actually do it.

            And so you have Billy boy debating what the meaning of the word “is” is.

          5. The lucky one November 19, 2017

            Really?? It takes guts and intelligence to grope women, or in Moore’s case a child? God, you’re even dumber than I thought but this post as much as anything demonstrates what a POS you really are.

          6. InformedVoter November 19, 2017

            There you go again POORly informed Luck, Judge Moore has denied the charges that he groped anyone. In the USA, he’s innocent until otherwise proven. You have rushed to judgement just like obozo did for the Martin and Gray tragedies and he was proven wrong. Somehow I missed obozo apologizing to those he falsely accused. And I suspect you’ll not apologize to Judge Moore when none of the charges are proven.

        3. Dominick Vila November 19, 2017

          I agree with everything except calling him a civilian. I was going to say that he may be a second rate Russian government troll, but his posts are too infantile for him to be a Kremlim minion. You may be right, he may be a civilian from the Deep South.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 19, 2017

            I too find it hard to believe that the average Russian is as dimwitted as the uniformed voter is. Most likely, he’s a yahoo from either the rural confines of America or someone who never exceeded a high school level of education.

  3. Richard Prescott November 18, 2017

    Yes, anyone who has paid attention to the Trump dealings knew he was involved in a lot of shady deals.
    He screamed that he wanted his finances left alone 9 months ago. This is why.
    And it now imperils dear old daughter-wife Invanka.
    This is not the road to impeachment, it is the road to indictment and jail time.

    1. Independent1 November 19, 2017

      Let’s hope that comes to pass for Donald – jail time. No one ever deserved it more; Donald has ruined hundreds, maybe thousands of peoples’ lives along the way these past 40 plus years.

  4. FT66 November 18, 2017

    Trump is the biggest crook and a Mafia member. He must be held accountable. No one is above any law.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker November 18, 2017

    I live in NJ…Trump’s 2nd choice for ripping taxpayers off after NY. So, in a way, I feel sorry for the Special Counsel. Just as they uncover one massive Trump rip off, 25 more show up.

    Let’s face it. The GOP knew why they allowed Trump to run for president…they wanted and needed a guy so crooked that it would take all of Trump’s 5 decades in business to unravel every dirty deal he has been involved.

    The GOP hick politicians love Trump because like Trump they have NO consciences. Like Trump, money is all that matters. Love of money and greed are the very essences of conservatism today. Conservatism has NOTHING to do with government and everything to do with power and totalitarian autocracy.

  6. notafoxfan November 18, 2017

    this story should come as no surprise to those who have kept up with the news,read and researched mr trumps past before he was elected..of course he had mob ties and of course he has continued to make money from his dealings..this is not fake news,but I am guessing as the trumpsters still believe,he could go to the middle of 5th avenue, and, shoot and kill someone in the street without a problem, he can do no wrong,legally,morally or ethically..wait until they get their “new” taxes or have a medical emergency!!

    1. Dominick Vila November 19, 2017

      I agree with you 100%. The real problem is not whether or not Trump had dealings with the mob, and stashed illegal earnings in Panama and other countries to avoid paying taxes, engaged in money laundering, and other such crimes. The real problem is that even if conclusive evidence is found and made public, Trump will get away with it. There are parts of his agenda, especially preserving white supremacy and special privileges for the super rich, that are simply too important to a segment of our population to remove him from office, regardless of how damning the charges may be.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 19, 2017

      A personal crisis, which the GOP is trying its best to inflict on America, will be the only way to shake the average Trumpster out of her/his mental lethargy.

  7. 1standlastword November 18, 2017

    Nothing new here!

    However, what this means is Trump by becoming POTUS has stuck his FAT SAGGY NECK too far out and the sword of Damocles is getting heavier and soon to drop!


    If this gets pumped up in the news Trump with have to manufacture a new distraction!

    1. Independent1 November 19, 2017

      Yes, hopefully, true justice will finally catch up to a truly evil person and he’ll get the punishment that he has deserved to have experienced for decades.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 19, 2017

      Let the sword drop!!

    3. Dominick Vila November 19, 2017

      Benghazi? Hillary’s server? Uranium One? The Clinton Foundation? PizzaGate? Franken, part two? Fear not, The Donald and his pals in Congress will come up with plenty of distractions – and investigations – and before we know it most Americans will be so confused they will not even be able to find Panama on a World map.

      1. 1standlastword November 19, 2017

        I think that is the objective of pernicious Republicanism to confuse 40% of the People 100% of the time. Our country is lost because that strategy is working

      2. The lucky one November 19, 2017

        Ahh, but you’re assuming most Americans are able to find Panama on a map now.

  8. Independent1 November 19, 2017

    All of this mob-related illegal stuff, and all the bragging and yet Trump isn’t even a billionaire, much less a 10 billionaire as he’s bragged. With all this crooked stuff and Russian money laundering, Trump and his family are only worth about $6-700 million.

    From Newsweek:

    Trump’s Net Worth Is Far Less Than He Claims, Trump Organization Revenue Suggests

    The Trump Organization has tumbled 37 spots on the list of the largest privately held companies in New York after federal filings showed the real estate company makes 10 times less than previously reported.

    Last year the Trump Organization reported nearly $9.5 billion in revenues, but public filings by President Donald Trump suggest that the company actually earned between $600 and $700 million in 2016. Crain’s, a leading New York business publication, claimed that the Trump foundation had been reporting an inflated revenue since at least 2010. The publication moved the company from the number 3 spot on the list to number 40.

    “It was obviously very important to Donald to have his company on the top of the list…but the numbers that he presented are just flagrantly untrue,” Crain’s senior reporter Aaron Elstein told NPR.


    Is anyone surprised given Trump lies over 90% of the time?? No wonder he has been so desperate to become POTUS where he really has a chance to make big bucks ripping off us taxpayers.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 19, 2017

      It breaks my heart to see Trump downgraded to such a paltry several hundred million dollar level.

    2. The lucky one November 19, 2017

      Everything about tRump is “Far Less Than He Claims”. Why would his wealth be any different?

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 19, 2017

    Trump’s assets not over 10 billion dollars but only several million dollars—what a shame. And according to the GOP’s reckoning this is the “poverty level” of stiffs like Trump who are merely parasites.
    In the meantime, Trump and the GOP are happy with ignoring this minor detail, while clamoring for more investigations into the Clinton’s dealings.

    The chant Trump supporters should be shouting is—“LOCK HIM UP!!!”


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